Law & Order: SVU Season Finale Shocker: Is [Spoiler] Leaving the Show?!

LAW & ORDER: SVU Season 15 SpoilersIf you have yet to watch Wednesday’s season finale of Law & Order: SVU, we strongly suggest you avoid the following story. You’ve been warned!

Law & Order: SVU pulled the trigger on a doozy of a cliffhanger Wednesday night.

In the season-ender’s final moments, perp-of-the-week William “Burnt Fingertips” Lewis (played by Pablo Schreiber) broke into Olivia’s apartment and pointed a pistol at her head — and then the screen went dark.

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Adding an unsettling extra layer to the potentially killer twist is the fact that leading lady Mariska Hargitay has not inked a deal to return for the long-running NBC procedural’s just-renewed 15th season.

Not yet anyway.

Although an NBC spokesperson declined to comment, sources tell TVLine that the Emmy-winning actress is, in fact, nearing a new one-year deal.

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Of course, even if Hargitay returns, it doesn’t necessarily mean Olivia will make it out of her current predicament unscathed.

While we wait for both the on- and off-screen cliffhangers to play out, hit the comments with your thoughts on the finale as well as with an answer to this question: Can you imagine SVU without Benson?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kevin says:

    In real life, Olivia would be be raped and killed in the conclusion. I suspect the guy’s lawyer is the other hostage in the apartment and that she’ll suffer before Olivia finds a way to take out the guy. Doubt they’d put Olivia through same experience she was put through in her undercover storyline. But working in sex crimes, her being victim at some point has always been out there or implied.

  2. My BF and I were thinking the same thing…why would she walk into something reeking danger like a dark apt. and noise. Even if it was Cassidy she would not shoot until she realizes who it was. It was so NOT like her to have her handy revolver poised.

  3. Ashley says:

    I don’t think it was completely wrong to not have Olivia pull out her gun. Near the end of the episode you could clearly tell she was worn out, physically and mentally. It makes sense why she didn’t do her trademark; pull out her gun. She was so tired and overwhelmed by the case and she was finally living with someone. Before, it was always her by herself and whenever she heard something suspicious she would pull out her gun, but with a live-in boyfriend her guard was obviously down. I thought this season was the best written as well! Can’t wait for what’s in stores for next season!

    • Suz says:

      Her boyfriend does not live with her. They seem to spend their off times in hotels…and she’s bored with that too.

      Next season should be last. She gets pregnant and spends most of season behind desk…

  4. Sara says:

    I think last nights SVU was awesome, I was kind of disappointed how the season ended because it end with uncertainty what will happen with Olivia Benson. I think Mariska will be back in the fall, maybe not all season because I think that this is her way of actually leaving the show, Olivia Benson gets attacked and quits SVU where Mariska will leave the show. I also think that Mariska will not leave the show, and that in the Season 15 opening SVU will pick up right where it left off, Olivia Benson about to get attacked when her Boyfriend Brain Cassidy comes by her place because Olivia doesn’t answer her phone Cassidy lets himself in because he has a key and he hears Lewis Williams attacking Olivia and Cassidy comes to Benson aid and shoots him. All I know whatever happens season 15 will start off with a bang and I can’t wait until the new season. Like most people I am so excited to see what happens to Olivia Benson whether or not she is killed by this monster, survives the attack, or is saved by Cassidy or another SVU Detective…..

  5. majamababe says:

    Well, we really don’t know. Just because the Capt told her to take two days off doesn’t mean he didn’t follow her home since he seemed to be affected by what the perp did to the older victim. Besides, whose to say that Olivia’s boyfriend won’t show up at some point. He probably has a key and can let himself in. However, I don’t think she will come out of this unscathed – and it will definately take it’s toll on her during the season, especially if Mariska only signs a one-year contract. We will just have to wait and see.

  6. Cindy says:

    As a devoted fan of SVU, I have been watching Mariska Hargitay for a long time, she has done a great job. If the writers decide to harm or traumatize Olivia, I would be hard pressed to remain as faithful – it’s just too hard to watch. Glad that we are still seeing Munch and Tutola. Missing Meloni, he did have Olivia’s back. Enjoying the new cast members and their back stories – wish they were more integrated with Olivia. Thanks TV Line for your great scooping and spoilers!

