Law & Order: SVU Season Finale Shocker: Is [Spoiler] Leaving the Show?!

LAW & ORDER: SVU Season 15 SpoilersIf you have yet to watch Wednesday’s season finale of Law & Order: SVU, we strongly suggest you avoid the following story. You’ve been warned!

Law & Order: SVU pulled the trigger on a doozy of a cliffhanger Wednesday night.

In the season-ender’s final moments, perp-of-the-week William “Burnt Fingertips” Lewis (played by Pablo Schreiber) broke into Olivia’s apartment and pointed a pistol at her head — and then the screen went dark.

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Adding an unsettling extra layer to the potentially killer twist is the fact that leading lady Mariska Hargitay has not inked a deal to return for the long-running NBC procedural’s just-renewed 15th season.

Not yet anyway.

Although an NBC spokesperson declined to comment, sources tell TVLine that the Emmy-winning actress is, in fact, nearing a new one-year deal.

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Of course, even if Hargitay returns, it doesn’t necessarily mean Olivia will make it out of her current predicament unscathed.

While we wait for both the on- and off-screen cliffhangers to play out, hit the comments with your thoughts on the finale as well as with an answer to this question: Can you imagine SVU without Benson?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Liam says:

    Oh man!Agree with the above comments!Speaking from a man’s point of view,the fact that Brian Cassidy was relieved about Sergeant Benson not carrying his child and did not step up to be more supportive towards his woman,in addition to the other things that he seem to be neglecting,e.g like you guys said,Brian is never around,was a no show for Benson’s award ceremony,that in itself is a major lack of interest for one of the most important things in her life,a milestone if you will,that was a huge achievement and he didn’t make an effort.This move by him shows lack of commitment to her and the relationship,the age she and him are at,most couples would be elated to have the slightest chance of starting a family regardless of work schedules.As for the J Doe baby scene at the end of the episode,if the writers choose to write Olivia Benson character taking custody of the baby ,I am sure many viewers like myself will be looking forward to Brian’s reaction to this!Imagine Benson going home to tell him that they will have a baby after all!Olivia cannot make this decision on her own,so if Cassidy didn’t want his own,then for him to realize the extent of responsibility that would come with this even if there is a small chance he even entertain a conversation about this,the fact that Cassidy didn’t want a child of his own with Olivia in the first place,how can he accept one that is not his biologically.Yes it is fiction,but come on!If this was real life,Sergeant Benson would have loss a lot of respect,trust and possibly become resentful towards Brian for being so distant and uncaring to her feelings,needs and decisions when he told her he was relieved!I asked my wife from a woman’s stand point what she would do,she said that she would kick my ass out the door,end the relationship in one!No man treat his lady like this,not if he truly respect and are in love with her,he would try to do what ever it takes to make her happy.That I totally agree with!In a relationship as it stands like this one,when something like this happens it becomes strain and eventually couples break up.

