The Voice Performance Recap: Imperfect 10?

The-Voice-Recap-Michelle-ChamuelBlake Shelton, Adam Levine, Usher and Shakira get tons of good press for their work as coaches on The Voice — and rightfully so. Even their shtickiest moments (like Adam and Usher hiding behind their swivel chairs during Shakira’s impassioned defense of one of her artists) are fun, frothy distractions from the stresses of our workaday lives.

Once in a while, though, it might be nice to hear them drop their shiny, happy superlatives and offer some brutally honest feedback to the wannabe singing stars in their midst.

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Tonight’s Season 4 Top 10 performance episode served as a prime example of how quickly the foundation of a two-hour episode can crumble when it’s built on soft-pedalled, phoned-in, sometimes disingenuous uses of words like “great,” “incredible,” “amazing” and “fantastic.”

What next? Calling social media menace Christina Milian an adept, insightful interviewer? Perish the thought!

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And while I’m on a rant…considering that said coaches are paid to devote their time and energy to drawing the best possible performances out of their contestants, I’d like to see them cooking up intriguing new arrangements that set the bar a little higher than “solid karaoke.” If that means a little extra time in the studio, so be it. These folks are paid handsomely, after all.

Anyhow, I know I sound a little Grouchy McGriperson, so I’m gonna jump to tonight’s set list — along with reviews and letter grades for every performance. (I’ll be briefer than usual this evening since I’m battling the nasty after-effects of some dodgy street meat. Yikes!)

Holly Tucker: “How Great Thou Art” | Girlfriend has a powerful set of pipes — there’s no denying it. But like a seaside hotel in the off season, there’s still too much vacancy in her delivery. I’d like to see Blake work with her next week on reading (and fully comprehending) her lyrics before she opens her mouth to deliver a single note. Grade: B

Judith Hill: Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” | I liked the way Judith shook up the arrangement with a slowed-down, jazz-influenced intro, but the closing portion of the performance — a howled repetition of “ain’t nobody’s business” — got shoutier than a substitute teacher in a classroom of unruly seventh-graders. [Side note: Anyone else taken aback by Judith’s tearful outburst about how some folks think she’s “taking advantage” of her connection to Michael Jackson? Way to turn a non-issue into an actual talking point!] Grade: B+

The Swon Brothers: Randy Houser’s “How Country Feels” | I’ve been pretty tough on these dudes the last few weeks, but their harmonies were tighter than Josiah Hawley’s abs, and the song was a flawless fit for their gruff-guy vocal stylings. (Now if they’d just stop pretending to play guitar — or actually play the guitar! — going forward…) Grade: A-

Amber Carrington: Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway” | Amber’s been my favorite contestant since the live shows began, but tonight, the verses were pitched too low for her comfort level, and she went intermittently flat on the chorus. Plus, adding an aggressive wind machine to the mix seemed to blow away all of girlfriend’s stage presence. (Is this a nice way of saying she’s no Kelly Clarkson? I dunno.) Combined with the coaches’ failure to call out her problems, I worry Amber’s fan base won’t activate, and her first subpar effort will make her Team Adam’s first casualty. Grade: C+

Sasha Allen: Emeli Sande’s “Next to Me” | I’m willing to admit that maybe something in Sasha’s tone mixes with my eardrums like skittles and jalapeños, especially after the coaches lavished praise on her “Next to Me” cover. Was I the only one who noticed how Sasha’s voice trailed off at the ends of certain lines, how she never really got in the pocket of the song’s uptempo rhythm, how she was drown out by the band on the chorus, or how her ad-libs toward the end of the performance seemed to veer off pitch? It wasn’t just me? Was it? Anyone? Grade: C+

Josiah Hawley: Coldplay’s “Clocks” | Usher’s got to know that Josiah’s range is limited — methinks his pantomimed “window” of opportunity was a subtle nod to that fact — and yet he saddled his contestant with a rhythmically tricky ditty that’s got low, rumbling verses and falsetto “oohs” on the chorus. This would be kind of like mentoring Justin Bieber and assigning him “Ave Maria.” Catastrophic! Grade: C-

Danielle Bradbery: Jo Dee Messina’s “Heads Carolina, Tails California” | The kid undoubtedly lights up the stage, and although her Daisy Dukes were maybe two sizes too short, she definitely captured the vagabond spirit of this fun country anthem. Did I detect a couple wince-worthy notes on the final chorus? Yeah. But that doesn’t mean Danielle won’t advance directly to the finals — or prove a mighty nifty retirement plan for her coach. Grade: B+

