The Voice Top 8 Results Recap: Did the Right Two Contestants Go Home? [Updated]

The-Voice-Top-8-Results-RecapRemember last summer when ABC aired the Kelly Clarkson-fronted reality competition Duets? [Cue sound of crickets chirping.] No? Well, the part of me that watches too much reality TV (aka my heart, soul, brain and spleen) likes to think the producers of NBC’s The Voice paid secret homage to their fallen rival during the Season 4 Top 8 results telecast.

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Yes indeed, while the main focus of tonight’s show was — as Carson Daly reminded us at the top of the hour — watching eight become six, there was nevertheless a parallel to the very best late-night infomercials via a “But wait, there’s more!” addendum. Said Easter eggs came in the form of a quartet of contestant duets — a couple of ’em quite terrific, two of ’em fairly inscrutable — that gave the Top 8 one more chance to shine before the guillotine got wheeled onto the stage.

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This was also the episode that proved you simply can’t predict who’s going home based on iTunes sales alone. While Holly Tucker, Judith Hill and Sasha Allen ranked as the week’s Bottom 3 sellers on the digital music service (with Sasha in dead last), only one of ’em saw her Voice journey reach its conclusion. Let’s get to the results, shall we?

Sent to Safety (in Random Order)
Michelle Chamuel
Danielle Bradbery
Sasha Allen (cue a complete Shakira freakout, and feelings of nameless dread from Sasha’s five not-yet-saved rivals)
The Swon Brothers

Final Four Left in Limbo
Holly Tucker
Judith Hill
Amber Carrington
Sarah Simmons

Final Two Saved
Amber Carrington
Holly Tucker (Whoa! That’s three country blondes — and the entirety of Team Blake — in the Top 6!)

Judith Hill
Sarah Simmons

To me, the week’s results and the overall arc of Season 4 says that risk-taking simply doesn’t get rewarded by Voice voters. Or, if we’re paraphrasing the Teachings of the Hare, slow and steady (and fairly predictable) might end up winning this race. Also: People love Blake Shelton, or at least they’re responding to his silly “Oh em gee you are the most IMPORTANT thing to happen to music” feedback to his trio of contestants.

A few other thoughts and theories before we get to letter grades for the duets:

* Judith definitely had the buzziest Blind Audition with “What a Girl Wants,” but taking a brutally hard look at her full Voice trajectory, I can’t say anything she did in the weeks that followed quite managed to match that eye-popping Christina Aguilera cover. This isn’t to say Judith deserved to go home before lesser talents like Sasha or Holly or The Swon Brothers, but momentum and the illusion of “growth” both matter in reality singing competitions, and Judith had neither of those advantages. Perhaps just as damaging: Judith’s outré hairstyles and fashion choices may have alienated voters who like to see a star bloom in front of their eyes — and reminded the world that as Michael Jackson’s former duet partner, she had the advantage of industry experience (and the ability to tap into said experience should she not make the finale).

* Sarah, meanwhile, looked like a serious contender during the early weeks of the competition, but Coach Adam did her no favors by not reining in her growing tendency to, um, “explore” the most unpleasant edges of her vocal tone. Last week’s “Mama Knows Best” was a screeching tirade, and Wednesday’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” suffered from intermittent pitch problems. (Plus, it’s one of those songs that really needs another few years on the shelf before the general populus wants it brought back out into the sunlight.) I know she had a decent iTunes showing this week, but I’m not entirely shocked or saddened to see her exit.

* Interesting that Blake yelled “bullcrap!” after Adam said at the top of the show that his own team wasn’t going to ever “play it safe.” Defensive much?

* Also interesting that Shakira started off the show by admitting that if Sasha got booted, “it’s because her coach made a mistake [in terms of song selection].” I’m not sure I agree with that contention — to me, Sasha overwrought style and tendency to go flat are far bigger issues — but it was nice to see Shakira’s lack of ego (on a show where coaches have, well, healthy sized ones).

* Michelle Chamuel biting into a head of iceberg lettuce like it was an apple: Rated Y…for Yikes! (She’s still just so lovely though, isn’t she?)

* Could Christina Milian please come up with a better question than, “How does it feel to be saved by America?” I mean, how does she THINK it feels? URGH!

As for grades for the night’s duets…

Michelle & Judith: “Sweet Nothings” | The verses may have been pitched a wee bit low for Michelle, and the vibrato may have gotten laid on a little too thick by Judith, but the song fit quite well with both of their vibes, and they soared nicely when it counted. Grade: B+

Sasha & The Swon Brothers: “Don’t You Wanna Stay” | From the airplane “delayed” graphics on the backdrop to Sasha’s gale-force riffing dominating the Swon boys like a cheetah with a field mouse, this was a deeply peculiar pairing — with dubious results. Grade: C+

Danielle & Sarah: “1,000 Years” | The good news is Danielle’s restraint seemed to be contageous, prompting Sarah to focus more on the lilting melody. The bad news? I felt the Lunesta butterfly circling overhead by the midway point. Grade: B-

Amber & Holly: “Does He Love You?” | It’s not easy stepping out of Reba’s formidable shadow, but this pair of power divas completely unleashed their beast-sized voices for a throwdown of Godzilla-vs.-Mothra proportions. Absolutely terrific! Grade: A

And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of Season 4 Top 8 results night? Did the right contestants get the boot? Sound off in the comments, and for all my reality-related news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ladida says:


    next week I hope the swon bros and holly leave!

    I’m rooting for Amber and Danielle now!