  2. Well hello again everyone!I am thrilled to announce that more drama is coming to our lovely show svu soon!But first I want to say that the last couple of episodes where we watched Amanda Rollins continue to spiral down due to her addiction to gambling,I must say that she did a great job portraying that particular character.I hope she gets the help she desperately needs,truly she has shown that she is a good detective and can get the job done.I was asked by one reviewer what I thought about how Sergeant Benson handled the whole Amanda situation when everything was finally out in the open.I am still wondering if Fin and Nick hadn’t approach Olivia and told her that Amanda had a right to know that they were on to her and if it was Nick,and get this!Fin use the “Elliot Card”on her!Wow!I was floored that they actually brought up Stabler’s name,apparently it worked,because at some point,Olivia seemed not to want to agree with what Fin and Nick said,but low and behold Elliot Stabler’s name still carry some weight!At least where Sergeant Benson is concerned!UH HUH!As I said I will always wonder if Olivia would have told her and handled the situation differently,I guess we will never know.As for the conversation at the ending of the same episode,Olivia handled it very well,I actually felt sorry for Amanda especially when Olivia was firmed about not trusting her!Was that a bit too harsh on Amanda?We all have to realize that Amanda not only placed herself in a very difficult position,she place the whole team especially her commanding officer in a very compromising position!Olivia had to lie to cover up the mess she made!So for that Liv was totally within her rights to punish her.Amanda will just have to work extra hard from now on to gain not only her commanding officer’s trust but the whole team.I wish her luck on that one because Olivia Benson do not trust easily,and if you break any leverage she might have given you,then you are waist deep in S..T trouble to gain it back!On the other hand Amanda is not the only svu detective that did some over the top out of line s..t!They all did,Fin and his homicide pass,remember the episode “Screwed”?Nick and Olivia allowed a dying mother to take her daughter’s place accepting responsibility for the murder of her husband. Cragen,Munch,Elliot,they all crossed the line and did things that could have gotten there badges taken over the years!So isn’t it a little bit hypocritical of Benson and the rest of the team to preach to Amanda about trust?It just an observation!I am just saying they all made mistakes at some point and the fact that they got pass them,I feel Amanda should have an opportunity to prove that she can be trusted again. WTF,If Sergeant Benson can trust Brian Cassidy,go as far as sleeping with him after having proof and knowledge of his corrupt back ground,she can give Amanda a chance!And Olivia will,she’s got a good heart,you saw the look on her face?Even though she was mad at Amanda,you saw sadness as well.Again,don’t rip me a new one,its just another observation!Lol!And what better way to introduce my Brian Cassidy. comments! The episode “Comic Perversion” I was absolutely sickened to my stomach that grown men and women could sit and enjoy a comedian make jokes about women being raped,gang raped among other things!Olivia was really pissed about what she heard from the time her and Nick talked to the creep comedian,her hackles was in the air even before she set foot in the club.So when apparently Cassidy decided to go to the show along with the team because he apparently ventured to this place before,Brian seemed to have talk about the club and the comedy before to Olivia,because she mumbled something to him like “I thought you said this or he was funny?I think she said something like that to Brian.Why am I not surprised that he frequent a low life place like this!Dah!He is a low life like the crowd who was lapping it up!Cassidy felt that his favorite comic was funny!EEK,that was a bad move from him especially where Olivia is concern,Brian is with Olivia all this time,and he cannot tell me that by now he didn’t know a place like this would make her angry?I get they had to try go see the comic jerk to put together a case,it does not mean that Brian had to act as though nothing was out of the ordinary!The man is a first class insensitive jerk!I watched him shushing Liv when the Comedian started to say offensive things about rape,Brian is like “Liv come on”Is he for real!?Brian Cassidy wanted Olivia to sit there and listen to this creep talk about raping and degrading women!The comic had no type of remorse for his actions,so he got what he deserved in the end.Notice at the end of the episode Nick again pointed out what a jerk Cassidy is to Olivia,that is why I love Nick,he reminds me of Stabler for this,he is never afraid to tell her off when necessary,the guy Barba always stand up to her as well,regardless of how pissed she is,I love that!When Nick said to Olivia at the end of the show that she saved Barba’s ass,she said to Nick,”Not before I put it on the line.,Nick went on to say that Barba is a big boy he will get over it!Nick once again told Liv,”You brought down Brian’s favorite comedian too!Again Nick said,he is a big boy,he’ll get over it too.”The look on Benson’s face was priceless!It left her once again with a lot to think about her relationship with Brian,Notice that when her cell rang and she saw that it was Cassidy,she cancelled the call immediately not wanting to talk to him!I think Olivia is now realizing what kind of man Brian Cassidy really is,she wanted a settled relationship,having someone to come home to,but unfortunately for her it is not working out that way.Olivia should have been smart enough not to get involved with Brian knowing his back ground,I guess she felt people can change,but in Brian’s case he NEVER really made an effort to change his ways,or try to become the kind of man Olivia would have wanted in her life.Brian know Olivia long enough to acknowledge her standards not only at work but in a relationship.In saying all this my lovelies,I shall leave you with a bit of hope at the end of the tunnel!Word is that Brian and Olivia’s relationship is coming to an end shortly!FINALLY!The so call BENSIDY hook up is coming to a halt!The reason behind the break up is still a mystery at this stage,but what I can tell you is that the PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BREAKUP,all I can say is that it will SURPRISE everyone when that PERSON IS REVEALED!I certainly will NOT be surprised,in fact!I don’t give a S..T!Who cause the breakup as long as Brian Cassidy is GONE FOR GOOD FROM SERGEANT BENSON’S LIFE!Hallelujah!Apparently Dean Winters is going to be on the new CBS Cop show “Battle Creek”,They can use Brian’s new appointed position as another cop on a different show as an excuse!But I say that Mr Leight is finally coming to his senses,and realize what a fatal mistake it was to hook up Olivia with Cassidy,Benson couldn’t stand him in season one,years later they dumped him on her again and it was a total disaster!But you know what?Who cares?GOOD RIDDANCE!Let’s move on to better things.I sincerely hope that the next love interest would be of better class.Nothing but the best for our girl!If she can’t have our boy the one and only sexy Elliot Stabler who is perfect for her in EVERY way!For god sake,at least find her a man that will respect her and appreciate her.She deserve the best!PEACE OUT FOLKS!EL/LIV FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAMEN!

