Law & Order: SVU Season Finale Shocker: Is [Spoiler] Leaving the Show?!

LAW & ORDER: SVU Season 15 SpoilersIf you have yet to watch Wednesday’s season finale of Law & Order: SVU, we strongly suggest you avoid the following story. You’ve been warned!

Law & Order: SVU pulled the trigger on a doozy of a cliffhanger Wednesday night.

In the season-ender’s final moments, perp-of-the-week William “Burnt Fingertips” Lewis (played by Pablo Schreiber) broke into Olivia’s apartment and pointed a pistol at her head — and then the screen went dark.

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Adding an unsettling extra layer to the potentially killer twist is the fact that leading lady Mariska Hargitay has not inked a deal to return for the long-running NBC procedural’s just-renewed 15th season.

Not yet anyway.

Although an NBC spokesperson declined to comment, sources tell TVLine that the Emmy-winning actress is, in fact, nearing a new one-year deal.

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Of course, even if Hargitay returns, it doesn’t necessarily mean Olivia will make it out of her current predicament unscathed.

While we wait for both the on- and off-screen cliffhangers to play out, hit the comments with your thoughts on the finale as well as with an answer to this question: Can you imagine SVU without Benson?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Leave Mariska. Leave. Raise them babies of yours.

    • Icy says:

      She won’t just b/c you want her to

      • Rebecca says:

        And she sure as hell isn’t going to say because you think you know her.

      • emmanuel johnson says:

        Despite 14 years I felt the stories were better written this year than last year

        • cookie says:

          I think it was interesting that capt. Kragan told Oliveia to take the next 2 days off, meaning that no would be missing her,except her cop boyfriend. Either she’ll fight to the death or he’ll torture her and she’ll be rescued and be a tormented soul if she returns. She’ll be so jaded. Remember after the prison undercover episode she had to return to therapy at the end, after being rescued. She was raped again, but didn’t tell her co workers. Hope she stays. I loved this season was very real and engaging, by all actors. They all had something happen to them. Good work SVU!!!

          • Annie says:

            What episode did we find out she was raped again don’t remember that

          • s.o. says:

            or hopefully her boyfriend shows up and rescues her before she is too traumatized… i hope she has her gun on still and shoots him like 10 times :(

          • hailey says:

            she wasnt raped before….she was almost raped…but i agree on what u say…im just pissed cuz i have to wait until fall for new episodes:\ fml

          • hailey says:


          • Zap Silvia says:

            I dont think she was ever raped, she was close though in the episode of undercover prison . i seen every episose on netlflix and olivia was never raped other than she came close to it. but olivia is definitely coming back for another season .

          • Joann says:

            No she wasn’t! Tutuola saved her…this is how crap starts.

          • elizabeth says:

            I like ur comment cookie …I also really want her to stay too.. I love this show

        • harriet says:

          I watch SUV because of Olivia she brings more then just a pretty face there’s a story that happens in real life and she helps us understand how we should handle being violated molested rape and abusethat we are the victimand it’s not our fault And she brings flavor and I think she should stay it’s bad enough we lost Elliot now Olivia smh another good show out the window

          • Susan says:

            I like Olivia!! I have read some post saying why is it always about her? People forget that it’s the fact that she stuck around If she had not stuck around we would not of had a season 13 14 and 15 I for one think the writers did a fantastic job with show. And the acting has been great.

      • Geo says:

        She actually might leave the show b/c Rebecca wants her to.

        • Morgan says:

          1 person out of how many? Come on let’s come back to reality. Majority over minority that’s how it works buddy. Plus without her it doesn’t feel the same.

          • Elizabeth says:

            I am a true SVU lover and for anyone to put down this show or Olivia doesn’t need to be heard. Enough is enough if it’s not broken why fix it. Too many changes Benson needs to stay she is a big part of the shiows heart. Please no more changes . Thank you

    • fatima says:

      Dont leave mariska i would have nothing to do with my life like if u leave i think ill leave this earth…….love xoxoxooxoxooxoxoxoxoxoo <3

      • Audriona says:

        I am with you on not wanting mariska to leave svu but taking your life because she isnt on there anymore is really stupid.

        • Brittany says:

          In Hollywood one minute your todays sought after actor/actress then before you know it your yesterday’s news or a has been…yes I think her babies are important but this is how Hargitay/Benson makes her living and last time I checked babies and things in life cost money ergo one must work to build a financially sound home life I love Ms. Hargitay/Benson and I’m sure she has had all of these points carefully thrown in her face by the producers/creators of SVU. i think she has mentally calculated what needs to be done based on what is best for her family at the present time. The woman knows she needs/wants to make her money while she is still at the top of her game of an award winning show.

        • Christopher_Might says:

          Well rebecca needs to spell proof her words and you ladies and gentlemen are on the wrong topic, it should be if she does in fact leave the show who should she be replaced by is more important dont you all think so? After all she is a grown ass woman and knows what she would like to do with her career and her personal life. And to the person with xoxoxo’s everywhere on their comment your getting reality confused go get help, your posting crazy. Thanks for calling this individual a dumb ass for a dumb ass statement.

