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What Happens Next: Castle's Kate Owes Rick An Answer -- Can She Possibly Say No?

Castle Season 5 Finale Rick ProposesTVLine hits rewind on the TV season’s biggest “What Happens Next” finales, then invites you to predict the cliffhanger outcomes

The Season 5 finale of ABC’s Castle left viewers — and the guy on bended knee — wondering how Kate would respond to Rick’s marriage proposal, which was tendered in the wake of Kate pursuing a plum gig in D.C. (which in turn raised questions about their relationship’s trajectory).

But really, can Kate possibly turn down the proposal, if Castle is to keep going? Is she, like Ado Annie, just a girl who cain’t say no?

Then again, can Kate possibly say yes, if Castle is to keep going…?

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Embedded within this conversation and thus Kate’s ultimate answer is another question: Will she take that job with the U.S. Attorney General’s office? Some TVLine commenters have opined that between the season finale’s interrogation scene (in which Kate declared the 12 precinct to be her “home”) and her demeanor when approaching Rick at the swings, she had already decided to decline the offer. Thus, she is visibly defeated when it sounds as if Rick is set to give her the hook, for having subtracted him from her decision-making process.

Going with the assumption that Kate is staying put in New York City and as a character on Castle, how could she also turn down Rick? Worst case scenario, she asks for time to decide (“So much has been going on in my life…,” yada yada). That theoretically could keep them working together, though with a tinge of awkwardness. Because if she says no outright — even with some asterisk of “Ask me again three months from now/during November sweeps, when I know it’s not a desperate ploy in response to me possibly leaving town” — that’d tee up a lot of awkwardness, though it would allow for a better, less dreary second popping of the question. (Maybe it’s even her that asks him, Brennan-and-Booth-like?)

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But if Kate comes back at Rick with a quick yes, does that put a different kind of expiration date on the show’s premise? Because while Gates may be willing/able to look the other way as Rick and her top detective carry on a romance, wouldn’t the prospect of marriage incur official red tape and such?

Rewatch the proposal here, then carefully pore over the hand-crafted poll options I have offered and vote for what you think is Season 6’s most likely — not the most desirable! — opening scene.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sebastian says:

    1. You spelled “can’t” wrong. I don’t care if you think there you had a good reason, there’s never a proper reason for a mistake like that.

    2. There’s no option in the poll where she says yes to both and nothing goes wrong.

    I think I’d like to see her say yes to both, and bring Castle on her adventures, thus giving him different material to write.

  2. Errin says:

    I Love the Pelant one, that one was funny. Bones has turned into a comedy with that Pelant character. :)

  3. Michal says:

    I honestly have no idea what Marlowe is planning, that’s why I didn’t answer the poll. I have to say though that Kate saying NO to Rick will make no sense at all IMO. The “not yet” is a possibility but she will have to make it clear to him that she is “on board” like she promised in After The Storm.

  4. Rich Abey says:

    Kate will say YES for sure, but they are gonna keep things under wraps for some time…at least until they put Bracken down once and for all…Castle just wants Kate to know that he is in for the long haul no matter what and that their future is tied together. What happens from here on regarding her job decision is hard to predict:

    1. If she accepts the job, we will be going to uncharted territory as the show will be based in a federal office in DC.

    * It can work and make the show even more popular…they can even jump back & forth between cases in the precint and DC. Rick is not just gonna stay at home and write. He will be using all the pull he has, along with Kate’s highest recommendation and assuarances, and end up working along with Kate (these 2 running around solving high stake cases…haven’t they been doing that on a regular basis over the past 5 years?? (remember they have worked with the Homeland security, FBI & the CIA…ended up saving New York from a bomb, possibly saving the world from WWIII, got the highest praise from Agent Shaw on their sucessful dynamic in solving cases, etc). Plus imagine all the possible plot lines with the expected travelling around the country to solve cases…one day in DC, the next in Florida, the other in Seattle…adding in the chances for Caskett moments, awesome romps in jets, trains, etc.
    * The job can end up being part of Brackens agenda to get into kate’s good books while also making it easier for him to keep track of her (even try getting that ‘non-existent’ file). Kate discovers this half-way through the season and comes back to the 12th.
    * But given that we are in the 6th season, there is a high chance that she will go to DC as this gives new fresh impetus to the show, plus there can now be 2 main plot lines where they can show cases at both the 12th and in DC. It is also likely that she will be in DC for 2 seasons (6 & 7) and then come back to the 12th…hence increasing the chances of getting renewed for seasons 7 and 8.

    2. She declines the DC offer and continues at the 12th.

    * Going to DC would mean taking a huge risk…it could not work at all given that the dynamic present at the 12th is missing here (except for the Caskett dynamic) in solving cases. What makes Castle different from other crime/cop procedurals is that unique dynamic, humour & light heartedness…which would not last for long with just Kate & Rick at a federal job.

  5. Sage says:

    That was the worst proposal. I hope Beckett says no. Castle clearly proposed for fear of Beckett taking the job. I am so disappointed in this show. I’ll take watching anything else over Beckett related story thanks.

  6. Lauren says:

    Apologies to all who may have posted similar comments: It’s been a long day at work, and I haven’t yet had time to read everything that has been written — so some of this may be a repeat of what precedes it. At any rate, though I posted some comments in re: the finale episode shortly after it aired, I wanted to take some time to re-watch several of the pivotal scenes before posting again — because, although I can honestly say that I didn’t *dislike* this season finale, I didn’t walk away thinking, “Wow, that was the best episodes EVER” (as I did with “Always” last year). And I confess that I was having trouble putting my finger on exactly *why* I didn’t have that oh-my-god-that-was-fabulous feeling. But I think I’ve finally found the answer, and am interested to see if others feel the same.

