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Revolution True Blood Once Upon Time SpoilersHow is Revolution fortifying its ranks for Season 2? Who might Once Upon a Time‘s pirate captain Hook up with? Is True Blood‘s Sarah in for a surprise? Is a new NCIS romance ahead? Will Rookie Blue get a blast from the past? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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Revolution | The Season 1 finale has yet to air, and already NBC’s freshman hit is busy recruiting reinforcements for the battles yet to come. Season 2 casting calls have gone out for the possibly series regular role of Gene, a folsky, 60something doctor from a small Texas town, as well as the recurring characters of Cynthia (a religious single mom), Annabeth (a femme fatale who runs an entertainment “mecca” of sorts), Titus (a slightly psychotic professor) and a handsome sheriff in his 30s. As for Monday’s season-ender itself, Elizabeth Mitchell assures us, “Forces collide…. Forces most definitely collide!”

And now, reader questions answered….

Longtime reader, first-time question-asker. Would looooove some scoop on Burn Notice‘s final season! –Maia
Welcome to the jungle — and thank you for asking about the season premiere I screened earlier today (and airing June 6). Though the action picks up nine months after the events of the finale, there are flashbacks to explain exactly why Michael re-upped with the agency that burned him — even if it meant ostracizing friends, family and one fab femme. We then in short order meet Adrian Pasdar’s character, a terrorist that lands in Michael’s crosshairs, as well as catch a few glimpses of Fi’s new beau/partner in bounty hunting (played by General Hospital‘s Stephen Martines). All told, the opener is — save for one boffo boner by Ma — quite solid, washing away any bad taste left by the so-so Season 6 finale. Then, in Episode 100 (June 13), you’ll get flashbacks that are sure to top the mornin’ of many a Michael/Fi fan.

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Is it just me, or do you think Hook has feelings for Emma on Once Upon a Time? Any scoop on them would be awesome! –Kelley B
You know my stance on the whole Emma thing: What guy wouldn’t? But where Hook is concerned, seeing as he’s now on a journey with two eligible bachelorettes, the Jolly Roger might transform into the Love Boat. “It’s probably about time he sort of found another love in his life,” Colin O’Donoghue shared with me at season’s end. “But if it was a toss-up between [traveling companions] Regina or Emma, I’m not sure exactly who he’d go for.” Given that Emma is currently reeling from the loss of Neal, “Maybe he’ll have fun with Regina, while he’s waiting for Emma,” the pirate’s portrayer ventures. “Who knows!”

I’m so excited that Anna Camp is returning to True Blood. Any scoop on how Sarah is going to react to Steve coming out of the closet? Or maybe she already knew he was gay all along? –Rashad
God-loving Sarah resurfaces in this season’s third episode and wastes no time tearing into her ex — but it’s his vampiric orientation she seems to have the bigger issue with.

I was wondering if Suburgatory still has a 22-episode order, seeing how it’s been pushed to mid-season. –Stefan
Because it did wind up as a midseason entry, Suburgatory was renewed for just 13 episodes, I am hearing — though with success ABC can always add to that order.

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Got any NCIS scoops, particularly on McGee? –Marla
As revealed in the season finale, Tim’s got himself a new honey. And though show boss Gary Glasberg has yet to decide what “type” the mysterious Delilah is, viewers will eventually get to lay eyes on her. “I’m hoping to pick [that storyline] up and explain more — and hopefully, at some point, we’ll get to meet Delilah, as well,” Glasberg says.

Rookie Blue is back!!! And I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am!! I’m wondering if Luke is going to be a part of this season at all, or have they totally phased his character out? — Allison
Luke (played by Eric Johnson) will definitely be back for a few big episodes this season — including an intense mid-season case featuring one of the ABC drama’s past (and most dangerous) villains.

I love the dynamic between Rizzoli & Isles‘ Jane and Casey. Can you please give us some info on what’s going to happen to them? –Tracie
The June 25 season premiere has a scene (or several) to make you smile… followed by one that will furrow your brow, as it does Jane’s, when Casey reveals an itinerary that will take him out of town, and then some. “Trying to work out whatever it is [they have] — Jane’s not really ready to settle down, and he kind of is — is incredibly difficult to do while he’s back in Afghanistan,” notes Angie Harmon. As for the season a whole, the actress enthuses, “We’ve gone back a bit towards the pilot, as far as going more dramatic. The playful banter is still there, but the cases are a lot more serious — which I’m excited about.”

