Law & Order: SVU Season Finale Shocker: Is [Spoiler] Leaving the Show?!

LAW & ORDER: SVU Season 15 SpoilersIf you have yet to watch Wednesday’s season finale of Law & Order: SVU, we strongly suggest you avoid the following story. You’ve been warned!

Law & Order: SVU pulled the trigger on a doozy of a cliffhanger Wednesday night.

In the season-ender’s final moments, perp-of-the-week William “Burnt Fingertips” Lewis (played by Pablo Schreiber) broke into Olivia’s apartment and pointed a pistol at her head — and then the screen went dark.

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Adding an unsettling extra layer to the potentially killer twist is the fact that leading lady Mariska Hargitay has not inked a deal to return for the long-running NBC procedural’s just-renewed 15th season.

Not yet anyway.

Although an NBC spokesperson declined to comment, sources tell TVLine that the Emmy-winning actress is, in fact, nearing a new one-year deal.

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Of course, even if Hargitay returns, it doesn’t necessarily mean Olivia will make it out of her current predicament unscathed.

While we wait for both the on- and off-screen cliffhangers to play out, hit the comments with your thoughts on the finale as well as with an answer to this question: Can you imagine SVU without Benson?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Liam says:

    Oh man!Agree with the above comments!Speaking from a man’s point of view,the fact that Brian Cassidy was relieved about Sergeant Benson not carrying his child and did not step up to be more supportive towards his woman,in addition to the other things that he seem to be neglecting,e.g like you guys said,Brian is never around,was a no show for Benson’s award ceremony,that in itself is a major lack of interest for one of the most important things in her life,a milestone if you will,that was a huge achievement and he didn’t make an effort.This move by him shows lack of commitment to her and the relationship,the age she and him are at,most couples would be elated to have the slightest chance of starting a family regardless of work schedules.As for the J Doe baby scene at the end of the episode,if the writers choose to write Olivia Benson character taking custody of the baby ,I am sure many viewers like myself will be looking forward to Brian’s reaction to this!Imagine Benson going home to tell him that they will have a baby after all!Olivia cannot make this decision on her own,so if Cassidy didn’t want his own,then for him to realize the extent of responsibility that would come with this even if there is a small chance he even entertain a conversation about this,the fact that Cassidy didn’t want a child of his own with Olivia in the first place,how can he accept one that is not his biologically.Yes it is fiction,but come on!If this was real life,Sergeant Benson would have loss a lot of respect,trust and possibly become resentful towards Brian for being so distant and uncaring to her feelings,needs and decisions when he told her he was relieved!I asked my wife from a woman’s stand point what she would do,she said that she would kick my ass out the door,end the relationship in one!No man treat his lady like this,not if he truly respect and are in love with her,he would try to do what ever it takes to make her happy.That I totally agree with!In a relationship as it stands like this one,when something like this happens it becomes strain and eventually couples break up.