  3. Thank you Rebecca,I really appreciate your comments on my writing,it means so much to me.To all the others who carry similar thoughts about my writing and comments,thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart,you have no idea what hearing this means to me love you all!I forgot to mention,Lewis will be returning on April 9th on the episode “Beast’s Obsession” so you know what this means people!Someone have to take the mother F….er down!That is the only way to stop this psycho!I understand that he will be holding a 12 year old girl hostage to lure Sergeant Benson back into his evil clutches!We are going to be in for a hell of a ride with this one,I pray that Olivia get the psycho this time around,I also hope that if Benson do kill the prick or one of her team,that none of them get hurt or killed trying to take this creep down.I am also hoping that IAB don’t get any brilliant ideas about accusing them of going after Lewis because of some personal vendetta because of what happened to there commanding officer at the hands of this mad man!I say this because we all know the last time one of there own shot a perp,IAB had a field day,and that cop Elliot Stabler ended up leaving SVU because they wanted to pull his jacket to investigate Every shot he ever took,so we don’t need this happening right now.I would love to see the show go to twenty seasons at least,it would give us time to really see Sergeant Benson evolving as an authority figure in the department,and who knows?Maybe once and for all she can have a child/family with the man of her dreams even if the kid is adopted,there is only one man for that particular job,so lets keep our fingers grossed!Hint Hint Mr Leight!Until we meet again folks,God’s speed. EO/CMFOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  4. Okay,so I am not supposed to be back here so soon until I watch the next episode “Beast Obsession” but a very persistent viewer requested my input and my thoughts on what may be happening on Wednesday night’s episode.I didn’t make these comments in my last review because I did not want to seem like I am trying to burst anybody’s bubble about what to expect where the Benson/Lewis saga is concern,but here goes,remember that my comments are base solely on my own personal observation and is just constructive criticism!One of the questions asked,was why do the writers of the show always seem to have to give us a cliff hanger in order to keep the show going?Honey,your guess is as good as mine!I made a similar comment about this before,and I said that the viewers were getting really annoyed about this because they know that the writers can do so much better.The thing is that the show has amazing and excellent talent all around,Nick and Amanda came on board after Stabler left and proved they could handle whatever came at them,I was especially impressed with Amanda,because she was the hardest out of all the characters for the viewers to accept,and she proved that she had the talent and skills to pull off her character.Now we all know the old school team,Munch and Cragen were great as well and is truly missed.I am sad to say that the con on the show was Bensidy,Barba is great also,but Munch and Cragen leaving sucks!Olivia and Fin are the only two left,and they had certainly proven that they are a force to be reckoned with.The PROBLEM with this picture is that all the characters now had an opportunity to show off their stuff,Nick did his thing,Amanda recently had her chance to hold center stage and so did Olivia,the writers need to rotate the characters,they don’t have to always use a member of the squad to give us an entertaining episode,so much drama is out there to write about!Be more creative Mr Leight,use your imagination!Olivia and the Lewis saga;I will get back to that soon but I want to say that it is now time to bring Fin back to the stage,he is doing great,but nothing major.This is what brings me back to the Lewis/Benson saga,I think that a huge number of viewers are getting tired of the Lewis Benson situation,the reason why I say this is because it is beginning to seem like the LEWIS STORY LINE is the ONLY entertainment they have left to keep the viewers watching the show,don’t get me wrong,Pablo Schreiber is an amazing actor no buts about this!I just think his character as Lewis should end PERMANENTLY on April 9th,the main reason for my take on this scenario is for one,the show is still doing rather well considering and even though it is not yet confirmed that they will be a next season,we are positive that if they go into the sixteenth season Benson will OBVIOUSLY return,so the way I see it and I am not saying this to take anything away from next Wednesdays episode,”The last dance/Beast Obsession” to me it is not going to be as heart stopping and as exciting as Surrender Benson because of the the obvious-I have no doubt they will be a season16, we all know Benson will be returning,knowing this takes away from the whole Lewis/Benson confrontation,NO RISK EQUAL TO NO SUSPENSE!This is why they need to move forward from the Lewis character.In saying all this,go watch and enjoy!Gods speed until next time!EOEOEOEOEOE…FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  5. Suzie says:

    Last night’s episode Beast Obsession was really disappointing,Like many I agree the show has now become trashy and a ratings money maker.Thank god Lewis character is finally gone!

    • Susan says:

      I think it was great!! And the acting was very good. It kept u on the edge 00 your seat through the whole episode. It was well written. I give it a 10

  6. Debbie Woods says:

    I think she should leave, She has been on the show for so long and even though people think she is a good detective I am sure they can find someone just as.

  7. Rosetta says:

    I can’t imagine SVU without Olivia Benson. Please find away for her too get away from her attacker in her apartment. Under no circumstances allow that psycho too torture her. Let her coworkers find something too have too come too her apartment and interrupt this attack and also lock that psycho up or something !!!

  8. Beth G says:

    I totally enjoy SVU and Olivia and I could sit and watch this day after day. The last scene where Lewis was in her apartment is a cliffhanger and it needs to continue with other SVU officers being tipped off about Lewis and arriving in time to rescue Olivia and taking Lewis down.. I have many friends who would like to see this type of ending.

  9. Leeannea Sheppard says:

    If mariska leavea or get cut i wont watchchristopher meloni already left that sucked if she leaves im boycotting

  10. maggie says:

    First christopher melon now Olivia. I won’t watch the show anymore. She is the show and if she leaves their is no sense watching it anymore. She is the best of the best.

  11. Since the capt. And munch are leaving, benson would be the last original actor. Suv will never be the same. We relate to all these characters.

  12. DEBRA says:

    The show would not be the same but could understand her wanting to leave.But like when Stabler left and Munch left it was like loosing a friend.Good luck to her no matter what she does i can continue to watch reruns

  13. Teresa Ulrich says:

    I will quit watching the series lost one great character now her rest of the cast is great but wil never be the same there characters

    • Sorry for this short comment,I am on the move,but I promise to get a little more in depth next time!I am doing my research first so please bear with me people!Don’t give up on the series yet ,I understand how you feel and I am still hoping that they can finally get it back to a level that we all can appreciate.Almost everything I predicted played out,Benson finally got a baby,lets see how she juggle between the job and having a new addition in her life!Brian ASSIDY is gone FINALLY!!Yes I can spell!I know its suppose to be Cassidy,but he was such a p…k,I could not help but come up with a fitting name for the jerk!Lets see where the ride take us,The writers have a lot of work to do or not the sixteenth season may well be the last.Take care all,PEACE OUT! EOEOEOEOEOEOEOEOEO..FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

      • Beckie b says:

        Love your comments on the show. Totally agree with you. E/O forever.

