Criminal Minds Boss Previews Finale Face-Off With The Replicator: 'He Throws the First Punch'

Criminal Minds Finale Replicator RevealedIt is time for The Replicator to be revealed — but at what cost?

This Wednesday at 9/8c, CBS’ Criminal Minds closes Season 8 with a pair of episodes, the first of which tests one family – the brothers Hotchner – and then the finale proper, which will put the BAU bunch in jeopardy as they close in on their aforementioned season-long stalker.

Showrunner Erica Messer spoke with TVLine about delivering this dire denouement, ruling out one “suspect” while teasing grave consequences for at least two characters.

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TVLINE | As we come to this climax in this storyline, I am reminded that when you first told me about it back in July, you said “The Replicator” was just a nickname you’d be using in the writers room….
Yeah, that’s what we thought — and here he is! [Laughs] Internally, the BAU usually doesn’t name the offenders — it’s the media that does that — but in this case the media doesn’t know about him, thankfully, so it just became this nickname. But yeah, that was not the initial intention.

TVLINE | Are these final two episodes quasi-continuous or is there a seam?
We [didn’t know] that they would air the same night, so they were broken as separate episodes and there’s no clever name like [Season 7’s] “Hit” and “Run”….

TVLINE | But is there connective tissue, regardless?
There is. We always knew that we didn’t want to jam [the first episode] “Brothers Hotchner” too much with anything other than the drama between these two brothers and the case that brings them together, but we always knew the end of that episode would be the tease for the finale. Ideally, you’ll see, we would have had a week in between — then the hype could have been, “Oh my gosh, The Replicator is after one of the characters! Holy crap, what’s going to happen?! We have to wait a whole week!” — but now, you just have to wait for a commercial break, and then we’re right into it.

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TVLINE | What sort of drama is Hotch’s brother Sean (Rookie Blue‘s Eric Johnson) caught up in?
It’s been fun to bring back a character we haven’t seen since Season 1 and decide what path this guy has followed, and what turns along that path he has taken. He’s living in New York and working at a bar. When trouble ensues at the bar, he ends up calling Hotch for help, and as the case unravels, we realize that Sean is a bit more involved than we’d like him to be. That causes a lot of drama for the brothers.

TVLINE | And as far as the second hour, has the team caught a lead on The Replicator…?
He actually throws the first punch. At the end of Episode 23, the team finds out The Replicator is back, and then it’s all hands on deck. It’s 100 percent team, 100 percent of the time.

TVLINE | Are we going to learn his identity and or his reasons for what he’s been doing?

TVLINE | Does he have compelling reasons?
He does, actually. What will be fun for those who have followed all season is that we’ve given clues along the way. I’ll just say that the premiere introduced a hero, in Alex Blake (Jeanne Tripplehorn), and introduced a villain, in The Replicator. And that was no accident. So when the team in [the finale] does what they do best, studying behavior and asking questions that need to be asked and doing the math, they realize that it all ties back to his introduction to the audience.

TVLINE | You told me last summer the plan was for a head-to-head face-off in the Season 8 finale. Were there any detours along the way, as you started actually breaking this season?
We never altered the plan, but Episode 16 [in which The Replicator sends JJ flowers from Philadelphia] was an interesting case in itself and was so well done that by the end of it you felt like next week we had to solve it. And that was never our plan! We also had a couple weeks off in between, so that added to the intrigue — “Oh my gosh, The Replicator is taunting them and now they’re off for three weeks, and then they’ll come back and go head-to-head with The Replicator.” And I was like, “Ooh, that was never the intention.” We didn’t anticipate it feeling like part one of a two-parter. That is the only “detour” we had.THE REPLICATOR

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TVLINE | Of course you have Mark Hamill (Star Wars) guest-starring in the finale, and people will assume he’s The Replicator — the same way many figured that Michelle Trachtenberg was Maeve’s stalker. What do you say to those assuming Mark is your guy?
I will say that it’s always fun to guess, and what we wanted to give the fans this year was what they’ve been asking for for a while now, which was an UnSub where you don’t know right off the bat who it is. And we’ve been able to give them that not for just one episode but for the entire season. They can speculate all they want, and then get a great reveal when they see who it is.