Kris Thomas: Miguel’s “Adorn” | In the spirit of total honesty, Kris’ on-stage vibe is way too wide-eyed and swagger-free to fully channel the spirit of Miguel’s ode to sexytimes, but on the plus side, he didn’t hit a single sour note — and the horn-centric arrangement allowed me to hear the song with fresh ears. Here’s hoping it was enough to buy the talented kid another week to find his sea legs on stage. He really does have potential! Grade: B+

Sarah Simmons: Jessie J’s “Mama Knows Best” | Moments of raw, almost deranged passion interspersed with some not-entirely-musical holleration. But hey, Sarah sure looked like she was having a blast in her chain-mail skirt. I could listen to this a dozen times, and grade it anywhere from an A to an F. So for now, let’s just settle for…Grade: B-

Michelle Chamuel: Pink’s “Just Give Me a Reason” | Michelle is never going to deliver the cleanest, pristine-est vocal, but there’s real perfection in the nooks and crannies and imperfections of her voice. The dramatic break in her whisper on the opening verse, combined with the tortured wail of the chorus, was the kind of from-the-gut singing that upgrades her from really cool contestant to potential music star. And it doesn’t hurt that the mutual admiration and love she’s got going with Usher is my favorite contestant-coach dynamic of the season. Grade: A-

Will go home: Amber and Kris
Should go home: Sasha and Josiah

And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of Season 4 Top 10 performance night? Do you agree it’s time for the coaches to get tougher? Who was your favorite? Who’s going to be in trouble come results night? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments, and for all my reality TV-related news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Josh says:

    Great show! I agree and disagree completely with some of your grades. My rankings
    for tonight were:

    1. Amber Carrington: I was hoping for a different
    Kelly Clarkson song, but Amber, who is destined for country-pop stardom,
    completely nailed the performance and even gave it a slight country twist –
    she’s easily my favorite finalist this year.

    2. Judith Hill: The beginning was really cool, and in
    spite of one rare pitch issue that stood out mid-song in a line transition, she
    was super-passionate – it’s the first Judith performance in which I felt she
    absolutely connected with the audience.

    3. Sarah Simmons: Well, dang, Sarah – I wrote you off
    as one-note a few weeks ago, but after nailing this rockin’ current song choice
    (even with the band threatening to drown you out), I’d say your stock has risen
    significantly in this competition.

    4. Holly Tucker:
    Love her voice and relatability, but despite a truly great vocal, will her
    top-of-the-show performance placement and religious-themed song choice send her
    home (see Mandisa, American Idol 5)?

    5. Michelle Chamuel: The beginning was a little weak,
    and I don’t think the song was perfect for her, but I loved the risks she took
    later on with the melody, and she really sang the crap out of the song – also,
    could she be more likeable?

    6. Sasha Allen: Despite her wacky 80’s garb and
    French poodle hair, she really did a great job with a current song, and this
    from someone who hasn’t even been a huge fan of hers thus far.

    7. Danielle Bradbery: She always sounds great, but
    the song was kind of annoying (just my opinion), albeit far more
    age-appropriate than last week, and her onstage energy and movement didn’t at
    all match the energy of the song.

    8. Swon Brothers: Zach outshines his brother every
    time with his tone and grit, but even though they’re the kind of group that
    could make it on country radio, this particular performance was back to the
    usual above-average dive bar quality.

    9. Kris Thomas: It looked like he was holding back a
    smirk throughout the performance, but he sang a current song and sang it well,
    though the song wasn’t especially memorable, and I still (still!) don’t feel he
    has reached his full potential yet.

    10. Josiah Hawley: He had a strong showing last week,
    but he might be in trouble this week thanks to his at-its-height smarm, weird
    story about chest-flashing his sister’s boyfriend, and just-okay version of a
    Coldplay song.

    Should Go: Kris & Josiah

    Will Go: Kris & Josiah (hey, America got it right
    last week, so I’ll have some faith)

  2. Ron says:

    Though I’m in the minority, this is why I like Christina as a coach on this show. She gives honest feedback (except with her own contestants…but really who can blame her for that?). People come here and complain that the coaches don’t give honest feedback when a contestant doesn’t do well, but when Christina actually does what people are complaining about, everyone calls her a b****. Personally, I can’t wait for her to come back next season. I’d give anything for Usher to give a truthful, coherent, non-sleepily toned response back to contestants.

