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NCIS Castle Psych SpoilersDid NCIS‘ Ziva (gasp) “Friend” Tony? Which Castle couple is due for more lovin’? Which NCIS: LA agent will get a blast from the past? Who’s conspicuously silent in Psych‘s musical episode? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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NCIS | To Inside Liners Nisha, Joyce and others, this is for you. With many “Tiva” fans fretting that the pair’s season-ending heart-to-heart essentially landed Tony in the dreaded Friend Zone, showrunner Gary Glasberg maintains that over the course of Season 10, “We made huge strides. Their relationship has evolved, has changed. They’re a little more open with each other and a little more emotionally connected, certainly more than where we were at the beginning of the season.” With that same passionate group of ‘shippers having been vested in “The Year of Tiva” (a mantra initiated by, I believe it was, Michael Weatherly), Glasberg admits the couple’s closeness “may not be the big leap that a lot of people would like it to be, but I also feel like we’re enjoying the pace at which this is happening. That’s not to say we’re not headed in the direction  everyone would like to go, but I think we’re getting there.” As the EP explains, “It’s very complicated when two agents who are working together get into a relationship, and that’s something that [Tony and Ziva] would be very conscious of. So I think they would tread lightly, which is why, in theory, we’re treading lightly and being very careful about the steps that we take.” (As for Cote de Pablo’s contract status for Season 11, as of Wednesday night, Glasberg had no update to share: “I wish I had information for you, but I don’t.”)

Casting About | Before we dive into the reader mailbag, a few casting calls that have floated across my desk: MTV’s Awkward will close Season 3 with the introduction of Bailey, a “smart, very sarcastic and funny” freshman underdog – or, Jenna: The Next Generation? … On Necessary Roughness, the therapy-needing baseball prospect to be played by Entourage’s Jonathan Keltz is getting an increasingly concerned father…. And Californication Season 7 is casting a pair of TV stars: an African-American named “Hashtag Black,” and Amy, a pretty wit who’s heard a lot about Hank from her pal/Season 4 character Sasha Bingham.

And now…. Real questions, real answers!

I’m down on my knees here begging you for any and all info you might be in possession of on Psych! I’ll bake cookies, or send you a pineapple. Just please give me something! –Melinda
If you’ve longed to hear Arnie Becker let loose with a tune, the USA series’ musical episode — a two-parter set to unspool on one night in November or December – will not fill the bill. “I must tell you the truth, I don’t sing — and that’s probably why I only speak three words” in the much anticipated outing, Corbin Bernsen tells me. The pipes boasted by the rest of the cast, however, are “extraordinary,” Henry’s portrayer raves. “It sounds like Broadway stuff — the sort of stuff that I can’t do.”

Got any Castle or Suits scoop to help me through finals? –Christina
Suits up! At the USA Network upfront event, I asked Gabriel Macht what sets the stage for the new season’s flashback episode, which dives 10 years into the past. “The DA played by Gary Cole in the first season is brought back, so we’re going to see the origin episode of why Harvey left the DA’s office,” he shared. And what surprised him most about this latest bit of time travel? “It was interesting to find out where Harvey gets the value of not sleeping with the people he works with.” On a related note, Macht says the issue of where “Scottie” (played by Abigail Spencer) lands – New York or London – “is explained in the premiere, [airing July 16], so she’s back for that episode.”

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I really hope to see more “Esplanie” on Castle next season. Anything you can tease so far? – Marine
Know who else hopes to see more Esposito/Lanie scenes? Andrew W. Marlowe, that’s who. Acknowledging that things are “complicated” between the detective and the M.E., (“I think that Lanie isn’t sure about wanting to commit “), the series’ creator says, “There is much more going on in that relationship than we have had time to show. There’s some great storytelling that we’ve talked about, but to give it the real breadth we want to, we need a bit more time. So we’re going to have some hallmarks next season on that front.” So I in turn ask fans: What hallmarks would you like to see?

What is new TV series/movie of the Jensen Ackles? –Emma
If there is a God: My Bloody Valentine 4D.

