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What Happens Next: Castle's Kate Owes Rick An Answer -- Can She Possibly Say No?

Castle Season 5 Finale Rick ProposesTVLine hits rewind on the TV season’s biggest “What Happens Next” finales, then invites you to predict the cliffhanger outcomes

The Season 5 finale of ABC’s Castle left viewers — and the guy on bended knee — wondering how Kate would respond to Rick’s marriage proposal, which was tendered in the wake of Kate pursuing a plum gig in D.C. (which in turn raised questions about their relationship’s trajectory).

But really, can Kate possibly turn down the proposal, if Castle is to keep going? Is she, like Ado Annie, just a girl who cain’t say no?

Then again, can Kate possibly say yes, if Castle is to keep going…?

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Embedded within this conversation and thus Kate’s ultimate answer is another question: Will she take that job with the U.S. Attorney General’s office? Some TVLine commenters have opined that between the season finale’s interrogation scene (in which Kate declared the 12 precinct to be her “home”) and her demeanor when approaching Rick at the swings, she had already decided to decline the offer. Thus, she is visibly defeated when it sounds as if Rick is set to give her the hook, for having subtracted him from her decision-making process.

Going with the assumption that Kate is staying put in New York City and as a character on Castle, how could she also turn down Rick? Worst case scenario, she asks for time to decide (“So much has been going on in my life…,” yada yada). That theoretically could keep them working together, though with a tinge of awkwardness. Because if she says no outright — even with some asterisk of “Ask me again three months from now/during November sweeps, when I know it’s not a desperate ploy in response to me possibly leaving town” — that’d tee up a lot of awkwardness, though it would allow for a better, less dreary second popping of the question. (Maybe it’s even her that asks him, Brennan-and-Booth-like?)

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But if Kate comes back at Rick with a quick yes, does that put a different kind of expiration date on the show’s premise? Because while Gates may be willing/able to look the other way as Rick and her top detective carry on a romance, wouldn’t the prospect of marriage incur official red tape and such?

Rewatch the proposal here, then carefully pore over the hand-crafted poll options I have offered and vote for what you think is Season 6’s most likely — not the most desirable! — opening scene.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jarrod says:

    More Lanie and Esposito, please.

      • Patrick says:

        This to infinity. 10-15 minutes per year should be devoted to this ship.

      • Jon says:

        So agreeing with you. Lanie/Esposito is the worst ship on the show. I love Lanie, but not with Esposito.

      • oli says:

        +1 don’t care about secondary characters, gimmie more castle and beckett. s5 was such a disappointment, we hardly seen them interact together, only by end of s5, we got a bit of their life outside the precinct and well lit kisses (alleluia!) sorry but castle doesn’t have well built secondary characters why would we suddenly care about lanie, while she’s been ignored all previous seasons. lazy writing

        • Jon says:


          I understand the need to give the supporting cast wider roles, especially at this point in the show, but too much of them bores me. The show is Castle, Beckett and Caskett.

        • Squintern says:

          Stop drinking the fangirl kool-aid and accept what made the show popular. It was the chemistry between ALL the characters. ost of you have really shown your true colors over the past few months.

          The “I Hate Beckett” contingent. The “if they break up, I’ll never watch again” dirtbags. The “I only watch the show because of Caskett” idiots. And the “I only watch the show because of Castle not Beckett” morons.

          • LittleMel45 says:

            I praise you and your “fangirl kool-aid” comment. I agree with you. I admit to being a big fan of Caskett, but the show wouldn’t exist without the supporting characters. So lets have a peek into the lives of all the main Characters. I’d like to know a little about Gates too.

          • Krithika says:

            Squintern just because a few of us here actually watch the show for the lead characters, doesn’t mean you get to call us idiots or morons. Our lives aren’t exactly perfect or wonderful so we turn towards TV for some relief and a portal to escape to. So, when stuff doesn’t turn out as we wanted, I think we do have the right to sometimes criticise the show. That doesn’t mean your IQ is necessarily better than everyone’s, it just means we have different opinions. And for the record, what made the show popular in the first place was Nathan Fillion. I love each and every character on the show, but I’m not above admitting that he is the one of the main reasons Castle was even given a chance beyond the first season.

          • Lord Malthus says:

            This is one of the strangest posts I’ve ever seen online. So anybody who doesn’t like every character is some kind of simpleton? I don’t like most of the characters. I watch because I like Nathan Fillion. I like how his character interacts with others. I like his characters imagination and wonderment. I like that despite having every reason not to be he’s still a great dad. I almost don’t like his character because he’s TOO perfect. They could replace any other characters including Beckett and I wouldn’t care much so long as the writing kept up its bare minimum of quality. If season 6 started with the precinct getting bombed on their wedding day with everyone but Castle there and he spends the whole year building a new life while secretly seeking revenge, I’d probably watch.

        • Ruth Smith says:

          you can’t have flowers with out the bee’s

    • Kate says:

      No thanks.

    • Lo says:

      I don’t mind Lanie and Espo, but I say give us more of the 3 boys: Espo, Ryan and Castle! Is there ever a boys’ scene that ISN’T hilarious?!

      • hyh says:

        Those 3 totally have more chemistry than Lanie and Esposito! Partial to Ryan-Castle bromance, myself. It’s more nuanced than Ryan-Espo (which is great too anyway).

      • elr says:

        Those are usually my favorite scenes too, smoetimes more so than Castle and Beckett.

      • Would rather see the show turn into Espo, Ryan and Castle. No chemistry between Castle and Beckett: they are two awkward duds together. Kate’s crime-solving agenda is always personal and that is a big yawn carried over years.

    • scooby says:

      Lanie and Esposito are hot. If you don’t think so, go back and watch the scenes where they were trying to carry on a relationship on the down low. If you still don’t think so, I don’t know what to tell you. If you insist it be all Caskett all the time, it’s gonna put a strain on the longevity of the show. You get more “Castle” if the whole thing is well-rounded. Finding out if Ryan is gonna be a dad, things like that matter. As for 10-15 min a year being devoted to Esplanie, that’s pretty much all we’ve ever gotten per year and probably less if you total up the time–more like 5. If you need to dial it back, you’ll be in negative time. A wormhole will appear and pull all of us into it, if you ask for less of that ship.

  2. Annie says:

    How can she possibly say “yes”? There was ZERO joy in that proposal. It was tattooed across his forehead (metaphorically speaking) that this was pressure-induced.

    • JAA says:

      Pressure induced after five years courting her? What about his conversation with Martha? I suggest you rewatch that.

      • Just one thing says:

        I don’t see how anything Martha said could have led him to logically make such a huge leap. Like Jim, she was playing Devil’s advocate (pointing out her kid’s shortcomings), while ultimately supporting her child.

        As the above poster said, there was no joy in that proposal, no hope. Desperation out of love and fear is still desperation and would not bode well for their relationship down the road. (What would he do if she took his proposal at face value and accepted, only for him to later have second thoughts?)
        They haven’t talked about the future — her career, kids, moving together, marriage — anymore than they’ve discussed his past — Meredith, Gina, his father, his fears. And yet? Due to the way the last few episodes developed, Beckett is the one many people seem to be blaming and hating for her behavior, so much so that if she doesn’t say yes to his proposal, people are going to riot. :-P
        I don’t know why the show dropped the storyline about breaking down Castle’s walls and allowing Beckett to full reciprocate his years-long quest to know her inside and out. In doing so, we have learned as much about her flaws as we have about her triumphs. It was a great balance that I think could have served both Castle and Beckett well as characters had it been further explored before the proposal.
        As it is, Beckett has been interpreted as selfish and annoying for her genuine concerns. No matter what she says in September, I get the impression that if it is a no to Castle’s proposal, she is going to continue to be the bad guy in many viewers’ eyes. Which is unfortunate, considering I think Castle’s flaws (the serious ones; not the childish ones) could humanize him just as much as Beckett’s have.
        All that to say, I hope they think of a creative and clever way to tell us how she answered — possibly by playing with time and POV. I would like to see her in DC for at least an episode, with or without Castle. And it would be great to see them discuss their relationship, whether calmly or passionately, for at least a couple TV minutes or more.

        • Jon says:

          You’ve missed the entire point.

          Also? Newsflash, Beckett has had moments of utter selfishness and lack of trust this season. Just as Castle as been flawed, so has Beckett. She’s not perfect, neither is he. That’s what makes them work.

          • Just one thing says:

            I invite you to re-read my comment. I think I wrote “Kate” and “flaws” in the same sentence at least twice.

            The point is that neither of them is perfect. That is what makes them so great — and so perfect for each other. My complaint since the finale is that they laid some groundwork back in January for Kate to explore Castle’s walls just as he did for her. And then they didn’t revisit it again — at least not in depth — until Castle reluctantly told her about his grade school cheating. A good start, but not nearly enough to explain some of his depths, including her aversion to marriage and commitment for so many years and his fears of inadequacy as a father/son — all beats the show has touched on over the years but never fully explored for whatever reason.
            Now is the time to do that. Not only would it require some selfless digging on Kate’s part, but it would open Castle up to deeper and more serious flaws that go beyond being a big, fun-loving kid.

          • Jon says:

            In reply to ‘Just One thing’.

            Firstly, many and sincere apologies for misreading your comment. I’m not quite sure where my head was while reading.

            I very much agree with you on the fact that it is time to make Kate start exploring his walls, the show needs to move away from Beckett walls and focus on Castle’s. (I kinda refuse to say Castle’s walls, just because!) In doing so, it is a two birds one stone scenario, it opens up Castle’s character (which is desperately needed still) and also in doing so it move Beckett from insecure and selfish. (She has been far too much of both this season).

          • hyh says:

            I’ve been dying for the show to explore Castle, walls, floors or whatever since season 2 at least. But this Castle show doesn’t do that, he is not the title character after all… Oh, wait

          • JAA says:

            Just because the title name of the show is Castle it doesn’t mean the show is about Castle, the show is about his muse, Kate Beckett, from Castle’s point of view.

          • Teresa Richardson says:

            First of all I think Kate is one of the best female detectives I’ve seen, she works hard at balancing her career and trying to figure out Castle. Her expressions are flawless and so real. There is no doubt of their concern for each other and not overdone. I like all the characters. Other then “24”
            Castle is my favorite show. It makes me laugh and cry(good tears) two emotions I love to exercise. I can’t wait for season 6. I’m confident the writer will continue his excellent story lines.

        • Sunnykimmy says:

          I agree with you almost completely. People have made Kate out to be the bad guy when she’s really not. Yes, she’s extremely flawed, but so is Castle. She’s made some really bad calls, like lying to Castle repeatedly, but the truth is that most of what these two characters do wrong they do out of love. People think Beckett taking this job is selfish and that she lied about it because she simply doesn’t care about his feelings, but I don’t think that’s the case. She’s allowed to consider this job, she’s even allowed to want it. It’s a big and amazing career move, especially for someone as ambitious as she is. When her mom died, her entire life shifted, everything she’s been doing from that point on was to solve her mom’s murder, letting go of dreams and an amazing, financially better future in the process. Now she has a second chance at a future like that. She’d be crazy not to consider that.

          And yes, she really should have told Castle the moment she got the offer. If she had, he might have supported her. But it could also have hurt him that she even considered taking the job. Beckett didn’t tell him because she was afraid of his reaction, afraid of hurting him, because she loves him, not because she didn’t care. Keeping secrets isn’t who she is, as Castle believes. She was nothing but honest in the beginning. She started lying when they became a couple, because she DOES care about his opinion. It matters to her what he think so if she thinks her actions will hurt him or that his opinion of her will change, she keeps secrets. That doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do, but it makes it easier to swallow.

          What I don’t agree with is that they laid the groundwork for Beckett to tear down Castle’s walls. I don’t think that’s what the groundwork was for. I think they were laying the groundwork for Beckett to doubt Castle’s ability to let her in. It was part of the foundation for her insecurities when it comes to the relationship, for her to doubt the seriousness of their relationship and the ability of it to last, if Castle isn’t willing to invest himself in it emotionally. Because when it comes to Beckett and her emotions and walls, Castle is there, but when it comes to his own, he’s a little more guarded. Still, I believe he’s been trying, he tried to let her in when he talked about his grade school days and when his daughter went missing. He succeeded in the former, but in the latter he failed miserably. When things got really bad with his daughter’s kidnapping, he created emotional distance between him and Beckett. When he went to find Alexis, he didn’t include Beckett. Instead he ran off and nearly got himself killed. And people can argue any number of things, like that he was tying to keep Beckett safe and that it wasn’t a problem, but the truth is that that is the stuff that broken relationships are made of. And I have no doubt that Caskett wouldn’t have lasted if Alexis had died and Beckett might have come to the same conclusion, which isn’t exactly reassuring. Beckett has done a better job over the years of letting Castle in when the going gets tough. Which begs the question, if things get bad, if Castle needs help again, will he include Beckett or will he push her away?

