Idology: Cheering Candice Glover's Season 12 Win, Debating Finale Highs and Lows, Envisioning Changes for a Brighter Idol Future!

Say what you want about Season 12 of American Idol, but a critical look back at the trajectories of winner Candice Glover and runner-up Kree Harrison paints a picture of two women who delivered as many memorable musical moments as any contestants in recent history. At least that’s what my cohost Melinda Doolittle and I are arguing in the most shocking season finale of Idology ever*. (*Last phrase should be delivered in the voice of The Bachelor‘s Chris Harrison.)

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Among this week’s discussion topics: Candice’s trip to Saudi Arabia during the Wednesday-night performance episode; the moment during Thursday’s finale that had Melinda asking the question, “Gonorrhea?”; Mariah Carey’s catastrophic “medley” and its similarity to botched plastic surgery; and my outrageous decision to take back one of the blessings that Melinda put out into the universe.

Not only that, but Melinda and I talk about what changes Idol needs to make in Season 13 to return the House That Kelly Clarkson Built to its former glory. (Spoiler alert: “Honesty” and “reality” are two of our long-range solutions.) Plus, there’s a side dose of Frankenstein, hot lesbian clones and even shocking Doolittle “bleepage”! And let’s not even get into the OTT discussion of Candice and J.Hud’s “Inseparable” duet.

So press play below for the whole shebang — and do follow me on Twitter for news on when my interviews with Candice, Kree and Angie will post on!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. MB says:


    • Kim R says:

      I know!! I’m so glad they mentioned Lazaro’s gum!!!! Get a clue, kid! I mean come on! The finale and you’re up there chomping on it like a cow chewing her cud?? Sigh. I feel so much better now. :)

      • AlyB says:

        If Lazaro wasn’t already winning the most hated contestant ever on the show slot, that gum smacking, bored look on his face during the pinnacle of the season sealed it. I really don’t ever want to see his face again.

      • Teena says:

        Did anyone else think that the camera angles on the group numbers were trying to avoid showing Lazaro’s poor footwork and stage presence?

      • elr says:

        I feel bad for the people who were standing the closest to him. Open mouthed chewing like that is noisey chewing also, even with all the cheering I bet those people could still hear him.

      • Mike says:

        Lazaro!!!!!!!!!! all I can say is, let’s never forget how we feel about Lazaro now that all the evidence is in and he has proven to be a certifiable annoying self-aborbed bonehead, so when we first meet someone who is behaving like a Lazaro we immeadiately tell him to leave the room, now, no second chance, just leave. No sympathy, no understanding, no hoping….just leave.

  2. Thanks so much for this season of Idology. This show helped me get through this long, long season. I give you guys a ton of credit for putting so much effort into watching, caring and analyzing this show. Thanks again!

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Agreed. I look for your videos every day – just see if you’ve posted yet. Long after I stop watching the actual show I will tune in to Michael and Melinda. And it really doesn’t matter what you review, I would tune in ;) Thank you!

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      I want to hear that Michael and Melinda received fruit baskets from the Idol producers for keeping us from abandoning the show this year.

      • My Alter Ego says:

        I don’t know that you made that as a motion, but I’ll be happy to second it! Excellent idea!

      • Mike says:

        …..and a shiny, fresh, ripe, juicy apple for you Miss Otis since your posts have always been most welcome!

      • tamara says:


        I actually stopped watching the performance shows&just caught the them on youtube, just the songs, minus the judges’ crap.

        And didn’t even bother with results, just read them on the internet the next morning.

        This season of Idol has been the most dull&boring ever. Didn’t have annybody to root for.

        If it weren’t for Idology I would’ve have stopped watching completely, cause I definitely stopped caring.

        • Lee says:

          I agree. IMO this has been the dullest season of Idol–probably because of the lack of diversity. For one thing, the Top 5 were all female singers. Then they were either black or white–not Latino or Asian. And even the whites were Anglo whites–not French, Italian, Spanish, et al. And finally, they were either country or R&B–not folk rock, alt rock, heavy metal rock, etc. Compare this year’s Top 5 to last year’s Top 5: last year we had 2 men and 3 women; 3 whites, 1 black and 1 Asian/Latina; and 1 rock (Phillip), 2 R&B (Jessica & Joshua), 1 diva (Holly), and 1 country (Skylar). Last year I was replaying the performances like crazy–especially Home, Volcano, And I’m Telling You, It’s A Man Man’s World, etc. This year I didn’t replay one song because as far as I was concerned–they were all boring.

