American Idol and X Factor 'Probably Hurt Each Other,' Fox's Exiting Reality Chief Concedes

X-Factor-Season-3-SpoilersThe X Factor probably won’t ever be the cultural phenomenon that Simon Cowell envisioned when he brought the British hit across the pond in the fall of 2011, but that fact doesn’t worry Fox soon-to-exit reality chief Mike Darnell.

“There are so many singing shows on right now. There’s just too much of it,” Darnell told TVLine in an interview just 48 hours prior to announcing that he’ll step down from his role at Fox in June. “Yes, Idol was down this season, but if you look at The Voice, it’s been down five weeks in a row, too.” (For the record, Idol‘s Season 12 finale drew 14.3 million total viewers and a 3.6 demo rating, down 33 and 44 percent from Season 11’s coronation night; The Voice‘s most recent Tuesday outing [10 mil/3.1] dipped 5 and 11 percent week-to-week).

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With those numbers in mind, “your expectations have to be lowered,” Darnell told TVLine when asked about The X Factor‘s upcoming third season, which will kick off this September. “If its ratings stayed where they were at [for its Season 2 finale], we’d be very happy.” (The X Factor‘s Season 2 performance finale snagged 8.3 million total viewers and a 2.7 demo rating, down 26 and 18 percent versus Season 1’s final sing-off.)

Darnell remained vague when asked if Fox should or would consider canceling The X Factor after Season 3 because its presence on the network lineup from September to December might actually be creating a sense of reality singing competiton burnout and damaging Idol‘s juggernaut numbers when it returns to the Fox schedule each January. “There’s definitely too much of it on,” he reiterated. “And I love X Factor and we love Idol, but yes they probably hurt each other.”

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On Monday, The X Factor officially added Grammy-winning recording artist/Destiny’s Child founding member Kelly Rowland and Latin pop star Paulina Rubio to its Season 3 panel — alongside returning members Demi Lovato and Cowell — and Darnell was asked if any attempt had been made to test the quartet’s chemistry, given how the uncomfortable/unfriendly vibe between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey on the latest season of Idol was considered a likely contributor to the show’s ratings decline.

“They did get together a little bit before the show itself. But remember, Simon has worked with two of them previously [Lovato on Season 2 of The X Factor; Rowland on The X Factor UK], so there’s a sense they’ll all get along, it’s gonna be fine, and they’ve all been good judges before. And I think Simon really liked the playful idea of three women and a man — a little Charlie’s Angels if you will.”

Darnell said that the rumored X Factor UK “double auditions” — where contestants will sing for the judges in a small audition room, then again in front of a live audience — are “definitely not happening” for Fox’s version of the show this fall.

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  1. Esaul says:

    I don’t think X Factor’s really hurting Idol’s ratings at all. The Voice is fairly new in comparison to Idol. The Voice has what Idol lacks. I enjoy the chemistry of the judges on there. I quit watching Idol after Simon left, and moved to X Factor when it came on. I feel The Voice is more genuine and the X Factor has its eh moments from time to time, but it’s better than Idol

    • Jacob P. says:

      I hate the judges. They never give any constructive criticism to their contestants. Sure they have chemistry but they aren’t letting their artists grow AT ALL. If the “judges” said something honest and constructive for once maybe I would at least consider enduring the painful show. I cannot believe someone would like The Voice better than Idol. It is a total snoozefest.

      • iMember says:

        I’ve watched a number of seasons of Idol and a couple seasons of The Voice, and I don’t know if we were watching the same thing but The Voice judges give a lot more criticism than the Idol judges. By far. They also do more in the case of mentoring their groups which is far more than the Idol judges do at all.

        • Jacob P. says:

          Well they are coaches, not judges, so that’s probably why they mentor But you seriously think they deliver more criticism? Wow, that amazes me. They are too biased over their own contestants. I just wish we could hear no judge feedback, considering the feedback we hear is pretty much lies.

          • Joline says:

            Each show has its own distinct energy/tone. To me X-Factor is very loud, negative and self-serving, American Idol is very serious (too serious) but very professional/refined and The Voice is fun/lighthearted. Each of these auras are reflected in the mentors/judges/coaches attitudes, comments and helpfulness with contestants. I personally hate X-Factor, still watch and have hope for American Idol and can enjoy the Voice as pure entertainment.