    So, here we go: To begin, I did not see Castle’s proposal as sad or angry, as some have observed (though, objectively, I can understand that interpretation). Rather, my understanding of that scene was that, as others have mentioned (and as I have commented in previous posts), Castle was (quite rightly) in a serious mood because, well, it was a serious moment. And I am *glad* that it was a serious moment, because anything too “happy” or “joyous” would have been, I think, disingenuous and/or unrealistic. I think that Castle is truly terrified that, even though Beckett loves him (and I think he did believe her when she said it in “Still”), she may not love him as much as he loves her — or, put another way, she may not love him enough to want to spend the rest of her life with him, as he does with her. For Castle, I think a small part of him always wonders if she will forever remain “the mystery he is never going to solve.”

    In an interview several months ago, AWM spoke of this season’s finale, and commented that both Beckett and Castle had made an (erroneous) assumption about the other. He (AWM) didn’t specify, but I think Beckett’s assumption was that Castle wasn’t ready to commit — and perhaps never would be — thus leaving her to wonder, “Where are we really going with this?” In fact, I think that Castle *was* ready; but Castle, I think, wondered if Beckett was on the same page. And, really, this wasn’t an unreasonable question, as she did sit on his “I love you” for an entire year before reciprocating — and even longer to reciprocate in kind. I think that Castle’s assumption was that, eventually, Beckett would give him some kind of signal that she, too, was ready for a deeper commitment. But in the finale, I think he finally realized that, ultimately, she might never give a signal. If he hadn’t confronted her with the reality of their situation in “Always,” who *knows* how much longer it would have taken her to finally open up to him.

    I think that, in “Watershed,” when he tells Alexis that he had realized something as a result of his earlier conversation with Martha, he means that he had concluded that, if he and Beckett were to move forward, *he* would have to be the one to take the risk and take that next step. And his speech to Beckett in the final scene, where he observes that she doesn’t let people in and that he has had to “scratch and claw for every inch,” is part and parcel with that realization.

    So, for me, the final scene — proposal included — made sense. And as someone who interprets Beckett’s expressions in the penultimate and ultimate scenes as having decided to stay in NYC (granted that other interpretations are plausible; I just think that, based on how the scenes were portrayed, her having decided to turn down the job in D.C. is the *most* plausible), I actually think that the proposal was extremely well-written and well-executed.

    So what left me feeling a bit bereft? It finally hit me that my favorite episodes are the ones in which we see that Beckett really does love Castle. We’ve known since Day One that Castle is enamored with Beckett: That fascination informs the entire premise of the show. But Beckett is a harder sell, so to speak, because she is more reserved. She doesn’t verbalize her emotions as Castle does, so when she *does* emote, it’s more powerful, more moving. I loved “A Deadly Game” for that very reason, because in the end scene (and even in a few leading up to it), we see that she really does care for him. I loved the end scene of “The Dead Pool” for the same reason (i.e., the scene where she says “always” for the first time). “Cops and Robbers” (where she touches his collar and smiles at him upon finding him safe at the end) is another favorite, again for the same reason. And in “Always,” she actually gives voice to her feelings. “The Lives of Others” and “Still” are on my “favorites” list for exactly the same reason: Each time, we see how much Castle means to Beckett.

    But in “Watershed,” we are deprived of such a moment. We know that she doesn’t want to hurt him, and that she doesn’t want him to hate her (see, e.g., conversations between Beckett and Lanie, and between Beckett and her dad), but we don’t get a truly satisfying moment in which Beckett shows how *much* she really cares. I think she does care, and does want to be with Castle, but I want to *see* that this is the case. I want to hear it from her. This is what was missing, I think, from the finale.

    If we get resolution (in this way) in the Season 6 premiere, I can safely say that I will look back (more) fondly upon “Watershed.” As I said before, I did like the episode, and I think it was well done. But I cannot love it until we get the resolution that I am craving: A sign from Beckett, even if said sign does not come in the form of a direct “yes” to Castle’s proposal, that she loves him and wants to continue to be with him. Without that, I think Castle will be truly crushed. And so will I.

    Excuse the length of this comment. I’m not very good at “pithy.”

    • Jon says:

      I’m just applauding that brilliant and truly insightful comment (and kinda wishing I was as good with words, tbh!)

      Brava, Lauren.

      PS: I agree with every word you’ve just written.

    • Lesley says:

      Thank you Lauren I enjoyed reading your comments, length of an article isn’t an issue if the contents make interesting reading. We are only half way through S5 but I know exactly what to expect by reading & watching everything to do with Castle, I’m a massive fan.

    • Krithika says:

      The depth of your comment is amazing Lauren, and I just love how much thought you put into everything you said. However, the one small thing I disagree with is that I thought the proposal was kinda sad. Anyways, that’s just my opinion and I do agree with all of your other points. Personally, “Still” and “Always” are also my top two favourite episodes of all time.

    • Valerie says:

      Everybody cares about castle and his feelings but nobody cares about kate’s feelings. Her behavior was a result of a couple of last eps. Just look at her, when vaughn asked her about the relationship with castle. She told him it was serious, but we see, that she starts to doubt it. They were just lovers and such a kind of relationship can’t be called serious. a serious relationship means more. than she tried to talk about their future with castle. that means it war serious for her and she wanted more than just to be his lover. but he offered her only his bedroom. she looked very disappointed.
      When she told castle about her interview he decided it was the end of their relationship without discussing it with her. He even didn’t see the possibility to move with her to D.C. He hurt her again.
      Now we need to put that all together like she did it and to listen to what she told to her father in the finale. She meant their relationship was just a part of a big adventure or a game for castle. It was not serious for him. She also told there wan’t be dancing without music. That means that castle was with her because of her job. If they move in together they can’t work together any more. This will be the end of his adventures with her (or the end of the music) and he doesn’t want it. So she was choosing between an unserious relationship without future and a cute job. It wasn’t easy for her because she loves him. But in that situation the new job made more sense for her. I was pretty sure that she decided to take the job. But when FBI told her she got the job we didn’t see that she said him a yes. And than was the scene in the investigation room. We can interpret her words about sacrificing the life for someone else future in many differrent ways. But if she already had decided to take the job, why did she need to talk to castle exactly after this scene? If she decided to take the job and to break up with castle, why was she going to cry, when she thought he was breaking up with her? Just look at her face. I think she changed her mind about the job. And about castle. She understood that he sacrificed his life for her future. “Still” was about it. He was going to die with her. This didn’t look like a funny game any more. This was the best proof of a true love.
      A true love deserves one more chance and she will give him this chance. Because this is what she wants. I’m watching previous seasons now. In season 2 his mother told him about a perfect proposal. On a knee and with tears in the eyes. A woman can’t tell a no in this situation. So castle did it perfectly. He deserves a yes. And he will get a yes.

