Syfy Renews (and Cancels) Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13 CancelledSyfy has renewed Warehouse 13 for an abbreviated fifth and final season, TVLine has confirmed.

According to our sister site Deadline, which first broke the news, production on the six-episode goodbye will begin this summer in Toronto.

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Warehouse 13 has been an incredible signature series for us,” Syfy President of Original Content Mark Stern said in a statement. “We are grateful to the loyal and passionate fan base and know that Jack Kenny, his gifted creative team, and outstanding ensemble cast will give them an amazing finale season.”

The series’ current fourth season is set to conclude in late June.

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  1. wiggle says:

    Syfy I am imagining greater! Which is why I will switch to another cable provider- Not Comcast, I will change my email provider too. I will Not watch NBC or SYFY. My money, my choice. The cancellation of WH13 is the last straw.

  2. Laurie says:

    Farscape Sg-A, Sanctuary, Eureka, Alphas, Merlin (though planned that way-still sad), Now Warehouse. Gah, only thing left is Lost Girl, Haven and Being Human…they go and “SyFy” can forget this viewer.

  3. rex says:

    WTF SYFy needs to be boycotted and shut them down. Eureka, Firefly, and now Warehouse 13. Good show go away, the BS one keep on hang on. I don’t watch SYFY any more.

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  5. zarac1121123 says:

    NO NO NO! Why are you cancelling WAREHOUSE 13, SyFy?! Not fair! It’s too good of a show! There are no other good shows on SyFy! What are you thinking!

    • Toby says:

      Technically it isn’t syfy that’s canceling wh13 its the people who own it that are cancelling it. And the reason why they are canceling it is because the people don’t like spending money. All they care about is saving money they could care less that the show is successful

      • James says:

        The show is not successful. In the terms of “Profit Margins.”When a show starts out the actors will take in most cases what is offered. As the show begins to bring more and more viewers the actors then begin to want more money.
        The ratings go up and profit margins go down. Less money for bonuses for the big wigs and lets not forget the big wigs wives.
        Take it from a person who worked in TV when suddenly “Comcast” bought us and cut everyone’s salary by 60% those of course that were not fired,

        They syfy/comcast don’t care about want you want.
        You are there to make them richer and when the show you enjoy watching no longer performs that function it is gone.

  6. sai says:

    same with all the good series, once you get properly hooked on, they finish it. they did the same with LAS VEGAS

  7. James says:

    I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. it was a great show till they introduced the claudia character it then went straight down and fast.

    • JeffDJ says:

      So you’re saying the series was great until…the 4th episode? You must not have been a very big fan of the show then. Personally, I think Claudia is a great part of the ensemble.

    • Robert says:

      What a bizarre thing to say. So you watch right up to the end of the series and then say it was lucky to last as long and the one character changed how good this show is/was.!!!!!!

  8. D says:

    Well after they pulled Eureka, there was only Warehouse 13 worth watching. Guess it’s bye-bye Syfy….until you come up with something besides zombies and vampires. You know syfy not folklore, geeze think they’d know the difference.

  9. Dave says:

    Stargate SG1, Eureka, Alphas, Being Human, Sanctuary, Warehouse 13…. Sheesh!!! There goes (went) every reason to watch Sci Fi (Sy Fy) Channel. Goodbye. I’m just not into Searching for Bigfoot’s Ghost at the WWE matches….

  10. Robert says:

    Complete joke that this great show is ending. My family have been glued to all 4 seasons and with so much potential to increase the episodes with the new casts involved why would you cancel it.

    • kowgirl says:

      I totally agree. My whole family watches Warehouse 13, and with all the different artifacts, they have more than enough storylines to keep it going. I will miss Pete, Mika, Arti, Jinx, AND Claudia! Now that they have cancelled Being Human too, There’s only one thing left that we watch on SyFy, (Lost Girl). After that’s gone, we’re done with that channel! Wake up SyFy, you’re losing a lot of viewers!!