          • teatime says:


          • Debra D says:

            Just one comment: I thought it was pretty boring as well, but Angie was neither R&B nor country. I lost my interest after Angie was eliminated, tho I think that both Kree and Candace are excellent singers, and I believe that Candace both earned and deserved her win. I found it hard to believe that they couldn’t find better male singers..;it seemed intentional, but that’s the skeptic in me talking!

  3. init2winitdawg says:

    Now that I am about to sit down and do some work you finally post. Well let me take my “break” now, lol.

    • sg54 says:

      The same exact thing happen to me. Just about to start studying when Bam theres idology, time to take twelve minutes out of my night haha. So worth it though. So glad they gave Kree a lot of deserved credit even though they obviously favored Candice. They were both extremely awesome and although it probably won’t happen, I hope they become successful. It needs to happen.

  4. American Idolit says:

    Melinda, Michael, & Adam Lambert for new AI judges panel (pass it on).

    • Beth says:

      Yes! This would be perfect! Melinda would be compassionate and still honest, and Michael and Adam would be keeping it real.

    • mal43 says:

      The Idol fans have plenty of good ideas–they have tweeted them over and over but the producers think they know better (haha!–proven by this past season). One idea–Get a rotating panel of Idol past contestants to be the judges. They have made the journey and have a unique perspective–Kelly, Carrie, Adam, David C and A, Melinda D. Bo Bice, Daughtry, Ruben, Scotty, etc. (plenty to choose from) –it would be fun and remind people how much good talent has come from the show.

      • NJ idoloonie says:

        Slezak – do you think you would be a good judge? You do a great job on Idology, but could you really be brutally honest to a contestant’s face right after they sung their heart out?!

      • Nat says:

        I actually really like the idea of a rotating seat – maybe not the whole panel, but one seat that would get filled by a different alum every week. Powers That Be, listen up!

    • HTGR says:

      What about:
      Adam (not the puppet type, very knowledgeable, not a totally mainstream sort of success so not as much of the worry about alienating America as a whole, can understand diverse styles)
      Elise (ditto plus, sadly, even far more for the last point since she doesn’t even really have a release, and you know for heck she is a straight talker and damn straight won’t be puppet mastered, understands and likes all sorts of styles)
      Hudson or Melinda (maybe a Daughtry???) (Melinda would let herself be a puppet and probably not the other two)
      (Haley could be good but with the way the show twisted her personal reputation it could be fraught with peril perhaps, hard to say could work out amazingly for her or not so much depending. Clearly not the type to ever be puppet mastered.)
      I believe Adam and Haley have said they’d love to do it at various times in the past. Not sure about the others.

      • Hal Jordan says:

        Adam Lambert as a judge will immediately cost Idol half of the ratings it has left. He is the most divisive and dislike in a 50-50 split among viewers. Far better to restore true Idol glory by having Aiken as a judge.

        He is a true Idol. Talent and a strong civic commitment that inspires people and lifts them up.

        • pragmatic penny says:

          Incorrect. He’ll bring in the demographic who doesn’t bother watching, and make the show 21st century relevant. Plus what the xenophobic fail to understand is that AI is actually a worldwide franchise, and simultaneously airs in a variety of countries overseas. Guess who has the star power there.

      • Mike says:

        htgr……… are boring, predictable and annoying…….go sit in the corner with Lazaro and face the wall.