Are there any scoops yet on the long-lost Season 2 of Unforgettable (premiering July 28)? –Chris
Yes, and this is a fun one: A casting call has gone out for an actress who bears “a strong resemblance” to series lead Poppy Montgomery, to have dinner with me/maybe catch a movie play an elite thief. My guess: Carrie is called on to pass herself off as the burglar on the eve of a major heist.

I know this is being picky, but on Smash who won the Tony Award for best director? Did they even announce it? –Brantley
The acceptance speech played in the background of another scene, but a show rep confirmed for me that neither Tom nor Derek grabbed the trophy in that category.

I’ve seen a few promos for Major Crimes but none have shown Rusty. Is he still around? –Estee
Though the character was the target of some backlash during Season 1 — perhaps a scapegoat for TV’s trend at the time to inundate us with petulant teens — Rusty is back for Season 2. In fact, his fate looms large in the premiere, as Deputy D.A. Emma Rios (played by new series regular/My Name Is Earl alum Nadine Velazquez) vigorously preps the lad for his sure-to-be-difficult/dicey testimony in the Stroh case — and Ms. Rios’ demeanor is not improved a lick when she learns with whom her No. 1 witness has been living!

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  1. Agree with some of you and I also have nothing against Colin. I just think Hook and Emma is totally wrong. There are too many women he wants , harasses, flirts with blood connection to Henry. Is it a family show right?

    • sara says:

      Why do people keep saying that somehow flirting is inappropriate for a “family show”?

      • A says:

        Agreed. People act like he slept with all the women in Henry’s family and on the show. He had an affair with Milah 300 whatever years ago. Who gives a crap! Did Henry ever meet his grandmother that he’s only known about for like 2 min? Will he ever meet her? No. It’s not like he’s psychic and had foreseen all of his future interactions with Henry’s family. He only flirted with Snow in front of Charming because Charming’s a tool. He is not a man-whore. He is just a broken man who uses flirtation as a defence mechanism as well as a way to get what he wants imo. And I’ve said this before, people really need to stop thinking of this show as a “family” show.

    • meg says:

      Hook flirting has been his way of getting his way with things. It’s one of his flaws as a character. But he is obviously very different to Emma than to all those who he flirt with to get what he wants. One reason would be that Emma doesn’t take any of his crap and that’s one reason why I like them.

      • Cass says:

        How is he obviously different? It is so not obvious to me.

        • meg says:

          What do you mean it’s not obvious? He likes Emma!

          • Cass says:

            How does he express this obvious liking in a way that is completely different from the way he deals with other people? Does he, perhaps, I dunno, not betray her? Does he not objectify her? (Granted, there was that one time he said they made a good team.) Does he, unprompted, confide things about his life and feelings (as he has to Regina, and heck, even to Belle)? Does he do things when she begs him, such as helping her get back to her son? Where are all these obvious expressions of caring? I agree that Emma does not take his crap, and that too is very different from when Emma is actually flirting with someone: for examples, you can see her behavior with (past) Neal, Graham, August, and even Gold.

          • meg says:

            @Cass How about the mere fact that he chose Emma instead of Cora? “You chose her” Cora said. It was a huge thing for him considering the only thing he has left is his revenge and Emma could potentially cost him that. Still, Hook chose Emma, “You were gonna do the same” “ACTUALLY NO” compare that to when he was “choosing Regina” underneath everything he said to Regina was the fact that he planned to double cross her in the end. And I never said Emma flirted back to Hook. JMo said Emma keeps herself from it because Henry is her main concern but don’t tell me you do not see Emma affected by Hook. There is nothing to keep herself from if there wasn’t something in the first place.

  2. RyanC says:

    Oh how I hate shippers. You take the fun out of every single tv discussion board by biting at anybody who ships somebody different than you. Absolute worst kind of fans, because the annoying thing for somebody that just loves the show, and not the imaginary pairing of specific characters in my head, is that the writers might listen to you. Stop it shippers!