  2. Someone. says:

    This elimination night stopped becoming suspenseful after Adam still had ALL of his contestants on the chopping block when two more names were to be announced. i lost interest by then, because it was so obvious someone from Team Adam was going to go home tonight. But TWO? I mean…. what the hell? Adam and his two contestants just got screwed over tonight.

    My mind is completely blown with tonight’s results. How the friggin’ hell did Holly Tucker, the complete and utter snooze fest, get voted through? In fact, why is she still in this competition? Yesterday, she had one of her better performances of the season but that girl still lacks ZERO personality. The Swon Brothers, I love them, but they also don’t deserve to be on the show right now either. And Sasha’s performance yesterday was one of the weakest ones.

    With these three, how the hell did Adam lose TWO? I checked iTunes and Sarah was much ahead of Judith, Holly, and Sasha. How did she leave then? Surely the iTunes sales and the people that were voting for her should have earned her another save this week, at least.

    And Judith, the best voice this season. I didn’t expect her to win but she sure as heck did not deserve to go now.

    I’m just sooo pissed off. Adam looked shattered as well. Feel bad for the guy. He had all three of his contestants yesterday and is now left with one.

    “I hate this country,” said Adam Levine. I hate this country too, at least just for tonight. It pissed me off.

    • Someone. says:

      Still *has zero personality, I meant.

    • BillyBob says:

      @someone: Judith made her songs all about her and her hair (over the top oufits, hair) and not her vocals or song. Also, don’t feel bad for the Adam, he has a new girlfriend by the name of Nina Agdal, that model who went to the prom with the HS guy instead of Kate Upton. Adam’s in lust, so he’s a happy camper.

    • Sheilalala says:


  3. allie says:

    Michelle is going to win (I have a crystal ball, lol). All the country acts are going to cancel each other out except for one, Sasha simply isn’t that good and it will end up being Danielle and Michelle in the final 2. Danielle might pull out ahead but I doubt it. Disappointed to see Judith and Sarah go tonight – I prefer them both to the Swon Brothers, Sasha & Holly.

    • analythinker says:

      I hate to burst your bubbles but they have NOT been canceling each other out. There still are three (four, if you count Amber) in the competition and votes for each still trumps votes for Judith and Sarah respectively.

    • HTGR says:

      Nobody cancels out until the finale.

  4. Kelly McD says:

    Tonight reminded me why I have such a hard time finishing out a season of “The Voice”, most of the people I love are gone too soon. And this year they don’t sing country. None of Blake’s team is unique or stands out as a different voice in music but country fans will support Blake and country singers at all cost. Each year Blake has won, I have not found his artist to be the exciting or anyone that I would buy an album from. Last year I stopped watching once Amanda was gone and if Michelle or Amber were to exit next, I honestly would have no reason to keep watching this year. Judith and Sarah were far more entertaining than most of the artist left.

  5. tnsmoke says:

    Good for Blake. He has had a vision since Season 1 and finally was able to bring it this season. Am tired of people complaining about “too many country songs/artists” and how boring it is. Have you ever considered that there are 4 coaches and only one team of country artists, which means that the other 3 teams ALL sing non country songs. Why don’t you blame Adam, who year after year lets singers go in the battle rounds that should of stayed, and latches on to these “indy” artists that will never win. And he picks horrible songs. His comment tonight of “I hate America” sure was pretty offensive to me. Blake plays the game, and it IS a game….and if he wins then he wins. Woudln’t you want him to be your coach?? If he wins 3 seasons in a row then you can complain all you want, but he’s doing something right. Don’t watch if you can’t handle it. Personally I watch for entertainment and don’t get so invested in my faves that I am going to get all sick over things. Life is too short.

    • jaxguy says:

      See it’s not entertaining any more. it’s more of the same old predictable generic crap. Obviously your faves are still there.

    • AlyB says:

      Non country singers would be well advised to never pick Blake as a coach. He’ll only use them as cannon fodder during the battle rounds and end up, as he said himself, sticking with what he knows best, country artists.

    • Gelatinne says:

      @tnsmoke: exactly ! It is just a game :). And obviously, one coach plays far better than the others XD.

  6. Jane says:

    I think Holly is in trouble next week. She’s a sweet girl, but she’s so boring! I rather watch paint dry,

  7. Lori says:

    I like all 6 that were saved but my favs are Amber and Danielle.

  8. Crittab says:

    I’m pretty heartbroken that Judith is gone. She was by far the best person in the competition, and without question the most ‘ready’ for a career. I can only hope the amount of exposure she got was enough to propel her career.

    Sarah is talented and great, but I could take or leave her. I would have been pretty satisfied if she and Holly had gone.

  9. marge says:

    America, we failed tonight. Seriously, how does Blake still have his entire team? It’s not right. Not right at all.
    Judith is gonna be alright – she didn’t even need this show, was already on her way. Sarah – the absolute BEST of the bunch – I’m just in utter shock. WTF.

    • BillyBob says:

      You’re right, Judith din’t need this fricking show. That’s why she audition. I was a big Judith FAN! But week after week, she goes over the top, people get the feeling like she’s arrogant. Last night’s was the breaking point for her with that song and Vegas style circus act.

      • Timmah says:

        She made every performance about Judith, not the song. That’s why she’s gone.

        • jaxguy says:

          She made every performance worth watching. She had it! The look, the presence, the voice.She had everything that most of the people on these sites complain most contestants don’t. She’s not bland, boring, sleepy or the other brilliant critiques most of the people who come to these sites harp on. America shouldn’t be the people who pick the winners. They should let experts like they do on Project Runway and Top Chef pick the winners. If that happened at least 4 of the people left after tonight would have already been gone and a real talent like Judith would still be competing. Want a preview of America’s taste in music just listen to the crap on the radio. I’m not surprised Judith is gone and the charming but rather pedestrian Swon Brothers are still on.

