Report: Michelle Stafford Exits Young & Restless

Daytime Emmy Nominations 2013Michelle Stafford is leaving CBS’ The Young and the Restless, E! reports.

The multiple Daytime Emmy winner has played the soap’s Phyllis, off and on, since 1994.

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Stafford’s exit comes not long after Y&R vet Jeanne Cooper’s death in early May; the drama will air a tribute to the Chancellor matriarch on May 28.

Stafford recently shot a retrospective video in honor of her show’s 40th anniversary (see clip below).

When she first started on the sudser, “I was actually told that I would be recurring and that I would only be on for six weeks,” she says in the spot, smiling. “But I knew in my mind that that wasn’t going to happen.”

How do you feel about a Genoa City without Stafford? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Nancylee says:

    the day Michelle leave I’m done with the show Jill ran Michelle out with bad scripts so now when she gone I’m gone with my Family…

  2. Pat Hutchens says:

    Have watched Young and Restless since inception, and arrange my days to be sure I see it.
    So sad we lost Ms C. It will create an additional cancer in the show to now lose another cast
    member of superb talent. If Y & R wants to stay on the air, they need to negotiate to keep
    Phyllis, and give the older cast more air time as they have been responsible for the
    longevity of the show.

    • Jane Russell says:

      Letting Phyllis go is a mistake please bring her
      Back her character is needed. The show doesn’t have the intensity and is not the same you will loose your

  3. donna says:

    I don’t care for the actors who play Summer or Kyle either. Don’t like the direction that storyline is going in either. I will truly miss Michelle and Jeanne. Since people were bringing up actors who have left the show and come back for guest appearances, gad, have Christine and Traci ever turned into two whinny, mean-spirited creeps! Writing? Directing? Actor’s portrail? Since their rath was directed at Phyllis, makes you on her side even more. Oh, the actress playing Summer is suppose to be 18. That’s just laughable. Maybe Ms. Stafford is tired of carrying so many who cannot act?

  4. Isa Rabbets says:

    I’m sorry to hear that Michelle Stafford is going to leave as she is one of the great actresses on the show. The one that you love to hate. Was saddened by the passing of Jeanne Cooper she will be missed by cast, crew and her fans. Don’t like the new Summer or Kyle don’t seem to fit the

  5. rick says:

    Big mistake she’s such a natural actor in her role as Phyllis and replacing her will be tough.

  6. bev radu says:

    I am so upset that Michelle is leaving ..Thats horrible she makes the show.I was so sad to hear about Jeannie.she will b sadly missed!

  7. Miranda says:

    What’s the big deal? Actors/actresses move on….they have a few talented new additions to the show as well as the seasoned veterans.Y&R will continue go entertain us for many years to come!

  8. Mar says:

    Daytime DRAMA won’t be the same without her! So disappointed!

  9. Lynn says:

    Phyllis was the backbone. She was the greatest at being crazy. She has evolved into the best on the show. With Jeannie gone and Phyllis,I cannot imagine ,what this show will become. It is very creepy to think about. Kevin ,Gloria and her husband can stay off . They do NOTHING for any story line. Ashley should have stayed on also.
    If Phyllis is leaving of her own accord I will still miss her. The show will not be the same!!!!!!She should not be replaced because it will be impossible!!. I will be watching for her in new endeavors and hope she is happy.

  10. Sharon says:

    Hope this rumor is incorrect. I want her and Nick back together and the paternity test to prove Summer is his. Michelle Stafford is the best actress on this show, bar none.

  11. Teri says:

    I have enjoyed the Phyllis character over the years, and am sad that she is leaving. She is a fantastic actress. I will miss seeing her.

  12. Glenda Black says:

    I wish they could get rid of the writers, I think I could come up with better story lines. PLEASE STAY MICHELLE! you make the show! we have lost Mrs. Cooper, they can get ride of Carmine(hate him) and lily is about as boring as a bag of dirty socks. Not interested in all the new comers, they don’t bring anything to the show. BRING BACK SHEMAR MOORE! yeah baby….

  13. Glenda Black says:

    Sorry about the misspelled word, it should have read get rid of Carmine, then again they can ride his kidnapping cheating behind right out the door.

  14. Kim says:

    I am so very disappointed, Mrs. C passing was hard enough…but now Phyllis leaving leaves a large hole in my opinion. She is a fantastic actress…I think it’s a big mistake!