        • Justin says:

          That’s a lie. The judges on The Voice all call everybody “amazing.”

        • Lydia's Bones says:

          I agree… The Voice coaches most definitely do give criticism! Just this week Usher told Holly Tucker he didn’t care for her change in direction. Adam told Kris Thomas that he was “too inside his own head.” I remember Shakira telling Sarah Simmons she didn’t like her on “Wild Horses.” Whoever says the coaches only say “wonderful” or “amazing” much be those who simply crave the bygone days of negativity when Cowell reigned supreme.

      • Esaul says:

        As they say, to each their own. I used to enjoy Idol when it had Simon. I couldn’t wait to watch it from week to week. But since then, I just don’t have any interest in the judge’s panel. The Voice, while it isn’t perfect, it does often give good advice, at least I found when Shakira was giving critique to a few singers. They’re by far more helpful than the bantering from Nicki and Mariah, or Randy’s dawg comments.

        • Justin says:

          Didn’t you just say you hadn’t watched idol since Simon left? How would you know how the judges were in Seasons 10-12?

          • Esaul says:

            I haven’t watched it personally, but it’s in the background when my family watches it. I don’t have to watch to hear how they are.

          • klo says:

            There are a of ways to have knowledge of something without making the full fledged effort to watch it. Esaul explained how they are able to. Generally speaking, judgments can be made about anything with given info. Full fledged judgments can not however.

      • Mel31602 says:

        Totally agree Jacob. It’s basically pointless listening to the comments on Voice bc at most they’ll criticize one or two contestants and those will be the ones who leave the following night. At most they criticize each other for poor song choices. And people say Idol is too much about the judges!

      • Sally-n-Chicago says:

        So? You watch the show for the judges and not the entertainment?

      • Alley Kat says:

        You got that right. I remember Josiah was so bad and they didn’t say anythin bad about that performance. They just said girls love him. Or one guy was a good dancer so his vocals dont matter.

        • kenny says:

          josiah was not bad and i am pretty amazed by ushers coaching. he turned josiah from a wanabee adam levine to a capable alternative rocker. just cus he has a pretty face doesnt mean hes bad -.-. oh and vedo the dancing dude was eliminated after the first live round for a reason k? he managed to make after 3 rounds bc usher shrewdly paired him up with other enetertainers but in the end coudnt deliver and in fact he did criticize vedo in the end for dancing too much since he does in fact have a nice voice.

          • HTGR says:

            Well this week he was pretty bad. The week before he actually was pretty good though. If something is right up his alley and style I guess he’s pretty solid, but the Coldplay adventure was a bit too much for him. Of course lots of modern pop is tricky since so much of it often only works well for the original artists and the music is written to match their exact tone and style. Even stuff like say Britney Spears music, people think it’s trivial to cover, but most who try, suck at it and sound terrible.

        • HTGR says:

          If you read between the lines and looked at how they rambled on you could tell that they were more less calling half his performance a total mess. Granted they did each tag on, but you still did great of course at the end, but you could tell they were not sold on it at all.

    • Justin says:

      Are you on drugs? Idol’s talent is way better than X Factor or The Voice. Except, you wouldn’t know since you didn’t watch the last three seasons.

      • Esaul says:

        I didn’t say anything about the talent. And I disagree with the talent. I have heard the winners either on radio, or because Idol plays in the background when my family watches.

        • teatime says:

          I have to wonder what your opinion is of the contestants from The Voice and X-Factor when you hear them on the radio? Oh, that’s right, you don’t. Radio won’t play just anything from a TV contestant, just like they don’t play everything put out by Idol after the show. So you’d only hear the song that are good enough to get on the radio and are from someone with a unique enough voice that it will catch the ear of radio listeners.

          • Esaul says:

            Okay and? My opinion is my opinion. If I don’t like their singles, which is supposed to promote their album, why would I bother purchasing or wasting my time with the rest of their album? The only recent singer I’ve enjoyed from American Idol is Phillip Phillips and guess what? I didn’t have to waste my time watching a whole season of the show to find out that I enjoy his music. If we’re talking about the success of the contestants after the respective shows, I don’t deny that Idol alumni have more success than X Factor and The Voice. It doesn’t mean I have to like it still.

