Law & Order: SVU Season Finale Shocker: Is [Spoiler] Leaving the Show?!

LAW & ORDER: SVU Season 15 SpoilersIf you have yet to watch Wednesday’s season finale of Law & Order: SVU, we strongly suggest you avoid the following story. You’ve been warned!

Law & Order: SVU pulled the trigger on a doozy of a cliffhanger Wednesday night.

In the season-ender’s final moments, perp-of-the-week William “Burnt Fingertips” Lewis (played by Pablo Schreiber) broke into Olivia’s apartment and pointed a pistol at her head — and then the screen went dark.

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Adding an unsettling extra layer to the potentially killer twist is the fact that leading lady Mariska Hargitay has not inked a deal to return for the long-running NBC procedural’s just-renewed 15th season.

Not yet anyway.

Although an NBC spokesperson declined to comment, sources tell TVLine that the Emmy-winning actress is, in fact, nearing a new one-year deal.

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Of course, even if Hargitay returns, it doesn’t necessarily mean Olivia will make it out of her current predicament unscathed.

While we wait for both the on- and off-screen cliffhangers to play out, hit the comments with your thoughts on the finale as well as with an answer to this question: Can you imagine SVU without Benson?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. sharen says:

    I always thought olivia and elliot would end up together. Or olivia would end up preg. But im really glad she is back. Hopefully kragen or amaro get there before anything happens

    • Sue says:

      It is all a trick to nail Lewis, because they have had this on before, it is the only way to explain why Craigon gave her the two days off and she went home by herself without any protection, and did not draw her gun when she heard the noise in her apartment. None of them can be that stupid, plus Rollins had that feeling about Lewis being bad news, Rollins would never just drop it like that, and neither would Olivia. IT IS A SETUP.

    • mimi says:

      Or that blue eyed detective Elliot El Stabler

  2. Elizabeth says:

    If Olivia dies then SVU will never be the same, NEVER. We already had Staibler leave, we don’t need her to leave to, she’s one of the orginial cast members, she’s the one that made more intense

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  4. Caitlin says:

    I reckon she will live, but Elliot saves her. How good of a season premiere would that be. But in the shows reality, Cassidy most likely comes to rescue and Lewis gets life or death row.

  5. Judy Hubbard says:

    Re: season finale: I am expecting first episode to show all her friends worrying about her & decide to go to her apartment & they rescue her! I do NOT want to see her tortured or raped.

  6. A. says:

    WHAT is the point of having a spoiler warning in your article if the title of this webpage shows up in Google as “Olivia Benson Death” ???? I just want to know. I’m just trying to understand.

  7. Olivia is the main character and in my opinion best actress/actor on the show. I’m sure if they make her die, then they will have a case about for the premiere episode. But I hope they don’t take her off the show she is my personal favorite. I really hope she comes back on.

  8. Kassie says:

    Olivia has always been and always will be my favorite character on SVU which is my favorite show. And p.s they got her a new contract for season 15 so y’all don’t worry but for all of you who wanted her off the show you guys are a-holes. Take that! Mariska is coming back! I for one hopes she never leaves even is she does have kids she needs to feed them doesn’t she?! I’m solo glad she’s coming back.

  9. Monique says:

    They need to bring stabler back

  10. Morgan says:

    I’m so excited for season 15! The suspense is driving me crazy. Okay so we all know that William isn’t going to kill Olivia because her contract was renewed but, I just have to consider that she’s not going to be the same person we all (most of us) came to love. Guess what I heard? They’re going to start shooting next Wednesday! It might not be true but we all need something to calm our nerves.

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  12. Pr216clevelandindian says:

    Benson is a very troubled woman who in real life would have serious psychological problems her father was a rapist who she meets in an episode then she thinks a junky is her long lost sister or was that what really happened??man these writers have a crazy imagination.i give them credit to keep the web from getting too tangled,but again benson would have probably committed suicide,killed a few perps or been admitted to the loony bin in our world.So again thank you to the writers for keeping her somewhat sane even though we all know she is a little too gun hoe to think guilty for all suspects RAPE is her word

  13. Mary says:

    I think she’ll stay at least long enough to wrap up Benson’s story. The show is kind of what got her recognition in the television industry, if it was me I’d want to wrap it up properly, but I don’t know the show has gone in the abrupt exit direction before, e.g. Chris Meloni’s exit. However she may want to continue working on the show. And to those saying she should leave to raise her children, ever heard the phrase Working Mum?

  14. I have been waiting anxiously for the new season of SVU. What a shocking cliffhanger! I could not believe it. The best episode in a long time. Can’t wait for the new season. I haven’t been so excited to see the next episode of ANYTHING as I am this. Good job, NBC.

  15. I found it comical that Benson entered her apartment,and had a six sense that something was wrong,Now the “Badass “detective she is,you would have expected her to pull her gun!But nooooo!None of that happen,and in my opinion this scenario is ridiculous.The cliff hanger is another failed attempt to keep the viewers interested in a show that is dying a slow death since season twelve!What would make my day on the return of season 15,is if Cassidy either turn up at the apartment and get his head shot off!Or Benson realize Brian is already dead by the hands of Lewis. Cassidy in my mind is not serving any real purpose on the show,not as the dirty dead beat undercover and homicide cop he is,and certainly not as the love interest.That relationship is the worst I have ever seen Olivia in.I said it beforec and I will say it again,NO CHEMISTRY,they both look and sound fake when they are communicating or interacting with each other.

