Smash Series Finale: And the Tony Goes to...

Smash-Series-Finale-RecapDrama, drama and more drama — of the baby-daddy, divorce, drug-crime, possibly gay movie-star, Tony performance mutiny switcheroos and early-prison-release variety, to name a few — went down in the Smash series finale. But as befits a series about the inner workings of a pair of dueling Broadway musicals, most of the real tension centered on the winners, losers and performers at the Tony Awards.

Whether you were #TeamKaren or #TeamIvyLynn, #TeamBombshell or #TeamHitList, #TeamJulia or #TeamDeadGuy, there was resolution to be found. So let’s get to the business of recapping the action!

Hour 1 — “The Nominations” — might just as well have been called The Jimmy & Derek Acts of Contrition Tour, since the two possible endgame prospects for the show’s dueling leading ladies needed some light reupholstering before they could be moved into Barbie’s Dream Castle, so to speak. Let me try to boil down the action as succinctly as possible:

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* Tom managed to offend possibly gay movie star/Tony nominating committee member Patrick Dillon (Brothers & Sisters‘ Luke Macfarlane — lookin’ good) by rudely checking his cellphone during a show, and then later by smashing a bottle of Petite Sirah in Patrick’s lobby (and onto Patrick’s very nice khakis). (Backstory: The wine was supposed to be a meal culpa gift via delivery, till Eileen informed Tom that gifts to potential nominators were strictly verboten.) Was something flirty afoot, or was it all in Tom’s active imagination? Hrmmm. Also, Tom and Derek tied for Best Director at the Outer Critics Circle Awards, with the former graciously thanking his predecessor/frenemy even though the two of ’em “go together as well as Lena Dunham and a bra,” he joked.

* Karen, meanwhile, demanded that Daisy quit Bombshell (on grounds that she was a blackmailing skank) and give the role back to Ana, but the charismatic redhead noted that it was her mission to be a Broadway star, not a good person. Ana’s lawyer threatened to expose the real reason behind her firing, but when Derek used his influence to score Ana a plum role in the touring company of Once, she reluctantly agreed to let him get away with his treachery. Ivy Lynn, though, overheard the convo, and in the moment decided not to tell Derek that she was pregnant with his child. “You’ve never done the right thing, Derek, and you never will,” she said (or translated into Twitterspeak, “SMDH”). And so Derek, sitting down for an interview with Michael Riedel, finally decided to pay for his sins: He confessed to giving Daisy the role of The Diva in exchange for her sleeping with him. “Ana Vargas was collateral damage. I’m sorry.” Whoa!

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* Ivy Lynn’s undisclosed pregnancy hormones had her shooting off guns of harsh truth, leaving Bobby wondering if she was back on pills. “She Black Swanned once before — and that was only Boston!” he exclaimed, reaffirming why I’ll miss him most of all in my post-Smash life. When Ivy overheard that Jimmy and Karen had described her performance as Marilyn as mere “imitation,” she blurted this doozy: “The only reason Hit List made it to Broadway is because Kyle Bishop died!” Harsh, but kinda true, no? Alas, the moment got captured on somebody’s iPhone and blew up in Broadway circles. Simultaneously, Jimmy screeched at Julia that she needed to stop paying tribute to Kyle, because everyone assumed that meant she’d written half of Hit List‘s book. (Man that kid is an INGRATE! Also, before he met Julia, everyone had agreed Kyle was a terrible writer, yes?) But since Jimmy had an emerging cold — bringing to life this cough was not Jeremy Jordan’s finest acting moment on the show — he was forced to take a night off from Hit List, and Karen got him a ticket to watch it from the audience. This somehow led to an A-Ha Moment, where Jimmy apologized for being dreadful. After Kyle’s death, “I was just afraid to let someone else get close to me!” Jimmy whined, as Karen melted/looked blank. Ugh…sorry Jimmy fans, but all episode long, I kept hoping a piano would fall on his head. He’s just THE WORST, and his sudden show of warmth toward Karen felt like a case of too little too late. Okay, if not a piano to Whinyface McSmarmypants’ head, how about a Gloria Steinem cameo where she comes in to give Karen a course in Intro to Self-Respect?

* Oh, did I mention the writers tried a little prank where it looked like Ivy Lynn didn’t get nominated for Lead Actress for Bombshell? I was thisclose to taking a Louisville Slugger to both my TV sets (even the one in the bedroom I wasn’t using), but then it was just a case of “Oops! I forgot to read one of the names!” from announcers Christine Ebersole and Cheyenne Jackson.