      • phil Fensom says:

        Luckily Lost Girl is made by Canadian network Showcase so cant get cancelled by SyFy, Haven is coming up on its 5th season and will be cancelled if SyFy follows their usual practice They now have Defiance and Helix but how long will they run 4 or 5 seasons, Surely SyFy can run more than 4 or 5 original seasons on their schedule

        • Egyptsy says:

          Its not doing us any good to bitch they dont care,,,im just not going to watch the channel any more,,,too many great shows hit the trash bin for me to care any more,,im done,,,

  11. George Perdue says:

    Syfy has tried and failed with such shows as Alphas, Defiance etc. It doesn’t make sense to me to cancel popular shows like Eureka and Warehouse 13 without something in the wings that appeals to the sci fi folks who want some intelligence and humor in their shows. Does anyone know if there is anything out there that’s close. Firefly would be good, but not quite the same.

  12. joan jones says:

    every should quit watching syfy let them go broke ive typed all warehouse13 I love shows like this not the stupit ones they have now

  13. Dominic Boomboom says:

    Are you guys kidding, Warehouse 13 needs to die, this season is so terrible it hurts me to watch. I used to love it but the writing has taken a steep nosedive. Just look at Pete’s hair!

  14. retsim says:

    I am really going to miss this show,have watched it from the start and as with all long running shows it has had it,s share of doggy episodes .But all in all i loved it .So few things to replace these shows with.

  15. Marv Chimie says:

    I too am sad about warehouse 13 leaving. I made a weekly reminder to turn on the set to watch it, if not on the web to watch any missed shows. Will be sadly missed, I hope syfy will reconsider and continue with the show…

  16. Samantha says:

    Super sad to see this go. All the shows they have now stink. I loved eureka but was able to deal with that cancel because of warehouse 13. They didn’t leave a likable series to substitute this time around. Totally not into vampires and whatnot. Ugh. Though I would be a little appeased if they made a eureka or warehouse 13 movie like they did with stargate

  17. Ray Thrasher says:

    warehouse 13 was the best show on syfi . the actors were great .they played off each other so good I think they could have done a few epesods with out a script. sad to see them go.wont be watching syfi as much anymore.

  18. Robert says:

    Thanks syfy at least when u pull the plug on a show you finish it with a proper ending please keep it up !! And other networks take a leaf out of their book !!!!!

  19. Cheryl says:

    Love Warehouse 13 – another good show being cut – what a shame.

  20. Sandra Marshall says:

    Another lost great

  21. Heartbroken by show cancelled says:

    I’m so sad to see this show go. It has been years since I’ve seen a show this ingenious. :(

  22. Tim says:

    Loved it but alas it is gone. Liked that at least they made a fare

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  26. levi john says:

    Sad to see it go. Brilliant show, excellent concept. Nice to learn a little history while being entertained.

    • Charlotte says:

      yea well Librarians is a take off on warehouse 13 and so in MY opinion they cancelled 2 good shows for one TAKE OFF SHOW,,,remember they also are cancelling Falling Skies to steal Noah Wiley away for the Librarians,,and they cancel the warehouse 13 for the space,,so two shows gone for one SO SO SHOW,,,oh well

  27. Becky says:

    Loved “Warehouse 13”!!!!!
    “The Librarians” reminds me so much of it, wondered if that’s why it went away. : (
    I would definitely watch BOTH. ~

  28. Mathew Bartlett says:

    This sums up modern day tv, it no longer works to create brilliant series for fans to enjoy its now all down to money which begs the question whats the point? Amazing shows last a couple of season untill profits slowly average out then die with hundreds of thousands sometimes millions o people frustrated and angry while terrible fake reality shows thrive. isnt tv and film about creation of ideas fantasy and putting them into art tht lives on

  29. Mike Bukolt says:

    Great show so of course you got rid of it I won’t watch any of the other crap you put in its place when I get time off I watch TV but only great TV

  30. Paul durso says:

    Just realised ffs…. Why didn’t they just ask the millions of people who love the show if the would contribute to the funding. I would of paid. IF I HAD BEEN ASKED

  31. Hannah says:

    Please bring back warehouse 13, I’ve watched the series 3 times and can’t believe it always has to end!!! Please, please, please make a come back!!!

  32. Nancy says:

    When Haven gets cancelled – as I’m sure it will since it’s been on for 5 seasons – I’m done with Syfy. Has ANY show ever gone beyond 5 seasons?? I’m so disgusted by all the NON-SciFi shows on here…

  33. A. Munro says:

    This was a wonderful show. It is sad they cancelled the show. I really enjoyed it.