  7. Amanda says:

    E… of course!

  8. Christine says:

    I think the writers have dug themselves into a hole which was totally unnecessary. For me it really doesnt matter whate Kate says in the S6 opener. This moment which should have been the series Highlight was just an completely mishandeled. THere was no Love , ni joy nothing of what makes Castle the series so much fun. All it had was fear and reeekd of desperation.
    Worst of all it just all made no sense to me. How can you go from willing to die for Beckett in the bombing episode where everything was epic and came together to questioning where the relationship is going and almost kissing another guy in the next episode.and then lying and basically saying to everyone that a job is more important to her. Sure Beckett has walls but this 180 just was completely out of the character evolution she showed in s5. Where did this come from ? There was no event that triggered this , if anything the opposite was happenening. Her walls were coming down.
    For me the last 3 episodes wree the worst written oin Castle serie history and a huge disspointment. I get that they need to create drama but please do it in a way that nmakes sense to the fans. From reading the blogs a huge majority didnt get what happaned the last 3 episodes.
    Now the damage has been done and i really dont see how the writers will change the pereception of their lead character Beckett as selfish and cold. She said out loud to her dad that the job was more important to her than Castle. How would you feel if your Wife/Husband the person you love said that about you ?
    I hope the writers come to their senses and dont destroy the thing they built in 5 seasons in just 3 episodes.

    • BB123 says:

      “there was no event that triggered this , if anything the opposite was happenening. Her walls were coming down.”

      i Think the event that meant to triggered this was when he played video games. Wrong choice because I don’t think that anyone realistic and mature sees that as strong enough to question a almost year-long relationship. But there’s the trigger. Really weak, that’s it.

      • Christine says:

        especially if a couple of weeks before the guy showed he would die for you as was standing by her when she was on the bomb . If that was the trigger it is more than weak .. its pathetic

    • KHorn says:

      Christine, I completely agree. I thought the season started well with her slowly opening up more, becoming a bit domestic and becoming more comfortable with being in a committed relationship. What should have been the finale was Still. I think we’ve just begun was a great way to end the season and leave everyone waiting to see what that meant for their future. The last three episodes were badly written and completely out of left field for where they were going.

      • Lesley Leach says:

        EXACTLY what I thought the episode ‘STILL’ would have been the perfect ending. How could things change so dramatically so quickly?

  9. Tricia says:

    I give up on reading all of the comments already posted (there are too many and I am too tired) so someone may have already said this, but my thoughts, even while watching the finale, were that Kate is taking the job. She’s approaching Castle with this dejected demeanor and I’m thinking that she is full on preparing to tell him that she’s leaving when he catches her off guard with the proposal. Not that I want her to leave Castle, but I was looking at the simple concept that she would gain an insane amount of access and resources in the new position. Talk about a way to get to Bracken, working for the AG? I mean, come on. Beckett would totally consider that. Now, whether or not she’d tell Castle about it? Eh. Accept his proposal? Who knows. But I definitely see her taking advantage of the new position. What other options does she have?

  10. I feel forced ( by myself) to write a couple of things . Here goes nothing…

    1) On the topic ” PROPOSAL” being out of desperation : – well , watch season 4 episode 1 .Kate come to Castle to take him back , that was out of desperation .Cause He had the files about her mother’s case and not that she wanted him or missed him .

    2) See also season 4 FINALE – @ the end Kate comes back to Castle only when she has nothing MORE to loose .

    For me those acts were out of desperation .

  11. Mary says:

    We all know E and F are out of question, but wouldn´t it be fun?!:)
    On a serious note, I´m picking option D)…and count me on the camp of the ones saying she had already made a decision when aproaching the swings; I also think she decided in that interrogation room, not because of Castle (or at least not only him), but for herself.
    Let´s just wait and see:)

  12. 3shamrocks says:

    I think we all expected a very different proposal from Castle. However, we need to remember that he did his own “soul searching” and self reflecting prior to his proposal, this was clearly evident when he gave Alexis the check. What we saw was the serious Castle, he wanted Beckett to know how much she meant to him.
    As for the job in DC, I don’t know if she gave an answer. She and Castle may get into one of their “discussions” and figure the whole thing out. They may also figure out that Bracken or someone from the law firm had her mother killed. If I remember correctly it was an older man that contacted Castle about Beckett’s mother. I think at some point the writer’s will be going back to that story line, because they just dropped it to easily.
    Castle and Beckett are the core of the series, but the other character’s add so much to the stories, I can’t see them moving the show to DC. The show is based out of the 12th Precinct.

  13. Isa Goshop says:

    I was not too sure about how I felt about Watershed at first but as I watched it again a few things fell into place and I do feel better about it. Knowing that Still comes before Squab makes things make sense. Standing on a bomb would scare anybody and I think it made Kate fall back on what she know, which was to behave like “old” Kate, so when she became insecure about her relationship with Rick her reaction was to run. For me that explains her behavior in the last three episodes and why she was so sure she wanted the job in DC. In the interrogation room she realized she did not want to go back to “old” Kate, she wanted better, she wanted what she has now. I think she had decided to turn down the job and to try and make things right with Rick but he beat her to it. He was not depressed or desperate, he was serious and responsible and scared but he let her know that he was with her no matter what, that all he wanted was to be with her. I would like her to say yes, talk about the above things and ask him to keep the ring for her until they have had some sessions with Dr. Burke. They need to learn to communicate better; in the meantime they can officially move in together, she’s already there a lot anyway. In November, with Dr Burke’s approval he can invite her to his office at The Old Haunt for a birthday dinner and surprise her with a fun, romantic, Castle-style proposal then they go up to the bar where their family and friends are waiting to celebrate her birthday and they can celebrate the engagement as well.