    • AL says:

      I don’t know, I don’t really think it’s fair to hate on shippers here after all this ‘scoop’ was pretty much trolling for shipper comments. Besides there is absolutely nothing wrong with being passionate about a show, characters, or a couple especially if you can have an mature debate about it and there are some amazingly perceptive and kind people that watch this show. I draw the line, however, at bashing actors, writers or hypocrisy (not one character in this show is without fault). I won’t pretend that I don’t like the idea of Hook and Emma, but I think there needs to be a lot more development and regardless I have faith in the writers and the show. I’ve been watching ONCE since the beginning and I think one of the best things I can say about it it that it sparks my imagination in an age where I think a lot of TV falls at that (and I’m not saying the last half of this season was without fault). I’m also not going to stop watching over a couple. I think that whoever Emma falls in love with, they’ll make me believe it. Fairy Tales are about love and hope and I’d be disjointed if the ‘saviour’ didn’t have her own EPIC love story. I think that it’s sad that some factions of this fandom think that their views are the only ones that matter, or that it’s okay to hate a character because they interfere with a ship. A lot of people (millions)watch this show the writers will never make everyone happy but hating on an actor for a comment he was prompted to make is beyond and I do think that’s why there are a lot of shipper comment here to begin with, to to show support to the actor and the character that a lot of people love.

    • Thanh says:

      Word, dude. I like Once Upon a Time too, but don’t really “ship” specific pairings, and definitely not when their hasn’t really been any kind of relationship-building (i.e., Snow & Charming). The fandom that ships potential pairings, and then attacks all others that don’t agree, are just crazy. I don’t comment as much as I’d like to, about general thoughts about the show, just because of these kinds of posters.

  3. ika says:

    “Hook waiting for Emma?!!!”OMG I love it!!! I hope we can see much more of Emma/Hook together next season.I really like Hook.He is a GREAT character

    • fey says:

      IKR! They pretty much acknowledged Hook is in it for the long haul with Emma. I’m not taking that Regina part seriously. That was just Matt stirring things up

  4. tvdiva says:

    Wow. I cannot believe all the passionate posts about OUAT. I really do not believe the showrunners will give us any couplings that would create backlash in viewers – i.e., Hook and Emma. And it makes no logical sense now that she has declared her love for Neal and vice versa. I think one of the story arcs will be finding Neal and reuniting him with Emma, Henry and the Charmings. The big story arc will be taking down Peter Pan and the agency. My real concern is OUAT Season 3 following the footsteps of True Blood – too many characters and story arcs that viewers could care less about. I want the showrunners to get back to the main cor characters and a few story arcs we can all enjoy.

    • Mane says:

      There are enough people who either don’t like Neal or don’t like the idea of Emma with him either. So there’s always going to be backlash.
      I’m mostly afraid that the show will become all about who Emma chooses and the writers will turn her into someone who’s only defined by romance. That would suck so hard because Emma was such a great character in the beginning and the writing is now starting to ruin her and make her the stereotypical female lead torn between the two men. *yawn*

      • A.B. says:

        A Fairy Tale Bacholerette. Who will she give the magic sword to? We will let you know after the commercials….

    • fey says:

      actually Neal and Emma would create more backlash as there are way more swan queen shippers and captain swan shippers

  5. heather says:

    What dynamic between Jane and Casey? They have absolutely zero chemistry together and their relationship is a complete farce. Too bad Billy Burke is busy with Revolution otherwise they could bring back Agent Dean or perhaps give her a new love interest.

    • JC says:

      I’m sorry, but if we never see Gabriel Dean it will be too soon for me. I liked Jane with Casey, but they did kind of ruin it in the last few episodes of the season. I wouldn’t be sorry if it was over, but maybe they can fix it.

  6. cas says:

    Wow…these comments were a little out there. I think people should remember that the times were different in fairytale land, I mean that was hundreds of years ago. And people taking someone’s comments out of context, by saying they are sexist or racist, is just plain stupid. Lastly, I like Hook and Neal. I don’t ship either with Emma. I personally just think it would be nice to see Emma have a little bit of a life of her own and have a little romance no matter who it is with. (Although I prefer the huntsman, if only he were still alive in OUAT). I don’t want to see the show become all about relationships either, but it would be nice if in season 3, Emma could have a little bit of happiness for a small amount of time.

  7. Lindsay says:

    You guys. Clearly Angie Harmon was burying the lead, as Jane is clearly only ready to ‘settle down’ with Maura;) This ship is the least subtexty of anything on TV. Casey is just the latest ‘beard’. Rizzles 4 Eva!

  8. pb&j says:

    I want there to be a female equivalent of Hook. Someone who flirts with all they guys, and makes sexual innuendos and all that jazz. I want to see the reaction of people lol.

    • sara says:

      I think the character you’re looking for is Regina.

      • pb&j says:

        Nope, Regina only uses her charms when she wants to get something done or manipulate them. She also never makes any overtly sexual inuendos like Hook. Hook just generally flirts with all the girls regardless if he wants something or not like with Snow, Emma, etc. I’m talking about that kind of character.