    • Mary says:

      I don’t think the show is dying, I think it’s doing very well considering they lost their male lead. But I am so glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like the Olivia/Cassidy pairing. No chemistry, they should lose him.

      • Morgan says:

        Hon, yes. I also hate Olivia/ Brian pairing. I’m an E/O fan but even though I know that’s never going to happen, I want her to be happy. And in my opinion, she can not be happy with that 13 yr. old stuck in a seeming like 48 year old body. I can read between the lines and I can tell she’s settling for him.

  16. Aaron says:

    i hope that NBC brings stabler back. all the time they spent together. maybe they could bring him back guest spot. they have to at least still be friends. he could sense it rescue her… kathy falls offa cliff and benson and stabler get together. wonderful ending

    • Morgan says:


    • That more like a stupid romantic novel than a supposed gritty cop show . Also , he would be too busy loooking after his five children to do anything else . Currently he is working on a movie anyway that is filming elsewhere , so , no time for guest apperances . Trust Benson to dig herself out of this herself than a knight in shining armour to rescue her .

    • mimi says:

      Omfg its like ur in my head but i’d “accidentally” push her off the cliff

  17. Ashley says:

    it wont be the same

  18. Tommy says:

    I hope Olivia don’t leave I love this show with her. She is a great actress.

  19. Pat says:

    At least if she doesn’t come back to Law and Order, they ought to tell the audience what happened. Olivia was one tough and smart lady cop/detective. She could have out smarted him or kneed him in the vitals to rescue herself. I don’t like being left in the lurch when I spend precious time waiting through commercials to watch a program and then it leaves me with a very unsatisfactory ending.

  20. Samy says:

    The older cop/boss, Cragen, will save her, because he didn’t save the other woman who was tortured/raped by Lewis. This time he will trust his gut and barge in.

  21. Tina says:

    She’s definitely on the next season – saw them filming yesterday :)

  22. Dwayne Lucas says:

    I think that someone should be hiding in Olivia’s apt. Sothat when the guy points the gun at her,someone is behind the guy to shoot in season 15. And you also need to think about bringing back stabler.

  23. Neha says:

    I can’t imgine Mariska leave SVU she won’t leave dhe loves her fans right? I mean we lost Stabler it was soo fun watching svu when stabler was there but now he’s not without stabler its kinda not fun I’m not trying to say its not fun with amaro its just I miss stabler!!!! :( I wish he can come back but if mariska leaves svu then what’s the point of whatchin it if there’s no mariska but I know she won’t leave!!! :) I wish I can be on SVU but its to late!!!! I don’t want SVU to end I want it to continue on forever but that’s not going to happen!!! :(

  24. Loreli says:

    Sorry My husband and I stopped watching SVU when Elliott left. I watched 15 minutes of an eposide without Elliott and I thought I was watching a soap opera. And after Burn notice goes off this new program Graceland will never replace Burn notice. Have not watched that show either only saw commercials😩.I like the show with the 2 guys staring Michael Ealy but that got canceled after 1 season 😢. I love NCIS but not a fan of Los Angeles NCIS
    Ziva is leaving I will miss her😩she did her character justice. Gibbs and Tony my favorite😘.

  25. sharon says:

    i don’t want olivia to leave either i am with others i am done with svu if she goes i love watching her i am sorry to see chris meloni gone i loved him too

  26. Benjamin T. Martin says:

    I actually believe that it could be a good career move for Mariska to play another character other than “Olivia Benson”. Leonard Nemoy became known as only “Spock” on Star Trek. Leonard Nemoy also narrated “In Search Of”. Mariska’s skills as an actress might well crescendo playing leading characters in different TV dramas.

  27. Shavonda Campbell says:

    I was horrified when the last episode Law&Order:SVU went off with that perk without finger prints was in Olivia’s apartment and to think she’s not coming back I will be depress with no will to live or have any contributions to society anymore #reallife

  28. Jewel says:

    My theory… Olivia won’t get out of this situation, but she won’t be killed. I think she will, however, be raped. I also think she’ll turn up pregnant. I think she will quit SVU to have the baby. Olivia has always wanted to be a parent, and as a child of rape she would never blame the child for the actions of the father… I think it will go full circle.

  29. Roy says:

    Don’t leave. When are they going to bring back stabler

  30. anonimo says:

    en primer lugar mariska hargitay si renovo contrato en segundo si aparece lewis con pistola en mano en el apartamento pero en un promo de la temporada 15 sale como la tiene secuestrada solamente asi que no saben lo que pasara dejen de inventar PD este comentario no es para los fans si no para el tipo que escribio el articulo y dice que no renovo contrato bye

  31. luv1234 says:

    I really cannot wait to watch SVU season 15! i really hope Olivia Benson is alright. And i really really hope she does not get raped! with the rapist baby!!!!

    • susan clifford says:

      I think that is why in the new seasons photo they have Olivia looking like she is dressed for sunday school, They are trying to make her look younger

    • Sue says:

      I think that is why in the new seasons, photo they have Olivia looking like she is dressed for Sunday school, they are They r trying to make her look younger, is to make her pregnant.
      they have to have something good come out of this, after all she really wants a baby, and they have to think of a good story to write about to keep Olivia in the show.