          • Debbiann says:

            Agree 100% with your comments jaxguy. The public should have 0 or 1 vote and the rest by industry experts, not the coaches.

          • AlyB says:

            That is so spot on. I can actually envision Judith putting on one heck of a show. It would be something you could actually spend a couple of hours watching and be entertained. I can’t imagine sitting through more than one song by either Danielle or Holly at a live performance let alone an entire set.

        • megs says:

          And that’s bad……why? The point of the show is to vote for your favorite singer, not your favorite song. The reason Judith is gone is because shes already so polished and professional in her performances(whoa unintentional alliteration), and she seemed out of place among the rest of the contestants. So people then imagine this “above it all” attitude that’s completely not there.

          • Timmah says:

            Great singers communicate the song above all else. They don’t make it all about themselves.

        • I8A4RE says:

          I was neutral on Judith. I didn’t care for her show and performance. I felt she tried to out shine the other singers with all the added attention to her performance. Yes, I think you hit the spot. It felt like it was all Judith, all about me. I’m the show. Anyway, she been voted out. Great comment!

        • Adam Fachry says:

          This is exactly the comment BillyBob also gave somewhere on this post. LOL. Are you guys twins?

  10. Someone. says:

    And I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t be this harsh on a little kid but that smile on Danielle’s face whenever Carson is ready to announce the first person being voted safe from Team Blake is getting annoying. She did it tonight, last week, and the week before! It’s like, she KNOWS she’s going to get voted through and can’t control her emotions so starts smiling. Then she acts ‘surprised’ afterwards. It’s kind of, no, really annoying.

    I might be just pissed off that all the country artists are still there and two great singers went home tonight. Taking it out on poor Danielle, I’m sorry. Even though that smile does annoy me.

    • Ayelet says:

      She’s seen iTunes…

      • Someone. says:

        I know she sees iTunes. That’s why the smile annoys me, and then the fake shocked reaction afterwards.

        • HTGR says:

          She is in a tricky position. She KNOWS for sure she is safe. Nobody THAT far on iTunes will get the boot in this early weeks. No way. So yeah OTOH the fake surprised shock does come across sort of…. and yet if she didn’t act shocked then you just know people would be knoocking her for appearing to be a smug little arrogant b. So she has no way to possible win. But choosing to do fake surprise at least works a little better. So I can’t fault her, it’s probably no win.
          I guess she could tone down the shock to just a subtle little thing though and that would work best.

  11. Christy says:

    These results were downright APPALLING. Do we really need FOUR country singers in the Top 6? I mean, Amber is currently my favorite, but has anyone noticed that she is FAR better when she sings anything *other* than country? It is too limiting for her voice and the lyrics are almost always uber cheesy. Danielle is going to win but she does nothing for me. She reminds me of a decent singer at a small town county fair and she doesn’t connect with ANYTHING she sings. I am at a loss for words over Holly. Who is actually voting for her? I can only hope that Amber, Michelle and Sasha somehow manage to make the Top 4 just to maximize the diversity. We already know Danielle will be there.

    • jaxguy says:

      You are so right about Amber. Her non country performances have been terrific. Her country just good for me.

    • matt says:

      Noooo you need at least 2 country artists in the top 4 to split up the country vote so that whoever else is there (Michelle, Sasha or Amber) can win.

  12. Kevin says:

    Danielle attended 2 summers at camp swift

  13. Danny says:

    I think the right 2 went home. When I saw the show, I thought it might be those 2. They were my 2 favorites earlier in the season. I still think they’re good, just I felt others passed them. When I came here I saw a lot of people thought Holly would be going. Holly’s won the last 2 weeks IMO.
    We’re at the point now where someone good is going home every week. Whoever wins I’ll tip my hat to em.
    ps: I loved Shakira’s reaction when Sasha was saved.

  14. rnb better then country says:

    Move the voice to cmt an rename the Blake Shelton ass kissing show. Haha America is crazy.

  15. HTGR says:

    Just rename it the Blake Shelton show and be done with it.
    In all honestly, before it all got really going, did anyone think that Blake’s team was sooooo far and above and beyond all the other teams that he’d been full team even at the point that ALL the other teams were down to one??
    This is, as bad as it sounds, country just can’t be mixed with anything else when it comes to reality shows. Was Tate really better than middle of the pack on XF? Scotty really 10x better than anyone else on S10 Idol (because he got 10x as many votes as anyone else)? Is Blake’s team soooooo amazing that he doesn’t even lose one and everyone else is already almost gone? Is Blake going to win it for three out of four seasons?? it doesn’t even matter if he uses country artists though.\
    If Judith were on his team and Holly or Swon on Adam’s team wanna bet Judith would’ve been safe instead? Maybe even with ease, safe?
    It’s a shame, but the whole country (and for Idol, Southern) connection just seems to bring a hefty votes bonus. It’s not maybe right to try to say coaches can’t be country or performers can’t be, but man how to give anyone else a fighting chance? I like Blake, but I hate him.

    • jaxguy says:

      If one of his artists wins again i think this show will start bleeding viewers just like American Idol. I stopped faithfully stopped watching last year and now that Judith is gone I’m not even going to follow the rest of the year. I admit I have sampled some of the singers but found Judith to be a genuine talent. Everyone but Michelle is kinda the same for me. Stopped watching the entire show last year after Amanda, who was way better than Cassidee was booted. Is America really that predictable? Yes I think so!