          So between what Meredith told Beckett about Castle, Alexis’ kidnapping and Castle’s actions as a result of that, Castle’s sudden lack of interest in Beckett’s body (which to me wasn’t that big of a deal, I think I would have just joined him in playing video games) and, of course, the infamous “Where are we going?” that Castle managed to miss, I think the writers succeeded in making Beckett insecure about the relationship, all of which came to a head in the finale. And this is the story of how Beckett became the bad guy :D

          In the end, all Caskett’s problems could have been avoided if they had just talked. If Castle had explained what went wrong in his previous marriages and instigated a conversation about their relationship, asking Beckett’s point of view on it, what she expects, wants etc. Or if Beckett had asked him about all of it, his previous relationships and current one if he didn’t bring it up himself or even if she’d addressed what Meredith said about him. If Beckett had explained every time she wanted to lie about something why she wanted to do things a certain way, Castle would have understood. Here we have two people who are pretty understanding when it comes to each other, but they don’t trust each other or themselves enough to not hurt each other or get hurt themselves. They are so afraid of the answers/ reactions they’ll get from the other person when they ask questions that they’d rather not ask the questions or say anything that could cause an unwanted/ hurtful reaction. They let fear and ignorance lead them instead of love, trust and honesty.

          • DarkDefender says:

            Just like a real couple, and not a fictional “happily ever after” or “manufactured drama” couple.

            Well said.

          • Just one thing says:

            Great post! Thanks for responding. And I agree with you about laying the groundwork for Kate’s insecurity. But I still think it could have been two-fold had she pushed through her fear and inquired a bit more.
            It would have also satisfied the concerns of those who believe she is selfish. I don’t think she is, but I can admit that she inquires about as much as she willingly discloses — which isn’t much! LOL And I can understand that as a character trait. However, I really expected her to ask Castle something about his past marriages after Meredith left and she didn’t.
            By setting up the idea that Castle has walls that concerned Beckett and never really revisiting it, what could have been a solid story beat fell flat and rushed.
            And I absolutely agree with your interpretation of Castle’s behavior when Alexis was kidnapped. After a certain point he shut Beckett out completely, putting physical and emotional distance between them despite her attempts to console. When the situation was reversed and Kate was hurting, she would often finally concede and let Castle in with enough pressing. He didn’t do so here, and one could argue that a kid makes a world of difference. However, like you said, that would totally be ground for Kate to wonder what that says about them.
            Like I’ve said 20x on this site, had she verbalized that to someone — preferably to him — instead of having fans interpret and extrapolate, it would have been much better at the end of the season.

          • Ralph says:

            She looked like the bad guy to me. Have you ever seen selfish? Look at S&Q. Want more selfish, look at Beckett after Castle discovered the boarding pass,need more selfish, look at The Human Factor. Lies and selfishness would cease on this show if you could silence Beckett.

        • Ralph says:

          With Castle you speak of flaws, with Beckett you are into character deficiencies.:-)).

      • Annie says:

        Uh, I did, several times. Where have you been? Kate’s pressure on Rick started inexplicably a few episodes ago and made NO sense, coming as it did in the reordered episodes after he put himself on top of a freakin’ bomb with her.

        • Just one thing says:

          I don’t think a question about where their relationship is going is really pressure… Maybe more of a relationship compass? :-P

          Considering the original order of the episodes, I think Squab was meant to be the first sign right after Still that their relationship might be plateauing. In fact, a line of that sort in Squab might have explained Kate’s concerns a bit better.
          She was not able to answer the billionaire’s pressing questions because she and Rick never talk about it, and neither has had the wherewithal to bring it up. Totally legitimate fears on their parts, but a character/story beat that would have been better served in clearer dialogue instead of relying so heavily on subtext.

          • Ralph says:

            You state that Kate wasn’t selfish. What episodes of which show did you watch this season. Must be the same view you had when you said Castle didn’t look at Kate when he proposed,

          • Ralph says:

            I have noticed that most of the detractors of Castle leaving Beckett behind are female. Any reason why?

        • Casketforever says:

          The relationship conversation was a bit awkward and out of the blue. I held the episodes on my DVR so I could watch them in the intended order and they still didn’t make sense. I mean she just told him she loved him and within a few weeks is wondering where it’s all going. Really. I though you need to be in love before you worried too much about the relationship was going. He said his I love you’s several time pretty unrequited. I hope she says no so we can have a fanciful “Rick Castle” proposal down the line, with a big emotional speech.

        • Squintern says:

          Put Still first for Christ’s sake. You have the I love you and the whole I’m your bomb buddy never gonna leave your side thing from that episode. Beckett is will within reason to find what what Castle’s intentions are–given the fact he was more interested in a video game, given the half-heart gesture of “cutting the console cord”– she has every reason to wonder and doubt.

          God I wish you Beckett-haters would just crawl back under your rocks.

          I’m sick you idiots that hate just ‘hating on Beckett.’

          Castle is as much to blame — Martha said as much in Watershed — for what happened.

          For once, I would love for fans to lay the blame at both their feet instead of taking the “let’s blame Beckett because that’s just much easier.”


          • Corkey says:

            Not sure we are watching the same show. Beckett’s lying, betrayal of Castle’s trust, and out and out infidelity, are OK with you? You need to make the rounds of some other chat rooms. Beckett is lower than whale poop in most sites!

          • Felick says:

            Totally agree with you Squintern – and to Corkey, do you remember when Castle let that reporter straddle him? No? I think that’s even worse that the lightest kiss with Vaughn. And like Papa Beckett says, this is the furthest Kate’s gone with a relationship. You’ll start having doubts about where it’s going, its the human condition!!! People are so use to the normal fairytale happy perfect people on TV, well this is such an accurate representation of REAL people and the emotions. Beckett’s a FLAWED character, like real life people. Would be boring to see a perfect person. Come on people!

          • Ralph says:

            Still no judgment, eh Squint???

          • Ralph says:

            There are a lot of things I wish you would do but crawling under the rocks is the least of those things.

          • Ralph says:

            So Castle let Cottera(sp) mount him?? He let her?? The only way he could have stopped her would have been top physically hit her. Castle fought her the whole way. Before you come back with something of which you know nothing, look at the scene from that episode. I did, after the first Beckett lover mentioned this and guess what folks, it ain’t so.

          • Dory says:

            Love you Ralph you have a way with words.

    • Liz says:

      Agree with you Annie!
      He was desperate!

      • Jon says:

        Desperate? You’re not watching the same show I am.

        That was Rick Castle as serious about something as he’s ever been. Desperate was him in Target and Hunt and you can’t possibly say that his proposal was remotely similar. His proposal was serious, calm and calculated to show her she didn’t have to choose, he was with her no matter what she decided.

        • Rida says:

          Thank you for this post, im sick of people calling it desperate, he just wants to be with her no matter what she decides about her job. Who wouldn’t want a man like that?

        • Just one thing says:

          Dude, he wouldn’t even look her in the eye. (Which I understand was a deliberate set-up of the reversal, but still.)

          When he got down on one knee, the poor guy couldn’t even crack a smile. His proposal was coming from the right place, but no way does that mean it is the right path for their characters.

          • Jon says:

            I take it you’ve never proposed?

            I’m subsequently going to assume you’ve never proposed to someone you weren’t 100% sure would say yes?

            When I asked my wife, I was a wreck and I couldn’t look her in the eye, even when I knew she was going to say yes – she was thoughtful enough to drop enough hints beforehand.

          • Wendykw says:

            I’ve been proposed to twice (married twice, too–husband one died young). Neither time did they smile while they were doing it. Proposing is serious business. The man is scared. The answer will change your life forever. Marlowe has a great marriage, and it seems like he is drawing from reality to create this show. But, it is still TV, so they have to add drama to it.

          • Justine says:

            As Jon and Wendykw said, this is completely normal. When my husband proposed to me, he was so nervous and he knew I was going to say yes. He was not smiling and he could barely look me in the eyes…he was so nervous, the ring box got caught in his jacket as he was trying to pull it out! The smiling and happiness came after I said yes.

          • Ralph says:

            Gee, I have watched that portion on the episode, perhaps 50 tomes or more. Perhaps you would care to expand on your assertion that Castle didn’t look Beckett in the eye when he proposed.

        • Sunnykimmy says:

          You know, I keep thinking about what Castle said to Kyra, his bride-ex, when she asked about why he had proposed to his ex-wives, if it was because he thought they were the one. He said “It seemed like the right thing to do at the time”. And she replied with “But it wasn’t, was it?” And he shook his head sadly.

          I can’t help feeling like he proposed, once again, because he thought it was the right thing to do, given recent events, as in the job offer. I truly believe he loves Beckett and I think she is the one, but I don’t think he based his decision to marry her on that. I don’t think he’s proposing for the right reasons. I think he wouldn’t have proposed if he didn’t think there was a possibility she would take that job.

          And you can argue as so many have done, that him saying that he wanted to marry her no matter what she decided when it comes to the job, made it clear that the proposal wasn’t to keep her in NY. And while that may be true, it doesn’t remove the possibility that he proposed to keep her in the relationship. For all he knows, she wants that job to take the easy way out of their relationship. To let him down easy. Who says that she wants him to follow her? And even if she does want him to follow, they both know that that new job is demanding enough to end the relationship by default. Because she simply won’t have extra time to spend with him. This time, the job really will become her life, and not because she decided to make it her life. The decision to take the job will automatically decide that for her.

          *For the record, I believe she doesn’t want to end the relationship, but he doesn’t know that.

          • Just one thing says:

            Another great point, Sunny!

          • Ralph says:

            Yes, the proposal was painful to watch, when he should have told her when she called to either speak to him in a better tone of voice or go fly a kite.

        • Krithika says:

          THIS! The proposal was many things- painful, heart-breaking, sad- but never desperate. The timing could have been better. I think it’s mostly the timing of that scene that’s got so many here thinking that it was desperate. Many folks over here think that it was desperate and OOC cos the previous scenes gave them the impression that Kate was gonna take the job. Cut to the swings, and Castle is on one knee holding a ring and looking as though he might die of a heart attack. So, obviously many fans assumed that the proposal was a desperate plea to make Kate stay in NY and some even went further as to say that it was emotional blackmail. I’m pretty sure that Castle bought the ring several months back and was just waiting for the right time. When he found out that his girlfriend was considering a new job in a new city, he realised that giving her the ring would mean so much to her and it would be a token of his love, commitment and support. Basically, by giving her the ring he told her that he wanted to be with her no matter what happens, no matter what choices she makes and no matter where her dreams might take her. Did I want a more happier proposal? Yes, but that doesn’t mean this one was wrong.

          • Sunnykimmy says:

            I hope he did already have the ring because that changes things. But based on his conversation with Martha I don’t think he did. He definitely has the resources to get an amazing ring last minute. I honestly don’t think Beckett was going to take the job, or at the very least I don’t think she was leaving Castle or had thought through that taking that job would mean the end of Caskett, but I think Castle assumed that she was leaving him. Maybe she thought that there might not be a future with him, that this, what they had now might be as good as it was going to get, because they never talk, but I don’t think she was ready to walk away from that. Still, I don’t think that that meant she wanted a proposal. I’m not sure that she’s ready for that. Castle went from 0 to 60 with that.

            The truth is that whatever happens, whatever is revealed in the season 6 premiere will affect how we end up seeing the proposal. He could have bought the ring earlier or not. He might have proposed out of desperation because he was running out of time and didn’t want her to be the one that got away. Or he might follow the proposal up with a heartfelt speech that explains that he’s doing it completely out of love and that he always imagined a life with her, always imagined marrying her, he was just waiting for her to get to the point where him suggesting that wouldn’t scare her off. But since she’s leaving that concern sort of falls away.

            It might even be revealed that she’s pregnant and that’s why she’s been acting the way she has, that’s why she’s been questioning the relationship. Hey, crazier things have happened on this show. I expect everything and nothing, because these characters are complicated and their relationship has never been easy.

            But three things I’m sure of: 1. She loves him and he loves her
            2. She wasn’t going to leave him, which leads me to believe that she won’t take the job.
            3. Right now, Castle seems hurt, betrayed, disillusioned, and he has every right to be, but building a marriage on that, using the proposal as the solution, even if it’s a symbol of his love and commitment, without fully addressing those issues and all other issues they have, and God knows they have a lot, will be catastrophic for their relationship in the long run.

        • Cindy says:

          He was determined not desperate.

