The Voice Top 8 Performance Recap: Hold Your Breath and Count to 10 [Updated]

Usher The Voice Season 4NBC’s The Voice has a lot of fantastic qualities — stellar vocalists, positive energy, the limitation of Christina Milian’s ineptitude to two or three mercifully brief interview segments per episode — but subtlety ain’t one of ’em.

Indeed, a cursory examination of the performance order from last week’s Top 10 telecast and this week’s Top 8 show reveals that certain contestants have been unfairly marooned in top-of-the-episode “death slots” that veteran reality TV viewers know are synonymous with results-night exits. To be more specific, this week’s 1-2-3-4 solo performance slots were mired in the 2-1-3-5 slots last week. Meanwhile, front-runners Daniele Bradbery and Michelle Chamuel have never performed earlier than No. 7 in performance order since the live voting rounds began. Come on, Mark Burnett…that’d be like having a Survivor camera guy secretly hand-hold a contestant till he or she was within 3 feet of a hidden immunity idol. (Wait, the camera guys on Survivor don’t actually do that, do they?)

Whatever the case may be, what began as a showdown among a pretty evenly matched Top 8 soon found four singers — Judith, Michelle, Danielle and Amber — beginning to separate themselves from their rivals. Without further ado, let’s cut to the set list (along with my letter grades) for the 120 minute concert.

Judith Hill: (featuring Justin Bieber)’s “#thatPOWER” | From a strategic standpoint, it was risky for Judith to choose vibe over vocals and grit over glory notes, but I appreciated her effort to make something more (and different) (and vastly more interesting) of an inconsequential pop trifle. Swathed in a cape of feathers and rocking a Sanjaya-esque “ponyhawk” that looked in silhouette like the crest of some strange exotic bird, Judith brought funk and tempo to the Voice stage, and didn’t have any troubles maneuvering the tight curves of’s ditty with her Mack-truck sized voice. Judith may be too far polished to appeal to voters who like their reality-show pop stars to emerge from half-shells of complete anonymity, but this week she convinced me  that she could be a viable player on today’s Billboard Hot 100. Grade: A-

Holly Tucker: The Band Perry’s “Done” | You can’t fault Holly when it comes to vocal consistency: The still-active college student hits her notes like Katniss Everdeen at target practice. But there’s still something uninspired about her delivery — a shallowness of emotional connection, maybe — that leaves me thinking “She’d be great at karaoke night” or “I might’ve voted for her if she’d had another five years of life experience” rather than “I can’t wait to buy her record next fall.” Grade: B

Judith, Michelle, Sarah and Sasha: Rihanna’s “Diamonds” | I’m just going to come out and say it: Individually, these women have talent, but together, they operated as naturally and purposefully as the combination of a fork, a woodchipper, a gallon of 2% milk and a box of Kleenex. I couldn’t wait for it to end…and upon second listen, I realize I was way too generous with my inital letter grade. Grade: C D+

The Swon Brothers: The Eagles’ “Seven Bridges Road” | I’m not gonna lie: It bugged me that the trio of background singers overpowered Zach and Colton for at least half of their Eagles cover — especially because, from what I could tell, their vocals simply weren’t as on point as last week. No, the end product wasn’t terrible, but Usher’s use of “incredible” in triplicate strained the outer boundaries of credulity. Adam made a half-hearted attempt to point out the aforementioned pitch snafus, but then retreated under a blanket of disingenuous self-deprecation: “I’m just being stupid and picky. I’m sorry.” Urgh, dude, that’s your job! And you’re paid wayyy too much to be shirking it in the hopes someone else will get it done. Grade: B

Sasha Allen: David Guetta (featuring Usher)’s “Without You” | Shakira has been a delight during her maiden voyage on The Voice — she’s got great chemistry with her fellow judges and seems really invested in her contestants. But can you imagine how much more successful a coach she’d have been if she’d wound up with a final three of Luke Edgemon, Shawna P and Cathia? I know some TVLine readers adore Sasha, but to me she’s like orange marmalade or oysters or chardonnay — flavors I just can’t get excited about. Sasha’s rendition of “Without You” had so much vibrato that I wondered if there was a tower of laundry machines on spin cycle beneath the platform where she began her performance. Worse still, though, the gorgeous young mom went intermittently flat throughout the verses — making me wonder if those dancers in Hazmat gear had been sent in to clean up the notes she’d made toxic. Grade: C-

Sarah Simmons: Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” | Sarah’s got a lovely, ethereal tone to her voice, except for those moments where it sounds like she’s broken out a shot glass full of battery acid, gargled it and then let out some kind of guttural animal shriek. Granted, I felt like there were times early in the season where Sarah used the raspier parts of her voice to bring to life darker and stormier emotions in her songs. Lately though, that grit has been used more arbitrarily — and much less pleasantly — almost as if Sarah is going backward in terms of her technique. (Where’s her coach at, yo!?) Oh, and that well-concealed dig from Shakira — that Gotye’s 2011 smash has already been done “several times” on The Voice (by Daniel Rosa and Lindsey Pavao, to be specific) — definitely had merit. Grade: C-

Amber, Danielle, Holly and the Swon Brothers: Sugarland’s “Something More” | I couldn’t shake the thought that the chorus of Sugarland’s 2005 hit was a close cousin of Hanson’s “Mmmbop,” but these four acts  sounded rock-solid (if not thoroughly thrilling) joining forces to bring it on home for the country-music fans in the audience. Grade: B

Michelle Chamuel: Bruno Mars’ “Grenade” | I liked Usher’s idea of making Michelle’s voice the “loudest instrument on stage” — especially since The Voice house band sometimes steamrolls the show’s more subtle vocalists. And yet while the final arrangement sacrificed Bruno’s percussive urgency — transforming it into what wound up sounding like “Grenade” as reimagined by Meatloaf — it nevertheless showcased Michelle’s versatility, not to mention the way she authentically conveys whatever emotion a song requires. I love the tremulousness she brought to her softer notes — without ever going off pitch — and the rocker-girl danger that emanated off her when she went into a crouch and howled. And while it’s not really a legit reason to cast a vote, Usher’s connection with his last remaining contestant is undoubtedly the most endearing of any coach-contestant combo this season. Michelle loves Usher. He loves her. He even dons black-framed glasses to keep a visual sense of unity on game night. #Adorbs Grade: A-

Danielle Bradbery: The Judds’ “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout the Good ‘Ol Days)” | Everything about Danielle’s performance — the old-fashioned swing on a rural porch set, the windowbox of flowers behind her, Blake’s insistence that her song about Grandpappy’s value system “matters now more than ever” — transported me back to the early ’80s era when my grade-school self would occasionally tune in to Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters variety show. (Oh no, I just realized that I’m playing the role of grandpa and telling you ’bout the good ‘old days!) Anyhow, the verses were definitely pitched a little low for Danielle’s comfort zone — not that any of the coaches called out this fact — but she did seem really connected to her song, and showed off that big, honey-kissed voice of hers to beautiful effect on the chorus. I can’t pretend the aura of inevitability surrounding the likelihood of Danielle’s Season 4 win doesn’t aggravate me a bit, but as long as Blake keeps coaching her to hit up-the-middle doubles that play to her country core, the kid is gonna keep building a sizeable lead over her competitors. Grade: A-