    • Skitt says:

      I will miss MS as well, her character has been amazing to watch over the years. However, I expect she will go on to greater things….she is a powerhouse of an actress. I have no doubt we will see her in movies, etc.

  15. Dennis says:

    she is a very fine actress or all of you haters would not feel the way you do. she is a magnificent actress and I can not imagine the role being filled by anyone else

    • Tammy A says:

      Never said she wasn’t a good actresses and no one posted anything in regards to the real person. The comments have been directed at the character that she is playing.

  16. Florence Shaw says:

    Losing Catherine and Phylis is too much. Phylis is the main player. I watch the show to see Michelle Stafford. She’s beautiful. Get rid of Cloe and Kevin. Or better yet…get rid of the “new” writers. It’s all doom and gloom. Nothing ever works out happily..ever.

    • MarieG says:

      You hit the nail on the head! Jill Farren Phelps is the reason Y&R is in destruction mode. She is very good at destroying good soaps and veteran actors. Look it up.

  17. Rosie says:

    This will be a huge loss to Y&R! No matter what story line they put her in she’s adapatable & remarkable. Hopefully she will change her mind.

  18. Betty bev says:

    My heart is broken. Phyllis was one of the only reasons I watched this show. For the longest time it was the victor and nikki show and now I love all the different story lines. I hope she is just taking a break and will return at some point. When I first read it online I was like let this be a bad dream. Great actress and I will miss her.

    • Chris says:

      I thought the exact same thing. I too, hope shes only leaving for a bit, but, she said she REALLY wants to leave. I wonder why? I’ll miss her a ton. ):

  19. Bonnie Weinstein says:

    I have been an avid fan of Michelle Stafford since her first appearance on Y&R. She is the best actress on the show and the producers are foolish to let her go. She has brought beauty,passion and sexy to the show. Y&R’s loss.

  20. Chris says:

    I’m honestly going to stop watching the Young and The Restless. Everyone else on the show is boring. She is a role model for me, and I’m very angry to see her go ): I hope I see her in a lot more movies when she leaves! Hopefully she comes back! (;

    • Banner says:

      Then you’re clearly an idiot, and should have stopped watching long ago. If you only watch for one person, good riddance. Y&R will survive, just like every other soap does when stars CHOSE to leave.

  21. monica says:

    I will miss her on the show. Very sad to see her go and I hope she she come back. They better not put any one in her place because it won’t be the same .

  22. Tjones says:

    I am really going to miss Phylis. SHe is the most straight forward woman I’ve seen on the show. She holds no punches and will ride a die for whatever, she wants. Please don’t take her the show. She made it Nick into a a man. So sad she is leaving the show.

  23. Laura says:

    Good luck to Michelle Stafford! Reading the comments confirms what a great actress you are b/c everyone keeps talking about the character as if if were you:)

  24. Bobwww says:

    Total blame is squarely on JILL FARREN PHELPS! She is doing what she does best, DESTROYING SOAPS. With all her “recasts” of putting in “her own people” she has systematically eliminated many of the best actors and actresses on The Young and the Restless. When will this reign of terror stop???

  25. MarieG says:

    A dozen NEWBIES will never replace MICHELLE STAFFORD. Y&R is in self-destruct mode due to Jill Farren Phelps.

  26. Karly Condison says:

    I dreamed this day would come…and here it is at last. I can’t stand Phyllis and have never, ever liked the character. When Lynn Latham, then Maria Bell, tried to make Phyllis the star of the show, I believed it was a HUGE mistake and I had to stop watching as other characters were destroyed or muted just to prop Phyllis. Sorry, the character has been loathesome for years and I am absolutely THRILLED that the MS version of the character is leaving! Phyllis ate the show for too many years and I think JG and JFP saw that and reigned in the character. It was about time. If MS has problems going back to being a supporting player, as she originally was before Lynn Latham tried to write the show around her character, then it’s best she leave. I feel other true vets may actually get some more air time now, which is long over due. :) Best news I’ve heard all years, especially after the true loss of beloved Jeanne Cooper.

  27. Mary says:

    Will the role of Phyllis be recast after Michelle Stafford leaves?

    • Skitt says:

      I have not heard if there will be a re-cast. I hope there is not one. If there is, I have to feel sorry for the newbie. Even attempting to replace MS is a huge task. I doubt the writers have any idea how next to impossible it would be. Some characters can be replaced….not so in this case.