    • Caroline says:

      It wasn’t pressure-induced. This was him saying he was behind her, no matter what her decision. Not a ploy to get to her to stay.

      • Just one thing says:

        He easily could have said precisely that without the proposal. But then… What would we talk about for four months? :-P

        Also, thanks TVLine for this forum-like outlet. I don’t talk about Castle anywhere else, so it’s nice to discuss it here.

        • Rida says:

          But its Rick Castle, he strives on big gestures and i think after his talk with Martha he decided to stop holding back and he did what he wants, he wants to marry her. It makes sense coming from him, but i can understand ppl have different opinions about it. But point is it happened, no matter what someone thought of it, it cant be undone lol

          • Nell says:

            Sure it could be undone. The next episode could open with one of them in the shower the day after the storm (or am I the only one old enough to remember the Dallas rewind?)

        • Jon says:

          Without the proposal it negates his talk with Martha. He has been holding back through fear, and Rick Castle doesn’t hold back, he jumps in head first. So while he could have maybe said those words without the proposal, it wouldn’t have been ‘him’ if he had.
          Agreed about TVline being a discussion forum though. Excellent.

          • DarkDefender says:

            But he was so damn serious about loving her no matter what and wanting to marry her, it came off as a bit somber.. But for me, I took it as – this is what “super serious” Castle is like – And Kate will want the not so serious, fun Castle, so we won’t have to see him this serious again. Then we can have fun solving murders again.

    • Betsy says:

      I may be in the minority, but I took his proposal not as pressure for Kate to stay, but him saying: “I want to be with you no matter what, no matter where – so don’t worry about *us* because I will come with you. Make the decision about the job on its own merits and take leaving me out of the equation.”

      just my two cents.

      • shirley martin says:

        I love this show and have become addicted to it. I watch the reruns and any CAstle I can. I love the interaction between all the characters. Great show. Shirley 5/28/13

        • Dory says:

          Shirley I think you & I are in similar places on Castle watching reruns etc. I had the advantage of meeting on posts some veteran posters. Big help. I’m getting and soon will be able to give opinions which get to the nitty gritty.

      • Ruth Smith says:

        Betsy make it 4 cents ,add mine

    • eridapo says:

      I’m glad Matt’s choices include some call outs to Bones because Marlowe tried his best to do a Hart.

      The last three episodes of the season had Rick and Kate behave so out of character (Rick is made to look like a buffoon while Kate goes back to who she was two years ago) that I thought that just maybe the evil genius himself (Hart) had a hand writing it because Caskett were acting like Brennan and Booth normally do in one of Hart’s season finales. Everything in this episode (the job offer) and the season ending arc was so similar to Bones’ The Beginning in the End that I bet Hart Hanson must have been laughing his behind off.

      I will say this of Hart.. The season 5 ending arc in Bones made sense when you look at the events from the 100 to the finale. When you look at Castle, the season ending arc from the 100 to the finale is a big head scratcher.. Kate goes saying ILY in ‘Still” to nearly cheating on Rick an episode later and wanting out of the relationship two episode later.

      Even her questioning his commitment to the relationship looks dumb after what Rick did in “Still”. Excuse Me.. Didn’t Rick just stand by her when a bomb was under her feet. If that doesn’t spell commitment nothing does.

      We are also being asked to believe that a small side comment on the future of the relationship is sufficient reason to send her into full panic mode.

      Also.. Poor Rick.. He goes from hero in Still where he figures out how to disarm the bomb to looking like a kid that just wants to play video games, and where his theories, which normally solve every case, are being made fun of by Espo and question by Kate….

      Overall… The Castle finale was contrived and a poor attempt at trying to create tension for the finale…

      The only one that was the victor in all of this was Hart because the Bones season 8 finale (and even the season 5 finale) look so much the better when compare to what Marlowe did with Castle.

      Marlowe wrote a crappy storyline that made both his main characters look like fools, and he thought that he could make fans accept that poorly executed arc by throwing the shippers a lame proposal at the end..

      • Melissa Crow says:

        I generally dont comment on these things, but I have to disagree. Being a fan of both Bones and Castle, I have to say that Castle is nothing like Bones. I see it as in ‘Still’, Beckett finally says outloud that she loves Castle, and in ‘Squab’ she is asking the questions, where are they going, is staying as they are enough, what does Castle see in the future of there relationship? Legitimate questions I think that every relationship faces. And I definitely dont think she nearly cheated on him. I thought the story lines were well written, and I dont think that the writers have any intention of having Beckett say yes to the proposal just yet. But her questions have been answered, yes Castle wants a future with her and has chosen to be with her no matter what, which I think is all she was looking for to begin with, some certainty, and we wil hopefully see there relationship progress and deepen. Poor Castle doesnt have the greatest sticking reputation where relationships are concerned. I still think there is a lot more exploring of their individual characaters to be done and of the meshing their lives together to be seen before we see a yes to a proposal.

        • Corkey says:

          Not sure what show you are watching, but your buddy ‘ol Beckett let that douchebag into her space and kiss her. That’s cheating Skippy, no matter what planet you are from. I know, I had trouble accepting it at first, but old Standord educated Kate Beckett is a bimbo. All she had to do is tell Castle, “I love you Rick, I’m just not in love with you”. But no, she said to Rick, ” You don’t trust me” ! Yeah, you got that right Toots, you’re a bimbo!

        • Just one thing says:

          Nice post, Melissa. Of course, if you read my other comments, I agree with your points. :-)
          I don’t think she cheated on Castle with the Erik guy, but I think she did let him get to close. Again, the build-up to that was just too fast and too awkward. The fact that it unfortunately aired before Still doesn’t help, but even if it had aired in the proper order, it would have been a bit jarring to people.
          Most of my complaints about the last few episodes of the season are that, in their effort to create solid conflict by season’s end, they inadvertently made Beckett the bad guy in many, many viewers’ eyes. And, in doing so, they did the character a disservice, making it difficult for many people to see her POV.
          I absolutely don’t think it was intentional on the writers’ part. But that doesn’t change the end result, nor will it change how viewers react to her eventual response next season.
          One thing I think we ALL can agree on is that the characters could benefit from more conversations one-on-one and more exploration of their relationship. And yeah, I would still appreciate more individual exploration, too.

          • Ralph says:

            You don’t think he cheated???? What the h— do you call it? If a girlfriend of mine had done that she had better stay with the guy. I don’t know what type of relationships you folks have, but when you are sleeping with someone Beckett is definitely cheating. Castle was right all along on Beckett and he should have made her make a decision right there on whether Beckett was interested in keeping his drawer open or did she want to lease it to someone else.

      • CarlagUK says:

        I’m sorry to disagree with you here but for me the finale of ‘Bones’ was extremely contrived and hugely disappointing. It was just a cop out. I have followed the show from the pilot and this was the worst finale ever. However this is a Castle blog so I won’t go on.

        With regard to the Castle finale I am refusing to speculate too much and am willing to wait until the start of Season 6 to see what develops. All I will say is that the extra episode ‘Still’ that was requested after the whole story arc had probably been sorted, did really mess with the timing. Whilst it was a lovely episode it seemed misplaced and would have been better coming after, say ‘The Lives Of Others’ and then the episodes that followed may have made more sense, time wise. I appreciate that all the other episodes had already been written but for me ‘Still’ should really have made them both realise what they meant to each other and how strong their relationship was. Instead the storyline went a bit out of kilter and it seemed as though the last episodes came out of nowhere.

        However bring on Season 6. I love the show and have faith in where Mr Marlowe and his team will lead us.

      • Ralph says:

        You hit the nail on the head, Marlowe is definitely the one to blame.

      • Chloe says:

        I think any “action pair” that develops into love is comparable. I’m a big Bones fan, and that show saved itself from jumping the shark via relationships–esp. Bones and Booth. (It is hard to suspend disbelief–no matter what–in Booth not being able to get the word to Bones about the wedding deal….)

        But I always harken back to X-Files, which was hot hot hot in its day. Near the end of its first run, however, it had become a drag on the audience to not have resolved the relationship between Scully and Mulder. (Do I really care whatever the heck happened to Mulder’s long lost sister? Who watched to find out about that? It was the chemistry between Scully/Mulder.) I gave up on the series and didn’t look back except as a counter-example of a satisfying prime-time show.

        And where are they now? Not to be found in syndication! A show with a faithful large audience and subsequent movies (which did not do well and which I have not seen) is in the dump.

        Bones has sparked lots of plot that begins with relationships. Castle can do the same thing–plenty more to reveal and unravel.

        Castle producers: Don’t continue to take your audience for granted. A faithful audience and long run is not a given. When anything I do for pure pleasure becomes frustrating, I’m outa’ there. And I see the producers/writers of those anti-relationship shows as smug and stupid.

    • zaza says:

      I don’t think it was joylessness. I think it was seriousness. I put a lot of thought in it, deciding that no matter where she went or what she did, he wanted to be with her. I think he was trying to convey his deep level of commitment. Him being goofy in the situation would have been wrong.

    • Ralph says:

      I agree and what man in his right mind would propose to such a lying, cheating girlfriend? Castle deserves ‘more’ but it certainly wasn’t from Beckett. IN real life Beckett would be in DC, Castle would be writing again and he would be signing breasts again. He would have signed Kate’s but there wasn’t enough there to sign.

  3. lisa says:

    B is a good one. I’m hoping for that one, good story line

  4. JAA says:

    I’m hoping for something between B and C

    BC) Kate turned down the job offer and says yes to Rick but since she has Castle’s support in all this she accepts the job offer and just as they make plans to relocate, it’s discovered that an agenda-driven Senator Bracken was behind Kate getting the job. Refusing to be his pawn, Kate stays put in NYC, engaged to Rick.

  5. Liz says:

    D is the one!

  6. K says:

    I think Beckett will turn the job down but will say yes to ricks proposal. Anything other than Kate saying yes is a rejection. The show I think couldn’t come back from that. I like the twist of senator Bracken being behind Kate getting the offer to be an attorney general in DC.

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      I think they could come back from rejection…as long as there isn’t a break-up as well. And frankly Beckett deserves a better proposal

      • Just one thing says:

        They both deserve a better proposal. LOL

        And yeah, they can come back from a “not yet,” if Castle allows her to explain why. Prior to them getting together, Castle said some things that would suggest he is pretty anti-marriage. And on paper his track record isn’t that great. I think she has every right to decline and suggest they work through some things first.
        And if Castle really wants to marry her, or at least wants to be with her for the rest of their lives, he will see the logic in that and won’t need to rush.

        • Ralph says:

          If Castle is lucky, Beckett will go to DC without him, he will date Serena Kay and there will be no time for Beckett to even get a quick lay because of her job. Now, that would be the justice which Beckett always seeks!

  7. jbo50 says:

    The answer is F. For sure.

  8. badpenny says:

    Kate turns down the job and says maybe, and they spend the first half of season 6 living together. Then Bracken makes his move and Rick’s father assassinates him in the two-parter to save Beckett. This forces everyone to re-evaluate their lives, but at season’s end Kate agrees to marry Rick.

  9. Mrs. Peele says:

    Although I do not approve of the ‘hail Mary’ last minute proposal by Rick, I guess the writers had to come up with something. Castle and Beckett have been dancing around each other for years. Last year’s ending showed us Beckett ending up at Castle’s door because she lost her job and everything that happened concerning the hunt for her mother’s killer. A ‘release’ mechanism for her? Now we have Rick, who has been taking Beckett for granted this season and is enjoying the ‘milk’ w/o having to ‘buy the cow’, typical male. So now, because HE is threatened with her possible departure to a dream job with the FBI, HE decides that marriage would keep her with him, again another male thing. Offer her marriage because that’s what EVERY woman has to have in order to be complete. Marriage shouldn’t be entered into as a last ditch effort to hold on to someone. Kate has been offered something she has always wanted and now Rick is trying to take that away from her…….I Think she should take the job, and get engaged to him. He’s a writer and can write ANYWHERE. Maybe it’s time he makes a concession. If she doesn’t like the job or finds out someone pulled the strings as in the above poll, they always have his home in NYC where Martha and Alexis will be holding down the fort.

    • Just one thing says:

      The problem is, I don’t think many people remembered the show’s attempts to suggest Castle was taking Beckett for granted. It all spiraled too quickly after such a well-regarded episode like Still, and even in the episode where he was kind of blowing her off, viewers were still mostly pissed at her for her behavior.
      I hope that Season 6 is the shirking of subtext. No more movement with just looks or silent beats. Give these characters dialogue to explain where they are coming from, so there will no longer be a question as to what the show is trying to carry across.

      • Jon says:


        I think the arc of trying to show Castle taking Beckett for granted wasn’t well executed at all. It was too rushed and heavy handedly done. He goes from being utterly and justifiably amazed by her in the 100th episode, to ignoring her an episode or two later? Not believable in the way it was done.

