The Voice Top 8 Results Recap: Did the Right Two Contestants Go Home? [Updated]

The-Voice-Top-8-Results-RecapRemember last summer when ABC aired the Kelly Clarkson-fronted reality competition Duets? [Cue sound of crickets chirping.] No? Well, the part of me that watches too much reality TV (aka my heart, soul, brain and spleen) likes to think the producers of NBC’s The Voice paid secret homage to their fallen rival during the Season 4 Top 8 results telecast.

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Yes indeed, while the main focus of tonight’s show was — as Carson Daly reminded us at the top of the hour — watching eight become six, there was nevertheless a parallel to the very best late-night infomercials via a “But wait, there’s more!” addendum. Said Easter eggs came in the form of a quartet of contestant duets — a couple of ’em quite terrific, two of ’em fairly inscrutable — that gave the Top 8 one more chance to shine before the guillotine got wheeled onto the stage.

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This was also the episode that proved you simply can’t predict who’s going home based on iTunes sales alone. While Holly Tucker, Judith Hill and Sasha Allen ranked as the week’s Bottom 3 sellers on the digital music service (with Sasha in dead last), only one of ’em saw her Voice journey reach its conclusion. Let’s get to the results, shall we?

Sent to Safety (in Random Order)
Michelle Chamuel
Danielle Bradbery
Sasha Allen (cue a complete Shakira freakout, and feelings of nameless dread from Sasha’s five not-yet-saved rivals)
The Swon Brothers

Final Four Left in Limbo
Holly Tucker
Judith Hill
Amber Carrington
Sarah Simmons

Final Two Saved
Amber Carrington
Holly Tucker (Whoa! That’s three country blondes — and the entirety of Team Blake — in the Top 6!)

Judith Hill
Sarah Simmons

To me, the week’s results and the overall arc of Season 4 says that risk-taking simply doesn’t get rewarded by Voice voters. Or, if we’re paraphrasing the Teachings of the Hare, slow and steady (and fairly predictable) might end up winning this race. Also: People love Blake Shelton, or at least they’re responding to his silly “Oh em gee you are the most IMPORTANT thing to happen to music” feedback to his trio of contestants.

A few other thoughts and theories before we get to letter grades for the duets:

* Judith definitely had the buzziest Blind Audition with “What a Girl Wants,” but taking a brutally hard look at her full Voice trajectory, I can’t say anything she did in the weeks that followed quite managed to match that eye-popping Christina Aguilera cover. This isn’t to say Judith deserved to go home before lesser talents like Sasha or Holly or The Swon Brothers, but momentum and the illusion of “growth” both matter in reality singing competitions, and Judith had neither of those advantages. Perhaps just as damaging: Judith’s outré hairstyles and fashion choices may have alienated voters who like to see a star bloom in front of their eyes — and reminded the world that as Michael Jackson’s former duet partner, she had the advantage of industry experience (and the ability to tap into said experience should she not make the finale).

* Sarah, meanwhile, looked like a serious contender during the early weeks of the competition, but Coach Adam did her no favors by not reining in her growing tendency to, um, “explore” the most unpleasant edges of her vocal tone. Last week’s “Mama Knows Best” was a screeching tirade, and Wednesday’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” suffered from intermittent pitch problems. (Plus, it’s one of those songs that really needs another few years on the shelf before the general populus wants it brought back out into the sunlight.) I know she had a decent iTunes showing this week, but I’m not entirely shocked or saddened to see her exit.

* Interesting that Blake yelled “bullcrap!” after Adam said at the top of the show that his own team wasn’t going to ever “play it safe.” Defensive much?

* Also interesting that Shakira started off the show by admitting that if Sasha got booted, “it’s because her coach made a mistake [in terms of song selection].” I’m not sure I agree with that contention — to me, Sasha overwrought style and tendency to go flat are far bigger issues — but it was nice to see Shakira’s lack of ego (on a show where coaches have, well, healthy sized ones).

* Michelle Chamuel biting into a head of iceberg lettuce like it was an apple: Rated Y…for Yikes! (She’s still just so lovely though, isn’t she?)

* Could Christina Milian please come up with a better question than, “How does it feel to be saved by America?” I mean, how does she THINK it feels? URGH!

As for grades for the night’s duets…

Michelle & Judith: “Sweet Nothings” | The verses may have been pitched a wee bit low for Michelle, and the vibrato may have gotten laid on a little too thick by Judith, but the song fit quite well with both of their vibes, and they soared nicely when it counted. Grade: B+

Sasha & The Swon Brothers: “Don’t You Wanna Stay” | From the airplane “delayed” graphics on the backdrop to Sasha’s gale-force riffing dominating the Swon boys like a cheetah with a field mouse, this was a deeply peculiar pairing — with dubious results. Grade: C+

Danielle & Sarah: “1,000 Years” | The good news is Danielle’s restraint seemed to be contageous, prompting Sarah to focus more on the lilting melody. The bad news? I felt the Lunesta butterfly circling overhead by the midway point. Grade: B-

Amber & Holly: “Does He Love You?” | It’s not easy stepping out of Reba’s formidable shadow, but this pair of power divas completely unleashed their beast-sized voices for a throwdown of Godzilla-vs.-Mothra proportions. Absolutely terrific! Grade: A

And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of Season 4 Top 8 results night? Did the right contestants get the boot? Sound off in the comments, and for all my reality-related news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Marie says:

    I am s happy that Shakira’s girl made it – Shakira is the bets thing that has ever happened on the voice. Love her. Cannot believe that she is not returning next year. The show is NUTS for not getting her back.

    • HTGR says:

      She IS returning next year. It’s later THIS year that she is not returning. But she just signed for Spring 2014.

      • Marie says:

        That is really good news butI don’t know exactly what you mean by Later this year. Is she going to be a judge on the next seasons of the voice. If so, that is FANTASTIC.