  32. mimi says:

    Did everyone forget Elliot (el) stabler he was the biggest part of her life and if he didn’t come back then there shouldn’t be a point to herSemper Fidelis  necklace meaning always faithful he’s the longest relationship with a man she’s ever had as they said law and order svu isnt the same without him and if liv leaves I’ll stop watching it all together

  33. latoya says:


  34. Jo says:

    She has been on long enough. Time to move on.

  35. jim says:

    OLIVIA going steady with the Allstate guy,mayhem.WOW ain’t that someting

  36. Honey,the Allstate guy;he just got to go!I watched the promo for season 15 episode 4,and Cassidy is once again in a position to be removed from the show,I hope they either kill him off or just make him disappear from around Benson PERMANTLY!I say this because as we all know the relationship between him and Olivia is unrealistic,no chemistry!Since Lewis made Olivia confront her feelings for her ex partner Elliot Stabler,,a lot of viewers now realize what a SHAM the relationship between them is.I laughed when Lewis pointed out to Benson when she was trying to throw off the attention from herself and her cell rang,she was like”That must be my Boyfriend he must be on his way here right now!”Lewis and his sarcasm said to her,Ï only see a toothbrush and a robe!”Lol!That tells us that to this day,Olivia Benson have not trusted Brian Cassidy enough with her heart or anything else for that matter for him to have more stuff at her apartment!Cassidy don’t even have a key!He was dating her long enough to be carrying one right?Relationship my Ass!What further turned me off from Cassidy the night of Benson’s attack,is when he called her cell and left that very impersonal message,it went something like this,Liv, I know we were talking about getting together, the guys are jerking me around here,,I’m the one at the court in the Bronx!I was like,what the F!What about Liv?He is making this all about him!Then he went on to say,don’t be mad I OWE YOU ONE!Lol!He was talking to her like one of his buddies or co workers!No sorry babe I’ll make it up too you!Of course he would not have known at the time that she was being attacked, but still,you would expect a man that suppose to care or love his woman to show a little more emotion than that.Brian Cassidy is serving no purpose on the show,I still think he is a dirty cop,and maybe that is why Olivia is finding it so hard to trust him completely,keep in mind that he was accused of rape,he got off,but at the time both Olivia and Nick had serious doubts about his innocence.Just my opinion folks!

  37. Shawna Reed says:

    Liv is awsome her and Stabler should get together he needs to come back!!!!

  38. Honey I am with you!Benson and Stabler should be together already!For those of you who are out there giving yourselves hypertension over this Elliot/Olivia and Bensidy issue!Let me clarify it for you since it apparently have not yet sunk in some of our minds what Mr Leight was trying to show us without being too obvious!Yeah!Okay,some of us are glad that Liv has someone,even if that someone is not who we like or prefer for her,but at the end of the day we have to say,”We get it!Stabler is not coming back!”And so what!?I am going to thank the one person for doing his job and FINALLY getting it right where this E/O and Bensidy argument is concerned,and that someone is Mr Warren Leight!Mr Leight,even though you are getting a lot of licks from the viewers about the show not going in the direction that it should among other things!I was immensely pleased to see that you have in a very diplomatic manner,manage to initiate the answer that we all have been waiting for in the span of fifteen long years and counting!On behalf of all the faithful viewers who have been gunning for the Benson and Stabler hook up,we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for FINALLY laying it all out there about the E/O FEELINGS for each other for all the the world to see,TWICE in the space of two weeks!The episode ‘Surrender Benson’ and especially the episode ‘Internal Affairs’ sealed the deal!Detective Olivia Benson all but admitted that she is in love with Elliot Stabler!That interrogation scene was epic!When I thought that the scene with Lewis taunting her about Stabler,making her squirm from the truth of her feelings for him was mind blowing,you came right back and floored the whole SVU posse with this unforgettable scene,which will NEVER EVER be forgotten as long as we all shall live!Holy S..T!That sound like wedding vows!Lol!You get the drift right?Anyway my lovelies!You can rest easy now,because even though Our Liv is with Brian we know that Elliot Stabler have her heart,mind,body and soul even though he is not around!As for the direction the show is going,I sincerely hope the writers place a lot more emphasis on the script rather than the characters,this show is suppose to be based on real life drama portraying horrible situation that happen to real life human beings and should never ever be taken for granted.So please,Mr Leight pay less attention to the relationships of the characters and give us back the TV drama we miss so much.Peace out.

    • Morgan says:

      I think he was trying to show that no matter how much is going on in your life crime will never stop. Not just giving us closure on the whole Elliot ordeal but how cops have to put their love and social lives behind the job no matter what. Olivia has to deal with all these reminders of Lewis and Harris (wonderland story). She also isn’t over Elliot’s departure which is understandable. Not to mention she had to listen to Cassidy do god knows what with that Lila girl and him pretending to almost rape Rollins. I mean yea sure I’m glad she has someone in her life but in my opinion he’s a loser and she could do so much better. Ok yea sure I’m an EO shipper but in reality no matter how we put this, Elliot will never be good enough for Olivia.