    • rwfblog says:

      Melinda would make a great judge. I’d miss her in the Idologys, though.
      Also, I’d worry for Michael’s psyche. He has a conspiratorial view of the Universe. Once the live shows started, Melinda is bound to say something that he doesn’t agree with, and the same the next week. The conspiracy demons would kick in at the back of Michael’s mind. He’d be stuck, because of his friendship with Melinda he couldn’t express what those demons were hinting at. Eventually the mental stress could lead to frustrations in other parts of his life, madness, and beer instead of wine. “It would be bad.” ;)

      • Adam Fachry says:

        For a minute there, I thought I just read a plot of a new Lifetime movie lol. But, you do have a point. It’s cute to watch Michael and Melinda’s relationship on idology. Their demeanor sort of projects the notion of opposites attract (sarcasm and optimism)

  5. Sasha says:

    I saw the tweet and literally got out of bed to watch this

  6. Clair says:

    The Idol fans have plenty of good ideas–they have tweeted them over and over but the producers think they know better (haha!–proven by this past season). One idea–Get a rotating panel of Idol past contestants to be the judges. They have made the journey and have a unique perspective–Kelly, Carrie, Adam, David C and A, Melinda D. Bo Bice, Daughtry, Ruben, Scotty, etc. (plenty to choose from) –it would be fun and remind people how much good talent has come from the show.

  7. As much as we disliked some of the decisions by the producers, we didn’t think the judge’s really worked, and we didn’t like how the show is produced we still got Candice Glover as the Season 12 American idol winner. So to me, that’s a pretty successful season. Sure there are flaws, and many things will be different next season, but I am so pleased with the outcome that I’ll be good for awhile.

  8. Thank you for a great season of Idology, Michael, Melinda, and Jason! I always look forward to tuning into this fun and insightful supplement to Idol. :)

    I’m so happy for Candice and her well-deserved Idol win! She’s the winner I’ve been waiting a looong time for. Can’t wait to see what’s next for her, Kree, Angie, Amber, and Janelle!

  9. Leela says:

    Worth every second of waiting this week – thanks you two!!!! – and you make every one of those numerous low points worth sitting through to see them skewered so artfully! (Hope to see you both back next year.)

  10. LW says:

    love this, agree agree agree. you guys are wonderful

  11. Ctz says:

    Thanks for another great season of Idology. I’m going to miss you until next January.

  12. SybiltT says:

    First time since Season 7 that my favorite has won the competition. So I’m good with the final outcome, but Idol producers, please at the very least hire Michael and Melinda as consultants (if not judges) to turn this Titanic of a show before it hits the iceberg.

  13. NJ idoloonie says:

    Since we saw Angie, Candice and Kree, we still have those Idologies to look forward to!

  14. LeahKittyS says:

    There were so many awesome things on finale night:
    -The opening number with the Top 10 (except the backing track was too loud; was anybody’s mic even on?)
    -The “guys being sabotaged” skit. LOL at Jordin too!
    -Janelle with The Band Perry. She ought to do that song on tour.
    -Angie with Adam Lambert. Gorgeous. And then with Jessie J? Fun.
    -Candice and Jennifer Hudson. Roof = blown off.
    -Kree and Keith Urban. Love that song, and it was perfect for her.
    -The Idols’ commentary on the judges. Priceless.
    -Actual dogs in Randy’s goodbye package. Adorable.
    -Candice won! Who would’ve thought the technically best singer would actually take it all? And a large black woman winning against a white country woman? I guess the old audience really has flown the coop.
    One little complaint: what happened to all my regular readers? I posted the three-part conclusion to the “American Idol Horror Story” and got eviscerated in the comments! I thought you guys wanted me to finish the story. What gives?

    • Elizabeth says:

      I loved it! Thanks for spending the time, LeahKittyS. Ignore all trolls. Some people make themselves feel important by being mean to others.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        Thanks, Elizabeth; the pleasure was mine. I found a great website called Wattpad, where I should have my full-length stories up this summer. They shouldn’t be hard to find.

    • My Alter Ego says:

      LeahKitty, I’m sorry that I didn’t comment earlier … I thought your conclusion was great fun!

  15. flipm8 says:

    Thanks Michael & Melinda. You made our season 12 worthwhile. Keep it up.

    • EmJ00 says:

      Somebody please give Slezak and Doolittle a show that’s longer than 10 minutes. There are lots of singing shows. We need the criticism, too.

  16. dj says:

    I’m glad you explained what went on with Mariah, and I totally agree. Why is she afraid to sing live? If Aretha can sing live (even if it’s only skype), then Mariah should be able to step up.