  2. Well hello again everyone!I am thrilled to announce that more drama is coming to our lovely show svu soon!But first I want to say that the last couple of episodes where we watched Amanda Rollins continue to spiral down due to her addiction to gambling,I must say that she did a great job portraying that particular character.I hope she gets the help she desperately needs,truly she has shown that she is a good detective and can get the job done.I was asked by one reviewer what I thought about how Sergeant Benson handled the whole Amanda situation when everything was finally out in the open.I am still wondering if Fin and Nick hadn’t approach Olivia and told her that Amanda had a right to know that they were on to her and if it was Nick,and get this!Fin use the “Elliot Card”on her!Wow!I was floored that they actually brought up Stabler’s name,apparently it worked,because at some point,Olivia seemed not to want to agree with what Fin and Nick said,but low and behold Elliot Stabler’s name still carry some weight!At least where Sergeant Benson is concerned!UH HUH!As I said I will always wonder if Olivia would have told her and handled the situation differently,I guess we will never know.As for the conversation at the ending of the same episode,Olivia handled it very well,I actually felt sorry for Amanda especially when Olivia was firmed about not trusting her!Was that a bit too harsh on Amanda?We all have to realize that Amanda not only placed herself in a very difficult position,she place the whole team especially her commanding officer in a very compromising position!Olivia had to lie to cover up the mess she made!So for that Liv was totally within her rights to punish her.Amanda will just have to work extra hard from now on to gain not only her commanding officer’s trust but the whole team.I wish her luck on that one because Olivia Benson do not trust easily,and if you break any leverage she might have given you,then you are waist deep in S..T trouble to gain it back!On the other hand Amanda is not the only svu detective that did some over the top out of line s..t!They all did,Fin and his homicide pass,remember the episode “Screwed”?Nick and Olivia allowed a dying mother to take her daughter’s place accepting responsibility for the murder of her husband. Cragen,Munch,Elliot,they all crossed the line and did things that could have gotten there badges taken over the years!So isn’t it a little bit hypocritical of Benson and the rest of the team to preach to Amanda about trust?It just an observation!I am just saying they all made mistakes at some point and the fact that they got pass them,I feel Amanda should have an opportunity to prove that she can be trusted again. WTF,If Sergeant Benson can trust Brian Cassidy,go as far as sleeping with him after having proof and knowledge of his corrupt back ground,she can give Amanda a chance!And Olivia will,she’s got a good heart,you saw the look on her face?Even though she was mad at Amanda,you saw sadness as well.Again,don’t rip me a new one,its just another observation!Lol!And what better way to introduce my Brian Cassidy. comments! The episode “Comic Perversion” I was absolutely sickened to my stomach that grown men and women could sit and enjoy a comedian make jokes about women being raped,gang raped among other things!Olivia was really pissed about what she heard from the time her and Nick talked to the creep comedian,her hackles was in the air even before she set foot in the club.So when apparently Cassidy decided to go to the show along with the team because he apparently ventured to this place before,Brian seemed to have talk about the club and the comedy before to Olivia,because she mumbled something to him like “I thought you said this or he was funny?I think she said something like that to Brian.Why am I not surprised that he frequent a low life place like this!Dah!He is a low life like the crowd who was lapping it up!Cassidy felt that his favorite comic was funny!EEK,that was a bad move from him especially where Olivia is concern,Brian is with Olivia all this time,and he cannot tell me that by now he didn’t know a place like this would make her angry?I get they had to try go see the comic jerk to put together a case,it does not mean that Brian had to act as though nothing was out of the ordinary!The man is a first class insensitive jerk!I watched him shushing Liv when the Comedian started to say offensive things about rape,Brian is like “Liv come on”Is he for real!?Brian Cassidy wanted Olivia to sit there and listen to this creep talk about raping and degrading women!The comic had no type of remorse for his actions,so he got what he deserved in the end.Notice at the end of the episode Nick again pointed out what a jerk Cassidy is to Olivia,that is why I love Nick,he reminds me of Stabler for this,he is never afraid to tell her off when necessary,the guy Barba always stand up to her as well,regardless of how pissed she is,I love that!When Nick said to Olivia at the end of the show that she saved Barba’s ass,she said to Nick,”Not before I put it on the line.,Nick went on to say that Barba is a big boy he will get over it!Nick once again told Liv,”You brought down Brian’s favorite comedian too!Again Nick said,he is a big boy,he’ll get over it too.”The look on Benson’s face was priceless!It left her once again with a lot to think about her relationship with Brian,Notice that when her cell rang and she saw that it was Cassidy,she cancelled the call immediately not wanting to talk to him!I think Olivia is now realizing what kind of man Brian Cassidy really is,she wanted a settled relationship,having someone to come home to,but unfortunately for her it is not working out that way.Olivia should have been smart enough not to get involved with Brian knowing his back ground,I guess she felt people can change,but in Brian’s case he NEVER really made an effort to change his ways,or try to become the kind of man Olivia would have wanted in her life.Brian know Olivia long enough to acknowledge her standards not only at work but in a relationship.In saying all this my lovelies,I shall leave you with a bit of hope at the end of the tunnel!Word is that Brian and Olivia’s relationship is coming to an end shortly!FINALLY!The so call BENSIDY hook up is coming to a halt!The reason behind the break up is still a mystery at this stage,but what I can tell you is that the PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BREAKUP,all I can say is that it will SURPRISE everyone when that PERSON IS REVEALED!I certainly will NOT be surprised,in fact!I don’t give a S..T!Who cause the breakup as long as Brian Cassidy is GONE FOR GOOD FROM SERGEANT BENSON’S LIFE!Hallelujah!Apparently Dean Winters is going to be on the new CBS Cop show “Battle Creek”,They can use Brian’s new appointed position as another cop on a different show as an excuse!But I say that Mr Leight is finally coming to his senses,and realize what a fatal mistake it was to hook up Olivia with Cassidy,Benson couldn’t stand him in season one,years later they dumped him on her again and it was a total disaster!But you know what?Who cares?GOOD RIDDANCE!Let’s move on to better things.I sincerely hope that the next love interest would be of better class.Nothing but the best for our girl!If she can’t have our boy the one and only sexy Elliot Stabler who is perfect for her in EVERY way!For god sake,at least find her a man that will respect her and appreciate her.She deserve the best!PEACE OUT FOLKS!EL/LIV FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAMEN!