        • Thanks Beckie b for your kind words.I try my best,but I am not always complimented for my comments and that’s okay,we all have our way in seeing things differently and I ALWAYS point out that coming here to chat,you have to keep an open mind and realize that there is such a thing as freedom of speech and constructive criticism!My comments are Never intended to upset or insult anyone,I base what I observe and try my best to be as accurate as possible.I was not planning to be back so soon,i wanted to watch the beginning of season sixteen first then go from there,it is not a shocker to me that many viewers are still playing catch up,some told me they are now trying to watch season thirteen and fourteen!Damn!Oh well!A reviewer kindly asked me to comment on what I thought about season 15 episode 19 and was very specific about commenting about what I heard and felt when I saw “The break up” between Brian and Benson.First of all,I am just glad to see the last of the so call Bensidy relationship like millions of other viewers,in my opinion it was long overdue,as for what you asked,let me briefly go back to the ending of the episode to answer your question and maybe others who didn’t either hear or watch the ep. Cassidy was late arriving to meet Olivia to have “The talk”Unlike David Hayden meeting her in a bar to break up,Cassidy and Liv was on the street.Anyway Benson started off the conversation by saying to Brian how both of them met at the darkest moments in there lives yada yada!What stood out for me in that scenario and was sickening,is that once again they made Olivia’s strong character look desperate and clingy and I will tell you why.BEFORE Cassidy drop the so call I love you card on her, Benson told him that she still thought about having a family,she then went on to say to Brian and I quote-“You EVER think about having kids with me?Or growing old with me?Right there you heard the desperation in her voice as though she needed to know and be reassured that Brian at least at some point thought about them that way.Brian on the other hand pause for a bit,then he said and I quote,”I can’t see MYSELF growing old you know!Cassidy DID NOT SAY CANNOT SEE US GROWING OLD,he said MYSELF! WTF!The woman asked the selfish bastard what he thought and I will have to assume Olivia wanted to find out that since they were in a relationship for so long if he EVER thought about anything she asked then,I guess not!Because that was not an answer,as a matter of fact,Brian Cassidy conveniently ignored answering and the smart ass that he is changed the subject and told Liv and I quote-There is something on my mind for a long time that I think I have to tell you!Olivia”s face was priceless,she was like,”Go ahead I can take i!”Now why if you trust someone would you make a statement like that?Benson thought Brian was going to confess to doing something awful!The bastard is too smart for that Liv get a clue!Brian would not sell out himself for ANYONE even you!He always cover his own ass!Anyway Cassidy pick up on Liv’s distress and he did admitted that it was nothing he had done,and then he told her he loved her and I laughed!It was so anti-climatic!These two were in a fairly long relationship,and at the end of it what Cassidy should have said to Olivia during the course of the relationship was said when he was dumping her at the end of it!Lol!How the hell can viewers entertain anything that happen between was real or meant anything?As for your next question,about why Olivia still stood their and say I love you I always will,honey,your guess is as good as mine,blame it on the writers because after that scenario the statement didn’t fit,I will tell you this,people can love each other for a number of things,Brian was there for her on occasion,she was there for him,so if you look at it from this perspective,you can say the statement was valid,but in MY OPINION there is huge difference between being IN LOVE and LOVING someone,and I think the former apply to Benson and Brian.In saying all this,I hope I answered your questions because I honestly do not want to mention Brian Cassidy EVER AGAIN unless absolutely necessary!He is GONE and I hope for good,so lets move on.As for season 16 episode one,we will be having some new additions to the squad,a new detective will be coming on board and rumor has it that said detective will be starting off on the wrong foot!So we shall see!And a man I have admired through the years as an actor,the one and only Peter Gallagher from the series “Covert Affairs” will also be coming on board as a hard ass boss by the name of William Dodds,he will be in charge of all the SVUs so lets see how long he hang in and stay on,I hope he does he is a great actor.Its high time this series get back to what the creation of the show was about in the first place.Until take folks-PEACE OUT. EOEOEOEOEOEOEOEOEOEOEOEO..FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

          • My apologizes!I meant to say BEING IN LOVE and LOVING SOMEONE is entirely two different things,THE LATTER is appropriately suited for the Benson/Cassidy relationship!THANK YOU! EOEOEOEOEOEOEOEOEOEOEO..FOREVRRRRRRRRR!