        • Pr216clevelandindian says:

          Benson was raped by the prison guard he definetly went in for the kill,to me the shows on its last leg make it a great last hoooorrrrraaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!

          • Joann says:

            No she wasn’t! Watch it again! It was close but Tutuola got there in time to stop that scumbag. He went to prison, however the young victim died.

        • Natasha says:

          No Mariska shouldn’t leave!!! Stabler left an that is enough!!! Without stabler fine we got thru that but if Mariska leaves I know I will personally stop watching SVU!!! I lived them together and now ice grown to like the show still!! But I know if she leaves too I will NOT tune in to see what happens anymore!!!

        • michelle zahn says:

          you are not stupt stay with suv i all cry mz

        • not leave best show . best show on tv too many re.ality shows leave well enough alone love this show

          • Susan says:

            How much do u want to bet that they have Benson sleep with Almaro it’s coming and Rollands gambling? I smell a soap. I blame the Captain he basically said adiós Liv it’s your problem now without even preparing any of them first I think it was mean considering what she went through with Lewis.

          • Randy decaro says:

            I want her gone..sick of the sight of her..15 years is enough already!! But then I get bored with anybody after awhile..i’m sick of Oprah too.

      • neava says:

        I understand ur point of view about detective Benson I enjoy watching how she believes in her work, character, and also the ways and outlook about life and everybody is fragile in their own ways. But then it is also known that every individual is very different and upon watching and reading articles of Benson’s I know it’s not her real name but anyway as I was saying I myself in my life I am more careful with my choices that I make like where I go and when I go any where I am always on alert with everything around me and how to watch and listing to the surroundings. I also understand that people take freedom for granted but we all should just stop and think sometimes we might just think all this freedom is so gracious but is it cause we never know wat or who is watching us from our streets or even in our own home or far away. We need to be alert always no matter where we are, now that tells me we really don’t have freedom at all and that bothers me and I guess that’s why I’m almost what they call a hermit, I only go places when I have no other choice, but I’m always alert and I Thank God I am safe and so are my children and I would really like to Thank Olivia Benson the woman with a very big and special life. But whoever you are she would not want you to leave this earth.

        • neava says:

          I was speaking to fatima.

        • michelle zahn says:

          ingods well that we live hare mzahn

        • Demi says:

          Okay , I dont want Oliva / Mariska to leave the show. I would die inside. But guys , we have think about what she wants to do.

          Plus , she is the PRODUCT of a rape , she was almost raped in an undercover episode when she went undercover in a prison. I am not sure if she was raped by William Lewis in the season finale. I think he didnt though.

          – The Spectactular Demi

          • Sue says:

            Yea I don’t think she was raped, but they say she was torchurd but why didn’t they show anything? They always lead u to believe that it is worse then it actually is in real life it would of never happened that way. In the rest of the episodes Liv probably won’t give it a second thought, u watch that is not reallistic.

    • Kim J says:

      *those babies you dumb ass

    • mari says:

      i think with Eliiot being gone already and the Olivia you dont got much of a show I understand that she wants to raise her kids but that what happens when your that good at what she does ….pls dont kill her off just kill Brian I Don’t like in anyway..

    • So you’re one of those tea baggers that fails to appreciate what women have fought for? Without strong women like Mariska in our past we wouldn’t have the right to vote, work, get an education or in our future either, if the GOP has their say in the matter.

    • Pat B says:

      No i could not imagine SVU without her . They lost stabler i also miss him they had such charisma. Please talk her into it. I think she adds so much to the program. She is very good at what she does on the show. I know she has new babies and wants to spend as much time as possible but something can always be worked out to make everyone happy right.Please do not leave the show totally.

    • danny says:

      appropriate comment Rebecca . I think Stephanie March should for a few episode’s as the new promoted District Attorney of Manhattan New York and Chris Meoni should return as Elliot Stabler for ad least 2 episode’s . . paget Brewster should return for one episode as Paula foster. Lt. Eames should be in more then 2 episode’s.

    • Jo says:

      No way if it was not for Benson then the show will take a huge hit and many losses she is one of the top leading players with the show along with Eliot and Ice T and Munch and Craigen

    • silvia says:

      No me podía imaginar SVU sin Benson ,despues de la retirada de Meloni , mariska es todo en el programa . No tiene reemplazo, seria el final de la serie. Saludos desde Argentina.

    • yvonne mullaart says:

      i couldnt imagine elliot gone from the series but here we are, same with olivia. It wont be the same but at least we still have craigan and ice t. I want wong to come back…he was great!!! i bet if live dies and she will elliot will be on the show one last time for the funeral :(

    • denise says:

      I think the addition of kathryn erb from crimnal intention would be so good.

    • #TeamBenson says:

      Pshh She Raising Her Babies While She Work Part Of Show Business

    • Morgan says:

      Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the ‘icy’ that responded to the Rebecca comment was Ice-T, the man himself? Probably is just because she said “you don’t know her” ahahah AND Rebecca, sweetie, a woman can have a career AND a life. Great job indirectly insulting to ALL women.