    I liked all your ideas for the show. I hope they do a good overhaul and don’t make it worse. I think they have to get rid of whoever is trying to be a puppeteer of the judges in the background. Get some decent judges and let them judge. Be real, like you said. Spend the money to clear the songs the contestants want to sing. I still feel gypped that we didn’t get to hear Sanjaya sing Janis Joplin’s “Mercedes Benz” and play the spoons on country week because Ford was the sponsor and objected at the last minute.

  17. Kate M. says:

    Thank you for a wonderful season of Idology.

  18. HTGR says:

    “Candice Glover and runner-up Kree Harrison paints a picture of two women who delivered as many memorable musical moments as any contestants in recent history.”
    That’s verging on getting a trace over the top.
    Kree’s trajectory was kind of unevenly downhill at the end while someone else was uphill at the end and always forgotten on this site (although she came back again for one song in top three and for the finale).
    Nah the very ending of I Who Have WAS amazing and then ruined by a run tossed in out of nowhere killing the emotion of it all. Calling Harry Jr. If there was one thing to NOT single out about that it was the very, very end of it.
    Not that Candice didn’t have a very good season or belong in the finale (and you could even argue that she deserved to win, although I think you could make a legit case for someone else by the end as well) and not that Kree didn’t have a good season. But all the Candice A+++++ and then she can scream and shout Somewhere but heaven forbid Angie shout anything or Candice do whatever and Sasha can do same or better and it’s YOU NEED TO GO HOME. Yeah THAT I don’t know about at all.

    • HTGR says:

      At least you finally gave Angie some credit for Titanium (but not a mention for Jessie J stage command)…. once the show was over and voting was done.

      • HTGR says:

        But even still she doesn’t get credit for the artistry of it. Look into what she has done and realize she made the arrangement.
        It’s just all the Candice is perfect and she arranges this and that is so amazing and yet nobody else gets a cent of credit for doing the same things (sometimes even to better effect).
        Of course it is easy to get carried away when it’s your favorite ruling the roost and we all do it to some extent so I get it.

      • HTGR says:

        And if you infer from how Angie would have charted had she not been blocked from being chart eligible you can’t say that those of us mention the star power and energy thing were entirely wrong (seemingly selling twice as well the finalists combined and that is with name spelled wrong the crucial first day and not appearing on any charts, even on her own personal chart her song had to show as last place which kills lots of sales momentum).
        Anyway I will shut up. I know you liked Candice more and glad you finally got your win and she did have a very fine season no doubt and you can’t say it wasn’t deserved so it was pretty awesome. Just wish woulda given some others a bit more credit at times (and I still hold that Angie pulled just ahead of Candice by the very end all things considered).

    • HTGR says:

      Yeah Mariah should have done it once live, BUT focus on the vocals, they were awesome and miles ahead of the other R&B we heard (even if the advantage of three takes), but OK fine trash it for this and that but come on at least don’t forget the vocals which were amazing and not one peep about that.

      • Ramification says:

        Agreed it sounds like she sang it live to the audience THREE TIMES the night before so she was not lip syncing at all there is nothing wrong with taping a performance in my eye

        • My Alter Ego says:

          Ramification, I agree that there is nothing wrong with pre-taping a performance. It seems to happen quite bit on this show. However, what we saw was very unfortunate, because audio and the visual were definitely not in synch.

        • MamaLis says:

          Except for the fact that her peers on the Voice are all doing current, live performances – each week of taping. And by all accounts she trumps them in terms of “Diva-dome” and seniority. She has the chops by a long-shot to go live – but she didn’t. And in fact, did a cheesy edited performance. When you look at those factors – and her weird “non-movement,” it’s just not okay. If Adam, Usher, Shakira and Blake can “go live” – God knows Mariah could – and should.
          (This is television, people. These things matter!!!)

  19. Stubb says:

    I died laughing when Tywin Lannister showed up. Thank you Jason

  20. Catfish says:

    First week sales and chart positions from the top 2 have been weak compared to most other seasons, reflecting the lower overall show ratings.