  14. zaza says:

    Another option: Kate turns down the proposal, takes the job and leaves the show. Then they bring in a new love interest for Castle, one who isn’t always blaming him or giving him a hard time, one who isn’t an emotional hard case, who actually likes, respects and wants to pursue a relationship with Castle.

    • Mary says:

      And then you have a totally different show, and I certainly will stop watching:(
      For me, this show IS Castle and Beckett…one of them leaves, I´m out.

    • Ralph says:

      I’ve reached the point where that sounds like a viable option. Whew, never thought I’d ever say that.

  15. Shannon says:

    The romantic part of me wants a happy ending for both Rick and Kate, but the reality of the situation is that it is a horribly dysfunctional relationship in which one of the members has more invested in it than the other. I love Castle, because I get him, I’m a lot like him.

    I don’t get Beckett. She goes out of her way to hid the ‘geek’ part of herself, even from the one person who would love it if she didn’t. Most times she comes off boring and lacking in anything that would make her stand out as an individual. She’s a good cop, but that doesn’t make for a multi-faceted person.

    I can’t see how she can possibly say ‘yes’ at this point in her life. Especially since it seems like Castle’s proposal was more like a last ditch effort to save the relationship, which was obviously already floundering. (Did anyone else find Castle’s ‘I love you’ in ‘Still’ lacking?) Hardly, a good basis for a marriage. I really hope, she says ‘no’ and goes to DC.

  16. Krithika says:

    Anyone else here thinks that “The Human Factor” could have focussed a little bit more on why Kate was starting to get insecurities in her relationship? I know “Still” was supposed to be the extra ‘add-on’ episode of this season but it made way more sense and fit better into the show than this one. I felt a sense of weirdness when I saw “The Human Factor”. True, the playful moments were good and all, but this episode could have atleast made an effort to address why Kate felt the way she did. I’d be very thankful if someone gives me a good explanation but in the meantime, overall, this was what the episodes felt like to me:

    Still- Totally in love and happy.
    TSATQ- Insecurities begin to crop up and Kate almost makes out with another guy.
    Human Factor- Back to normal, playing pranks on each other and joking around and Kate gets The Offer.
    Watershed- Cue the infamous “Walls” and back to insecurities and Kate basically declaring that it was “her life” and Castle had no right making any decisions. End of episode with a proposal.


    • DarkDefender says:

      Here is where I think you are incorrect.

      Still: Beckett has a life/death experience, and it forces her to say ILY because she thinks she won’t get another chance to say it.
      TSATQ : after having said ILY, she expects more from Castle, because to her it was monumental. So when he relaxes in the realtionship bc she finally verbalizes that she loves him, she takes it as he is taking her for granted and maybe the magic is wearing off .. because she was a fan of his and believes he would get bored and just move on the “next one”.. Because that has been his M.O. His whole life with women.
      The Human Factor: she is fighting her inner self but still just enjoying the playfulness she has with Castle.. He keeps her from being so,damn serious. But she starts to wonder if it is enough for him.. And she gets the job interview offered.
      Watershed: Kate is completely in her head this entire episode. She is an internal thinker, where Rick is more out there and vocal. The only thing missing was her “contemplative music” which actually crept up in a few scenes. We know she is in her head.. Figuring things out on her own, because Castle brings her a cup of coffee and it wasn’t even on her mind. She doesn’t drink it.. She just hands it off to Ryan. She knows she is good at her job, but she wasn’t having fun with it until Castle came along. Her Dad was right, she runs and immerses herself in her work as a coping mechanism and to keep emotions at bay. She realizes her mistakes and wants in the interrogation room, leading her to the watershed moment (Castle’s came when his mom called him on holding back) .. She heads to the swings to tell Castle she is sorry, thinks he is ending it and is shocked when he proposes.

      • Mike says:

        Beckett seems to be the kind of focused person who is able to hold her emotions at bay because they are threatening to her. Sure she has had liaisons but they are probably more biological than being in love. In fact that she has been ‘back and forth’ so many times and still counters Castle’s encounter with an ‘its my life’ attitude is troubling. The ILY in Still was weak and lacking passion. Ditto his ILY. But he is in it for the long term…I don’t think Beckett knows how to define long term. At this point I can’t figure out what would make her stick. AM said season 6 would be complicated…I think he’ll have a tough time writing his way out of this one.

      • Krithika says:

        Thank you so much for replying to my post. I admire and agree with the explanation you gave me but I still feel that “The Human Factor” was kind of a misfit. I would have been satisfied if they had just given us a clear explanation for once, instead of leaving us fans here to do the decoding part.

        • Allie says:

          I think it was a great fit. The whole purpose of Human Factor was to show us not everything is black and white. You can’t make life decisions based on first pass observations. “When lives are at stake, you need the human factor”. On the surface this job looks and feels perfect for Kate, why would she not follow up on it? As Castle says, “all decisions are personal. where one may see roses another may see a chance to move on from an old life and on to a new one.” Where Kate may see this opportunity as a rose, a good thing, she realizes Castle may see the opportunity as her chance to move on from them (which turns out that is right). In that moment she decides to keep it to herself. All the perfect setup for her actions in Watershed.

          I think her being so relaxed in the relationship in Human Factor is a good way to show you can be cruising along in life, be content, and at any moment something can come out of nowhere and make us evaluate where we are in our life. Sometimes there is no build up, it just happens. That’s just life.

          And then you can also take into account the murder of the episode. You have a guy who spent his life fighting for the underdog to avenge his dad being wrongly convicted and then killed. He made it his life and neglected his family in pursuit of his cause. Sound just a little familiar? The only thing it got him was his family hating him and killed.

          That’s just my take.