      • Morgan says:

        *points to morgan* What Morgan said. Anyway, I probably said this before but I really need it to be September 25 so I can see what happens because I’m now temporarily emotionally unstable. What’s gonna go down? Is she back working again (it will be like four months since the season finale)?

    • Jalesia says:

      I think benson shouldn’t leave she the one who holds every boby together Eliot let that was heart breaking enough stop please just stay we all love and every body who’s saying go u don’t know what ur talking about I live do law and order SUV I am I think the youngest watch if svu and I watch ever eposide so deuces ✌✌✌✌✌

    • Skytoucher says:

      she won’t leave first she loves what she is doing and second she made a 1 year contract with dick wolf to stay on the show for another year but if she really wanted to she could but i don’t think she would want to because she love everyone there and her job!!!

    • arlana says:

      I Will stop watching iot because i do not care for the blonde girl

    • Truthful says:

      This season was all about Olivia. The rest of the characters were just side dishes. I like Olivia but she can’t be the captain, and then be so heavily involved in each case too. The show is about a special victims unit. What happened to the unit? For the first time ever, I stopped watching the show.

    • Louise stevenson says:

      There can’t be law and order svu without Olivia Benson if she ever leaves I think I’ll have to stop watching the show Olivia is the heart and soul of law and order svu

  2. Josh says:

    if and when Mariska leaves I would want a few episodes (or a even a season) that built up to her character’s departure. And given how abrupt Stabler’s character had to be swept off the show I would want Benson to leave with a happy ending!

    • Icy says:

      Mariska ain’t leaving . She’ll be on SVU until its over SVU cannot survive without her

      • sam says:

        Well hello, Warren. Nice of you to troll.

      • dee123 says:

        Completely agree. She is SVU.

        • Gina says:

          Mariska makes the show what it is. I’d be heartbroken if they killed her off. Yes, we need a happy ending for Olivia. I think she’ll stay on till the end. Mariska has so many fans out there , myself included, who adore her. SVU is about good vs evil, and it would b so nice to see the show end with good prevailing and Olivia happy.

          • rella says:

            I will miss mariska hargitay and I already miss Christopher Meloni for leaving us with mariska hargitay by herself with Nick.

        • jermeale says:

          100% agree if she leave there is a NO show

      • jenna says:

        Ms. Hargitay won’t leave b/c she’s “Johnny One-Note”: doesn’t have the acting chops to do any other role competently.

        • Carol says:

          Really, after all these years on SVU I believe she has enough money that she doesn’t have to worry about where her next meal is coming from. Besides she has done other things and is great. She would certainly survive as an actress.

          • cookie says:

            Carol if she does leave, her first movie role should be a female assassin, she has that tough inter resolve. I think if she goes I would love to see her on NCIS!! She’d make an excellent addition!!!

        • Michelle says:

          I wouldn’t say “johnny one note”, but is is tough for actresses in her age categories to find good, consistent roles. She should milk it for all she can. Why not?!

        • Gina says:

          You couldn’t be more wrong. She is an incredible actress!

        • Alex says:

          Comment idiot, stupid. Mariska is so talented. Also, if you never saw another paper as saying that she can not act. This is called prejudice. You are a spiteful with her ​​success.

        • Janet says:

          Is a continuing comfort to see Marissa/ Olivia maintain her role and her personality through the years. It is wonderful to see her character have a life full of personal growth and professional achievement as she ages over the years the same as everyone does. It is so relatable and makes her such a “person”. She is such a great actress. Over the years she has become Olivia. SUV has been able to go on year after year because of the characters go on year after year. It is what we love as viewers to know these people and be invested in these ‘people’. Knowing these people year after year is why we turn on the show week after week. It’s a little like family. The show would not, could not survive without this theme, woman.

        • Janet says:

          Oh, by the way, Jenna’s a joke… or is that a jerk.
          Oh yes, she is both!

      • jessica says:

        Please don’t leave mariska. The show wouldn’t be the same without you

      • Elaine Brown says:

        Without Benson on SVU, lets be realistic, it’s over. Acturally, there should be more story lines on all our regular characters. This show has been one of my favorite TV dramas , along with NCIS. Mainly because of the team of characters that work together each week. The finale was probably the best episode of the season. And I do think she won’t come out of it as the same Olivia. I believe that’s what SVU needs to start off the new season with, Olivia and the changes that will happen to her with her job and her life. In my opinion if SVU is going to survive a new season, they have to keep the fans coming back and wondering how Olivia goes on in her personal life. This year should be all about the team and how they respond to each other personal lives.

      • Michelle says:

        You are so right, Icy!

      • Dorothy Robinson says:

        Bring in Lily Rush ( Cold Case ), at least her hair looks like she’s working

      • Audriona says:

        I totally agree because when she wasn’t even on there because of when she was pregnant and they had that girl filled in for her it wasn’t as interesting so it would suck without her.

        • leah says:

          so do you think shes going to stay on the show or get shot, i really hope she doesnt die, shes been through so much though. i love hee though and would never want her to leave this show ever.

      • michelle zahn says:

        i will die for you mz oliva benson

    • Esaul says:

      Stabler was only swept off the show because Meloni decided not to renew his contract. At this point, it was too late for them to create a proper send off for him.

