Nashville Season Finale Recap: Truth, Consequences and Black Boxer Briefs [Updated]

Nashville Season 1 Finale RecapWarning: The following recap contains spoilers from Wednesday’s season finale of Nashville. If you haven’t watched yet, boot-scootin’ boogie on outta here. Everyone else, read on.

Nashville‘s Rayna Jaymes, I’m mad at you.

This episode’s unpleasantness could’ve been avoided if, at some point in the past 13 years, you had taken Deacon aside and told him the truth: He’s the father of your older daughter, and you kept mum until you were sure he was ready (and sober) enough to handle that tough reality.

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And Deacon, don’t think you’re getting out of this any easier. Stop with the hurt eyes and the and earnest soul-gazing – you know darn well that Rayna had good reason not to trust your first stab at sobriety. Or your second. Or your fifth, as it turns out. As Rayna mentioned – and you exhibited this week — you’re a violent and mean drunk. And, not for nothing: Maddie is 13. You and Rayna broke up 13 years ago. Can you not do math? It’s enough to make a girl want to take a Louisville slugger to both headlights in frustration… though it looks like Rayna’s already seen to that, in a way.

While I’m at it — Teddy, if you didn’t see that insanity flailing its arms, wearing an aluminum-foil hat and talking to itself from a mile away, you don’t get any sympathy. Have we learned nothing from every primetime soap ever? Crazy-eyed, obsessive females always wind up preggers with the clueless guy’s kid.

Scarlett, Gunnar, Will? We’ll get to you later. Don’t look so smug, Avery. You’ve only got a few dollars in the bank of likability, and my checking fees are very high.

Now everyone settle in, and we’ll review the finer points of what happened in the Season 1 finale, “I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive.”

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MISSING MOM | As the episode begins, Juliette is under the impression that Jolene’s final actions were related to either a drug deal gone bad or some twisted lovers’ quarrel. Kudos to both Hayden Panettiere and the Nashville makeup team: Ju really looks like she’s been crying for a long time (though even in her grief, she’s managed to achieve the perfect ponytail pouf). Deacon swings by to tell her he’s sorry, but she loudly blames him for raising her hopes in the first place. “I knew she would never stay clean,” she spits, kicking him out so she can get ready. For what? he wonders. The CMAs: She’s still going, and she still wants to win.

But in her dressing room at the ceremony, even though she looks flawless, Juliette is not doing well. A simple check-in by Marshall sets her on a tear. “You afraid I’m going to have some sort of meltdown?” she screams… as she does just that.

Next we see Ju, she’s still decked out in her awards-show gown and sitting by her mother’s open coffin at the funeral home. She laments that she always felt like the adult in their relationship, then sobs, “How could you leave me? Now I have no one.” Oh Ju, at least you have Glenn – who shows up at her place before the funeral the next morning to deliver the CMA for Best Female Vocalist – she won, after all – and a big hug. (Aww.) They attend the graveside service, where Rayna sweetly assures her tour mate that she’s “good enough” and Avery offers his condolences.

Later, the cops bring Juliette the mangled SD card Jolene shoved down the garbage disposal; Ms. Barnes claims not to know what it held. Just then, Emily gives her a letter from Jolene that arrived in the mail: Among other things, Ju’s mom explains that she took on the scandal because “you deserve to be clean, you deserve to be free.” That’s sweet and all, but a drug-fueled murder-suicide is a much bigger stigma in Juliette’s career than a little sex tape would’ve been, right? Oh Jolene, you misguided creature. I guess Ju’s happiness depended on you and whatever you decided to do.

THE HEART WANTS WHAT IT WANTS | Gunnar showers (progress!), ‘fesses up to stealing his brother’s songs (side note: bespectacled manager guy doesn’t care) and gets rather irked that Scarlett is hanging out with Avery again. So he does the absolute dumbest thing possible: He asks her to marry him. Thank goodness she wasn’t drinking anything at the time, because Gunnar surely would’ve gotten a spit-take for an answer. Meanwhile, though we – and Gunny — see Will in bed with a girl at one point in the episode, he later makes eye contact with a dude at a club, then gives a subtle-yet-frantic shake of the head that sends the guy walking past him. (I tried using my mojo to make Will and Gunnar kiss again, especially when Chris Carmack was rocking those black boxer briefs, but even my powers have limits, guys.)

THIS HAPPENED, TOO | Lamar demotes Tandy, so she quits. The U.S. Attorney’s office is investigating Teddy’s past embezzlement and offers Peggy immunity if she rats him out. But she doesn’t. Why? Because she’s pregnant. Yep. There’s too much more to get through, so we’ll deal with that next season, mmmkay?

DADDY? | Rayna tells her daughters that she and Deacon are an item; both seem OK with it, but Maddie acts a little aloof. Soon, she’s on Deke’s doorstep, crying, “I think that you might be my father.” He is, understandably, taken aback.

Dealing with that development causes Deacon to show up late for the CMAs; he gets there just in time to back up Rayna’s breathy duet with Brad Paisley. (And to see Ms. Connie “Eat this, 20-somethings” Britton work the hell out of a sparkly bustier and leather pants. Get it, mama!) Deacon confronts her after the performance, and she affirms what Maddie told him. Both Britton and Chip Esten are so, so good here; rewatch, in particular, for the way she works overtime to keep her voice level and quiet as he starts spinning into the universe.

THREE DEKES TO THE WIND | He lands at a bar, where he seriously considers the drink before him… then downs it and asks for another. Oh, Deke… He wakes up there the next morning, attacks Teddy (Tedster was totally in the right, but I loved watching them throwdown, regardless) and pukes off his own front porch before Coleman, Gunnar and Scarlett show up and beg him to stop drinking. A few drunken punches and gulping sobs later, Deacon is alone with his sponsor. He promises to get to a meeting… but when Coleman leaves, Deacon washes down some pills with some booze – and then drives to The Bluebird for Juliette’s memorial service for Jolene.

Rayna’s there, too. And when she sees him, he makes a beeline for his car. She angrily wrestles his keys away and gets in the driver’s seat; on the way home, they argue (though we can’t hear anything over Juliette crooning “Nothing in this world is ever gonna break my heart again”) and cry and yell – and when Rayna is distracted, they get into a car accident that sends Deacon’s SUV rolling over and landing in a ditch. (A huge reveal, a new pregnancy, a proposal and a car accident involving two of the lead characters? Good god, Nashville – save something for next season!)