        • Marie says:

          OK – I got it – they are going to rotate the judges. Good news except that better news would have been if they had just rotated Christina and CeeLo right off the show, They do not even hold a candle to Shakira and Usher. Bet the ratings are higher when Shakira and Usher are on the show,

        • HTGR says:

          Next season of the voice is this fall. Shakira will hot be doing that one so she won’t be back this year, but she will be back, next year, for the spring 2014 season.

  2. sofia says:

    Judith would never have won. Way too polished for the public. It is clear she is no amateur. Sarah probably got forgotten. She is pitted as a strong favourite so people assumed she was safe. I’m just surprised Holly and the Swon Brothers are still there, like wtf.

    I’ve just realized that there is no one outstanding on this series. Danielle is probably the only one with a chance of radioplay outside of the show.

    • Aaron says:

      Amber definitely gives off a Kelly Clarkson-esque vibe. I think she has an awesome shot at radio play too. I am not a fan, but I’d argue that the Swon Brothers could have a shot, thou not necessarily mainstream. Sasha, definitely not. Holly, not a chance. Michelle, love her but probably not.

    • Ed says:

      I agree that Judith was way too polished for the public; a real pity. I disagree that there is no one outstanding still there. Amber and Michelle are amazing and will more than likely get airplay. Danielle is average and will more than likely get airplay because of the “halo effect” surrounding her….

  3. thedeviledadvocate says:

    My favorite has been Danielle from the get go. Her voice is sweet and pure as honey. I totally enjoy listening to her sing. I think some mistake her wide eyed look of disbelief that she could possibly be on the voice, as a vacant stare. I think when she is singing and she makes eye contact with someone in the audience who is smiling at her, she smiles back, and it happens at what some consider an inappropriate time to be smiling because of the words she is singing. I find her to be an awestruck kid with an incredible voice. She is awestruck that she is on The Voice, and awestruck with Blake Shelton, and awestruck that her songs are the best sellers on ITunes, wouldn’t you be all smiles if you had her voice, was a favorite on the Voice, had Blake as a coach, and your ITunes sales were beating every other very talented contestant? Earlier today Danielle had 5 songs ranking higher than Kree’s new song, on the country iTunes chart. I would say a lot of people who are willing to shell out money to buy her renditions of “tired old, train blowing, dog barking, pickup truck driving, beer drinking, sleepy, whiney, tractor pulling, turnip truck country music”, seem to enjoy her singing as much as I do.

  4. sofia says:

    It’s wonderful to see how attached the new coaches Usher and Shakira are to their respective acts. I feel like Adam has no connection with any of his acts and that’s probably why they went home.. Amber is just the kind of singer a show like this loves so she would have gone far with any coach.

    • BillyBob says:

      You know why Adam has no connection and seems like a space cadet? He has a new GF by the name of Nina Agdal, the SI model who went to that boys prom instead of Kate Upton. Insiders say Adam is in lust with his new found. Adam is going through Super Models like socks! :) That can do wonders to have no connection to your work.

      • Aaron says:

        Go climb a tree, BillyBob.

      • Lilandra says:

        OMG who cares who Adam is dating!? Are you getting paid to post up updates of Adam’s love life and trashing Judith Hill? No seriously, are you? Because ALL of your posts either have the words “Judith + gimmick + marge + epic fail” or “Adam + love + model” in them. Go climb a tree indeed. And preferably fall off.

        • I8A4RE says:

          Who cares? Apparently you do. He/she has the right to comment on things. There’s no profanity involved. They are passionate about something, let them be. Go climb a tree? C’mon I think you sound like a child in this case. Enjoy your day.

          • Lilandra says:

            No, what *I* care about is having to skip over his/her repeated posts all spewing the same old vitriolic stuff. If you’re going to be nasty about a singer, at least be creative instead of copying and pasting the same thing over and over every time someone mentions Judith. I also have the right to call him/her out on his/her comments and I’m exercising that right.

  5. calhawk says:

    Judth should not have gone home. If shakira was her coach she would still be in the competition. The duet by amber and holly was bland and lacked emotion. That song was done 10 times better by kelly clarkson and reba on season 1 of AI. It shows that neither of them is a star. Danielle is the future, but does not understand the meaning of songs. Sasha will win. The country vote will be devided.

    • stephag says:

      It’s so sad to think that Shakira chose Karina over Judith, then chose Garrett over Karina. Garrett. Consider this as you ponder why Judith went home tonight…

    • There’s no way they are gonna let Sasha Allen win, it’s either Michelle, Daniell or Amber, the rest will be going home!!

    • Ed says:

      Sasha will NOT win; she is just not good enough. She really should have gone home last night…..

      • HTGR says:

        That’s nuts. She is really good and there are tons of big names that have agreed. Even if she is not your thing, maybe you don’t want her to win, but to not even make top six, come on now.

  6. Cindy says:

    Holly’s whack, Danielle is whack and vacant eyed, the Swon brothers are whack times two, Sasha’s whack and nasally

  7. Delilah says:

    Did the Voice have a rule this year about voting out skinny white girls?

  8. The results were fixed, there’s no way Sasha was safe, she was below Judith in iTunes sales and her fan base is not as big as Judith’s if anything Judith was set up, that’s why they let her perform first they had to get rid of her because they knew she was going to succeed rather she wins the show or not. I don’t find these shows fair at all so I’m done watching all of these shows they have manipulated these contestants too many times and I’m tired of it, and the same thing is gonna take place next week, 2 more of the best will go home but I’m not sticking around to watch it. goodbye to all these singing shows Xfactor, The Voice, and American Idol y’all can have them, I’ll find something better to do with my time, than waste it on watching all these Fake tv shows. Judith Hill will have an outstanding career and I’ll continue to support her on her journey!!

    • Ed says:

      I agree that Judith should not have gone home. They HAD to keep Sasha there to ensure that Shakira didn’t run out of contestants at this point in the show….