        I think season six definitely needs to have them talk like adults about things, as you say, not just relying on subtext to get a point across. But also, I think they need to concentrate more on Castle in season six. Redeem Kate’s insecurity/selfishness by making Castle himself the focus for both the show and for Kate.

        • Just one thing says:

          I’m torn on the focus part of your post. In many ways, I think Kate has let herself fall into this relationship more than she’s fallen into any relationship — romantic, platonic, whatever.
          Like I said before, she abandoned her decade-long Christmas tradition to start a new one with Castle. She seems to spend most of her time at Castle’s, when I think most of us would agree that the Beckett of seasons past would want to maintain some level of distance by staying at her own apartment. Beckett also let him into her own life by offering the symbolic drawer. She’s embraced domesticity, even going so far as to stay at his place and help him after his injury. And many months before that, she was prepared to break him out of prison, before pretty much agreeing to harbor him when he was officially a fugitive.
          There were quite a few subtle beats touched on where I think it’s clear that Beckett’s in this for the long haul. And I think, to some extent, Castle demonstrated a similar mindset. Except I get the impression (and Marlowe confirmed) that Castle was totally OK with the status quo. There wasn’t much indication that he needed to push forward. He seemed happy with things as they were.
          So, in that regard, I’m not sure the focus needs to shift dramatically. Last season ended with Kate’s mea culpa, and she spent this season adjusting her behavior for him.
          I don’t think she’s lied as much as some people here have claimed. She lied by omission about finding the nutbar’s letter to Bracken and then about the job offer — both decisions that are as much about HER life as Castle’s solo, rogue trip to save Alexis’ life was about HIS life.
          In reading here and on the Castle FB page, I’ve realized I need to stop expecting people to give Beckett the same benefit of the doubt as they’ve given Castle this season. For whatever reason, perhaps because of all the subtext the show has fostered for so long, there’s no supreme “truth” about how the audience supposed to interpret the characters and their behavior.
          Hopefully next season can clarify some things in that department.

      • DarkDefender says:

        I posit it is because Castle wasn’t really taking Beckett for granted (that was her perception, born out of her own insecurities – he is a famous writer that she admired before meeting him and she figures he’ll never truly settle down with someone “real”).

        Castle was just relaxing in the relationship, because she finally voiced an “I Love You”.. And it gave him a bit of security.

      • BB123 says:

        Because they choose example that weren’t that strong.
        THe video game thing and imaginary dinner things are things that happen in a lot of relationship. Your S.O has a hobby and sometimes ignore you doing it ? It happens. It isn’t great, you have the right to be annoyed. However it isn’t somethings that you question your relationship over, especially when it happens for the first time

        (And I still don’t understand why she was angry at the imaginary dinner thingy. I mean we all put big and celebrity name of that table, very few put people they love. Castle didn’t invite his mother nor his daughter either. It means nothing).

        Beckett seems to overreact in that episode. That impression is made stronger if you think that a few weeks ago the guy was her bomb buddy and ready to explode with her.

        IMO the thing that was very badly done is the triggers of Beckett insecurities in Squab.

        • Just one thing says:

          I agree. They tried to force round insecurities into a square-Squab hole, probably because they needed to load it all in before the last two episodes.
          More time should have been spent building it up. Sunny posted about how the episode with Meredith was meant to lay the groundwork for Beckett’s insecurities, and I agree. However, that was so much earlier in the season, and it really wasn’t revisited until after Castle proved his willingness to die for her. Just bad timing, and not enough time spent on the issues as a whole.

    • scooby says:

      Mrs. Peele, I pretty much disagree with every single thing you’ve said. Even the ‘he can write from anywhere’…just because he’ll be there doesn’t mean he can work with Beckett like before which was so much of what they’ve had to connect with for 5 years now, and it doesn’t mean she’ll be in DC all the time physically or will have time for the relationship. Some jobs require constant focus and commitment. She might be flying around the country with little notice. How many times is he gonna wanna prepare a romantic dinner she has to bail on? In the past, if there’s a way to solve a case, he’d be right there with her. Being left behind can wear on a person like Castle who’s been involved up to this point. As for the remarks about marriage and women, wow that’s really projecting something on these characters that just isn’t there. You can be a strong, independent woman and want to get married, and you can want to marry someone without being a possessive “male.” He’s not trying to do anything TO her. Marriage is a mutual commitment and he’s decided to bring his part of it to the table because that’s what he wants in the relationship, and he’s entitled to want that and feel that. She can do it too or not. It’s up to her.

      • Mrs. Peele says:

        I’m sorry that you disagree with everything I said, Scooby. It’s just too bad though he only thought of the ultimate ‘marriage’ question because she might be considering leaving him and his world. After all these years and then being finally an ‘item’, it took a job offer with the FBI to get him to ask her to marry him….I’m sorry but it’s just too pat. Before the job offer came along, I would say ‘go for it!’, but not right at the same time…..he would have no working relationship with her in the FBI as he did with her as a detective. So that would be immediately a different playing field. When I said he could ‘write anywhere’, I meant he didn’t have to be at ‘home’ to do it. She may have to move to someplace else and work out of there as part of the job. It’s a decision they both have to make and how ‘they’ want to work out. And her job may require the constant focus and commitment, which is something they will have to consider as well. It’s just his timing comes at a very suspicious moment. But it will be up to the both of them. He could have asked her to marry him a long time ago instead of all the back and forth nonsense dance they were doing. Especially when they did get together…but the idea was never approached until Kate might be taken out of the equation. His timing sucks….to me it was an obvious ploy. And he was beginning to take her for granted although the writers never built on that – she began to realize it. But that is only my opinion. Kate is a very strong woman who has always done well on her own. Rick has been married before; had many women around him constantly until now…so Kate might want to consider everything very carefully.

    • RBA says:

      I was thinking about a good analogy for how I feel about the finale, and I came up with this…

      Say you go and watch a movie (a mystery/suspense movie) whose main story is to try to figure out who kill person X.

      When you are at the movie, you look for clues and evidence to figure out which of the many characters in the movie committed the crime. You pay close attention to all the characters, their motives, and what drives them You also pay attention to every single clue that is presented.

      As you get close to the end, you are close to figuring it out. You eliminated the obvious characters, and you start focusing on the only two or three possible characters that had the means, the motive, and the opportunity. You are not certain, but you know you narrow your choices to the only possible few people. There might be a surprise, but even the surprise killer will make sense from the clues presented.

      Once you reach the final two minutes and are ready for the reveal, you are full anticipation… BUT…… The movie drops a shocker… It was the BUTLER. Yes the old movie cliche. The old stand by. The predictable. The one you thought the makers of the movie wouldn’t go to, but they did anyway even if it makes no sense.

      What happens when you leave… You feel like you just wasted two hours of your time and ask yourself how could that have happen? The Butler was in only one or two scenes and his motive for killing the victim was the victim didn’t answer the butler’s question as to how do they take their coffee. Yes the butler is really serious about how people take their coffee. You think back at the movie and recall that the butler was hardly in the movie and that at most spent less than 2 minutes off screen time prior to the big reveal. Yet at the end the movie makers expect you to buy “the butler did it” when you know that they were far better alternatives for the perpetrator.

      So in the end… you feel cheated.

      • RBA says:

        A throw away line in a none conversation is used to justify a season ending arc that had no relation to what had occurred the previous 21 episodes, and I’m expected to buy it. I’m left with trying to explain how one can go from an “ILY” declaration to wanting out of the relationship a couple episodes later.

        Sure I read the theories that state that Kate having come so close to dying in Still was forced to re-evaluating her life. Unfortunately though that was not shown. We don’t see Kate evaluating her life choices in Squab or Human. All we see is that Rick who is made to look like a buffoon playing video games taking her for granted, and she then tries to show him up by proving to him that others find her attractive. We then see how her asking a question in a not serious conversation said mostly as a throw away line becomes the precipitating factor for a full panic mode attack…

  10. Zig says:

    Option Aa) The show fast forwards six months. Kate took the job and said no to Rick but finds out DC isn’t the right place for her, returns to the 12th precinct and tries to mend things with Castle, who isn’t in a forgiving mood (very, very broken hearted :'( and pissed off). That’s just my two cents.

    • I don’t see her taking the job. She has already quit the 12th once, been there done that. If I was Gates I would note take her back a second time. I would tell her, if I was Gates, do you want to be here or not? Just don’t see them re-hashing her quitting and then begging for her job back AGAIN!!!

    • Jon says:

      That’s a good fanfiction plot. Not realistic for the show, however.

    • Mari says:

      I don’t think this is going to happen, but it is what I wish would happen. I’m ready for a season where the dynamic is a little different; for far too long their relationship has read to me like she chose him out of desperation, and now is sitting back with a check-list demanding he be all in while she evaluates whether or not he’s worth it. A couple of episodes where he didn’t shower her with enough attention are not sufficient to establish–at least for me–that she’s been pushing their relationship forward and he’s been neglecting her and taking her for granted.

  11. I don’t think Kate accepts the job offer. You can see after she leaves the interrogation room a calm has come over her. Old Kate, driven and haunted by her mother’s unsolved murder – only living for the job, would have taken the job in DC. Present Kate, who had found real love and has worked hard to tear down the walls around her heart, knows a job doesn’t define her. It is the people around her – the people she loves.

    She met Castle at the swings to tell him they offered her the job but she is turning it down because she wants to work on what they have. When Castle began his speech you can see in her body language how she begins to deflate. She believes he is breaking up with her and then he proposes.

    Beckett is shocked at his proposal. I think Castle needs to explain the proposal isn’t out of desperation but out of commitment. He is in this relationship for the long haul. He wants her in his life, and if that means following her to DC or even a long-distance relationship, he will take her how he can get her.

    I think Beckett says yes, but with a caveat that the engagement be a long one. I also think she moves in with Castle – she is practically living there already. The moving in, and blending of a family, will be the next hurdle. And I think that can set up a pregnancy scare that brings out how Alexis really feels about Castle bringing Kate into their family.

    For so long Alexis was his “girl” and commanded all of Castle’s attention. How does she really feel about Kate splitting his time and the inevitable time when a new baby will split him even more?

    • JAA says:

      That’s how I see it too, she had already rejected the offer before coming to the swings

    • Just one thing says:

      They absolutely need to address the Alexis-Beckett-Castle dynamic head-on next season. No doubt about it. And throw Martha and Jim in there for good measure down the road. But first and foremost, it would be helpful to know where Alexis and Kate truly stand with each other. And very helpful if they talked to each other, instead of at and around each other as the last season and a half had them doing.

    • Melissa Crow says:

      That is a reallygreat thought to how the story line continues…… makes me even more excited to see what happens next to my 2 favourite characters!!

  12. Allie says:

    There is no doubt in my mind a “yes” will come from Kate. The greatest piece of evidence for this is the location itself. Marlowe would not have set this scene at the swings if this proposal wasn’t an indication they were going to move forward, together. If we are going to get a “not right now” type answer, he would have saved the swings for later. I’m in the camp she went to those swings to say she is going to turn down the job, what is in NYC is more important to her than any opportunity to do more. She realized she was wrong, was there to make it right, and then was given the biggest opportunity of her life, to marry Castle. They will walk out of that park engaged. I think him shadowing her will become an issue when the engagement is made public, but I think Gates has softened to him enough, they will work something out. BTW, I voted for “B”, but if she were to take the job, I would like for Bracken to be the one who puts a stop to it, Kate finds out, and then the arc for Season 6 is finally taking him down.

  13. leigh says:

    A combination between B and D would be as downer. Dang, Matt – so many choices. I have to say, though, that was the saddest proposal I have ever watched on tv. I know @Annie that it looked like he was pressured but I also can see but I also see @JAA’s point. Ugh – so much to think about!

  14. Kim C says:

    This is really a scenario that could go into many different directions. I have no idea if she will take the job or not. Not my favorite proposal but I think Bracken in the mix could be a good move. Brings the drama up a notch and C and B are at their best when they are working together. I would hate to see the dreaded time jump. I want to see what her response is to his proposal. I will trust creator Andrew Marlowe to tell their story but would hate to see a protracted estrangement should she decline the ring.

  15. Ethel says:

    Toss-up between A and B as I can see it going either way. But, if the Senator did arrange the job for her, wouldn’t this give her more resources to use against him. OK< it is a TV show and all will be right with the world!