Amber Carrington: Adele’s “Skyfall” | Hallelujah! Amber not only survived last week’s disastrous Kelly Clarkson cover, but reemerged as a serious conteder with a vocal on “Skyfall” that had an almost condor-like wingspan. What was even more amazing was that Amber looked genuinely nervous as she slinked out from behind the piano and began to take on Adele’s sweeping James Bond theme, but those nerves never registered in Amber’s voice. I loved the little gritty twist she gave to the pre-chorus, and the pure diva showboating of the final run of glory notes. The girl is a superstar in the making — though I sometimes feel like that should happen in the pop lane moreso than country. The only thing that I didn’t care for was Adam declaring that no prior Voice contestant had ever done an Adele song justice — despite having coached Amanda Brown when she proved beyond brilliant last season with “Someone Like You.” Better be great the next few weeks, Amber, how because your coach seems to have problems with his memory! Grade: A-

Should Go Home: Sasha and Sarah
Will Go Home: Holly and Sarah

And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of Season 4 Top 8 performance night? What did you think of the coaches’ comments? Who was your favorite? Who’s going to be in trouble come results night? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments, and for all my reality TV news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. AlyB says:

    Michelle was outstanding tonight. Loved it. Absolutely loved it. Amber slayed Skyfall. I’ve liked Amber a lot all along but she took my admiration for her to another level tonight. I really wish she would take Adam’s advice and choose to stretch beyond country. Judith sounded spectacular and there’s no question that she’s incredibly creative. I was just distracted by that silver feather cape thing lol. That rounds out my top 3 for the night.

    Danielle has a phenomenal voice. Usher was right when he called her a prodigy. I hated that song though and I think maybe she did too. I don’t know why she struck me as bored and disengaged even while her vocal was terrific but she did. Swon brothers sounded great. Harmonies were tight and spot on. I don’t really care for their music and don’t think I ever will. That’s next tier for me tonight.

    Holly sounded great. her voice on that song was everything anyone would want. she has zip, zippo, nothing in the stage presence arena though. She stood there just moving her foot on some of the most rockin moments of that song and her face was mostly.dead. She had a few moments and i mean second that she looked like she was letting loose then went right back into her shell. Sasha sounded ok. It was pretty forgettable though. She’s in trouble. Sarah was absolutely awful. That was easily the worst vocal of the night. I just don’t get what people see in her. She should go home with either Sasha or Holly.

  2. tw says:

    Please send Holly and the Swon Bros home. Please. It would be a shame to lose Sasha or Sarah at this point.

  3. Timmah says:

    I like Sarah, but that was entirely the wrong song choice for her. Give her some Janis Joplin ffs.

  4. Jeremy B says:

    I thought the performances tonight were unusually strong overall. Most were in the A/B range for me. My rankings…and please note that the top 5 here were *really* close together quality-wise, IMO…
    1) Amber
    2) Michelle
    3) Sasha
    4) Judith
    5) Danielle

    6) Swon Bros.
    7) Holly
    8) Sarah

    Judith came out and just blew me away. Then Holly was excellent vocally, but the song didn’t do much for me, and as others have noted — after Judith, few are going to look as good in working the stage. Swon Brothers were fine, enjoyed the harmonies. Thought Sasha came out and ended up equalling Judith vocally. I only gave her the edge because I like the song a bit more. Not sure what others are hearing when they occasionally complain about her pitch. On the other hand, good song choice for Sarah, and I do like her, but she was intermittently flat throughout. Slezak must have noticed that too (C-). Sadly, she just seems like the most inconsistent one left. Michelle was awesome and has a great focused tone and intensity to her singing. She has a wonderful round, clear tone too. If she sang with a bit more soul inflection, she’d remind me of Annie Lennox a bit, actually, due to her oftimes ferocious delivery. Danielle is ridiculously good — polished, precise and musical beyond her years. I would not be surprised if she eventually matches and even surpasses Underwood career-wise.

    Amber was very interesting. I can see why Adam pushed her on the song choice. And I can see why she would be uncomfortable with it. But, bottom-line, in old school terms — she simply has the pipes for it. She may well never go out of her comfort zone that much again, but I thought she proved she could do it. And Adam was so shrewd to lobby that she do so. Because #1, she demonstrates that she can be a credible power diva, which could be useful down the road dealing with record execs and providing more options for albums and appealing to a wider audience. And #2, not only will she still likely get some country voters, she just branched out to a different voting demographic of older and more urbane viewers. Very smart on multiple levels for Adam to suggest that and for her to go for it and give it a shot in stretching herself at this point. I think it worked really well. At 20, she still clearly looked a bit uncomfortable performing that role, but give her 5, 10, 15 years. If she keeps an open mind to different styles like that, she could challenge Adele, Celine, whoever. Pick almost any type of diva vocalist. She’s that good.

    • BillyBob says:

      Judith blew you away? LOL! I would of been blown away if a Justin Bieber hologram came out. That would of been epic! I do agree Danielle is ridiculously good. Effortless as always. She does not need vocal acrobatics #21 on iTunes.

      • Tyrion says:

        Firstly, if you’re going to insist on spewing the same old vitriolic crap about Judith’s ‘gimmicky’ vibe, the correct term is “would HAVE”, not “would of”. Sorry I know I sound petty on that, but then again, so does your constant negativity on her ONE performance. She’s had some pretty stellar performances in the past REGARDLESS of personal preference. But I do also have to agree with you on her Justin Bieber song choice. Justin Bieber..just…ew. Not a good move, Judith :'(

  5. ABC says:

    Danielle does not know how to connect with her songs. Even Sheryl Crow said it. She is bland. Simple as that.

    • Timmah says:

      It doesn’t matter because she has the tone of a superstar.

      • NBC says:

        LMFAO. She will be a flop after this.

        • Debi says:

          the bar is set very low for these “new” country singers. Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Anne Murrary, even Faith and Shania don’t ge tthe love that these bubble gum country come lately singers (sad that the successful contry artists are Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift and Blake and Miranda) get

          • Timmah says:

            You can’t live in the past. Country music has evolved like everything else. The Underwoods and the Swifts,etc. have brought in a whole new audience that would never have listened to it in the past.

          • Venus says:

            Picking on Carrie is a sin. Obviously you have never seen her in a live concert.

      • BillyBob says:

        Right on! A voice / tone of a COUNTRY SUPERSTAR!!! Danielle is IN IT TO WIN IT!