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    Kind of a disappointment actually. The reveal over Maddie was great but I’m a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to see more of that, I kind of want to see her reaching out to him because really they are the two people that were betrayed here.

    The ending wasn’t that shocking, we all know that Deacon and Rayna aren’t going to die.

    Peggy’s pregnancy wasn’t surprising at all, anyone could have seen that one coming.

    Honestly it felt like a VERY rushed finale, too much happened and I couldn’t really process it all. Nothing was given the due attention it deserved.

    • coyboy says:

      My exact thoughts. They should’ve handled each situation individually. It would’ve been so much better if they pulled off the finale as a 2 hour episode. Revenge successfully managed to handle many issues in that timeframe without appearing cheesy/in your face.

      The Rayna/Deacon accident was too much in the background, Peggy’s pregnancy reveal was a cheesy scene from those non glamourous 90s soap.

      Nashville is such a strong series with excellent writing, it’s just disapointing to see these talented writers struggle to tie knots and set up things for season 2 that fast. (It almost seems like those season finales that go over-top because they want to get renewed)

    • sherab says:

      totally agree with this assessment ~ have been loving the show this year but feel like most the stories have been too fast and rushed over the past few weeks. and the last scene with deacon and rayna is so cliche… disappointed :-( will watch next year though!

      • gigi says:

        YES! rushed right?? Deacon sliding back into addiction was absolutely heartbreaking and I sure hope they deal with that, and the fallout that touches everyone around him. especially given the fact that Juliette has dealt with that fallout her whole life! this is a chance for those actors to really dig in and give stellar poignant performances that will endear them to their audience. Kinda like how Silver Linings Playbook showed how bipolar disorder touches everyone in the community and it takes everyone pulling together to deal with it. I know…a high bar for TV writers to aim for…but aim for it nonetheless…

        • gigi says:

          so my wish is for them to SLOW DOWN. sloooooooooooowwwww doooooowwwwwwnnnnnn….you’ll be rewarded with a loyal audience

          • Laura says:

            I actually disagree, I like the fast pace, it reminded me a little of Scandal. I can’t stand when shows dance around things for months or even seasons. If I can miss several weeks and jump back in immediately because nothing important actually happened, I’m not as inclined to watch every week.

          • Boiler says:

            Seems like the comments about slowing down are the exact opposite of Revenge complaints. Also Nashville doesn’t decide if it is a 2 hour finale or not. Too bad because 2 hours would have been much better. Look forward to next year

        • Gail says:

          So is it going to be Rayna or Deacon in the wheel chair next fall with the other feeling guilty for what they caused.

          • Heather Cat says:

            I think Rayna will be in a coma and Deacon will be back on the wagon stuggling as he will say ‘This is all my fault; if I weren’t drinking this wouldn’t have happened’

    • Mike says:

      Whoever wrote and approved this episode dropped the ball!! You cannot leave every character is a tragic place! People watch shows like this to escape reality not to be overly depressed over the summer. It is going to leave a bad taste in many mouths, the show is about music, relationships, not a tragedy!

      • Niki says:

        I must agree…. Way too SAD….. and I LOVE this show and love the LOVE between Rayna and Deacon… I don’t know how they will be able to be together after this.

    • Jill says:

      Definitely a disappointment. Like the above posters said, It felt way too rushed. I’m starting to feel like this show is cut like a music video rather than a quality program. It’s style for style’s sake. You want to actually HEAR what people are saying in a drama. I hated how you didn’t even get one word of what Deacon and Rayna were saying to each other. Why should I care if I have no idea what they’re saying? I think part of the problem is there are waaaay too many characters on the show so there isn’t enough time to actually sit with a story and let it develop. This show should just be about Juliette, Rayna, Deacon, Scarlett and Gunnar, and everyone else should only appear as it relates to them, otherwise you get 30 second scenes that say nothing. No one cares that Peggy’s pregnant or that Tandy got fired. Please step up the writing next year Nashville, and don’t rely solely on shiny editing.

      • cordelia k says:

        i agree with the too fast of a pace overall in the finale (and the few last episodes)
        i do disagree with your comment on wanting to hear the argument. i though the final scene was gorgeously done – just hearing juliette sing and see what happens with the others. i would even have gunnar pop his question without the sound. i think that was amazingly done – and more powerful than if we got to hear the argument itself.

        still loving the show though!

    • Ann says:

      Well, in defense of the writers of Nashville, I think they crammed everything in that one hour because they weren’t show if the show would be renewed yet at the time of the writing….so they probably had to cram everything they wanted to in the finale to serve as cliffhangers to entice their bosses at ABC for renewal.

      • Lorilei says:

        Agree with you. It was officially picked up a week or 2 ago. The filming was probably complete. Maybe they had a couple of different endings depending on which way the network went.

    • Nancy Cooper says:

      Teddy is a slimeball. Lo, these many years ago, he took advantage of Rayna at her lowest point. She was pregnant, unmarried and fearful of the future with an alcoholic. Slimeball Teddy saw the opportune moment to hijack her into a marital commitment, when her defenses were down and her options seemed so limited. On top of that, he demanded, for purely selfish reasons, her promise that the baby-to-be would never know the name of the birthfather. You stink, Teddy. Go Team Deacon!

      • dmac says:

        Just exactly how did he take advantage of her? He knew the child may not be his and he raised her anyway and is a great father. His only crime was to get in between Saint Rayne and Deacon. Of course he demanded that his child wouldn’t know that he wasn’t her biological father, he raised her and treated her like his own. Rayna was a big girl and he didn’t make her do anything. The way you describe her as a delicate lil thing who can’t think or do anything for herself. Rayna made her own choices and she needs to own up to them.

      • breanna says:

        I agree 100%. Teddy is a slime ball he completely brain washed rayna into thinking that keeping this from deacon was okay. What if that was you, I think you would of liked to know if she was your daughter and not the guy that says he is!! I haven’t liked him since day one.

        • Lorilei says:

          That is a tough call. They could have told her that Teddy was not her biological Dad, but then everyone would have known who her bio Dad was and I think Rayna felt it best to keep her out of that drama. Personally, I think if Rayna and Teddy decided to raise Maddy as if Teddy was her bio Dad, they should not have had the paternity test done. That’s would have been the real committment of being her Dad.