  16. Andrea says:

    I picked D. If she flat out turned him down the writers would have a hard time redeeming her character, and we all know that somehow she has to stay at the NYPD for the show to work- having her ask for her job back again would be redundant as she did that in season 5. Option B would be awesome, but I’m not enough of a postive thinker to think she will say yes. Honestly, I would love for them to be engaged- Castle did not propose out of desperation- go watch the scene again- he said “whatever you decide” meaning that regardless of her job choice he is with her. He’d been holding back so he dind’t scare her off, but his talk with Martha showed him he wasn’t being himself because he is not a person that holds back.

  17. Mags says:

    I actually didn’t think of the Senator Bracken angle…that would make sense seeing as how the job came out of nowhere. That could be an interesting plotline should they go that route!

  18. Patrick says:

    Time jump. She says no to Rick, and takes the job in DC. Skip ahead 1 year.

    And the new job sucks. She hates it and isn’t great at it, because solving homicides and stopping national security risks are not at all similar. In all he nat sec cases on Castle, she has bombed at the big pictures stuff. She figures out who committed a Murder, not the wider national security issues. Regardless, even if she is good at the job, she should really not enjoy it. Tons of travel, no friends, no social life (not that big a stretch because Kate Beckett is where fun goes to commit suicide in the slowest, most painful manner possible).

    She should be drawn back to NYC for a case. When she sees her dad, who she has neglected a little bit, he lets it slip that he is still very friendly with Rick, who has sort of looked in on him while Kate checked out.

    When Kate checks in on the old gang, it should come out that Rick is now a consultant at large to the entire force, and beloved by all of them. WHO DON”T MISS KATE. Except for Ryan and Esposito. Ditto Gates, who has seen her precinct’s closure rate fall since Rick and Kate left. During the course of the NYC case, Kate should discover that the Sen was behind her job, to keep her away from the truth until the person pulling his strings (whom we all know exists) can contain Kate somehow.

    So Kate moves back to NYC. She wants Rick back, and is obvious about it. But he is having none of it. He was heartbroken, and went of the rails a little when she left. He doesn’t hate her, he nothing’s her. Alexis hates her.

    The last two seasons should flip the script on Kate. Rick spent the first 4 seasons flirting with Kate and pursuing her. She should have to spend the last few years pursuing him. She should have to watch Rick date really great women, not just skanks. Seeing Kate play the role of flirt and forlorn love interest would be great.

    • JAA says:

      you just assassinated the character of Beckett

      • Sunnykimmy says:

        Hmm, I like the idea, but at the same time I feel like it’s a lot more fun to see a girl play hard to get than when a guy does it, especially considering where Castle would be coming from. Beckett was able to act like she didn’t know what was going on, like she didn’t have feelings for Castle. Castle won’t have that advantage which will make it more frustrating than fun. Also, I just think they’re past the playing hard to get. To fall back on that, while interesting, would just be them going in circles. Also, the 1 year time jump would be way too long.

        I would rather have Castle get really hurt, and have it be touch and go for a while, even better, let him end up in a coma for a while, that could potentially end in death, not just a death-scare like was done in 4X07, so that Beckett gets to think about a possible life without him and realizes that she really wouldn’t want to have to live without him. I wouldn’t want her to base her decision to marry him on that, but I think it would be good for their relationship anyway. Beckett doesn’t really grasp what Castle went through when he stood to lose her after she got shot and I think she should. He’s developed this fear of losing her in any capacity and it would be good if she understood that.

        • Just one thing says:

          I’ve thought about that — the idea that Castle’s life is in danger (a la Cops & Robbers, but even more so) and Beckett responds to that. It’d be great if that situation happened well after their relationship re-establishes its equilibrium and is on solid ground. Maybe some time around mid-season.
          I say that because if Castle’s life was endangered before they made the tough decisions, Beckett’s response would again be triggered by a life-or-death crisis, which is what drew out all three of the couple’s onscreen “I Love You’s.”
          And I understand that that is what makes the couple who they are — the life/death scenarios. But I think this season was most successful when they showed the couple in normal, everyday living situations, without death hanging over them. Even more of that in Season Six would be great.
          Then, as you said, something can happen to Castle, and anything Beckett says/does would have more resonance.

          • Nell says:

            I had been thinking about that for some time– Kate never seems to value him unless she is about to lose him. But of course, if he gets any pudgier and keeps running around like a youngster, she could wind up chasing the EMTs into the hospital after him– and she is NOT his next of kin, Alexis is, and then Martha.

      • Ralph says:

        It needed to be assassinated.

      • Ralph says:

        Not a bad idea:-))).

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I love this and totally agree with it. Assassination? Maybe but justified. Main thing I’d love is to see the script flipped and her chase him for at least a season and him not be interested…and this seems like the perfect opportunity… Maybe the only opportunity in the series.

    • Krithika says:

      Really sorry but just HAD to reply to this one: UGH! After following this show for four freakin’ years and getting the together for one season, only to break them up and wind up at square one, would chase away loyal fans like me. I mean, seriously? Have you even watched the show? After all the pain and cop outs the writers put us through for all these years, you basically want them to start at the beginning? I think you’re among the few who watch the show only for the cases.

    • Ralph says:

      I’d love it, Patrick:-)).

  19. James says:

    I never thought she would say yes, but definitly not an all out no, so my guess is D, although E is tantalizing lol. Kate isn’t one to jump head first into anything and marrying Castle would be doing just that, my guess is she decides to stay, she works to put away bracken and then aks Rick to ask her again. while I think moving the show to DC for a few episodes would be very fun its not something that would fit for an extended period more than 3 episodes let say. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bracken was behind the job offer though. anyway it goes down I can’t wait for next season I’m already jonesin for some more Castle Shannanigans. I wonder if theirs any word that Castle will be at Comic Con this year I hope so they were missed last year.

  20. Charley says:

    I just can’t see Kate doing anything that is selfLESS when she is so very selfISH.

    • Just one thing says:

      I don’t think Kate is totally selfish. But I do think that as a private person, she values and respects other people’s privacy. There have been a few instances where she clearly has an opinion about someone — Esplanie or Ryan and his past — but she doesn’t dive first into gossiping or taking sides.

      That said, Kate has made some pretty big emotional strides in their relationship. Despite her fears and her innate distance, she has really jumped into the relationship head first:
      –She broke her own Christmas tradition to make a new one with Castle.
      –She didn’t make it a huge deal when his ex came to stay with him.
      –She symbolically opened her life to him by giving him space in (and potentially a key to) apartment.
      –She worked her ass off to help find Alexis and to comfort him.
      –She annoyingly pressed him for answers when he talked in his sleep, just like he would have done to her.
      –She supported him after his injury and threw him an elaborate, Castle-esque surprise party.
      –She begged him to leave her on that bomb and her other two concerns were for Alexis and Martha.
      I could probably think of more examples, but those are the big ones. My point is, Kate is crazy insecure and has been consistently so when it comes to their romantic relationship. But if anyone doubts she loves Castle as much as he loves her, then I can only assume she is not being given the same benefit of the doubt that he is.

      • Mari says:

        She’s not. Part of this is because the show established pretty early on that while he was very interested in her, she wasn’t reciprocating. Their interaction through the years can be read as frequently insulting on her part–she often teased him in a way that could be seen as derogatory. When they finally did start a relationship, it seemed to be because she was losing almost everything important to her, and it was something for her to hold onto–and a couple of the things on your list could be read differently. Her concern during Alexis kidnapping wasn’t outside the realm of how concerned she’s been in cases she’s not emotionally involved in. (Not that I’m saying she wasn’t emotionally involved, just that she spent a lot of the series pushing Castle away, and it could be taken that way.) Plus, the reaction to his ex staying could be interpreted as her not being invested enough to care about it.
        She might be crazy insecure, and have huge walls, but those are excuses that are getting really old for some viewers; for me, personally, they’re cards that have been overplayed. Is that therapy she’s been attending for years useless? She’s not the only character that might have some relationship insecurities, and she seems to demand far more from Castle than she’s willing to give herself.

        • Just one thing says:

          Thanks for responding. I don’t see her insecurity card being played any more than Castle’s fun-loving gullibility card. It is who they are, part of what makes them multifaceted and consistent. Castle sees light and the outrageous, while Beckett is more grounded in reality and prone to a dark side.
          As I said earlier, I absolutely think Castle’s depths need to be explored further, and I hope they are next season. I think Kate has done more than a sufficient enough job showing that she is all in with Castle and has been since After the Storm. (I would be curious to know why anyone would think Kate wasn’t invested enough in Castle when Meredith stayed over. While she didn’t make it a huge deal, she certainly voiced her concerns and established her affection.)
          I agree that her treatment of Castle in the early years was pretty mean, and would be interested to know when they decided that enough was enough with the physical abuse and derogatory comments. It seems they toned it down in Season Three.
          Anyway, I think it is 1000% clear that they both love each other and see a future with the other. A long, in-depth conversation between them is long since due. Looking forward to it next season.

          • Nell says:

            Doesn’t anyone remember the end of season two? She was ready to become available to Rick, had dumped Demming– and Rick goes off with Gina. Okay, it was probably a reaction to seeing Kate with Demming combined with a “just like old times” chat with Gina, but it still left Kate pretty deflated, and her reaction (and everyone else’s) when he hadn’t shown up by the autumnal equinox at the beginning of season three evidenced a lot of hurt.

          • KHorn says:

            Why would someone think Beckett isn’t invested in the relationship? Oh, let’s see.

            She gets up close and personal with a guy she has the hots for, lets him kiss her and then lies, repeatedly, to Castle about what happened and she hesitates on whether the relationship is serious. All this just weeks after he was willing to die, leaving his daughter fatherless, for a 1in 100,000 chance to save her life. Then she lies about getting an offer for a job that will fundamentally change their relationship and doesn’t even discuss it with him before she goes to interview. I don’t care what anyone’s view is on where Castle can and can’t write, asking someone to leave the city they’ve lived in their whole life is a big deal and needs to be talked about up front and honestly. But it gets even worse. As always she only admits the truth when she has no other choice and then utters the breathtakingly selfish line, it’s not a about us, it’s about me, my life. So a fundamental change in the relationship isn’t about us, it’s all about her. And, the icing on the cake is her talk with her father. She flatly states, if she takes the job there will be no time for anything else. Again NO time. She isn’t saying it will be hard for them, she is saying if she takes the job, there is no them. After freely admitting that the choice is a relationship with Castle or the job (a dilemma the job creates, not Castle remember) she says she wants the job. I’d say there are some commitment issues there.

            I agree that the writers need to explore Castle’s past more, but this whole he deflects and hides and has walls is an informed attribute. The characters say this, but we are never shown it, in fact we’re shown the exact opposite. He has answered every personal question she ever asked and even volunteered information about personal matters such as what is was like raising his daughter and his feelings for her. So if Beckett wants to know something, she should do that crazy thing called ask a question. And just to forestall the inevitable, I didn’t mention the where are we going because it was such a ridiculously ham handed attempt at conflict as to be downright silly. It was also so vague and out of context that only a mind reader would have known what she was trying to ask.

            Since I’m sure everyone thinks I’m a Beckett hater, I’m not, I hate the bad writing of the last three episodes that took her character 90 degrees off course. Earlier in the season they did show her coming out of her shell and being more domestic and committed and then all of sudden she’s worse than before. The Beckett character assassination isn’t by dissatisfied viewers, but the show’s writers.

          • Lesley Leach says:

            I so agree with you, refreshing to hit the nail on the head, of course it’s the writers, why did they suddenly make KB out to be ‘the bad guy’ when everything was going so well?

          • Just one thing says:

            @KHorn: I’m not going to rudely suggest that you and I watched a different episode, but I am curious to know where you came to conclusion that she lied “repeatedly about what happened” after Erik went to kiss her. I’m pretty sure she dropped that bomb within a couple minutes of Castle’s arrival.
            The question of whether she should have told Castle about the job has been beaten to death (and I was slightly miffed that my mom, upon watching the episode separately from me, agreed with most of you, lol), but I don’t see how she would “owe” him that with just an interview. An interview is not a job offer, nor is it a job acceptance.
            Again, I can’t help but bring Sunny’s apt comparison back to the table: When Castle lied to his mother AND to Kate and took off to Paris, no one batted an eye. He didn’t consider Beckett — whether because he wanted to protect her or he didn’t think she’d help him, we’ll never know. Either way, he made a potentially life-altering decision without giving Kate a heads-up, when she’d made it pretty clear she wanted to help him find Alexis. And one could’ve interpreted his behavior as harshly distant, a jarring yet understandable 180-degree from his usual behavior.
            In the end, it all worked out. But what would have happened to their relationship had he failed to save Alexis?
            @Lesley Leach: I want to make it clear that I don’t think the writers intended to make Kate the bad guy here. I think they just needed sufficient material to lead up to conflict, and the drew from the tried-and-true Well of Beckett’s Insecurities.
            Hopefully that well empties by Season 6.