  28. Toni says:

    I’ve always found Phyllis to be a clownish caricature. She is supposedly so alive and exciting but that feels very forced to me. There is no nuance. It’s just over-the-top nuttiness and macho blowhard stuff over and over again. Even Phyllis’s self-induced miscarriage was hard to take because she was doing her usual in-your-face thing at Daisy and then suddenly she was writhing on the floor and we were supposed to have sympathy? I will be thrilled when that flat and intentionally lowered voice and all the arm-flapping and bobbing and weaving is gone. And I hope they recast the part with someone who is believable, too, as Nick’s ex.

  29. Anita Christison says:

    I hate that Phyllis will no longer be on Y & R. The show will definitely not be the same

  30. Maggie says:

    I am so sad to see another great character leaving the show. Most likely because of the budget. These new writers and producers are AWFUL. They are completely wrecking the show and turning it into the same thing as all of the other soaps. Well, news flash, THEY ALL GOT CANCELLED. So turning it completely inside out and introducing all these characters that nobody cares about is absolutely the wrong way to go. I watch the soap to get away for an hour – and every day I care less and less about what’s going on.

    • Penny says:

      Unfortunately Maggie, people have become so desensitized to violence and cruelty that doom and gloom wins out over romance. When I was a kid, I asked my gramma why she didn’t watch war movies on TV and she replied, “There is so much war going on out there in the real world, I’m not going to watch it on TV.” Behind us are the days of “Gone with the Wind”

    • Rossie says:

      I totally agree. It will be hard to watch with all the good actors gone. I think the writers have lost theirs minds regarding Adams role. He needs to know that he is the father of Chelsys baby. I am sick of this just going on & on. I also can’t stand Avery. She looks soooo old & stiff next to Nick. They are not a good match. Phyllis was good no matter who they matched her with. I don’t like the new Kyle; he looks like Summers father, & I don’ like the story line. Why do the writers always go off on these incest story lines. I have watched this soap since 1981, & will miss watching; however, there just has been too many young nubies with no substance. I will miss Victor & all the Neumann, except the one that plays a tramp, Sharon. I will miss Lauren & Michael, I hate the bartender, don’t like the Fen guy, will miss Cane & Lilly , will miss Kevin, don’t like his story line. I don’t like the guy that Chelsys said was her baby’s dad. He & Avery need to be together. I hope that Michelle will change her mind. If not I will look to see her doing other things. Good luck Michelle,

      • Maggie says:

        That basically sum.s up all of my feelings. They have just wrecked everything and all of these stories either happen incredibly fast, such as Jack’s addiction, or drag on and on and on and nobody cares. I have watched with my mother since I was a kid and will miss it but it’s so trashy and poorly written now I just can’t stand it.

      • fancy says:

        I agree with most of what you said. But I do like Avery with Nick. Someone new and fresh in his life. I want to see Victor start being Victor again. I don’t like what they are doing with Billy and Victoria. Why does she have to work at Newman. They should run the restaurant together. We should see Neil and Jack more. I don’t like the gal they hooked Neil up with. I wish she would move away, but leave brother behind, he is a good actor. I don’t like the actors who play Fenmore or Jack’s son. They don’t look the part. The previous Kyle resemble Jack more. AND again I will miss the tremendous Michelle Stafford.

    • Cindy Allaer says:

      I agree totally Maggie – the sets and scenes that repeat and obvious and ridiculously predictable writing saddens me. It used to be an awesome show? I have watched for 30 years and with Michelle leaving I think I am finally going to call it a day! :(

  31. Deneal says:

    This show wont be the same!!! And she is not Nikkie and Victor age that so stupid to say!!!

  32. Florence says:

    I LOVE PHYLLIS! Please don’t let her go. And PLEASE DON’T try to replace her with another actress! This show is going to heck with two of the best actresses missing. And PLEASE! Get rid of the writers! They STINK!

  33. Florence says:

    Bill Bell must be rolling over in his grave if he knows how terrible these writers write. They are sadistic. These writers promote crime, immorality, sadism, misery, gloom. There used to be some hope for happiness, romance, optimism. And now we’re losing one good actress after another. Phyliss…..don’t go….please.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Will you people never learn to spell???? Losing (not “loosing”) Jeanne Coper was a huge blow which could not be helped (R.I.P. Jeanne). However, MS is probably just leaving before the writers torpedo her character as they have been doing lately to just about everyone on Y&R. As to the show being on the TV guide channel. I was in Florida last week and they are already advertising Y&R to start showing on TVG on July 1st, 2013. So very, very sad to see such an iconic show reduced to this level.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oops!!! That typo of Ms. Cooper’s name was regrettable. Mea culpa.