        • Kim says:

          It was not entirely Teddy’s idea to keep the fact Maddie was not his biological daughter from him. This show is still recorded on my TV. No kidding I’ve watched the finale no less than 10 times already. Rayna told Deacon that Coleman (Deacon’s sober companion) felt it best to keep it from him. This show is excellent in so many ways. It may move fast but it is smooth. Easy to keep up with. Feel that I am wishing my life away by wanting it to be fall already. I absolutely LOVE this show and everything about it. Great writing, great drama, great suspense, great music!! It’s TV but also is a lot of real life truth that makes it enjoyable watching. Thanks for renewing!!

      • Niki says:


    • Becky says:

      You are spot on!

    • Gayle says:

      I had thought that it would come out that Maddie was Deacons daughter half way through the season. I thought that when he took her to the hospital after the concert she snuck out to, would have been the perfect time to reveal that. She need a transfusion, and has a rare blood type that strangely Deacon had too. Oh well. they did throw way to much at you all at once, but I agree with an earlier post that they were trying to tie up endings that would stand alone, should the show not be renewed. I think Deacon will come back in a wheelchair, or coma (easy way to sober up again), open alcohol bottle found in wreckage, and Deacon blames Rayna for the wreck. Rayna probably had at least a drink in her, and she will be consumed with guilt. Teddy uses the bad press to try to gain sole custody of both girls. Scarlett says yes, but somehow, that fact that Gunner and cowboy guy kissed (however genericly) throws a whammy into that, driving her completely back to Avery, who drops Juilette like a hot potato, cause Scarlett is his first big love. Teddy shoots Raynas dad, cause he was diddling Peggy too, and the kid is his. Deacon awakes from coma, and it was all a bad dream. Did I leave anything out?

    • Maggie says:

      ABC just announced it renewed it last week so the show’s writers had to write the last episodes not knowing if they had to tie all the stories together or not. If it wasn’t renewed I sure would of been pissed with this being the final episode…lol.

    • Cynthia says:

      I agree, they did rush all of the story lines and it does beg to wonder what’s left for next season?

      But one thing I found very interesting was the interaction between Deacon & Rayna in the car. Even though you couldn’t hear what they were saying, you didn’t need to. Pretty much everyone knows that you can’t talk to someone who is that drunk. They won’t listen to you. It’s useless anyway because they won’t remember anything you said once they are sober. The only thing you can do is let them rant, and lets face it Deacon had a right to rant, keep quiet and make sure they don’t do anything to hurt themselves or others.

      Rayna did none of this despite having plenty of experience with this situation. It gave me a glimpse as to why Coleman told Deacon that Rayna has always been bad news for him and why he told Rayna to walk away from her relationship with Deacon and marry Teddy when he went in for his 5th stint in rehab. She knows how to push his buttons.

      So Deacon’s dark side was revealed but Rayna’s total inability to take responsibility for her actions and get herself out of the way was revealed too. It’s the classic toxic relationship. Maybe that was the reason it took Deacon 5 times to get sober!

  2. bekah says:

    this show is horrible! what gave them the right?!?! I mean really!!! AHHHHH. did they HAVE to have Peggy be pregnant!? did they have to have Gunnar propose?! I mean enough is enough!! horrible I say!
    (and of course by horrible I mean great)

  3. Emgee says:

    WOW! What an amazing finale! Cannot wait for Season 2 in the fall.

  4. Mike R. says:

    The cliffhangers were kind of lame, but other than that it was an ok finale, I enjoyed the Maddie reveal, but I felt not enough was spent on Maddie. I hope they don’t drag out Deacon getting sober again.

  5. K says:

    Obsessed with this show!!! The finale was crazy good!! Waiting for season 2 to come on will be torture!! Startingggggg…. NOW. Wah!!

  6. RUCookie says:

    Holy moly…there is a whole lot of mess going on around Nashville. Just a whole big mess. 1) how did Juliette not know her mom saved her? 2). How did that child not get yelled at, scolded, grounded etc for breaking locked boxes and causing such drama. And shame on her for dragging her sister into her pity party…boohoo your family loves you and your mom kept you from your biological dad. One minute your actual dad is not your dad and then te next minute you want to live with him…3). Please please please charolete, don’t get back witn Avery or say yes. Gunner is still a mess, but 4) deacon – that was the pot calling the kettle black. You are a worse mess than Gunner. 5). Rayna’s dad did not dull his cruelty edge after his health scare…6) after this season focused on Juliette’s family mess, looks like next season will be Rayna’s …holy car flipping Batman!

    • Emgee says:

      1) how did Juliette not know her mom saved her?
      Agreed. I thought she made that pretty clear in the phone conversation last week.
      2)How did that child not get yelled at, scolded, grounded etc for breaking locked boxes and causing such drama. And shame on her for dragging her sister into her pity party…boohoo your family loves you and your mom kept you from your biological dad. One minute your actual dad is not your dad and then te next minute you want to live with him…
      Because grounding her after she learns something like that solves absolutely nothing. Imagine how you would feel if you learned something like that. And she wants to live with Teddy because she feels betrayed by her mom.
      4) deacon – that was the pot calling the kettle black. You are a worse mess than Gunner.
      Um, yeah…that’s why he said it, because he was wasted out of his mind.

    • Monica4185 says:

      I agree with everything. But most especially agree with you on number 2. The fact that Maddie was snooping around her mother’s stuff and no one call her out on that, irritated the crap out me.

      • Emgee says:

        Because Maddie’s a teenager and smart enough to see that if they ground her for snooping around after she learns something like that they are clearly just avoiding the issue entirely.

        • RUCookie says:

          Sorry, I don’t buy that for one second. She is a teenager and throwing a temper tantrum. If her mother broke into her stuff, in her closet she would be screaming bloodybmurder. Yes, Rayna and Teddy ave to talk to her about her biological dad but they also needed to address the fact that she eavesdropped in on private conversations. Broke a safe and confronted a family friend before talking to them..,that is reinforcing bad behavior.

          • rowan77 says:

            Welcome to the world of permissive parenting where the parents are always trying to appease the child. Yes, they kept a very big secret from her, but with good reason and at her age she’s hardly shown the maturity to handle such knowledge . Should they have grounded her? Maybe, but at least they should have discussed her behavior (the eavesdropping, the breaking into her mother’s lockbox, cutting school to go to Deacon’s without their permission).