          • BB123 says:

            To put it very simply:
            Castle lied because he wanted to save his daugther life and he was afraid that they would try to convice him to no go in Paris.
            Beckett lied for selfish reason.

            Also, Beckett has an history to lie to Castle since at least season 2. (When she was with Demming). She lied about the shooting and remembering is I Love you. She is very lucky that Castle forgave that one btw.

            More importantly, when Castle lies to her, he lies to protect other people, to help people, he does the bad thing for the right reasons. When Beckett lie to Castle, it’s mostly to protect herself.
            And then, Castle never ever introduce himslef as defender of the truth.
            Beckett seems to demand truth and honesty from others when she seems to not be able to offer it herself.

            That why on that point, people seems more forgiving to Castle.

          • KHorn says:

            Just one thing, watch the post shooting scene in TSTQ again. First she lies to Ryan about where Vaughn was standing (in front of Castle) then whee Castle points out that’s impossible, she says he stumbled, and repeats it when questioned again. Only when Castle points out that only young children and the elderly stumble does she say he kissed her. So that’s at least three lies in a short time frame, so yes repeatedly. Oh and notice the gall she has to say I won’t lie to you? Really? She refused to come clean until she had no choice.

            And BB123 is right, there is no comparison between Beckett’s lies and Castle’s. Castle hides things to protect people, there is nothing Beckett could have done in Paris except get in the way. The reason your mother agrees is I suspect that she is like me, old enought to have confronted similar issues with her spouse in the past. My wife and I have several times. You always talk before the interview, becuase that is when you can work out the issues of making the job and relationship fit without the pressure of an offer that needs to be accepted or rejected, including the turmoil at work when people think you are leaving. BB123 is right, Beckett lies for selish reasons, Castle for altrusitic, so there is a big difference.

          • Just one thing says:

            @KHorn and @BB123:
            I see your points. I hear them, and can see why you’d be frustrated.
            But I respectfully disagree. Mainly because I don’t believe that either character is perfect and flawless. It’ll be interesting to see how the next season develops, and what spoilers are divulged over the next few months.

        • Ralph says:

          {@KHorn: I’m not going to rudely suggest that you and I watched a different episode, but I am curious to know where you came to conclusion that she lied “repeatedly about what happened” after Erik went to kiss her. I’m pretty sure she dropped that bomb within a couple minutes of Castle’s arrival.}

          I would address your other erroneous points but I really can’t understand how you can get so far off when watching the same show as I do.

          Now, very slowly for you Justonething, First Castle wants to know why they were so close. Unfortunately Castle didn’t pursue that line of questioning.
          Castle focuses on the trajectory of the bullet and why Vaughn wasn’t hit. Now listen closely, Beckett says that Vaughn ‘slipped'(lie1). Castle wants to know how Vaughn slipped, Beckett says, I don’t know, he just did(lie2). Castle says most people aren’t that lucky and asks Beckett what is going on. Becket then says “I’m not going to lie to you(lie 3, she has already lied) AT THAT POINT, Beckett says he kissed me. When she said it didn’t mean anything to her was actually another lie because she encouraged that kiss. Look at the dam episodes for a change.

      • Ralph says:

        Or you are watching a different show.

  21. Smiletime says:

    I hope she doesn’t say yes as it was quite possibly the most MISERABLE marriage proposal I have ever seen. Imagine having that to look back on when the show is over. Just…no…

    • Jon says:

      To me, it was one of the most “real” proposals I’ve ever seen on TV. It’s not always rainbows and unicorns and perfect sunsets. It’s nerve wracking and serious and if you’re not totally sure of the answer you’re going to get it becomes a whole other shade of pant’s wetting scary. But you do it anyway because you love her/him and you want her/him to know it. “Always”.

      • James says:

        I agree. I personally am sick of seeing the pomp and circumstance when it comes to purposing, yes it should be romantic but like you said when you’re not sure his/her answer it becomes a nail biting dear god please say yes or I’ll hang my self type of thing and i thought Nathan did a good job of mixing that with a hint of resentment that she didn’t trust him enough to tell him about the job offer. in the end that’s what it comes down to her distrust of him being able to make an adult decision that’s why i think people are turned off by it because they see it as miserable when it was just fear mixed with a little hurt. as much as some of us would wish we’re not all terminators, and it’s nearly impossible to bottle up all our emotions, with that said i do hope he asks her again when both are in a better space, add a little more romance to it because that never hurt anybody.

    • Just one thing says:

      I’m with you on that. It is why I really hope the show did all of that on purpose, so they can come back and have a “real” proposal down the road.

      As it stands, it wasn’t their best moment. Everyone keeps saying that proposals are serious business, but that is a bit of a cop-out. Even with fears and insecurities, the very ACT of proposing should remind you of all the great reasons why you are doing it. And that alone should help ease your fears. A direct comparison between Rick’s proposal and Kevin’s should make that pretty clear.
      I think the show can do a better proposal, and I sincerely think that it is in the works.

  22. Jillian says:

    I just really hope she doesn’t say yes. They are not ready to make such a big commitment yet. They didn’t talk about any of their issues.

  23. K says:

    I really love the senator bracken angle. What better way for him keep tabs on Kate if she is in the same city. I truly feel he is the mastermind behind her getting the job with the US attorney general office. Beckett would be a pawn to Bracken. A pro of Kate taking the job would be that she could have more leverage and power to putting bracken behind bars for good. No matter how happy castle/Beckett seem to be they always have that dark cloud which is bracken over their heads.
    I think it would just be awkward for Kate/Rick to continue working together if she does say no to his proposal. If Kate says no without any explanation there is going to be trouble. She will owe Rick an explanation as to why she is saying no. No matter which way it goes down I’m so excited for the season 6 premiere.

  24. Jon says:

    There is no way she’s going to DC, no matter what device they use to keep her in NYC. Castle is set in NYC, the show doesn’t work without Castle, Beckett and it’s ensemble cast. Therefore, simple logic dictates she stays in NYC. (My own believe in she made her decision to stay in her final interrogation).

    The proposal on the other hand. I can see it going one of two ways. She says ‘yes’ or she says ‘not yet’. Both answers bring complications to the table, but much less so than an outright no. I don’t think they could rescue Caskett from an outright no.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      ITA, there is absolutely no scenario where she comes back with an outright “no” — the show would be just too sad moving forward.

      • Kim C says:

        Agreed Matt. Would hate to see season 6 start from a depressing angle. Even if it were for a 3 or 4 episode ARC. Fun Castle is better TV

    • Allie says:

      A “not yet” only stalls the relationship and to Castle may as well be a “no”. He has let her drive the relationship progression for 5 years. How many times can he put it all out there for her and then sit back and wait for her to make up her mind? I love the character of Kate, but it’s time for her to stop over thinking everything and listen to her heart.

      • Kendall says:

        A “not yet” could be perfectly fine if she does it right. It could even end up being better than a plain “yes” if she delivers it the right way.

        Of course, I feel that way because I felt that Castle wasn’t entirely in his right mind when he delivered his proposal. He mostly just needs reassurance that she is committed to “them.” She can make that clear to him regardless of her answer.

    • Nell says:

      Suspending all disbelief about how long it takes for federal job clearance (she could take the job and still not have it take her for months!), an assistant AG position offered like this (without her applying for it through normal civil service channels) will last only as long as the AG holds office. And she is NOT such an innovative thinker without Castle thinking outside the box for her and Ryan and Espo doing her back-up work.

      I do think Bracken is behind the offer, and I love the idea that Castle’s dad ultimately takes him out.

      That being said, the proposal was not only joyless, it was hopeless– sort of, “I know you’re going to say no, but I’m going to ask anyway.” What Kate should say is, “Before I accept, I think we both need to go see my shrink.”

      • Just one thing says:

        Beckett’s the team leader, so yes, Ryan and Espo are gonna do back-up work. But Kate was established as a well-respected detective with a great case-closure rate before Castle came into the picture. Montgomery and Gates have both indicated as much.
        She doesn’t have wild theories. But she does make connections that other people don’t, which is why she and Castle were able to complete each other’s sentences so early on and for so long.
        I’m all for couples counseling next season, whether with Burke or someone else. It could be illuminating, and might even be really funny.

  25. Maria says:

    I think Kate accepting the job and then finding out Senator Bracken is behind it would be the most interesting scenario, and would give Andrew Marlowe and his team of writers the most material to work with in writing the scripts for season 6.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Or she asks for time to think about it all.. Asks for space (he will give it to her) she heads to DC, Bracken is behind nothing, but tries to interfere to get her out of DC and she takes him down (all by episode 3).. She returns to NYC, the Mayor gets her her job back (as a favor to Castle – which she finds out in Episode 4).. And she begins pursuing him. We find out Castle has kept in touch with Jim Beckett,. He has let Castle know Kate didn’t really like her job, but doesn’t know how to tell him and get her job back..the news breaks that Bracken is arrested, Castle knows Beckett was behind it.. She asks to talk to him and he says what now? Because her mom’s case is done and there is no more reason for her to have those walls up and Castle gets to have a little fun watching her pursue him, while he gets to push her buttons.. Add in a couple episodes focusing on the others (Jenny/Ryan have a baby boy; Lanie sees Javi with the tech girl, says she made a mistake and they get back together – he was the one who wanted marriage, not her so they work out their issues) and we end the season with Rick proposing again to Kate – but “Castle style” and topping her birthday surprise fake murder – because he said he’d get her back.. And instead of thinking it is too over the top, she will love it, say yes and we can have a season (7) long engagement ending in marriage. No Castle babies.. At least until the series finale, which I would prefer to be around season 9 or 10. 7-10 can be fun couple-y, witty banter-y solving of crimes..

      Anyway, that would be my take.

  26. Rida says:

    I for one would love that Kate had already decided to not take the job when she walked up to the swings, however i think her “my home” speech was deliberately left open to interpretation, so it can go either way, better to NOT form rigid opinions about it.
    About the proposal, whatever his intentions might have been, Castle did propose, it happened, however “sad” it might have been, ppl need to just make peace with that now. Its not going to be undone.I for one do NOT think it was desperate, he just wants to be with her, i dont see any wrong in that. Kate has been going crazy over what he wants for them and he just showed her that.
    As for Kate’s answer, she cant say an all out no. Castle would not be with her if she does that and rightly so. She needs to show him in return that a life with him is what she wants to for Caskett to go forward and i think her saying a “not yet, ask me again soon” with some explaining can do that if handled well. She can say yes too, but they need to decide to work on their communication if they are to have a better relationship in the future.
    Looking at the history of previous season, im sure the this issue will be resolved by the 1st ep and they will get back to normal by the 2nd episode as they always do. I for one cant wait for how they resolve this because i cant take Caskett on the rocks for too long lol
    As for Kate being selfish, i think she made a big blunder by not telling Castle, but she’s not selfish for considering a new job. She just didnt handle it well, and yes i didnt like her for that but one thing i did like was that she didn’t allow Castle to become her only reason for not taking the job (which as his proposal has shown to be not mutually exclusive) People should make their own choices, whether it makes them selfish or selfless because at the end, only they themselves will be accountable for the consequences, the good and the bad both. Now she has an even bigger choice to make, i just hope for both her own sake and Castle’s she doesn’t screw up again.

    • K says:

      If Kate would’ve been offered this job years ago when she was not in a relationship with castle she probably would’ve said yes to the attorney general job. Kate for the longest time has always made decisions for herself based on what she wanted. A job like this comes along and suddenly she has more to think about because she has been in a relationship with castle for a year. I think Kate should’ve told Rick about the interview but at the same time I understand why she didn’t tell him. At the interview stage Beckett didn’t make any decisions about the job because she didn’t know if she would even get it or not.

    • Jon says:

      +1. Nice post.

      Ambition isn’t selfish, ambition is good, healthy. However, blinding her with ambition is what made her selfish and damaged her character imho. ‘It’s ::my:: life.’ and not even considering Castle until she was left with no choice but to admit it, those were selfish. I have issues with Kate’s knee-jerk reaction to lie to Castle anyway this season, but the way she acted in the finale was, to me at least, selfish. I understand the ‘insecure’ argument for her behavior, and coupled with ambition, I see what they wanted to achieve, but they missed the mark a little and verged on making Beckett unlikable. That needs character redemption in season six for absolute sure.

      • Rida says:

        I can make some sense of her “this is my life” comment in the finale. Firstly, she has never had someone like Castle in her life, someone who is as affected by her decisions as she is herself by them and she still isn’t used to sharing her life, she’s still learning to. Secondly, its something that Martha said to Castle, that it is ridiculous that he wants her to put her first when neither of them know where their relationship is going and i agree with her somewhat. However, I DO NOT condone Kate’s lying, it might be her knee jerk reaction but it needs to change if she wants to have any functional relation in her life. I really really dont want another repeat of lies and secrets and “my life” in s6.