      • Ed says:

        It takes more than “tone” to be a superstar. I just don’t see what Danielle has that THOUSANDS of country wannabees in Nashville don’t alreay have too.

    • BillyBob says:

      @ABC: Danielle is a prodigy, her voice has SUPERSTAR written all over it. She can sing the alphabet and it will be a top ten on the iTunes chart.

    • Jan1 says:

      Carrie Underwood had a gorgeous voice on Idol, yet was stiff as a board. She’s doing okay last I checked. I don’t want Danielle to win, but I think she probably will.

    • Gomer says:

      Once again, I loved Danielle’s performance. Guess many feel the same as her song tonight is right up there again on iTunes.

  6. Tom says:

    I’d like to see Sasha, Michelle, and Amber make it to the top 4 but it’ll probably be a blake and adam final 4.

  7. Lois Benton says:

    Oh, Michael, get off that country train. It’s going nowhere; The Voice ain’t American Idol. What we have gleaned from this night’s performance: Adam is smarter than Blake. Amber, Holly and Danielle are three talented country artists who are in a dead heat as to talent and whose strengths are very different. But Adam managed his charge much better than Blake. I like Blake’s Holly better than his Danielle. Danielle is potentially quite an artist, after life kicks her around a little. Right now, she lacks gravitas and her teenage smugness is hard to take. Sarah is the best voice on this show. If I were a record producer in a world wherein that mattered, I couldn’t sign Sarah fast enough. She’s terrific, although Adam is not handling her correctly. Usher is doing right by Michelle, who gave the best performance of the night. I’ve always liked her, but tonight is the first time I thought she could win. Sasha is a tremendous talent; I do NOT agree with your grade or your apparent bias against her. Oddly, the Swon Brothers are the best country artist on the show, thanks to the lead vocalist. Judith was okay tonight, but not her best; she’s in danger of leaving. Adam’s managed Amber well, but not Judith or Sarah. Pick Adam as a coach at your peril, Future Contestants. Adam apparently wants Amber to win, but it might backfire on him. Michelle could win this. I don’t mind. I think Judith and Holly will leave. I think Holly and Danielle should leave.

  8. BillyBob says:

    A prodigy, effortless singing – Usher
    Star quality – Shakira
    A country star is about to be born – Adam
    currently #24 on iTunes

  9. Fabe says:

    I like Christina Milian.

  10. kaba says:

    I wanna take Sarah Simmons and kick her in the throat…
    Rasp is a good thing to be able to tap into but oh my God she forces it so much and soo obviously I can’t stand it

  11. Hahahahahah says:

    “We owe them a grebt of daditude” – Carson on the band

  12. A says:

    1) Judith – I really love Judith’s voice and her performance tonight was more entertaining than some but I find myself still waiting to feel the magic I felt when hearing her sing ‘What A Girl Wants’ in the auditions. I feel like none of her performance have lived up to that spectacular performance. She needs to have better song choices.
    2) Amber – I really do love her voice and she is one of my favorites. She kind of reminds me of a young Martina McBride both looks-wise and vocally I see some resemblance. Great performance tonight.
    3) Michelle – This girl is awesome and even though Grenade is a song that should be banned from ever being sung again, she did a great job.
    4) Danielle – She has a lot of talent and is a great singer. I just haven’t really enjoyed a lot of her song choices lately.
    5) Sasha – I don’t know. One week I like her and the next I really don’t. However, these past few weeks I have not enjoyed her performances. Her voice has this Broadway vibe that has been appearing a lot more lately and its just weird when she sings covers. I find myself comparing her to the original a lot more than I would other contestants and I rarely think her versions are better. I definitely think she should go home this week
    6) Holly – After last week, I was ready for her to leave, but I enjoyed this different side of her. A lot more enthusiastic and aggressive.
    7) Sarah – I was really disappointed with the song choice given to her. She did a good job but I was hoping she’d continue her rockier side like last week. I really enjoyed that.
    8) Swon Bros – They’re okay to me but really boring song choices. If someone has to go tomorrow, they should be one of them.
    The coaches need to stop sidetracking with the critiques. I mean seriously, they have to comment on everyone’s boots and then when one starts the other follow. It was never ending. It’s like just get to their voices already!
    Adam is really the only judge to me that is honest about his critiques and will actually comment on issues he sees, I just hate that he feels the need to call himself stupid and then disregard his critique. The other coaches just keep saying “You’re awesome”, “Amazing”, etc. Sometimes I wish Simon Cowell was on this show so we can get some real raw critiques and not have it be a complete lovefest all the time.

    • Hey, It's ME! says:

      When the Voice began, and Judith auditioned, I thought – wow, she’s a lock!! But as the weeks have progressed, I have grown weary of her style. The way she presents herself is overpowering her voice. I had no idea why she picked this weeks song, but it really didn’t matter what she sang, because she chose to put her hair out front.
      Judith has super talent and should already be a recording artist, however, at this point, isn’t she trying to hard to prove something that is absolutely not necessary? I wish Adam could reign her in and simplify her look, so she could highlight her incredible voice.

  13. says:

    I get what people are saying about Danielle and the lack of connection at times. But the things for me is…her voice is so damn CLEAR and pleasant to listen to. It’s like pristine. It does sound distinct to me because of that and I just like it. That being said, I don’t think she should win. Michelle is probably the most complete artist. Her performance-vocal and all- was awesome tonight.

    • BillyBob says:

      I think you hit the nail on the head with Danielle, she can sing the theme to the Brady Bunch and it would chart high on iTunes. I want a final of Danielle and Michelle, the battle of the ‘elle’s.

  14. BillyBob says:

    iTunes rankings ….19: Danielle, 30: Michelle, 47: Amber, 52: Swon Bros, 79: Sarah, 98: Holly, 126: Sasha, 127: Judith. Danger of going bye bye Holly, Sasha, or Judith?

    • Timmah says:

      My prediction would be Holly and Sasha leaving, with an outside chance of it being Judith or Sarah.

    • matt says:

      Glad to see Sarah in the middle of the pack, even though I don’t know how reflective this is of non-Itunes voting. I am worried about her after reading this website and its commenters. Also it’s going to look really bad if it’s the 2 black girls going home tonight, they’re both really good.

  15. HTGR says:

    They need to get rid of the double elims for the top ten. it flies by too fast, nobody gets to have a chance to grow and connect as much. It makes taking risks or giving real criticism far too risky because with two gone it’s too easy for most any to get tossed at any time.

    • Timmah says:

      I agree. I don’t know what the hurry is, given that there’s hardly anything else worth watching on TV all summer.

  16. Jane says:


    Did Sasha and Shakira somehow get on your bad side? I’m puzzled, C- seriously? Judith an A? O.o That was a terrible song choice!