  7. Marguerite Scott says:

    Hi, I had a foreboding feeling but I thought that we would hear that his attorney ( She was the star in Hallmark’s “Loving Leah” and played this role to a “t”) had been killed or injured. How did “Lewis” get “Olivia’s” address so fast? You can tell that he knew the system and that he is psychotic.

    Did you see how it was set-up where no one is going to expect “Olivia” to return to work for the next 2-3 days when “Lt. Cragen” told “Olivia”, “Liv, you go home for 2-3 days and if I see you here I will have you arrested.” I couldn’t believe it when I saw “Lewis” pointing the gun at “Olivia’s” head! Olivia is a fighter so I believe that she will fight her way out of this or her partner, “Amaro” (Mr. Pino, another great actor) is going to come by and check on her. When you look at the damage he did in the last victim’s apartment ( Ms. Ivey – another fabulous actor from “Desigining Women”), I am so concerned for “Olivia”!

    I think that Ms. Hargitay is an outstanding actor. I really can’t imagine “Law and Order:SVU” without her. After “Stabler” (Mr. Meloni , another great actor) left, I was skeptical about the show’s longevity but they have managed to pull it off but I hope that “Olivia” returns next season. I also like the other cast members especially “Ice T.” Also, kudos to Mr. Pablo for playing “creepy” Mr. ” Burned Fingers Lewis” so well. He did a great job!

    Please send someone to rescue “Olivia”!

    “Law and Order:SVU” writers, actors, fans, etc. I salute you! God bless you all!

  8. Elliott says:

    Are we supposed to believe that they didn’t put a tail on that psycho the second he got out on bail?!? Seriously, if Olivia is tortured for 18 hours like the 60 yr old was, I am done. Done!

    • szhNdixie says:

      PREACH SISTER! But really, please have a fabulous storyline to make up for taking such a lame tail end (literally).

  9. Kaybee says:

    This episode reminds me of why the show is awesome. Olivia has walked into her apartment before and been attacked – by the guy who thought she’d set him up in jail. She’s been threatened and stalked by another calm rapist who fixated on her, just like the guy from last night’s episode. She walked in thought someone was there and went with the always effective…”Hello?”. Yep. Awesome. The only disappointment was when she didn’t follow up with…”Is anybody there?”. I can’t believe these pillars of plausibilty writers didn’t include that line. For shame.

    And her coworkers not taking her home? Of course not. Just because the blonde officer was suspicious of him enough to get the DA involved on a misdemeanor charge. Just because the psycho burned his own fingers to get rid of prints. Just because he attacked the only witness against him. Just because he killed his first lawyer. Just because he hypothetically confessed. Nope. No reason to be alarmed or cautious. After all, they’re only detectives in a sex crimes division. And have presumably never seen a Lifetime movie.

    • Hal E says:

      I think this was a Lifetime movie that got on to NBC by mistake. No wonder Univision gets higher ratings than NBC.

  10. wtpoohbear says:

    Mariska is coming back. She tweeted this:

    Mariska Hargitay ‏@Mariska 11h

    Where’s the faith people??? Season 15 here we come!

  11. David says:

    I love watching SVU. I think for next season, Elliott. Should have a cameo as one of the officers at a crime scene to see if any one notices for 1 or s couple shows

  12. David says:

    I love watching SVU. I think for next season, Elliott. Should have a cameo as one of the officers at a crime scene to see if any one notices for 1 or s couple shows
    Or have David Caruso from Miami join SVU

  13. Laura says:

    I hope they don’t kill her off. Maybe she’ll get pregnant by her rapist and have the dilema of whether or not she will keep the baby….

  14. olivia says:


  15. Tlc says:

    She was in different clothes in the last scene. She must have gone out after being home already. He got in agter she left. Do all cops take their gun to the grocery store? She had a bag with her of groceries or dinner.

