Report: Michelle Stafford Exits Young & Restless

Daytime Emmy Nominations 2013Michelle Stafford is leaving CBS’ The Young and the Restless, E! reports.

The multiple Daytime Emmy winner has played the soap’s Phyllis, off and on, since 1994.

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Stafford’s exit comes not long after Y&R vet Jeanne Cooper’s death in early May; the drama will air a tribute to the Chancellor matriarch on May 28.

Stafford recently shot a retrospective video in honor of her show’s 40th anniversary (see clip below).

When she first started on the sudser, “I was actually told that I would be recurring and that I would only be on for six weeks,” she says in the spot, smiling. “But I knew in my mind that that wasn’t going to happen.”

How do you feel about a Genoa City without Stafford? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tres says:

    Phyllis & Nick have a incredible chemistry. He even said in a nterview once that she had the hottest a** of any woman he knew. This show has gone so down hill. The need story lines for the veteran actors. These newbies are not cutting it at all! It’s not suspenful & cliff hanging like it used to be. So sad.

  2. Nancy says:

    Do whatever it takes to keep Michelle Stafford…..she is so wonderful on this show. It will be a huge mistake to let her go. I love the times she is with Nick….what a duo…the chemistry is so great…….and I do not like the storyline that Summer is not Nick’s daughter…come on…after all this time…there are other ways to break up the Summer/Kyle relationship. Bring the Bell’s back writing this show. What is going on with these new writers? I have watched The Young and The Restless since it began….love this show and would hate to see it fall apart. Let’s get back to the way this story used to be. So much can be done with the Newmans, the Chancellor’s and the Abbotts…….get into the storyline deeper. Most of all keep the role of Phyllis Newman with Michelle Stafford.

  3. Angie says:

    I still can’t believe Phyllis is leaving the show. What a tremendous loss for the show. Phyllis is the reason why I watch the show. Phyllis keeps things VERY INTERESTING AND ENTERTAINING she is SEXY,SASSY,STRONG,PASSIONATE and can be VERY BAD,VINDICTIVE,VENGEFUL, all the things we watch soap opera for she is very talented. If it is her choice to leave the show I will miss her and Y&R. I saw a lifetime movie starring Michelle Stafford it was very good I hope she does a lot of movies for lifetime. If it is the show who dropped her you are a fool for dropping her Y&R is barley hanging on by a thread. Without Phyllis Y&R will be the next soap opera that gets “CHOPPED”.

  4. Linda says:

    I have been watching the young and the restless since before Nikki was cast as a stripper. I am well versed on the characters. Get a grip and go on to a conversation about something else other than a May 22 comment. It is almost June 22 a month away and people are still rehasing my comment. Michelle is leaving end of story, that is her choice. All of the whinning in the world will not make a difference.
    Please stop using real age when talking about the characters’ ages. Please use TV age. Phyllis may have been young in real age but she was still along the ages with Christine, Paul and Danny. Nicholas was still a baby if not an arm baby still a toddler. Nicholas age would be closer to Daniels’ in storyline dictation not closer to Phyllis’s age.
    As far as for the writer, she killed off As The World Turn and the Guiding Light. I guess she was hired to kill off The Young And The Restless as well. The storylines are awful. That’s all folks I am moving on to something else.

    • Linda says:

      I hate that Michelle is leaving but you are right, whining won’t help. I do want to respond to your comment about the show ages. Joshua Morrow started on Y&R in 1994 as a 16 year old. Sharon was introduced in 1994 as a 17 year old claiming to be 16. The Phyllis charactor was introduced the same year (1994) as a 20 year old. She was obsessed with Danny and ruined his marriage to Christine which is why she played alongside with Danny and Christine, not because she was their age. Nick was never a baby or a toddler when Phyllis was on the show. I got all of the ages from Soap Central’s character profiles. Nick and Phyllis’s show ages are even closer than real life ages.

  5. Susan L says:

    I hate to hear this. I’ve been watching Y&R since 1986 and love the Phyllis charater. They are bringing in way to many new people and the show is being diluted. Not as good as it used to be and even more so now that Michelle is leaving. What are they thinking!

  6. Barbara says:

    I hope Phyllis stays on the Y&R. She is a fantastic actress. I can’t imagine someone else in her role.