Okay, so on to Hour 2 — “The Tonys.” Why keep you in suspense when all you want to know is WHO THE HECK TOOK HOME STATUETTES? Without further ado, the winners are…

Best Book for a Musical: Kyle Bishop, Hit List (I enjoyed Jimmy recounting Kyle’s collection of failed musicals’ playbills, how his dead writing partner scrimped to save money to see Bombshell in Boston, and how his scoring Karen’s autographed changed the courses of their lives. ‘Twas a nice nod back to some of the better-sketched details of Kyle’s past. But if I’m being honest, Jimmy’s sobbing delivery made me feel more annoyed at him than sympathetic.)

Best Score: Julia Houston and Tom Levitt, Bombshell (Loved Tom and Julia discussing cocktail options then registering shock when they looked up and realized everyone was cheering for them!)

Best Choreography: Derek Wills, Hit List (Derek’s whole, “thanks for judging the work, not the man” speech was realistic, but I wish they’d infused it with some of his acerbic humor.)

Best Supporting Actress in a Musical: Daisy Parker, Hit List (“That bitch!” –a mental aside brought to you by Ana Vargas) (In all seriousness, though, how cool was it to see Mara Davi’s tiny but really mesmerizing turn in the season premiere get rewarded with a more extended arc later in the season? Kudos, Smash producers!)

Best Lead Actress in a Musical: Ivy Lynn, Bombshell (I can’t lie…I let out a squeal of delight when Ivy Lynn got her statuette…and her speech — a thanks to her mom for the gift of “a life in the theater” and Broadway audiences “for believing in live theater” was a true thing of beauty, not to mention one of Megan Hilty’s best moments on the show.)

Best Musical: Bombshell (Kinda predictable, since the show couldn’t end with a triumph for….Jerry! Eek!)

Best Dressed: Karen Cartwright…damn that pink strapless confection with cascading poofy bottom was absolutely amazing.

And how did everyone’s story arcs wrap up?

* Eileen discovered that Nick had gotten early release from prison, tracked him down to the greasy spoon where he’d started working, handed him a tuxedo and brought him as her date. Girlfriend got a Tony, a hot Nick, and the alluring scent of bacon in her nostrils. Now if they’d just allowed her to throw one more cocktail into Jerry’s face, I might’ve wept tears of happiness as the credits rolled.

* Jimmy packed up his apartment and looked ready to roll out of NYC — and skip the Tonys — but Julia was all “stop sabotaging yourself, beyotch!” (Confession: I added the “beyotch” part.) After the ceremony, Jimmy took Karen outside, sat her down, and made me worry he was going to (gack!) propose. But nope, instead he confessed how he had once done drugs with a girl at a party, she’d OD’d and he’d left her to die — an act that had haunted him ever since. And so, to be able to become the person Karen saw in him, he’d confessed to the police, discovered the girl had survived unscathed, but been slapped with a 6-18 month prison sentence. (Cue: Smash fans spending the next 12 months writing Jimmy-in-prison fan fic.) And thus we left Karen and Jimmy kissing in the street — and a happily ever after. (For me, happily every after won’t last till the holidays, but I’m a pragmatic sort when it comes to long-term relationships. If you want them to make musical babies and win Tonys together 4Eva, I have no quarrel with ya!)

* Derek holed himself up in his apartment, all morose and drunk and unresponsive to Karen’s help. So Ivy Lynn came to the rescue and demanded he come to the Tonys. “Oh, and take a shower — it smells like a dive bar in here,” she meowed. After the show, we saw her worldessly break the news to Derek that they were about to become parents — and he gently nuzzled her shoulder. Maybe these two crazy kids can make it work? As long as she accompanies him to all future casting sessions, I suppose.

* Frank went nuclear in his divorce proceedings with Julia — wait, that wasn’t done yet!? — and she finally confessed to him that she’d loved him, but “not in the right way,” because she was drawn to Michael Swift for most of their marriage. Thus, she agreed to not “refute anything” in court, and somehow, that healed the wounds. In an insane twist, though, Julia ended the series showing up at Michael’s door — reuniting the most unappealing adulterous couple of the entire 2011-2012 TV season. (Plus, last we saw Michael, he was borderline stalkery.) And here I was hoping single Julia and single Tom might ride off into the Los Angeles sunset together! That’s how I’m gonna choose to envision them, actually.

* Tom, “egotistically emboldened by my recent and well-deserved win,” planted a kiss on Patrick Dillon, who exclaimed he was straight. “That’s how all my straight friends kiss me,” Tom shot back, the clever boy. At the very least, Tom (along with Julia) ended the series set to meet with Patrick on “developing a big-screen musical.” (Methinks that’s code for busting open Patrick’s glass-closet door, but that’s just how I’m wired.)