  39. You have made some great points Morgan,and I totally agree with what you said especially the part about cops having to put their social lives behind the job no matter what.I absolutely understand what you are saying here,but I think what I also meant to say while making that statement about them placing more focus on the cases rather than the characters relationships,is that because through the years when viewers started to realize that Elliot and Olivia started to have feelings for each other and were becoming more than partners,they had some people who to this day insist that they should not make them a couple because they didn’t want the show to turn into a soap!Of course that would have never happen,I loved the explanation Neal Baer give in an interview about the issue;he said that Mariska and Chris wanted them to make them a couple,he mentioned the amazing chemistry between them,Neal also said that they were afraid that if they had given in,the viewers might have stop watching the show,and didn’t want to take the risk,so that is why it never happen,it had nothing to do with what a lot of people are speculating about right now,so hence my statement about relationships.Brian is a poor choice for Benson no doubt about it,but he is free to be with her because he has no direct connection to her precinct and he is not married,Elliot at the time was married;Stabler’s marriage was not thriving and could have been easily be dissolved,so to me that is not a strong argument that some viewers had.In the end Olivia is with a ‘Free’ man and yet it still seemed to some of us that more emphasis is now being placed on the Brian/Benson relationship even though it is lacking on so many levels,making a lot of us feel right now that they were some bias against Stabler.So you see in the end,you are still getting that underlying feeling that the show is slowly becoming-I won’t say a “soap’, but leaning towards a romance kind of feeling.It is alright for Bensidy,but it wasn’t okay for E/O!I guess that is the luck of the draw!I still want to see a lot more of Benson’s character evolution,her recovery and how she is handling the emotional aspects of it.As for the rest of the svu roller coaster ride we are now on,I say that the past is now water under the bridge,and we all have to move on regardless of how we feel,and try to respect each others opinions.As for the Cassidy issue,you can tell from my reviews what I thought about the sham of a relationship that is going on with him and Benson on season 15,like you and so many others,after observing his behavior not only on the recent episodes where Olivia had to sit and listen to him while he was undercover on Internal Affairs,but from the time Brian Cassidy set foot back on the show his integrity was shot,his behavior was deplorable,unacceptable,especially when he confessed to sleeping around with prostitutes and again Olivia had to sit in court back then and listen to all the awful details of what he was doing.So this is why I cannot believe to this day that the writers chose him as a love interest for her,knowing how she pride herself in being respectful and have morals.I cannot see how the writers think they can make Brian Cassidy look good at this stage.But it is what it is.I will have to assume that your last statement about Elliot is meant to be understood that no matter how right Elliot Stabler was For Olivia Benson he will never be good enough in the eyes of many.For damn sure Brian will NEVER,EVER be good enough for her,and that is the truth. El/Liv Forever.

  40. elvira says:

    Without Stabler, i stopped watching, so Olivia leaving well…. it will suck.

  41. Okay,so I watched the episode ‘Rapist Anonymous’And I first want to say that I was elated to hear that Detective Benson passed her sergeant exam with flying colors!I was glad and happy to see Detective Rollins in action,I felt that this was her best performance to date since arriving at svu,not only that,it was refreshing to see that the writers did not place too much emphasis on the pathetic relationship of Benson/Cassidy!It was a good thing too,because at the beginning of the show we saw what was supposed to be a celebration dinner being hosted by Benson and Cassidy in her honor,and yet you could not help but noticed how uptight the so call happy couple seemed to be around each other even after living together all this time!I was WTF!Olivia was just ranked #48 out of 8000!My husband would have been all over me!Or at least show more emotion than that!Cassidy look passive as usual.Things that make you go mmmm…!II hosted a number of dinners with my husband and I hope to God we don’t look like Brian and Olivia among our guest!Lol!In fact,the whole dinner atmosphere seemed strained and uncomfortable,and it didn’t help when Olivia made the comment about not talking shop,I guess she said this because Captain Cragen dinner date Eileen seemed disgusted and was trying hard to put on a happy face!So!Cragen got a girlfriend,I guess he is soon leaving the show which in turn would make Olivia the head honcho of the squad,Brian got his badge back and will be working with IAB!He will probably be playing a major roll in the investigation behind Rollins gambling problem along side Tucker!Is this a coincidence?Or are we going to see the two rattiest characters doing what they do best?playing the dirty snakes they are in the season 15 finale cliffhanger?!As for the scene with Rollins ripping Nick a new one,I got why she was so angry,no one can feel good knowing people are prying into there personal life especially when hints were being made that you might be gay!As for her telling Nick about his jealousy of Barba and Olivia and Brian and Olivia,I too get the Brian and Olivia part,Nick is very protective of Olivia,and from the time he found out about Brian he was upset with her not because he had romantic feelings towards her but because he was piss at Benson for her poor and pathetic choice in a man,Nick believed that Olivia can do better than Cassidy which is true!Amaro is also disappointed because he could not believe like many of us that such an intelligent woman could have such low self esteem to go choose a man with such a shady pass and back ground which include prostitution among other things.Nick was at the dinner,and yes him an Brian SEEMED to be getting along,but I think Amaro is ONLY tolerating Cassidy’s presence in Olivia’s life because he wants her to be happy and does not want to cause a riff between there friendship and work relationship.As for the Barba issue,I am not sure,was he and Benson ever been intimate?I doubt,they had a few dinner dates but to me it was always about work and great conversation,so I guess we have to wait and see,only time will tell!I am hoping that Rollins do not self destruct,right now she is not even in a position to go to Olivia for support because Olivia is caught up with her own life and issues,still recovering apparently!Because you will notice that when Olivia had to testify in court,she made a comment about how victims sometimes lie about certain aspects of the assault because of embarrassment or to hide something from a spouse,I got the vibe that she was talking about herself,and these days Olivia seemed to be doing this quite often,this is her way of disclosing personal information without being too open and obvious,remember how she admitted to being in love with her former partner in the episode ‘Internal Affairs?’We can and will never forget that epic scene!LOL!This scenario is similar,just a different right now Benson is not exactly a shoulder for Rollins to cry on.All in all the episode had it’s moments,So until,PEACE OUT!