  7. Gail says:

    I truly hope this is her idea and not being made to leave by negative people. Know you will be missed, and you did a terrific job. I personally wanted you with Danny but no one asked me. Haha. Wishing you the best always. Thanks for all the years you gave us.

  8. Rita Luciano says:

    Is Michele Stafford leaving and is anyone going to replace her or is her charachter leaving the show.I personally think she is terrific!I hate to see her go

  9. valesca says:

    I feel Michelle Stafford is a great actress, very beautiful. She keeps me interested with her acting, fashion sense & hairstyles. I hope she does movies or is on a regular prime time show in the near future After watching her 5days a week, It would if she were “part of our lives” again. I hope 2see her on the big screen or another show regularly. I will you Michelle on Y&R, more than I can say! Thanks for all the enjoyable episodes!

  10. Beverly Reed says:

    I am so sad that Michelle Stafford is leaving. She is my favorite character on the soap and I loved watching her and Nick together. Please keep Phyllis. She brings spice to the Soap!!

  11. Mary H. Nieves says:

    I thought Lauren on the Young and the Restless was supposed to be so strong and defend herself as she had done when threatened by Shelia. But now she irritates me because she is such a wimp when it comes to Carmine! She knows that he has a habit of showing up at her apartment uninvited, but instead of asking who is at the door, she just opens it! And, when he clutches her in an embrace, she just lets him instead of pushing him away, scratching his face, kicking him and yelling at him to go way or she will call the authorities! I think that Michael should make Carmine stop either by finding a way to have him arrested with no bail and fired from his job. C’mon writers! Quit making Lauren out to be such a wimp! As for that guy who is after Lilly, he is such a slime that he would break up a marriage where there are minor children involved! And Lily can’t keep away from him! Kane better get on the ball and pay more attention to what’s going on. I am glad that Lily’s dad found her in that slime’s apartment and called her on it and on her spending so much time with that guy. I can’t stand that guy!

  12. Leman says:

    Michelle Stafford owned the Phyllis character like no other on Y&R owned theirs, with the possible exception of Eric Braedon(Victor). Michelle had such finesse of character control that it seemed as if she were standing outside Phyllis’ body, able to see herself in the scene in the way that viewers saw her, which gave her acting a depth. Where everyone else was 2D, Phyllis was 3D. Where others were digital, Phyllis was made High Definition, thanks to Michelle’s extraordinary acting talent.

    Michelle Stafford is so much bigger than this character/role. Her talent is so enormous that she will do anything she wants to do. Just a phenomenal actor! One of those who come along only once every 30 years or so.

    • Rachel says:

      You are so right. This show is in the fish tank. It will be gone next year, too cheap, and the lead actors/actresess will be gone.It is about money, Victor has signed so many episodes,Nikki has signed so many episodes,it is about negotiations.Honestly, after not seeing them for so long,on the show who cares. Billy Miller is an all star, why in the hell is he being screwed? You have 6-7 couples on the dumps right now, and others questionable. How can all Genoa City go thru a damn divorce at the same time?

    • SheriC says:

      I did not like Phyllis’ character when she first came on Y & R. (Back with Danny…) I could not stand her. However, she grew up in front of me. She grew into the character and the writers exploited every, believable flaw. Phyllis’ character seemed more real than some of the others. I give Michelle credit for taking the script to new levels than I even believe the writers thought possible. I have always like Sharon’s character until these past years since she was divorced from NIck. The writers never developed her character, and it is not coming across as believable. I have known, crazy women. Manipulative crazy and sick-crazy. The writer’s of Sharon’s character have her all over the page. It is OK to have a nice, good-hearted person on a soap. They use to make Katherine crazy, then she became the Rock of Y&R or Genoa City: a good, strong, honest, reliable, wise magnanimous, and rich. They’re going to have to come up with another solid character to fulfill this ‘anchor character’ position. With characters ‘all over the page’, it starts making the soaps unbelievable. Even if a trial comes into a character’s life, the reactions to those trials do not have to be over the top. I cannot find satisfaction watching any day or night TV show, when the characters are not ‘true’ and believable. It’s hard enough to watch fictitious characters. I want some semblance of truth from that character. Sharon’s role use to be an anchor and compassionate. The writers are making her too off-the-wall… and she will have to go because EVEN THE WRITERS WILL NOT UNDERSTAND HER CHARACTER ANY LONGER. As for Neil and Drew. What irritates me is Neil is a LAWYER. Does anyone remember this? I hate it when the current writers write lines for Neil and he appears to be a boob. I’m sick of Lilly’s character. Lily and Cane are not anchor characters at all. I’m sick of them. I loved Brad’s character. Victor and Nikki are anchors. Nick and Victoria; can they leave their LR’s and go back to work? Billy is rich. And my favorite Y&R character is a SOLID anchor is Adam. I love Gloria and Michael. I am really tired of Lauren’s hair and character these days. She needs revamping and updating. I love Paul’s character, the new Abby, and NY cop. Most Y&R characters are good. But I am not happy with many of the story lines right now. I am not a fan of the new son of Jack. It just doesn’t work for me. He’s OK as an actor… he just isn’t believable. He’s stiff. Nick needs to get his crap together. I like Avery, but not with Nick. Nick seems so 1 dimensional, with no real focus. Almost a ‘non-personality’. He needs to grow a pair and really fill the role or….