  3. Kaitie says:

    Sasha started off so strong and just keeps getting bad

  4. Ellen says:

    Michelle. Chamuel. That is all…..

  5. darcy the slutty twin says:

    Just like many “Idol” and “Voice” contestants, Michael has decided that he doesn’t like Sasha and make her his punching bag each week with his age-old excuse: technically good, but no connection to the song or “emotionally vacant.”

    • Analisa says:

      Except it’s true. I’ve felt that way about Sasha and Judith from the start, but Judith finally broke through this week for me, whereas Sasha continues to be vacant as a performer.

      • smh says:

        What was up with Sasha’s dress and hair?!?!
        I seriously question the judgement of this show’s stylist.

      • darcy the slutty twin says:

        That’s your opinion, but it’s not the truth. How can somebody from Broadway be a vacant performer? Ridiculous.

  6. Betsy says:

    Shakira totally torpeedoed Kris. No one was saying he was nervous and then she goes on and on about how nervous he was! SMH. I think Kris is a goner for sure. I’m not sure who the other will be. I think Josiah is safe, he may not have done that great but that’s a great song and I think he’ll get votes for it. I’m gonna guess Judith for the other bottom 2 spot, because of the song choice and she sang second and her tryna manufacture drama where there was none.

  7. I8A4RE says:

    NBC The Voice channel on YouTube did not uploaded Judith’s performance last night. The only one not showing up. Wonder what’s up, maybe Michael Jackson’s family song rights prevented NBC to show up? Does anyone know?

    • daynamonet says:

      that happened a few times on Idol, i noticed a Kree performance and a Candice performance (not in the same week) weren’t updated right away for some reason, but they would come up later that day or early the next day.

  8. Yo says:

    Was I the only one who noticed how Sasha’s voice trailed off at the ends of certain lines, how she never really got in the pocket of the song’s uptempo rhythm, how she was drown out by the band on the chorus, or how her ad-libs toward the end of the performance seemed to veer off pitch?

    Yes, Michael, it was just you. I thought she was great, albeti not as great as Michelle.

    • kiki says:

      PREACH !!!!!Maybe he was texting while watching or on the phone

    • HTGR says:

      Well he was right that she was drowned out by the band at times. But then he fails to ding all other 9 contestants for the same thing. They did mix the band and backup up pretty loudly. They should tame it a bit.

  9. WO says:

    Sascha did better this week and I would buy an album of Josiah’s music, but that does not mean that he is the best on the show. If Danielle could gleam some of Michelle’s stage presence, she would be unstoppable. I don’t think Amber is going home… everyone is due for one bad night and as long it is early on, it is okay (see Sascha last week).

    The Swon brothers being the only group may take them farther then they should go in this competition. The only problem with them is that there is no discernible difference between them and any other country duo out there. Of course, a proper producer could change that.

    Michelle would fit in nicely with the Indie crowd… and Danielle could be the next country/pop breakthrough. Sarah’s inner-rocker chic will get here to final 5, but then she will lose out to what the mainstream wants to hear… (see Juliet Simms).

    Let’s hope the VOICE has learned how to market their winners like Idol does… who cares about a winner if you cannot enjoy their music.

    Should go home…. Sascha & Kris Thomas

    Will go home…. Josiah & Kris

    Think Usher and Shakira are learning a lesson from the resident pros this time around?

    Anyone else grimacing at the fact that Cristina will return next installment??

  10. darcy the slutty twin says:

    I really hope Sarah Simmons and her forced rasp are sent home, along with the extremely boring Swon Brothers.

    I like Michelle, but she tends to veer off pitch and her squats and dance moves make her look like a geriatric trying to dance. When I see her “perform,” I think “Arthritis.”

    • sorry not sorry says:

      Blake def has a different definition of sexy than I do. Sarah? Sexy? Seriously? What exactly is in that Starbucks cup, Blake?

  11. ButchFralia says:

    Those criticizing the judges remember that Adam Levine placed the condition on taking the job that contestants wouldn’t be publicly humiliated. He had a dislike of the way Simon Cowell humiliated people. Apparently Blake agrees. That said, you don’t know what they tell their contestants off the stage. I would hope they are positive but tell it like it is along with how to do better.

    The voice may get it’s star one of these days. Not sure what the problem is there other than the difference in the way AI handles the winner first year, tour and single. I like the way the country people handle people they like. Blake has had Cassedy on tour with him and set her up to open. I just read where June 4, Keith Urban and Kelly Pickler will perform with Kree Harrison at the Grand Old Opry.