  16. Marcus75 says:

    I find it very hard to believe that a seasoned cop like Olivia would not conclude right away that this psycho William Lewis would come after her next, especially after she taunted him in interrogation. As soon as I would have heard he had been released I would have wanted a security detail. SVU is my favorite show, but this plot twist is kinda weak.

    • Hal E says:

      Thank you. TV used to be geared to the 12-year-old mind. Now it looks like the 12 year olds are writing the shows.

    • szhNdixie says:

      Death to all torturing, branding, raping no finger prints, burned hands psycho’s!!!!

  17. Cyn says:

    I agree, it was kind of weak. Too many loopholes. If I knew he was out on bail I would have gone to Portugal.

  18. CF says:

    I have seen Olivia fight a man and come out on top. She’s a trained fighter I think she will come out on top in this case as well. I have faith in her.. Get him Liv!

  19. Jordan says:

    One thing I’ve always wondered… This is random of course. I obviously know that Christopher Meloni isn’t coming back. I’ve moved on and dealt with it (mostly :p)
    But why can’t his family still be on? Like his wife and stuff. I mean I guess it would be weird to see them there and not Eliot who has retired and has nothing to do but spend time with his family… Never mind. Sorry for wasting your time. Lol. Although, Liv could bump into into Kathy whilst shopping or something… Just a thought… :)

  20. laura says:

    no, no puedo imaginarlo ni siquiera lo pienso seria muy decepcionante no tener ha olivia benson en la ley y el orden,ella es el corazón del programa, ella nació para esto.

  21. Hal E says:

    Kill them all off if you like. That season finale was badly written and acted and is unworthy of the franchise. I was guessing every movement and every line. Remember those episodes that led you down the garden path? Instead we get a overacting villain and a stupid set of coincidental circumstances, leading to Olivia walking into a trap that a six-month rookie wouldn’t have fallen for. Where’s that shark?

  22. lisa kane says:

    please bring back stabler to save his preciuos olivia. he should bust this guys ass. they belong together as partners.

  23. RaeAnne says:

    The show wouldn’t be the same without her. In the show, Olivia’s always wanted kids. So if she’s leaving, they should build up to her departure like her getting pregnant or starting a new life. Something happy. Can’t wait until next season!

  24. liz says:

    she’s definitely coming back next season she’s already said it. hopefully its not as a rape victim because she’s already been through all that
    my guess is that Cassidy shows up. Or even that it was a set up to catch him in the act.

  25. Law and Order franchise is always Bigger than the sum of it’s parts. The show can survive the loss of any character. Even your beloved Olivia. If it could survive without Stabler, it can survive without Benson. In fact, the revolving door is more true to life in a job like that.

  26. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I’ve been trying to think for the last 24 hours where I’ve seen that dude who played the crazy burnt off fingers guy, and I think it just hit me. He’s from The Wire, right? Or does he just look like that guy from The Wire that was in the second season?

  27. Ian Atwood says:

    Alright everybody. I just watched the episode. And I can’t believe that cliffhanger. And gosh I’ve read through almost everybody’s comments. I don’t have a clue what to predict for next season. But I’ll just say this. Stabler and Benson started the show. They were the main duo. First Stabler leaves, and now maybe Benson. Now I said (and many others too) that I would stop watching SVU after Stabler left. But I DID keep watching. And I slowly grew into the characters of Amaro and Rollins. And if Mariska leaves, the show CAN go on. This time, I’m not saying I’m done watching SVU.

  28. Rain says:

    I actually really loved the finale! I don’t think there’s ever been a perp on this show that has made me want to jump through my tv to strangle before. That smirk of his, I so wanted someone to slap him at least once! I think the cliffhanger was fantastic, it leaves open so many possiblities about what may or may not happen to Olivia. I’ve never been a huge Olivia fan. I love Mariska, but her character tends to annoy me at times. I was a huge Eliot fan and yet I love the show more now than I did when he was on so I def. think it can carry on without Mariska if she chooses to leave.

  29. Ann K. says:

    SVU without Mariska would be as strange as without Elliott However, more focus on developing the other characters could give Mariska some time off to do movies, Broadway or nothing/rest. Also some new cameo characters could come on too I love all Law and Orders no matter how many times I see them!!!!