TVLINE | Now, Beth is back [in “Brothers Hotchner”], and you told me back in January 2012 “Hotch’s girlfriend will not turn out to be an UnSub.”
[Laughs] I stick to that promise. Hotch and Jack are merely visiting Beth in New York, where she lives, when they get a call from Sean.

TVLINE | Will we get any illumination on Zugzwang?
Oh yeah. Zugzwang comes back — big time.

TVLINE | The official synopsis for the finale says The Replicator “targets one of the team as the next victim.” How are you defining “victim”? Or is the person merely a target?
Um…. There’s actually one of each. We have a target, and we also have a victim.

TVLINE | So for the purpose of TVLine’s May Sweeps Scorecard, do we put Criminal Minds down for a fatality or a possible fatality?
You could say both — a fatality and a possible fatality.

TVLINE | And are either of those characters played by a series regular…?

Criminal Minds fans, what are your latest predictions for the Season 8 finale?

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  1. Author says:

    Who hasn’t just renewed their contract? I think its Hotch and/or Rossi going down.

  2. Hamill plays Gideon’s brother. In the years since Gideon left he killed himself, and his brother blames the BAU. When they meet, he welcomes them with ,”My name is *blank* blank*. You killed my brother, prepare to die!”.

  3. eds says:

    Erica Messer is delusional if she thinks she has created any level of intrigue with this storyline this season. The team does not seem to have lost any sleep thinking about the Replicator, so why should the audience have spent any time thinking about him? Will we find out tomorrow night that the team has been obsessed about finding him for months? Typical bad CM writing….

    • Mckenz says:

      Agree with this 100%. I was looking forward to the replicator storyline but it was too drawn out, and the writers did a TERRIBLE job of incorporating it into the season, which is disappointing due to the way they’ve previously hadled season-long story arcs (the reaper, Ian Doyle to name two) but this was awful, and had no consistency, it was too stop and start. As a result I have to admit I’ve lost a lot of interest in watching Criminal Minds, as its gone from a “must-watch” for me to catching it when I remember.

    • Kathy says:

      I have to agree. Criminal Minds has had two compelling multi-arc villains, Foyett and Doyle. The Replicator threat has been so far in the background it was hard to care about it. In fact, I could name many single episode killers who were far more compelling than the Replicator.

      Making matters worse is the fact that Messer still seems to have little to no understanding of what fan complaints about the early revelation of unsubs is about. If I remember correctly, in eight of the first ten episodes this season, the unsub was revealed to the audience before the first or second commercial break. The rest of the season hasn’t been much better. Given that fans were complaining about the revelation when the ratio was more like 50-50, its hard to see this season as an improvement.

      I’ve hung on throughout this season despite my disappointment with the show (even with all the new FBI profiler shows this season, CM is still my favorite, especially when its “on”–as rare as that is these days), so I’ll watch tomorrow. But I have to say, if they don’t refocus the show back onto the team profiling over the unsubs psychosis and if they don’t find a better replacement for Prentiss, I’m not sure whether I’ll be back next season–especially now that it looks like half of the shows I plan to watch next season are all crowded onto Wednesday night.

      Thank god for reruns on ION (on in the background as I write this), A&E, and late night CBS. With them, at least, I can still get my CM fix. Its sad though that I find myself looking forward to reruns that I’ve seen before over original episodes.

    • Blue Sunflower says:

      No kidding. I’m so past the “who will be hurt” crap they’re trying to pull as an attempt at “suspense”. After Zugzwang, it’s merely just one more to throw on the pile. Ironic that The Replicator ended up being the perfect name, and not for the reason Messer thinks. That we’ve already seen these storylines a million times is ridiculous. They really shouldn’t be reminding the audience of their previous screw ups. Welcome to single digit ratings next year, CM. You’re nearly at them now.

    • J V Smith says:

      For all who felt compelled to voice your negative opinions on the upcoming CM finale, don’t watch it. We won’t care. I get so tired of people posting just to put someone or something down. Feel free to channel surf to your heart’s content.