    The Judges are mostly useless props anyway, and should be abolished in favor of coach/mentor positions. Kelly Clarkson was no sensation as a Judge/coach/mentor on “Duets”, but at least has some good experience from both chair and stage, so she would be a passable choice. Rumors also are that Pink, Selena Gomez, P Diddy, Jimmy Iovine, Miley Cyrus and a few others are bandied about — they get the rumor mills rolling to keep the show in the news. Now they need a new 1,000 vote app to make us think we made a big difference. Look for Brenna Steer to be back next year – new rules. Even Zoanette would qualify under the rules.

  21. Kim says:

    Does anyone know why Angie’s song was ineligible to chart on itunes? Is it really because TPTB didn’t want anyone else to know in case her song sold better than Kree’s and Candice’s (which it probably did)? Are they even allowed to tell itunes not to chart it? And is it possible to find out anywhere how many copies You Set Me Free sold in the first week? I read on Yahoo’s chart topping songs article that Kree’s and Candice’s song sold horribly, so I’m curious as to how Angie’s did.

    • HTGR says:

      Yeah I don’t know. I haven’t seen anyone in the know post whether they simply had to do it that way due to contracts or whether they chose to for who knows what the heck reason.
      If you looked certain proxies for chart position, which can be fairly accurate although not always, her song appeared to be selling more than two times as many copies as the other two were combined and that with three things going against it:
      1. they spelled her name wrong and it took like a day to correct it which had to have hurt a little
      2. they forgot to mention the title of the song and combined with #1 that added to making tougher to find especially for the more casual viewer
      3. not being able to chart made it much tougher to find to begin with (even searching under her name it was like pages down because of that) and considering #1 and #2 that hurt all the more so and, much worse, not getting your name up there in the top ten for everyone on iTunes to see means man people have no clue it exists and you get nobody stopping by and wondering and then checking it out, etc., it has no way to build momentum which had to have hurt sales a good bit
      So basically they could’be had #1 (on iTunes) most likely and maybe had someone building well right out of the gate, but instead in another day or two the song will probably be entirely forgotten and there goes that potentially huge lucky break.
      Which is why I’ve said that making the finale matters more than ever these days if you want any sort of way to get sustained sales going.
      Not that I want to hate on Candice and Kree. I hope they have amazing success, sales and otherwise and I think they were probably two of the three best this season.

      • bernice says:

        Hi, can you direct me to one of these chart position proxies? That’s pretty interesting!

        • HTGR says:

          The simplest is to just look at how many reviews a song gets. It is often pretty accurate (but not always, here and there it just doesn’t match up).

      • peb says:

        Michael, this deserves an article. Why isn’t Angie’s sales total being reported and charted. HTGR is right that it looks like Angie was selling double or even triple the other two finalists. What’s going on? This doesn’t take away from the great job Candice & Kree did on Idol, we just want to know the story.

      • Music Lover says:

        One problem may be that there are two Angie Millers. One has been around a long time, even internationally (with friends), and has two albums (old) out. The older Angie (her real name, not nickname) has not been very successful. I believe our Angie will do much, much better.

  22. SG says:

    Michael & Melinda, you two were/are fantastic! I lived the whole season for your recaps!

  23. Babybop says:

    I don’t even watch Idol… but you two are so entertaining, I watch this every week!

  24. HTGR says:

    Congrats to Candice!

  25. Jmac says:

    I thought this was a great season. Top five were awesome.

  26. Baby Clyde says:

    “Lulu as a mentor’. Was that supposed to be a diss??? Lulu was an amazing mentor. Irrelevant admittedly but one of the best ever. I’d take her over Gaga, Gwen or Jamie Foxx anyday of the week.

  27. marygrace says:

    Thank you both for another year of great fun. (would love to see Melinda as a judge but would miss her on Idology too) I enjoyed this season of AI. Was the first time I would have been happy for either of the top 2 to win. Thanks to Candice and Kree for really great music!

  28. K2 says:

    Orphan Black is a GREAT show!

  29. CK says:

    Michael and Melinda have such great chemistry! Thank you both for a superb season of Idology. And Melinda – you are lookin’ mighty fine. My dream panel of judges would be Lady Gaga, Shania Twain and Adam Lambert. Three interesting and diverse artists who have been great mentors in the past.

  30. Tim says:

    I can’t wait for the upcoming interviews with Candice, Kree, and Angie.

    But where is the Phillip Phillips interview? No I haven’t forgotten.