  17. Adam Fachry says:

    Haven’t watched all the performances, but given how often times he can be biased towards Sasha, I need to ask you all, is Sasha really that bad? C- basically implies her performance is as bad as Lazaro in a good day. Also, I like Amber. But tbh, I’m kinda annoyed by the way Adam markets her as a country songstress who can crossover to pop. Like, she’s only done TWO country songs so far (with one of them being her pick). As much as I dislike Blake’s two remaining ladies, he did do a fairly good job at demonstrating their country sensibility. If Adam really can’t make her country, then go on, make her sing songs from other genres, but stop marketing her as country, regardless of her ability to crossover.

  18. DaysGoBy says:

    LOL Rebel Wilson!!! So sharp it made my ears bleed. She does not seem sincere she seems fake!! Zero Personality! Gwen Sebastian Team Blake Season 2 was singing with Blake tonight. Diss the man all you like but I follow he & adam on twitter and Blake stays in touch with his artists..Raelynn is in the video for Boys Round Here and Blake does a duet My Eyes with Gwen. I have yet to see communication between Adam & Javier Colon. Blake also recorded I Will on Dia Frampton’s album. If I were a contestant I would pick him without thinking!!! I personally loved Michelle & Amber tonight but Danielle is my favorite! But during the Judith Sasha Sarah Michelle rendition of Diamonds Michelle was the star!!! WOW And whether or not you like Danielle Shakira was right she has STAR quality and her voice is beautiful & natural and I guess some equate effortless as boring I ‘ll take her voice over the vocal gymnastics of others. Michelle, Amber & Danielle don’t need that vocal trickery they are awesome. Janelle and The Band Perry did do Done on AI. Janelle had Attitude and Fiestyness that Holly lacked it was like watching a bad actor on a soap not believable at all but the girl can sing!!! Judith is not my taste but flawless! The Swons are growing on me. Shakira’s song choices & coaching will be Sasha’s demise. I think she will go home with (fingers crossed Rebel) Sarah. Or Judith she is low man on Itunes Danielle is #16!! I like Shakira’s personality but Xtina is a better coach. So is CeeLo!! I can’t wait for next Season til they get back!!

    • Adam Fachry says:

      Don’t diss Rebel Wilson (the real one obviously)! She’s flawless!

    • eli says:

      Javier Colon opened for Maroon 5 throughout Latin America, Tony Lucca signed on Adams label,his album comes out next month and he will open for Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson this summer.Twitter doesnt mean anything really.

  19. Jane says:

    Danielle has that Taylor Swift vibe going for her. Sugary contemporary country pop.

  20. Gomer says:

    There’s so many Danielle haters here. I admit, I not a country person. But when Danielle sings the chorus in this song it’s sublime. This girl sings with ease and so effortless.

  21. silverrr says:

    Just a few comments here hmm hmm~
    I don’t quite understand why Amber is getting so much praise. Sure, her performance of Skyfall was decent for where we’re at in the show, but after listening to it several times, I don’t seem to catch the appeal. I do admit that it was one of her best vocals, but she chopped off notes, was pitchy in the beginning, and didn’t do anything with the arrangement besides changing some licks. I thought Amanda Brown from the previous season did a much better job of taking an Adele song on.
    I also don’t understand the appeal for Daniele. She’s cute and she’s young and she’s got a nice understanding of what to do with her voice, but her personality when singing is lacking. Maybe if she showed more raw emotion I’d like her a little more.
    Sarah’s rendition of Somebody That I Used to Know bugged me and that might be all on Adam, but I didn’t catch the pre-performance package. It was all right, but Lindsey Pavao (who no one seems to remember, shame on you :/ ) pulled that song out in a better, darker light– lets talk about oxymorons later. I love Sarah to bits, but the song wasn’t right for her. Just how I felt with her on Arms of An Angel. Just hope this move doesn’t send her home, there’s just something about the rasp that I can’t help but like! … Maybe this has something to do with me liking Juliet Simms too? I dunno.
    Judith pulled out a new style of her own this week, but was it too much of a risk? I think so. It was far too different and didn’t show off enough of her vocal ability. I do think she will make it, but she’ll need to be more careful, or she should have shown her true colors before she got so far in.
    Holly and Michele completely ROCKED IT. While Holly might not have perfected the “bad ass” attitude, she surely knocked it out vocally, which is, after all, the idea of the show “the VOICE”, right? Not “the STAGE PRESENCE”. Michele is just a gem to see and one of my favorites for this whole competition. I only heard one bad note from her tonight and it was quickly resolved to fit the chord which is the sign of a true artist to correct on the spot. I have to give the night to them! c: …But, darn it. Why is Daniele beating Michele AGAIN on iTunes?!

    • Gomer says:

      I believe Danielle has the powerful country votes. Same question as why did Tate Stevens win the X-Factor? He’s a flop now in terms of album and song sales. But Danielle is the real deal. Looks like another top ten for Danielle.

  22. Chloe says:

    My rankings (first to last) are Amber, Judith, Michelle, Sasha, Swon Brothers, Holly, Danielle, and Sarah. Adam chose a poor song for Sarah. She’d have been better off with Skyfall; however, I’m glad that Amber sang it because she turned it out. Holly’s vocals were good, but I didn’t really believe she owned it until the end. Danielle is usually on point, but she was boring tonight.

  23. Jeremy Thomas says:

    All I have to say is “Great gret of datitude.” But I’ll give Carson a word jumbling every now and then.

  24. Gomer says:

    Judith is going home tomorrow. She’s super far behind on itunes right now, and itunes has been right every week so far in showing who would go home. Oh well, I guess the MJ connection didn’t help. Picking a song featuring that douche Justin Bieber is not too bright.

    • JudithFAN says:

      If she goes home, it’s the song choice and she picked it out. Very risky, and I think she may go home too :(

  25. Jenny says:

    Whooo! Michelle and Amber!! True stars right there! Danielle is a force to be reckoned with though, ugh wish she wasn’t in the running. Her voice is so beautiful and flawless, but its like she has it won already cause she’s country!

  26. JudithFAN says:

    My favorite contestant Judith sang a very surprised and unexpected song, and Justin Bieber’s “#thatPOWER” (it’s her choice, NOT her coach Adam Levine’s), that could really kill her chances in this competition. Double whoa. Don’t get me wrong: I really enjoyed Judith’s performance this evening, despite (or maybe because of) how very risky it was. I liked seeing this “child of funk” go full-on Vegas disco-diva, complete with Tina Turner-at-Thunderdome shaggy silver super hero cape, foot-tall Patti LaBelle meets Marge Simpson hair that Blake called “badass,” and some fierce, leggy dancing. Judith was having a real Glambert/Cody Belew/Jada moment, and it was a ton of fun! The whole production actually reminded me of the wild days when Cee Lo Green was still a coach (as Blake later joked). But I am not sure if what Shakira called an “audacious” move was a smart move, because I’m not sure if this is what Judith’s core fanbase wants to see from her. Adam boldly stated, “This is not a contestant on ‘The Voice’; this is an artist performing a song, just like all of us [coaches] do.” We’ll see if America appreciated Judith’s artistic statement or was it a hot mess? But I am very worried for her. she may not be a contestant on “The Voice” much longer. :(

    • HTGR says:

      I thought it worked well and was refreshing, but as you say I guess that sort of thing doesn’t work for the new fanbase of The Voice. S1-S2 I bet it would have worked out fine for her.