* Oh, and while Hit List got beat for Best Musical, Karen, Ana, Sam and Jimmy scored a victory when Derek tricked Daisy into missing her solo number during the Tonys telecast — and the quartet (backed by the entire Hit List chorus) performed a stellar “Broadway Here I Come” accompanied only by their own hand claps and foot stomps. Yowza, that was good!

* And then Ivy Lynn and Karen closed the show with a rousing rendition of “Big Finish” (not about a well-endowed man from Finland, FYI). Yeah, the frenemies were in full enemy mode last week, but time, or series-finale convenience, heals all wounds. The razzle-dazzle of it all reminded me of all the enjoyment I’ve gotten from this flawed, fun, infuriating, dazzling NBC musical drama — and offered a final chance for #TeamKaren and #TeamIvy fans to bury their hatchets (or engage in one final debate). So with that, I turn things over to you…

What did you think of the Smash finale? Were you happy with the outcome of the Tonys? #TeamKaren, #TeamIvy or both? Grade the finale below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Domi says:

    Awful like I spected… but I liked Ivy winning

  2. Caro says:

    It’s sad but I am seeing a parallel between Ivy and Obama. Ivy slept with the Director to get the part of Marilyn. Ivy also got high and went on stage during Heaven On Earth which is hardly the act of a professional! She schemed with Ellis to steal Second Hand Baby Grand from Karen and slept with Dev and threw it in Karen’s face when she got the part of Marilyn! Ivy has generally behaved without ethics or decency throughout the entire show and people don’t seem to care. Obama allowed citizens to die in Benghazi, spied on the press and used a government agency to attack his enemies; all of which denotes a lack of ethics and regard for the rights of the people of the United States and yet some people still want to give him the benefit of the doubt. When did we decide that decency no longer matters? That ethics aren’t a priority? Or that if you don’t like someone or something it’s acceptable for them to be treated badly or unfairly? I guess this is what comes of living in a society that believes in entitlement over everything else!

  3. Jack says:

    Finale sucked big time. Karen should have won the Tony and Hit List should have won the Tony. Before watching the finale I was disappointed to hear that Smash was cancelled. Now I’m glad.

    • Chris says:

      You’re probably the only one who thinks that Karen or Hit List should have won ANYTHING!

      • jswerve says:

        That comment is ridiculous, people are only really supposed to like Karen, after all she is the protagonist, and Ivy is the antagonist. At least in season 1 this much was clear. I don’t know what the hell happened season 2.

  4. A says:

    This was probably the first time watching an “award show” where I actually knew most of the people that the winners thanked!

  5. hatedthedamnfinale says:

    I wished I could take back the wasted hour and un-see the bloody stupid finale. HATED IT.

  6. bobbie says:

    This was a wonderful episode! All the right things happened, and the musical comedy romance was perfect. Loved it, loved it, loved it!

    I hope that I have another opportunity to see Megan Hilty on tv again. I really wish there was more of her singing in the show, but I’m happy with what we got. Loved it!

  7. Nikolla Gorey says:

    So sad to see Smash go. The finale was AMAZING! Loved all the characters…even Jimmie and Derek with all of their flaws. I especially loved and appreciated that the Smash finale tied up all the loose ends of the show and its characters and allowed us closer. Thank you to NBC and the cast of Smash. It was a great run!

  8. hatedthedamnfinale says:

    So in the end Karen has nothing at all. Bet you guys are happy about that. Ivy has the baby, Derek, the Tonys and the Mama. Ivy gets everything.

  9. Linda says:

    After all the hoopla over Best Director, I can’t believe they left that one hanging. It was stupid to have made it such a big deal earlier and not to follow through. And Julia ending up with scuzzy Michael? Yuck!

    I never liked Karen with Jimmy and hated the implication that she’d wait for him while he did prison time. Way to make her even more pitiful, if that was possible.

    And I, too, really wanted one last scene with Eileen and Jerry where she shows off her Tony and throws a final drink in his face.

    If the writing had been better, this show could have made it. The acting talent was there and I loved the idea of this show. It’s a shame the invested so much into production numbers and so little into writing and plot development.

  10. Tammy says:

    I’m very saddened by the end of an amazing series. I don’t understand why NBC is always canceling the great shows. There was so much more you could have done with this show. It was only two short seasons! I’ll miss you Smash.

  11. Anneke Schieberl says:

    I love this show. So sad it is gone.