    • AlyB says:

      As much as I agree that Judith should have stayed and has the makings of a successful career away from the show, it doesn’t make any sense to say the show would want to kick off their best talent. Why wouldn’t they want someone to win that has great potential in the post show market? It seems to me the biggest criticism of this show is that its winners fizzle out after they’re off the show. If all they wanted was someone else to go besides Sasha and it was fixed, they’d have gotten rid of Holly. I believe the show’s audience has been pumped up by the other talent show audiences that are older and prefer vanilla country type stuff and decided to check The Voice out. They may be buying up Danielle’s itunes but they’re killing the ratings as non country fans tune out. The Voice doesn’t need to sell itunes, they need to sell ad space on the show. If they were fixing results, they’d make sure they had a wide variety of talent in order to lure in as many people as possible. I don’t think 4 out of 6 remaining contestants being country singers does much good for their ratings.

      • matt says:

        agree with everything

      • NedPepper says:

        I agree. Carson Daly was having a panic attack when saw the results. You could literally read his mind. He was thinking, “This is going to hurt the show.” And then go back and look at Blake and Adam exchanging glances. Blake looked a little embarrassed and Adam looked irate. Truthfully, this isn’t good for the show, which means it is not good for Blake. He’s pretty much become a huge star and is making a fortune off this show, and having all of his team survive at the expense of all of the the other coaches and contestants shows that there are big problems ahead.

  9. Alex says:

    This season became a joke really quickly. Judith had the best performance of the season so far (barely nudging Amber) and is an actual artist that changed it up every week. Blake used to be fun but he’s ruined this season. I get his embracing of country even though he really lied and screwed over some contestants but his team is incredibly boring and monotonous. Sure Daniel is a nice singer and marketable but she’s a parrot. She never changes up a song to fit her style or make it her own. Granted she’s so young that she might not have a style yet. But the Swoon Bros. need to go. So did Sarah and Holly is next. Adam was 100% correct. Blake’s team take no chances, don’t change anything to make it their own and constantly sing the most boring repetitive songs. Judith did an amazing job of totally changing that Bieber song. Playing it safe is KILLING this season.

    • Ed says:

      Blake has been a big reason for the show’s success, but I think he is now becoming its undoing. If this, in fact, becomes a country crooner show (as Blake would love), it will lose viewers quicker than an Okie can kick sh*t…….

  10. Jolene says:

    Blake is too cocky for his own good, He needs to cool it a bit. Used to really like him but he just thinks he is too good and it wears thin after a while.

  11. darcy the slutty twin says:

    I am ecstatic that the overhyped Sarah Simmons and her second-rate copycat Bonnie Tyler rasp are gone! Gone, gone, gone!!! By the way, Danielle Bradberry has a clear voice, but it’s so ordinary. And Holly may embellish her songs all she wants, but she bores me for a reason. I don’t know why the Swon brothers are still there.

    • Hyde says:

      Oh man! THIS!!! I am SOOOO glad Sarah is gone. I’m going on record now to say its going to be 1. Michelle, 2. Danielle, 3. Amber, 4. Holly

    • Ed says:

      I agree about Danielle’s voice being ordinary; she is being propelled solely by the “halo effect” and the fact that she’s an innocent 16 year old….

  12. Jan1 says:

    Too many people are acting like it’s in the bag already. I hope all of you are voting for whoever you want to win rather than feeling defeated that “they” are going to win. I’m happy my votes last night helped save Sasha. I did all I could for Judith and Sarah, too. I did NOT vote for people I don’t want to be there anymore. Hopefully Michelle can win this thing in the end!

  13. Karen says:

    Here’s my final 4 prediction:
    Danielle, Amber, Michelle and the Swon brothers. I think Michelle may be the dark horse and take it all. I could live with that. I would be very happy if Amber won. Annoyed if Danielle won. I think I just need to stop watching when it gets down to 6. America and I don’t always agree!!

  14. Larali says:

    Why don’t producers decide to make an “All country” singing competition so we can have a fair and square competiton based on talent and not on genres. Yeah. Me no like country. Sorry. But the country vote is so huge that it almost feels unfair to those of us who are not fans of country and are outvoted in almost every singing competition. Sucks!

    • daynamonet says:

      I 1000% 2nd that. There should def be a separate singing for competition for country artists. Many times ppl prefer country and nothing else or they like everything else except country. Just give them there own show please!

  15. matt says:

    If Adam should lose his job, it should be for the mismatching of Sarah Simmons, an incredible talent, with Gotye. Not for saying”I hate this country”. What is this , the United States or the Soviet Union? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. What has happened to freedom of speech?

    • Lilly says:

      Geez. I’m a political conservative – flag waving right-winger and all that – but even I knew Adam’s comment was sarcasm and joking. I could just as easily have pictured the “all-American” country boy Blake (my favorite coach) mutter the same thing in jest if he’d lost two of his three team members at once!

  16. Fran says:

    I thought Judith had an awesome performance last night and I liked the risks she took. I’m beginning to think that the majority of voters don’t care about artistry or originality. They just want plain, predicatable boring or country (and apparently there’s no such thing as a bad song choice with country!). I’m sure Judith’s style also turned off conservative viewers, just like Garrett’s lip-ring did, which makes me think that more people under the age of 50 need to start voting. The show started off with such a great pool of contestants and the viewers just killed the diversity of the show by only selecting people from Blake’s mediocre team. They should really call the show “Country Voice” or maybe “Country Voice according to Blake”, because Blake doesn’t even like the more interesting country artists! I wish he’d step down for a few seasons. At this point, the only people interesting are Michelle and Amber. Holly really needs to go (like 3 episodes ago). Who is voting for her??? I

    • matt says:

      The only good thing about having 2 mediocre and one good country artist left(Danielle) is that maybe the country vote will be split now 4 ways if you include Amber as well (she’s good too). So possibly Sasha and Michelle can really benefit now from the non-country vote being so concentrated.