  27. NedPepper says:

    Blake’s Country Voice is starting to get on my nerves. That Grandpa song was horrible. Danielle is the most overrated performer I’ve ever watched on a singing competition. The Swon Brothers are a dive bar band and a mediocre one at that. Holly wouldn’t get past Hollywood week on American Idol. I’ve just about had enough of this season.

    • Cathy says:

      OMG, Ned, I love you!!! Totally agree. This season is so depressing because I simply do not understand Danielle-her voice actually grates on my nerves, it sounds like she’s singing the same one pitchy note over and over and then I check iTunes and she and the Swon brothers just keep killing it. Huh??? I’m not a country fan, but if someone has an amazing voice, I don’t care what genre they are singing…she does not have a beautiful voice and usher just called her a prodigy last night. I am so lost. Blake has gone so ultra country, thinking he got flack from his fan base for not promoting good ol country singers in the past and he’s making it up this season to a gagging point. But Grandpa, really???????????

  28. JudithFAN says:

    My other favorite contestant Danielle Bradbery sang The Judds’ “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Old Days),” performed on a cardboard “Hee Haw” front porch, had a lot of potential to be totally hokey. The phony nostalgia shtick was cloying and annoying. BUT. Danielle saved the song. She made the performance sweet, warm, and cozy. Cutie pie Danielle is quickly becoming America’s sweetheart, and she oozes likability no matter what she sings or how many silly “The Mandrell Sisters Show” stage props get thrown at her. This wasn’t Danielle’s best performance, and I could have done with a little bit more emotion from her. But she’s young, and that will come in time, with life experience. Usher was right on when he called her a “prodigy,” and Shakira was right when she pointed out Danielle’s “star quality.” But maybe it was Adam who was the real star here, at least among the coaches, when he said, “It’s cool that you sang a song about Blake.” Zing! Best line of the night!

  29. VoiceReview says:

    Judith Hill (Team Adam): She says she’s ready to show America who Judith is. She’s going to sing’s #thatPOWER. Interesting song choice. And it sounds as though she’s going to change it up. Get ready for the most current performance we’ve seen from Judith, who looks like some sort of warrior princess in that outfit she’s wearing. She promised funk and she’s delivering, showing off her big voice. Here’s one singer who we won’t have trouble hearing over the backing music. But on a show where country music seems to do fabulous every week, I’m going to be very interested to see how that goes down with fans. By the way, that hair style puts Sanjaya Malakar’s “ponyhawk” to shame. Grade: B-
    Holly Tucker (Team Blake): Holly’s song choice last week (“How Great Thou Art”) was fabulous. This week she’s going in the complete opposite direction, singing The Band Perry’s “Done,” the song Janelle Arthur and Kimberly Perry hammered on the American Idol finale. Well, I was wondering where the attitude was, but Holly rocked it out for the second half of that performance. Not quite as hard as Kimberly Perry rocks it, but certainly good enough to show her versatility. And she nailed a couple of fabulous notes in the process. That glory note at the end was sensational. And the song choice, again, was much better than Judith’s. This young lady keeps surprising me. Grade: B
    The Swon Brothers (Team Blake): After lots of warm thoughts for the hardships being felt by the tornado victims in Oklahoma, they’re singing “Seven Bridges Road” by the Eagles. Potentially very nice choice. And they sound sensational at the start of this, singing a cappella with a backing choir. Heck, they’ve even got a campfire going in the middle of the stage. I think the Swon Brothers are finding their groove. Those harmonies were absolutely spot on. And, look at that, they go a cappella again for the ending. Dang, the only guys left standing on The Voice clearly want to hang around. That was another very fine performance from the duo that’s enjoyed more success than any other on the show. Grade: A–
    Sasha Allen (Team Shakira): Shakira nails it on the head: Sasha needs a breakout moment. And she’s trying to accomplish it by singing Usher’s “Without You.” And Sasha says she’s going to relate to the song by thinking of her separation from her fiance while she performs on the show. Love the staircase prop. But that’s the least of what’s happening on the stage right now, because Sasha Allen is delivering an absolutely blistering vocal, the best we’ve heard tonight, ranging from plaintive to soaring. That folks, was the best performance so far tonight, and we’ve seen some very nice ones already. And I loved the fact that she sang something current this week. Grade: A+
    Sarah Simmons (Team Adam): Hmm, interesting song choice by Sarah, who rocked it out last week. She’s singing Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know.” Another current song choice. Keep them coming, Voice. That said, this presents something of a challenge for Sarah because the song isn’t as rangy as she likes to be vocally. See what I mean, she’s having trouble containing her growl, and couldn’t help throwing in a big glory note there in the middle. I’m just not sure that song was a good fit, or that fans will like the way she changed it up. But who knows? Adam says it’s impossible not to love Sarah. We shall see. She delivered a good vocal, but good might not be good enough tonight. Grade: C+
    Michelle Chamuel (Team Usher): She’s the last artist left on Team Usher, and she’s going to change up Bruno Mars’ “Grenade.” And she starts off singing to a mirror. In fact, the stage is filled with mirrors. I’m constantly surprised by the composure and dramatic nature Michelle shows on stage, considering she claims to suffer from stage fright. She’s one of the best at selling her connection to her songs. Wow, the singers on The Voice are on fire tonight. Michelle Chamuel just did a wonderful job of recreating that song. Great range, great performance. The crowd loved the song. The judges loved it, too. And Michelle probably just bought herself another week on the show. Grade: A
    Danielle Bradbery (Team Blake): This young lady has done everything right to date. She’ll sing “Grandpa.” And Blake says he wants this to be a song that shows Danielle can sell a lyric. Danielle seems to struggle a bit with the lyrics in rehearsal. Nice sets tonight on The Voice. They’ve got Danielle sitting on a swing in front of a pretend house, wearing snazzy red boots. This young lady just has a pristine country voice. That wasn’t tonight’s snazziest performance, but Danielle is going nowhere. She just delivered another very nice vocal. And, yeah, she sold it Blake. It’ll be very interesting to see whether this song tops iTunes for The Voice again this week. Grade: A
    Amber Carrington (Team Adam): OK, the country singer is going to take on Adele’s “Skyfall.” Adam says she needs to be adventurous and take risks, not just sing country-pop. And he encourages her to shove this performance into the crowd’s face. Amber says she needs to fine her inner actress. Amber looks lovely and she’s dripping in jewels. But I’m not sure about this song choice. She’s certainly got a big enough voice to pull it off, as those closing glory notes show, but there were a couple of spots where the performance seemed to stray just a wee bit. Blake says she turned in the diva performance of the night, but scolds Adam for trying to cover up her country. Adam calls it “incredible.” Grade: B

    • kaba says:

      Your opinion lost credibility when you gave sasha an A+.
      Then it added injury to insult by rating her higher than Michelle.
      I’ll pray for you

    • I find your review to be more in accordance with what I hear then Slezaks review. Though A+ to Sasha is a little bit to high. This time she only deserves an A or B+.