  12. danoregon says:

    The two hours had some of what I hated about the show and a bit of what I loved about it. The cover-songs (hated) Jimmy’s immaturity (hated) TomJulia (loved) real Broadway people (liked) and despite only one new song the end thing was kinda fun.
    Don’t know how they allowed that exterior shot of the diner Nick worked at get through (snow on the ground – in June?)
    I’ll probably keep “Opening Night” in the DVR for awhile. This one? I don’t know.

  13. Paul says:

    People are getting all worked up about Ivy and Karen – who deserved to win, who was a better actress/dancer/ singer/human being. Relax, they are just fictional characters in an entertaining TV show. (This passion in fans shows that the show should’ve been renewed, though.) In real life, Megan Hilty and Katherine McPhee are good friends. Reading Josh Safran’s interview on another website, it looks like he meant for Karen to lose the Tony but then become a movie star in Season 3, so he did have more plans for the character.

  14. Anon says:

    Yeah, Okay, Slezak, as one TV Fan to another, I am calling you out on some just plain lazy writing. Despite the length of this article, you basically just typed out a line by line action recap and high fived IvyLynn’s storyline while excusing the immense lack of believability and giving backhanded, Brad PItt type disses to anything related to the Karen character. The only minor change you made to this formula in 2 years is that you added Jimmy hatred – well earned hatred, to be fair, but you hardly needed 16 weekly diatribes of the subject. I promise you, the message was solidly hammered in after week 6, my friend. As a TV critic for the masses, you have a responsibility to rise above fan boy obsequiousness and rate the show as a whole. Not to mention, as a professional writer, there is a basic responsibility to not write the EXACT same thing every week. You could say it’s the show’s fault, except BOTH storylines for the leads has been out of wack, a fact you conveniently ignore if it works in IvyLynn’s favor and only slam when it doesn’t. You are TV Line, man, not imdb. : D

    Anyways, I’m sure you are not losing any sleep over my little opinion anymore than Josh Safran cares about what a hack job I think he’s made of SMASH. But there it is and it is kindly meant.

    Now about the finale of SMASH – a pure study of patchwork storytelling. I found it ironic that the show ends with the two leads singing “Though the story is finished/But Keep dreamin’ on/And though we’re sure to miss/Our song when it’s gone/Let’s give them a big finish and keep them wantin’ more”.

    Writers of SMASH-the people do not want more and the finish was not enough to make us forget what came before.

    I mean, really, Jimmy uses Karen Cartwright as a convenient emotional and sexual outlet in between displays of self involved douche baggery and they end up together????!!!!

    Then….Derek uses IvyLynn as a convenient emotional and sexual outlet in between displays of self involved douche baggery and they end up together????!!!!

    Slezack, you are only going to call in Gloria Stienham for Karen and not Ivy? Um, okay. Both these women need lessons in self respect, STAT. And apparently a middle school sex ed instructor on the importance of birth control. The dynamic and purposeful heroines of season 1 were reduced to needy, enabling girlfriends in season 2. What happened to the Karen who protested being asked to wear a sexy dress, then became empowered by her ability to turn it around on the men?? What about the Ivy that may have slept with the director, but stood up to the director’s bullying and declared him “bad in bed”??? Did these women get a special lobotomy that causes one to sacrifice self worth for jerks who treat you badly?

    And what happened to the renewal of Ivy and Karen’s rilvalry in the last episode-storyline just dropped cause the writers went “Ah shucks, we don’t have time to follow through on this because it’s the end?”

    And what about the absurdity of Derek firing the girl he just admitted he sexually harrassed in the middle of a Tony show??!! That’s realistic. Yet another moment where I went “Um, okkaaayy” Also, I thought it vastly convenient that the Hit List Cast had a perfectly choreographed stomp/clap version of “Broadway Here I Come” to pull out of their back pockets. I will say that in terms of the performance itself, it was a beautiful moment of simply artistry that hails to the original promise of SMASH- talented people doing what they do best.

    Because both leads have been by turn uninspiring and non-sensical, I wasn’t rooting for either to win the Tony. I just didn’t really care as much when Ivy won because I felt the ambitious, hardworking, and lovably bitchy Broadway vet who I loved in season 1 was gone. In her place was sniveling woman child who only seemed capable of reacting to the events of her life, instead of deciding them. So when she won, it was just like when Andrea was eaten by a zombie on Walking Dead – I shrugged and went “Eh, guess you deserve it”.

    Okay, I could go on and on, but despite all evidence to the contrary, I do have a life. Really. Swear.