  31. Adam Fachry says:

    I wonder what was going on Lazaro’s mind when he saw Mariah’s performance. Lol, he probably thought, “bitch, you criticized my singing and then you did this?” lol. Not that I’m against Mariah or anything though, but considering how douchey Lazaro was toward Mariah post-Idol, I bet he’s dissed her performance. On a side note, Jason Averett, I don’t care if you’re gay or not, but I’d love to marry you right this moment! Anyone who acknowledges the brilliance of Portlandia deserves all my loovee! Brownstein and Armisen for US Presidents 2016 (yes, they both deserve to rule the country together!).

  32. A says:

    Love these. I agree with Melinda – Harry Connick Jr is a great choice. BUT I want Keith Urban back. I felt like he was wonderful with the contestants and he loves the music so much!

  33. teatime says:

    Michael, I appreciated the montages of notable performances from the top 2 of season 12. The season as a whole was a bit of a snore. But top 2 are to be commended. They are both extremely talented singers who gave us many lovely performances.

  34. Danny says:

    Thanks to you 2 for a great season. I hope next seasons AI matches what you 2 seem to be able to do every year.
    As for the judges, I guess they’ve already got Kelly and JHud for 2 of them. If they get Adam or Clay for judge #3 I think it would be a big improvement over any panel this show has ever had. I am HUGELY in favor of a lineup like this.
    One con to the overall pro I think about the new judging panel. A lot of people were pretty high on Steven Tylr and Jennifer Lopez when they became judges. A lot of people soured on them pretty fast though. Being a sports fan, I’ve seen towns who loved guys when they played turn and hate them when they were coaches or general managers. I hope the audience stays behind these people as they transform from singers to judges.

    • Danny says:

      One add on- I realize that they’re not going to stop singing. Maybe transform to judges wasn’t worded very well. Mainly I hope people stay behind them even if they aren’t for your favorite because I feel that these people are truly trying to help the contestants rather than promoting their own agenda.

  35. Montavilla says:

    Thank you for doing this commentary all season.
    Melinda for judge. That is all.

  36. Maria says:

    Can Michael and Melinda please do a video re-cap of The Voice??

  37. Loni says:

    Thanks for a great Idology season!

  38. marie says:

    You know, for all our griping about what’s wrong with the show and what needs to change to fix it, watching this Idology just re-confirms for me what an enjoyable season this was, despite producer shenanigans, judges’ feuds and all that nonsense. And that’s ALL on the contestants. There were some very talented folks on the show this year, and for me, the best singer won for once, so all in all, good season! And best of luck to the contestants.
    And thank you, Michael, Melinda, and Jason, for another fun season of the best show online, Idology. Watching Idology and reading Michael’s columns – AND everyone’s comments – multiplies the fun tremendously. Looking forward to next season (and to the three interviews yet to come)!

  39. Mark says:

    Candice and Kree deserved to be in the finale. Candice deserved to win. But that was not a great finale show, and it wasn’t just the first round songs that tanked it. The show was a boring end to a boring season. The entire series was compromised first by the monumentally bad choices that were made in hiring the judges, and then by scripting a story arc that could have been titled “Revenge of the Girls.” I thought I wanted to see an end to the WGWG tyranny, but not if the cost was destroying the show. They must fix the voting problem, or any other changes they implement will just be cosmetic–like this year.

    • joey says:

      The voting problem. The voting problem. I’m so glad you mentioned it. Fix the voting problem and they won’t have to manipulate things so that a WGWG doesn’t win. 10 votes per device or something like that. Screw AT&T. Just make a fair voting system, and that should give the show some new legs.

      • teatime says:

        And who would have won all the past seasons if the voting rules were different? The winners are almost always the most successful in the years right after the show. So who ‘should have’ won?
        J-Hud is massively successful now, but her winning an Oscar years after her season is hardly an indication that she should have been voted the winner when she was on AI. There is really not much connection between the two events. Fantasia won her year anyway and Fantasia’s a very deserving and successful winner.
        Everyone who was supposedly ‘robbed’ finished 2nd or 3rd and got a record contract. So they did extremely well with the current voting system. Vastly different voting results might have sent them home earlier.