    • I8A4RE says:

      I tell you if Danielle Bradbery wins, she may be the STAR The Voice needs. She has something that plenty of folks like. Obviously, her songs sells the best on iTunes. I read many of the comments on youtube. There’s so many people who hates or don’t listen to country listening to this little girl. She’s has the Shirley Temple factor where, she’s cute and people just loves watching her preform and hearing her sing. Myself included.

  12. I8A4RE says:

    Josiah, Kris going home? That would leave the Swon Brothers the only guys left. I have to say the girls are way stronger than the guys. If the Swon Brothers are the only guys left, they could have a shot at being the top 3. They would get all the WGWG votes. They would be the WGWGX2. Does Amber look like a cross between Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson?

  13. Dionte says:

    How can you give candice glover an A- on her performance on “next to me” but not give Sasha Allen anything even close to an A, I’m a tad confused. in my opinion Sasha is NOT the weakest vocally on the voice AT ALL, therefore she shouldn’t go home before other contestants on this show.

    • HTGR says:

      Part of me almost feels like the fact that Sasha actually brought it better to life than the winner of A.I. (his preferred show and his favorite contestant of the season) didn’t somehow make him judge her from a very defensive and severe stand point or something. I don’t get how one gets an A- and the other a C+??? (especially when the latter at least gave it the full pop energy and edge) I don’t get how it leads to should win the entire contest vs. should leave the contest at the very first round of the top 10?? I mean come on Sasha is at the very bottom of the entire main live portion of the contest??
      I wonder if now that Idol is over Melinda will start doing The Voice weekly videos now and what her take would be (I’m sure she’ll prefer Candice too since Candice is exactly her style of singer, but I’d be surprised if she didn’t give Sasha one heck of a lot more credit.)

      • Adam Fachry says:

        Melinda was baffled by Slezak too! I read he tweet at Slezak in which she said, something along the lones, she likes Sasha on Oh Darling and thought the performance was amazing. Then Slezak answered “she played a role of a rock star instead of being passonate about it” implying he still didn’t like that performance. And then Melinda was all “what, girl you didn’t!” (not the exact words again, obviously, since I’m lazy to search for the tweet and it’s been weeks ago lol).

        Personally, I really love Sasha’s Oh! Darling, but I’ve got to agree a little bit with Slezak, that her past two performances have ben underwhelming. The band did drown out her voice this week, but then again, so did several other performers as well. But even though it wasn’t great, it did not deserve a C+. More like a solid B to me.

  14. Jayce says:

    Re Sasha..Yeah it’s just’s the first time in what seems from the beginning of following you that I have been in complete disagreement on this singer every time..I just don’t get…. what you don’t get?!

  15. I8A4RE says:

    Oh, I found a couple of comments on the internet that says exactly how I feel about Judith. Don’t get me wrong, she’s extremely talented, no question. But some people don’t get why some people are not in it for a Judith win.

    “While other contestants (excluding Sasha) have considerable room to get better, Judith doesn’t. She’s that good already. How much more stunning can she become?
    She’s on The Voice because the business is unbelievably competitive. There are too many great artists out there, so you have to do something to get attention.
    I’m really impressed by her song choices. They show that she understands who she is. Too bad she can’t perform her own music on the show.”

    Judith came in at 100% since her blinds, she doesn’t grow anymore because she’s already there. Why was everyone so impressed with her blinds? Because she was phenomenal and because it was the first time we saw her. She started at the top from the very beginning and she’s been incredibly consistent. All the other artists have had space to grow and improve.

    • Mikko Makitalo says:

      Sorry, I think these are only opinions of some people, not the truth. To me, there does not exist such a thing called “being already there” as an artist. If the artist thinks or feels “I do not have space to grow and improve”, she is to me dead non-artist.

      To me, it does not matter if you are undiscovered young teen or already elderly experienced undiscovered (in truth) singer, if you are a real gem the people will find. This is, what is great in The Voice: you can discover young teen or hidden elderly talent. Of course singers like Judith are coming to the show, because they are searching for the exposure – but so is everybody else. There is nothing wrong with that.

      I think, by doing so, these kind of people also take a huge risk of destroing something they have already built: It’s a fair game in The Voice, when nobody sees you, but you just sing. What if nobody would not turn around? Judges have made mistakes and also been quite picky. Only one turned for Amanda (who had been background singer for Adele, which I think is already quite an accomplishment) and she even lost in the battle rounds. And what about that nice and talented Julie Roberts, the successful country singer with gold album and a friend of Blake’s: nobody turned around. So there is risk, that auditons may discourage one, if everything does not go well, it is risky.