          • the girl says:

            Children have too many rights here in 2013. Getting to decide who you live with? Asking your parents to explain themselves after you were eavesdropping when you shouldn’t have? Revealing details about your mother’s past to your younger sister inappropriately? I mean seriously. Its too bad the good ole fashioned spanking has been outlawed.

          • EF says:

            I don’t think you understand what a “temper trantrum” is. They are usually based on nothing important where people are venting in an over-reactive manner. Finding out your father is someone else and reacting is not a temper tantrum. It’s human nature. Of course, this is all TV made up drama, but you’ll notice she DID calmly give her mother a chance to talk to her later.

        • EF says:

          Yes – this. You can’t stand on moral ground when you’ve been dishonest yourself. Kids are smarted enough to know that’s ridiculous.

      • EF says:

        The suggestion that her parents should have scolded her for snooping is HYSTERICAL. The child has the right to know who her father is. She’s been lied to for her entire existence and those people are supposed to scold her for snooping?

        • W says:

          Yes they should scold her. Knowing how parents are today though, it doesn’t surprise me that they didn’t.
          Why did she not have the “right” to know? because she is 13. Deacon may have provided the seed (sorry to be crass) but Teddy was her real father. Teddy was there when she was sick the first time, walked, cried etc. From everything the show has told us, Deacon was a dangerous drunk at that time and her mother had the “right” to protect her unborn child.
          Maddie was able to grow up happy and healthy. If you want a contrast…look at Juliette. Maybe just maybe Deacon makes a better uncle than he ever would have a father.

          • Emgee says:

            Teddy is also a major hypocrite. Telling Deacon that “Maddie and Rayna both deserved better”? True or not, Teddy is hardly the “better” that they deserved while he’s out having an affair and embezzling money (risking prison? a fine father he’d make to Maddie from there).
            I’ll say it again…Maddie was lied to for thirteen years. Granted, there would have been a time when she was too young to be told but her reaction to learning the truth, whether she was snooping or not, was perfectly natural and grounding her for snooping is not a smart move.

  7. Jen says:

    Deacon’s reaction to the news, unfortunately, was exactly why Rayna didn’t tell him from the beginning. We haven’t seen or heard much about how bad his addiction was – I think the most we’ve heard was what Rayna said tonight when he confronted her, about him tearing her apartment apart back then, and the past indication of some sort of accident that he was involved in that killed someone a long time ago – but based on his actions tonight, I can kind of understand why she chose the route she did. If she couldn’t trust that he was going to get and stay sober, why would she expose a baby to that? Maybe sometime during the years since she should have found a gentler way to break it to him, but her loyalty had to be to her husband by then.

    We know they won’t kill off Rayna and Deacon, but I wonder what the ramifications will be.

    I loved loved loved, though, that Rayna and Glen were there with Juliette, and that they actually bonded. I’m sure that Juliette will backtrack, at least on Rayna, next season, but for now, it was great to see Rayna supporting her and Juliette accepting and even welcoming it.

    I kind of don’t care even a little bit about all the political subplots and the Cumberland deal stuff. Or Peggy being pregnant.

    And the marriage proposal – please. Scarlett is so going to turn Gunnar down. She flat out told him she didn’t even know what they had at the moment. Gunnar – that’s when you start OVER with her, wooing and dating her. Not jump right into a marriage proposal.

    All in all, an awesome first season! Totally bummed that it’s over until the fall.

    • Niki says:

      I Agree with this… It kind of scared me of how BAD Deacon’s addiction is…(was)…
      I LOVE this couple together, but I am so MAD that the writers made him take that drink…. This will tear him and Rayna up… She made the decision, despite her deep love for him to move past him…. Why wouldn’t she now??? All I can say is the writers better FIGURE out a WAY to KEEP THEM TOGETHER!!!!!!! Ughhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

  8. valeriel40 says:

    I thought Hayden KILLED it tonight! Loved that last song.

  9. arahsae says:

    I love me some Nashville, but really??? They included every cliched plot device known to man in a single episode. You’re the baby daddy! Off the wagon! FBI investigation! Car crash! Your old flame is a threat? Marry me! Ugh. Just way. Too. Effing. Much.

    • bekah says:

      A+ comment. seriously

    • cassey says:

      Spot on. It’s downright hilarious at this point.

    • Sarah says:

      Completely agree! Do the writers think we’ve never watched television before? As much as I love this show, I had to keep rolling my eyes. I guess we’ll see how they react to all of this stuff next season. I hope they pay proper attention to these storylines.

    • @JennyS714 says:

      Lol yes, that’s what makes Nashville a guilty pleasure of mine. Completely cheesy, recycled plotlines, but I find this show super entertaining!

    • LJCM says:

      I rather liked that they embraced the soapiness of it all. Why pretend the show is not a night (musical) soap, when it clearly is, so I rather enjoyed the ‘go for broke’ finale. It definitely left me wanting to see more! Plus, country music is all about drama and heartbreak and the performances were amazing. I say go full throttle with the melodrama Nashville, cause you do it well. :)

    • SusanB says:

      It’s too much staccato drama to be wonderful.
      (By the way arahsae you sound like Larry Elder. Are you him?)

  10. Alcrkr says:

    I wish Deacon would control himself – he put the lives of Scarlett, Gunnar, and Cole in danger, and thanks to the major car crash at the end of the episode (I went numb), Rayna’s life is jeopardy as well. Obviously, we know she’s going to survive, as Callie Khouri wouldn’t kill her main character. 

    To be honest, Rayna was right in not telling Deacon that Maddie is his biological daughter. I guess I never understood how bad Deacon’s addiction was and seeing him relapse in today’s episode blew my mind. Teddy, despite his relationship with Rayna, has always been a wonderful father to both of his children. He was absolutely right in saying that both Maddie and Rayna deserve better. 

    Tandy’s quit and is no longer on talking terms with Lamar, and Juliette’s recovering from last week’s blow. Hopefully, she’ll clean herself up again and put the past behind her. I’m so glad that Glenn, her former manager, is there as a support to her. 

    Teddy’s Cumberland deal is back in the picture and I’m about seventy-five percent sure that Peggy’s lying about her pregnancy. If she isn’t, then Teddy’s got both federal prison time as well as infidelity confessions to make. 