    • Sam says:

      Ofcourse X Factor hurt Idol. We all know that Simon Cowell’s hope was that Idol would be reduced to ashes and X Factor would reign as the new hit talent show.
      Even in the UK X factor took a while to hit after pushing Pop Idol out of the way.

      But the main Culprit here is The Voice which brought in sth different and a different kind of coaching/judging and stole the limelight from X Factor by debuting earlier in April.

      There’s hardly a big difference between X Factor & Idol apart from the categories.
      And internationally, local X Factor versions haven’t been perfoming well and have been more cancelled than renewed in the last year. The Voice has been gaining traction.

      Simon Cowell still hopes that Idol will get cancelled after next season and X Factor remains on.

      • Tess says:

        The only way X- Factor hurt Idol was by the fact that Simon left Idol for X-Factor. They are on at different times of the year, and this theory that fans of such shows won’t watch one show after watching the other is ridiculous seeing how people tune in to two season of The Voice per year and two seasons a year of other reality competitions shows like Dancing With The Stars, The Amazing Race, and Survivor. If people like a certain show, they will continue to watch that show – they won’t suddenly say, “oh I had my fill of singing shows from watching X-Factor last season so I’m not going to bother watching Idol this year” – of all the things that could convince you to watch a show or not, having a similar show on at a different time of the year is not going to influence you. The only similar show that might be affected Idol is The Voice since they are on at the same time of the year and draw direct comparisons as their seasons air against each other. No one was bringing up XF this season when complaining about Idol’s shortcomings, they were bringing up what The Voice is doing that they aren’t.

    • HTGR says:

      I think they all hurt each other a bit. I mean it’s just so much four shows a year now it has to hurt a bit, especially this meany years into the game. (It may even slightly water down talent too, perhaps.)

    • deedee says:

      Trainwreck XFactor better that Idol? :-0

    • PAL says:

      The problem with the Voice is that it should be called “The Coach”. It is too much about the coaches, their competition, their interaction, their performances… nothing about the contestants. Besides, opinion are extremely biased, and they ruin any possibility of “a moment” by not standing up from other coach contestant, and ALWAYS standing up for their own. Not that you have to stand up frequently, but when contestant X3 from coach X delivers a memorable performance, only coach X stands up… The Voice is so much so about the coaches that we remember contestants as the cute girl in Blake’s group, the nice african-american from Shakira’s group… we never remember the contestant by their own. That’s why when the season ends, they are not successful at all: they haven’t built a name from themselves.

      • teatime says:

        You are right that we are less likely to remember contestants from The Voice. When we see them, it is often about them interacting with their coach and how the coach is telling them what to do. There also are too many contestants on The Voice and they get eliminated quickly. With Idol, people who watch the show remember the names and performances of all sort of contestants from every season. The contestants themselves have many more chances to make an impression and how has months of single-elimination weeks.

        • HTGR says:

          +1 The Voice live rounds cut by too fast and nobody gets to grow and it’s harder for contestant to leave as much of a lasting impression.

      • sammy says:

        Wow, you’re so right! Great thoughts.

      • kenny says:

        i believe that to be incorrect. first of all, the main reason why the contestants do not make it mainstream is because their voices are not what people are attuned to these days. Javier Colon and Jermaine were both soul singers reflective of the music in the early 2000’s (strong, agile, and a little too gospel). Now with the latest winner, Casadee Pope, there might be a chance because she has a distinct voice, popularity, and experience. Secondly, The Voice is not only about the coaches. Whenever I watch the coaches I get hyped up about the contestants and I always remember the ones I like and actively seek them out after the show. I’m sure people also feel this way because they’re always comparing contestants from current seaons to previous ones. Also, if you actually watch the show the coaches do stand up and praise contestants from other teams. Examples include: Amanda Brown’s, Trevin’s, Katrina Parker’s, Casadee Pope’s, Juliet Simm’s, andmany other performances. The feeling of animosity vs the contestants probably came from latter seasons when Christina, who blatantly criticized contestants she didn’t like and over-hyped her own team, was on the judging panel. Lastly, the reason why most contestants do not get criticized is because the contestants on The Voice all have some musical experience– it’s required to be on the show. They give their best performances that other singing shows can hardly ever rival. If you don’t believe me watch this season’s contestants live performance on youtube. The only time they ever criticized is if they over-sing a song, are off pitch, or fail to follow instructions from their coach. The Voice allows for a variety of different singers ranging from indie to soul to show their talents and be recognized which can cause people who don’t like a genre or are unfamiliar with a certain singing style to rate a contestant as “inadequate”. anyways im done sorry for making this long and please reconsider your thoughts. Thank you for you time =)