  3. Megan says:

    That guy is going to regret that. Guaranteed.

  4. Pat D. says:

    What a dumb episode. This almost rivaled “The Following” in implausibility. Are you telling me a freaking legal-aid attorney owned the ADA so completely? Yeah, sure.


    • Icy says:

      Are you kidding ? It wasn’t dumb at all

      • Pat D. says:

        Not joking in the slightest. How did this guy (barba) get to his position with the abilities that allow him to be schooled by a free attorney in court???? And in the past, haven’t we seen suspects with less chance of repeat offenses tailed by the cops until they slip up? Even off duty?

        This was one of the most poorly written SVU episodes I’ve ever seen. Granted, a thrilling cliffhanger ending was slight redemption, but overall the episode almost had me laughing at the implausibility of every slipped noose this guy got to set up the aforementioned cliffhanger.

        • Lonnie says:

          It’s because Barba is a joke. They’ve made him such a cartoon character. How he’s won every. single. case. he’s ever had before now is beyond me. Oh that’s right he’s friends with Warren.

          • Pat D. says:

            Agreed. I actually like the character a lot, but like you said, they make him look completely incompetent at times.

        • Deena says:

          It seemed like he was coaching his attorney from all his previous experience of wiggling out of charges.

        • G. Glass says:

          All Barba shenanigans aside, I agree about the writing in the episode. The /second/ they were talking about how this guy was out on bail already, how did nobody think that the first thing he’d do is go after Olivia? How did no one go home with her to check her apartment, or just so she’d have backup? And then they really set the scene for a gruesome encounter… when the Captain sent her home for 2 days vacation! So, let’s parse this out: No one is going to be looking for her for 2 days. The guy she was taunting in interrogation has been let out on bail. He’s raped and tortured the only other reliable witness in his prior trial, and he has literally gotten away with murder in the past. Nope, no reason to worry.
          That ending was entirely transparent, improbable, and full of holes. For me, the surprise was that they really did leave the scene there. It’s so rare to see high-stakes cliffhangers these days- particularly ones that involve a character you care about. All criticism aside, I’m interested in seeing how they put together next season’s premiere.

          • Auntie J says:

            The writing on the show has become increasingly appalling over the past few years. And yes, it made no sense at all that they wouldn’t have put a tail on the guy after his release or, given his history of retaliation, given extra protection to Detectives Benson and Rollins.

          • B. Underwood says:

            I so agree. In addition to the Captain not arranging for an escort because Lewis was out to get Olivia, how many times have we seen her take out her gun when something seems off? But this time, even though she hears movement, she goes to investigate with no weapon. Completely out of character. I hate it when writers manipulate the characters into behaving differently in lame attempts to make it fit a script.

          • Susan says:

            Agree 100 percent…can forgive the other “holes” in the script as bad guys very often get out on technicalities etc. but the ending was just horrible…Olivia on her worst day has enough smarts to know this guy would be coming after her…and why there would not be someone on him waiting for his next “mistake”….whether it be offing his lawyer although she is still clearly under his spell, or making sure Olivia was safe!

          • Jil says:

            I am hoping that maybe they were using Olivia as a bit of a decoy to catch the perp in the act. I know that is hard to believe, but that is the only way that I can deal with such a bad lead-in to such an obvious ending.

          • sldfkj says:

            Jil, if they did she wouldn’t be sent to 2 days off

          • Sue says:

            I think it was a setup, I think we will find out that Olivia and her team set this lewis up.

          • SVU Watcher says:

            I think, in part, you are right. No one is stupid enough not to follow this guy, and he certainly made it obvious to even the dullest minds (ie: us, the viewer) that he would go after Olivia. So my thinking is, that’s the whole idea. One of 2 things will happen- Cragen will show up to see her and redeem himself for missing the signs the first time by saving her (maybe getting shot? Who knows) or the whole thing was a plot, and there is already a tonne of backup right outside the door, just waiting for 100% solid proof this guy is what they have been trying to accuse him of being- a malicious rapist. Of course, my ideal ending- Christopher Meloni’s Stabler breaking down the door and saving the day, thereby returning to SVU- seems unlikely :( lol

          • Sue says:

            very well put. yea they have handled this type of case before, The other idea was Stabler breaking down the door, and saving the day.

          • Marcelle says:

            I’m really hoping that the last conversation at SVU amongst them all was a set up. The rapist seemed to know everything ahead of time and managed to find out evidence was tampered with etc. Maybe there was a leak somehow and they staged the conversation, have 2 days off, we’re all going for a drink. In past episodes, they would have trailed this guy to try and catch him out. They would not have just left it. I’m hoping they will burst in and save Olivia. If she dies or gets raped, I don’t think I will be able to keep watching it.

        • Isis says:

          I agree with you. Implausible is the perfect word for it. Nobody saw it coming that he’d go after her next? No protection? Ridiculous. Sorry. I love this show, but not tonight.