    Gunnar proposed to Scarlett, so we’ll see what she says in the fall. Not to worry about Avery, he’s being a really good friend to her right now and is also a source of support to Juliette. Looks like he finally got his slice of humble pie. Fingers crossed that he’ll be with Juliette soon :) 

    I realize it’s a TV show, but I am so angry with Deacon right now. I know he’s hurt and betrayed, but drinking and screaming at Rayna while she is driving him home and finally, arguing with Rayna so much that they get into a car accident and the SUV flips over is, needless to say, NOT the way to handle things. 

    Season 2’s got a lot of questions to answer. I hope the fall comes soon enough! 

    • There’s a healthy middle ground between telling him from the get-go while he’s in the throes of addiction and waiting for him to find out from someone else 13 years after the fact.

      Rayna not telling him the truth is the whole reason this relapse happened. I think she was absolutely justified in not telling him until she knew that this bout of sobriety would stick. But starting a relationship with the man while holding this big of a secret was always going to be a recipe for a disaster.

      • naturallyme29 says:

        Yeah, but while she was married to Teddy, it was right that she put her commitment to her husband first. And no matter how lousy he was as a husband, he was a great dad. Rayna made a choice and commitment and stuck to it. And at what point in his sobriety was long enough to be safe to tell him and have him maintain his sobriety but soon enough for him to not feel betrayed and lose his sobriety?

        • Lorilei says:

          Deacon should understand why Rayna chose the path she did. He went to rehab 4 times and he relapsed afterwards. She didn’t know if he would remain sober or not after his 5th trip. I think the reason he remained sober was because Rayna had finally had enough and moved on. Only then did he realize how much he hurt her.

        • rowan77 says:

          Teddy was a good husband until the mayoral run. He never cheated on her, he was always supportive of her and just because his work wen’t belly up doesn’t make him a bad husband. A lot of people went broke when the housing market collapsed.

          As for Deacon. Staying sober for 13 years is a huge accomplishment. Of course something as major as this would throw him off and you can’t make a drunk quit until they feel they’ve hit rock bottom again. Falling off the wagon is part of recovery for most. Deacon has to get to where he’s ready to stop again.

          Rayna should not have been yelling and letting herself be distracted while driving. The crash is her fault. We all know they’ll end up alive, but I do hope that they explore Deacon’s drinking further and don’t have a pat – he’s stopped drinking because of the accident. It’s too convenient and this season has been full of moments that are too convenient.

          • Gail says:

            I agree 100 percent with you.

            I hope that someone from the show reads these comments because I too want Deacon to fight for his sobriety. It’s too easy to have him clean in one episode and I think we viewers deserve more. And I’m glad that folks are seeing what a horrible person drunk Deacon is so that it gives some understanding as to why Rayna did what she did.

            I can see Rayna, Teddy, Maddie and even little Daphne in family therapy next season.

            Teddy has been crucified by fans for basically standing in the way of true wuv (Rayna+Deacon) but he’s not an evil guy. He wanted his wife to love him back and when she didn’t he called her on it and asked for a divorce. But no matter what, he’s been a wonderful father and he loves his daughters. I loved that he’s willing to fight to protect them. And yeah, Peggy is so NOT pregnant.

            I really, really don’t like Will. Doesn’t matter which team he plays for, I think he’s a sleazeball. Gunnar is an idiot. Love Scarlett and hope she stays strong. I’m still on the fence about Avery and him possibly hooking up with Juliette. I think she’ll eat him alive. I always thought Liam would be a good match for her.

            I never, ever thought I’s say it but Hayden P. is the reason I watch this show week after week. She has been a total revelation and has been hitting it out of the park every. single. episode. She has proved that her Golden Globe nomination was no fluke and I truly hope she gets recognised in upcoming awards.

            So, so happy we’ve got a second season!!

          • Sutton says:

            Deacon with get sober again and it will be because of Maddie. Remember what he said to Rayna when they got back together.if we were together years back we could have had a family.

          • rowan77 says:

            i know he WILL get sober. I just don’t want to start back next season with him already sober for a while. I think that it’s just too pat.

  11. Becca says:

    I think with this finale the show finally realized that it’s a soapy drama with great music and that’s perfectly fine. This show is at its best when it just recognizes what it is and goes all the way with it.

    Also, random note, but is it just me or has this May been especially brutal with the cliffhangers? LOTS of shows finales left me begging for September!

    • Dizzle says:

      Yep, I agree…. It is definitely a different show than the one in the pilot, but so long as the acting remains top-notch I have no problem with a bit of overblown melodrama! Let’s be honest, Melrose Place had good intentions to start with, then realised that “nice” and “realistic” doesn’t equal ratings, and brought in Heather Locklear and became the greatest, campest, most ridiculous (and ridiculously awesome) soap around. And with Smash dead, Glee just a mess, I’m thankful Nashvillle has managed to stride the musical-drama/soap line so effortlessly.

    • LJCM says:

      I completely agree, and September cannot come soon enough!

  12. Vera says:

    Well how about the station wagon we saw causing the crash. Who was in it? Did they survive? Because as I recall, two more people were supposed to die in this episode.

    • Kimberly says:

      Ooooooh good point! Anyone not accounted for that it could have been? Hmmm….

      Cliched or not, I LOVE ME SOME NASHVILLE! I’m just ticked we have to wait so long for more!

    • Jen says:

      I think the spoilers got it wrong and the 2 referenced deaths were the ones from last episode. I re-watched the crash scene, and it looked like it was Rayna’s fault technically – it looked like she had the stop sign. The other car didn’t wreck at all, cause she swerved to miss it.

  13. Sarah says:

    I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate Rayna.,

  14. ishthemish says:

    Deacon is a broken man; broken heart, broken trust, with shattered dreams…resentment and regret.

    Rayna- survivor, loyal, will weather the storm.
    Lamar- The popcorn’s ready for his hospital performance when Rayna comes to.
    Juliette- raw, work in progress
    Will- cunning, cheshire cat grin
    Avery- healing scab, work in progress
    Tandy- suffers from middle child syndrome, I know it’s only 2 girls. She’ s noticed for her accomplishments. Now that she’s off her pedestal, I’m interested in her future. Will Buckey make it all better?
    Peggy- preggers

    Funny moment of the night goes to Gunnar’s face after he sat on that bed. I didn’t realize until the end that Deacon is my favorite character of the show. I always thought Rayna was my fave.

  15. damn deacon just repeated history by causing another car accident. remember when he was behind the wheel, drunk driving, and killed his bff? now he caused the crash w. rayna by drinking even though he wasn’t behind the wheel and has put her in danger.