      • Idol creates manufactured pop stars. They hand them a song and say sing it. Some go on and have music careers on their own, some don’t. That’s not what The Voice is about. The Voice is about 4 coaches helping out their artists, giving them advice, giving them confidence to try again, but their artists still make their own music. Cassadee wasn’t handed a song, she’s spent 6 months in the studio writing and building an album the way real music is made. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. But how the record company handles the contestants post show has very little to do with the show itself on The Voice, instead of like Idol having the record company pop up and tell America what to vote for. It’s about the music–and people vote for the real artists not the cutest ones. You can say that having coaches and not judges makes the show all about the coaches, but that is wrong. Instead of the coaches babbling mean things to get their little window of attention, the coaches on The Voice want to help the contestants. And they do to stand up for people not on their teams. The aren’t about tearing people down if anything that makes them less selfish than the XFactor and Idol self-agrandizing critiques.

        • teatime says:

          With Idol, four of the five white guy winners are also musicians and songwriters. They were writing, performing, and recording their own songs before they went on Idol. On Idol they presented themselves as current artists by performing several current songs in their chosen genre and rearranging other older songs to suit themselves. The singles their labels pick to promote are usually songs the Idol did not co-write. But the majority of all their albums were tracks written or co-written by the Idol and those songs were not a major departure from what they had been writing themselves before the show. Ironically the people who have been posting for years that they won only because they are ‘cute’ are often disgruntled fans who wanted some non-songwriter to win.

          • teatime says:

            BTW, I am referring ^^^^ to David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, and Phillip Phillips.

          • teatime says:

            David Cook wrote and self-produced his solo album Analog Heart in 2006. Prior to that he wrote/co-wrote several Indie albums with his band Axium.
            Kris Allen wrote and self-released his album Brand New Shoes in 2007.
            Lee DeWyze had two Indie albums released prior to Idol. So I’m Told in 2007 and Slumberland in 2010.
            Phillip Phillips did not self-produce any album before Idol, as far as I can see. But he would have been writing and performing his own songs before Idol.
            Besides those winners, other recent Idol contestants who were writing songs before Idol and wrote/co-wrote most or all of their first post-Idol albums include: Colton Dixon, Haley Reinhardt, James Durban, Crystal Bowersox, Casey James, Brooke White.

          • Phillip Phillips didn’t write Home or Gone, Gone, Gone and none of the other ones have done anything. Handing him an appropriate song was a good move from the record company knowing what kind of artist they could sell. But it wasn’t him.

        • teatime says:

          Phillip didn’t co-write his 4x Platinum single or his second single. The artists can’t control which song the label push, and the labels push the songs from their other writers. But he did write or co-write almost everything else on his soon-to-be Platinum album. People can very easily just buy singles and not the album, as we know. They choose to buy albums because they want the other songs too. Cook wrote or co-wrote all of his Platinum selling debut album except for the Platinum and Gold singles. And he wrote/co-wrote all of his second album plus some individual single he has released since. That includes songs other songs which sold well and/or were licensed for commercial use. Allen and DeWyze’s albums did not sell a much, but they still sold more than anyone form The Voice so far, and they have writing credits on almost all those songs. Allen like Cook also has co-writes that generated licensing fees and co-writes on songs that have appeared on the albums of other artist.
          I was responding to the comments like “Cassadee wasn’t handed a song, she’s spent 6 months in the studio writing and building an album the way real music is made.” And (on The Voice) “it’s about the music–and people vote for the real artists not the cutest ones. ”
          That is COMPLETE and UTTER BS. The so-called “cute ones” on Idol ARE the artists who won because they rearranged songs into new and more current versions that fans liked. The people complaining about the “cute ones” winning are almost always fans who wanted “the sexy” or “the pretty one” to win instead.
          I am NOT saying anything negative about the artists from The Voice. I voted for Cassadee and I hope she has The Voice’s break-out hit. I am defending the artists from Idol.