          • Jordan says:

            The ONLY reason I think she didn’t take out her gun, is because of Brian. What if she pulled a gun on her boyfriend. Might not go over so well. But still. I do agree. She always pulls her gun. It’s almost as much of an instinct as her yelling “CALL A BUS!!”
            It angers me that CRAIGEN of all people wouldn’t send an escort. Benson is like a daughter to him, he always watches out for her. I mean, he looks out for all his people but, Olivia especially. The fact that none of those detectives thought that she needed an escort astounds me. I mean it’s Liv so obviously she would refuse it, but OFFER anyways!!!! Grr!! Now I can’t wait for next season

          • cookie says:

            The first thing I noticed when Olivia opened her door, I said to myself look at the lack of locks absent on her door. She’s a cop for goodness sake, no bolt locks??? And you’d think that after her interaction w/this creep she opt to stay at her cop boyfriends apt. for a few days. I can’t believe she didn’t have the willies.

        • Bob says:

          Let me “school” you a little. First, it’s a scripted drama, not real life, so for purposes of advancing the story, the “free” attorney gets over on him. Let us remember that the case was very slippery and difficult for the prosecution from the begining. That was really made clear in the story.

          Second, for real life awareness purposes, because someone is attorney with Legal Aid, public defender, whatever, does not mean that they are incompotent as attorneys. Many of my law school classmates went into similar jobs and are not there just because they couldn’t get jobs at somewhere with big paychecks. I am in private practice, and I assure you that some of my private practice cohorts couldn’t tell you something like who was in the White House before Obama.

          • Pat D. says:

            Oh come on, dont play that “it was to advance the story” nonsense. There is such a thing as piling on too many implausible situations for a scripted serious show. I’m guessing you didnt have the opportunity to watch “The Following” this season, which was never intended to be *realistic*, and yet had people laughing at the unbelievably over-the-top implausible situations throughout its flawed first season.

            Is it meant to be completely true to life? Of course not. But unless it was meant to be a dark comedy, there is no excuse for such laughably bad plot development.

            “Let us remember that the case was very slippery and difficult for the prosecution from the begining. ”

            No more so than any other case that they try on this show.

            “Second, for real life awareness purposes, because someone is attorney with Legal Aid, public defender, whatever, does not mean that they are incompotent as attorneys. Many of my law school classmates went into similar jobs and are not there just because they couldn’t get jobs at somewhere with big paychecks.”

            Of course it doesnt work that way 100% of the time where pure skill=private practice. You could also get the noble young attorney who wants to help people who cannot “afford justice”. It was just one of the more glaring “oh sure” moments of this episode. Like this guy just happening to get his many previous arrests tossed, or the Cops all going on vacation rather than keeping an eye on this guy, like they do just about EVERY time a case gets tossed.

          • Jacob says:

            it’s incompetent…you said you went to law school?

          • Olivia had had way too many really, what some people would call close calls this past season. The guy who decided to do that re-enactment of the Stanley Milgram Obedience experiments authority study (1974?)
            I hope she doesn’t leave because she is the reason I am so interested in law enforcement positions to begin with. And if she dies, I don’t see the SVU team surviving. Captain will have so much guilt, do you really think he will be able to continue doing that job?
            I also didn’t like that, the guy obviously had it out for Olivia, for goodness sake, you could see it in the interrogation room! He completely ignored the other officer (don’t remember which one it was) and had his mind already made up that when he got out, Olivia was his. Which I could say was almost kind of her fault how she egged him on with her somewhat provocative questions. I know why they do that, but man, you can get some pretty scary material by questioning someone like that.
            I remember telling my fiance before we watched the episode that something was going to happen to Olivia. I didn’t know it would be at that extreme though. And it made me so mad that they would just leave that.
            Also I too ask myself, where the hell was her gun? i think her bf would have understood if she walked in the apartment with her gun out. He knows what she does, he knows who she helps to lock up every day. And if he didn’t, well then she needs to go find someone else who will actually care what she does.
            I don’t think Mariska should leave the show. They follow her personal life more than anyone elses on the show, and without that influence in the plot, they will either have to abruptly change focus, which would be strange or else just leave everything alone, which would be stupid.

        • cookie says:

          Can’t wait for the return to find his attorney dead or in a coma.

        • htsb says:

          You have no idea what you are talking about. Indigent defense attys “school” DAs consistently. That’s all they do….criminal defense work on thousands of cases every year. They are experts and have seen everything a hundred times.

          • Sue says:

            Its already been said, she has signed her contract. They couldn’t be that stupid in dropping everything just like that, they had to of known Olivia would be in trouble, that’s why I think it was a setup. either the team would be in the bedroom waiting, or Cassidy is.

    • Tania says:

      Apparently, you have a low opinion when it comes to legal aid attorneys.

      • Pat D. says:

        No, but for a seasoned ADA to get so thoroughly embarrassed and exposed by such an attorney is just silly.

    • DavidSask says:

      I agree no way in hell Lauren Ambrose’s character would have won and spent money she did on client not to mention the past lawyer as well, how dumb are these women?