  42. shayla says:

    Lets be honest what would SVU be without Mariska, she practically made the show. Yeah we miss the E/O relationship within the show but chris left. I personally love the bensidy relationship. Ell&liv are too close and I think getting brian and liv together was a great new road for the show to take. Lets be serious if you dont like it dont watch it. If you want to see elliott watch the old seasons. Mariska is happy at the moment.. her role here is amazing and shes won awards for her acting in this show. Shes amazing. Nobody cant love her!. She has a star on the hollywood walk of fame. Sthis just proves how fantastic she really is!. If your fed up of seeing her dont watch it simple. Mariska is one in a million. Mariska4life!♡♡

  43. I agree with what you said about Mariska Hargitay,I love Mariska to the bone!I am absolutely proud of her,and all of her achievements she truly deserve every single on of them ,and I was elated when she was acknowledged for her tremendous accomplishments when they finally placed her name on the Hollywood walk of fame beside the rightful place next to her mom,she is truly deserving of this and then some,in my mind she should also receive the Emmy Award for her role in the episode ‘Surrender Benson’,Mariska certainly proved that she can hold her own.SVU will be nothing without her and that is true,what is also true,is that without the other actors,the show would not have made it to where it is today,it was a team effort and no ONE person was responsible for it’s success.As for not liking the new show,I never insinuated that I don’t like it,I merely indicated CERTAIN situations that are questionable,I am not the only observant viewer who made comments that some may not like,because we all happen to love certain characters,I admit that it is not as exciting as the earlier seasons,but the new seasons certainly has it’s moments and I ALWAYS mention this whenever I comment,whether on behalf of myself or others who ask me too.As I recall this site is design for all of us to make comments whether it is constructive criticism or otherwise minus the cussing!If I don’t appreciate something I am entitled to have an OPINION!It is not about liking the OLDER episodes better,I tend to base my comments on the present format of where the show is going now,without being bias,remembering that other folks requested my opinions after watching and discussing certain things we observe,the long and short of it is that we all try to keep our comments as realistic as possible.So it’s not about wanting to watch Elliot on the older show,and yes I do love to watch him and Olivia as a team,they were the best,and nothing will EVER change that.We did a survey and ninety percent of people chose to watch the re-runs with Olivia and Elliot over the new season,why is that?Elliot is gone and we have to accept that he may never return,but my opinion on Benson’s relationship still stands,she deserve better,and the truth is that I am one of many who watch this show from the inception FAITHFULLY!I watched from season one throughout without missing an episode and IN SEQUENCE!That is how and why I can make certain comments on situations that are going on now,the detective Benson we know and love is intelligent,confident but have MAJOR TRUST ISSUES,we are now watching an Olivia with a very LOW SELF ESTEEM,she is evolving in her career of course,but she is a woman who also noticed that her biological clock is ticking,a woman who realized that she was saving herself for a man who she could NEVER have!Yes I said that!If you are watching and enjoying season 15 so much,you would have realize that she WANTED Elliot Stabler and NOT Brian Cassidy to be there for her when she was kidnapped by the psycho Lewis!If she is so in love with Brian;and I am not saying she doesn’t care for him,I am saying that loving someone and being in love with them are two totally different things,Brian should have been the FIRST person for her to think about not Elliot Stabler!She did it again on the episode Internal Affairs’when she all but ADMITTED to Officer Quinn in the interrogation room that she is in love with her former partner!So this is how we base our comments,it is what we OBSERVE!So who’s fault is it?Not ours,blame the writers for feeding the hungry Benson/Stabler fans the Elliot card!If they want us to BELIEVE that Brian is the one,they have to make a better showing of there relationship,stop painting Brian’s reputation as a dirty cop,and stop using Stabler to keep the viewers on there toes!If the situation was kept in format,Olivia would not be in the relationship she is in now,she could not stand Cassidy in the earlier seasons,then having to find out about all the sordid details of his life,it is NO WAY she would have chosen to be with him,especially after thirteen plus years,Even Nick was sickened when he found out she was with him,and even though Nick seemed to be tolerating Brian to a point now,I think it is only because he value his partnership and now friendship with Benson knowing how hard he had to work to gain her trust!Stabler’s shoes weren’t easy to fill at best!You can still hear the disdain and sarcasm in Nick’s voice when Cassidy’s name is mentioned!So pay attention and stop pointing fingers.I cannot see how the writers expected to make Brian Cassidy look good after tarnishing his reputation then to just bring him back thinking viewers will just forget,forgive me,but that was an impossible feat.Brian got his shield back,so that is a good sign I hope!He will be working IAB alongside the snake Tucker!Is this a coincidence?We shall see,we all know Tucker’s reputation to be a mean,crooked and nasty little weasel who especially hated Benson and Stabler,for years he tried to get them fired,especially Stabler,so now he is gone,who is to say he won’t try to oust Benson at the hands of Cassidy?!We shall see what the future holds for our favorite detectives!Let’s see if birds of a feather will be flocking together to bring down the SVU Squad!Is Amanda Rollins fate now lying in the hands of Cassidy and Tucker?We shall see,keep in mind that Brian will now have certain privileges to investigate the detectives when necessary,keep in mind that Cassidy is the one who almost destroyed Captain Cragen’s career!So they ALL have to watch there backs including Detective Benson!We shall see!How can I not be excited about watching season 15?!LOL!If you are happy to see her in her new relationship,good for you,it’s okay to want this for her,she deserve to be with someone,its just that I am not one of those people who believe you should SETTLE for less or the next best thing because you either realize or give up hope to ever having the one you really need in your life.Myself and millions of others don’t have to like it,yes we have no choice to deal with the changes even if we don’t like them,but we have a right to like or dislike a situation whenever we see fit,so there is no need for you to get annoyed just because we may not agree on the same things.So in saying all this,happy watching!I AM A BENSON/STABLER/CHRIS/MARISKA FAN FOR LIFE!PEACE OUT!