      • Blue Sunflower says:

        Criminal Minds has lost 25% of its Live+SD viewing audience since January. Considering ratings for this show are usually near flatline, that’s saying something that so many people have either tuned out or started DVRing it. So I’m pretty sure recommending *more* people to turn the show off isn’t your greatest strategy here.

        If the show is lucky, the finale will post back into the 11 millions. May sweeps really isn’t the time to keep posting continual series lows.

        • Intrigued by Ignorance says:

          Cite your source on your statistics, there, Blue…I want to review your source for accuracy.

          • Dax says:

            Criminal Minds averaged a 2.87 in the 18-49 demo this season. That works out to a 7.33% drop from last year and it is high enough to keep it in the Top Ten network shows.
            I tried to post a link to my source and my reply disappeared. So I’ll tell you to go to Spoiler TV and search on Ratings table summary. The info is all there.

          • Blue Sunflower says:

            It’s called Nielsen, Ignorant. It’s this company that’s in charge of determining the ratings for all the shows on TV, among other things. They release their info every week. There are plenty of sites around that list them, so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to find. Show’s gone from a season high (12.64 – Zugzwang) to series lows (10.08 – Nanny Dearest) during the second half of the season, with averages now in the low 10 millions, and for a May sweeps no less. That’s almost a 25% drop, with over 2.5 million lost to Live+SD. First half of season: 12.64 (high – Zugzwang) to 11.33 (low – The Lesson), with the averages in the upper 11 millions. So a flatline stable ratings for the fall, and a drop for the spring – to the point where it’s barely clinging to double digits.

        • April says:

          “ratings for this show are near flat line…” What the heck are you talking about? It is still a great performer for CBS. Yes, it’s ratings are not as high as they use to be but A) it’s an 8 year old show and B) Ratings are down across the board on all networks. (NCIS, Big Bang Theory, and Scandal being some of the very few exceptions.)

          • Blue Sunflower says:

            It’s an 8 year old show that costs CBS a lot of money, not to mention they split the profits with ABC Studios. I never said it wasn’t performing decent for CBS standards, NOW, but it certainly isn’t for CM standards, and if the show wants a season 10 then they need to make better ratings that will earn them more ad revenue than the current price of $141,000 per 30 second ad where it takes at least 2 commercial breaks in order to just pay the salaries.

            Plenty of shows with “decent” ratings get canceled, even “top” rated ones. It’s money in the end that counts. That CM is still around says more about CBS’ incoming fall pilots (and their potential for money) than anything else IMO.

            BTW, “flatline” was a compliment. Criminal Minds is known for its stable ratings. Even CBS has made that comment.

        • cas says:

          You do realize it is not about the audience size correct? All the matters is the rating it gets, and from what Dax says a 2.8 average rating is still pretty good, considering it keeps it in the Top Ten. So to me all it says is that while it is shedding some audience, it isn’t shedding the important audience, just the old folks who don’t count for ratings in the first place.

          • mary says:

            Cas just because we are old don’t mean we don’t watch. I’m 65 n don’t miss this show. I love it!!!!!

          • James says:

            Mary, Cas is referring to advertisers desire to reach the 18-49 demo. TV ad rates are set by the 18-49 crowd which unfortunately means that viewers who fall outside of that demo do not matter as much to networks. Of course “old” folks watch all kinds of shows. The problem is, you don’t really count when it comes to measuring the success of a show (by network standards)

          • Blue Sunflower says:

            It’s about how much money the show can make. And actually, CM’s A:18-49 has been indicating for the last few years its audience is *aging* out, which is not good for the show either.

          • Blue Sunflower says:

            Ad rates are set by a variety of factors, not just limited to the generic 18-49 demo category.

          • May says:

            Yes there are a number of factors but the two MAIN factors are the number of 18-49 viewers and how young the show skewes. It is a fact proven by real world events that advertisers – and therefore TV networks – care more about the 18-49 demo. CM’s audience skews old but it still has a decent demo number which is why CBS was willing to pay major big bucks to 5 of its start when they just this year renegotiated their contracts.