    • Someone. says:

      Hear hear! I’m pissed off. It’s terrible how Blake still has his entire team and the really good ones are leaving due to the enormous votes coming from the country population. How can the accurate winner and true artist be found if everyone else on this show is leaving so rapidly and Blake still has his entire team? Holly and The Swon Bros, these two definitely should not be here at this point, especially Holly. Sarah should have been given one more week and Judith should have at least made it to the top, I never really expected her to win.

      I don’t hate country or anything, but man. This season of The Voice – no matter how terrible it sounds – makes me realize that country should not be on any singing/reality competition show. Man! Those country fans will never let true talent shine then.

    • jaxguy says:

      By the way, Tate was just another in what has become a long line of same sounding male country singers. A lot generic.

    • teatime says:

      Scotty and Carrie are the only country winners from Idol, out of 12 winners to date.
      I don’t believe the country vote can’t be beat. I jut think there are a lot of voters who like that genre so it is easy to do well with that genre.

      • HTGR says:

        True, but Idol sort of tried to avoid country and Simon hated country and there wasn’t much until Carrie. P2 and even Lee have sort of a bit of a vibe that works with country voters. But I mean though look at Scotty, it was said that some weeks he got as many votes as all other contestants combined. Was he 10x the best? I don’t think he was even close to the best, never mind 10x better. And probably no winner ever had every single last performance be 100% identical before or since. So to win by like 10x over, something is up with the voting for country. Although it is true that Janelle didn’t win (I thought she was better and a lot more interesting than the S10 winner myself) and even pseudo-country Kree didn’t win (but she did make the finale over Angie even though Kree seemed to be tanking and Angie soaring towards the end).
        And certainly Tate being first, or just shy of first, every single week seemed pretty curious. And Blake perhaps winning 3 out of 4 times and with 4 out 6 contestants left this season having country roots. It is a bit curious.
        Ah whatever. I don’t really mean to hate on country so much and it has it’s place and Blake can be fun and amusing, but it does seem to put things out of wack when it comes to reality tv.

        • teatime says:

          XF season 2 was a joke. I was surprised Tate ended up winning precisely because Scotty was the only other country winner on any of these shows since Carrie. But XF probably had extremely low vote counts and Tate won be default after the judges sent home other good contestants and never gave Fifth Harmony the support they deserved.
          The Voice has had 3 winners so far. None of them are country except Cassadee sang some country because she was coached by Blake.
          Idol’s Janelle Arthur finished 5th and Kree finished 2nd. Last year Skylar Laine finished 5th. The year before Scotty, Crystal finished 2nd, Casey James finished 3rd, and Aaron Kelly finished 5th. Back in season 5 Kellie Pickler finished 6th and Bucky Covington finished 8th. So I would say country singers usually end up middle of the pack or 2nd place at best.
          Scotty just had a lot of things going for him, even if he is not my cuppa. That included non-stop judge/producers pimping. He has also done very well since the show, so the country fans were right to see something in him.

    • Debbiann says:

      i have been saying that…this show has become the blake shelton show….enough already.

    • Jeremy B says:

      You make some good points about a complicated issue with this show — it’s growing country music bias. I generally like Blake. He’s a funny and likable guy. And it’s looking more and more like a member of his team will win this year. If that should be the case, I hope it’s Danielle — she has the best voice from his team. Blake is quite smart in how he plays the game. But he’s taking over the show. Unless they’re actually going to rebrand it as “The Country Voice” and/or move it to CMT (not going to happen, as it’s a ratings cow for NBC), I’d prefer to see a more balanced approach with a greater variety of genres at the table, including country music.
      And it’s interesting to me how even our entertainment can turn into a proxy battleground for the so-called “cultural wars.” And how they understandably spill over in subtle and not-so-subtle ways to comment forums like this one. I, for one, greatly prefer such differences to play out and be discussed in proxy battlegrounds like our entertainment.
      But it’s a reality show folks, and the bottom line is that the “country” demographic really enjoys this sort of thing (like many of us). And they’re going to tend to vote for what they like, which is country music. And the producers and NBC know who’s watching. So as much as I’d like to see our Country, as a whole, appreciate a diversity of genres on such a show — and recognize the performers with the truly best voices, regardless of style or genre, the trend is clear. It really struck me a few weeks back when the Swon Brothers did “Fishin’ in the Dark.” Blake crowed at how cool it was for a pure, country-essence song like that to be done on a hit, national show.
      The producers and the network are driven by ratings — they know full well what side their bread is buttered on. That is why we will continue to see Blake do prime demographic-consolidating numbers like the one yesterday about “ice cold beer, talking ’bout girls…chewin’ tobacco, spit,[etc.].” Despite myself, I found that kind of catchy in a silly way. And yes, he’s a country artist, so of course he will do country songs during coach performances. But I think they are making a conscious decision to hit the whole Country over the head every week with boiled down, “country” essence messages.
      And because of that, Adam’s “I hate this country” comment into a hot mic is going to cause a bit of a furor. It was a very regrettable mistake on his part, which seriously, could cost him his coaching spot next season. He might want to call Natalie Maines for emotional support in this area. The country demographic is that important to the show. And the (unfair) stereotype some hold of the country music-loving demographic is that if they think you’re not with us, you must be against us. Prove me wrong, folks.
      But by golly, the Voice is turning into a jamboree of Red State cultural markers. ;)

      • fanology says:

        Very well put. What you said….

      • Jan1 says:

        Natalie Maines new album called MOTHER is excellent. Go listen to that if you want to know about The Voice.

      • Sara says:

        I really don’t think Adam’s comment is going to cost him his job as a judge, even if he wanted off the show. NBC just signed development deals with him. He isn’t going away anytime soon.