        • Just one thing says:

          Moseyed over here to see if the conversation continued and looks like it definitely did. :D Krithika and DarkDefender, I definitely agree with your points of view.
          So much of my frustration with the season finale (and the episodes prior) is that, in their effort to create necessary conflict between Castle and Beckett, they did a disservice to the Beckett character. As someone who really “gets” Beckett and often understands her motivations, I think it’s unfortunate that the writers once again used her insecurities and “walls” as an excuse to put the Castle/Beckett relationship on the ledge.
          Unfortunately, as well-written and great as the show is, the series has a habit of falling into the same, tried patterns when it comes to the end of the season — especially when it comes to the Caskett-fight-at-Becketts-apartment formula. That’s 3x in a row now. I don’t care if that’s meant to be poetic; it comes off as a bit lazy (all due respect to the writers).
          And, much like last year, the crux of the issue was seemingly put on Beckett’s shoulders. Last year, she lied. This year, she lied. Last year, Castle was righteously angry. This year, Castle was righteously angry. Last year, Castle stormed out… You get the idea.
          The difference is, Beckett’s come-to-Castle-in-the-pouring-rain moment from Always will likely have to be duplicated in the Season 6. Either that or viewers are gonna riot, if the TVLine threads/Twitter/Facebook are anything to go by. :-P
          Because they failed to really illustrate Castle’s shortcomings in the relationship (a video game was very, *very* weak in an episode where Beckett nearly kisses someone), and because they didn’t spend enough time building up to the tension in the finale, it all fell flat for me. After two really superior finales in “Always” and “Knockout” (or Knockdown, I don’t know), this just really didn’t compare.
          I can’t imagine how the fans would have felt about this season had “Still” not happened. For all of ABC’s shenanigans in that department, if that 24th episode hadn’t been ordered, I think viewers would have had a really difficult time swallowing the last few episodes.
          Also, if Andrew Marlowe hadn’t explained some of the finale story/character beats prior to May, would it have been clear what the show was getting at with Castle and Beckett’s insecurities and misconceptions? As great as it was to hear Martha and Jim’s perspectives as they spoke truth to Castle and Beckett, in many ways, it didn’t give either character the opportunity to properly voice where they’re coming from.
          Yes, Beckett is concerned that she and Castle only work when they’re in the thrill of the chase and in the throes of the dance. Yes, Castle is scared of rejection and willing to claw his way into Beckett’s life. But a bit more between them — possibly in The Human Factor — would have really helped matters, I think.
          I get the impression that my perspective is in the *extreme* minority on this site, but I have to stress that I only critique because I care. :D And yeah, I think it’s pretty impressive that the finale has got so many people talking from so many diverse viewpoints. The writers did an excellent job in jump-starting a summer-long conversation.
          I just hope the Season 6 opener delivers satisfying story movement (in either direction) for the characters.

  17. Rich Abey says:

    What people don’t realize is that the actor playing the super baddie Pelant in Bones has actually been on Castle before. He was on Season 3 Episode 4 – Punked (where we were first introduced to Josh).

  18. Lillyan says:

    If they breake up Im done! Finnaly they get together and now they want to separate them!! I think that the best scenario could be that Kate stay, but she will not marry him, yet! They will just live together! This will be the best think ever or Kate accept a job in DC, and Rick will go with her!!!!

  19. steve says:

    it would be better to have kate in her dress then in the middle of the marriage some one tries to kill the almost newky wedded couple but like always kate is one step ahead.

  20. Corkey says:

    Just joined this site. Some interesting points of view. Would suggest true Castle fans visit some other sites. Just an anecdotal summation, Beckett couldn’t borrow an ice cube in Antartica. Her character is shot, something I do not think Marlowe ever thought would happen after “Squab”, but then he added in “Human” and “Watershed” and he completed the unholy destruction of the moral and ethical Kate Beckett.

    I’m pretty sure AM was banking on a different outcome, but his “emotional cliffhanger” is going to cost him viewers. 10,000 give a hoots if Beckett has sex with Vaughn, the entire NYPD, or the 82nd Airborne, but I don’t want the Beckett Bimbo Brigade to say that Castle had anything to do with her lying, betrayal of trust or infidelity. This whole crap sandwich is on her!

    Why the Castle would propose to this tramp is beyond me!

  21. CarlagUK says:

    On reflection I think Andrew Marlowe should be bold. I think he should let Beckett take the job. The proposal? Well as Matt commented it needs a ‘Yes’ or more realistically a ‘Not yet’. Reading these comments, of which I got very bored, made me realise that the show does need to have a reality check. It’s all about the relationship of its two leads and whilst I can certainly invest in that up to a point, it has to move beyond that. It is a crime show after all and that is why I started to watch it. I accept that it could prove suicidal for Marlowe to entirely fracture the relationship but he needs to keep it interesting. Marriage, Babies? just too sugary to watch that. Where would you take the couple after that? No leave all that for when the series ends. In the meantime, let’s see how Castle operates without Beckett for a while in Season 6

    After all that is what the show is called ‘Castle’, not ‘Beckett’, not ‘Castle and Beckett’ just ‘Castle’

    • Corley says:

      Just a refresher, Marlowe said that he would not break up Caskett since he does not believe in that model, Stana Katic said that she thought there would be a few bumps in the road, but in the end Caskett would actually be closer, so I cannot see how having Beckett take the DC job moves in that direction, in fact, it seems to move in the opposite direction.

      I thought the inciting moment in “Squab” the beginning of the season 5 ending arc was Beckett’s wondering where Caskett’s relationship was heading. Are they more interested in the dance than the real thing, what happens after the music stops? It seems to me, that Castle’s unqualified marriage proposal, as bad as it was, answers
      all of Beckett’s questions, at least as far as Castle is concerned. He’s gone ” all in” and it’s time for Beckett to call or fold.

      Too much sugar is only bad if you are a diabetic!

  22. CarlagUK says:

    Too much sugar can help make you a diabetic as well!. I have read Stana’s comments about bumps in the road etc and it making them stronger. This could well be one of the bumps she is referring to. I am not suggesting that we keep them apart for long, just that it might be interesting and stir things up a bit. Maybe they could get a new detective at the precinct who proves to be totally inefectual .I’d love to see the boys and Gates handle that, also Gates possibly having, reluctantly to go cap in hand to Castle to help with certain cases. It could make for some interesting and maybe funny scenes. Just a different take on things for a short while.