          • Ellen says:

            Wow. This thread has gotten so convoluted it’s hard to tell what people are even arguing over. I believe the original comment was that CM is losing viewers. Yes, this is true. Certainly the ratings are not what they use to be. A few things to remember though, all shows see a drop during the spring and ratings are relative. By that I mean a show is only competing with other shows on it’s network for a given year. So you don’t compare it to shows on ABC or NBC and you don’t compare it to the ratings it received last year. ( Of course if there is a MAJOR drop you pay attention to that but a steady decline is normal for a show that has been on many years.) Even with the drop in viewership CM was still one of the top performing shows on CBS. I think it is perfectly capable of making it to season 10. After that, however, I think it is done. The cast contracts will be up for renewal again and it’s likely that the cost will finally outweigh the benefits at that point.

  4. juventina010 says:

    I believe Matthew has renewed is contract so I hope they don’t kill Reid. I like all the characters, but Reid is by far my favorite, and I believe him and Hotch to be irreplacable to the show! Well, I sure hope they don’t kill Derek or Penelope either…

  5. Heather Long says:

    I’m trying to remember their previous cases when ONE of the team members was already a “near” victim of an UnSub and it was part of the case. Such as when Spence was taken by the guy in the woods–and it launched his drug addiction (yeah, I can’t remember all the details). If the Replicator decides to replicate that–see I worry about Spence particularly after his “foreshadowy” conversation with Blake about choices and now Blake’s husband is back, so I worry about him too

  6. Aprilcot says:

    Have Kirsten and AJ renewed their contracts yet? Last I heard, things were still up in the air with them.

    • SK says:

      They did.

      • Aprilcot says:

        Thanks. I must have missed that info.

      • William G. Witt says:

        Thank God that A.J. renewed her contract. To me, she is a HUGE breath of fresh air. By the way A.J., whomever had wrote the lines for the episode where you had to be a negotiator, had done an absolutely terriffic job, but the way you acted it out … it showed your heart and soul !!! GREAT JOB AJ ! :)

  7. Kika says:

    I think Strauss might be the Replicator, or at least the mastermind behind him (as he appeared to be male on his appearances throughout the season). She always had issues with the team, new team member Blake included, and has been very meek this season with the whole making amends act, which I find suspicious. She also has access to details of the cases not made public, and I remember the team finding it odd that the copycat knew details not divulged to the media. Blake getting to the BAU might be her stressor, after feeling her power slip away when Morgan and Hotch confronted her about her alcoholism.

    The BAU finds it out and she ends up dead in the final confrontation, so we have our series regular gone.

  8. linzy says:

    I highly doubt it’ll be Reid. I think Strauss will be murdered and Alex Blake will be a victim and their past together will play as a key role.

    • Blue Sunflower says:

      Lucky Rossi if Strauss gets killed. That way he’ll get *two* “I joined the BAU and all I got was my loved one killed” tees, to join the ones already worn by Gideon, Hotch, and Reid.

      • Frank says:

        There’s nothing more hilarious than an over invested bitter fan. Is there a criminal minds post you don’t comment on? I get it. You didn’t like Zugzwang. For the sake of your own mental health I think u should stop watching.

        • Blue Sunflower says:

          Over exaggerate much? I’ve only commented on less than a handful of CM stories over the last few months. I see you aren’t attacking any if the *other* negative posts, so yay for your double standards.

          BTW if I’d actually posted “everywhere” like you claim, then you’d already know I don’t watch the show anymore, since I mentioned that any other time I’ve commented.

          • stop whining and let it go says:

            I have seen you post on nearly every single story about this show. So if you hate it so much, and don’t watch it anymore, why do you continue to care enough to post about this show? You continue to post hate tweets, hate Tumblr posts, hate questions to the writer chats five months after Zugzwang ended. Your comment about the ratings is actually incorrect, because when you factor in DVR ratings, this show is doing very well in the ratings, and even live +SD ratings put it among the highest watched shows on Wednesday. Any decline in ratings is reflected as well as decline in ratings for its timeslot competitors.