      • jaxguy says:

        Amber’s best performance so far is Skyfall a non country song. I could handle her or Michelle wining.

      • HTGR says:

        not likely because the voting is both limited so it’s easy to give max support to someone and not limited in that you can give max support to everyone at once

        • Don Viajero says:

          I’m wondering if Danielle isn’t having a bit of coat-tail effect that is benefiting the rest of Blake’s team. I could certainly believe a scenario where a lot of country fans are more tuned in and enthusiastic about the show because of Danielle. And if they are going to bother voting, why not drop a few votes for Holly and the Swons while they are at it?

          And unfortunately, I can only see this getting worse as non-country fans start getting discouraged and don’t bother voting at all. My worry isn’t that Sarah, Judith, Garrett, and Kris fans are suddenly going to start voting for Holly. My worry is they won’t bother voting at all.

  17. daynamonet says:

    This is really the first season of the voice where a country artist has made it to top 10 and blake knew that so he wanted all country all the time instead of all talent all the time. Danielle will prolly win but hopefully itll be michelle or amber. Swan bros got to go! Im so happy Candice was on idol instead of the voice bcuz she prolly wouldnt even have made it to top 10. I usually think voice results are pretty fair and it would’ve been w/o all the country influence.

  18. Kas says:

    Poor Sarah, she should’ve chosen Blake for her coach. I feel for Judith too, she was too good for this show. Michelle has a decent voice and she’s lovely, but her coach irritates me so much. Surprised Sasha and Holly survived. Danielle’s voice is sweet as angels, she needs to sing a modern song, though. I don’t care about TSB, they or Sasha/Holly are in line to go home next week.

    • I8A4RE says:

      Michelle’s coach Usher always mentions her ‘Inner Beauty’ meaning what? She’s butt ugly? I think Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Usher is such a douche!

      • matt says:

        I agree, complimenting ONLY someone’s “inner beauty” is almost a backhanded compliment. He better be careful with her, he’s been great until that comment.

      • kaba says:

        Good job at turning a compliment with no ill intent behind it into some vicious insult. How damn ignorant

        • Simon Cowell Jr says:

          Get a fricking grip on yourself!!! I agree that the “Inner Beauty” comments are bordering backhanded compliments to Michelle. Doesn’t Michelle posses any ‘Outer Beauty?” That’s what people often to say to unattractive people… “you’re inner beauty”

      • tonya says:

        You dummy he is not saying she is ugly. He saying she dosenot look like most artist shes different she has a glo about her that shines from inside out and like farrel said he knows a monster voice when he see it and she is that. She appeals to all people not just country fans or white she is a singer that will cross over and appeal to every person.

  19. Maria, NY says:

    I could NOT DISAGREE MORE with the awful opinions about Sasha. She seems amazing, i love her vocal range and control. I think Judith used the “i knew Michael Jackson, wah wah wah” crap too many times and America saw through her fake “I dont want to use his fame” crap. She was talented and I def think she went home too early, but guess what so did Jennifer Hudson, look at her now!
    I think Michelle and Amber are the two strongest singers on the competition!

    • matt says:

      I agree, Sasha has a beautiful voice. Slezak seems to hate it simply because it’s vibrato and “flat”. I think Danielle sings way more flat notes than Sasha. And to dismiss the richness, strength, emotional preciseness, soul and flat-out beauty of her voice simply because it has a constant vibrato seems ridiculous to me. I think he doesn’t know the difference between a natural vibrato and unnecessary embellishment , maybe.

    • Simon Cowell Jr says:

      Judith used up her MJ card too many times. People got tired of that connection. The past 4 or 5 years before The Voice. She promoted herself extensively, gigs here and there. She knows all the big wigs out there. There’s a reason why she is just a back up singer. After self destructing on The Voice, and dismal iTune sales. Judith will just be doing music behind the scenes. If Michelle wins, she will be a bust in the real world. The only contestant I see having the IT factor is Danielle. Especially if wins. I really see her going the Carrie Underwood route. I saw a youtube video of her singing at the House of Blues a few weeks back. She sounds so good live. Danielle is still growing as an artist and singer. Carrie Underwood winner of AI season 4 and Danielle winner of The Voice season 4. It’s in the stars!

  20. gatz says:

    This was probably shocking to most but basing from their performance, the two for me has the least entertaining and i don’t care performance. The swon brothers was my predicted evicty but they do this feel good songs that are so pleasing to the ear. if you want their versions on iTunes you’ll not care much about their performance but how they sound on the earphones. same with amber, that skyfall rendition was a disaster ready to explode but she make it damn too good. Michelle was exceptional everytime. I didn’t fall for judith even at the audition, she was so hyped up that viewers has no excitement left to ponder. i’m just saying that contestant should be wise enough to trust adam or blake. Unlike shakira n usher who have single entry and will do everything to make that contestant win. Next week you’ll see blaakes contestants falling one by one.

  21. fela says:

    I can’t believe they kicked off Judith. I looked forward to singing and seeing what she was going to do next. The show has lost excitement for me. I am not interested in who wins now. Judith has a career we will be seeing her.

  22. Mert says:

    Swan bros need to go!! Should have gone long ago. My thoughts country fans are doing the voting. So coaches take note. Maybe all of them should break out some Loretta Lynn or Minnie pearl next week

  23. sherab says:

    don’t agree that amber is the one adam is willing to let go from his team. i think he challenged her, and rightly so. i do think he made some mistakes with selections for sarah over the past few weeks but he has given amber and holly some decent things to work with…

  24. bfralia says:

    The remaining singers except maybe Sasha are outstanding compared to prior seasons. It’s down to the point of being a popularity contest unless someone really screws up. To you folks who don’t like country music, appears a lot of others do considering Danielle keeps out selling the others on iTunes. Personally I think Amber is the best but she has some actual musical training over the other girls.

