The Voice Top 10 Results Recap: Did the Right Two Contestants Go Home?

The-Voice-Top-10-Results-RecapThe Voice kicked off in hauntingly somber fashion tonight, as Oklahoma native and usually goofy judge Blake Shelton joined his wife Miranda Lambert for a stripped down performance of “Over You” that paid tribute to the victims of yesterday’s deadly tornadoes in his home state.

Not to worry, though, after Team Shakira’s lovely rendition of “I’ll Stand By You” continued the episode’s reflective vibe — and appealed to viewers to donate to the Red Cross by dialing 1-800-Help-Now — Blake lightened the mood for the much less serious business of cutting the Season 4 field from 10 contestants down to eight. Asked by host Carson Daly if he was worried about the impending eliminations, the “Boys ‘Round Here” singer declared he was suffering from “ulcers, nausea and diarrhea.” (What’s in Blake’s Starbucks cup? Apparently Mylanta!)

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Not only that, but we had social media abomination Christina Milian struggling to tell the difference between a Danielle Bradbery and a Michelle Chamuel. Hey, with a whopping 10 contestants left in the mix, how can she be expected to tell one from the other? Let’s give old girl a round of applause though for always bringing the unintentional comic relief.

Anyhow, enough Milian bashing for one night — though if you must, go to YouTube to check out her ghastly video for “Dip It Low” — let’s cut to the important business of ¡RESULTS!

Sent to Safety (in chronological order)
Danielle Bradbery
Judith Hill
Michelle Chamuel
Sasha Allen
Sarah Simmons
Holly Tucker
Amber Carrington
The Swon Brothers

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Josiah Hawley (Team Usher)
Kris Thomas (Team Shakira)

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Ouch! Our newbie judges are down to just one contestant apiece, while vets Adam and Blake continue on with all three of their respective charges.

Also: On a season where Idol was accused of stacking the deck in favor of the ladies, isn’t it fascinating to see a Top 8 on The Voice comprised of seven chicks and one brotherly duo?

With that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of Season 4 Top 10 results night? Was justice served? Were you as worried as I was about the fabulous Amber Carrington? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments, and for all my Voice-related news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Betsy says:

    Hahah, so funny how The Voice can get a girl winner without even trying, whereas that other show has to be totally manipulative in casting their contestants. That other show really needs to change their voting system, limit it to 10 per device or something like that. As for this show’s results, I’m sad to see Josiah go, he had a nice voice and was really easy on the eyes. ;) But he got slammed by the coaches pretty hard after his performance so I guess it’s no surprise. Kris was no surprise, Shakira can’t pick songs to save her cute little life.

    • syb says:

      Are you so sure this show wasn’t totally manipulated as well? It’s certainly easier when the “coaches” choose your crummy songs.

  2. I think, just as with this season’s Idol, the girls truely are singing better than the boys – minus a couple guys that were eliminated early on like Ryan Innes, due to poor song choice, or Warren, due to being paired against a girl who so amazing the coach nor I wanted to let them go either. I had a real issue with some of the battle & knock out round pairings – I guess that is where your conspiracy theories could come into play.

  3. Patti Welsh says:

    I think Sarah is the most versatile singer on the show. Sasha is way too dramatic/theatrical and most of the other singers shout their songs rather than sing them!

  4. kiki says:

    I totally agree with America for those two.They were the weakest.

    Sasha asked people to suggest song.I’m hoping she chooses the right one.She can stick around if she does deliver because song choice is crucial.I dnt want what happened to Amber this week happen to her.
    I know she is not popular butfor me she is the Voice.

    So some people and I suggested a couple of songs.Tell me what do you think about it .

    Beyoncé .I was Here. MY FAVORITE SO FAR.
    Lianne La Havas : Gone
    Beyoncé 1+1
    Colour purple ;Im here
    Etta James:I’d ather go blind
    Leona Lewis:RUN
    Usher:Without you
    Des ree :Kissing you
    Mary J blige:No more drama
    Fame.Outthere on my own
    Whitney:run to you

    Any ideas ?