      • kari says:

        I thought after the remark Benson made about how he brutalized his last attorney he would have and raped and tortured her before going after Benson but I agree the writers messed this one up Benson would have drawn her gun

        • Gina says:

          Yes, she would have. The only thing that makes any sense is that she thought it was Brian. Also, she was drained and I think they are setting up that she was off her game and tired from everything she has seen over the years.

      • cookie says:

        I’m really surprised that there was no background done on his lawyer when they witnessed the interaction he had with his attorney. It may turn out she’s his sister and just as twisted as he is!! Missed opportunity. Her definding of him goes beyond attorney/client relationship.

  5. Josie says:

    I seriously can’t imagine the show with out Benson. She’s the ultimate special victim. If she does leave, I would love to see her get married and may have a child..

  6. TwinOnDeck25_8 says:

    She can’t leave. She is the shinning star&givessss #Lifeeeeee to the show. I believe Elliot should come back to save her as he always did in the past. Olivia Will Returned, unscrated she is a fighter&this guy gets a thrill off of women who resist him, which he can’t help but give them a led way to do so. That will be his down fall, cause she will #Eat him as soon as she gets the second chance. Not the first cause she’s smart&will see it as pushing him over the age&she knows she’ll need to be careful to survive but will need to force him into self destruction

    • Icy says:

      Meloni has moved on he’s not coming back, he has a new show that will air on fox . Mariska will not leave seriously everyone needs to chill out , she would never give up a show that means a lot to her that inspired her to start her foundation.

      Enough with whining about stabler , we would all love to see him but the reality is that it just won’t happen

    • cookie says:

      The true cliffhanger will be when the lights come on and the sick piece of crap has both Rollins and Olivia!!! Oh mah.

  7. TwinOnDeck25_8 says:

    *typo*push him over the edge*

  8. keast says:

    I Have Watched SUV Since It Began. I Honestly Dont Think I Would Watch It If Mariska Hargitay Left. It Wouldn’t Be The Same.

  9. Oats22 says:

    This show needs to go gently into that good night….I’m voting she should leave, though I’m sure I’ll be heartbroken if they kill Liv off.

    • Esaul says:

      I don’t think it’ll “go gently into the night”. SVU may not get the ratings it used to, but it still brings the revenue in for NBC through reruns on USA. It’s also reliable to use if something happens throughout the year to other shows. It’ll get cancelled within the next couple of years though, if not next.

    • If Mariska wants to sign off, killing her is the wrong way to go. Olivia needs to leave with some dignity, not just pushed off to the side!

  10. Esaul says:

    Now if Olivia does die, that’ll make it the third time in L&O history where a detective has died. Anyway, I can see this working for a reason. The premise of the mothership and why it last so long, was the concept of the revolving door. Cast members left constantly throughout the twenty years of L&O. Characters don’t make the show. It’s the stories. However, this late in the game could be a ratings disaster for the show. It will disenfranchise even more. Now will Mariska leave? Probably not this season, if it isn’t going to be its last. I don’t think that Mariska would want to have Benson leave this way. However, this does open up the potential for her to appear less depending on what happens as a result.

    • Deena says:

      Please don’t bring me back to the Det Fontana or Det Cassady days. Those were dark times…

      Having the same tight knit cast is what has made SVU so good. Remember the Danny Beck and Chester Lake experiments? Don’t even get me started on the ADAs who were not Alex or Casey.. (Although I happen to love Raul Esparza)

      • Esaul says:

        Haha I agree with your comments. But it can also be done with the right casting. I loved the Lennie and Ed days. But when they brought in Lupo and Bernard. Although as mentioned it’s too late in the game for them to do serious cast changes, unless they find good chemistry.

  11. Michelle says:

    OMG…Benson must come back, otherwise the show is over! Love Mariska! Yes, Benson and Cassidy need to be together and have a baby…he will come and save her. Good finale.

  12. abby says:

    no i cannot imagine SVU without Olivia! becuz there is no SVU without Olivia!!!

  13. LISA says:

    No mariska can’t leave… She will finish it… If she does I’m not watching Svu

  14. Ashley says:

    she needs to go on and go because the tweens are the only ones that watch now, and they want it to become a soap opera. SHE NEEDZ BABIESSS OMG. SHE NEESD TOG ET MARRIED. BENSIDY RULZ MYLIFE 5EVER. please. stop ruining this show. get gone, mariska.

    • TwinOnDeck25_8 says:

      First of all she is legend&if you dislike her pumpkin your the one who needs to leave bubble gum…. now barba got wor out but that legal aid is because she knew what she was doin. Don’t sleep on legal aid they know their T. Hell I’ve been around working with them&I’ve picked up a few things Myself

    • Layla says:


    • kayla ann says:

      Mariska going to leave. Get over it alreadyy.

    • Zoe says:

      Tweens? I’m almost twenty, thanks. And I do not want Bensidy to continue, Cassidy’s an asshole.

    • Morgan says:

      Ashley, Hun, you need to check yourself. I am 13 and do you see me acting a fool, no. Number one she is not only a svu but, an Law and Order series legend, so don’t go around disrespecting her. Number two who the hell told you only Tweens watch it? Number three, you need to go back to first grade to learn how to spell before I throw a dictionary at your damn face. And finally, your comment is not only tacky but it is straight up ghetto; it makes the rest of our generation look bad.

