Reader Wish List: 30 Actors From Cancelled Series You Want Back on TV Now!

Cancellation makes the heart grow fonder — at least that was the take-home message from the comments section of TVLine’s gallery titled “30 Actors from Recently Cancelled Series We Want Back on TV Now.”

Indeed, while you concurred that the future is bleak without the likes of Jasika Nicole, Sela Ward and Megan Hilty on your screens, you also weren’t shy about reminding us of the dozens of talented actors we should’ve included in our roundup.

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And from your discontent, a new gallery was born: Behold, “30 Actors from Recently Cancelled Series YOU Want Back on TV Now!”

RELATED | TVLine Wish List: 30 Actors From Cancelled Series We Want Back on TV Now!

Click through the photos below to see which actors your fellow readers are already jonesin’ for, then hit the comments and share which series might be a good fit for their particular talents.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Blake says:

    How’s about some Zachary Levi? Ooh, and Felicity Huffman! And while we’re at it, the entire cast of GCB … preferably starring in GCB!

  2. They better put Jason O’ Mara on the list. He deserves his own TV show in the near future after his recent failures like Vegas, Terra Nova, Life on Mars and who could ever forget The Agency on CBS after it was canceled for only two seasons (2001 – 2003).

  3. Caro says:

    Dana Delaney and Mark Valley should come back but they need to come back in “Body of Proof”! It’s such a great show and so much better than 99% of the garbage on TV these days! I really don’t understand why some network hasn’t picked it up! The only reason I can think of is that it is a smart show and smart shows don’t seem to be doing so well these days…probably because the average IQ in the US is down to 100 so the networks are trying to cater to the stupid aka the masses.

    • Pilar says:

      I feel the same as you. mark valley to have loved me in all the series because it has involved some very good performances, is a real actor. As you said the producers hope that all series have the great success that had CSI and that only happens once every 20 years. So do not make the mistake of not having Mark Valley, I loved it, it was very fun partner-Tommy Megan Sullivan. and Human target have followed would have been very interesting and fun couple Pucci Chase-Isa. I hope you consider my opinion. A greeting from Spain

  4. Shay says:

    Mark Valley, totally! And Leighton Meester, too, but only if it’s a role like on GG. Still missing Blair Waldorf!!!!

  5. Sam says:

    Big yes to Dana Delany and Jack Davenport. Put them on a show together and I’ll be happy.

  6. Patrick Maloney says:

    Jordana Spiro on Agents of SHIELD

  7. ally says:

    yes, Mammie Gammer and Jack Davenport, please! plus, Matthew Perry, Zach Gilford and Nate Corrdry

  8. why do people want Mamie back – there is a reason her shows keep getting cancelled!!! she sucks

  9. coil says:

    Yes, Anna Torv and John Noble.

  10. Nelly says:

    Dana Delany!! Please make her do another tv serie !

  11. Christine says:

    For all the people mentioning actors who just haven’t been on TV for a long time, this is a list for actors who were on CANCELLED shows (mostly cancelled shows from this season), not actors from shows that just ended a while ago and the actors haven’t been on TV since.

  12. The Kaibosh says:

    1 Anna Torv Absofrigginlutely!!
    2 Dave Annable Who cares.
    3 Laura Benanti Absofrigginlutely!!
    4 Aldis Hodge meh
    5 Dana Delany Yes
    6 Michael Steger Who cares.
    7 Ben McKenzie Who cares.
    8 Sophia Bush Who cares.
    9 Jamie Bamber Yes
    10 Mamie Gummer Who cares.
    11 Andrew Rannells Who cares.
    12 Kevin Alejandro Who cares.
    13 Jan Krakowski Yes
    14 Gary Sinise Yes
    15 Carrie-Anne Moss Yes
    16 Anthony Anderson Yes
    17 Leighton Meester Who cares.
    18 Jack Davenport Yes
    19 Jordana Spiro meh
    20 Justin Kirk meh
    21 Leah Remini meh
    22 Maria Bello Yes
    23 Taye Diggs meh
    24 Radha Mitchell Yes
    25 Shawn Hatosy Who cares.
    26 Beth Riesgraf meh
    27 Tyler James Williams Yes
    28 Zach Creggger meh
    29 Mark Valley Yes
    30 John Noble Absofrigginlutely!!

    • Really says:

      A LOT of people care about the actors on this list. So B**** Please.

      • Broadwayfan says:

        Just what I was thinking, Really.
        Hey Kaibosh, who wants to see somebody’s opinion on every actor listed? No one cares who you don’t like. There are actors listed that I didn’t care for, or even know. But they probably are a favorite of some readers.
        Totally uncalled for postinig. Support the ones you like…the ones you don’t like? Keep your lip zipped. This was very rude to everyone else.