        • Jeremy B says:

          Hopefully you’re right. But I’d surprised if they at least don’t have him make a damage-control apology next week.

          • AlyB says:

            Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows he meant that in the context of the votes (or lack thereof) that came in for his team. I wouldn’t put it past some of the hysterical screechers on cable news and talk radio to put that one line on replay for every show for the next week and hyperventilate about it. But most people don’t pay attention to those things. They’re always making stuff up or blowing it out of any reasonable proportion. Like the boy who cried wolf, most people I know just roll their eyes at it now if they pay any attention to it at all.

    • marge says:

      They should try sitting Blake out for a season, just to see how the pendulum would swing – especially Team Blake wins again this year (that would be 3 out of the 4 seasons for Blake, right?).
      It’s obvious that it’s more about the judges (or Blake’s fan base) than it is about the singers. Of his remaining contestants (eh, I guess Danielle is the best of his bunch), the two that went home are far and away better than the Swon Brothers and Holly.

  16. HTGR says:

    Wow though psyched Sasha was safe!! At least one good thing, holy smokes, iTunes had me so scared, couldn’t believe it! Well deserved.
    A shame and a bit of a travesty Judith got booted so early though, I mean it really is.

  17. Jane says:

    Judith sealed her own fate last night, when she chose a Bieber song. Why would you sing a Bieber song for a talent show? I’m not discrediting Mr. Bieber’s talents, but it doesn’t showcase her vocal capabilities. Like Shakira said, quite perplexing so far in the game.

    • BillyBob says:

      @Jane: Sure, you can, Bieber is a gimmick! The only talent he has is being a fad and not an artist. Moving on… why would a great singer like Judith picked a / Bieber song? What was she thinking? Plus, her crazy bigger than life mohawk which took away from her peerformance. Like you said she sealed her own fate.

  18. Jason says:

    Sasha, Holly, Swons, two of those three are going home next week.

  19. teatime says:

    On The Voice you can vote 10 times per contestant. So that would explain why the country acts are not cancelling each other out yet. They’ll only start to cancel each other out when fans decide there are so few left that they need to support just their favorite. Am I wrong about this? At least with online votes it was very easy to vote for multiple contestants.

  20. jaxguy says:

    As I figured would happen. America will anoint another bland country/pop singer for the Voice. Thank goodness I only catch a couple acts the next day. Now I don’t have to waste more time on this America failure called the Voice on a network that will ax your favorite show anyway. Judith was the real deal. But America likes garbage anyway, and bland predictable singers. Adios!

  21. Travis says:

    Amber,Danielle,and Holly are by far the best singers and my favorites. And not to brag I’ve picked the top 4 every season so far. How Michelle is still there idk. Shes just like bowhead from last yr just getting votes cause she’s different. She’s an ok singer but not good enough to still be in it. And if I were Bruno Mars I would sue her for ruining my song lol

  22. rnb better then country says:

    Blah blah she redid a sorry ass beiber song an made it gold. The sorry ass country vote moved from idol to the voice because of Blake Shelton, producers need to add in an x factor that allows for a save. Judith head an heels over any member of sheltons team.

    • jaxguy says:

      you are 1000000000000000% correct. Another Blake win. Another generic bland singer. The Voice is over for me.

      • Lilandra says:

        COMPLETELY agree on the bland part. Judith was my favourite from the get-go. She is an undeniable talent, and I can’t wait to buy her first CD. This show has started to lose it’s earlier appeal ever since Cassadee Pope managed to win over someone as awesome as Amanda Brown. The Voice USED to be about diversity and celebrating true talent, with the likes of Beverly Maclellan & Vicci Martinez getting into the finals due to their sheer vocality. I don’t think they would have gotten that far though had they been in season 3 or 4 because it seems that, either The Voice fans have developed a taste for generic girl-next-door types, or we’ve been invaded by the AI and X-F fanbase who’re known to constantly get on the popularity bandwagon rather than the talent factor. Also, I know I’m going to cop alot of flak for this (probably) but I’ve noticed that the bar set for the colored contestants ever since s3 has been set waaaaay higher then for the white ones. Example: Trevin Hunte slayed songs done by the likes of whitney houston and mariah carey, but one bum week and the ‘fans’ are quick to criticize and call him overrated. Another example is Amanda Brown, who killed it EVERY week (yes, even her cover of FATM’s song the week after her Dream On performance was flawless when compared to others that week, but still copped a fair bit of flak because of the high standard she set for herself the previous week) and still managed to bomb out of the show a few weeks before it’s end – and yet someone like Cassadee Pope, whose only good moment was ‘Over You’ (not even gonna dignify her Avril Lavigne performances with a comment) and yet consistently managed to stay on top despite several weak to generally forgettable performances. With all that in mind, it’s hard to convince me that the race thing doesn’t factor in at least abit nowadays with this show. And that truly is tragic because I thought The Voice was going to be different.

        • teatime says:

          Contestants who sing like Whitney and Mariah never win. No one listens to that any more. The sooner the judges figure that one out, the sooner we can stop with the drama of ‘shock’ eliminations when those contestants go home.

          • HTGR says:

            Kind of a shame since Whitney was one of the best pop singers, basically ever. Mariah gets a bit much with runs at times, but she is a crazy talent, amazing voice and she manages to make them usually more or less work. Candice was a bit in the R&B style of Mariah although runs not placed as well and obviously not the same quality voice (not that it is much of a fair comparison since almost nobody could pass the test).