  3. Thank you Rebecca,I really appreciate your comments on my writing,it means so much to me.To all the others who carry similar thoughts about my writing and comments,thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart,you have no idea what hearing this means to me love you all!I forgot to mention,Lewis will be returning on April 9th on the episode “Beast’s Obsession” so you know what this means people!Someone have to take the mother F….er down!That is the only way to stop this psycho!I understand that he will be holding a 12 year old girl hostage to lure Sergeant Benson back into his evil clutches!We are going to be in for a hell of a ride with this one,I pray that Olivia get the psycho this time around,I also hope that if Benson do kill the prick or one of her team,that none of them get hurt or killed trying to take this creep down.I am also hoping that IAB don’t get any brilliant ideas about accusing them of going after Lewis because of some personal vendetta because of what happened to there commanding officer at the hands of this mad man!I say this because we all know the last time one of there own shot a perp,IAB had a field day,and that cop Elliot Stabler ended up leaving SVU because they wanted to pull his jacket to investigate Every shot he ever took,so we don’t need this happening right now.I would love to see the show go to twenty seasons at least,it would give us time to really see Sergeant Benson evolving as an authority figure in the department,and who knows?Maybe once and for all she can have a child/family with the man of her dreams even if the kid is adopted,there is only one man for that particular job,so lets keep our fingers grossed!Hint Hint Mr Leight!Until we meet again folks,God’s speed. EO/CMFOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  4. Okay,so I am not supposed to be back here so soon until I watch the next episode “Beast Obsession” but a very persistent viewer requested my input and my thoughts on what may be happening on Wednesday night’s episode.I didn’t make these comments in my last review because I did not want to seem like I am trying to burst anybody’s bubble about what to expect where the Benson/Lewis saga is concern,but here goes,remember that my comments are base solely on my own personal observation and is just constructive criticism!One of the questions asked,was why do the writers of the show always seem to have to give us a cliff hanger in order to keep the show going?Honey,your guess is as good as mine!I made a similar comment about this before,and I said that the viewers were getting really annoyed about this because they know that the writers can do so much better.The thing is that the show has amazing and excellent talent all around,Nick and Amanda came on board after Stabler left and proved they could handle whatever came at them,I was especially impressed with Amanda,because she was the hardest out of all the characters for the viewers to accept,and she proved that she had the talent and skills to pull off her character.Now we all know the old school team,Munch and Cragen were great as well and is truly missed.I am sad to say that the con on the show was Bensidy,Barba is great also,but Munch and Cragen leaving sucks!Olivia and Fin are the only two left,and they had certainly proven that they are a force to be reckoned with.The PROBLEM with this picture is that all the characters now had an opportunity to show off their stuff,Nick did his thing,Amanda recently had her chance to hold center stage and so did Olivia,the writers need to rotate the characters,they don’t have to always use a member of the squad to give us an entertaining episode,so much drama is out there to write about!Be more creative Mr Leight,use your imagination!Olivia and the Lewis saga;I will get back to that soon but I want to say that it is now time to bring Fin back to the stage,he is doing great,but nothing major.This is what brings me back to the Lewis/Benson saga,I think that a huge number of viewers are getting tired of the Lewis Benson situation,the reason why I say this is because it is beginning to seem like the LEWIS STORY LINE is the ONLY entertainment they have left to keep the viewers watching the show,don’t get me wrong,Pablo Schreiber is an amazing actor no buts about this!I just think his character as Lewis should end PERMANENTLY on April 9th,the main reason for my take on this scenario is for one,the show is still doing rather well considering and even though it is not yet confirmed that they will be a next season,we are positive that if they go into the sixteenth season Benson will OBVIOUSLY return,so the way I see it and I am not saying this to take anything away from next Wednesdays episode,”The last dance/Beast Obsession” to me it is not going to be as heart stopping and as exciting as Surrender Benson because of the the obvious-I have no doubt they will be a season16, we all know Benson will be returning,knowing this takes away from the whole Lewis/Benson confrontation,NO RISK EQUAL TO NO SUSPENSE!This is why they need to move forward from the Lewis character.In saying all this,go watch and enjoy!Gods speed until next time!EOEOEOEOEOE…FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  5. Suzie says:

    Last night’s episode Beast Obsession was really disappointing,Like many I agree the show has now become trashy and a ratings money maker.Thank god Lewis character is finally gone!

    • Susan says:

      I think it was great!! And the acting was very good. It kept u on the edge 00 your seat through the whole episode. It was well written. I give it a 10

  6. Debbie Woods says:

    I think she should leave, She has been on the show for so long and even though people think she is a good detective I am sure they can find someone just as.

  7. Rosetta says:

    I can’t imagine SVU without Olivia Benson. Please find away for her too get away from her attacker in her apartment. Under no circumstances allow that psycho too torture her. Let her coworkers find something too have too come too her apartment and interrupt this attack and also lock that psycho up or something !!!

  8. Beth G says:

    I totally enjoy SVU and Olivia and I could sit and watch this day after day. The last scene where Lewis was in her apartment is a cliffhanger and it needs to continue with other SVU officers being tipped off about Lewis and arriving in time to rescue Olivia and taking Lewis down.. I have many friends who would like to see this type of ending.

  9. Leeannea Sheppard says:

    If mariska leavea or get cut i wont watchchristopher meloni already left that sucked if she leaves im boycotting

  10. maggie says:

    First christopher melon now Olivia. I won’t watch the show anymore. She is the show and if she leaves their is no sense watching it anymore. She is the best of the best.

  11. Since the capt. And munch are leaving, benson would be the last original actor. Suv will never be the same. We relate to all these characters.

  12. DEBRA says:

    The show would not be the same but could understand her wanting to leave.But like when Stabler left and Munch left it was like loosing a friend.Good luck to her no matter what she does i can continue to watch reruns


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