  44. Josh Nicholson says:

    If Mariska leaves SVU, the show ratings will decrease significantly which could cancel the show in its entirety.I love Mariska/Olivia so much…SVU would not be the same without her.

  45. Markeshia says:

    If Olivia isn’t on SVU anymore I couldn’t bring myself to watch it anymore. She’s been my fav character since the show started and if she dies I’m done and they should bring Elliot back for one episode at lest I miss his irritating ass so if benson dies I’m done and I hope other people strongly agree with me because if Olivia wasn’t on I think many people wouldn’t watch the show and besides liv teaches many women and girls to protect theirselves and no matter what your in control so please don’t let liv leave because that would kill my spirt

  46. Oh my word!On behalf of myself and faithful posse who kindly asked me to comment on the episode ‘Psycho Therapist’,thanks for the vote of confidence guys!Here it is!Fantastic acting by Mariska Hargitay and Pablo Schreiber.They both deserve to be nominated and I would go so far to say that they both have equal opportunity to win an Emmy for there roles in the recent episodes of the ‘Saving Benson’ saga.The episode ‘Psycho Therapist’ was very intense,at first I thought for sure that Lewis had escaped and was going after her!Then I saw the scene with her kissing the therapist!Yuck!I was WTF!The kiss between her and the shrink looked more realistic than her kissing Cassidy!Lol!I don’t like Cassidy either,but it would have been awful if she had romantic feelings for the shrink and is still involved with Brian.Thank God Olivia were just having flashbacks and none of it was real!The writers are so unfair,our boy Elliot Stabler never got a kiss,not even in her or his dreams,and a damn old ass therapist got one!Arg!!Mr Leight you are really mean to us!I made a comment before about how inappropriate it was for the therapist to give Olivia an eight hundred necklace,he is a shrink for F…Sake!No Therapist should get personal with there clients,I don’t like the look on the shrink’s face when he is talking to Benson,he kind of got this ‘Dirty Old Man’ look on his face,is it just me?Or am I being paranoid?The way this show is going,who is to say something like this crazy S..t won’t go down!Just saying!After all it is just sort of fictional right?WRONG!INAPPROPRIATE!Hell no,don’t tell me the writers are again going down that road writing Benson’s character as going through men,and to top it off with that old unattractive therapist!?Let us keep our fingers crossed people and hope this will not be the case.I loved when Benson still stuck it to Lewis letting him know that Stabler would have known what to do to him!I love that she still thinks about Elliot.The ending of the episode was again intense and very emotional,This is the first time I have ever seen Olivia Benson out right breaking down and crying real tears,when she was sitting on the stairs,right then I thought it would have been a perfect scenario for Elliot Stabler to appear behind her,and just hold and comfort her!I think even though he left her all this time,she would have fallen into him,into his waiting arms.What?!We can all dream!LoL!As for the conclusion,I am assuming that Lewis is plotting his escape to go after Olivia!Don’t expect an episode on his escape so soon though,the writers are probably leaving this one for another cliff hanger!That is what they do these days to keep us watching SVU. I hope Olivia kill Lewis ass this time around.If I was in charge,here is how it would go down.Lewis would try at her again,either Benson beat his ass again or shoot his head off,I don’t like Cassidy,but he is with her now,and being the corrupt cop he is,and working internal affairs,I would write him in either paying someone to take Lewis out,or Brian doing it himself and covering it up!Brian and Lewis fighting,gun go off,this would leave us to wonder if this is truly the end of Lewis or Cassidy!great cliff hanger this will make right?!How about Cassidy and Lewis going over a cliff?Lol!Who live and who dies?Better yet,enter the hot and sexy Elliot Stabler as either DEA or FBI,taking up his rightful place next to the love of his life Benson,Stabler would be my first choice to beat the living s…t out of Lewis and then taking him down point blank!Keep in mind that the door was left open for his return,and don’t mind that bull that the writers are constantly writing on Olivia and her so call ‘Happy Family relationship with Cassidy,we all know Elliot Stabler is the one for Benson,they love each other and are soul mates,it is high time the writers stop bull s..ting the viewers and get it right.I almost forgot,God’s speed to Captain Cragen good luck to you man,you had a great run and would definitely be missed,at least the viewers still have the opportunity to see you on occasion just like Munch,so that was wonderful news to hear.It is great that Olivia is now Sergeant Benson,I am sure the viewers thought that when Cragen leave that Olivia would automatically fill his shoes,unfortunately I heard via a well informed source that this will not be the case for a while if ever,Benson will remain a Sergeant,but we all have to wait and see who the ‘New Captain’ will be.I hope not someone overly too young and handsome,unless it is Stabler of course!Lol!That end up having this sexual chemistry thing going on with Olivia knowing that in the end it would be some kind of conflict of interest,Just saying,they better bring another middle age,guy for the role,I am a bit tired of the back and fourth chemistry thing going on with the writers always placing Benson in the middle of it,then to just take it all away.Anyway people enough of my over active imagination and dreaming!Lol!Mr Warren Leight,great job on this episode. SVU/Benson and Stabler Forever AMEN!