  14. Fran Frazee says:

    Without Benson!!!!!?? Although I have learned to LOVE all the characters in SVU, I cannot imagine it without Benson. It will be hard to get the long, long history of SVU out of the 4 or 5 subjects into some new territory now and then, I am sure there is some great writing talent out there that can do it. Please, please bring her back and her wonderful crew! Fran

    • Don’t panic!Benson is going to be back honey!And like I said before the talent is there as long as the writing improve and less emphasis is placed on the personal lives of the detectives,I am confident our girl will continue her run on SVU by Gods will.I saw Mariska on an interview on Inside The Actors Studio talking about her acting among other things!She is absolutely beautiful.I especially love how she still talks about Chris Meloni,how it all started and the chemistry they both shared from the moment they met,watching her talk about it was hilarious,and beautiful!You guys will have to watch for yourselves to see what I mean,unconditional love between those too that for sure.What I admire about her the most is her dedication to the choices in her life that was made,she seemed to approach everything she does with confidence,never worrying about failure,her whole persona is LOVE ON THE MOVE-SHE IS LOVE!And is apparently a very down to earth individual,what I love and admire about her the most is her continued dedication and drive to keep fighting the fight for all of us who has ever been abused in ANY FORM.So thank you Mariska Hargitay for your never ending kindness,support and love for mankind,you are truly a BEAUTIFUL SOUL and I am honored to have met you through your work in this lifetime even if it was only at a distance!You have inspired and motivate me to get up and be a stronger human being,so I thank you from the bottom of my heart,and I want you to know that SVU will prevail by the grace of almighty God because through him we have you to make a difference.SO GODS SPEED HONEY EOEOEOEOEOEOEOEOEOEOEOEOEOEOEO..FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  15. Lisa says:

    We all know that she did not leave but if she ever does that will be it for SVU because she IS the show.

  16. Well folks!Season 16 is on the way,and in my opinion it is kind of low keyed!Not to say that the first two episodes were not enjoyable or interested,I am just saying that to compare with the “Big Bang” cliff hangers that the show ended on the last couple of seasons especially season 14/15 you would have expected a little more punch to the return to this one that’s all.The new detective “Sonny” so far I can tell that he will not be liked by many because of his demeanor!I personally think that he is a bit over zealous in handling the cases BUT he kind of have the qualities of a shark and a bit of sleaze about him that can be a plus to the unit,as a matter of fact,even though he seemed to bulldoze his way through everything,he so far is getting results,and that is the whole point of trying to solve cases.Let’s just wait and see how long before he crosses the line and Sergeant Benson or the higher authority have to come down on him and hard!I think for now though,that Detective Sonny with his homicide background and all has for now great potential,after all he has not yet pissed Olivia off to the point that she had to show him her badass side!Lol!Episode two-Stacy Keach was excellent,the old boy still got it!I loved this episode because we got to see a lot more court time,as I said all along that this was needed to get the show back on stream.I noticed that Olivia did not play a major roll or should I say,she was not seen a lot during the case,it was mostly Fin,Rollins and Sonny that worked the case in this episode,I guess as we go along things will pick up.As for the reviewer who asked about what I thought of Olivia becoming a mother and if I thought it would affect her job,I have to say no it shouldn’t,a lot of career woman in the same line of work successfully manage work and the whole family thing,the only way Olivia will fail in taking care of this baby is if she bring the job home with her,and we know she will never do this.From the writers of the show perspective,since they control how long the baby is to remain on the show and I hope he will be a permanent fixture,keeping in mind that as long as the writers of the show DO NOT OVERWHELM each episode with the baby’s presence-meaning that you don’t want the show to become about “Benson Family Life” like what they did with her relationship with Brian Cassidy the show became about her relationship as apposed to her being the newly appointed Sargeant/acting commander of SVU and we all saw how that went!So we DO NOT NEED for the baby situation to get out of hand,if done correctly the viewers will never forget that Olivia is a mom juggling career and baby,so it can work without changing the dynamics of Benson’s character.Stabler had a family,Fin had a son and at NO time did it ever overwhelm or overshadow the dynamics of the show,so the same can happen in the case of Benson and baby Noah,nothing is wrong with showing beautiful baby Noah on occasion spending time with his mom at home.The scene at the finale with baby Noah and Liv was absolutely beautiful,so I see no reason why the baby shouldn’t stick around.Also,as long as the writers don’t dump another dead beat man in Benson’s life,things will work out just fine!All in all,season 16 is off to a pretty good start,I am certainly looking forward to the the rest of the episodes.PEACE OUT FOLKS UNTIL NEXT TIME!EOEOEOEOEOEOEOEOEO..FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

  17. Liz Wrye says:

    It was bad enough Christopher Meloni left, it wouldn’t be SVU with out Olivia. Do what u need to do to keep her. She’s worth it.

  18. tracey maltese says:

    is she really leaving the show for good Mariska Hargitay

    • Mariska Hargitay is not leaving the show anytime soon,she said it herself,she love the character too much to leave,in fact if you watch Inside Actors or Extra when she was speaking about Taylor swift cat being named after her character,you would of also heard her talking about the show and the direction it is going,the interviewer also asked if her former co-star Christopher Meloni will ever return to the show and her answer was very clear,she said and I quote “God I hope so!” Does that song like she is leaving?Don’t take my word for it,go on you tube and pull up the Extra interview or other recent interviews of her and you will see for yourself.I hope this helped,there you have it!EOEOEOEOEOEOEOEOEOEOEO..FOREVERRRRRRRRRR!

  19. Grace Apfel says:


  20. Jose Rivera says:

    I am so sorry to hear this rumors. SVU without Mariska it will never be the same. It will happen like NCIS that without Cote DePablo has never recuperated. Mariska is unique and it will be very difficult to replace her. Actresses with such charisma are difficult to find. What a shame after so many years. Well good things don’t last forever.