  25. Hyde says:

    I really expected The Swon Brothers and Sasha to go home. I think they will be the next 2 to go. It’s going to come down to a top 4 showdown between Amber, Holly, Danielle and Michelle. But I believe (and hope) that Michelle will take it. She has RABID followers and a gimmick (the glasses) for people to rally behind. She also gives 138% on every performance. She REALLY wants it and it shows. Danielle is great but she’s very green and has to learn to connect to the song she’s singing. Amber and Holly are good too, but their performances wax and wane from week to week. Michelle has been strong since day one and Usher is doing a fantastic job coaching her.

    • I8A4RE says:

      I really think the producers want an artist who will be relevant post Voice. Top the charts. They thought Judith would be that artist at first, the one to beat. That’s why they fluffed her up so much at the beginning. But they saw her iTunes were always at the bottom week after week. Then the producers realized Judith is not the one. They likely made her do that number, so she will self destruct and go home. It did. I think the producers want Danielle to win it. Because she sells iTunes week after week. So far the the first two season’s winners are flops. Last year’s winner is still too early to tell. The first two season’s winner are R&B genre. So, I think they want a different genre to win, why not Country. Below is a interesting story:
      The season two finale of The Voice was reportedly a big let down for The Voice executives of the show because they wanted Tony Lucca or Juliet Simms to win instead of Jermaine Paul.

      “Jermaine is a lot like last year’s winner Javier Colon,” a source says. “They have a lot in common.”

      This is what’s making people over at The Voice so worried!

      “Javier didn’t wow anyone with his post-Voice success,” the source adds. “Dia Frampton did better than him and sold more records, it was disappointing for Javier. And people want a success story for the Voice winner. The execs will support him publicly,” the source says. But behind the scenes they’re nervous.”

      • HTGR says:

        Juliet not winning was a huge letdown. Pretty shocking too, since literally nobody was talking about Jermaine at all and his iTunes were a boom and suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere he leaped ahead. He was Team Blake though and it seems like Blake fans are HUGE on voting for Team Blake, so maybe that is what helped push him over the edge at the end?

        • Adam Fachry says:

          This. I don’t think it’s a matter of country being a more popular genre than the others, but the majority of Voice’s voting demographics love and will eat anything Blake says. I guarantee, had his team not been filled with country artists, this season, anyone whom he declares “the most important artist to ever grace the earth” will get a gigantic number of votes. I believe, last season he also had a country artist, cmiiw. But he was so all over Cassadee, he could pull a “Big Love” on Miranda, and his fans immediately thought, okay, this is the one to beat, not the token country one.

  26. Leela says:

    Danielle & Sarah’s duet was an atonal nightmare to my ears, don’t get the praise there. Danielle is just not ready (despite, as Michael pointed out, Blake’s insistence that she’s the second coming) and needs at least a couple more years to find her voice. She reminds me of Taylor Swift with a better voice (admittedly not saying much.) But until she can sing quietly with the same conviction she belts out the glory notes, I’m not buying the hype. Michelle gets my votes; she is (again as Michael pointed out) just lovely.

    • I8A4RE says:

      Danielle sounded not like her. I think she is out of her comfort zone, with anything besides country songs. Sarah sounded so terrible on the duet. Not a Michelle fan myself, but I get the cool chic geeky factor and the Urkel glasses, and she’s not a gorgeous babe, as Usher always mentions her inner beauty. Interesting to see what songs these people sing next week.

    • That duet was not good, but I would blame Sarah quite a lot for that. I do think Sarah does a lot of interesting and difficult things, but she also tends to just go off in all directions and that makes it very difficult for others to duet with her. When she duets with a singer like Danielle and don’t keep a little bit of dicipline, the result is not good. Those two should not have been paired together.

    • HTGR says:

      I was surprised that even he put the Danielle+Sarah duet above the Swon+Sasha duet (which was an odd pairing, but whatever) when the former was a surprising train wreck and easily the weakest duet of the season.

  27. BA says:

    I totally get that the Voice’s coaches are much more enjoyable to watch than this past season’s American Idol judges, but the talent on this season of the Voice leaves me wanting. Michelle is my favorite, but I’m bored with everyone else. Nobody comes close to Candice Glover.

  28. MW says:

    By the time Amber’s taped piece came up on the live show, I turned to my husband and commented that it seemed as if Adam was trying to get rid of his entire team. He let Judith sing a song that clearly didn’t resonate with many people, he gave Sarah one of the most tired songs currently out there and gave Amber what, I believe, he thought would be an impossible task – to take on Adele. But she did a surprising job – while the other two ladies couldn’t overcome the song choices. Adam needs to stop hating the voting public and start examining his song choices. I think he doomed Amanda Brown last year as well. I also didn’t get why Adam made his remark about hating the country after Amber was saved and before he even knew he had lost two singers. I would really feel bad if I were Amber.

    Danielle is a naturally gifted singer and will probably win, but I find her a little boring and I just want to smack that smug look off her face. (And I say this as a parent of a child her age.) And, although she is undeniably talented, Judith seemed smug and aloof to me as well. I think Holly and Sasha should have been gone last night. Sasha is talented, but too technical.

    I am not a country fan, but I find the Swon Bros. fun to watch although I realize they are not the most talented. Do they deserve to win – probably not – but I will enjoy watching them until they go.

    Whatever, it is an entertainment show. When you’re no longer entertained, don’t watch. That’s my plan.

    • KC says:

      I definitely agree with the power of the entertainment factor! The Swon Bros. and Michelle are my favorites for precisely that reason. Even in a music competition TV personalities are a huge factor. Good point.

    • stephag says:

      I completely agree with you re: Amber not being supported by Adam and the aloofness of Judith and Danielle. I find Michelle and Amber the most entertaining, so they are the two I am cheering for!