  30. Don Viajero says:

    I don’t understand this constant underscoring of Sasha. I thought she was great tonight – her best performance of an up-beat song so far. Only the two stars of the night (Amber and Michelle) were better. Anyway, my ranking:

    1. Amber
    2. Michelle
    3. Sasha
    4. Danielle
    5. Judith
    6. Swon Brothers
    7. Sarah
    8. Holly

    Sarah was sunk by song choice. My problem with the Swan Brothers is that not only did I dislike the arrangement, but they messed up their harmonies more than once, despite having a whole slew of backup singers. As for Holly, She showed us that her vocals are just not as good on uptempo songs (something she later confirmed on the Sugarland song). And where was the attitude that this song requires? Her big high note at the end was just not enough to save a mediocre performance. Even with all the problems she had tonight, Sarah is 10 times more interesting as a performer than Holly.

    I hope Holly and the Swan Brothers go home, but doubt we’ll lose two country artists in the same week.

  31. unicornwasp says:

    michael, really? danielle gets an A-? i didn’t think she connected with that song at all, and yes, let’s hear from old white grandpappy how much better things were in the old days. i spent the performance feeling irritated and wondering how quickly the set design people had to pull together that hokey little porch.

  32. Muriel says:

    I wish I could connect more with Judith.. She is gorgeous and has an amazing voice but something is not connecting for me.. I also think Sasha is way better than Michael thinks but I guess that is what opnions are!

    • Amy says:

      Ditto. Judith seems like a nice, focused, talented woman. But I think she lacks real stage presence and skates by that flaw with her voice.

      • Alissa says:

        That describes Danielle perfectly.

      • Sunnie says:

        “Judith Hill, a former duet partner of the late Michael Jackson” OMFG give me a break!!! She has been exploiting poor MJ’s memory since day 1. Sorry, cant stand her, too arrogant, if she is soooo freaking good why is she even in the show?! She should have a record or maybe own her own label by now… I mean since MJ and her were soooo freaking close ROFL.

  33. Ryan says:

    I cant believe Christine Milian said “Thanks to Ushers mom for the picture” uhhhhh awkward!

  34. EVPandHC says:

    Let me see.
    Judith – I hate songs from and Bieber, but at least she did here own thing and sounded fine, I guess. And good for her going current. Still, I’m not a fan of the performance. Of hers, yes. Of the performance, not really.
    Holly – Again, all she knows is belting without emotion. Despite the change in tempo, I didn’t feel anything.
    Swon Bros – Great harmonizing, but they were rushing in the beginning. I blame the clapping. Anyway, bland. Mostly because of the ever so blank faces on the singers.
    Sasha – Many sharp notes spoil the performance. I get it. It’s contemporary. But she did not pull it off. I know MJs Big Blog people are raving about her, but I don’t buy it.
    Sarah – Worst performance of the night. Pitchy, screamy, what the heck? And I was a fan. What happened?
    Michelle – Can we let her win already? She feels every song she sings and it’s always great. Always.
    Danielle – She sounded really pretty, but the song sounds really meh. Not much to expand in it.
    Amber – Comeback! Yes! She sounded amazing! She brought the drama needed for that song.

    Btw, iTunes is saying a lot.

    12. Danielle Bradbery – Grandpa
    13. Michelle Chamuel – Grenade
    27. Amber Carrington – Skyfall
    35. The Swon Brothers – Seven Bridges Road
    47. Sarah Simmons – Somebody That I Used To Know
    62. Holly Tucker – Done
    80. Judith Hill – #thatPOWER
    83. Sasha Allen – Without You

    I really don’t know where Judith’s voters are coming from. I do know Sasha’s a dead woman standing. Judith.Holly/Sarah is done.

    • JohnRingo says:

      Just watched the performances on youtube. Without any fluff comments by the judges. What was that mess of a song Without You from Sasha Allen? She wobbled all over it. C or C+ at best. The so called powerhouse singer Judith “Going Down” Hill sings a top 40 mindless pop song #thatpower, please ft Bieber. Her performance turned me off. It’s just too fricking much. It has look at me, I’M A DIVA, I’M BADASS! Especially my hair and my cape! Again, total turned off!! Holly Tucker singing ‘Done’ just after that American Idol finale EPIC high octane performance from The Band Perry and Janelle Arthur. It’s like YAWN for Holly’s version. I think the bottom 2 and the iTunes charting correctly reflects that. I’m hoping Sasha and Judith going home.

  35. DaysGoBy says:

    I can’t believe the Danielle haters…she didn’t pick that “hokey” set OR the song!!! Sasha was out of tune, vibrato overkill and screaming is not singing!!! I loved Juliet Simms and to compare Sarahs voice to hers is just plain WRONG! For the record Calling Sarah Rebel is a Diss to Rebel…who is funny&likeable UNLIKE Sarah!!! And her Boho look…honey you can’t pull off Stevie Nicks and you are not channelling her either!! I wanted her gone 2 weeks ago!!!! Sasha and Sarah were the worst last night as they were both out of tune and screamed!!

    • JohnRingo says:

      I can’t believe all the Danielle haters too. Blake picked the song for Danielle. I think Judith, Michelle, Holly picked their songs. Did Sasha pick her song? I can’t recall. Anyway, Sasha fumbled and wobble all over the song. Yikes! Danielle sounds good on anything thrown at her. People must like hearing Danielle, look at her iTunes. I want Sasha gone too! Shakira, I really love you and your sweet personality, but you FAILED with your contestants!

      • BillyBob says:

        @JohnRingo: All the Danielle haters are just jealous. She’s cleaning house. Looks like a Danielle and Michelle finals at this point. Please tweet Blake and have Danielle do Martina McBrides’s ‘Wild Angels”.

  36. Adam Fachry says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually like Danielle this week. And I’m starting to find The Swon boring again when they proved me wrong the last two weeks. This just goes to show how inconsistent Blake’s team is (still don’t care for Holly though. Next to go, please). I think part of what intrigues me about Danielle’s performance is the song itself. I have to admit, I do commit ageism a little bit towards certain artists (not just anyone from singing competitions), and never been much a fan of those below 18. But Blake made a smart move by making Danielle sing a song that embraces her naivety.