          • Lilandra says:

            My point wasn’t about Whitney-esque singers being able to win shows (Candice, anyone?), my point was that Trevin, who had probably the same level of vocality as someone like Whitney, copped so much flak and was called overrated due to one iffy performance, when other mediocre singers got farther on consistently forgettable live shows. THAT’S dodgy.. Or not. Just the way The Voice audience roll nowadays, I guess.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I’m gonna strongly disagree with your race baiting here. I loved Trevin and I especially loved Amanda Brown, but Trevin was a disaster week after week after week. He couldn’t sing on pitch to save his life and his uptempo attempts were laughable. By laughable, I mean we were laughing at him, not with him. With Amanda, you’re seeing a repeat this season. Amazing vocalist who was let down by Adam Levine with ridiculous and nonsensical song choice. Whitesnake?! NO!!! He also had her singing songs we’ve never heard of and the most generic Adele songs ever. Amanda was a victim of Adam’s ludicrous song choices, not America’s racism. Now let’s remember Blake’s winner who was black. What was he singing? I don’t think he ever sang a single song that didn’t hit #1 on the charts, including Bon Jovi. That’s the recipe. Sing popular songs and don’t take risks. Risks don’t usually pay off, as Adam’s risks this last week have proven. Those 2 deserved to go home because they took poorly calculated risks, unlike Amanda’s Dream On which was a well calculated risk. Risks are just that… risky.

          • HTGR says:

            That Whitesnake song was also a HUGE hit. And it considered one of the 80s classics.

  23. A says:

    I swear this voting is rigged! All of Blake’s team remains and Adam has two of his eliminated? I am a country fan but this is OUTRAGEOUS. None of Blake’s team should win aside from maybe Danielle. I’m with Adam on this, America is stupid. Holly Tucker and the Swon Bros over Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons. WTF?!?!?!?! And seriously Sasha should’ve left this week. This sucks. If Blake wins again this season I’m gonna be mad. They need to seriously remove this iTunes voting thing because its definitely not fair. Of all the people left in the competition now, only Michelle or Amber should really win.

  24. Chuck says:

    The “all country, all the time” trend on this show is going to kill it off. Check the ratings the last several weeks. There’s a reason Nashville Star couldn’t cut it.

  25. HTGR says:

    So everyone hated the you must vote by teams thing of the first season. OTOH it was frustrating since 4 leaving per week was just ridiculous and it did mean lots of good going early while worse stuck around so it made things worse in the middle live rounds. And yet…. it did tend to make the finale quite good, lots of diversity and generally best from each team.
    The new method generally was better but I’m not sure it leads to quite as good finale shows and we also see how one team of a certain sort can just totally take over.
    Tough call. Neither system is quite ideal it seems.

  26. A says:

    I wish they would change the format to one person leaving per week. Two per week is just too much. Barely enough time to see them grow and allow people to get to know them better and discover them.

  27. NedPepper says:

    This show is broken. It has a Blake problem. It’s not technically his fault. But it doesn’t change the fact. I’m done with this season.

    • Ayelet says:

      Definitely agree. I loved Blake as a judge up until this season. Kind of bummed that all paths seem to lead to his third win.

  28. HTGR says:

    Also interesting: everyone hates unlimited voting, it can skew things and it’s a royal pain.
    And yet…. it also allows for the possibility for a certain voting element to overwhelm everything since there is no vote splitting until the finale.
    A tricky thing.
    They could go to say 20 votes per team and leave it eliminations not based on team. That would fix some potential skews. Although you could get some shock elims and odd things out of that at times too perhaps.
    And the 10x bonus thing seems as troublesome as talk of crazy power voting.
    Tricky issue the first thing.
    The second thing could easily be fixed by a sliding bonus scale. One person getting 10x each week for say #9 and another person getting 1x for say like #12 each week is kind of ridiculous and it takes away, much to easily, the potential for late week drama.

  29. Ayelet says:

    I really don’t understand these results. I will agree that Judith has never quite reached the What a Girl Wants bar she set so high, but to axe her and keep all of Blake’s team intact? I mean, she has more personality in her pinky than Holly will probably ever show. And while I know I’m disagreeing with Michael here – I thought Sarah’s performance last night rivaled her audition for her best on the show.

    I also really don’t get the hype over Danielle, and given her iTunes numbers, I can’t imagine her not winning. She just seems like the poor man’s Amber Carrington.

  30. darcy the slutty twin says:

    Happy to see Sasha safe after Michael kept throwing shade at her. By the way, what does “throwing shade” means? I haven’t fully grasped what it actually means. I’ve heard it occasionally used on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” I must say “RuPaul’s Drag Race” made me realize how much I was missing and has enriched my vocabulary. Not a day goes by that I look at myself in the mirror wearing my super sexy mom jeans and mutter, “I am serving some MILF realness today.”

  31. Maybe Blake’s team is not as strong as Adam’s Team but I admire Blake’s concern towards his team, Blake promotes his contestant in all ways that he can, he plead viewers to download and vote for his team more than other coaches and that is one of the biggest factor why his team always got a spot in itunes chart.

    Swon Brother is my new favorite :)

  32. jaxguy says:

    The only way these shows get fixed is when the viewers get fed up with the same old crap winning and leave in droves. But by then it may be too late. Even though Idol had two superb finalists this year the damage was done. The rating were in the toilet and we’ll see if it can be fixed. I predicted the AI downfall, of course anyone with a brain did too, and I really think if a Blake contestant wins this year it will happen much sooner to Voice. Since two will probably be eliminated next week it’s probable one of the other coaches will be out, maybe even two. There is nothing wrong with country but i think another country artist winning this show will alienate a sizable portion of the Voices viewers.

  33. Davey says:

    We could conceivably have a final with two of Blake’s singers. If that happens, the rules of The Voice are going to change fast.