      Also, having sung more earlier does not mean, that one is some stone hard being, “proffessional” – the tears i have seen Judith to shed in the show seem to me genuine and real, she is vulnerable, just as any other artist with sensitivity. Also, nobody builds bridge all by herself, and although Amanda and Judith are great singers, they DO need help and mentoring like anybody of us, there certainly are weak areas and blind spots and they certailnly are clueless in some, if not in many issues.

      Even if one would go further from the auditions, I think Judith as a bit experienced singer have that disadvantage, that these shows are very much followed by the youth, and there is a risk of being eliminated too soon, because you are not considered fresh enough.

      But back to “being already there”. If an artist has that kind of experience of herself, I am not inspired. To me great performance means that it happens here and now, in the present moment, with the sensitivity and soul. If one lacks these things, but only sings technically well, she is not going to inspire me. To me, Judith has that sensitive touch and she is a beautiful and soulful artist (and I hope she just keeps it simple enough), and she most certainly does not have some fabricated advantages in this kind of competition. I really wish her luck in the competion to be able to deliver in that beautiful way as she can.

      • I8A4RE says:

        @Mikko: Great imput. You make a lot of sense. I totally agree with you too. Yeah I remember that Julie Roberts, she had a hit already. No one turned for her not even Blake. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pulling for Judith. I think she will do very well win or not win. There’s NO losers in this competition. I think singing more current songs would benefit her. Like her blind audition song with her custom style. She can transform any song and make it her own. Thanks for the feedback. I really want Josiah to go away tonight though. I think being a male model fits his bill :)

    • Timmah says:

      I just find Judith’s performances to be, for lack of a better word, indulgent. They’re all about Judith and her histrionics, rather than finding the best way to deliver the song, IMO. People want to blame the song from last night, but come on, when Michael performed it he made it very fun and entertaining. I suspect that may be why she’s not more popular with the public, in spite of being the best technical singer on the show.

      • Mikko Makitalo says:

        I doubt if Judith directs the editings of this show, so there is not much she can do in the way they are presenting her. Again from the editor’s point of view: if she has sung with Michael Jackson, of course they will bring that up. And to me that is exciting information and even blessing, certainly not a desease (having had the opportunity to get to know Michael personally and perform with him).

        People have different tastes. To me, her performance yesterday was the best of the night, so I am not blaming anything, just admiring her, I like her style.

        Why is she not more popular with the public already? Because it is immensely difficult to make a breakthrough to anybody, even if you would be a divine singer. 1970 Eric Clapton was not feeling ok, because he felt, that his albums were bought only because of his name, not because of the content. So they published a great album “Layla And Other Love Songs” under the secret name “Derek And The Dominos”, and Clapton was certain, that because of the great talent and creativity in the album, people would find it because of its artistic merits. Never happened. Finally, Clapton had to agree with the publishing people, that it would be put in the advertisements, that he was actually in it. After that it started to sell.
        This story reveals, how impossible it is even to the accomplished artists to break through, if you will not get right kind of publicity – and luck.

  16. BusDriver says:

    I am routing for Sarah, Sasha, Judith, and Michelle. I think there are a lot of great singers on the show, but for me, these four have the total package. Kris can sing, but that song choice was terrible! He sounded good, but the arrangement wasn’t good and his performance felt uncomfortable. I think Josiah has peaked, his performance last week was good, and this week just felt like a ripoff version of last week performance. I think Danielle can sing her butt off, but I feel the same way about her that some feel about Judith. She has a voice and nothing behind it. She has no connection to anything she thing she sings. Her performances always fall flat, they feel robotic almost, so I’m not a fan. The Swon brothers are a snore fest, so was Amber and Holly. I think the Swon Bros are still around because Blake continues to over sell this duo. For some strange reason, it’s kind of a big deal to have this duo make it this far. Holly and Amber can sing, but they’re generic and boring, I’m not wowed by anything they do anymore. I think the coaches, specifically Usher, really need to work on song choices. He sabatoged Catia with the Whitney song, all of Vedo’s song choices, and Josiah’s. He really doesn’t get it, but Shakira, I love her dearly, but gave the worst song choice ever! WTH, would you choose a BSB song???? She sealed his fate with that song. But outside of that, I enjoy Shakira and Usher, I really love them as coaches, and even the chemistry that they have with Adam and Blake, they make it fun to watch. Not thrill with Christina coming back. Cee Lo I don’t mind, cause he’s way too sexy!