    There perhaps could be some nefarious plot involving Bracken, or something that puts Castle in danger which will be the trigger to bring Beckett back to New York..

    Vowed I wouldn’t speculate and now here I go. Just bring on Season 6

    • Corkey says:

      All good points, and I agree it could shake up the show a bit. I’m just not convinced that both leads had their respective watershed moments. Beckett is back in her right mind after the ego massage (that we all love from time to time) and she knows who she is and what she wants. She’s a Homicide Detective who is the lead with a fantastic team. She also wants Castle. End of story!

      Castle has finally woken up and realized (much like he did in “Squab” when he told Kate “I’ll never take you for granted again) that it might be time for him to go “all in” and pray to God that Kate does not fold, but calls his bet. It’s a great emotional risk for him, she could say “No”, which is why he made his proposal unqualified.

      I’m hoping I am correct, not saying your scenario would not work, it’s just a bit more complex.

      Not real happy with the last three episodes no matter what, I thought they could have been scripted a bit better.

  23. Mary says:

    When I first watched “Watershed” I saw the scene in the interrogation room as the moment when Beckett had decided to stay…now, after rewatching it, I think the opposite; I think she had already decided to take the job and that speech and walking trough the desks to Ryan and Esposito was her saying goodbye to “her home”.
    So, I don´t know what to expect from her answer…maybe a “not yet” and her going to DC for some episodes; but I can´t see how their relationship could be saved in that scenario…

    • Corkey says:


      I agree w/you, but I changed my mind from she was taking the job to not taking the job. I think that’s what AM had in mind when he wrote “Watershed” giving us fits all summer long.

      I think Beckett giving up the job in DC makes her more likable as a character, because she is not likable in many people’s opinion right now after the last three episodes of season 5. If she puts Castle first in her decision process, especially after the Interrogation Room scene, and his unqualified marriage proposal, and does not take the D.C. Job, she redeems herself in a lot of people’s minds. If she goes to D.C., she comes off as being self centered and lying to herself, because the only reason she received the DC offer was her performance as a detective in New York. That performance she owes to her team, not to any exceptional skills she has. She is 25% of the team. She’d be taking the job under false pretenses and doomed to fail in my opinion

      • Mary says:

        I agree that she´s 25% of the team, but I don´t agree about her lack of skills. She has exceptional skills, and had them before Castle and the boys…remember, youngest female cop to reach homicide detective:)

        • Just one thing says:

          It puzzles me that so many people forget that fact. Beckett was a well-respected leader of the team before the series premiere. I guess that was a long time ago, but still… And yeah, the team works best when they’re working together.
          I think it would be interesting to see her not quite fit in in DC. Maybe struggle to find her groove within the AG unit, even if she’s really good at her job and worthy of being on the team. She can prove herself, but still not quite feel comfortable.
          Likewise, watching the guys struggle to find their own groove without her. It would show how integral the four of them are together before the necessary plot device ultimately sends Beckett back home and order is restored.

        • That’s the backstory. But what have we seen? She’s not exceptional without Castle and the Guys. On her own, she’s been in trouble and saved by Castle more times than I can count because of bad judgement.

    • Corkey says:


      I agree w/you, but I changed my mind from she was taking the job to not taking the job. I think that’s what AM had in mind when he wrote “Watershed” giving us fits all summer long.

      I think Beckett giving up the job in DC makes her more likable as a character, because she is not likable in many people’s opinion right now after the last three episodes of season 5. If she puts Castle first in her decision process, especially after the Interrogation Room scene, and his unqualified marriage proposal, and does not take the D.C. Job, she redeems herself in a lot of people’s minds. If she goes to D.C., she comes off as being self centered and lying to herself, because the only reason she received the DC offer was her performance as a detective in New York. That performance she owes to her team, not to any exceptional skills she has. She is 25% of the team. She’d be taking the job under false pretenses and doomed to fail in my opinion

      • Corkeythesaint says:


        Did not mean to imply she had no skills, but the closure rate she takes credit for is given to her as the “lead” detective of a four-man team. Granted she has skills, but she is excellent as a team leader and her closure rate speaks to that fact.

  24. DarkDefender says:

    BUT.. Kate brings logic to her police work.. It is CASTLE that brings the creativity and “asymmetrical” approach to it. <– that is what The DC people were admiring.. It was Castle, not her. Which is why, if she spends any time in DC, it won't work out. At least until Castle gets his dad (bring back James Brolin!) to secretly help her out.

    • Just one thing says:

      I agreed with you earlier, but on this I’ve gotta disagree. LOL Castle and Beckett are both asymmetrical thinkers in their own way. He aims high, she shoots low, and somewhere in the middle is often where the answers lie.
      The show is called “Castle,” so naturally he’s gonna be the one with the Act Four epiphanies. But when it comes to getting from A-Z, Beckett (and Ryan/Esposito) absolutely plays a vital role.
      The fact is, the team — all four of them — are a solid unit. Castle and Beckett, in particular, are passionate, driven and able to connect the dots in ways others can’t, hence their ability to finish each other’s sentences.
      Also, I’m 99% certain they established her exceptional case closure rate before Castle started working with them.

  25. name888 says:

    A few things that (believe it or not) I don’t think have been mentioned yet. I apologize in advance for the spelling and/or punctuation. It’s only showing the bottom part when I type.

    1. Rick Castle is not leaving NY. He would never leave Alexis or Martha for that matter. And therefore neither is the show. She might for a few eppisodes but that’d be it.

    2. I had the same thought as another poster in that she isn’t going to get a chance to answer because something is going to interrupt them. My guess is someone screaming bloody murder because they found a body someplace. They will spend the whole episode never having a chance to talk and at the end, he’ll take it back or just says something to the effect of get back to me when you’re ready.

    3. People are reading way too much into looks and such, the episode was written to be ambigious. So we could argue about it and wonder what happened. They couldn’t make it clear or else we’d have nothing to think about all summer.