  21. Billy savary says:

    It wouldn’t be the same and I would probably stop watching it

  22. JoAnn says:

    She can leave at anytime now days, they have made her into such a bitch I seldom watch anymore.

  23. Jodi says:

    i beleave that Mariska should stay for the fact is that the TV Shows are getting better as the years go by

  24. Crystal says:

    I would never watch it again If she left never

  25. Ann Marie Salvato says:

    I don’t want her to leave, but I wish they would get Elliot back, the show just isn’t the same without him.

  26. PEGGY CAMPBELL says:

    PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE don’t leave….it would not be the same… this show!!!!!!!

  27. I’m baaaaaaaaack!Evil laugh!Well I guess we have Mariska again for season 17,which is really great.Season 16 in my opinion was a huge improvement to season 15 because the writers got back to giving us a lot more of the original and true feeling pertaining to what the show was all about in the first place,”The Victims!” We are seeing a lot more court cases,and that in itself was a plus.We are seeing Benson evolving as an authority figure,juggling work and motherhood!She is doing a great job at it as well considering!There are still some areas that has room for improvement,but all in all I am glad that Badass Sergeant Benson is going to be around to kick some more butt!For all those who wanted me back here commenting,I am back,and yes WE ARE STILL VOTING FOR STABLER/CHRIS to return at some point,the show still is NOT the same without the dynamic duo together and I hope that the writers consider our request at some point.Thank you all,peace out. EO FOREVER.

  28. Mary says:

    If she leaves the show so do I…it has always been my favorite because of Marisca

  29. Judy Berry says:

    It was bad enough when Chris Meloni left the show. I don’t think I can even watch it any more
    if Mariska Hargitay. Benson and Stabler made the show and I never missed and episode.
    I sure hope she stays.

  30. Carmen says:

    No, I cannot imagine the show without Mariska. That is her show.

  31. linda wilson says:

    It would not be svu without oliva I watch law and order just to see the bad guy get theirs its good therpy for me I am a suvior of domestic violence I was with my abuser for 12 years it was hard for me to get out law and order helped thanks

  32. Howdy folks!Before I start let me be frank!Anything I say is ONLY my humble opinion and is not meant to insult or criticize anybody’s intelligence. I guess by now everybody watched the crossover/SVU ChicagoPD/Fire episode.It was not a bad episode by any means,some viewers felt that too much focus was placed on the Chicago Pd detectives as apposed to the SVU detectives,I think that the nature of the case/crime was the cause of this,hence it seemed more like a Chicago Pd episode rather than a crossover.A lot of questionable situations were added and I will get to that soon!But first,I want to make mentioned as to WHY almost always a female officer is the one that is killed off?!Fans will soon become tired of it an this need to be addressed!Voight was his usual prissy hot headed self treating the SVU detectives like they were incompetent,because apparently he thinks that every case should be handled with the type of forceful aggression that he is accustomed to infringing!In the end,the intelligent SVU detectives skills in interrogation,is what enable them to locate Nadia.The perp Greg Yates give an excellent performance,the similarities in behavior between Yates and SVU William Lewis in many ways were almost identical,they both were rapist/serial killers,they each had a song chosen,Lewis was “Ain’t We Got Fun” and Yates was “Daydream Believer” I do not know if this was an oversight or if this was intentional on the writers part,they need to be more original or get someone else that is more skillful at writing about serial killers to give them some pointers,maybe Erik Larson!The perps were too familiar in character/behavior and again this is something that should be addressed also.Now on too the QUESTIONABLE situations that were observed not only by myself,but I am sure millions of viewers noticed because they were pissed at the outcome,and it leave me to wonder if the writers/owners of these shows think that viewers are either stupid,and would not notice,or they may carelessly overlook it because the situation was a brief one.I am talking about “FALSE ADVERTISING”Remember the headline that read “BENSON’S VISITS TO 51 ELICITS AN EMOTIONAL STABLER FLASHBACK FROM SVU?!The viewers DID NOT get to see what they expected,and I mean THE REAL Benson/Stabler flashback scene from season 4 episode 25 “SOULESS” where Elliot Stabler was consoling Olivia Benson over a victim in New York years ago,instead,they got an ALTERED VERSION and Stabler was not shown at all!The actual Chicago Fire episode used an altered version of THAT preview clip.The body in the Chicago Fire clip was also changed from the SVU episode and ME Warner’s dialog has been dubbed from the ORIGINAL episode to change her assessment to FIT Chicago Fire story line.The case from the original episode had NOTHING to do with the current case!THE BOTTOM LINE:And I CANNOT say this enough,ANYTIME the Elliot Stabler card is drawn,it is ONLY used to get high ratings!The TEASER CLIP was a way to drag the fans/viewers in,then the culprits used the “Bait And Switch” and completely ERASED Elliot Stabler from view!The gall!Many viewers felt insulted,angry and cheated,they have EVERY right to be.I warned people time and time again NOT to be taken in by the STABLER BAIT but NOOOO!Anytime Stabler/Chris name is mentioned,or rumored of a return,DO NOT let it go to your heads!In order for them to place Stabler in any of these shows,negotiations have to be made,his photos whether in flashbacks or other wise,cannot be included in any show without his permission,meaning,Chris will have to agree to it,and ONLY if HIS monetary demands are met among other things.A lot of politics are involved in situations like this,it is not as easy as some may think.So please,do NOT be blind sided ever again.All of the parties that were involved in this deceit,should be ashamed of themselves for actively promoting Stabler’s presence and falsely advertising it,it was unprofessional and sloppy work.The fact that the flashback in the end really had nothing to do with the case is what make this situation unacceptable.It is annoying,and it shows the lack of ANY creative imagination.Did THEY think the fans/viewers would not bother to check this or follow up?PLEASE!We are die hard SVU/Benson and Stabler fans!Nothing about Benson and Stabler is NEVER OVERLOOKED!So I hope in the near future that they think twice before trying to pull a idiotic stunt like this!In saying all this,Not a bad Crossover EXCEPT for that mishap,I hope to see some more,because apparently the Crossovers seemed to be what is doing it for them these days pertaining to ratings.I hope I was able to shed some insight to all the people who ask me to review on there behalf,thank you for your faith in me,it is appreciated.Until next time,stay sweet ya all,PEACE OUT,and remember EO IS FOREVER….