          • Blue Sunflower says:

            @Whining: Wow, way to show this is more a personal attack than an actual argument based on facts. If you’re so into stalking me, then you should already know the answers to all your questions. Namely, that most of your accusations either aren’t true, or as I stated earlier, wildly exaggerated. Here’s a tip: ignore me. Of course, I could always go *your* route, and adopt an anonymous name in order to attack simply one person instead of all the others who comment about how either they don’t watch, or don’t like something about the show. Otherwise, I’d suggest you stop whining and let it go.

            BTW – your inaccurate view of me is highlighted by the fact you couldn’t even read my other comment, where I specifically singled out Live+SD, meaning my comment isn’t inaccurate in the slightest. I even mentioned DVR viewing. But hey, if you wanna think ad rates for shows are based on DVR viewing (despite the fact they’re supposed to factor in the 3 Day), then be my guest. I’ll live in reality where a show like Criminal Minds – which is costing a fortune for CBS now – isn’t dependent on DVR proof viewing in order to set a decent scale so the show can at least pay its bills. Because at this point, reality states CBS has more than enough episodes to simply keep the show running in syndication, rather than forking out money for new episodes.

            Live+SD isn’t going to do the show any good if it doesn’t bring in the money to go with it. So what if it beats its timeslot. Moving Person of Interest into the Wednesday @ 9pm would too (and possibly make CBS even more money, since its ad rates is $40,000 MORE than CM’s). It’s fairly amusing you also don’t seem to think people moving over to DVR viewing from live (and in such a fairly significant number), won’t hurt the show’s chances at a season 10.

      • Annalee says:

        How does he get two? Who was the other one? (yes, I know his ex wife died but that wasn’t because he joined the BAU)

        • Blue Sunflower says:

          His ex-wife. Killing off Strauss, Will, Beth, Kevin, or even Blake’s husband, will make this the fifth time they’ve killed off a love interest on the show. Recycled plot much? Why yes, yes indeed.

  9. Pat says:

    Strauss. Angry about being falsely accused re: anthrax. And I agree that there could have been so much more tension built into this by not forgetting about it for most of the season. An intermittent mention, even a token episode, do not a season unsub make.

  10. Cate says:

    Yep I agree Strauss is the one who is going to be the fatality, Blake will be the possible fatality/kidnapped agent who makes it out in one piece. Someone else could get caught in the crosshairs, like Rossi, but makes it out in one piece.

    Strauss nameless kids are supposed to be in the episode, probably for Strauss’ funeral. The replicator will probably be the dude Strauss and Blake wrongly imprisoned and it will all get tied up nicely in the last few moments so next season can start fresh.

    I am looking forward to the finale, I enjoy the show but I hope next season holds my interest a bit more. I agree with the other posters, the replicator storyline had potential but they haven’t found the balance between the arc and ‘normal’ epsiodes. I loved Carbon Copy, I tout the team appeared to be genuinely concerned but then they kinda forgot about it for a bit.


  11. Intrigued by Ignorance says:

    I had picked Strauss, early on when we first got wind of the ‘Replicator’, but I have also guessed Gideon in a surprise return. My gut tells me it will more likely to be Strauss…but I won’t be surprised if it’s Gideon.

    • Jules says:

      Never gonna happen. Mandy Patinkin has gone on the record as saying that being on Criminal Minds was the biggest mistake of his career. There is no way he would come back to the show after saying that and I seriously doubt they would want him back.

      • H.Houston says:

        I remember him commenting about it being the biggest mistake of his career. I was actually shocked when I read that.

        • James says:

          I get that he was referring to the subject matter and not the people on the show but it still seems like a slap in their faces. If you didn’t enjoy doing the show fine but there is no need to be rude about it.

  12. Dax says:

    If you pay attention says there is one death and one “possible” death. Only one of those is a series regular. I take that to mean that the series regular is the possible death. The episode will end with a cliff hanger and one of the team will be in jeopardy but doesn’t die.

  13. Cate says:

    Gideon won’t ever come back to the show, nobody wants MP there and MP doesn’t want to be there, Paget might come back for a guest appearance but not in the near future and I can’t see Lola ever coming back, it’s already been six, seven years. I think it’s going to Mark hamill as the big bad with others helping out.