  17. TC says:

    I’d be shocked if Amber went home tonight. She has the best voice, followed closely by Judith

  18. mamamitzvah says:

    I know I’m late to the party, but work was insane. IMUHO:
    Holly Tucker A …reminded me of Allison Krauss.
    Judith Hill A…Bad song choice but she slammed it.
    The Swon Brothers A…Quit picking on the boys.
    Amber Carrington B Just missed being terrific. Is it the singer or was it the song?
    Sasha Allen D…Do not like the song and very screechy.Candice did it better.
    Josiah Hawley UM, No Grade. He’s adorbs, but no great shakes as a singer. Did his mic go out?
    Danielle Bradbery A…. Nice version of a great song. I would love to hear her do “18 Wheels & a Dozen Roses”.
    Kris Thomas B…Nice job. I just don’t know if it was enough.
    Sarah Simmons A…WOW!!!.
    Michelle Chamuel A….She is one of the top three to beat.
    Again, just my un-humble opinion :)

    • paula says:

      You could’ve taken all this right out of my head. I agree with every word–The Swons were fun as usual, WOW!!! Sarah, Sasha (Candice), Josiah LOL! Danielle is vacant, Michelle rules, etc.

    • HTGR says:

      Just legit curious how does Sarah get A and then Sasha gets D for screechy/screamy?
      Sarah seemed to do that style 10x more than Sasha. I could understand if you liked one better for whatever reason but that seems curious.

  19. arboretictruth says:

    Are the iTunes votes still cumulative for the finale? If so, it seems there is no stopping Danielle Bradbery (a la Cassadee Pope last season).

    Still rooting for Michelle Chamuel, though!

  20. TonyTiger says:

    Just listened to the studio versions of all the performances. It’s a whole new perspective when you just listen to the vocals without the performance. I was not a fan of Michelle, but she is really good. Swon Brothers really country rocked it. Sasha not so good.
    Just go to youtube and enter idolplay in search.

  21. paula says:

    I would put Sarah’s performance above Michelle’s this time, although I’m usually in love with Michelle to the exclusion of everyone else. This time I thought Sarah really brought it with a rocking performance.

  22. HTGR says:

    I do hate how The Voice busts through the top ten so fast, nobody has any time to grow and it’s easier to get tossed from one rough week (even Amber might have been close to a toss). That is something Idol does way better. Two a week leaving is a bit much (although not as insane as 4 a week leaving the first season!).

  23. L. Horsley says:

    Sarah’s surprising Joplin-tinged rocker was a revelation… and Michelle is JUST-the-very-COOLEST!! :p

  24. marshall says:

    dear michael,

    your attacks on sasha allen remind me of randy jackson’s attacks on haley reinhart.

  25. DaysGoBy says:

    I don’t care for Sarah she seems really fake like Josiah. All thoughs growls and runs it’s toi much!!! This week doing Jessie J she was almost likeable!! I don’t care for her style of singing and I don’t see “star quality” in her. I love Danielle her voice is clear and is effortless! Michelle and Amber are awesome!! The Snore Bros grow on me every week

  26. Roger says:

    Some seem to be obsessed with Danielle’s size and looks, claiming that she is really not a good singer!! Hmmmmmmm!!!?? To those I ask, “Is that about Danielle or about you?” Danielle is young, yes, but she is an awesome singer…… and she connects!! Don’t take if from me, take it from her song sales……… #1 in iTunes Top 100 Country TWICE since the competition began, not to mention that she has been in the top 10 iTunes Top 100 Songs twice as well. As of this past Tuesday, she had all 5 of the country covers that she has done in the iTunes Top 100 Country….And she can’t sing? She is just a pretty package? Get real!!!

  27. Roger says:

    I’ll just stick my neck out and predict how each contestant will finish:

    1 Danielle
    2 Judith
    3 Amber
    5 Swon Bros
    6 Holly
    7 Sarah
    8 Sasha

  28. Roko says:

    Who would have ever thought, MICHELLE would be there on d top! She is just AWESOME! She made that song more beautiful! Hats off to her!

  29. kaba says:

    I’m tired of people saying Judith’s performance of “The Way You Make Me Feel” was a great performance. I honestly can see soo many singers performing it as well as Judith did. It was from anything special aside from the fact that she was singing a song of her former mentor or whatever their relationship was.
    Nothing grabbed my attention about that performance whatsoever