  29. Adam Levine says:


  30. Emmanuel says:

    I agree with the poster above who says ‘the Voice’ became ‘The Personality’.
    My Judith! My Sarah! *sobs*
    Retaining a humble hope Michelle wins

  31. Alienate says:

    This show is suffering from “Tate Stevens Syndrome” (TSS). Even lackluster country singers can hang around forever because of who votes most heavily: Southern Country Fans.
    4 of the 6 remaining contestants are Country in origin. My sweet AMBER is basically a country girl that Adam has tried to broaden. It’s not Blake, it’s Country!

    Damn that TSS!

    • TheTruth says:

      LOL! TSS. Even Tate is tanking! His singles and 1st album are flops. That yucky boy band Emblem3 will be touring with Selena Gomez. 5th Harmony will release their album soon, I think. Carly Rose, don’t know what they are going to do with her. Maybe kinda of the Jackie Evancho, but more modern route? There is my where are they now recap.

  32. I8A4RE says:

    Crazy results! Everyone’s mad as a bee. All the Country genre singers are safe and sound. Judith Hill ousted. Wow! I’m a closet country fan. So, everyone left standing is ok with me.

  33. as says:

    In every season prior to this one, Blake was 1/4 judges selecting a diverse team. A country performer hasn’t won yet, so he loaded his team up with all country. How can he judge in the future? Is he going to select only country singers here on in? Why would non-country performers pick him as their coach after this? I say he’s ruined the diversity of the show…it’s too heavily weighted on country. Holly and the Swon Brothers are good, but in their genre they’re not GREAT and Danielle hasn’t gotten a single bit of criticism. She’s 16 and she and Holly sing like they’ve no life experience. Country music is all about the story telling…..they haven’t lived it and they don’t sing it with feeling.

  34. as says:

    Also want to say that I blame Adam for Sarah’s exit as well. What a c r a p song selection. He didn’t need to reinvent her like he’s doing with Amber. If he wanted the alt acoustic artist he should have stayed with Caroline Glaser.

    • matt says:

      Yeah that song was way inappropriate for Sarah’s style of singing, i thought. Too many pauses in it, too staccato, too manufactured, she needs something where she can belt and let loose. Also it’s impossible to sing it better than Gotye, he may as well have given her a Whitney Houston song.. Hoping if he hasn’t been Dixie Chicked by next week he doesn’t let down Amber in the same way.

      • HTGR says:

        I utterly doubt he will be Dixie Chicked (which was a really sad and unfortunate thing) he doesn’t rely on the market they had to and it was just a quick little comment in heat of moment and obviously not to be taken like for real literally, I mean come on. I’m sure it will be forgotten by tomorrow or certainly after next Monday. The whole thing is ridiculous.

    • Sheilalala says:

      @as TOTALLY agree. I respect Adam but WTF on that song? When he heard her sing the first 2 notes he should have known it was a mistake. I don’t think he intentionally sunk her, but come on man-you normally make great song choices. Despite the backlash I got on here last time I said it, I wish Sarah had picked Blake as a coach. He loved her voice too much to pick the Swons or Holly over her. (Although I guess I would probably have been subjected to Sarah singing country drivel right to the finale, and not own her amazing versions of Mamma Says, Angel and Wanted You More-er I guess that one is country, at least she would have made the finale thanks to Blake’s loyal, deaf fan base)

      If the Voice was REALLY based on unique vocal ability and star power, we would be splitting hairs and bitc*ing about Ryan Innes, Luke Edgemon, Midas Whale, Sarah Simmons, Judith Hill, Amber Carrington and Michelle Chamuel.

  35. Jayce says:

    Seriously Michael..why do you review this show…you constantly under value it..We all know you are an Idolphile..but the cynicism and heavy handed grading is so obvious as to be off-putting. The talent on this show is so clearly superior to that displayed on Idol this last year that it’s an embarrassment. That has been clear in the ratings and response by the viewing public.
    And finally your bias against absurdly obvious..I have read you for years and have never seen you so dead set against so talented a performer. I’m particularly offended
    by you your dismissal of the “broadway” vibe. Broadway today is many things and many genres and has been historically the starting place for music and performers that became part of what we call popular music. The difference with the “Voice” is it doesn’t suggest it is looking for one type of voice or genre…Her vibrato… certainly hasn’t hurt Shakira’s or countless others…your condemning her for being flat utterly ridiculous..on the occasions she has has been off center on a note as has every contestant..every one..have been sharp..and only sharp.
    The final blow was the critique of her duet with the Swon brothers..check every live blog for honest reactions… I literally heard of no one but you.. finding it less than amzing and indeed to all a remarkable surprise. Maybe you need to take a breath ..we all get hearing fatique and try to listen with fresh ears. This is truly from a fan.

    • as says:

      I don’t think it’s an insult to Sasha to say that she has a ‘broadway’ vibe. She is a technically beautiful singer and she’s beautiful too, but her musical identity is still unknown …she seems theatrical on stage…a little formal…..when she performs she doesn’t seem natural or relaxed…she doesn’t move well. She’s gorgeous and her voice is amazing, but she doesn’t seem to connect and she’s still trying to find out what kind of music will help her do that. I think she’d be great on Broadway…no insult.

      • Jayce says:

        Which of the other performers do you believe moves well..and if you think you can have trouble connecting to an audience and do well on Broadway…you have never seen a Broadway show…it is all about connection. Frankly none of them seems could they be..admittedly some handle the pressure better than others…..I don’t deem her the deserving winner…not now or not yet..they are all growing and hopefully evolving from the experience..What I deem her is one of several exceptional performers…and I only wish her to get her due among them rather than the constant, unusual, and unfair, critiquing doled out by this reviewer….it is simply beyond my comprehension..and I am observing as a successful journeyman performer of many years..not a casual observer.