  13. Mary2Mary says:


  14. David Cardona says:

    What is her next gig? Love her!
    Y&R must keep her!

  15. Kytteekat says:

    Michelle wants to leave. Her choice
    So just relax on TPTB

  16. Anne Ritter says:

    Oh my gosh, I am 65 and I have watched Y n R since the day it came on. I would run home from school a block away to watch this with my mother. I can not beleive that Phyllis is leaving. I get so engrossed into the character and I laugh and cry right along with them all. I can’t wait till the next day to see or hear what the next scene will be. I hope before Phyliss goes that she tells Jack about Summer. What what ever you do Michelle, good luck in your next chapter of life.

  17. Dianne Wilson says:

    Phylis is the show. I can’t believe she is leaving. I don’t know if I will watch Y&R without here.

  18. Rachel says:

    They could not be that stupid to drop Michelle, she wants out. I like the other actors/actresses, but why in hell is every couple breaking up at the same time? Poor writing and now is not the time for this.

  19. If Phyllis goes I go. She keeps that show moving and is one of the only ones who is believable. These are the most stupid writers in TV. They replace people with actors who are terrible for the part like putting Harley in the part of Kyle. The other Kyle was more believable. This show is a mess and the writers are slowing running it into the ground.

  20. Joanie Joy says:

    Phyllis keep the show alive. I like all of them though. They do not write the lines, they are given the lines and doing just what they are ordered to do. I like Nick and Paul and all of them. They are entertaining us. They are human and have feelings just like us too. I would like to see what would happen if Nick and Sharon get back together. I like Summer. She already have been through so much. I am wondering if she is leaving the show.

  21. Dianne says:

    Sometimes I haven’t been crazy about Phyllis’ stunts she has pulled and got by with as a person but she really makes the show wether you love or hate her at the time it is kart of her acting. 100 percent great acting on her part or the show wouldn’t be where it is at without her, nick, Sharon, victor, Nikki , Billy, Victoria , Lauren and her husband ,and others but can’t stand the new Kyle and totally hate the last Abby left and can’t stand Lillys husband (he is boring!!!!) !!!! Young and restless please get Phyllis back before your show is gone like the other soaps. Please consider to get rid of the new Kyle and the new Abby and Lillys boring husband and you will gave plenty money to make Phyllis to want to stay Please Cause young and restless fans will all miss this show if they stop watching because she left!!!! Please producers make a good decision we have watched for years to leave it now

  22. Susan says:

    Y&R …are you pulling a prank? Phyllis cannot go! I have been watching the show since it started 40 years ago…there are only a handful who simply cannot be replaced. Phyllis is one of them! Catherine was another! Two within a few months? I may need tobe admitted to G.C. Psych Ward!

  23. katrin says:

    U tell the truth get victor out keep pPhilly’s she make show bring back Shelli Philly’s the main charter and please bring Cassie back to Sharon.

  24. Nancy says:

    I can’t believe Michelle is leaving. Yes, you love to hate Phyllis, but she’s been a big part of the show. I’ve watched this show since it’s inception and so many actors have come and gone, but I can’t understand why Michelle wants to go.
    The other point, why are they replacing so many actors..Abby and Kyle as the most recent. The actor (don’t even care what his name is) is doing a terrible job, plus he’s not even good looking. How could Jack be the father of this Kyle. Bad move Y&R.
    And, how fast the children of Y&R grow up. Faith will be dating Kyle before long.
    Plus, lets keep some marriages together. Michael and Lauren, Billy and Victoria and Cloe and Kevin work. Keep them together.