    • rowan77 says:

      Deacon didn’t cause this accident. Rayna was busy trying to grab the liquor bottle and wasn’t watching the road. It’s Rayna’s fault.

      • Tara says:

        It’s both of their faults. Deacon is to blame too because he showed up drunk and TRIED DRINK AND DRIVE but Rayna decided to drive him home and they both picked a fight in the wrong place at the wrong time

        • rowan77 says:

          That’s ridiculous. That’s like saying a plane crash is the fault of a passenger who held the plane by being late. So if they weren’t late the plane wouldn’t have crashed. If a woman who wore a short skirt gets raped is it her fault? No. You’re placing blame on a passenger. It’s the fault of the driver.

          Rayna was the sober one. Rayna was driving. Deacon wasn’t pulling on the wheel or trying to take her attention off the road. She was too busy yelling at him and trying to take away his booze instead of looking at where she was going. What she should have done is either pull over so they could argue or not argue with him until they got safely to his house. Trying to take his bottle away was a stupid move.

          • dmac says:

            Ahh, but apparently you didn’t realize that Rayna is a saint to several of these reviewers, she does no wrong…ever. It is her fathers, Teddy or Deacon’s fault for the mess in her life and she has gotten away with it because she made it big. I find her to be selfish and self-centered and it has gotten worse as the series went on, but no one calls her on it. UGH I am finally done with this show.

          • it’s definitely rayna’s fault. she shouldn’t have even been fighting. she could have pulled over, went to a quiet, private place nearby, or waited to talk/argue when she arrived at his house.

    • JLC says:

      Deacon wasn’t driving when his friend was killed. His friend was driving. They never even said if Deacon was in the car with him, just that Deacon was the reason he was driving drunk. Deacon’s words were “I made him get behind that wheel”. That’s really all we know about that accident.

  16. sherab says:

    deacon, pull yourself together!!

  17. Tara says:

    I am so disappointed, Less attention should have been on Juliette moping all day and more attention should’ve been spent on deacon an rayna talking.

    • Jay says:

      Agreed, to an extent. Ridiculously little time was given to the Rayna/Deacon/Maddie reveal which should have absolutely been the main focus of the episode. Everything with Will, Gunnar, Scarlett, & Avery just annoyed the crap out of me because it took so much time away from where the true interest was.

  18. Kate says:

    emmy nomations for connie and esten!!!!!!! and juliette! please

  19. juan says:

    I thought it was a graet episode though I agree some of the stuff in it was a bit cliche. The pregnancy, like really. and yes the crash was predictable but it also felt right in the story. Anyway I’m so happy its coming back for next season and I gotta say EMMY consideration for Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton for amazing performances. Also Chip Esten

  20. sanna_o75 says:

    Hayden Panettiere can really act(and sing) circles around Connie Britton. And everybody else in the show. Except Charles. They’re both amazing.

    • you can’t stop it, can you?

      • GG says:

        Maybe they’re operating under the assumption that if they say it enough it’ll become true one of these days? Good luck to them.

        • Tara says:

          Hahaha, Yeah. I mean connie’s performance on that show is amazing and I don’t think it’s fair to compare they actors on this show. They have different acting styles.

    • Magically Suspicious says:

      Not to feed the troll, but I have to admit I agree. Not about the acting….I think they are equals there….but Hayden sings circles around Connie. They have ‘dumbed down’ her songs to the point where all she does now is talk in a sing-songy voice and it’s still not good. I love Connie Britton, but I wish Rayna’d have some sort of life-altering event…a car accident maybe?….that causes her to bail on her singing career and go into the business end of things. She can be Juliette’s manager. Or focus on her label. Or become a stage mom for the girls’ career.

  21. I can’t wait for season 2, although when that truck kept turning upside down, I reacted to it very emotionally. It was almost as if it were two of my family when the crash occurred.

  22. WOW! Props to Connie Britton, Charles Esten and also Hayden Panettiere here. They did great on a very rushed episode.

  23. megs says:

    Whoa…A LOT happened in this episode. I mean, SOOO MUCH! Maybe too much…I feel like, instead of wrapping up anything, they just started up a whole bunch of more stuff.
    I did really enjoy Hayden’s scenes- girl is one talented actor. All season she toed the line between super bitchy diva and vulnerable, wounded girl with a damaged past. This episode, Juliette completely broke, and Hayden was amazing portraying that. I hope she gets recognized for her performance.

  24. shanag says:

    I thought it was a proper ending (beside the Peggy thing..I mean, seariously??). Resolvin g the Rayna/Deacon/Maddie thing in one episode is totally unrealistic. Instead we got the trigger for the very long healing process they all need to go through. Deacon must face the harsh truth that he was sober just as long as he kept his life simple more or less and that his addiction not just made him lose the love of his life as he repeatatly proclaims but it actually set in motion a distraction path for all those involved. Rayna, on the other hand will have to take responsibility and also really deal (and not run away as she did in various ways for years) with her heartbreak. I mean, when you live with an addict that just can’t stay sober and that realise that that man that you love soesn’t even remember sleeping with you and that you are all alone with it….well, not exactly the smooth road to happiness. As for maddie-intensive therapy is rocommanded. Can’t wait wtill Fall

  25. Monica says:

    As Deacon’s sponsor, wouldn’t Coleman have searched his house while he was passed out? It’s not like Deacon even hid that bottle very well.

    • the girl says:

      THANK YOU! I was wondering if I was the only one thinking this. Coleman was a terrible sponsor to not empty the house of liquor and pills before he left.

    • Erin says:

      I thought that as well – bad form Cole just taking his word for it. I would have searched that house up and down while Deacon was passed out and rid the house of it all.

  26. Chip Esten, Hayden Panettiere & scarlette (don’t know the actress’ real name) put on an excellent performance in this finale. i knew they were great from the beginning but WOW. the emotions were so raw and real.
    i seen the car accident coming and the engagement oddly enough.

    i might be THE ONLY ONE but i seriously hope Tandy doesnt stab her dad in the back (although she probaby will since this is a drama after all). she’s ambitious as ever but i feel like the minute he had his heart attack she was forcing him out. i dislike her for that. her and teddy should hook up and move to a distant island away from my screen. ugh.

  27. @JennyS714 says:

    I enjoyed the episode. I don’t think it was rushed, sure a lot happened, but I love the drama! I think almost every character’s story is interesting, (except Lamar and daughter), and I just can’t look away. Very nice end to the season.