    • Kim says:

      Ha Ha, how funny that you are griping about people’s spelling then typo-ed Jeanne Cooper’s last name!! Karma, baby, karma. Listen, the powers that be are so vested in shoving ‘reality tv’ down our throats – less work, less creativity. I hate it!

      • Penny says:

        Unfortunately people do not get that there is no sentiment in business and MS is becoming a casualty of a business that needs to continually be creative to keep ratings high. She is certainly in the sites of another SO scout and I am anxious for her to get to some real acting again. I do hope they keep Phyllis’ name alive; it will be easier for us to jump back in there…lol I started watching Y&R when Another World ended. At that time, Y&R was not one of my favorites, but became one quickly when MS showed up.
        I agree Kim, more and more, folks have no pride in their penmanship and I do not direct that solely at bloggers and texters. I find many errors in the books I read which means a number of things are happening and I am always editing…..duh!

    • That was a typo, not a spelling mistake. You are right up my alley, anonymous, whoever you are. I was berated for questioning someone’s grammar and just basic English and phraseology. I merely tried to stress the fact that if we are to compare the US with the rest of the world in education, we emerge lacking. I immigrated from Italy to Canada as a child. I was bullied because I could not speak English. It took me six months to learn the language and a year to perfect it. I am now an American citizen and proud of it, but the education here cannot compare to Canada’s or Europe’s. I worked so hard to fit in…I am proud of what I have accomplished scholastically, but for some reason people get their skivvies in a bunch whenever their grammar is brought to task. What gives? I appreciate it so much when I am corrected, in any capacity.
      I do not mind Summer too much, but Kyle? Oh, Lordy, Lord. I hate saying anything negative about anyone, but his face looks like a crescent moon. I find myself wondering whatever happened to Jack’s other son, Kemo or Kimo? Jack acts so self-righteous about missing out on quality time with Summer…well, what about his other son? Also, I do not understand the resurrection of Tracy?

  35. Karly Condison says:

    I for one am thrilled beyond words that MS is leaving. Her character Phyllis became a sick, unbearable arm-flailing joke! For years Phyllis was in everybody’s storyline – playing detective, cop, Mother of the Year, tabloid journalist extraordinaire, and on and on and on. Thank God this era of “The Stafford” is over!! I had to stop watching the show because I was SICK to death of the overbearing, hypocrite Phyllis being made THE star of the show. Now that it is quite apparent the new regime/writers are not so entralled with the character Phyllis that Lynn Latham and Maria Bell after her were, I think MS sees the writing on the wall. The show will no longer centre around her (and NEVER should have), so I am happy to see her leave. At last I can watch the Y&R I grew up loving that didn’t need The Almighty Phyllis to have good stories. Adios!!

  36. Aluwani hope says:

    I will definately mic michelle so much caz xe was de 1 dat made me rush hme everyday 2 watch de y&r,even 2day xe is still my favourate actress,ill never ever stop loving u,mwaaaa;(

  37. Aluwani hope says:

    I cnt stop crying nw,i dnt think im gonna b able 2 watch de soap without her being on it,michelle if u r reading dis plz tell me u gonna cme bck plz im begging u

  38. vfocused says:

    Please do what it takes to keep Phyllis. The show will be boring without her. Phyllis, and Micheal, victor are the best characters. I really have know interest in watching without Michelle Stafford. She is the best and I dont want her recase also. If she must leave then bring her back at some point, dont replace her cus Michelle cannot be replaced. Please dont go Michelle!

  39. Gail Johnson says:

    Phyllis, you will be missed. You are an amazing actress. Note to the writers: send Kyle, Summer and Fenmore (especially Fenmore!) on an extended vacation. That kid needs a real attitude adjustment, a very poor example of parenting for viewers. I honestly believe Y&R is on it’s way out. You’ve been going downhill for a long time, and with Phyllis leaving you are picking up speed.

  40. Jay Brown says:

    This is a shame as loyal watcher of the show for over 15 years I will watch lesser now. I think Michalle Stafford is an amazing actress and brins a variety of talents to the show. Very Very BIG MISTAKE

  41. Connie says:

    She is the best one on the show if she leaves I will not watch it again. Young and restless is going downhill fast

  42. katrin says:

    u be miss a lot god bless u.