  30. linda rogers says:

    I think mariska should stay so we can see what happens

  31. jenni says:

    it was an obvious feel throughtout the ep that the perp would end up in her appartment….i say olivia out smarts and kills the dude but thats just my feeling, who knows what will happen except the writers but if no olivia, no show for me.

  32. Eilidh says:

    One thing to say,it has been said on Twitter or from what i can remember personally etc,that Mariska Hargitay is not leaving for the next season,season 15….

  33. Tony says:

    Once she sign a new contract her cop boyfriend will come in and save the day or she get to her gun end of story this is benson she was rape once and she will not go down easy believe me.

  34. pricky says:

    the suspense is killing me :-(, sometime ago she got molested as an undercover prisoner now this not fair plus we all know why that last perp burnt his fingertips, hes smart. but my problem is she shouldnt have went home alone i knew he was out to get revenge, it gets him off. but im looking forward in seeing benson in S15

  35. Annie says:

    I can imagine this show without Benson. It won’t be nearly as good but I’ll still like it. Until Finn and Tutuola are gone too I can hang in there. I think she should be written out after season 15 though. Just one more season with her and I can let go. I need my final fill of her. But I’m pissed they are making us wait months to find out if she makes it out of this or not and if she does how damaged she’ll be.

  36. Marina says:

    It would be a nightmare to not have Benson in this anymore. I do think that cliffhanger was really cruel and really weak. She’s no amateur and should be able to turn things around on him easily. I doubt its a set-up to catch him in the act though b/c everyone was preparing for some downtime. But I do wonder where her boyfriend is.

  37. Aaliyah says:

    ok this might be a stretch but….. Benson has always been a good cop with a disfunctional background….I think this incident might be the thing that sends her off her rocker……either by turning bad cop, going crazy and then getting committed or by unremorsefully “Breaking Bad” How much can a person take?!?!?

  38. Daniel says:

    He is going to brand her and make her his hooker. Live or die she will be his property forever

  39. Sarah says:

    First of all, I can’t see the producers putting “Olivia” through rape again. I think what should happen is even though she was told to take a couple days off, her partners are going to be there for her. They are too smart. They know he previously went after his defense attorney. They set him up. She’ll be fine.

  40. Michaela says:

    It’s official she’s coming back according to her twitter account!

  41. Jennifer says:

    She’s not leaving people!!

    Happy Weekend
    Its official, season 15, I’m coming back!!

    Is what she tweeted two hours ago!!

  42. I think it’s time for Olivia to face the music and get a girlfriend :) So much energy between her and Alexandra back in the day you could taste it in your own living room.

  43. David Zika says:

    although svu is still good with stabler gone it just really isn’t the same chemistry during the shows. they need to work on some shows with special appearances

  44. Natalie says:

    Okay- If she wants to leave do not leave the show with such a downer. But my thought this is the story…. The psychopath was having a thing with his public defender-remember she got him out. So he attacks the public defender. She somehow gets untied and calls the police and knows he is enraged and obsessed with Olivia. So one of her co-workers shows up and right at that point Olivia is disrobed(not assaulted yet) and at present going to kill the guy with a gun she has in her bedroom, but the co-worker talks her out of it.

  45. kevin says:

    if the villain has a gun pointed to that diamond shaped head surely he/she cannot miss and the drag queen of acting will finally be laid to rest. as you may guess im not a fan of hers SVU could go on effortlessly infact i might start watching it again if she is not in it

  46. Kevin says:

    If the same thing happens to the long term beloved detective benson as to that 60 year old in the season finale, I won’t watch the show anymore. That’s taking things to far and appealing to a bunch of sadists.

  47. Glo says:

    Love the show and all its cast members, would hate to see Mariska leave. but !

  48. Lumikki says:

    I really can’t image SVU without Olivia…I hope she will stay !

  49. szhNdixie says:

    Ya’ll are some involved fans. But, I am to. :)

  50. Merari Rodriguez says:

    Nooooooo she can’t leave if she leaves u will lose millions of viewers because I bet everyone only watches svu because of olivia and nick because they are such great actors!!!!!!