      • Allie says:

        Upon first viewing, I had a hard time accepting how Kate was reacting to the job situation, but as I watched the episode again, it became more clear to me why she was acting the way she was. You will notice every discussion (Lanie, Gates, Jim) was more why the job was the perfect opportunity for her. How she was qualified, great fit, meant great things for her…this job was something she was given confidence in. Did one person she discuss the job with give her the same confidence about her relationship with Castle? No. Sure Lanie and Jim both pondered what the decision would mean to her relationship with Castle, but not one of them mentioned how they see Castle and Beckett’s relationship. I think if one of them would have given her some kind of confidence about how others see her in the relationship, she may have reacted different. It’s obvious everyone knows they love each other, why did nobody bring this up to her? I was just waiting for her dad to say something like, “I’ve never seen you so happy/in love/content as I have this past year, is this job worth giving that up?” By the end of my second viewing, I was almost feeling sorry for Kate because I just wanted someone to give her some validation about what she feels for Castle. She KNOWS she can do the job, what she needed was a push giving her confirmation she is a better person in this relationship with Castle and she can make it work. I think, in the end, she was able to realize this on her own and the one person she needed the biggest validation from was giving it to her on one knee with a ring in hand.

        • Jon says:

          I’ve said before that Castle and Beckett have been the answers to each other’s fears all season, if they’d just learn to communicate properly. So I can see where you are coming from with this. However, the fact that she would seek validation from everyone about the job (or at least accept it when it was given to her) but not extend Castle the same courtesy, still rankles with me. As I have said in other comments, I get that she’s crippled with insecurity sometimes, but essentially writing off her year long relationship to hide in a job again pokes holes into her ‘I just want you’ epiphany from the end of season four. It shows little or no character development for her and couple that with the selfish nature of her actions, it was hard for me to take about a character I love so much.

          • Allie says:

            I didn’t sit right with me either she would hold back on him and I don’t in any way condone it, but I can see it from her point of view. The answer to your issues is in her conversation with Lanie. She knew discussing the job with him would lead to a conversation about their future together, she was unsure about where that conversation would go and if she would be happy with what he says. At least if she went for the job and got it, then if the conversation with Castle turned out bad, she would have the one thing she could always fall back on, the job. I think the “I just want you” is the whole reason for her hiding the job. She does just want him and it scares the crap out of her that this is just an ‘in the moment’ relationship for Castle. Her dad explains it, she gets to a point in a relationship where she gets scared and hides in her work. Castle didn’t seem to be making any effort to talk about the future and it only scared her off when she asked him in Squab where they were going and he blows it off. She’s come to that point with Castle and this job just presented itself at the same time. She is only human, it’s a natural reaction to fall back on old habits, especially when anxiety and stress presents itself. Doesn’t make it right, but it at least makes it understandable.

            BTW Jon, I am loving your replies, you have some great insight and thoughts around this topic.

          • Jon says:

            Excellent post and wonderful explanation. Thank you. I still struggle with Kate in the latter half of the season but your reasoning rings very true for her. I appreciate the insight.

            (and thank you!)

          • DarkDefender says:

            Great points, you two. Also, I found it telling in the interrogation when Kate says “how long are you going to put your life on hold for someone else’s happiness”.. I’d like to think she was realizing that Castle has done just that for her. Couple it with her “this is my home” and seeing the name plates of everyone as she walked out of the room to RyEspo… I think she wanted to come clean with Ryan and Esposito about the job offer (and her turning it down) because she didn’t do that with Castle. But she needed to apologize to Rick first and tell him she wants to open up more.. Which explains the dred in her face when she thinks he is breaking up with her, but she agrees that they both deserve more (of insight revealed about themselves to each other).

          • Allie says:

            @DarkDefender I think that final interrogation scene is telling also. From the moment the guy says “you’re wasting your time”, you can immediately see her demeanor shift. Remember when Stack approached her outside that room? He motioned to that room and point blank says, “where is your heart? In that room?” In her statement of “this room has been my life, my home”, I think she got a moment of clarity. It was her way of saying, “yes, this is where my heart is”. Home is where the heart is after all.

            I like your take on the sacrifice comment, but I felt that was more towards her own self. She’s been living this “other” life in sacrifice for all the potential victims out there. This new job would only mean more of that sacrifice. I see it more asking herself, how much longer, how much more do I want to give of myself to be more for everyone else? I think before her “are you ready to deal?” she was asking herself the same thing. Is she ready to make that deal for her own life. Coming out of that room for possibly the last time, seeing the desks and the boys, she was going to those swings to deal for her own life, because she wants more too.

          • DarkDefender says:

            @Allie. Great point about Kate sacrificing her life for her victims.. That brings the season full circle and makes the most sense. Montgomery’s speech about owing the victims a voice, but not your life.. Resonated back to her in “Still”.. It has been the catalyst for the rest of season 5. (Also telling are the flashes of “life” she had in her final few minutes before Castle returned with the detonator, which were visions of Castle looking at her lovingly).

            Also, the conversations Kate had with Lanie and her Dad.. Were about her saying how amazing the job offer was career wise, but I think she was trying to get them to talk her out of it.. All she wanted was to make sure she knew where she stood with Castle, to turn the job down. Her trepidation when Lanie said “if you talk to him, you’ll have to have that conversation”.. was because she still thought Castle might not want anything further than what they currently had.. which she was okay with, but thought a conversation would basically call his bluff and end the relationship – which would make the job more attractive (it’s circular, I know… But also how people really think when they are at a crossroad). She wants a life, not just work and she realized the mistake she was making in shutting Castle out, because the first thing out of her mouth when she got to the swings was not “I really want this job”.. Or “I don’t know what we are”.. But rather “I am sorry. I shouldn’t have kept secrets”.. And I believe proof she wants the life with Rick, if he’s in it and not be so obsessed with any job she has to do.

        • Maria says:

          Wow. Very well said!!

          • Genda Shearman says:

            I agree with Dark Defender in the above post. I can understand her insecurities and fears an not knowing where the relationship is going and see why she even considered the job in the first place, but I don’t condone her actions. She lied to him, she hid it and and she should have remembered how she felt years before when boyfriend, Will made the same choices she was. It broke her heart and I think she should have considered that. I think she was just too conflicted to see that. Castle, is an in the moment, clueless kind of guy and I think she recognizes this.Yes, he is clueless, but usually Alexis (“I don’t want fear to win”) and Martha’s talk gave him some clarity just as Kate’s talk with her dad and Lanie. I think she had n “AH_HA” moment in the Interrogation room and the speech about her home and her life and I think she was considering Castle into the mix. It showed when she told the guys that there was someone else she had to tell first! She was finally putting him and his feelings first. I think she went to the swingset to apologize to Castle, but when he stopped her mid-sentence, I think she expected a break-up which would have propelled her to take the job offer. I don’t think she will take the offer , but I can see her accepting his proposal, but with stipulations and not yet kind of thing. I don’t think she will flat out say no! I would HATE to see a time lapse that would throw us into DC without giving us some kind of closure to the proposal and into further confusion. I don’t see that happening at all! I want to see what her answer is and hope that this opens the door for more communication because without communication, you have nothing. I am very pro- Caskett and the supporting cast. I don’t want to see them break-up, nor see her take the job offer because that would be like a spin off like NCIS . I hope to see our characters more open with each other and trusting each other more. I have to admit that I like the Senator Bracken behind the job offer. I hadn’t really thought of that, but very interesting and possible.Season 6.01 , I ‘d like to see Kate not reject his proposal but not accept just yet and I hope she handles it well- the right way. But I’d also like to see some more back stories, like Lanie and more Castle! Bring on Season6! I Marlowe, I trust.

  27. Midori says:

    How about a mix of all of them?

    Kate accepted the job offer but wants to think about getting married until a sweeps month. She spends the first couple episodes in D.C. but it’s discovered that an agenda-driven Senator Bracken was behind Kate getting the job. Refusing to be his pawn, Kate returns to NYC, engaged to Rick. However it’s a very long engagement when Gates maintains they can no longer work together once officially married, so they try to hide it from everyone else.

    • Kendall says:

      Don’t forget about Pelant killing five random people.

    • Squintern says:

      Bracken would NOT put Beckett in a job that would allow her to have the full range of federal resources at her disposal to bring him down. That’s like giving the cops all the evidence to bring a killer to justice without having to investigate the case.

      The Castle fandom never ceases to amaze me with its conspiracy-laden theories, character assassinations and general overall one-sidedness and hostility towards people who don’t share their quaint view of Caskett.

    • Nell says:

      I think her shrink brings a lot of clarity to many situations, and they should see him as a relationship counselor. (And we’d get to hear more of Worf’s voice!)

  28. Lisa says:

    This whole rick proposing out of desperation is a load of you know what. Rick was clear that whatever she chooses hell support her no matter what, he wants to marry her regardless. that’s why he wouldn’t let her speak first. It was his way of saying I accept your flaws and I love you for who you are and whether u choose DC or NYC I want to be with you always. The reason the proposal was so serious is because rick is a 9 yr old on a sugar rush and jokes and kids and always does things ina grand way and he needed to let Kate know that he is serious and that there is no joking matter here. Instead of the foamy hearts and candles he took a huge leap and pulled his heart out on layed it at her feet so to speak. He. Looked serious and almost sad because he was afraid she would say no and he was nervous. Of course in castle fashion we were all hoping for a huge grand proposal but this intimate one I think was the right thing to do. Kate is more of an intimate person anyways. And the swings someone mentioned before that says so much right there. If she was saying no or not now Andrew wouldn’t have done it there. The other swings scenes show a promise and a decision being made and things moving forward. So this proposal on the swings in a way of moving the relationship forward. Even if she says not yet and tells rick to ask her later I don’t see rick being ok with that. He waited 4 yrs for her so he suposed to wait again for her until shes ready to marry him? You don’t usually get a redo of a proposal. If she loves him shell say yes. They don’t have to get married tomorrow. They can be engaged for awhile and work through there issues and live together. She wanted to know where theywere going aand now she knows. I believe she went to those swings to tell him she was staying in NYC. The other thing is that Andrew Marlowe spent a long time looking at rings and picking the right wrong for rick to give Kate. If Kate was going to say no or not now then in dont think he wouldn’t put so much time in picking out the ring. If she says not now then its still a step back instead of forward. Why have the proposal at all if she was going to say not yet just to have him do it again later? Rick could’ve shown he was serious without the proposal then. All I know is Andrew won’t disappoint and hes not breaking them up so it will work out somehow whether Kate says yes or not.

    • Jon says:

      EXCELLENT post!

      I’m applauding you very loudly.

      PS: That is a brilliant point about the ring selection.

    • K says:

      Rick would never force Kate into anything. It would’ve been selfish if Rick would’ve proposed after she told Rick she got the job. By saying whatever happens, whatever you decide was Rick saying I’m with you Kate for the long haul. Castle and Beckett are end game. Rick could follow Kate to DC if he really wanted to. Kate never thought about Rick coming with her to DC if she takes the job or not. I think there will be a time jump in 6×01 kinda like the one in Rise.

    • Emmakingg says:

      I completely agree! Great post..

    • Krithika says:

      Fantastic post! Agree with all your points.

    • Ralph says:

      Andrew picked out the ring??? This relationship might be warmer than I thought:-)).

  29. J. Norman says:

    Actually, I think Kate should get together with Esposito. He understands and anticipates her far better than Castle does.

  30. Just one thing says:

    Considering the Johanna Beckett storyline is relegated to 2-3 episodes a year, I hope Bracken isn’t used as the reason for Kate to stay in NYC. (Since we then would not see or hear from him again until January or February.) It would be a bit of a lazy plot device to keep Kate in New York. If for some reason they were going to make the show more serialized, and his actions would be revisited far sooner and would have more immediate effects on Kate, I would welcome it.
    As it stands, I have a strong feeling that Castle is required to adhere to old-school procedural rules, and that the show has been limited to more standalone episodes than anything else. When Paul Lee mentioned the shows that would be broken into two 12-episode halves and Castle wasn’t on the list, that pretty much cemented it for me.

  31. JBC says:

    I think she should take the job, she told her dad she wanted it. She should also say yes to Castle and be engaged for a long while, while they work out a long distance relationship. Castle has money to go to DC whenever he wants, and also they could write a DC storyline where he and the other supporting cast can temporarily be sent to DC to assist. It is fiction so let’s have it all.