        • as says:

          Well I have in fact seen many ‘Broadway’ shows Jayce and in my opinion Sasha has a ‘theatrical’ stage connection that is necessary in musical theater. Again, she has a beautiful voice and is gorgeous. I get no sense of artistry…..she should know who she is musically….she’s been around. Her performance of “At Last” was fantastic..her best…..that’s classic….not something for a current pop or R&B performer…she hasn’t seemed at home with anything else.

    • HTGR says:

      Yeah I don’t know, it’s like the soul of Nigel crossed with Randy takes possession of him whenever Sasha comes on. They are both from NY, did she scare a black cat across his path some year past or what? I mean you don’t have to love her, but putting her below Lazaro on saying she is the first who deserves to leave the top 10, I mean seriously? A lot of huge names have seen good things vocally in her.
      And as you say, the real telling call is that he totally reverses the call on her pitch.
      Often, although certainly not always, I agree with him, but in this case it’s almost absurd. Although the more we all talk the even more entrenched in tossing shade, as they say here, he seems to become, maybe I’ll go quiet on it.

  36. That’s what happens when you give power to “the people”… you lose brilliant and talented contestants and keep mediocre wannabe artists. “People” complain about the coaches having too much power in the early stages of this competition, but then when “the people” actually have the power, they don’t know what to do with it… Very disappointing… I’m very pissed at “American” voters…

  37. NedPepper says:

    The reality is that the red state problem has hit the Voice. American Idol had the same problem when it was on top. Blake is the red state guy. Even the phony outrage over Adam’s throwaway joking comment, “I hate this country” has red state simpletons in an outrage. I’ll say it again. This show is now broken and you’re going to see a ratings shift. When a red state takes over something, they don’t want anyone else involved. It’s been this way since the Bush administration. Look at the crap slung at our current President. Maybe it isn’t the show that’s broken, but the American public. Ironically, a hard core red state, country lovin’ and Obama hating guy I know ranted a few days ago to me that people vote for politicians like they’re voting for singers on American Idol or The Voice. They don’t. They vote for singers in excess, over and over and over again, as a way to make make up for the fact that their one political vote doesn’t have the power to get them what they want.. Look at the song Danielle was singing last night. If you don’t think there’s a political context, then you’re blind. The Dixie Chicks know full well all about this.

    • Sheilalala says:

      Interesting perspective, and I tend to agree, but our country is so bitterly divided, and opinions like this divide us into camps even more. While we can bicker about talent and preference, the people on this board are united by our love of music. I’m a political junkie, but it’s not appropriate here.#purplestate

    • teatime says:

      @Ned you should try being open minded and tolerant of the half of the country you seem to have a problem with.

    • MW says:

      Ned – I am totally not a red-stater, but I think you’re taking this a whole political aspect a little too far. Are there people who will make a big deal out of Adam’s comment – sure. Is it political? Maybe, but some of the people just like to make trouble, or are hard core country music fans or just hate Adam Levine or the type of music he plays. The song Danielle sang, “Grandpa,” is an old Judds song from the mid 80s – the middle of the red state nirvana period – the Reagan years. I don’t think Blake Shelton gave her that song out of any political leanings, just a feeling that things used to be simpler and kinder and more civilized and just easier. Very true in some ways, not at all in others.
      Is our country a little broken now? Yes. But I don’t think we need to have Adam debating Blake on “Meet the Press.” Although, I would watch that if it did air…..

      • matt says:

        You’re naive if you don’t think these entertainment shows have anything to do with politics. I appreciate Ned bringing this up.

  38. kaba says:

    I feel like Judith would have benefited best with being on Usher’s team.
    They both have some connection to MJ and I feel Usher understands Judith better.
    With Usher, as a coach I feel that he’s only at his best when his contestants absolutely 200% want to be their best. Look at the way Usher and Michelle thrive off each others seriousness, they just keep one upping their last performances and it’s amazing to watch Michelle grow in such a positive way.
    I think Judith has that same fire and Usher would recognize that and give her songs that could only help her, or actually be prepared to shoot down silly song choices like #ThatPower regardless of the fact that Bieber is his student.
    Just my thoughts, I could be wrong

  39. kaba says:

    Listening to Sarah and Danielle sing “A Thousand Years”…
    Did anyone else notice that Danielle has a horrid upper register? She was straining in that song quite a bit. But her voice doesn’t appear that way…
    Yes. She’s vocally imperfect!

  40. #TEAMBLAKE says:

    3 out of the top 6 left on the voice are on Team Blake! All Country artist! I have to mention Amber is a Country artist too! Hats off to every one of you! Country Strong folks! Yee Haw!!

  41. I love Danniel. I love her voice, personality,&her stage presence. I’m so proud of her. She’s deserves to Win.I like Michelle a lot but Danniel is #1

  42. KC says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by the latest results show actually. Judith hasn’t ever been to my taste and her latest song was just terrible. Sarah I had high hopes for originally, but her last couple of performances have been very disappointing. I don’t expect Holly to go much further, but I’m happy that Blake’s team is intact!

    I don’t tend to like country music, but I’m happy to be shown it in a new light and gosh, I just can’t get enough of the Swon Brothers! So far I’m liking the country twist this season has had. I don’t want it again in season 5, but it’s working for me this year. :)

  43. chrysta says:

    Now I know that dressing glamorously is all part of being an entertainer but I really felt that some of the dancing and hairdos were excessive! I had a hard time concentrating on Judith’s vocals because I was distracted by her floppy hair, the dancers and her bird woman cape.I also think that Sarah should have skipped the mist and streetlamps and just let her amazing voice set the stage!