  43. will says:

    I agree. Get rid of Victoria and pair Billy with someone interesting. Also rid the show of Lilly and Cain. Hate to see Stafford depart. Best daytime actress of all time was not Stafford it was Beverlee McKinsey.

  44. Susan Turner says:

    With Jeanne Cooper deceased and the disgusting pairing of Nick and Avery and now Phyllis leaving I will cease watching altogether. Nick and Phyllis were one of those classic couples never forgotten like Victor and Nikki and Reva and Josh (GL). They had more chemistry in their pinkies than Avery and Nick will EVER have (actually I see no chemistry there) not to mention she’s Phyllis’s sister. So if you take one of the best actresses on Y & R off then you have lost a long time fan of the show for good. I already quit watching the Bold and the Beautiful due to stupid story lines about Brook (she was awesome but always got the short end of the stick). Take Phyllis off the show I’m gone after I see how the Mrs. C death plays out. Sad, sad, sad day for the Y & R to lose 2 such awesome actresses.

  45. Dale says:

    I was disappointed in the clip — I thought she would be talking about her departure and why.
    This is another big loss to Y&R — Stafford’s Phyllis was a plus. For me the show has come basically unrecognizable for a while now. Way too much Adam, Chelsea, Dylan, Avery, Tyler and Leslie. It’s like you don’t even know what show you are looking at. There are familiar faces still on but they have little to no story. Now with the loss of Miss Cooper and Stafford the show will become even more not noticeable.

  46. Rossie says:

    I think that they are really making a bad bad mistake letting Michelle stafford leave. Michelle is the only star that brings excitement to the show; you hate to love her. I would like for Avery to go back to Dillon, he is not a match for Chelsey, and Avery is not a match for Nick. I hate what Chelsey is doing to Adam. Further more I think what Nick did to screw up Summer, Jack, Jack’ son, Michelle & all the Neuman’s is far greater than what Adam has done in the past. Regarding Sharon the tramp, Cassey is not not their first born. Cassey was born to Sharon while she was in high school with another guy. After Sharon married Nick & Cassey came back into the storyline, Nick adopted Cassey. I also do not like the guy that is trying to steal Cane’s wife away. I think Cane & Lilly make a beautiful family with the twins. You need some type of family stability in the show. I get sick of the writers trying to screw with every couple on the show to keep ratings up. There are too many immoral things going on at once like incest. I have never heard of anyone marring their brother-in-law, then marrying their father-in-law, & then back & forth between the brothers. So now you are doing the same thing with. Phyllis & her sister Avery. I think it is disgusting. Well if Michell leaves, & I hear Nikki may be away for awhile, I will stop watching. If enough people stop watching, maybe you will get rid of your lousy writers. The best to Michelle, sheis a great actress.

  47. Shawn says:

    Phyllis is in her 40″s and Vic is in his 70 in real life.

    • katrin says:

      Is that u all can think of get a life.

      • Hi, Katrin…why is it that your writing is sometimes legible and other times not so much? I try to navigate through most of it and I do get a grasp of what you are saying …I like you a lot, just by your writing since I don’t know you….am I to assume you do it on purpose…the joke’s on me.

        • katrin says:

          I can’t understand my self :: no written not good . I don’t like text on small phone .I need not book.

          • katrin says:

            see did it agin

          • Rachel says:

            Some people have nothing better to do than insult others for typos and misspelled words. It is just really ignorant.

          • Ahh, mystery solved! I understand now. Because I had the same problem, my son gifted me with an iPad this past Christmas…I think we’d get along just fine. As yourself, I love Michelle Stafford and her role as Phyllis. But, if she does leave, I hope to see her shine on some other show or the movies. Ciao. :)

    • katrin says:

      t ddon’t browser hold a person it some pople make big deal I going miss her if there enly way to get a picture of her miss u a lot machile. Lets keep in touch bless u alwsya

    • katrine velasquez says:

      Do u have to leave


  48. katrin says:

    Be happy Machile.

  49. katrin says:

    I help Sharon find true love and find a away to bring Cassie from the bead.u done lots actress back sure miss her.get reaid victor.he one needs to go.

  50. Suzanne says:

    Three characters make Young and the Restless the best daytime show on TV ~~ Phyllis Newman, Michael Baldwin, and Adam Newman~~in that order. The absence of Michelle Stafford will likely cause the show’s ratings to decline. It will certainly cool my interest. I’ll be very sorry to see her leave. I just pray they don’t try to replace her. Ms. Stafford is a phenomenal actress, and the life she has given to her character will be greatly missed by this viewer.