    Au revoir, SMASH. You are like a first love gone wrong-I only ever hated you so much because I loved you so well at first.

  15. Kade says:

    I think Smash was a great show, that started to follow in Glee’s footsteps. By having the characters sing random songs throughout the show, I think they lost viewers. I liked when the songs were simply Broadway numbers, or numbers from Bombshell/Hit List! I do agree that Hit List made Smash better. I had a friend who stopped watching it because he was tired of the same old Marilyn songs, but loved the Hit List songs. Overall the finale was great, I even got chills in some parts. Smash was a very unique idea that many people couldn’t grasp, but like movie musicals I hope that we can have more tv shows that focus on an art form that I truly cherish, live theatre!

  16. Here’s my biggest problem, and it stems back to when I stopped watching for a brief period during season one: the Julia/Michael storyline was never plausible and – in fact – really repulsive. God knows I’m about the furthest thing from a prude that exists, but both married, with kids (in Michael’s case, a toddler!), Julia seriously wanting another kid via adoption… It was a serious misstep, and to have this ending to that arc is very, very disappointing to me.

    I know, I know, there will be those who say, “the heart wants what the heart wants” and all that, but I didn’t find it believable at all.

  17. jerm says:

    I feel like during the latter half of this season (right after it switched to Saturdays) SMASH really started to find it’s groove and start to be a good show. It sucks NBC didn’t try and do something different to try and save it.. oh well, I’ll buy the DVD like I did with season 1

  18. Anthony says:

    Ivy pregos = Karen getting her shot as Marilyn as her replacement while out on leave. That would be 5-6 months with Hit List before leaving the show. I could see Eileen’s wheels turning there at the end.
    Frankly I liked BOTH women’s interpretation of Marylin and think that there’s a little bit bit of both in the final draft of Bombshell. Take “Don’t For Get Me”. We got to se 2 very different interpitaions of the song and both were fantastic…….
    I would se either version of the show on BWay could see then running different star/version through out the week

  19. Christy says:

    This entire season was SO uneven that I can see why they cancelled it….but the finale reminded me of the wonderful 1st season, and hit all the right notes of why I liked the show to begin with. Wonderful finale, so sad they didn’t get another season to get it back on track.

  20. Kirstie says:

    I’m happy Ivy got everything she wanted, but she deserved so much more than Derek. Both girls did and this comes from someone who’s not a Karen fan. He’s not a completely horrible person, but let’s be real, he’d be a crap s/o. Jimmy too.

  21. L says:

    The finale like most of season 2 was flat…. I would however wish we could have seen complete versions of the 2 shows… bombshell and hit list… at some point… maybe on the DVD they can provide those cause i never really got a sense of the whole storyline we just saw a few performances… They probably never shot the whole thing but it would have been cool if they did and put them on the dvd so we can see wha all the fuss was about.

  22. Jo says:

    Honestly, I’m not very happy with this finale. I loved watching this show even when it made me cringe. I loved both Ivy and Karen, and I feel that Ivy and Bombshell definitely deserved their awards but I just wish that Karen had gotten something, because honestly all she ended up with was Jimmy and, while he was a wonderful singer, his character was a whiny annoyance and she could have done so much better.

  23. Aly says:

    Seriously? I agree with most of what was said here, but let’s give Jimmy a break about tearing up when accepting Kyle’s Tony. He’s accepting the award his best friend always wanted but didn’t live to see- I’d be an emotional wreck too! Seeing his expression when they said Kyle’s name- now that was a good moment, IMO.

  24. sarah says:

    I have been a Smash fan since last season. I know some people did not like last season but liked this one and vice versa but I enjoyed both seasons. I found last nights 2 final episodes to be fantastic, I was sad while watching as I knew it was the end.
    The musical numbers last night were all superb. I really loved the one that the cast of Hit List did and the Tony’s and the musical number that same episode that had the whole cast that was of course Tom’s dream.
    Hit List got all the rave reviews and I wanted it to win over Bombshell but you could see that Bombshell was going to win. I am fine that they had Ivy when best actress.
    I know lots of people disliked Jimmy and while he was a jerk at times, I did like him.
    The couples at the end were as the should be: Karen and Jimmy, Ivy and Derek and their baby, Ivy was always the one for Derek eventhough she did some pretty awful things, he did too so they were perfect for each other. Eileen and Nick and then Julia and Michael, she always loved him and now they can be together. I also liked that she and Frank finally settled their issued and he forgave her.
    I just wish we could have seen Tom with someone at the end, they paired up every other main character.
    I am glad Kyle won and Jimmy;s speech was super sweet. I wish I had PVR’d the finale so I could watch it all again.
    Kyle was not a bad writer, he had a vision and Julia even told him he was great.