  25. Hi Tammy A, I think what Katrin is saying(from the few words I understood) is that she loves Michelle Stafford and Sharon Case . She also wants Dillon to go back to GH as Jason to be by Sam’s side(Kelly Monaco, Jason’s wife). Katrin also wants Victor and Leslie off the show.

  26. katrin says:

    i know i try not let it get to me.

    • Rachel says:

      I am a U.S.citizen, born and raised. We are stationed in Europe so I know exactly how you feel. You do your best and that is all you can do. Outside of the states people around the world speak multiple languages.

      • Thank you for that! I appreciate this country, but to be honest, when I moved here from Toronto, I was surprised to learn that Americans did not know much about a country that is basically at their doorstep. Believe me, I love the US….my children were born here and if truth be known, I do not want to live anywhere else. Nonetheless, we need to give Academia a boost.

    • You may not believe this, Katrin, but I enjoy deciphering your posts. By the way I want Jason back with Sam and Danny too. GH is starting to get weird again. I sure hope they don’t bring the vampire back, but I think Silas is there for a reason, not a good one. I hope I am wrong. Also, I do not like Victor either…never did.

  27. Susan Turner says:

    If in fact Michelle Stafford leaves I will most likely quit watching the show. The way the story is going now they are trying to put Sharon and Nick back together and that is just as boring as Avery and Nick. Yuck to both! I hate Summer is not Nick’s daughter, do not like that at all but figured as much when Nick didn’t open the paternity test results. I hope Victoria and Billy work things out and Phyllis and Nick should stay together. However, I wish Michelle Stafford nothing but the best. She is an amazing actress who has made me furious, made me laugh, made me cry, etc. for many years. And rest in peace Jeanne Cooper. No one can replace either of these actresses. Ever.

  28. Hi Katrin,
    I can tell that you desperately want Cassie to come back and be with Sharon. But, we watched her die, remember? On the other hand, anything is possible in soapland. There have been many characters who have come back from the dead. I think that sometimes we get so involved and taken away that these characters become part of our family. I certainly hope that if Phyllis is to be replaced, the new character will offer just as much “in your face” kind of attitude that Michelle gave us. …hard to replace her though. I must confess that I did not like her at all when she first appeared, but as it always happens in soaps, she grew on me….in my opinion she is one of the best . Well, it is 11:25 pm on the East coast…need my beauty sleep,haha. Ciao

    • katrin says:

      Yea I know sometime I get in the show.I think poor sharon miss up. Philly’s will be miss. No can take her place I feel for summer. Wonder. If they tell her truth.that nick her dad

  29. Gail Brazell says:

    I’ve watched a long time and love the show. I don’t like Sharon anymore and I don’t like Nick either. hey really need to get rid of the actors playing Abbey, Fenmore, and Kyle. they are awful. I will miss Phylis. hey aren’t leaving us very much. They can lose Tyler too, what a boring character.

  30. Saint Boniface says:

    Watching soap is a privilege and a joy to all of us. Sad to read comments from being critical to bashing actor’s role. Remember, acting is not easy but they have to keep the job in order to live and survive. Therefore, for the viewers, in order to live and survive, please do not stress out yourself because this is only “SOAPS”, to de-stress ourselves. Therefore, enjoy and do not be a killjoy. Take care and thanks for watching Y&R and other soaps. Aren’t we lucky compare to other human beings, who have no access to television shows?

  31. Janet says:

    It doesn’t matter to me about her hair color or age. She is playing a role and doing a wonderful job. I have watched her from day one, and she will be missed!!! I just hope she is not killed off!. Sharon and Nick , Avery and Nick are boring together. But Phyllis and Nick I loved together although Jack and her were meant to be. I also think Her and Michael would have been good together since they know and read each other so well.

    Team Phyllis!!!

  32. Janet says:

    Actually it’s not the characters, that we like or dislike, it’s how well the writers are doing their job. At times they don’t seem to know the history of the characters that they them created.

    We as viewers know that marriage is a roller coaster ride. and they don’t always end in divorce some couples on the soaps should remain solid. I don’t like all the sister/brother/fatherinlaw hookups. The writers are not creative enough.