    Now, I really want her to sing Dolly’s Coat of Many Colors (say what you will about Kristy Lee Cook. But she did an impressive job with this song) or Loretta’s Van Lear Rose. Songs with wide-eyed sensitivity that would work in her adolescent mannerism. Part of what makes Beatles, Jackson 5, Beach Boys top notch artists back in the day and separates them far from any adolescent mainstream artists these days, is because they knew how to act their age and didn’t all of a sudden make a sudden transformation, they did it gradually instead.

  37. Mel says:

    Sarah needs to go this week. She was HORRIBLE last night. I mean, I was cringing throughout the whole performance. At the beginning of the season, I kind of liked her but now, omg, her voice annoys the hell out of me. Every performance she has to get in the growl-y sound, bad falsetto, soft sound and everything in between, it’s horrible. After the judges critics I felt like I had watched a completely different performance. There haven’t been many time this season that I flat out hated a performance, but Sarah’s was definitely a flat out hated it.

    Michelle was the best of the night, everyone else was scattered somewhere between Michelle and Sarah really.

    And really Blake? Who picks a song by The Judd’s, for a 16 year old? Sooooooo boring.

    • AlyB says:

      I’m so glad you said that. I don’t know what it is about Sarah but I can’t stand to hear or watch her. i like singers with signature voices but Sarah goes from swallowing entire words in her lower register to a grating tuneless screechiness on high notes with that warble in between. I just can’t stand it. I really hope tonight is the end of the line for her.

    • Jasmine says:

      I so agree with you about Sarah being the worst. I never really liked her anyways. Her blind audition, I didn’t like her. Something about her is extremely off-putting to me. I really don’t think she’s as sincere as she’s making out to be. She sucks and should go tonight along with Holly Tucker. Tucker shows no emotion. She just smiles during every song, even when smiling is uncalled for. Kinda reminds me of Brandy Hotard on Idol when she sang a sad song but was smiling throughout the whole thing. I think she’s incapable of really letting go and showing that sincerity, that feeling…quite frankly, just that “emotion” that comes with singing songs live, in particularly. I feel she has been long overdue to go home. I’m just not feeling her at all. But if only Sarah or Holly goes home tonight, I would rather have Sarah leave first. I’m so sick of her and her forced growly voice. Take a lesson from Haley Reinhart, honey.
      Michelle Chamuel for the win.

  38. davey says:

    There is no suspense to this show already. Danielle is going to win this thing which stinks. And every Voice is going to continue to have country, country, country until Blake loses. Though Michelle might pull off a surprise. But it seems the country fans vote more on these singing competitions than others. Though that didn’t work on Idol this year.

    • Jake says:

      Nah, it’s been a foregone conclusion since Top 12 (or even Top 16) that Danielle will win, Michelle will be the runner-up, and someone else (probably from Team Adam) will come in third place.

  39. WO says:

    Another night of The Voice, but this one was not as WOW as the other nights. With only 8 contestants, it is getting harder to pick who SHOULD go home. Let’s all agree that the winner should not be the person who never has a bad week or who has a bad week early. This is not college football, folks. The winner should be the one who has the best overall, most marketable, most complete…. VOICE. With that said, two contestants have completely separated themselves from the pack… Amber & Danielle. They have the most complete voices and could be the most marketable. Marketability plays also into the hands of Michelle. If she continues to woo the “indie” followers, she could do rather well beyond this show.

    One other thing we must come to terms with is that success in country music is much easier at this time due to its re-emerged following, the way country music TOGETHER markets their young and new talent and the plain fact that R&B music, Pop and even those that try to do both are completely watered down right now. It’s as if every week, a “new” R&B act crawls out from the cracks somewhere and puts out an album. Good music lasts forever… personalities do not.

    With those two things in mind… Danielle and Amber should be the final two with Amber winning just because her voice is a tad bit more complete and that could be due to her being a little older (5 yrs older?). I wouldn’t be surprised if the The Swon Bros make it to the final 4 due to the appeal and the country angle. However, last night I found myself saying “who is singing bass” on their Eagles cover because the bass made that chorus last night.

    Without further ado… here are my rankings:

    1. Amber Carrington— see above… also, I cringed when I heard she was doing Adele (who cut that song in 10 freaking minutes)… but her voice pulled her through and it was the best performance of the night

    2. Danielle Bradbury— see above… also, was worried about her doing such an old song, but TV Line is right… her voice is like honey and she is not trying to sell the “I’m cute and young card” like Rae Lynn tried and failed to do.

    3. Michelle Chamuel— see above… you know she will be an Usher project after this, right?

    4. Holly Tucker— I enjoyed seeing some attitude and grit from her, but feel it was too little too late

    5. Sascha— I felt she didn’t try to over sing the song, but also did not really do anything to set herself apart with it. However, it is kinda hard when you are singing a song that consists of what… 20 words… that are repeated over and over.

    6. The Swon Bros— good guys, good vocals… but you never want someone to ask who the back up singer is because their part separates itself from the rest

    7. Sarah Simmons— I would have preferred a more rock, driving beat to the start of the chorus to make it her own and show off her grit. The song is so numb and predictable that unless you change it up, it sounds like it usually does… tired.

    8. Judith Hill— she should have went home last week… her best performance was when she sat behind the piano and just sang the song! I have no idea what she has been trying to do the past two weeks…. she should be on the plane back to Tokyo tomorrow.

    Should go home…. Judith and Holly

    Will go home… who knows…. America never does what it should (#American Idol)

  40. Adam Fachry says:

    Amber was good, but I’m irritated by Adam’s comment in which he said along the lines, she’s the first contestant on this show to ever do an Adele song justice. Like, Adele’s a great artist, but she’s not a god of music. I personally find Joplin’s songs or Whitney’s more difficult to sing than Adele’s, judging by their range. Skyfall is not even considered among her most vocally challenging songs either, unlike say, One and Only.

  41. DaysGoBy says:

    I didn’t know who Adele was before I saw Vicci.martinez sing Rolling in the Deep during Season 1. Danielle just hit #10 I hope Michelle makes it into the Top 10!! It would suck to be stuck at #13 she was at close!! Looks like Sasha and Judith but am.hoping for Sarah!!! (to leave)

    • mdutchone says:

      She wasn’t at #10 at 10:00 AM – I thought that was when the votes would be tallied and the multiplier would be determined at that point?

      • BillyBob says:

        I think you’re right, but Danielle is here to stay. But she did just hit #10 right now. Here’s the what I see Danielle #10, Michelle #13, Amber #22, Swon Brothers #31, Sarah #42, Holly #52, Judith #71, Sasha #75. Looks good that Sasha and Judith will be GONE GONE GONE! Poor Shakira with no more contestants.

        • mdutchone says:

          I hope that 10:00 means when regular people see 10:00! I’m just really hoping there’s some hope left for anyone else who has not been in the top 10 in the past weeks. I don’t expect Danielle to go away, but she’s not that good and it’s depressing that there’s no suspense (again) as far as who’ll win the show, due to this stupid multiplier rule.