  47. Drama drama drama!Did I not warn you guys not to mess with Warren?Well you did!Every time you continue to ship EO,Warren rebel and hit you with Bensidy!Millions of loyal fans and viewers alike are flabbergasted,appalled and upset the morning after!Hurling in their toilets as if they just woke up from a giant size hang over!After watching last night episode,if that was not bad enough,Mr Leight took it further by HINTING that a Bensidy baby may be coming to the show sooner than you think!EEK!Thats right filled!the MAYHEM MAN Brian Cassidy,the corrupt cop,accused rapist,who has a fettish for sleeping with prostitutes!Oh!And how can we forget his most recent act of corruption against Nick Amaro,on the episode Amaro’s One Eoighty!When he leaked IAB information to the press about Nick’s case to destroy him with the help of none other than Lt Tucker! Benson knew!After she invited Nick to stay with her and he didn’t want to because he knew Brian was behind the whole thing.Back to back episodes showed Olivia at home during a dinner with the team annoyed and seem stressed,because once again Brian was not there with her,then when she asked NIick to stay she again stressed on the fact that Brian Cassidy is NEVER at home!Olivia’s tone reeked sarcasm when she told Nick and the team that Brian is NEVER at home,she sound more like she meant NEVER THERE FOR HER!Now all of a sudden we are hearing about a Bensidy baby!Of course Olivia deserve a baby and family,but not like this!Cassidy is NEVER THERE for Olivia,how in Gods name he is going to be there for a baby!Olivia is still going through therapy ,was just appointed as a new sergeant and acting captain,how the hell did Mr Leight come up with this stupid idea?!iI will tell you why like so many others commented about this already,Mr Leight acts like a baby that his rattle was thrown from his pram!He has to be pissed that no matter what he continue to do with the show,the fans/shippers are not stopping shipping Benson/Stabler!In fact,many more has come on board,even CM/EO are shipping themselves!lol!And it will NEVER stop because it was ALWAYS about Benson/stabler whether we all like it or not,so if the so call Bensidy baby do happen,it will NEVER stop the millions of viewers believing that Brian and Olivia’s relationship is a complete joke and sham!Notice the ratings every time Cassidy makes an appearance!They don’t go pass six million viewers,the only episode that surpass that amount with him present,is that viewers watch because of the Benson/Lewis saga!And like me they love and adore Mariska Hargitay and want to continue to support her!tDon’t take my word for it,go check out the rating sites like Wikipedia and so on,you will see the proof of how Brian’s presence as a love interest has single handedly cause SVU ratings to plummet at an alarming rate!If Cassidy had made ONLY off and on appearances,the situation would not be so catastropic,Of course it is not MR Winter’s/Cassidy fault,the blame lie with the writers and owners of the show,if they wanted to turn his character around and make him into a good guy since Elliot Stabler seemed not to be
    Returning’ the writer had every opportunity to get it right,instead they continue to write Brian’s character as a corrupt cop without morals,a horrible reputation to boot!When we thought things could not get any worse!Mr Leight hit us with another nauseating curve ball!From cliffhangers to keep the show going,to dropping the baby bomb on us!Two people with mountains of issues between them,trust being the highlight between them,then there is the lack of chemistry,and my personal favorite of Benson blatently pointing out that Brian Cassidy is NEVER THERE FOR HER!The moral of this comment is,NEVER EVER piss off Mr Warren Leight! By shipping Benson/Stabler!HE will ALWAYS do the opposite of what million knows and want to finally happen once and for all! Elliot/Olivia were meant to be and that is the truth!No matter what the EO ship will not be destroyed because the knowledge,power and truth will continue to prevail no matter what!Elliot Stabler/Olivia Benson IS FOREVER.DUN DUN!