  15. Giselle says:

    if she leaves, I´m done with SVU…end of story! BUT! She NEEDS to be back!!!!!!!

  16. MsJRayBrut36 says:

    Awwww…Olivia just cant leave the show. She’s one of my absolute fav detective. (Along with Tutuola and Cragen) the show just wont be da same. I really do pray she makes it out safely and unharmed. I hope dude (burnt fingertips) gets whatz coming to his dumb ass. God does NOT like ugly.

  17. SVU better have a “final season”.

  18. kate says:

    I hope if she does leave, this isn’t how she goes. Seems sort of…anti-climatic to say goodbye to Olivia Benson with a summer cliffhanger and murder off-camera.

  19. LisaV says:

    Did anyone else think how completely ridiculous it was that Olivia did not pull her gun when she heard the noise in her apartment? I mean, after knowing that the perp was in the Old Woman’s home when she came home, and that he was out on bail after the judge declared a mistrial, doesn’t it seem a bit suspicious that Olivia did not immediately suspect that something was up? Truthfully, as soon as Cragen mentioned that she was being forced on a 2 day vacation, and that everyone else was hanging out but Olivia was going home, I just knew that that CrazyPants McGee was going to be in her home… man. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out though.

    • Hurding Katz says:

      “Did anyone else think how completely ridiculous it was that Olivia did not pull her gun when she heard the noise in her apartment?”

      ME! ME! ME!

      “Truthfully, as soon as Cragen mentioned that she was being forced on a 2 day vacation, and that everyone else was hanging out but Olivia was going home, I just knew that that CrazyPants McGee was going to be in her home”


      The setup was boilerplate, pedestrian even. But the point where the scene cut: Oh, my! So, do we pick up immediately after, or two days later? Or does the story get told in flashbacks after a longer period of time?

      If this story serves as Olivia’s write-out or the time cutback that Hagitay has been looking for (the story above mentions a single-season contract renewal), I fear a rape-and-pregnancy parallel to Olivia’s mom (which would be better than the guy winding up dead and Olivia — most probably — winding up arrested).

    • hailey says:

      lol CrazyPants McGee

  20. Amber says:

    Olivia aka Mariska is the main character that is keeping Law and Order SVU alive for all these years. If she leaves the show dies in my opinion. She is a wonderful actress and I love her on this show!!

    • Esaul says:

      I’ve gotten over Olivia. I’m hardly interested in her character anymore. I love Mariska though. It’s always about the stories. It’s the compelling ones that make the show.

  21. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on thehiltonburnellfiles.

  22. angie says:

    It would be awesome if Stabler busted in and saved her, then they could retire together.

  23. lani says:

    wonder if she will return or shell have to becouse we need to know what happens to olivia ,. couse the way the season 14 ended

  24. JP says:

    Seriously, what is SVU without her?! Nothing. Plain and simple. This show can’t survive without her.

  25. tatiana says:

    When does the show start up agian so we can find out what happens???????????

  26. tatiana says:

    Im dyin to kno when ill be able to see what happens!!!!!

  27. tatiana says:

    I love detective benson she is wat makes the show a show without her the show would not be good at all !!!!!!!

  28. Swan Lake says:

    I cannot handle it if she is truly leaving. I know anything is possible but it cannot be true…PLEASE SAVE BENSON!!!!

  29. Jennifer says:

    If Olivia dies I think they will lose a lot of their viewers! Mariska makes the show, I have watched from episode one it won’t be the same without her, if she leaves I’m done and I will just watch re-runs, but I don’t think she will leave the show like this or at all, especially since SVU was her inspiration to start her foundation!

  30. Jim says:

    Where the hell is munch. His attendance keeps dropping

  31. RG says:

    I, too, was waiting for her to pull her gun as she heard the suspicious sounds but I am guessing that SVU’s writers decided that what we saw was a better alternative to what would have become a struggle and a gunshot. As a cliffhanger, that has become cliché.

    If Ms. Hargitay, does not ink a new contract, SVU will have an amazing storyline to complete for next season’s beginning. I, too, believe that Olivia’s death would be the beginning of the death of the show. Let’s hope they both have at least one more season in them and that there is a happy ending.

  32. Kay says:

    I love Olivia to death. She’s such an incredibly powerful character. I feel like she’s a staple. A veteran of sorts. I know she can’t be on forever, and I know the show wont run forever, but I do ask that she stays till the end. Even if she sees less of the camera. I feel like if Mariska leaves, the show will crumble and ratings will plummet. Give the show a bit more time with Giddish and Pino before Olivia leaves. I think it’d be too soon a transition though I still love the newbies dearly.

  33. Bill says:

    I’m out if they resort to another Benson rape. It is just as bad as Melonie getting hurt every other episode.

  34. ally123 says:

    I don’t think Mariska is leaving the show anytime soon. She loves it there. I am so glad they gave her a love interest this season. I hope Cassidy sticks around.

  35. woooo! damn i wonder what;s going to happen…

  36. “SVU” will not survive without Mariska Hargitay. She is the heart and soul of the show.