          • I don’t care who wins Idol. I’m talking about people saying the Voice doesn’t produce pop stars. That isn’t the Voice’s goal. These are musicians playing a gig, if they translate that gig into more recognition, great. But the record company behind it isn’t telling these guys what to sing–isn’t coming on screen and telling the audience what to think. They are their own artists. The Coaches are there to help them, not tear them down.

            PS. The big singles are why people buy the album–they think maybe there are more good songs on it. The fact that none of those other songs become radio singles is because there aren’t in fact more good songs on the albums.

          • teatime says:

            People buy singles instead of albums if that is all they want. That trend has been in place in the industry for about a decade now. When they buy these albums, it is because they like most or all of the songs on at. At any rate, it does not make The Voice or its contestants better if Idol also allows its songwriters to write most of their albums. Big record labels are more controlling and that is why it is just as well Idols tend to part ways with their label after an album or two unless they are pop or country artists. It remains to be seen if The Voice will offer more long-term support to their non-pop, non-country artists.

    • Sally-n-Chicago says:

      YES! the XF is hurting AI’s numbers. Nobody wants to watch singing contests non-stop week after week. Bad move by Fox putting XF on….I think Simon threatened to take the show elsewhere….he’s such a bully.

  2. JAA says:

    From my point of view, both Simon and Darnell made some bad decisions during the first season of the X Factor and screwed up any chance the show had to succeed.

    • raftrap says:

      The biggest one being not including Cheryl Cole.

      • Nedsdag says:

        Um, I know you are a fan, but what was so great about her? She was OK, but I wasn’t bowled over her. I know she was a foil for Simon on the UK show, but once Paula came on, she wasn’t able to have the same chemistry on the US show (then again, neither did Paula). Personally, what hurt Darnell and Co. was not calling Simon’s bluff when he threatened to go to another network to compete against AI. They should have let him go. Most likely the show would’ve flopped anyway.

    • Chucky says:

      X-Factor winner, Melanie Amaro is big bust / flop; Tate Stevens seems to be headed that way too! He’s singles and recently released albums are going down hill, even on the country charts. Yikes!

      • Mika02 says:

        How can some flow when the label didn’t even put out her album. They sat there talking about she had to lose weight before they would release her stuff and weighted months and months to release even one of her singles. X-Factor’s fault on that. i’m still waiting for the album because I love Melanie. The only people from this past season of Xfactor I am supporting is Lyric145. They made a lot of coaching mistakes this season leading to Tate winning and no one who was going to support him.

  3. Trony says:

    Someone please wake me when Lythgoe, Frot-Coutaz and Warwick are also giving exit interviews.

    FOX: You’ll have my attention when you take the money you used to spend on Mariah Carey’s contract and put it towards song clearances.

    You wont revive the idol franchise just by appointing a new captain of arranging the deck chairs.

  4. theo says:

    “And I think Simon really liked the playful idea of three women and a man — a little Charlie’s Angels if you will.” — lollll So Simon gets to play out his fantasies on tv? This is television production at its finest! /sarcasm

  5. Chucky says:

    Hopefully, Jennifer Hudson did not signed to be a judge. Why get another diva like person? It’s not the judges, or the shows. I watch because of the singers. If you have the contestant(s) everyone is drawn to then you have viewers. I kept watching the X-factor because of Carly Rose. I watched AI because of Angie, the Voice because of Danielle. It’s like a soap opera, you at following their journey ever week. Please give us contestants who sings great, great personality.

    • Jennifer Hudson is far from a diva. She may give off the aura on stage, but in interviews, she’s the exact opposite of Mariah & Nicki. She seems sweet, humble, down to earth and honest. You have to remember, an all-alumni panel owes most of their success to the show itself, therefore, they basically have no reason not to be honest. I think it could really work, could be the key word. But I don’t think it’s the only change that needs to be made by any means.