  33. Joy Raley says:

    Wish she wasnt leaving love her she is so hood in her roll she puts so much into it makes it real and shes beautiful I will truely miss her it wont be the same

  34. ted says:

    No, but I couldn’t imagine it without Stabler either!!!

    • DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!Remember that these comments are not meant to insult or criticize anybody’s intelligence,they are just my humble opinions!I am seriously convinced that the writers of SVU will NEVER learn!Okay,a night at the bar and restaurant with over two hundred and fifty fans awaiting the grand finale of season 16,I could have sworn it was a world cup final instead of hundreds waiting to see who would be killed off or taken away in some form or another!Lol!In the end everything on the finale of SVU played out as expect considering that many of us saw the PROMO,so this kind of hinted the outcome,so no surprises there.I received over fifteen hundred hits after the episode,and by the next day it was climbing over fifty-five hundred and still counting!These figures are by no means this high because the episode was that great,in fact,it was good,but not jumping off of the recliner great if you get my drift!Pandemonium broke loose all over the world,after outraged fans of none other than the famous Elliot Stabler felt insulted and was angered because of the Benson and Amaro scene where Amaro told her he was leaving.I myself felt the scene was touching and infuriating at the same time,one of the patrons in the restaurant asked me how could Benson/Mariska even entertain acting out this scene knowing it was a blatant lie?!Mariska sometimes produce and direct the show,why would she condone this?How did she feel doing this?!Honey your guess is as good as mine,all I can say on her behalf is that she has a boss above her,and even though she is the bread winner of the show,she has to answer and go along with any final decisions that are made.The writers/producers were once again disrespectful to Stabler/Meloni character,I do NOT see how in god’s name they can insinuated that Amaro was a better partner and contributed more to Benson’s growth as a cop/partner in ONLY four years,while Elliot had her back for TWELVE years,she TRUSTED Stabler more than ANYONE else,Elliot covered her six and protected Olivia with his life,putting her sometimes before his wife and family,yes he angered her sometimes,but this goes both ways!Do not forget the ninety-eight percent closure rate between Benson and Stabler respectively!I didn’t see Nick Amaro with a ninety something percent closure rate at anytime in the four years he was at SVU!So tell me how the F..K he was all of a sudden a better influence to Sergeant Benson career more so than with her with Elliot Stabler?!Amaro in my opinion was a pain in the ass towards Olivia for the majority of time he was at SVU,he was insensitive towards her feelings a lot of times because he didn’t fully get her,she never truly and fully opened up to him like she did with Elliot.So why would they do something like this?Let me tell you what I think,and this is my opinion only!I think that the producers/writers are still bitter with the way Chris/Stabler left the show,most viewers that were mad at the way he did it moved pass this and resigned themselves to the fact that Stabler may or never will return for whatever reasons,since most of what had happened is still to this day base mostly on speculation.Fans and writers alike are still shipping Benson and Stabler big time, hoping for his return,so this have to be a thorn in the producers/writers sides,they are the ones with the grudge!They need to stop fanning more fire to the flames where Stabler is concern and move on,this is why a lot of viewers stop watching the show,they are sick and tired of them playing the Stabler card to get high ratings,knowing they don’t support or appreciate him.I love Nick,and will miss him like his fans will,he held his own very well,did a great job working with Olivia BUT he was NEVER in Elliot Stabler’s league,could NEVER replace Elliot Stabler and NO ONE EVER WILL!In saying all this,let’s touch a bit on the actual episode!The good news is that Olivia got to keep baby Noah..As for the court case part,Sergeant Benson found herself between a rock and a hard place when she withheld information from Barba and Tucker,giving Johnny D an opening for the defense.I understand Olivia wanted to be honest about Noah’s parentage situation,but in the end it caused problems for Barba forcing him to consider cutting a deal,Benson got angry when she was the one who blatantly ignored Barba’s advice in the first place!Then there is the scenario with Olivia giving Ariel her fearlessness necklace,to me that came over like Benson was trying to bribe a witness!Was it okay to withhold information,but it IS okay to bribe someone?!Olivia should have known better,what was she thinking?!Lucky for Olivia,Johnny the jerk started shooting up the place when he did because the defense attorney seemed to be on the verged ready pounce on the issue of Benson trying to influence the witness!Lol!I swear this show is becoming a circus!The promo clips worked,it helped by keeping the viewers guessing about who was shot!In the end it was Nick,being shot in the liver and knee I think?This tied in nicely for his exit of course,him reuniting with his family in California.I felt Sergeant Benson got back at Nick in a way for being insensitive to her feelings especially during the Lewis recovery period!I don’t know about you guys,but I felt that Benson handled telling Nick that he didn’t have chance of advancing in the NYPD with a lot less sensitivity!Karma truly is a bitch!Lol!To the reviewer who wanted to know if female and male prisoners are transported together,the answer to my knowledge is a resounding NO!I do not know why they did this,they probably felt no one would notice!In the meantime,I felt SVU detectives should have followed that van for obvious reasons.What is next for Sergeant Olivia Benson? Will she get a new detective to replace Nick and stay sergeant,or will she become Lieutenant?Who knows?This show is full of surprises even if sometimes crappy ones!Good luck to Nick Amaro and all of his future endeavors whatever they may be,you had a great run kid,thank god you got out before they try to tarnish your reputation like Stabler!Lol!Baby Noah had a great run,but I think it is time for the writers to cut down on focusing so much on him and Olivia’s home life,not to say that there is not a time and place to mention him and his progress in life on occasion.More emphasis on what the show is actually all about,THE VICTIMS AND COURT CASES! This is what the viewers are expecting from the new season.Thank you ALL my lovelies,it has been a good run,better than season fifteen for sure!Season 17,lets continue to keep behind our girl,looking forward to the BADASS BENSON action!Love you all,PEACE OUT!EO FOREVER AMEN!