    • fancy says:

      Finally an intelligent remark, that stays on topic, “The Young and The Restless” soap opera and the departing of Michelle Stafford. Not a person conversation between two viewers who should get each others contact info to stay in touch about personal stuff.
      This is for us to vent on our likes and dislikes about “The Young and the Restless”

    • From your mouth to the writers’s ears…amen!

  33. Debbie says:

    The bottom line is Y & R is losing an amazing actress. I am very sad!

  34. Hello, Tammy,
    You are partially correct, Victor is needed in the show…I get that. But, I do not have to like him…I DON’T LIKE HIM. Then again, who cares who I like and don’t like….it is not important and not the point. Nonetheless, the show did not start with Victor Newman. His storyline came much, much later. I remember the very first day the show started,…..I was 7 months pregnant with my son. I was on maternity leave and it was the first time I had ever laid eyes on a soap opera. I was hooked.
    The first family of Genoa City, at the time, was the Brooks family. The Chancellors (Phillip and Catherine) were also prominent, and the Fosters, who were employed by Mrs. C…..this soap is where David Hasselhoff’s career (SNAPPER) got started.
    I do not understand why the writers are doing this to Sharon. I always liked her…such a good girl, never exibiting any sign of mental illness…I suppose that is what happens when one hangs around with the “Newmans”. I never liked Nikki either….(don’t get your panties in a bunch, lol). The reason I am saying this is because she has the annoying habit of looking down her nose at everyone when her background leaves a lot to be desired. Her holier-than-thou personality is hypocritical….that’s all folks.

  35. Ps, Tammy…perhaps I am mistaken, but I sense your dislike for Katrin…leave her alone. She has a right to her opinion as you do. Yours is not sacrosanct. Ciao

    • Tammy A says:

      Yes, you are correct with who was first on the show, and I know full well how/where Hasslehoff started, as well as many others that have come and gone. Why should I care or not care who anyone likes/dislikes on the show? I am not concerned with everyone liking who I like on the show – we all have people that we like or dislike and I’m not trying to sway anyone’s opinion on that fact. And my comment was made towards _anyone_ that has continuously come back to make comment after comment after comment on this thread, and basically stating the same thing over and over again.

      • Tammy, Tammy, Tammy….you specifically indicated in an earlier post that Katrin had a mild obsession of some kind…so you are definitely picking on her. I can take you on because I have the gift of glib…but I will not lower myself…shush, ok? No more hen- squabbling, I promise.

        • Tammy A says:

          Really? If you hadn’t noticed, I am not the only that has noticed this obsession, and honestly, you seem just as bad as she is. Then you tell me to shush? Why don’t you go down through the 3+ pages of posts and see who has you two beat? And now you’re going to ‘take me on’? Nope lady, there ain’t no body to take on except yourself. I have a life. I’m not obsessing over Y & R, nor any other show, unlike some. See ya.

        • fancy says:

          Francesca and Katlin get each others personal contact information and quit using the Soap line to discuss your personal problems. This place is all about only the Young and the Restless! Please keep your comments about the show. Not your personal fighting or need to speak up for someone because you think that person can not handle it. There are many ways to contact each other personally and carry on your personal issues, instead of airing them here.

          • Of course you are right…you have a way of making me see the light, even at my age. Thank you, sweetie. But Tammy seems to have a bone to pick with everyone and the name calling? I do have a life with grandchildren, children and a husband of 42 years. Some people should have some respect. I do seem to go off topic, but there is no need to pound me…peace. Again, you are right.

  36. cmv says:

    Victor, Nicki, Phyliss have made this show. I’ve watched since the very first episode and these are the characters that have kept me watching. It is big blow to the show to have mrs Chancelor gone and have Phyliss leave immediately after.

  37. Tara says:

    TOTALLY disappointed Michelle Stafford is leaving! Surely Y&R execs know she is one of the anchors–a superb actress–there is NO replacing her.
    Mrs. C is gone–now Phyllis is leaving….The show just won’t be the same!

  38. Barbara says:

    The real age of actors have nothing to do with the character they play. What matters is if they are good at looking and acting the part they are playing. Fans of the Y&R should be grateful to have been able to watch Michelle for this long (how many other TV actors have had such a long run on one TV show). I will miss Michelle on Y&R.