  44. whitegold_1970 says:

    I took notice that the artists who perform less well than others gets eliminated. Not that they are less of a performer than the other but more on the performance level for that night. I still believe that America is voting wisely. Judith and Sarah is no doubt one of the top artists in the competition but their performance for that week is far less amazing than others. Sasha performs better than Judith and Sarah that night. It’s not all about belting but how suitable the song for that particular artist and how the people connect to that specific performance. Sasha is a good singer too but guess she still lacks the appeal to America. She has not found the right song for her to hit Itunes chart. I believe Sasha is getting votes from Shakira fans. It is Shakira who they still want to stay in the competition thru Sasha. Those voting for her will keep on voting for her because of Shakira but not necessarily buying her song….. unless she would come up with the right song that would give her a smash hit. Then she can stand alone and make her mark on the show just like what happened to Michelle on the last two weeks.

  45. DaysGoBy says:

    Blake’s fanbase??? Shakira, Usher & Adam have more twitter followers Why are they NOT voting??? Season 1 I was anti-country music..loved Adam but I was a diehard Xtina fan! I didn’t give a rats butt about Blake Shelton!!! By the end of the Season I loved Dia Frampton & Vicci Martinez…neither Adam orChristina. Season 2 It was all Juliet I was #TeamCeeLo. The third season I knew Cassadee would win at her blind audition…Blake makes smart song choices for his artists…songs suited to their voice! I grew to respect him for his devotion to his artists. The man is passionate! I started giving his music a chance and I now enjoy the genre he represents. His personality and caring of his artists made me give country a chance. Now I have broadened my music to include country. I take offense to people dissing Blske’s fanbase saying I am a sheep with no brain!!! I love Danielle’s voice Michelle is amazing so is Amber. I voted for them as well as Garrett Gardner. So even though I am a Blake fan and new to country music I know when I vote for Danielle The vote is appreciated by Blake he says thank you everytime and thank you’s go a long way in this day and age. I follow Adam & Usher too neither Thanked fans for their support!!! And I supported them too. And for the record Xtina did not diss everyone not on her team!! She said positive things to many contestants..the one that comes to mind is Cassadee never a bad word!! BillyBob you and I can be #TeamDanielle I like her voice Blake’s team or not she did get a four chair turn!!! I have very few Itunes songs except for Danielle, Cassadee & Juliet I only buy my favorite every season. I own Pink & Adele & Kelly Clarkson I don’ t need those covers. Blake is giving his team songs I don’t own. I own Carrie Underwood so I skipped those weeks. I hope Danielle wins! And there are more people than this board watching The Voice!!!!!

    • Don Viajero says:

      Shakira has more twitter followers, but most of them are not being allowed to vote. Unlike previous seasons (or X-Factor and AI for that matter), NBC is not allowing any of us living abroad to vote. Our only option are iTunes downloads (and only if we have a US iTunes account). This is why I was as surprised as Shakira herself that Sasha survived this week. Shakira even mentioned earlier on in the season in an interview I saw in the Spanish language press that she was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to help her team with votes as much as the other judges because of this. To me it really seems like just another way for NBC to make sure a country artist finally wins a season of this show.

      • teatime says:

        AI voting was always supposed to only be for people in the US. Did you used to be able to vote anyway?

        • Don Viajero says:

          It’s been some years since I tried voting on AI, but I remember there being a rather easy way of voting from abroad. And I read that more recently Jessica Sanchez was getting a lot of votes from the Philippines. On other shows like X-Factor and Dancing with the Starts, we can vote directly on the network website. The Voice used to allow the same up until this season.

  46. Don Viajero says:

    I guess what bothers me most is that the Swan Brothers are still around, while much more talented people have gone home. I get it that they are really nice guys and I was entertained by them at times earlier in the season. But lately I find them to be pretty boring and vocally they just aren’t even in the same league as the rest of the contestants who’ve gotten this far. They also never do anything interesting with any of their songs. They have no creativity at all. And after the way they butchered that Eagles song Monday (off pitch, loose harmonies, getting out-sung by the backup singers), I was hoping people would finally start getting tired of them. At least Holly has a very good voice, even if she tends towards being bland and somewhat karaoke in her performances. But the Swon Brothers?

    • Crazedgal says:

      WGWG has hit “The Voice”. Don’t be surprised if the Swon Lake Brothers are in the finale. They are AWFUL and WGWGX2 is a winning combination.

      • Adam Fachry says:

        But they haven’t won. We did have a BGWG as season one winner. On a side note, I gotta say, The Voice has had much better looking WGWGs than Idol. Up until now, I’m still all over Tony Lucca and Josiah Hawley’s hotness lol.

    • teatime says:

      The Swon Brothers are probably ready to take their act on the road tomorrow. If they win it is because people want to see their live show.

      • Don Viajero says:

        As you say, they are ready to take their act on the road. They don’t need to win or even go past Top 6 for people to see their live show. They’ve already gotten a big bump from being on this show and I suspect are going to do quite nicely for themselves, at least as a touring band. I just can’t see them winning a show titled, “The Voice”. This is particularly true when they are up against much better vocalists like Amber and Michelle, for whom winning could actually make a big difference. If the Swan Brothers win, it’s going to be Tate Stevens 2.0 (except that Tate is actually a better vocalist than they are).

  47. DaysGoBy says:

    Now I am deaf too…LOL!!! Tony Lucca was Season 3 not Season 2 with Juliette.
    Jermaine & Paul Mann & ??? were top4 season 2.

  48. DaysGoBy says:

    Oops you were right Tony Lucca was Season 2.
    …my bad!!!!

  49. Crazedgal says:

    Judith was great, but a will.i.ain’t song??? I knew she was toast! What a stupid song choice! Then Sarah was no where near as good as everyone thought. Sounded like crud to me this week. I’m pulling for a Danielle and Michelle finals. Hoping Michelle can upset Danielle.

  50. p Russ says:

    format is tired
    it’s less about who has the best voice and more about how can u vote your favorite singer/coach through.
    change it up
    get to final 6 faster, then spend 4 nites making each contestant sing from at least 4 different genres…no more playing it safe…keep running tally on standings after each night so that by 4th nite u have idea of where people stand and put a little pressure on that last nite
    whittled down to final 3, let them do what they do