  6. Catfish says:

    Jennifer Hudson is signed for 2013. Kelly Clarkson (her spokesman said) is not currently considering a spot. Adam Lambert has voiced his desire to be a Judge, but no current confirmation of dealings. Clay Aiken is still just a rumor at this point

    Expanded cable channels, more competition from other singing reality shows, and a 30% drop in ratings – Idol may try to just hold-on to the core audience by signing some former idols for the chair. A number of people I know, especially the younger crowd, felt Idol was boring and predictable this year, and tuned-out for other shows or activities well before the finale. Guess that was reflected on a National scale as well.

    • Joline says:

      Where did you hear that about Kelly? So disappointed. That idea of strictly Idol alum on the judging panel ONLY works if Kelly Clarkson is involved. A panel of JHud, Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken??? No way. No way.

      • Catfish says:

        “”Despite rampant rumors, a rep for Kelly Clarkson tells The Hollywood Reporter that the American Idol winner will not be judging season 13 of the Fox show.”” The snoopers think Clay is high on the list, but then, everybody thought Kelly was very high as well.

        Since some of these “prospects” for a chair also have contract agreements with Management Companies, an agent and Label/tour commitments – there can be a lot of negotiations involved to get them. Big money removes roadblocks, but Carrie and Kelly are still smoking hot in the business right now. I’ve seen some reports that Idol is not going to pay 18 -20 million for any more fizzles like Mariah etc. I watched Kelly Clarkson as a judge/mentor on “Duets” and she wasn’t nearly as good in that role, as she is as a singer.

        • Joline says:

          Thanks for the info on the article. I’m sorry it didn’t work out with Kelly but based on what you’re saying about her performance on “Duets” (which I didn’t see) sounds like maybe it wouldn’t have been a good fit anyway. I’m hoping they rework the idea to combine two past Idols with two celeb or industry judges. I really want three judges instead of four, but if they are going with Jennifer Hudson then there has to be another female on the panel who you has a strong presence. Jennifer mumbles when she talks and is very monotone. Her personality does not jump off the screen to me and sitting next to two guys (especially if they are Adam and Clay) she will get swallowed up.

  7. Shaun says:

    Now that Kelly isn’t judging on AI next season I’m wrecked,lol.

  8. JJ says:

    The Voice may be the better show but Idol and XFactor have actually produced bankable recording artists. The Voice hasn’t and probably won’t.

  9. teatime says:

    The Voice’s high ratings are not because the judges are famous. It has high ratings because the judges are fun and entertaining and don’t throw female contestants under the bus when they don’t fit in the right country or diva pre-defined box.
    Idol has the best bones of all the shows by a mile. Idol is the one that gives you some real glimpses into the attitudes and point of view of the contestants that make it to the voting rounds. Idol is the one that allows the contestants to pick their own songs (or at least they DID when the show was GREAT), to rearrange songs, and to have the most influence on the style of their performance.
    Idol’s the one the regularly gives us great water-cooler performances where some unknown contestant (maybe because they have been pushed to perform something they never would have otherwise) gives us something great that we’ve never seen before on TV!
    Idol’s issue is and always has been producers’ manipulations trying to push certain genres and certain reminds-them-of-someone-else contestants. They need to keep the producers who have been fighting for the non-standard, but great voiced, contestants that keep getting into the voting rounds. They need to let go of everyone there that thinks since Carrie’s performance of Alone was her best performance then every.single.year at least one girl needs to sing Alone and that will tell us if she is the next Carrie.

  10. teatime says:

    It is very unfortunate there is no easy way to see older seasons of Idol. I LOT of people these days get into existing shows after they sit thru marathon sessions of older seasons.
    Idol has completely missed the boat on that phenomenon because they have never allowed the older seasons to be replayed on some cable station, or Netflix, etc.

    • Danny says:

      @Tea- Ironic you said that. I’m currently watching Season’s 10 & 11 because I have them recorded. I had watched 11 along w/ 12 here too, but didn’t go back to the Hollywood rounds, just top 10 or whatever matched up w/ this year.
      It’s interesting to go & re-remember things. I’d forgotten about Richie Law (the angry cowboy, the one who annoyed HeeJun). Baylie Brown wasn’t nearly as bad as I remembered. She more looked bad because she followed a great performance by Skylar.
      It’s fun to go back & re-watch these shows.
      I’d love to get season’s 1-3 somehow. I started watching in season 4. I’d love to get season 4 onward too. I hope Idol comes out w/ a way that we can recapture the past seasons.