Can you tell us more about what’s coming in the second season of Beauty and the Beast? –Sakran
Presumably in addition to Catherine’s biological father, “We’ve got some new people joining us [for Season 2], which is going to amp things up,” Jay Ryan says. “Fresh blood!” As for the show’s sophomore run as a whole, Vincent’s portrayer has these expectations: “I think we’ve found our footing, as far as what the tone of the show is — and we can only grow bigger and better from there.”

Does Hart of Dixie’s Scott Porter think George and Zoe will finally be more explored in Season 3? And what would be his dream storyline for George Tucker? –Stephanie
What if I told you that his dream storyline does not involve Zoe…? Porter told me his No. 1 Season 3 wish is that “George is single, for most of the year. That we get to see him more fleshed out and go on some solo adventures as opposed to always being tethered to a relationship.” The actor noted that in Season 2, George “was single for one episode, and then had a revolving door of women coming through his life, and I want to see George outside of that.” As such, this storyline in which George shutters his law practice for a bit to indulge his musical leanings has a good ring to it. “There’s a part of George that is a little bit more wild — and he needs to start letting that side out.”

On NCIS: Los Angeles, will we ever meet Kensi’s ex-fiance Jack? –Lauren
No sooner did I utter your question to show boss Shane Brennan did he respond, “Yes.” But was that a yes as in sometime soon-ish…? “I answered you pretty quickly,” Brennan smiled, “so perhaps it’s something we are already thinking about.” As for what Jack might be like, Brennan isn’t locked into a type just yet, though he did venture: “Kensi likes Deeks, so maybe he’s a Deeks lookalike, another ‘shaggy dog’?”

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Does Neal/Bae come back in Once Upon a Time Season 3, or is he really dead?? –Jessica
Judging by this bit of exclusive goodness (318 comments and counting!), he sure seems to be alive. (Unless he has another identity, that of Casper the Friendly Ghost.)

Covert Affairs is back filming and @ChrisGorham is tweeting cryptic teases. Any info on the upcoming season? –Janice
Gorham already dropped some juicy teases in Ask Ausiello, so I instead give you Kari Matchett sharing a taste of the tempestuous times ahead for the USA drama’s resident marrieds. In addition to the budding Annie/Auggie romance, she said, “There are some really interesting personal things going on [in Season 4] that inform the professional life in a bigger way for Joan and Arthur. I can say there is a very serious breaking point that comes up. I can’t tell you what the outcome is, but there is a very, very serious breaking point.” (Could Matchett’s real-life pregnancy play into this relationship drama? “Viewers will have to tune in and see,” I am told.)

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  1. Roger says:

    A couple of questions: Since Criminal Minds didn’t leave us with a clfif hanger this season, are they just going to start with new cases in the fall or is there something we might have forgotten?

    Also, any news if Mariska has renewed her contract with SVU? That cliff hanger left us really hanging? I can’t believe they’d kill her off – she is the show!

    • Laura says:

      I think the reasom not saying its the whole reason is due to the fact they werent sure if they were coming back but also due to the fact AJ cook and Kristen (garcia)didnt sign new contracts to the very last minute so hmaybe thats why their ws no cliffhnager as for Markisa i havent heard either way and as you so rightly said she is the show

  2. Lisa says:

    George gone wild! I can’t wait! George needs to get crazy and then he and Zoe should find their way back together and go off on some adventures! Didn’t they both want to go see the gorillas?

    • RichieS says:

      Maybe George’s bestie from H.S. could pop in to help him get crazy ( Taylor Kitsch would be an excellent casting here ).

  3. Lisa says:

    How about instead of focusing on the relationship of secondary characters, Castle takes some time to actually develop the relationship between Beckett and Castle with some consistency and coherency? Season 5 was a mess of missed opportunities and dropped plot points and it left me feeling nothing but absolute anger with that entirely ridiculous finale. And to be a typical fangirl, I’ll add than an actual love scene wouldn’t go amiss,

  4. morecowbell94 says:

    I’m so ready for Tony and Ziva to take their relationship to the next level. While I love the story they have told, I feel as though its time to pick up the pace. We’re ready!

  5. Dr. Enie says:

    I would like see some scenes with Castle and his father with Martha next season. I am not going to even speculate about the Caskett relationship. The writers and the producers have to figure out away to keep the fans happy and keep up the relationship!