      • Over thirty thousands hits om my profile and I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me!Okay people,I am back here because I was asked to clarify something by a few reviewers not because what I said was wrong,but because some folks thought that I should have been more specific in the Benson/Amaro comments I made pertaining to Olivia’s growth as a partner and cop while working with Nick,and while she worked twelve years with Stabler.I want you all to understand that different people view this differently because of the way the writers so cleverly wrote the scene intentionally blurring the lines,hence many of us saw the COMMENTS Benson/Amaro said differently through different eyes,the end result equaled to conflicting and distorted information on the viewers part.The producers/writers once again got the shippers going!Motive,TO KEEP US WATCHING!So I apologize for not making quite clear in the first place.Here goes!If you are looking on the Partnership aspect of the relationship of Benson/Amaro,it worked with him because she WAS NOT attracted to him,or DID NOT have more than work partner feelings for Nick like she did with Stabler.We all know that the relationship between Benson/Stabler was COMPLICATED,they were excellent together on the job,but there was ALWAYS this underlying issue or this ATTRACTION/ LINE that was present between them constantly,this line begun to become blurred at some point,and the end result as in Olivia’s case,she was place in a position where her PERSONAL AND PRIVATE LIFE BECAME STAGNATED because she feel in love with Stabler,so I think this is why some folks felt that she progress better in Amaro’s presence as a partner more so than with Stabler.The POINT I am making is this-BOTTOM LINE-Olivia’s character HAD developed more so since Stabler left compare to the seasons she worked with Amaro BECAUSE she was able to have two relationships,she survived sexual assault,and she now has a son.Olivia/Mariska made this statement in an interview;She said,” Stabler did not allow growth.” This is a statement of fact,she DID NOT mean Olivia/Elliot partnership on the job.SHE MEANT her PERSONAL AND PRIVATE LIFE.Another statement Benson made was ” Whatever it was” MEANING,you could NOT ACCURATELY define the relationship between Olivia and Elliot,we all saw them together for years,seen the bond,chemistry,love,them acting like an old married couple in some cases!In my opinion,Benson and Stabler fell in love with each other,the fact that he was married didn’t help the situation,and neither of them could do a damn thing about it.My opinion still stands in THE BEST PARTNERSHIP CASE-Amaro still WAS NOT the best work partner,Benson and Stabler WILL carry this title FOREVER.Thank you all!PEACE OUT!EO IS STILL IN MY BOOK FOREVER….

  35. She Should Stay . BUT, Back On The Streets With A Partner Like Stabler . Back To Her Roots & Shows Roots. She makes A Better Detective Than Captain. I Think Anyway . She Was More Emotional Than :-)

  36. George says:

    If Mariska doesn’t leave she needs to leave the eyeliner at home!!! It is too much and makes her look sooo much older.

  37. Nortazia says:



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  40. amy allen says:

    I think Benson is the most sustaining character of the show. I cannot imagine the show without her and I hope she stays.

  41. Valerie Kreb says:

    Hell no! The SVU will not be the same without her. It is bad enough we lost other key players. Not her also. I won’t watch it anymore.

  42. Lindsey schaub says:

    “Olivia” makes the show seem so very real! On another note alot if women (or men) can relate to her on screen scipt of her sexual abuse that accurd in her past

  43. Dawn says:

    I have watched Law and Order and reruns weekly for years but no Benson….I’m done

  44. PWarnken says:

    There wont be a SVU without her in it. .Mariska , sign the contract. Love this show

  45. Yvonne says:

    How did perp know where she lives? Also , the previous victim. How he enter the premises?