    4. Kate’s problem is that as far as marrige goes she has the example of her parents who were obviously very devoted and in love, and that’s what she wants. She says herself, that’s she’s a one and done girl. But she is also afraid of it, in that she saw what losing her mother did to her father. She’s never been in a relationship this serious, her dad said as much, before this point she runs and hides in her work out of fear. This is new territory for her. Before she dated nice guys that she didnt’ love and pushed Castle away because he was someone she could really love. What she wants is a guarentee that it will work, that’s he’s serious about her and their relationship. She wants something risk free and that isn’t possible. So she keeps testing him. The whole episode puts the choice as two options: either stay with Castle and don’t take the job or take the job and break up with him. What he did by proposing was to make those two seperate decisions. She can’t use the job to run away.

    5. Castle’s (its not a problem, so I’ll call it an…) issue is that he deals in words for a living. and he knows that they don’t mean anything. He could come up with reams upon reams of beautiful flowerly romantic stuff, but it is just words. He speaks what’s important to him in actions. Some people have said that his ‘I love you too’ in “Still” was not that impressive, but those are just words, he says ‘I love you’ for real by walking back into the building with two cups of coffee and a detonator. They’ve said ‘I love you,’ 2 dozen times, it just sounds like ‘always’ To him, why talk about where the relationship is going? Its going the same way all relationships go. He’s done this before. He might be a playboy when single but there is no indicaiton that he was ever unfaithful or didn’t take the relaitonships seriously while in them. But his MO is the big gesture. I think Martha was wrong in that he held back with Kate because he thinks that too much too soon would scare her. Now she needs to know he is all in, and he does that by proposing instead of some flowery speech.

    6. Very often in the series throught its entire run is that things that are mentioned early on, come back sometimes years later. There was an early episode where Martha asks why men make all kinds of romantic gestures and staging when proposing and that all a woman really wants is a man with a ring on one knee. So there you go.

    What they need is about a year’s worth of sessions with her thearipist, just to work everything out.

  26. Corkey says:


    Not sure I saw them establishing her exceptional closure rate before her team and Castle. I am sure they said she was the “youngest detective” at least Gates said that.

    I have never seen Beckett be asymmetrical in her thinking, in fact, she’s the one who makes fun of Castle’s sometimes bizarre method of thinking, she’s the one who sticks to the facts and ties everything up in a nice neat package for the prosecutor. (Did you ever think it odd that none of these people ever appear in court?)

    I could be corrected on this, just point me to one or two episodes where she has thought “out of the box instead of looking for hard evidence”.

    My point in bringing up the fact that she is not the asymmetrical thinker is to underline that her taking the DC job would be her lying to herself, that and nothing more. She’s 25% of a very successful team, not the whole team.

    Since she is such a fact driven detective, and knowing that the moment of incitement for this whole mess began in “Squab” where Beckett wanted to know “where all this is going”, Castle has answered that question for her. He has gone “all in” and all she can do is “call or fold”. She can’t postpone her decision, it’s what she wanted to know the answer to why would she postpone her answer.

    If she comes up with a “not right now” she’s changed the question and Castle will never have a chance. If she says “not right now” I hope Castle rabbits, I know a number of viewers will be saying Alpha Mike Foxtrot as well.

  27. bill says:

    how about this kate goes to dc never comes back i swear romacinng her is like romacing a bowl of soup the chick is so bland just have work with cops let her go to dc and take that annoing kid of his to the little drama queen

    • Corkey says:

      Works for me!

      • Ralph says:

        Works fro me also. I’ve had about all of Kate Beckett and her insecurities that I can stand. I can really see then end of my Castle days if Marlowe can’t pull head OOHA.

    • Ralph says:

      I’ll vote for that:-)).

    • momo says:

      How about you move to DC and take all of the Beckett haters with you. I’m tired of everyone blaming Beckett for something she didn’t do to herself. You act like someone can magically change who they are. she tried we saw her come out of her shell and then go back in at the end. We can’t pretend that trying to change anything doesn’t come with setbacks and any true fan of the show would be more patient with an amazing character that has been through so much.

      • Ralph says:

        Why should the Beckett haters have to go with her? It would be more logical for the Beckett ass-kissers to go with her. Beckett is worthless as partner, but that is because of the writers. Stana Katic, on the other hand, is worthless because she branded a choice for women as being for ‘losers’. That makes her a big-time loser.

        • bill says:

          ralph your on the money sir and thanks for backing me up

        • momo says:

          I’m sorry but all I hear is you complaining about the actors and the writers why don’t you just watch a different show. I agree that the writers didn’t do as well at the end of this season as the past and that they have made it very easy to dislike Beckett. As for stana katic I have no idea where you came up with that.

          • Ralph says:

            Gee Momo. all you have to do to see about Katic’s remarks is to do a search for “Stana Katic” and “Loser”. You can take your choice as to which web sites you wish to read Snow White’s brilliant statement.

            I intend to complain about Andrew Marlowe’s writing until he changes his current drift. I think he lost his mind at the end of season five. The choice is to let this go unchallenged and watch the show get canned(which is the best solution if he doesn’t change) or get back to the Castle shows we all loved. He is already taking the show to DC for at least three episodes next season. I don’t think that will only work for the most rabid feminist fans.

          • Ralph says:

            The only complaint about the cast was directed at Kate Beckett and that is because Andrew Marlowe is still trying to determine if he is coming or going. By the way, did you do the search on Stana Katic as I suggested?

          • I was interested by the email from from tvline, but I don’t really watch Castle anymore. After the DC follies and awkward relationship stuff, it’s become a bad show. Bye, all.