        • sara says:

          I disagree with the characterization. We have yet to see him interact with a woman with whom he doesn’t want something from or for an end so it’s pretty difficult to say that he flirts with everyone for no reasons.

  9. Cass says:

    What I love is how two women on a desperate quest to save their son from murderous psychos who want to feed him to a powerful magical being are characterized as “eligible bachelorettes” for Hook to choose from. Nicely done there, Mr. Mitovich.

    • A.B. says:

      Exactly. I think S3 will be about finding their son not Hooking up.

      • A says:

        I highly doubt they are gonna waste an entire season on just finding Henry. Maybe the first half, but if they spend the whole season it would just drag on. I think it’ll probably similar to when Emma and Snow were trapped in FTL and returned at midseason that way they can close one chapter and start the next

        • A.B. says:

          What I would like to see in their quest to find Henry, Emma decides that she needs to control her powers and asks Rumple and Regina to help her and then them trying to tempt her with the dark side of magic. Would be cool to see glimpses of possible evil Emma.

          • A says:

            That’s an interesting idea. One thing that annoyed me this season was how little Emma had focused on using her magic. If I ever found out that I had strong powers like that It definitely would be constantly in my mind.
            An evil Emma is quite intriguing as well. It would be a nice change from the lack of anything she or Snow did in Storybrooke this season. Also maybe with the evil Peter Pan and the twisted Neverland, he may have control over one of the characters like Emma or Snow and Snow with the bit of blackness still in her heart would be more susceptible to evil doings. I don’t know but I’m really looking forward to Neverland next season and hopefully Snow actually becomes more interesting and actually DOES something other than following Charming around everywhere.

  10. onlyakb says:

    Rookie Blue is so cool!!! loving it hopefully they won’t torture me for too long with Andy and Sam apart, as long as they keep fun as this last 2 episodes I’m good!!!

  11. Allison says:

    Thanks so much for answering my question!! I always read your spoilers but that was the first time I have asked a question and it got answered!!! So excited to see more Luke on RB and in general I am loving Seaon 4 so far. Looks like the rest of the season is going to be just as great!!

  12. JC says:

    I’m having a hard time understanding why the idea of Hook/Emma is considered so objectionable when the show itself is shipping a couple like Rumplestiltskin and Belle. Hook’s no angel, but both Rumplestiltskin and Regina have done things far worse, and yet it seems the show still wants us to believe they can be redeemed and loved, so why not Hook? On the other hand, I’m also uncomfortable with all the objections to Emma with Neal because I feel like there wouldn’t be nearly as many protests about that pairing if Neal was “hot”. I’ve seen people talk about wishing they’d cast a better looking actor for Neal, so I do think it’s part of what’s going on. And on the third hand (yes I know), I feel like the show has kind of written themselves into a corner with the Emma/Neal thing, so that short of actually killing Neal off, I’m not sure how they can get out of doing Emma/Neal now. Henry wants them together, the show has always had a bias toward bio parents, it’s been demonstrated that they both still have feelings for each other. On another show they could just decide that they may still care about each other but aren’t right for each other, but this isn’t that kind of show. So I don’t know. As far as my personal preferences go, well, I always thought Emma had more chemistry with the Mad Hatter than any other guy. But they never did anything further with that. :(

  13. Ben says:


    Matt, according to this website, while Suburgatory’s fate is TBA, it was renewed for a full season. I guess ABC renewed it for 22 episodes to cut two actors out and make it cost efficient.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I stand by my information — 13, with option for more.

      • Matt, I stand by your info as well because they’ve been so reliable….and in that Hollywood Reporter article……it clearly states that Suburgatory has a 13 episode run as well. So I don’t know where this person is getting the 22 episodes from.

        • Ben says:

          I just went to that link and realized HR made a boo-boo. It was renewed for a 13-episode order count as opposed to a full-season of 22 episodes.

  14. Gloria says:

    Can anyone tell me why we can’t view full episodes of Mike and Molly at the CBS site? They allow several other shows. I missed the finale and can’t view it on the site. This happened last year to me too. I had it set to record but a weather glitch knocked it out and i missed it.

  15. Leigh says:

    Whatever. I still want Emma with Regina so Hook can sail the Jolly Roger to some other port.

  16. Patricia Reed says:

    I cannot believe that Nora is dead (Revolution). I hope there is some twist to this and she really lives.