    • deedee says:

      There used to be a show called “Idol rewind” a few years ago, which replayed previous seasons.

      • teatime says:

        I saw some of Idol rewind. Unfortunately it only showed clips from the seasons. It was a new show with a host or hosts who talked about a specific season and it included interviews with past contestants from the season and then they would show specific segments of the past show. At least it was something, but even that has not been on in years.

        • mamamitzvah says:

          Well, you can always go to & I am sure the have all past seasons. Just saying, not advocating.

  11. Don’t fear about losing me I don’t watch either one, these so called talent shows ran them selves out 40 years ago. Gag Gag !!

    I hope PBS and ESPN has some good stuff coming almost anything is better than the garbage bein spewed out by the networks. Every time I start to follow one of the better Drama shows it get cancelled.

    Take Sunday, 60 Minutes and The Good Wife are it, and not tonight Bah humbug!!!!

  12. Guitar Blue says:

    The Voice is a reality show intentionally based upon a competition between the Coaches/Mentors, They chose a Country & Modern Rock & Hip-Hop/R&B & Latin singing star for this season. ——____________

    To be called “The Voice” for this or any season, does not imply that they will be given a $300,000 recording contract, which is given by Idol to the winner. It simply means they had some National Exposure, may get a small record deal (which may just be a single or two) and now they are on their own, as the show producers and Coaches go on about their own business. ——————————

    The emphasis of The Voice is about producing an entertaining short season of singing competition mixed with Coaches competitions – and is not designed to be chasing the idea that they are creating the next American Idol. Of course we can’t help but compare the 2, but they are completely separate entities. —————–

    The X-Factor brings a different type of format – older artists may be seen, (like on The Voice), The Mentors compete with each other with their artists (Like on The Voice), groups are added to compete against individuals, which is distinctive to the show. ——————

    The 5 million $ prize level for the winner of X-Factor, allows them to almost retire after the show if they want to. Although it is now paid in installments, it still leaves the winner with a comfort zone that means they don’t have to bust their tails on tours, appearances, etc. – if they don’t want to. —– Melanie did a couple singles, one of them made top 20 on the dance charts only , but check her Net Worth on Celebrity Net Worth, and you’ll see why she isn’t to worried about needing to make a splash in the music business.

  13. I am in fact grateful to the owner of this site who has shared this fantastic piece of writing at at this place.

  14. Kaykay says:

    I love X factor and I pray that it will not be canceled

  15. Terese Smith says:

    I like all the shows they give us something worth watching on tv..Love to see people living out their dreams and having a place to do it! What hurt xfactor was the world series and not playing it so people who are not into baseball would have something to watch…….then doing a repeat show after we waited so long for it to come back on……

  16. Braylon says:

    hey what about Shakira and usher they were on the voice an people liked them add beyonce and pitbull and move to abc where they would get more promotion and gma will do a after party. Plus a And get a audience mc who can get audience reactions on the spot or a backstage-on air, online and social media correspondent who could have Access to the Show and the Show’s Artists and Celebrity Coaches Throughout the Competition Via and Social Media Engagement. The on-air show will also feature a “X-Room” where artists will talk with the correspondent post performance and engage with fans via social media.

  17. BrayBray27 says:

    And have LL Cool J as The In-House Mentor.

  18. Braylon says:

    or Michael Bublé as The In-House Mentor.

  19. braylon says:

    for female in-house mentor jill scott or jordin sparks

  20. Louise says:

    Speaking as someone who was once a massive Idol fan, my last series as a viewer was the one Phillip Phillips won. Idol brought on its own downfall, it was way too obvious who the producers wanted to win and certain contestants got promoted over others. The Straw that broke the camels back for me was the judges wasting the save on an overrated judge favourite who gave a rubbish performance that particular week which led to my favourite not being able to be saved the week after having given a better performance. I promised never to watch again and I didn’t.