  25. Alice says:

    Seriously? The uber-bitch from season 1 that got the part because she was friends with the writers and slept with the director then slept with the boyfriend of the other girl is the character they gave the Tony AND the guy AND the baby to?

    Charming message: don’t bother trying to treat people with decency and kindness.That’s for suckers, this is NY.
    And they wonder why no one wanted to watch such a depressing trainwreck.
    This is why its so wonderful this show got canceled.

    • Pam says:

      Yes, because show business is just filled with moral and upstanding people. It’s not like the Tony’s, Oscars, and Grammy’s etc. should be expected to judge people on the work they put out when they could spend their time digging through everyone’s personal lives to judge whether they “deserve” to win. Grow up!

      • jswerve says:

        This is actually a TV show that sends a message, not an award show judging peoples’ work, maybe you need to grow up, and realize what you’re watching.

  26. onlyakb says:

    Let’s put this way some things worked really well in the finale some other things like Tom being silly with that Tony member were unnecessary but ok funny but didn’t really help the plot , did it?!! anyway loved the Tony results I think was only fair Bombshell to win the main awards specially cos the show was initially around it, so would be weird if Hit List sth we just got to see this season got the big ones, and Eileen talk with Karen was pretty sweet!!
    anyway Hit List cast singing a capella Broadway Here I come was phenomenal, the same goes to the final number Big Finish, spectacular!! the girls were amaaazing!! really hope to see those two singing together soon! Megan and Katherine have incredible voices!!!
    but I think SMASH downfall was that the writers and producers may have thought people wouldn’t be interested enough in a series just about Broadway biz and started to give all the characters too much, I mean TOO MUCH back story, that the focus of the show would be lost sometimes, however the musical numbers were always amazing and the problems with both productions seemed quite close to what happens in real life Broadway Productions.
    ow well I just wish they had shot both musicals in full so we could have an idea of the finished product!! anyway I’m gonna miss the show!!

  27. TCJ Toronto says:

    Thought it was a good attempt at “going out with a BANG!!”. For such an expensive televised series, my biggest let down moments are a lack of continuity . If it isn’t Julia’s glasses changing from round frames to cats eye in the rehearsal room, it’s the red seal appearing and disappearing on that bottle of wine Tom wrestled with that landed on the floor. Even when broken, the red seal, is under the desk, in the middle of the floor, and finally resting at toms feet . Really?? I did enjoy ALL the musical numbers from Bombshell from the get go!! Karen and Ivy both deserved acclaim in their respective roles as MM. I WILL MISS SMASH!! <3

  28. Sailor says:

    Derek is viewed as scum of the earth… He was simply not going to win Best Director after his prize winning performance as Hound Dog of the year.
    Tom’s fate was determined by the NYTimes review… Julia’s Book re write was in Dereks view, brilliant… Tom wanted the glam Maryliyn version… Yes there was seperation between the two visions.

  29. kavyn says:

    An amazing cast ruined by the worst story direction I have ever witnessed.

    The focus on Jimmy ruined the show, despite the actor being talented they really should have killed him off. His drama and attitude were such turn-offs I almost turned off the finale.

    Also, every time any character mentioned Kyle’s name I’m sure somewhere out there an innocent child was ran over by a car. You sort of ruin the impact of a character’s death when you CONSTANTLY use his name as a plot device. Kyle was ruined for me after they turned him into such a prop – he was a great character with a lot more potential than Jimmy.

    The ending was satisfying, but this entire season was so ear-grating with the focus on Hit List and Jimmy that I’m convinced I will never watch a Josh Safran show ever again. He’s more like a show-ruiner than a showrunner.

  30. Fernanda says:

    and now We wait for Bombshell coming to Broadway, for real I hope. This was the last TV musical show from Steven Spielberg. Joshua Safran should produce only teen shows like Gossip Girl, or maybe he could return to Savage and Schwartz family in the new season of Carrie Diaries.
    I wanted Julia and Tom together in Hollywood. So long Jimmy, great singer but worst SMASH character. Dev and Ellis weren’t not too bad characters after all.
    Now I want to see Megan Hilty on Glee in its version of Funny Girl.

  31. Tagrid says:

    Michael – Bombshell? really? “* Karen, meanwhile, demanded that Daisy quit Bombshell (on grounds that she was a blackmailing skank) and give the role back to Ana…”

    Loved the finale, loved the whole damn show! So sad to see it gone. But won’t miss the negative, snarky comments on here that undoubtedly contributed to bringing it down.