      • bil a true fan of good cop show says:

        momo you are correct saint becket is a freakin turtle that keep goes back in her shell

  28. AbAlSy says:

    What I think should happen is that Kate should accept the job in DC, and there wouldn’t be an instant return to the 12th Precinct. A handful of episodes having the gang separated could actually breathe new freshness into the show, which IMO is heading into a deadlock (a bit) over Caskett’s relationship. Then, by Christmas, they could introduce a storyline with a longer arc, which runs over into season 7.
    Seems a little improbable, given what the majority of the fan-base seems to want…

  29. JC says:

    Kate, keeps looking for what is right in front of her… her prince! Everything else is a cover up for keeping her emotions safe. Safe from what you ask? The pain of loss, the girl can’t handle loss. Castle is not going to keep rolling over, and palying dead to Kate’s tune.

  30. bl castanati says:

    The Senator trying to pull Kate’s strings makes a great deal of sense. However, the new season. I believe will be filled with complexes story lines, such as the birth of Ryan and Jenny’ baby. This will bring about a moment of heart reaching reflection for Beckett. Something has to really weak Beckett up in season 6, as we all know that her answer to Castle will come with conditions … great time to bring 3XK back, and Castle is seriously wounded … now that would cause Kate to grow up emotionally. With the start of the new season a conversation with Kate and her dad would be warranted as she finds out that Castle callower her dad to ask for her hand.
    God I love this show…

  31. DRL says:

    Kate will stay, in NY – engaged to Rick; but let’s face it, nothing is every easy for Kate Beckett! So there will be ties, within ties, and delays within delays. The realization of Senator Bracken interfering in Kate’s life makes a great deal of sense, and her turning down the job, to not be controlled or beholding to the senator makes even more sense. Their getting engage also makes a great deal of sense, as Kate’s father stated, “Castle is the longest relationship that Kate has had.” I would like to hear Kate find out that maybe later that Castle had plan for this all along, and even asked her father for her hand in marriage, but dad couldn’t say anything. Because of the new job, and the drama of her possibly leave Rick behind. Fortunately, these two are destine to be together, to watch them as a married couple solve crimes would warm my heart and it would be super funny at the same time, watching the drama that unfolds at home, and those moments of quiet tension on the job would prove… priceless! Marlowe has hinted that there will be some surprises. Could we also have a false pregnancy alarm, which puts the conversation about Castle and kids on the table? We know the birth of Ryan and Jenny’s baby is in season 6, and of course Kate’s clock is ticking away, so future revelations will be interesting indeed.

    See Everyone in “SEASON 6”

  32. Josh says:

    I would really like it if Kate say’s yes to Rick. This is the moment I have been waiting for, with them. I can say that there is about an 80% she says yes. Kate loves Rick to much to lose him over a job in DC.

  33. Roberta says:

    My answer was C but I’m afraid Kate is shocked by Rick’s proposal… He’s been married and separated twice, she could be afraid a marriage proposal is the only way for him to communicate his love to a woman (what about moving together instead?). Moreover, in the last 4-5 episodes she has been so confused, between a great job opportunity that everyone pushes her to accept and her need of confirmation of Castle’s love. She knows (she must know at this point!) he really loves her… but I am really worried she will be afraid to loose a great job opportunity when a ring is not the “move” she expected from Castle.
    Ufff… first episodes of season 5 were full a love, I don’t want to suffer on the first ones of season 6 !!! :’-(

  34. Chloe says:

    I think Beckett is part of the fantasy world–novels, police work, the perfect and unrealistic family who play in costume–in which Castle lives. It would be pretty to have Castle and Beckett together; but I see no emotional life in Becket, whom Rick sees what he wishes she might otherwise be. The more I watch the reruns, the more I see Rick as a buffoon and Kate as the old-fashioned, virgin career woman who would consider a relationship beneath her (much like some 11-year-old girl for whom boys are “icky”).

    I think it’s a failure on the part of the writers (although if they wished us to agonize over this relationship they have succeeded). Fulfilling drama has characters grow over time.

  35. Chloe says:

    As much as I love the show and would want to see romance come to full fruition for Beckett and Castle, my opinion is that this will never happen. As I watch the same reruns, I become less optimistic.

    No matter what Castle does, Kate remains one-dimensional and career-focused. (When will society cease to romanticize doing something for a dead relative? I see this even on cooking shows! Do it for the living, for heaven’t sake. Let’s get a grip–we’ll be six feet under with the dead sooner than we wish….)

    To get back on track: Kate is not in love with Castle and appears to tolerate him. She is turned on by young, studly guys (that’s when we see her temperature rise), and who could blame her? But the show lured us in under false pretences (or by lack of direction in the plot), and now we’re sadly hooked on it.

    I liked the FBI woman who surprised Kate with the knowledge of her child and husband. She was the consumate pro and yet had a life. How she did it–you be the judge. But she didn’t live on career alone.

    It’s a loveless show now, the “Castle” we have watched faithfully.

  36. Laity says:

    I want more of the three boys, more of castle and kate humor, and castle to loose some weight (sorry castle but I think kate would appreciate that under the covers!)

  37. John A. Harnes says:

    A Simple Thought. When looking at this situation you have to examine what would happen if Kate turns Castle down:

    She lied to him and sought a job that would mean her living in Washington while Castle lives in New York and his daughter goes to college not that far away. She never discussed the new job with him, and he found out almost by accident.

    So she loves the job and decides marriage just can’t work so she goes to Washington.

    Where does that leave Castle – a multimillionaire, successful writer, who is handsome and very fun to be around… He would be far past a simple apology. It would be like she Slammed THE DOOR IN HIS FACE! Remember many beautiful women already think of him as the great white whale.

    So what happens? Kate goes to Washington. Castle goes to his bar, tries to write, and of course he reaches out to his friends and begins dating again.

    Well, once in Washington Kate may discover on an important case that she needs Castle’s help. That could be used to get them back to working together. But the emotional relationship will be shattered. They might get them back together by the end of the season – if then. But of course if Castle goes through a bad period his mother and daughter might very well become major obstacles to Kate, because they don’t want Castle hurt again.

    I can’t wait to see what happens. I love the show! I doubt it will be a simple yes in any event. That is what makes it a great show!

  38. bill says:

    would they just break up the show is getting more boreing by the week with there romance

  39. What the heck? This article is two years old. Did I miss something?