  13. Eran says:

    Poor Mark Valley. He literally is the male Paula Marshall. Serial show killer.

  14. dragons3 says:

    The series wasn’t cancelled, but the actor was — I want Alan Tudyk back ASAP!

  15. Irenicus says:

    Annie Wersching

  16. Kim says:

    Mark Valley, Mark Valley, Mark Valley!!! Oh yeah–Dana Delany, too!

  17. Rick Wright says:

    To endorse what several others have noted, Dana Delany needs to get another show. Of course I just finished watching the entire “China Beach” run on DVD, so I’m clearly a fan, but this lady has done great work for years. And to tide me over until a new series evolves, I would love to see her as Special Agent Jordan Shaw return for a 2-3 story arch on “Castle,” starting off with her asking Kate Beckett, “So, are you two sleeping together yet?” Would love to see how Kate handles that one…hopefully with Castle in the back seat of their FBI SUV.

  18. Joker says:

    Anna Torv, Hugh Laurie and John Noble

  19. pylgrym says:

    If everyone wants Delaney and Valley, why weren’t they watching Body of Proof? Compared to other shows it was pretty good. Note to all future writers, enough will murdered parents, etc. Just stay in the present and resist sturm und drang. Body was going off the rails with Daddy’s dead but it was not alone in introducing this turkey. Nothing jumps my shark faster..

  20. Words2go says:

    Sarah Jones. She’s due a break after Alcatraz (great show killed too soon) and Vegas (just not a good show, even with a good cast).

  21. Hanna says:

    Anna Torv! Yes, yes and YES! :D

  22. Liza Tish says:

    Dana Delany’s BODY OF PROOF was a great show with good numbers. What was ABC thinking! I’d like to see her on REVENGE on ABC at the very least! she deserves her own show as a MIDSEASON SHOW

  23. aNU says:

    Dana Delany… I WANT HER!

  24. Babybop says:

    I would love to see Tyler Labine back on TV! His shows are always really good, and then get cancelled! He needs to find one that sticks.

  25. DeeKayTee says:

    Lindsay Price

  26. There is an award that I would like to give out each year called “The Robert Urich Award” because Urich appeared in so many television series, with varying degrees of success, yet he was never blamed by fans or the studios for any of the show failures. He was a durable actor who elevated anything he was in and therefore he got countless chances to be in shows. So my current winner of “The Robert Urich Award” would have to go to Mark Valley. Get him a new series . . . stat!

  27. Mrs. Ben Covington says:

    Leighton Meester – YES! YES! YES! She is incredible, in my opinion. Ed Westwick most certainly had his moments as well. Not as often or as consistent as Leighton, but they were really great when they were there.

  28. monaper says:

    maria bello, dave annable, meagan goode, sasha mitchell, parminder (Alcatraz, ER), Harry’s Law cast, there are so many…

  29. Meg says:

    For everyone who said “Christian Kane” he just tweeted that he’s joining TNT’s King and Maxewell. His first episode is episode 6.

  30. Shana says:

    Shawn from TNT show, Southland, and Justin from WEEDS!!!!

  31. Wild Flower says:

    I would like to see Anna Torv again.
    And also John Noble :).

  32. Pat says:


  33. Marie says:

    Body Of Proof with Same Cast as Well As CSI New York!! Two Great Shows – Please Get Them Back……………………..

    • Broadwayfan says:

      I totally agree. I was shocked at BODY OF PROOF’s cancellation. I didn’t follow numbers on it, but it’s a shame. CSI:NY…I’ve been preaching the praises of that show for the last three ‘Bubble years’. Finally, it didn’t make it. Big loss.

  34. Adee says:

    Gina BELLMAN!!!!!!!

  35. Ela says:

    Miss Leverage!!!

  36. Broadwayfan says:

    I didn’t realize that Jamie Bamber was DS Matt on LAW & ORDER:UK until I was watching the eps. I had missed on youtube. He’s wonderful!
    I want ALL the cast of LEVERAGE back together! How can they ever have roles that come close to their team chemistry?
    Gary Sinise??? He’s a true treasure!! His type doesn’t come around often. I’d love for him to get a new program. But, it won’t be able to touch CSI:NY.
    Regarding both LEVERAGE and CSI:NY, I’m grateful for DVDs of all seasons!!

  37. may smith says:

    Would love to see Aldis Hodge, Christian Kane and Emmanuelle Chriqui in a drama series mix between Mod Squad & Bad Boys. with a romantic interest between Aldis Hodge & Emmanuelle Chriqui.

  38. EllenZ says:

    Glad to see both Beth Reisgraf and Aldis Hodge on your list. Loved them both on Leverage and would LOVE to see them back on tv. The rest of the cast, Christian Kane, Tim Hutton and Gina Bellman deserve to be on your list and back on TV ASAP.