    • Someone. says:

      I hope they do! I’m hoping The Voice makers take their voting options into consideration and devise an effective way of voting. Maybe take out the iTunes sales thing altogether, or allow only one contestant to leave each week. I have no idea, but I can’t see another Blake win…. when none of them deserve to win. And I can’t see Blake ruling next season and the season after either with the country fans going crazy voting for his team because it’s Blake and he’s a country artist. I really really like Blake, but I’m seriously rolling my eyes right now at how ridiculous this whole thing is. It’s not his fault that the country fans vote so crazily and not allow any other contestant to shine.

  34. Sieves says:

    This result is embarrassing. I’m quite disgusted with how shows like The Voice are becoming either regional competitions or coach popularity contests. Clearly America cannot stand to vote for the most talented singers without bleeding bias all over the ballot. It’s ridiculous. Obviously we can’t be completely subjective, but can we not try to reward those who have fabulous voices and do the most creative things on the show? I thought America was supposed to be a place where talent was praised but apparently not.

    The Swon brothers seem like a great duo. But can we honestly say they are more vocally talented than Judith Hill? Especially based on their performance last night when they went out of sync with the background vocalists. Now granted Judith took a risk, but I suspect that the voting went in this unfavorable direction apart from this fact, and would have gone this direction regardless of song choice, barring an absolute home run performance. Pop fans are notably picky. They are fickle much like the music produced in the genre– Pop is an amalgamation of all kinds of different styles. Therefore the base is spread much more thin. My theory is that Country music fans are much less divided and much more sure about what type of sound they prefer. Thus they are united. Not to mention, the recent disaster in Oklahoma probably galvanized most OK residents to vote for their golden boys who did such a great job reaching out to their home state during such a tragic time. Not a bad thing necessarily… except for the fact that a real talent got the boot because of it.

    Similarly I believe someone like Holly has stuck around because she has the vote of her whole Texas university; Baylor University, that is. They are probably all voting for her like mad. The fact that she is country adds to this fact.

    Sasha and Michelle are obvious. They survived because Shakira fans and Usher fans, respectively, rallied to keep their COACH in the game. I suspect, while Michelle was amazing and Sasha was decent enough to garner tons of legit votes, both of them were boosted quite a bit due to the fact that they are the prodigies of the beloved Shakira and Usher.

    As a result, we are left with two superbly talented artists getting the ax. Adios Sarah and Judith, you didn’t deserve to be cut so gracelessly.
    It is clear how The Voice has become a competition between who has the most dedicated fanbase, even if that fanbase does not vote based on the actual vocal performances.

    • Sheilalala says:

      America will always go for a non-pro underdog. The one who *shouldn’t win because they’ve only sang in front of an audience 5 times and can carry a tune! Yowzee wowzers!* Producers and coaches doomed Sarah and Judith to an early cut with the pimping. Shame. #amberforthewin

  35. Someone. says:

    I would actually love it if The Voice just gets rid of this ridiculous audience voting next season and allows the coaches to choose who to go home during the live rounds. This is why the show is so much better to watch during the Blind Auditions, Battle & Knockout Rounds. No lame audience voting where everything but the actual TALENT gets voted for. It’s very ridiculous.

  36. Guiaoshi says:

    The Voice will become more and more boring now… Like you said, the audience don´t reward take risks, being edge, with is a shame. This is becoming Idol Season 10, but even worse, cause the country/play safe domination is even bigger.

  37. Ruby says:

    I’m reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally sick of America’s obsession with blonde country girls. Though, I guess the fact that they’re voting for girls (unlike many, many years of Idol) is an improvement. I GUESS. The good thing is, there’s nobody left I like so I no longer have to sit through their incessant recaps of their incessant recaps.

  38. dj says:

    I haven’t been able to watch much this season, but I was surprised these two went home. Country’s takin’ over, y’all. If ya can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Chew tobacco chew tobacco chew tobacco spit.

  39. megs says:

    Wow, that was shocking! To me, Blake’s team is the weakest vocally, and has been the last couple of weeks. He is probably my favorite coach, but I would gladly say goodbye to any two of his contestants to get back the two that got sent home tonight. It’s a huge hit to the shows entertainment value to lose Judith and Sarah. I’m bummed.

    It’s rare that I completely disagree with you on a contestant, Michael, but I am one of those that adores Sasha. I love the fact that she comes from musical theatre, and that it’s still pretty evident in her singing and performance. Add in a bit of rasp(that I am always a total sucker for), and one helluva range, and she’s got my favorite voice in this thing. (doesn’t hurt that she’s absolutely stunning, too)

  40. chrysta says:

    The reason I started watching the Voice was because bald people,full figured people and people who dressed to please themselves could be on the show and even make it to the top four!
    Now it has become just another boring music contest with vanilla songs and vanilla people too scared to even take moderate risks because it could get them voted off.

    That being said with all the millions of songs they could have chosen from that Sarah and Judith would sing songs that did nothing for their voices or personalities.Justin Bieber!!!Seriously!!!I have to agree with Jane and Billy Bob that she made her own bed! And for Sarah to go from singing a crazy-ass(I hope ass isn’t considered a curse word) song like Mama Knows Best to a watered down version of the Gotye song makes me wonder why she would even pick a song like this!

    • Lilandra says:

      YES!! THIS! I used to love The Voice in the early seasons because people with real TALENT were voted through regardless of how they looked. I must say, maybe if Judith were on Blake’s team, or looked like Danielle or Amber (but had the same personality) she’d be regarded as one of the best. It’s a pity that her looks outweighed her talent this year. Shame on you, America.