  32. Angel says:

    I thought they ended it well. I loved that Derek and Ivy got together in the end, they belong together. The best part of his speech was saying he loved her and owed everything to her. The Julia/Michael thing sucked. I thought the Broadway here I come number was great, and I actually enjoyed Under Pressure, thought it summed up the episode and show pretty well. Sad that it’s ended, it was a very uneven show, but so is Glee. I wish NBC wouldn’t have been so quick to ax it, FOX is still taking their risk, when Glee is somewhat struggling.

  33. KiP says:

    To those who are up in arms that Karen lost the Tony for best actress and Ivy “the monster” won, I think it merits remembering that the Tony is for the performance in their broadway shows, not just their comportment throughout the duration of Smash.

    By all accounts Marilyn was a more acting heavy role than Amanda in Hitlist. All the praise we know for Hitlist was for its edgy concept, songs, and the Diva character. Maybe Karen would have won if she had stayed in Bombshell. Though Kyle did say that Ivy was a better Marilyn.

    I agree with the previous posters, Audra doesn’t lose at the Tony’s. Maybe they should have kept it real and then Karen and Ivy would learn that everything isn’t about the two of them.

  34. AngieD says:

    Entertainment Weekly has an interview with Josh Safron about the plan for season 3. Sorry – TVLINE, but I think the fans of the show should be made aware of that interview.

  35. Celeste says:

    It is really obvious some viewers don’t have a clue as to the real world of the theatre Do you really believe that good triumphs over evil and love conquers all? In the real world , the show willing to spend the most on PR would win.The show making the most money would win.It takes hard work talent and being a bitch to make it .Actually Daisy, Derek, Jerry, Eileen, Ellis; Ivy, and Tom were the characters most rooted in reality. Those of you shocked by Ivy’meltdown in season 1 with drugs don’t know that was partially based on a reality that was worse.

  36. Even though I’m thrilled that Karen didn’t win, I liked the speech from Eileen and the nod from the show that it just wasn’t her time. Personally, I think it will never be her time but I liked that the show acknowledged that you have to pay your dues (see: Ivy, Daisy) and Karen hasn’t done that. For all those bringing up Ivy’s season one mistakes allow me to reference the way Karen worked on “Hit List” without telling Jerry then abandoning the show altogether not to mention the fact that she tried to bone Derek herself. St. Shark Eyes hasn’t put in the time yet.

    All that said, an “Imitation of Life” musical starring Anika Noni Rose with music by Janine Tesori? Yes, please!

  37. Alan Dvorkis says:

    The show is not an A, only because they had to cram a whole season into 2 hours. It would have been fun to watch the struggles and joys of going from off Broadway to on, to watch Ivy being tugged both from mother and from within to pursue a career, while she longed to be mother, to see Derick battle his demons etc etc. There were many other themes to be pursued, that had to wrapped up both happily and neatly in two shows. I would love to have guessed what had happened to Jimmy, that caused him to be so mean spirited and standoffish. I would love to have to decide between directing a potential hit or write Dillon’s movie with Julia or to watch the effect of a potentially messy divorce on a career. There was so much more to see and so many more beautiful songs to be sung. Then, there was the amazing Anjelica Huston, who could say more with one facial expression, than most actors do with an hour of talk. Sadly, we no longer can watch her. Intelligence again takes another hit. It is time to cry some more.

  38. paranggago says:

    worst thing about that finale was Daisy winning featured actress… i think they dropped the ball on that one.

    my two cents, they should have made Ivy win featured actress — slaying the b*tch that screwed over her man Derek, at the same time reaffirming to her mom that it is her time now and mom should move over. would’ve been more poetic. Daisy should have gotten a worse comeuppance than that… surprised the blackmail issue that came out didn’t backfire on her.

    then Karen for best actress… she is the show’s star after all.