        A couple weeks ago The Voice had technical issues and ended up throwing out all the text and online votes. They just used phone votes and said it did not change the outcome. Personally I think all the voting complaints are a red herring. No one has ever had any concrete information to say what would be different based on different voting rules. In fact Nigel has indicated they see no reason to think changing the voting rules would usually change the outcome. If we had stats saying what weeks would have been different if there was one vote per device, then that would be food for thought. But we have actually no information that indicates there would have been ‘better’ results if the voting was limited somehow.

        • joey says:

          I agree Fantasia was a deserving winner, as was Carrie Underwood. It just seems as text voting became more ubiquitous, then we ended up with less deserving winners. Just my personal take on it.

          There’s this theory out there that this year the Idol producers purposely packed the final 20 with 10 rather weak male contestants. They wanted a female winner. They got a female winner, a very deserving one in my opinion, perhaps the best singer the show has ever discovered. It’s rather curious that this years finale was the lowest rated finale ever. Many of the power voters who tended to vote for white guys with guitars decided not to watch? The typical power voters had no white guys with guitars to vote for?

          Anyway, I’m glad Candice won. I don’t think any winner in the past has been more deserving.

          • teatime says:

            Except for one (Scotty), the guitar plays who have won were not only singers and musicians but also songwriters. They rearranged songs so we moved even further from the dreaded karaoke concern. The also updated the rearrangements to promote themselves as the current artists they are, and not just kids with great voices who could put out an album of standards ala Susan Boyle. They performed several songs that had never been done on the show, and often which people never expected to hear on this show, which helped keep things interesting and caught the attention of the prime demographic. They showed versatility and absolutely did NOT focus on ballads. They made for good TV (some more than others, obviously, since they are all very different artists.) This is a multi-month long weekly TV show. A successful contestant needs to show variety and growth and some best-of-the-night performances. Many fans don’t care about that and would rather someone with a great voice stand at the mic and belt out a ballad every.singl.week, and that is fine that is their opinion. But that is not going to bring in the ratings. Diversity, water-cooler moments, things we haven’t already seen over and over, are what help make the show work. Just one or two ballad singers would be fine. Stacking the deck with ballad singers of course hurt the ratings as the rest of the fans got bored.

          • Lee says:

            During the finale, did Ryan say how many votes were cast? I don’t think he did. That’s an ominous sign.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            No, he did not reveal it; and yes, it is a dark sign. The Voice did beat Idol in the demo this year. Maybe recovery is impossible…I give the show another three years, maximum.

          • HTGR says:

            I’m guessing a combo of:
            1. simple viewer fatigue so many years of the show plus quadruple whammy of two The Voices, X-Factor and Idol all within 12 months
            2. It could well be that much of the remaining audience for this season were the WGWG or bust crowd. Maybe having Candice win will attract some attention from those who already jumped ship, but that would happen for next season (they see that a different type won and hear that one of the best vocalists of the season won and then maybe re-consider and give it a shot a gain next year kind of thing).
            3. Some were maybe hoping for a bit more dynamic mix to make the finale.

  40. Steve says:

    I find it hard to believe that Candices album will succeed and that she will become a superstar on the Kelly/Carrie levels or even Adam/Fantasia

    • joey says:

      If she’s given good material, and if they don’t overproduce the recording and over-modify her voice, she just might have a lot of commercial success. Her voice is heavenly, and her musicality if off the freakin’ charts. Her single is crap because the putzes over produced it. If that’s what her album is going to be like, then I agree with you. She won’t have much success initially.

      But that talent can’t be denied. I love Kelly Clarkson and some of the other contestants Idol has featured, but for my money, Candice is the best vocalist the show has ever produced.

      Hang in there Candice. Keep on working as hard as you’ve been working up to this point. Good things are in store for you.

      • My Alter Ego says:

        Excellent comment, joey! Thank you!

      • Vizay says:

        Candice is the best that the show has ever produced. If she is marketed the right way
        i believe she will out last and out sell any other Idol winner. I grew up in the music
        industry. Many family members were professionals. L.A. is a tuff gig. But Candice
        can crack the ceiling wide open because of her talent. She is organic like Ella Fitzgerald
        was. Ella never scatted the same way twice on a song because it came from within.
        Candice’s runs and note choices are like Ella’s. Her tone and control is incredible.
        I actually thought she out sang Jennifer Hudson on “Inseparable”. She is a singers singer.
        Yes, Candice, Erethea Franklin knows your name because everyone in the industry is
        waiting for you to be the next big superstar. You are gorgeous with a beautiful smile and
        large or small you will make it. Yes Joey, I agree with you again.