    With all the spoilers coming out the replicator is definitely linked to Blake and Strauss. JM in one of his tweets said that everything will get addressed in the finale. I think there will be a cliffhanger and maybes someone’s fate is going to be up in the air, but I think everyone will be coming back unless their contracts have an opt out option!

    • Blue Sunflower says:

      Only Jeanne’s contract status hasn’t been confirmed in the press. She has a one year contract, with a one year pick up option. It hasn’t been announced if CBS has picked her up for next year.

  14. Annalee says:

    Now that Messer has gone on record that Beth will not be an UnSub I bet the haters are furious. I can hear the sound of their hope dying…

    • Angela says:

      This was my first thought, too. I have no real opinion on her one way or another, myself, so that doesn’t matter to me, but oh, yes, the complaints will be rolling in soon, to be sure.
      I’m fairly new to getting into the series, it’s only been in recent months I started really becoming a fan of this show, and this is the first season finale I’ll be watching as it happens, so I’m personally rather excited, and nervous. Yeah, I know everyone on the team is coming back next season, but even so, tomorrow night still sounds like it’ll be crazy. The idea of the “zugzwang” thing coming back in a big way has me particularly intrigued.

      • Cate says:

        Did anyone actually think Beth was going to be an unsub?

        I don’t hate her, I just don’t feel the chemistry between Beth and Hotch. I don’t think relationships are the writers strong point, for me, it’s taken five/six years to get some chemistry between JJ and Will. The relationships part of the show is often bookended on an episode and sometimes takes away from the episode itself. I thought in the early days Hotch and Haley were handled great, we got to see their home life, it fitted in with an episode and we got to see the good and the bad.

        I hope Beth isn’t a huge part of the episode, I’m excited to see Sean again and how Hotch and Sean interact.

        • Angela says:

          Apparently some people did if some of the comments I’ve read online are any indication. I’ve always found it funny that people automatically assumed it would be ANYONE the team members themselves actually knows personally/has a relationship with. It’s an interesting idea, and makes sense in a way, especially given how personal the Replicator seems to be getting. But first off, these are supposed to be brilliant profilers, so I would hope they’d have a little better judgment of whom they let into their lives as a result, and second, if we’re going to look at past interactions, why not look back through all the criminals they dealt with over the years? There’s bound to be a few out there who’ve been holding some serious grudges all this time (or family and friends of criminals who have).
          Anywho, back to relationships-I can see where you’d say that. She’s only shown up in a few episodes here and there so it’s hard to gauge properly, but yeah, I get your comment about the lack of chemistry. It’s odd, because the team members themselves have a great chemistry, always have, so it’s funny that when it comes to the romantic side of things it doesn’t always show as well. But this show’s focus has never really been much on romance to begin with, so…*Shrugs*. I do agree that it’ll be nice to see Sean again, even if it sounds like his appearance won’t be for the happiest of reasons. Guess we’ll find out in a little over 12 hours!

  15. Julie says:

    No offense to Jeanne but I have no ties to the character so I wouldn’t care if she was the victim. It would make me happy if it was so Emily could come back but I know that’s not happening. I’m going with Strauss though. But EM said a regular was going. Strauss isn’t a regular. Didn’t Jeanne sign for two seasons?

    • Jax says:

      No, EM said there is a death and a possible death. Only ONE of those is a series regular. Also, Strauss is considered a series regular. Eventhough she isn’t in every episode she has been a character on the show since the beginning. Series star and series regular are two different things.

  16. G-Mom says:

    After originally not watching because of the subject matter and changing my mind after watching an episode on A&E, I’m back again not wanting to watch because of the subject matter! I have been watching the last 2 years (and now own 8 seasons of CM). This season, because of conflicting shows, I have been DVRing the episodes. I have finished actually watching, all the way through, maybe a handful. This season has been so sick (and not in a good way) that, when I get to a really gross or sadistic part, I just delete it. “Blake” is about as interesting as a doorstop, so that is a big part of my disinterest. (I really hope she is the one killed, even more than Strauss) I may just have to give up and get my CM “fix” on A&E, ION, or the DVDs. And, btw, I don’t even know who this “Replicator” is! What I LOVE about the show are the characters (except the aforementioned Blake). My faves are JJ, Reid, Hotch, Derek, Will (he’s not on enough!!), Rossi, and Penelope. In that order. They are what makes the show! (and I would REALLY like to have Prentiss back!)