    • Sara says:

      What rock were you living under that you didn’t know who Adele was?

  42. abbyjo says:

    i just cannot understand the fascination with Danielle. she is so very, very boring. i would completely swap Slezak’s critique of Holly with that of Danielle. D = great voice, but no emotional connection… i may as well be watching a vacant robot sing karaoke. but H = power vocals + stage presence + attitude + emotion… the whole package. i mean, i am truly baffled by the judges and audience fawning over Danielle. and that’s not to stay that Holly is my favorite – she’s not; that’d be Michelle and/or Judith – but the support and sway that the judges and producers have put behind Danielle over Holly is impossible for me to wrap my mind around. I just don’t see it with her and it frustrates me to see the favoritism week after week.

    • Nina says:

      Exactly. Even if Holly didn’t successfully sell her bad girl performance, she at least made an effort. Danielle, while undeniably talented, doesn’t have enough vocal depth. Her voice sounds the same in every single song she sings, but I guess the fact that she’s so bland and generic give her mass appeal …

  43. rnb better then country says:

    Billybob stop trolling. No one even tries to revise there song. Talent wise an artistically Judith Hill crushes all of them. Quit talking like she ain’t got no vocals. Danielle needs to step out her country bubble an try something new shes the gimmick.

    • BillyBob says:

      I think your Diva Judith HIll is done. Charting way behind (last) on the iTunes chart. While simple Danielle reached top 10 on the charts AGAIN. That’s without ALL THE GLAM AND GLITZ. Judith is bottom feeding the iTunes charts since day 1.

      • HTGR says:

        Doesn’t mean she is no good though. Sadly two of the best are going home tonight. TV is going all XF voting this season.

    • BillyBob says:

      Judith is getting desperate to do a mindless Justin Bieber top 40 pop song and a MJ pop song last week. I thought soul / R&B songs are her thing. What next if she is still here next week. Bieber’s Baby, Baby, Baby song? Danielle stays true to her country roots. Keeping it simple, fun, and fresh. Admit it, your girl self imploded this week!

      • rnb better then country says:

        She don’t pick her songs Blake does, she don’t change nothing up its like listening to the original. Judith experiments an brings her a game every week. That’s why she has the potential to be a global star an Danielle will only be liked in the south. I am biased though I’m from Philly an we love rnb out here.

        • BillyBob says:

          Philly? Like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air? haha! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really a country fan, just more pop country. My real love is hip hop /R&B from the 90’s. I freaking love R. Kelly, Monica, Brandy, Jodeci, Aaliyah, TLC, Boys II Men, Mariah, etc. I find it odd that I have not heard any songs from the R&B of the 90’s. I would love to hear Sasha sing Monica’s “Angel of Mine” or Judith sing Christina Aguilera’s ‘Beautiful’ Judith should cut out the flashy dress and do it like the blind audition, keep it simple, similar to ‘Want a Girl Wants’. Don’t you think so?

  44. Anna says:

    Michelle is the most unique artist of the season, has a fantastic voice and has consistently given the strongest performances. Last night was just another amazing performance by Michaelle. She should win. I’m looking forward to hearing the music she releases after the show ends.

    However, it looks like Danielle is going to run away with it. I like her, she’s a very good singer and has strong stage presence, especially for a 16 year-old without a lot of experience. But I don’t see how she is going to stand out in a sea of similar country artists when she gets off the show…there are a lot of female country artists that are similar to her. I think Danielle also needs a couple of years to mature and gain life experience to better connect with the songs she performs.

    Still, this isn’t about who will do better once they’re off the show, but who people are voting for. And it’s not like Danielle would make a bad winner. She’s just not my personal choice.

  45. Sammy says:

    “combination of a fork, a woodchipper, a gallon of 2% milk and a box of Kleenex. I couldn’t wait for it to end”
    LOL! My thoughts exactly.

  46. rowan says:

    I cannot be the only one who finds the Swon Brothers endearing and fun, but they rely SO heavily on the background singers to make their harmonies sound tight and fluid. Am I the only one who sees this?

    • Sammy says:

      I totally agree! And it seems a little like cheating if you ask me!

    • Sara says:

      You are completely spot on! I wish someone (related to the show or even the blog writers doing the recaps) would call them out on the fact that they use background singers, which really help camouflage any weaknesses in their harmonies. Because there were some big weaknesses last night that were hidden by the group of background singers.

  47. sherab says:

    hmmmm…. for once i don’t agree with michael here : thought danielle’s cover of the judd’s song was just okay (B- or C +) as there were some pitch issues… thought the girls smashed their cover of “diamonds”! i liked it … and i still like sarah and want her to stay though i can agree that there was something a bit … “mixed up sounding” about her work with the vocals this week, but she still has a stellar voice… is it the way she looks that doesn’t appeal to y’all-?? to my ear there is something more appealing about her voice than inhabiting of a song than amber’s. or danielle’s. love michelle!

    • Sara says:

      I would say that the fact that people keep referring to Sarah on here as “Rebel Wilson” would definitely suggest a bias against the way she looks.

      • sherab says:

        yeah, i thought so… :-( sad. i want her to stay a while longer… and i meant to say : for the most part : i like the way sarah inhabits and interprets a song (compared with amber, danielle and holly for example) her version of “wild horses” from a few weeks ago was terrific! danielle is a cutie & has a great voice but there are often a few pitch problems with her vocals, and i don’t really feel her connection with the song. she’s good but a bit too young yet… just my opinion!

  48. Sammy says:

    Wow, wittle Danielle is kicking booty on itunes yet again. Blake is a mastermind at picking songs for her, he really is. Plus there’s no denying she’s a really good singer. I don’t like country music so she doesn’t really appeal to me. Also, pardon the shallowness but, is anyone else a little creeped out by how far apart her eyes are?

  49. DaysGoBy says:

    Really no wonder with people like Sammy Her Eyes?? Worse than the bully that picked on her about her teeth!!! Billybob I’ll tweet Blake & glad someone is #TeamDanielle besides me!!

  50. Josh says:

    It blows my mind how all of Team Blake’s contestants get such great iTunes sales even when they have mediocre showings. I don’t have tons of money to just toss around, so I wait until the end of the season and choose a few favorite songs from my favorite contestants to purchase – last season I ended up getting 2 from Melanie, 1 from Amanda, and 1 from Sylvia. This season I’ve gotten 1 from Caroline and am expecting to have 1 from Amber (“Stay”? “Skyfall”?) and probably something by Michelle by the end of the season. I wish the finale voting would take into account purchases of past songs for this reason.

    • Don Viajero says:

      It does. The cumulative iTunes sales of the finalists from the beginning of the live shows are taken into account in the final vote tally. So as long as you download your songs before the final results show, any that are from the finalists will be counted.

      • Josh says:

        Cool, I didn’t know that! I thought it was that each song counts for its particular week, and then finale songs count for the final week tally. Thanks!