  39. Beth Gallagher says:

    Phyllis is my favorite actress on the show, very sad news, huge mistake for Y&R – after 40 yrs of watching this soap, well all good things must come to an end. I’ll no longer be watching if Phyllis leaves so…… Goodbye Y&R! ~ RIP

  40. karen thorpe says:

    Bell, gst it right get rid of sharon not Phylis please we love her. Let her and jack make a life

  41. Kristy says:

    No Phyllis you cant leave! You are a really good actor &&’ Y&R wouldn’t be the same without you!

  42. kim cronin says:

    I don’t get all of the Avery haters. She’s the total package – beautiful, sexy, funny, smart and an accomplished professional woman. I love her, love her, love her. Love Phyllis, too, but let’s face it, not many of us will actually quit watching Y&R just because she’s leaving. This is the nature of soaps. We’ll deal. We’ll keep watching. Plus, just because she’s leaving now doesn’t mean that she won’t be back – also the nature of soaps. My “I’ve been watching since day one” soap was All My Children. It was a sad day when they cancelled that one but I started watching Y&R because my roommate watched it and got into that one. Just be happy that your soap is still on the air. Soon, we’ll only have the stupid reality shows to choose from. That’ll suck.

  43. JoAnne says:

    I am so very sorry to see Michelle leave the show. I just love her as Phyllis because she has so many different sides to her character that you never knew what she would do next. Every soap needs a bad girl and “Sharon” doesn’t cut it. Genoa City will definately won’t be the same without Michelle.

    • petey says:

      Michelle is a wonderful actress but I understand why she wants to leave. It seems that with the changing of her hair color there was a loss of her character as well. The writers gave up on Phyllis so what is left for Michelle – Nothing. The love story between her and Jack is/was the most amazing. That is where the chemistry has always been.

      • kat says:

        The show will never be the same phillys is the best.the show never be the same Victoria went crazy.places bring Machile back pleace

  44. kat says:

    Bring her back.

  45. Lori says:

    Wow….I was shocked when I found out that Michelle Stafford was leaving. I got goose bumps and had to pick my jaw back up. This was a major shocker!! There is no one who could ever come in after her and present this character the way she did. I don’t like the things her character does, but hey, that is what keeps it interesting enough to watch. It’s called acting and she does a heck of a job!! Out of the choices in men, I wish they would have kept her and Ronan together. I would love to see Ronan back in the police department and get rid of Kevin.

  46. Liz Wilkerson says:

    Ummm..excuse me! All y’all haters of Phyllis (Michelle Stanford). Age does not matter on TV or in life unless you are some dumb @$& trying to be with a child. Phyllis looks very gooooooood for her age. She & nick make or made a very good couple. She does not & should not be with jack’s old behind, he even looks old! I will miss Phyllis soooooooo much! I’m down with anyone who can get it right & change, TV or not!

    • Susan Turner says:

      Losing Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) is a huge loss. She was awesome! Loved her at times and hated her at times but she was/is a phenomenal actress and I wish her nothing but the best. I will most likely quit watching the Y & R after it comes out that Sharon is the sorry boring yuck yuck person she’s always been. And boring Avery needs to go somewhere besides with Nick–no chemistry there. Nick and Phyllis had so much chemistry. If Phyllis has to go bring in someone new and fascinating to put in Nick’s life just NEVER Sharon (boring) or Avery (no chemistry). I want Summer to know Nick is her real Dad and that SHARON is the one who changed the results.

  47. Gracie says:

    I love Michelle Stafford as much as anyone else. But they can’ t write off her character. She is crucial to too many stouylines. She is the glue that keeps Y and R from unravelling. My vote is to replace her and let Jack finally marry and be happy.

  48. Hollie Walton says:

    I think Michelle Stafford is a great actress and was an asset to Y&R. I will miss her character.

  49. Janet Kelley says:

    Phyllis is an excellent actress! In fact, I thought she would be wonderful in the movie as Natalee Holloway’s mother. I had hoped she would try out for it! She would have made the movie a huge hit. Well, at least I think she would. This will be a great loss to the show. After just losing Catherine too. She too was a pure joy and blessing for the show. I am in complete shock about all this. I hope so much it does NOT go off the air. I could not understand why it was not showing on tv anymore. So I thought I would look on google to find out why. Do you know for sure if the show will be cancelled? I wish they would not have changed Sharon’s character. Making her do all the stuff she has done. I liked her better as the kind and caring actress. She is a good actress too. I just hope so much it does NOT get cancelled.