  32. Ellie says:

    I think she should take the job, but specifically requests the opportunity to investigate Bracken which allows her to stay in NYC. She says “not right now” to Castle, because she wants to know that his proposal is not a knee jerk reaction to her possibly leaving. Her response is something along the line of, “we haven’t even talked about this… at all.. and now you just come here and propose? how do you even know if i want to get married, castle?”… it causes some awkwardness at first, but hilarity ensues when castle spends the first several episodes proving he is serious about marriage and that she won’t become ex wife #5.
    Meanwhile, she is “on loan” to the NYPD to investigate bracken, so we will still see the gang.

  33. Nicole says:

    I would have to go with D. They have only been in established couple for a year. Kate still lied to him about the interview and did not think how affect both of them. She has the nagging idea that Merdeith but in her head about him not opening up. Revist the marriage idea when she is not having to choose between NY and D.C. They haven’t talked about the future it seemed like the prosoipal was kind of rushed like they skipped a step in between getting together and than marriage. I do hope that this makes Kate and Castle and does not make it Akward for them moving forward. However I would be okay with a long enagement if it was nicely planed out and written. I don’t want it to feel rushed.

  34. Catlin says:


  35. Rachel says:

    Regardless on my feelings on the subject (I picked option D) I think the great thing about this show is how smart the writing is. Look at how they were able to get so many people talking about different options and what could happen and looking forward to the next season. It’s because the show is so well written and you honestly don’t know where it could go because the characters and stories are complex and fans know that Marlowe will not always make the “expected” decision.

  36. KTad says:

    I really like the idea of a time jump showing Castle doing something and us not knowing if Kate stayed or left, said yes or no. That would be a cool start.

    I’m in the camp that Kate decided not to take the job simply because she realized she had given up too much of her life for her job and the NYC is her home with Castle, Lanie, Espo, Ryan, Gates. I have no idea what she will say to the proposal – I’m leaning towards her explaining she had decided to stay, wants to eventually marry Castle, but wants to put it on hold for a bit. I think the show can function with that scenario – it would be near impossible to make it watchable if she flat out said no with no promise of the future. Remember those uncomfortable moments in S4 in “The Limey” and “Headhunters” when they were on bad terms – eek!

  37. Nev827 says:

    Scenario B is interesting. Hadn’t thought of that. But I think D is more likely to happen. I also think she’ll discover something about the new job that will make her not want to take it and not be apart of the agency. Maybe they kill civilians trying to do the right thing then justify the act by saying it’s in the interest of national security or something, something similar to how Bracken justified his killing her mother and all the others. She has to have a moment where she realizes the grass isn’t necessarily gonna be greener in a bigger, better pasture, so to speak. Of course, if Beckett’s intention was never to take the job then that theory is shot right to hell!

    Lastly, I cannot understand why so many people think she will actually take the job and move out of New York. Andrew Marlowe has said that Castle and Beckett’s relationship is the show’s bread and butter, so if she were to move and they did the long distance thing, what’s the point? I guess people just want angst for angst’s sake.

  38. Tinemi says:

    What does a “better proposal” involves? I loved the proposal! It was how I like those things to go: in a significant place for both and as a sign of compromise and love. He was nervous (as I think most men must be when doing such a decision) and scared (which, also seems normal when your girlfriend is not exactly giving hints about when she wants to marry and how many bridesmaids she wants to have when that happens). I don’t expect her to say yes from the start, is not her character, but I hope she says “later”.

  39. M. says:

    I really really DON’T wanna see anything Bracken-related, when it comes to the DC-job. IMO it would kind of throw a shadow on the Caskett-proposal. Desperation-discussion aside, the job offer WAS the trigger & if Bracken has anything to do with it, it would just make it even more awful.

    Shortly I just don’t want to see Bracken in one of the first episodes of season 6, because Caskett are already having enough issues to confront, so that the senator don’t has to be thrown into the mix. But maybe that’s just me.

    When it comes to the season-opener I don’t see how the would pull off a DC-storyline, so I’m pretty sure that Kate’s staying with the NYPD, regardless to her answer to Castle. As far as that goes I actually don’t care, if she says “yes” or “not yet”, I just want Caskett to talk about their issues before they’ll live happily ever after.

  40. M3rc Nate says:

    Its sad but i never really thought of option A. I could totally see that being a reality, she says she cant and takes the job, for 1-3 episodes shes in DC with her own story line (getting more and more depressed/regretful about her decision) and she comes back…but Castle is heart broken and cant take her back, i mean she did say NO to a MARRIAGE proposal (huge deal) and then bailed for a job (cause we all look back at life at 90 y/o and think about work….oh wait…nope..we think about the ones we love and our relationships/marriage partner…So i could see for half a season she for once is trying to win HIM back..so shes going all out and hes the one depressed and unsure if he can trust her, then eventually (duh) he accepts her back. I actually see that as a fun way for them to inject some life/change into their relationship and help them stretch out the story longer.

    • Liz says:

      That would kill Kate’s character!

      • M3rc Nate says:

        How? I think It would be realistic and give new life to her character, and also flip the script on the relationship dynamic. Id love it. She needs a reality check on what she has. After her mega doubting and possibly taking the job and flirting/letting the guy kiss her (let alone he was a admitted scum bag)…she needs to take the job and not be cut out for it and lose almost everything for it. Come back and all she’s got is her old job , her dad and Lanie…castle is heartbroken and the boys are a little “u abandoned us” and Castles daughter hates her. Like when castle left for the Hamptons, she has to earn it all back. And be obvious about it.

      • sorry to say LIZ , the writers already KILLED “Kate’s character” by letting her say ” ITS NOT ABOUT US”

      • Corkey says:

        Beckett’s character is already dead. Not sure Marlowe thought there would be as much of a fan pushback with her betrayal of Castle’s trust and infidelity in “Squab” as there has been (look at other sites), but she will never, never be liked again unless she makes some grand gesture to put Castle first. Saying “Yes” to the proposal, something that will happen eventually, and “No” to the poorly contrived and forced job offer will go a long way as a catharthis.

        Beckett is in damage control mode whether she or Marlowe and the rest of the creative dolts writing this show know it or not.

        No need to argue this point, the season 6 premiere will open to 13 million plus viewers, depending on Beckett’s response let’s look at those viewer numbers around 6×4 or 6×5.

  41. Deb Caskett says:

    How can you not choose E or F? lol

    • Squintern says:

      because not all of us Castle fans drink the proverbial relationship kool-aid and are generally annoyed by the fact that people get pissed when there is not enough Caskett scenes. The show was at its most success when they were not a couple. I repeat — NOT a couple.

  42. lilys87 says:

    It was the worst proposal ever ! Easy to turn down when the guy put so much energy in the thing… I mean, no smile, no emotion, just plain face and voice. Looked like it was a punishment, that he really didn’t want to do it but had no choice…

    I get the purpose, we were supposed to believe they were going to break up… but it ruined everything. I ship them so much, this cannot be their proposal. We need anoter one :) A better one !

    • Liz says:

      Exactly..they can do so much better!

    • Jon says:

      I respect your opinion, I do and I don’t want to disillusion you, but speaking as a man who has proposed, even when you’re pretty sure the lady (or guy) is going to say yes, you’re still more afraid than you’ve ever been in your entire life. His face, his seriousness were more real to me than any rainbow and unicorn cliche that TV and film feed us. Especially since he really doesn’t know what Kate’s answer is going to be. Can you imagine, laying every part of you wide open to the person you love most of all and there being a chance that you’re going to be rejected? It takes guts and trust me, there’s no smiles or laughter or joy until the ring is on her finger. That proposal we saw was raw and real, and what made it so was that no one (myself included) expected Castle to propose with anything less than skywriting, hot-air balloons and champagne. Which makes what we saw totally different and far more meaningful for him than how we’ve been told in canon he’s proposed in the past. That’s why I loved it so much.

      • Lilys87 says:

        Yeah you’re probably right, it’s just when it comes to them, I take romantism, rainbow and unicorn over reality ^^

      • DarkDefender says:

        ITA Jon. The gravity of it all from Castle’s perspective is what drove that proposal. He was “diving in”… And wanted to make sure Beckett knew how serious he was about her. The smiles and lightness can come when she says “yes, but we owe it to ourselves to figure this out some more first… “

      • Krithika says:

        Totally agree with you Jon. It wasn’t over the top and extravagant and the thing I really really loved the most about the proposal was that Castle proposed at their swing set. It made the scene all the more special.

    • John says:

      “It was the worst proposal ever !”

      Only if she says “No”, (or Pelant shoots him/her)

  43. Jenn says:

    I voted for D, but I’m thinking there is a G.

    G. Kate explains that he doesn’t need a proposal to get her to stay, she just needs to know its going somewhere. Castle, realizing he skipped some important steps is some what relieved. They realize they are ready to take the next step and decide to move in with each other instead.

  44. John says:

    Where in the poll was “And just as Kate was about to speak, a shot rings out and (s)he crumples to the ground……” Or Rick’s phone rings and it’s Pelant… (hey anything to get him off Bones).

    My take given the show’s level of adultness? She says “yes”; they deal with it. (Oh and D.C. and SuperFed can go stick it, she’s an NYPD Cop or they’ve been writing, and she playing, the wrong character for every episode since the pilot).

    Oh and Gates? Rick’s not NYPD (SO, not NYPD….) so I doubt there’s any “book” answer anyway. The one that is going to have the attitude problem seems to be Esposito.

  45. Anna says:

    Ugh, don’t even plant the idea of the long engagement…

  46. arial2 says:

    I thought the proposal came from the wrong place: Rick’s desperation at the thought of losing her instead of a well-thought-out desire to spend the rest of his life with Kate. I hope she says no but makes it clear she is not turning him down forever, just wants to be sure they don’t jump into marriage for the wrong reason. Both need time to be sure this next step is what they really want. (I hope it is, eventually, but think Rick would not have proposed at that time had he not wanted to keep her from taking the job in DC, the wrong reason to propose. How selfish is putting one’s own desires ahead of supporting one’s partner’s chance to further a career she obviously loves?)

    • Allie says:

      I think you missed the “so whatever happens, whatever you decide” part of the proposal.

      • Just one thing says:

        He said it and he meant it. But it still seemed to come out of a place of desperation. His only daughter lives in New York, his mother lives in New York. I honestly don’t think Kate expected him to relocate with her, let alone marry her. That’s asking quite a bit.
        So, yeah, he selflessly offers to move to DC with her. But how long would it be before be started to resent her, just as she worried she might do if she turned the job down for him?
        It is all such a monumental leap from not talking about the future or current insecurities to marriage for the rest of their lives. I’m having a hard time seeing how so, so many viewers are embracing this.

    • KellyR says:

      I agree I think the proposal was heartfelt but it’s for the wrong reasons. It felt like Rick was trying to make a grand gesture to say how he felt without actually saying the words. I feel like he could have convinced her stay just talking things out and sharing what his vision for the future is without pressuring her with a proposal. If anything I think this is going to freak her out. I don’t see her saying yes, rather a maybe or they need to give it time.

      Don’t get me wrong I was still happy to see him propose, but it felt hollow because it wasn’t romantic to me in a way he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Rather it felt like he wanted to propose to make her stay and felt like there was no other way to convince her. It’s kind of selfish to me, that’s a lot of pressure, she either accepts the engagement or says maybe (which he takes as a no) or an outright no because she wants to pursue her career? That’s not a fair choice, he knows her job is important to her, and making her choose is not right.

      I think maybe they do need some time, maybe she should take the job in DC for a few episodes and then figure out what she wants. Never thought I would ever say that about them, but I feel like they do need to actually talk things through and maybe she gets a real proposal next season.

  47. Teri says:

    There was no desperation to the proposal…Castle had no idea what Kate was even thinking at the time. The time had come to answer the ,”Where are we going” question. These two are not teenagers, but grown adults who should know after 5 years if it is serious or not. The episode was called Watershed for a reason..both Rick and Kate realized they wanted “more” and Castle manned up to tell Kate he wanted to be with her no matter where she went and Kate turned down the job, realizing she wanted more to her life than a job.

  48. i don’t care what the caskett will end… what i want is a serial killer like the miniature killer arc on csi and castle going mental cause basically the killer knows his past … that is something that fillion would be awesome!!!!

  49. Kate says:

    I really don’t have a clue what will happen (but I hope she says yes). I really love that this site has a post about it and how many people are talking about it so thoughtfully. It’s such a great show, and these two characters are so easy to root for. I really can’t wait to find out what happens in the fall!

  50. Kate says:

    I really don’t have a clue what will happen (but I hope she says yes). I really love that this site has a post about it and how many people are talking about it so thoughtfully. It’s such a great show, and these two characters are so easy to root for. I can’t wait to find out what happens in the fall!