    • analythinker says:

      I’m 100% backing up your Lianne La Havas’ Gone suggestion. It may be too similar but it will be interesting to see how the iTunes chart goes…

    • Adam Fachry says:

      Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You”. About time this show is being performed live on a singing competition. I think it would be great for Sasha to really perform something so delicate yet can still showcase her range. It’s a folk / singer-songwriter song, but the aesthetic is so versatile, anyone with true vocal talent can sing it. I personally really wanted Idol’s Kree Harrison to perform this masterpiece cause I can see it being tailor-made for her tone. But now that Idol’s over, someone else has to make this performance happen!

  5. Cathy says:

    My fave is still Sarah, but I don’t think she will win. I hope she is in the top 4 with Michelle, Danielle, and Amber. I don’t like Sasha at all; too Broadway/New York/entitled for me. Judith is better, but I think she has trouble connecting with the audience because of her MJ card, and enough is enough (although I think the network is equally to blame for pushing that connection.) Too bad because if they hadn’t revealed that from the beginning we would just be judging her for her voice, which is exceptional.

  6. Kristin Hunt says:

    My favorites (in order) are Sarah, Danielle, Michelle, and Amber. I like The Swon Brothers more and more each week, but don’t think they will win. Sasha has a great voice, but some of the song choices (not her fault, I know) have been off. Judith does nothing for me. I don’t connect with her and I’m always distracted by what she’s doing with her hair. I wish she’d leave it down, it’s beautiful when it’s down and crazy. She’s also got a good voice, but I guess I just don’t like her style, maybe? Like someone tweeted last week during the show, I would listen to Sarah sing the dictionary. I love country, so I love Danielle and Amber. Michelle is just awesome! And she’s from MA, where I am lol.

  7. TruckDriver says:

    I hadn’t realized what a juggernaut Danielle Bradbery has become. After The Voice voting closed Tuesday morning, ‘Heads Carolina, Tails California’ moved up another notch to #6 on iTunes Top 200 songs list. And, Danielle was also solidly #1 on the iTunes country song chart, just ahead of somebody called Blake Shelton at #2. One word: Yikes!

  8. eve says:

    My favorites: Judith, Sasha and Michelle I hope one of them wins!!!

  9. Cathy says:

    Ok I’ve read a lot of the posts and I have to say this is one of the first seasons where I’m totally not on the same page with most of the viewers and seemingly the iTunes Charts as well. I just frankly find Danielle’s voice actually grating-she sounds like she’s singing the same one pitchy note in every song over and over and over. Zero range. I’m not a country fan but I do think I can tell a beautiful voice when I hear one…downloaded savannah berrys first song and was blown away by Miranda lambert last night, so it’s not a country bias. Plus my sis walked into the room while she was singing and was like, OMG…that’s annoying. Yet I keep reading how great her voice is…am I crazy???? Anyone else feel like me???!!! And besides that, yes I’m also baffled by the Swon brothers.

    • trimaran12 says:

      I don’t see what is special about Danielle either. So you are not alone. As for the Swon Brothers, they are growing on me and I am not a country fan. I think when they started out they had a bit of an “act” and as they go through the competition, they are dropping that variety show act and growing a bit. I would rather them stick around than Danielle or Holly.

    • analythinker says:

      I’m with you. I’d take Holly over Danielle any day, but I’d take The Swon Brothers over them. They’re more interesting to watch.

  10. Robyn says:

    Michelle is genuine and unique, unlike the other screaming bland females. I hope she makes it far.

  11. Gwen says:

    Amber kicked Judith’s ARSS in that team group number! Over and over! Loved her total domination, surprised me, and am fully in her camp now! (I have nothing against Judith, except her being The Chosen One™).

  12. ontherock111 says:

    The reason why Danielle is going to go very far is because unlike Idol, the Voice hasn’t produced any break out starts like idol yet. Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Kathrine McPhee, etc they are all famous and well known now.
    But if you google all the winners from the Voice and where they are now, it’s really sad to see that with that much talent, no one has ever made it “big”.
    So what they see in Danielle is a new Taylor Swift, someone young they can shape into any kind of artist they need her to be, pop, dance, etc. She will market well coz she’s cute and young and many people in her demographic can relate to her.

  13. chrysta says:

    Okay Usher, just cut to the chase and sign Michelle now! She made the hair on my arms stand up and no one on the show has ever done that!!!!