    • teatime says:

      Adam/Fantasia? I fail to see the connection.

  41. Linda says:

    Thanks for another great season of Idology. I hope you, Melinda and Jason are back for Season 13. You three are more entertaining than Idol itself. :)

    Re: S12, yes we got a deserving winner, but it was tough getting there. The terrible judges, the annoying Jimmy Iovine, the blatant manipulation favoring the female contestants, all those ballads (yawn), the moldy theme nights, etc. So many things wrong this year that the excellence of the singers was overshadowed at times.

    And sorry, Michael and Melinda, but “Inseparable” wasn’t all that for me. JHud needs to stop taking a sledgehammer to every song she sings. Just ’cause she can hit a lot of notes doesn’t mean it sounds good … for me, for you. (‘Bye, Randy.)

    • marie says:

      Agree about JHud. Candice was terrific on the duet; all Jennifer was trying to do was down her out. Jennifer might have learned a little something about graciousness and generosity from Adam in his duet with Angie.

      • My Alter Ego says:

        marie, initially, I felt the same way. But after watching it countless times, I realized that JHud was just trying to make Candice dig down a little deeper — not as aggressively as Jennifer Holiday did with Jessica last year, but on the same order. And it worked, because periodically Candice would do something that would make Jennifer flash that amazing smile of hers. It was fairly priceless.

        Of course, the most priceless smile was Candice’s when she and Jennifer turned to face the audience and receive that amazing ovation they got. Candice was one, happy girl at that point! I’d love to know what was going through her mind in that moment.

        BTW, did anyone else notice the evidence of flowers (on the table in front of Candice) at the beginning of this Idology?

  42. lyn says:

    Limit the voting. I will begin watching again and so will many more. If your votes are buried in a deluge from power voters, you lose interest. After the Lee DeWyze debacle, how can killing the show rather than limiting the voting not be the apparent problem?

  43. Name That Tune says:

    Yes thanks to Michael and Melinda for another great season of Idology.

    But thanks to Candice and Kree and Angie and Amber and Janelle for making the season worth watching.

    One change I would like to see next year is the elimination of the results night. Ratings are dependent on us watching the commercials (that’s the only thing Nielson tracks) and many of us skip all of this as well as all the filler performances. DWTS is cutting results night. Idol can do it too.

  44. wondernamer says:

    michaeeeeellll why didnt u talk about how beautiful it was when angie met jessi j shame on you it was such a beautiful moment,and does the episode have to be 12-13 minutes u didnt even mention amber….do u hate the girls that much or do u only care about your picks :?

  45. AlyB says:

    Loved the result, loved the finale and loved this season’s final Idology. You covered the highlights perfectly, as always. Can’t wait to see what changes for the show are in store for next season. I’d love to see a longer Idology too. I just can’t get enough!

  46. davey says:

    About Candice’s a cappella moment. Didn’t Bo Bice sing a whole song a cappella during his season? That was even more impressive.

  47. Tammy says:

    I’m just getting into Orphan Black….awesome show!

  48. James A says:

    See you next season Slezak…Hopefully as a judge!

  49. Tedi Bear says:

    Please no judge Adam!

  50. DonB says:

    The Voice ratings are down. DWTS ratings are down and it is changing judges. SYTYCD ratings went down. Perhaps it isn’t the show but people have grown tired of too much of the same thing on television. It happened with westerns, with police shows, with lawyer shows. Maybe it is just cyclical and has nothing to do with the shows themselves.

    BTW Michael I imagine you love Sam Cooke and Joshua Ledet. Candice has the female equivalent of the raspiness that both those individuals exhibited. Just listen to Sam Cooke’s Night Beat album and see what I mean, then listen to the female version in Candice’s voice. You might ask Melinda or a voice teacher what the voice box construction is that creates that sound. Would be interesting to hear why.