  37. Bubbles says:

    Mariska Hargitay CANNOT leave she’s amazing I love her. And all you pathetic talentless loser who criticize her and the show. Don’t watch it!!! Or write your own show and get it on TV since you’re so full of ideas! Or continue to sit your fat asses behind your computers, watch another show, and shut the f*ck up! So we can enjoy the show!

  38. Tatyana says:

    Ummm, does she NOT have an alarm system in her apartment? With all the crazies she works with, one would think this would be a must. And seriously, this cliffhanger was completely predictable.

  39. vanessa says:

    If mariska leaves svu is over! She is the main reason I watch, if she leaves I am done watching!

  40. SOS says:

    OK Olivia, you dang well better have a knife in your pocket so you can slit that f-cker’s throat. I mean it missy, don’t you dare let him harm one hair on your head. You hear me?!?!?!

  41. King says:

    Only a lazy and incompetent writer will kill her character off. Nothing good will come out of it. Just none. The ratings wiill drop even more and NBC’s going to hate it. Story-wise, nothing. Stabler left abruptly. There’s no way Olivia’s going to leave like that too.

    However, I can see this as the beginning of end for Olivia as a detective. This near death experience will make her realize life’s too short and precious. She’ll weigh her options, and we’ll see her struggle with these all season long. In the end, maybe she’ll choose to retire by next season’s finale. That’s a better way to write her off.

    The ratings will drop after she left but maybe not as hard as when she’s killed off. TV audience is so unforgiving these days. Not many good shows survive anymore. If they want SVU to continue without Mariska, best way is to just make the fans happy by giving Olivia a happy ending and a dignified exit.

  42. kayla ann says:

    Mariska ain’t going anywhere (:

  43. DavidSask says:

    Time to stick a fork in franchise if Olivia leaves and more importantly if back and she is victim of rape and abuse again!!!

  44. Maria says:

    I won’t watch anymore if she leaves

  45. K says:

    “Mariska Hargitay ‏@Mariska:

    Where’s the faith people???

    Season 15 here we come!”

    def coming back!

  46. vdofan says:

    Ok, Olivia lives alone and she’s a cop, yet she hears a noise in her apartment and she calmly and with no apparent alarm alls out “Hello” like it’s no big deal? She didn’t even grab for her gun.

    My guess is that she probably figured it was Cassidy, so maybe she was expecting him to come over and if he wasn’t there already (like maybe it was Cassidy that made the noise) he’s on his way.

    Cassidy will save her.

  47. co8r says:

    Killing Olivia = instant death for SVU.

    And she just retweeted this:

    @LawandOrderSVU1 @Mariska would never leave the show like that, especially because of her fans.

    Ya, she’s coming back.

  48. Orbala says:

    If Olivia is gone, the show ends for me. But! I don’t think Mariska will leave; if she leaves, it’ll present Olivia, who should be recognized for her valor and strength, among other great qualities, as a weak character after all. It’ll be like she fought all these years to help victims only to become a victim herself. She might get hurt, yes (and she has been in the past), but she *cannot* be killed this way. If she has to leave, there are many other ways to make that happen–having her killed by a man everyone at the squad knows is a rapist and a murderer will be too unfair to Olivia.

    I agree with those questioning why on earth she went to see who was three without carrying her weapon with her the way she normally does. And how the hell did they let her go alone without making sure she’d be safe? Man, when Stabler was there, he’d sneakily go along with her or otherwise make sure she was safe in such situations! The way the beast was talking to her showed that he’d harm her if he got the chance. Did the squad not notice? Or do they think so lowly of us their audience that we wouldn’t notice it?!

    But overall, this episode may have been one of the few good ones from this season–or since Stabler’s departure. Haven’t been impressed with SVU lately.

    • Jordan says:

      THANK YOU!! CRAIGEN always offers an escort home with her. And Amaro, as her new partner (that tastes sour in my mouth) should have offered as well. And persisted. And when Olivia refused, (as she always does) its his responsibility to do it anyways. Eliot surprised Olivia on multiple occasions to make sure she was okay. With stupid excuses like “I was in the area, thought you could use a ride to work.” I’m not a fan that is pining over the loss of Eliot. But he IS not was her parter. The best one she will ever have. Dedicated, and in tune with her. He NEVER would have let her go home alone, and that is what bugs me the most about this. The detective work. They’ve gone harder after petty criminals, one time rapists. They hint them down, tail them, (like in “behave”) yet this one they’re like “oh, let’s go get a drink” WH-WHAT????!!!!

  49. Goran says:

    I hope we get a win-win. SVU & Mariska – I can’t imagine one without the other.

  50. Suzi says:

    Great cast as it stands, but she has been playing this character for how many years? Maybe she is ready for something fresh and new. However, I hate cliffhangers at the end of the season.

    • Sue says:

      The only thing that doesn’t make sense with this whole thing is they should bring Stabler back for this episode that would be more realistic they were the best of friends oh hell this would not have happened if he was there he had brains, these other people in the squad are very stupid especially the captain, I hope they all feel so much guilt cause it was clear he was planning on going after Liv next.