  28. DavidSask says:

    I am glad the druggie Mom is gone was awful long plot on show, now can someone please have Rayba’s kids die asap they are worst on show!!!

  29. Carrie says:

    Deacon is a walking, talking country song.

  30. Babygate says:

    I still like the show, but this finale was a bit of a mess. Too much that came out of nowhere. Gunner’s proposal wasn’t romantic, it was desperate. He’s ignoring the fact that Scarlett needs some space. Why make Peggy pregnant? Yuk. That character adds nothing to the show. Apparently Will is seeing some dude? Again, out of nowhere. At the end, when Deacon and Rayna are fighting in the car I just kept thinking, not an accident because that would be the ultimate cliche. And yep, they went there. I kind of like Avery with Juliette. But only in a serous relationship, not to perpetuate their dysfunctions. One thing that I think we need more of is Rayna and Juliette moments.

    • I agree that they should show more moments between Rayna and Juliette in the future. and Deacon has just proved that he is too unstable to be a reliable father to Maddie. He needs to get his act together before he and Rayna can actually have a future together. but maybe she will be done with him for now. Teddy is a stabilizing influence in his daughters lives. that family unit is not finished yet. great show, but too many details, like a soap, but loved it anyway. great acting by Connie, Charles and Hayden.

  31. sara says:

    I think that connie and chip was amazing in that scene when Deacon finds out the truth about maddie. The storyline should have been better handled in this episode. On an other note I think it’s strange that Juliette didn’t know what Jolene did for Juliette until she found that letter, it was pretty obvious in the phone call.

  32. SC says:

    I actually read Gunnar’s proposal in a different way. I though when the producer guy asked him if he was going to give up his persona for a “girl he won’t remember 10 years from now,” it made him rethink his relationship with Scarlett and where it was headed, perhaps seeing her with Avery made him realize how serious he was about. Albeit it was rushed and spontaneous (and too soon), it was sweet and showed what he was willing to give up for her (unlike Avery).

    • Nick says:

      Hmm, I hadn’t thought of it this way. I hope she either marries him, or they agree to put it off, it would be so sad if they broke up (again) over this. Sure, asking her to marry him isn’t a sensible thing to do, but love isn’t always sensible.

  33. Grammmy Joy says:

    I love Nashville, I hope next season they do start up on a positive note with Rayna, Deacon and Maddie talking and loving it out. They need to be mature about it. They are my favorite characters. I love Chip Easten he’s adorable, He has a reason to feel upset, betrayed and hurt. He has been in their lives the whole time, he will get it together and they will hopefully have a wonderful relationship and they can have a child together and raise it together, still having some ups and downs but, finally grow up to enjoy their lives and be happy once and for all.

  34. P says:

    I am behind on the episodes so please spoil me. After the “kiss” episode what has the dynamic been like with Will and Gunnar?

    Do you think the writers will do anything with Will/Gunnar in season 2 or will that kiss be just a one time thing for those two?

    • GS says:

      No, no, no! Every show doesn’t have to have a gay relationship. Gunnar has never shown any signs of being gay and they better not go that way. He told Will that and told him to let it go. If they explore Will being gay, it better be with a new character. I absolutely hate that crap of total hetero character all of a sudden realizes they are gay with never a glimpse that it could be true. Just like Callie on Grey’s…she loved penis as she said and had a lot of sex with men and then BAM, she’s gay. I thought you were supposed to be born that way but on tv, it sure looks like a choice a lot of times which makes it hard to swallow as a fan. Gunnar has never given a clue he is gay and has been utterly devoted to Scarlet from Day 1 except for being an idiot a few times.

      • EF says:

        I agree with this. I’m totally confused as to why the Kimberly (recap author) was hoping for another other random out of the blue kiss between Gunnar and Will. Do we want to see “boys kiss” or are we interested in a relationship development. Even Gunnar and Scarlett took half the season to progress. The drunk move by Will was believable, but I’m much more interested in a friendship between a gay young man and a straight young man. If for some reason Gunnar realizes he’s gay….the light switch plot development is just dumb.

        • Mike R. says:

          No Nothing more is going to happen between Will and Gunnar, but clearly Will is not going to stay with that girl.

      • the girl says:

        Callie isn’t gay, Callie is bisexual and she has demonstrated that she still loves penis. She fooled around with Mark well after she’d started dating Arizona; that’s how Sofia was conceived. I think it needs to be okay if we have characters on television whose sexuality is not compartmentalized – either gay or straight, one or the other. I much prefer the storyline of Will being on the down low and trying to make it in country music. It feels authentic. And I appreciate having bisexual characters, people with a fluid sense of sexuality, because that too is authentic.

        • GS says:

          She has called herself gay. I rewatched some old episodes while home recovering from surgery last week and they were during the Hahn season. They got into a fight with Hahn telling her you can’t be a little bit gay and Callie said yes you can and Hahn laughed said no you can’t again and left the hospital. At no time has she ever referred to herself as bi. I’d be ok with that. They even made the hook up with Mark from which Sophia was conceived as just being upset and falling into her old ways. It’s really been ridiculous yet everyone love Callie and Arizona. I like them but the whole Callie thing has always ticked me off.

  35. I for one really enjoyed the finale and thought it was great. It may have seemed rushed because remember the show only received confirmation recently that it would get a second season. So I guess the writers wrote it in a way where the viewers could draw their own conclusions in the event that there was only this one season. I felt all of the actors did amazing but especially Charles Esten and Hayden. Charles is excellent as Deacon. What made it hard to watch was knowing how hard he stayed sober and how he quickly fell into his old addiction. Hayden stole my heart with her dressing room scene looking extra crazy and delivering the lines perfectly. I love the show but was wondering how they were going to keep it relevant but I feel that the season finale actually puts us in a great place now that there is a second season where the writers can thoroughly unpack all the issues that came up. It is going to be a long summer but I looking for the first episode of season two in September.

  36. jerm says:

    I very much enjoyed the finale! I’m speechless – Hayden Panettiere’s acting was superb. I really thought the car accident was emotional – especially with the backdrop of Nothing in This World Will Ever Break My Heart Again. Which is probably my favorite song I heard this season. I saw Peggy getting preggers at the start of their whole affair thing. I feel as though Deacon’s drinking issue could have progressed over maybe the last two or three episodes rather than him just flying over the edge through one episode. Because he was just an explosion of anger and emotion. Maybe if Maddie had shown up at the end of the penultimate episode? I don’t know. I still love this show!