  6. foonts says:

    Regarding NCIS: Its obvious that GG is just stalling. Every year there is a promise that something will happen with regards to Tiva but it never does. Personally I dislike the pairing and I’ve read that MW does too. Ziva always has a certain disdain towards Tony and Tony doesn’t seem to think of her anything more than a friend. However, the teasing has gotten so irritating that I’d prefer GG just putting them together rather than spending another season doing the same old dance.

    Regarding Castle: I don’t mind Esplanie but I don’t see much chemistry between the two characters. I think Marlowe should focus on mending Beckett first because I really did not like her during the season finale arc. I was pretty pissed at her behavior and it will take something pretty extraordinary from the writers to make me like her the way I used to.

  7. leo says:

    Gotta know more about NCIS LA! Will Callen ever find love? Will Densi become a viable reality, and will we ever get to see Hetty kick ass, rather than just hearing about it? Also, can Nell and Eric just do it already?

  8. Bec says:

    Personally I have given up on ‘tiva’, I don’t see the chemistry they apparently still have. If anything was going to happen between them it should have been back somewhere in seasons 3-5 when they had insane chemistry! However, I feel they have waited too long and it just wouldn’t work now…it feels forced whenever they have these “talks” or scenes together. I mean, I remember and episode maybe last season where Tony says to Ziva “Do you really consider me to be in your life” – um…considering you guys have been partners for almost 8 years, I’d hope you thought you were at least friends. The continuity of their relationship just hasn’t been amazing, and personally I no longer want them to get together.

    Now, Deeks and Kensi on the other hand are what tiva used to be, and I think it’s incredibly smart for the writers to be moving forward with them in such a bold way. Those two have amazing chemistry and are so much closer and more open than tiva has ever been. They genuinely hang out together and act like friends, and talk about themselves more openly. They are so sweet and adorable whenever they have scenes together and with Sam and Callen! I definitely see the potential for a successful relationship between them (of course with a few obstacles along the way to make things interesting) but between them they could definitely make it work and after the stellar finale that NCIS:LA had, with ALL of their characters in such tumultuous and heart stopping cliffhangers I am so excited to see what will happen next!

    • JC says:

      I agree – Densi is a far more interesting relationship to me than Tiva. With Tiva, they’ve wasted far too much time for me to start buying into the relationship at this point. They even did a better job with Harm and Mac. In spite of dragging that out to the last possible moment, I never doubted how the two of them felt about each other. Tony and Ziva not so much.

  9. Claire says:

    So I guess Gary should be thanked for the steering of the storyline for Ziva and giving Cote extra bargaining power. Cote’s contract was up and instead of putting her in some mortal danger as well as bringing resolution to Tony/Ziva he has opened the door for Tony/Zva to further explore their relationship (‘ … but I think we’re getting there… So I think they would tread lightly, which is why, in theory, we’re treading lightly and being very careful about the steps that we take.’). Thank you very much Gary, now CBS be done and sign Cote already. BTW Gary, I love the pace! Well done.

  10. Tivafan says:

    I love tiva but this season I have been irratatied by ziva for some reason no matter what tony does she doesn’t seem to trust him. I personally think that they should bring back jeanne and maybe she could have a son or daughter that is tonys I believe that then ziva will finally come to her senses and admit how she really feels because im getting real tired with this 2 steps foward and 5 steps back.

  11. thank you so much for everything ..

  12. TheCat says:

    totally excited for ncis:la
    but wasn’t it said in some episode that kensi’s ex was a marine (or some other branch of the military). cause I’ve never seen a guy in the military that looked like a “shaggy dog”. although her ex having a resemblance to deeks would be kinda funny :)

  13. Patti says:

    Thanks for the Psych scoop and Love Neal on Once so glad he is a regular

  14. Universal Constance says:

    I don’t understand why Castle and Beckett would not be allowed to work together if they got married. He isn’t a city employee, he’s not a cop, he’s a volunteer! The rules of employees not being allowed to get married don’t apply here, something they seem to have ignored on Bones.

  15. Bonnie says:

    castle and beckett are the BOMB!!! ALWAYS!!!