  39. Renee says:

    I did plenty of complaining this season but that was an ending so lovely (not saying it was perfect but it had such heart) that I’ll admit I cried a little and really wished there was going to be a Season 3 for me to b*tch about – preferably with Josh Safran off to ruin another show. I haven’t been a big Hit List fan but loved, loved the “Broadway Here I Come’ number. Beautiful. Loved that they gave Ana a great solo in this last packed ep. But there isn’t, is there? In addition, to Ivy Lynn’s movingt acceptance speech I loved Derek standing in the wings watching – he’s not a good guy when it comes to women but you never, ever doubted his love of theater. And the last number was a great way to go out. (I kind of thought Ellis might peek in lol.) But I agree with Michael that letting Bobby deliver a last zinger was great – it reminded me of – amidst the soapy silliness – what I really loved about tthis show. (Remember when the chorus decided ot give Karen a break and let her know why Ivy, while being b*tchy, was right to be annoyed by being upstaged – cause being chorus is an art itself – sigh) Oh, Bobby, I’ll miss you most of all.
    There are so many genre shows (and I love many of them) but there was only one show about Broadway, a show featuring the amazing B’way talents we so rarely get to see and revealing the inside baseball ups and downs of launching a show. And that’s why with all its faults, the loss of Smash is going to hurt. *Fade in on a girl…she’s fallin’ baby through the sky, through the sky…* Goodnight Smash, with love.

  40. Steve says:

    You should read the interview with Safran on Entertainment Weekly – It helps you understand the episode more as he talks about how a lot of these events were setups for a Season 3 that never happened. That Patrick guy was HOT HOT HOT…I missed he was a movie start; I kept thinking why is a Broadway guy in the closet? Being str8 man on broadway makes you not fit in. Btw, Safran said Patrick was in fact gay and would end up producing a movie that would be the focus of season3

  41. Maxsmom says:

    I #TeamIvy enjoyed the episode enough to put aside my quibbles, I wish there were a season 3 in the offing. Smash isn’t a show I love like the Good Wife but I loved/hated the characters as the soap archetypes they all were.

  42. Lisak says:

    Love the finale and loved the show. I don’t get why so many people trashed it nor why NBC kept moving it around. It was fresh and entertaining. Lots of talented people.

  43. Cindy says:

    Loved the finale. Loved the show.

  44. syb says:

    Ivy beat Karen for the Tony and Bombshell beat the pretentious Hitlist, so yes I was happy with the finale.

  45. Leo says:

    Watching this finale made me want more Luke Macfarlane on my tv, It’s been too long since we’ve got no more Brothers & Sisters. He needs to be cast somewhere, come on.

  46. Rob says:

    Since everyone seems really stuck on stating their opinions (as this is an opinion-based forum) I thought I’d add to the mix. Just a few warnings:
    1. I am an Ivy fan.
    2. I think Josh Safran killed this show and should be ashamed of himself
    3. Jimmy is one of the worst characters ever written on TV
    4. I laughed when Kyle died.
    Now that that’s out of the way, here we go:

    This finale was extremely uneven, and actually bad, in a lot of ways. But first, I want to start on the positives. As someone who absolutely detests Hit List, I really enjoyed the a cappella performance that they put on at the Tonys. I thought it was a really great way to honor what they intended to do with the show and make it cutting edge and different. However, in no world would Kyle have won for that book. Gun to my head, I couldn’t tell someone what Hit List was about, which is probably for the best. Hit List was Safran’s creation and he wanted to congratulate himself on his hard work by receiving the only (fake) awards that he will ever receive. By going on such a tangent with the Hit List nonsense, Safran took away from what was such a promising show about putting on a Broadway musical and turned it into this weird Rent parallel that never was. It irked me, yet again, that one of Karen’s lines referred to Rent…bang us over the head with it, why don’t ya? I still don’t really see the Rent parallels and I never will, so there’s no reason to try to make me understand. I think all the characters became laughable caricatures of who they once were as created by Teresa Rebeck. I am a genuine fan of this show and I can acknowledge the Season 1 shortcomings as much as anyone. I do believe, however, allowing Safran to come in on his high horse and end such a beautiful promising show with a jokey hokey “meta” number, is, all in all, what is wrong with this show: he never really understood it in the first place.

    Also, Under Pressure was laughable and absurd and way too “Glee.”

  47. Amber says:

    Wow, so much reaction to the finale… I only watched season one and the first episode of season two then stopped, but I just had to look up this finale. Wow. Not the direction I would have thought, but then again what do I know? Anywho, though I’m not the biggest fan of Ivy and Derek together, I’m glad they have each other. And I just love Tom and Julia. Period. Like they make my life.

  48. Katherine says:

    I was always a Derek and Karen fan, so didn’t like the ending. Jimmy is so freaking annoying. I think he saved his most annoying moments for this finale. I did like Julia going to see Michael… I didn’t see that coming. Big Finish number was great.

  49. Marion says:

    Totally trivial, but, Best Dressed to Karen? Seriously? Ana looked AMAZING and she pulled that look together in 15 minutes… with a dress Karen just had “lying around.”

  50. Isa says:

    What about the Tony for best director? It was a big part of the story, I was pretty frustrated that they forgot about it?