  37. Sally says:

    The reason why the finale seemed like it was pushing a lot and rushing everything into one episode is it was supposed to be 22 episodes but it was cut down at the last minute. So while some of it was predictable I would say that being a huge Deacon fan that episode really turned me off him with that amazing acting and makes you realise why he wasn’t told maddie was his daughter in the first place. Also Hayden was amazing.
    Just heartbroken we have to wait so long for season 2 :( do hope that its Rayna more hurt than Deacon so maybe he can start to get back on track.

  38. Elyse says:

    WOW. and thats all i have to say about that. just WOW!

  39. The Kaibosh says:

    Fantastic episode! Although the car wreck at the end IS cliche it does set up interesting possibilities for season 2. Teddy is likely now to request full custody of the girls because of Rayna’s irresponsible behavior and even though Rayna was driving; Deacon may claim he was for Rayna’s sake. This would send Deacon to jail for drunk driving.

  40. Jenny says:

    Enjoyable, but way too much. Based on the full season, the writers are capable of better than tired cliches. My guess is there was a lot if input into what needed to happen in the finale. I agree with the poster that said they hoped we do not need to go through watching Deacon get sober. Snore… Let’s hope for a time jump next season. This episode would have been more compelling if a sober Deacon was enraged silently and showed some growth, realizing he has a child to think about. I really hope this show can jump back on the rails and not delve into soapdom. Attention showrunners and writers, learn a lesson from Smash. That show dove off a cliff into an abyss of cliche, where even the talent of the actors could not save that dribble.

  41. Barbara says:

    I know that Nashville got the renewel for a 2nd season only a couple of weeks ago. While I loved how they set things up for next season, I wondered if this was the finale we would have seen if the show had not been renewed. There would have been some very unhappy fans. So perhaps, once a second season was assured the ending was rushed together.

  42. RichieS says:

    Anyone else think all this young teen angst will propel Maddie into a burgeoning songwriting career? And how about when Rayna and Deacon come to in the hospital the people holding their respective hands are Juliette and the girl vet?

  43. JLC says:

    I love that Rayna and Juliette’s relationship is changing. Juliette needs someone like Rayna, who calls her out on her crap but is also there for her when she really needs her. I love it when they are being snarky to each other and I’d like to see them continue that but with a wink and a smile, like they know they really are friends underneath it all.

    • RUCookie says:

      Agreed. I loved that Rayna showed up for her at the memorial (even if she did not stay). I loved that she was supportive and did not let Juliette wallow in sad dilusions. I said it earlier in the season (many have said it), I see Juliette on Rayna’s label and their relationship growing as mentor/mentee.

  44. Michelle says:

    It’s funny, I live in Nashville and there was a big deal made about closing THAT intersection because of filming the show. They said it was for an EXPLOSION, not a car accident. So I was kinda disappointed. But I called it the second Rayna told Maddie she’s never leave her. It’s TV 101 for pete’s sake! They just threw every single soap cliche into this one. Ugh. The only story that’s even kinda original is Will’s. An in the closet gay man trying to be a big country star? Give me THAT story, show.

    • izzie b says:

      I remember reading about the explosion also, so I would guess that the explosion was filmed at the same time as the accident and then they split the shots between the season 1 finale and the season 2 opener. They’ll probably open the season with the car exploding either as Rayna and Deacon are still in it (but will survive somehow) or just after they have been rescued, causing them to reaize how destructive their relationship can be, especially with him drinking. Sigh….I just wish they could be happy and be together.

    • gigi says:

      YES!!! Will’s story could be sooooo interesting! his ambition vs. his wanting to be happy (kinda same journey as Gunnar? bad boy will sell, but being his Gunnar-self is what he wants to write & be.

  45. Magically Suspicious says:

    What was the favor that Juliette asked Avery for at the funeral? Did they leave that a mystery, or did I miss it?

  46. GS says:

    I’m not even gonna try to lie. I don’t like Connie Briton and don’t get why everyone has such a fit over her. She can’t sing that well so buying her as a country superstar is a stretch. Rayna is a selfish, goody too shoes. The main reason I’ve kept watching is Hayden. She has been ridiculously good this season and she can sing circles around Connie. I havent’ watched the episode yet but I can already say I don’t agree with Rayna and Teddy keeping the information from Deacon. At first, yes, but the minute they decided to try again, she should have come clean on her own. Rayna gets a pass b/c so many fans seem to drink Connie Kool-Aid but she’s my least favorite character on the show.

    • A says:

      “she can sing circles around Connie” Are we listening to the same person? Hayden is the weakest singer on the show.

    • dmac says:

      Finally, I thought I was the only one. Rayna has faults and plenty of them and yet gets a free pass for all the wrong she has done.

    • Rain says:

      I completely agree with you GS. As a FNL lover I was excited to have Connie back on my tv, but the character of Rayna is horrible and poor Connie just can’t sing! From episode 1 I wanted to know how they could say she was this well known and loved major country star – just not buying it.

      • Love me some Deacon! says:

        I totally get Rayna as a country legend and think she sounds great – with the right songs. That was an awful song for her to duet with Brad Paisley on, fer sure! Her songs the first half of the season were way better than the token bits we’ve been getting from her lately. Voice = good, song choice = bad!

  47. Carm says:

    I keep thinking Rayna will be in trouble because there was an open bottle of booze in the car. And that is what they will both smell like after the accident. It was stupid for Gunner to propose to Scarlett when she wouldn’t even take him back when he asked. There was a lot crammed into the finale. But I still enjoyed it.

    • EF says:

      Her BAC will indicate is she was drinking not what they smell like. But that brings up a good point, had she been drinking at the Bluebird?

  48. Nick says:

    Nice going on the crash, Reyna. What’s worse.. a drunk driver or a woman driver?

  49. Kelly says:

    I really felt for Juliette and Maddie here the most. Great acting by the kids, Hayden and Connie in this episode.

  50. Love me some Deacon! says:

    I remember reading that there was going to be an explosion – do you think it was after the crash but we haven’t seen it yet?

    • CMG says:

      My theory is that the filming of the rollover crash used either a pyro charge or a pneumatic ram or something like that to get the vehicle to flip over. Either of those would have created a loud enough “boom” that they would want to alert people in the area.