  17. John says:

    I stopped watching the season almost half way through and just catching up via recaps/posts on the topic. Doesn’t look like I’m missing out much. I think it’s one or two of the ladies that are getting the shaft at the end of the season in terms of fatalities. I don’t think they’d kill off Rossi, Hotch or Reid. Or Derek for that matter.

    • Jax says:

      AJ and Kirsten just went through a very visible and contentious renegotiation on their contracts. I very much doubt that CBS would go through all that trouble if one of them was not coming back next year. The only unknone is Jeanne Tripplehorn. She had a one year contract with the option to extend another year. There have been no reports weather the option was picked up. IF (and I stress “if) one of the team dies it will be her. Everyone else has a new contract or is still on contract.

  18. Ella says:

    She sure “Oh My Gosh”‘s a lot about her own show.

  19. H.Houston says:

    I have been saddened about the violence level the show reached this year. there have been entire episodes I have not watched because of this. As for the Replicator – I understand how they think they have left enough breadcrumbs for folks to tie it all together in the finale but I agree with many posting that there hasn’t been enough about it. If the tension needed to be upped throughout the season then they should have looked at other shows that manage to do amazing season long arcs and pull it off. As silly as this may sound – Pretty Little Liars is actually AMAZING at pulling this off. Some other shows including CM’s should take lessons from them.

    • cas says:

      The show has always been violent. I have not noticed any difference in the levels of violence and I am a little confused as to why people keep mentioning that. It is just a TV show, and honestly there is probably more violence in real life. There are other violent shows out there and people aren’t complaining about them. But I mean I guess everyone has different views. As for PLL, I agree they are great at season long arcs. However, they have been doing it since the beginning. And for many of the fans, I was reading all sorts of comments this season and even those fans were getting upset by the season long arcs. In reality, people want quick stories and answers. The thing PLL does well, is they split their season so after 12 episodes, you usually get some answers, where as after 20+ episodes of CM we are still waiting.

    • May says:

      I don’t get the violence complaint either. I certainly understand if you perfer not to watch violence on TV and I would never critisize anyone for that. What gets me, however, are the people who have watched the show all along and only started complaining about it the last few years. There were some pretty horrific things in the first couple of seasons. In one of the earlier seasons the crazy preacher guy tied a woman up and let her get eaten by dogs. How is that OK and this season isn’t?

  20. Cate says:

    I agree, i thought the previous seasons were way more violent, this season alluded to the violence for me rather than showed it. I do hope we get more profiling through and less computer wizardry from Garcia…

    Yes there’s always going to be gore, it’s a show about serial killers, but I don’t get why CM gets highlighted as being too violent, you see worse things on CSI and Bones.

    • James says:

      I know what you mean. They use to focus a lot more on the profiling. You could actually follow their train of thought and see how they figured things out. These days the team just shows up and collects a random set of facts (blue car, size 8 shoe, serrated knife) then they feed it to Garcia who magically solves it with her computer in 5 minutes.

  21. james says:

    I know they all are coming back…I believe cliff hanger….even though they say no. Wonder if there wilk season 10??

  22. Hannie says:

    It is hillarious because people complain about the violence but um… They turned on a show about solving murders. And people being murdered, and kidnapped… Etc. exactly what did you expect? A bad guy giving a little girl a lolipop? No. You expect a bad guy shooting a little girl in the face. And “when it gets all sadist and gross” well… I hate to break it to you. But there are bad people in the world. And if you get stabbed or something.. It will probably be gross. Seriously. Don’t complain. You should know what the show was going to be about.

  23. Tk says:

    Wow. That sucked for a season finale.

  24. Emily says:

    The season finale sucked. Strauss died and blake is still alive! Lame! And beth is still there! I hate her! But love sean! Wanna bring a character back? Bring emily back!!