  48. I am back my lovelies!Thank you for your wonderful comments on my comments!I do appreciate that even though everyone may not agree with some of my reviews,and its cool!I can take my licks!Lol!I am happy to know that the majority of you are on the same page with me.That is why its call freedom of speech!Here goes!So I finally watched the episode ‘Wednesday’s Child’ And once again I had to sit and watch the total devastation on Sergeant Benson’s face after realizing she was indeed not pregnant with Brian Cassidy’s baby!And thank God for HUGE favors too,Its a good thing she wasn’t,because when the therapist was interviewing her,Olivia told him point blank,that Brian said he was RELIEVED that she was NOT pregnant!You see why I always say that this relationship is THE MOST PATHETIC ever to grace TV?How the hell can people even entertain this Bensidy hook up after what he said to her,they live together,suppose to have a committed relationship,what the F..K is his problem?!Oh yeah I know?Cassidy shot off all blanks!Lol!This is another nail in the coffin for this fake ass so call Bensidy relationship!Brian should have been ecstatic when she told him she would be having his baby,this is the man that is suppose to be in love with her,and the needle dick said he was RELIEVED!After telling the shrink what Brian said,she then started to really tear up,you could tell that even though Olivia knew it would have been a great undertaking if she was indeed pregnant,considering her recent promotion and all,she apparently placed a lot of thought into having this child and where her life would have been going if it had happened for them,or should I say HER!Because Brian Cassidy made it clear he was glad she was not carrying his child!Mr Leight need to get rid of that selfish ass wipe asap!Cassidy only care about himself,his job,and his freedom to screw around with ho’s!He will NEVER change because he shack up with Benson!God know all those times when he was ABSENT what he has been doing or should I say WHO he was doing when he is not with Liv!As the show went on we saw that they may be another opportunity for Olivia to have a baby,even though most of us would prefer for her to have one the traditional way!Of course Elliot Stabler comes to mind!Hint Hint Warren!I thought Olivia looked really beautiful holding,hugging and kissing baby CJ after the team rescued him,Liv is a natural with kids,she truly deserve one,but only with someone who really appreciates,understand and truly love her.Elliot Stabler was that man.Baby CJ who is now Baby John Doe is there for Benson to maybe take into her custody or adopt,I hope the writers don’t give her baby CJ then to take him away down the line by making his REAL parents materialize out of the wood work!I wonder how Cassidy is going to react if Liv decide to take this child as her own?If he didn’t want HIS,I don’t see him agreeing to taking responsibility for this one!Maybe it would be the perfect opportunity for Benson to finally wake up and kick his pathetic ass to the curb!Only time will tell,you know Mr Leight tend to give us conflicting story lines!So I won’t be shock to see Brian hanging around even though he didn’t want Liv and his baby,then to be conveniently playing “Happy Family with someone else’s!Olivia would really need to have her head examine!She cannot be that desperate to be with someone especially Brian.So in saying all this!Mr Leight,please get rid of your huge ego and Bring Stabler back!We all know Elliot Stabler won’t be shooting any BLANKS with Olivia Benson!Trust me people,I have seen nude pics of Stabler/Chris and the man is packing!He’s got super sperm and five children to prove it!Lol!So bring Liv’s man back to her asap!Thanks again all,love ya!PEACE OUT.Benson/ Stabler Always Forever.eoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeo.

  49. cheetah6313 says:

    Totally agree Brian Cassidy don’t give a s..t about Benson!Any man that can tell his woman he is relieve that she is not pregnant knowing how much she wants kids is no man at all!It is also true that he is never there for her!He did’t even turn up for that important ceremony when she received her sergeant’s honorary certificate!So the question that is being asked by millions of fans and viewers?WTF is Sergeant Benson doing with Jackass,no class Cassidy?Yuck!

  50. Jazmin says:

    If I didn’t love Mariska Hargitay so much,I wouldn’t be watching SVU now at all!I agree with you guys,they need to get rid of Brian Cassidy.After reading your comments,I immediately went and watch the episodes “Wednesday’s Child”and Betrayal Climax” that I missed due to my busy schedule,I saw exactly what you meant about Cassidy NEVER being around for Benson,and apparently from what I observe from previous episodes,this has been going on for a while.On Wednesday’s child when she thought she was pregnant,she told the therapist and I quote,”I guess I should be relieved right?Brian is!”Olivia is in her mid to late forties,I don’t think Brian should have said that to her at all,especially now that they are supposed to be in a committed relationship,by now he should know how Olivia feel about having children.I felt that was a very mean and thoughtless statement he made to her.As for the other episode Betrayal climax,lets just say that a no show from Cassidy was not surprising!He have been doing this more frequently than ever,especially on occasions that are really important to Olivia.When Nick Amaro made the statement to Fin and Amanda at Benson’s award ceremony,which by the way is one of the many reasons why Cassidy should have been present for this very important event happening for Olivia in her life,Nick’s comment about Brian being ‘A no show,’ I realized Fin’s tone carry an edge of sarcasm to it,Fin said and I quote,”He is still undercover and that’s his story.” I noticed Fin said HIS story and not THE story as apposed to coming from higher authority!Meaning that the undercover alias or cover story seemed to be what Cassidy is using these days as an excuse not to be around.I wouldn’t be surprised if Sergeant Benson eventually find out that Brian Cassidy is either cheating on her,or is back to his old ways if he ever did changed in the first place,screwing anything that moves with a pulse!I absolutely agree that after seeing all this,Brian character should be axed from the show,at least as Benson’s boyfriend.I’m sorry to say this,but any mature viewer that is as observant as we are,and who is honest enough to see this for what it is,will tell you upfront that Brian Cassidy IS JUST NOT INTO Sergeant Olivia Benson!And yes,no way in hell would Elliot Stabler miss the ceremony,he would have been by her side all the way.Stabler would have been so proud of her.