  41. sigh says:

    All the country acts survived. Yee Haw. :/

  42. Amy says:

    I think it is sad that America will vote for the cookie cutter pop county like Danielle over the artists that can sing across styles and genres. That said, I’m hoping Sasha, Amber or Michelle can pull out a win. But as I agree with other comments made here, voters won’t go for different and growth, but spit out another dime a dozen female pop country singer and the crowd goes wild.

    • Jan1 says:

      Voters R us. Vote, vote, vote for everyone you want to stay, and don’t vote for people you want to leave.

  43. jaxguy says:

    The only way this show could redeem itself is for Michelle to win. I can assure you she is close to elimination. NEVER EVER believe what people say about boring and bland. That’s what they want. They want safe and non challenging. I know in a world filled with so many problems that a silly talent show doesn’t mean much, but when you spend weeks investing in a show like this and you watch great talents get steamrolled it’s hard to watch and not feel screwed when a great singer leaves. I have only sampled the show this year. HAVE NOT WATCHED an episode. But I have sampled every act. Now that Judith is gone, like when Amanda left last year, I can stop paying any attention at all. I don’t feel quite as screwed and didn’t invest too much in it. But it still makes me angry that Judith may never move beyond her exposure on this show. i would love to buy a record by her.

  44. courtland says:

    somehow holly and sasha made it past sarah and judith….lolwut? michelle, danielle,judith and sometmes sarah were leagues above the remaining 4…this why i think we need a singing competitions were judges actually do judging…let the people who understand the business make the decisions….not america

    • Sheilalala says:

      Yes great point-I would love to see a top 20 and judges ala So You Think You Can Dance, then let America get its bland paws on the amazing talent in the last few weeks. Take note #carsondaly. I’m SO bored thinking about watching The Grand Ole Opry on Monday. I wish Danielle would at least attempt a more challenging song, they all sound the same. I hope Amber gets a killer song. I enjoy Michelle and Sasha, but the haven’t blown me away enough to buy anything. I bet $1000 that ratings go in the toilet next week.

  45. Jenny says:

    Omg what an exciting show! Say what you want but it was damn entertaining!! Glad Sarah is gone!!! I really thought Holly would go, damn it this isn’t Nashville Star, come on now. Are country folks the only ones who vote?! I love Danielle’s voice but she’s not like able at all!! Fame has gotten to her head.
    Greatest surprise was Sasha! Was certain she’d be going home! Happy for Shakira though.
    Can’t believe Adam actually called out Blake and said he doesn’t do anything as a coach. lmao.

  46. BillyBob says:

    OMG! I just watched the results on TV. What a shocker Adam is two thirds wiped out! Even though I already knew the results before hand. It’s still sure real seeing this unfold on TV. Why pissed at Judith being eliminated? She SEALED her own fate last night with an EPIC FAILED performance and a risky song choice. The billions of Beliebers sent Judith some bad karma. Sarah over welcomed her stay and it was time for her to make like a tree and LEAVE!
    America got it right again. BRAVO!

    • jaxguy says:

      I have avoided name calling until now. Billybob your hatred for Judith has made you an undeniable idiot!

  47. fanology says:

    Wow. Lots I could say, but really, I think the main thing to keep in perspective is that this is all relative to who is tuning in… And who was watching it on a holiday. I dont think its the same ppl who watched and voted two seasons ago when the rock and indie singers did much better.
    Gotta give it to Blake. He’s playing a smart game catering completely to the audience he knows tunes in. I personally thought Judith had an awesome stage persona last night that was very current. But the people filling the Wiltern in LA or Bowery Ballroom in NYC prolly aren’t the same ppl voting for the Voice on Memorial Day. #4eyes4theprize

  48. xvoicer says:

    Some may say Danielle has been smile-singing songs. So what? She has quite a voice for sure and the name of the show is The Voice. Once she gets to write and sing her own songs, this ‘issue’ will disappear automatically. If that bothers you, you can listen to her performance with video turned off.

    • b dog says:

      Yeah, sure she’ll soon be writing her own songs soon. Blake has you all brain-washed. She’s a cute girl with a good voice. She is not ‘important’. She is not interesting. And she is no where near the talent of a Judith or Michelle .

      • xvoicer says:

        Those are your opinions. I think ITunes sales (the reality checking) are the ultimate votes for any singer and the results were clear. Voice is not just about hitting this or that note, or opera singers will come to The Voice.

        Also no country winner has come out of previous seasons, so people indeed vote for singers instead of special genres. Why should Country suddenly become an issue? Blake just does what he is supposed to do.

        • Lilly says:

          Finally! Thank you for a voice of reason among the shrill voices who are obviously jealous that their singer was sent home or it isn’t “fair” that Blake has all three singers and the other coaches are down to one! It couldn’t POSSIBLY be that those of us who like Blake or his singers have a brain. We just vote in mindless hoards.

  49. Mikko Makitalo says:

    I think Judith is a beautiful person and marvelous singer and performer. But like most of the people, she seems tn be totally clueless in some of her actions and she would have really needed spot on mentoring. I am not blaming Adam – maybe the show is just too quick for contestants to get a clue, if they need one.

    Same goes to Sarah in a little bit different way. She is such a raw talent. Maybe Adam did not have enough time for them, having such a talented team of gems?

    I love country and Blake very much, but I wonder, what the show can do now, when America loves country and Blake so much, that it is really killing the show and undermining the talent.

  50. Marie says:

    I don’t agree that Judith should have gone – she has an amazing voice – I think jelousey got her eliminated more than anything. Next – why is everyone so down on Danielle.