Syfy Renews (and Cancels) Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13 CancelledSyfy has renewed Warehouse 13 for an abbreviated fifth and final season, TVLine has confirmed.

According to our sister site Deadline, which first broke the news, production on the six-episode goodbye will begin this summer in Toronto.

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Warehouse 13 has been an incredible signature series for us,” Syfy President of Original Content Mark Stern said in a statement. “We are grateful to the loyal and passionate fan base and know that Jack Kenny, his gifted creative team, and outstanding ensemble cast will give them an amazing finale season.”

The series’ current fourth season is set to conclude in late June.

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  1. Mandi says:

    Oh Syfy, you continue to disappoint me. I can’t fathom why you would cancel such a great and humorous show. Shame on you. *shakes head*

  2. Alex W says:

    Who is running syfy channel now there is nothing more to watch I see the end of syfy just around the corner. I know the end was coming when they started airing wrestling,I still question that and now they keep throwing up all these reality game shows. It reminds my of back in the day when cable had techtv(great channel) then the name changed to g4 and tech shows got replaced with reruns of cops and ninja warrior now g4 is gone. Looks similar first it was sifi airing great shows like farscape stargate dr. Who etc. now it’s changed to syfy now what do you have reality game shows that have nothing to do with science fiction like exit pitchblack face off that build a set show highly scriped ghost hunter shows and I think two more shows are coming. Well goodbye sifi channel R.I.P. At least I have Fallen Skys which is not on syfy

    • Mary S says:

      Syfy is now owned and controlled by NBC, home to some of the most idiotic, out-of-touch network morons on the planet.
      They program to demographics alone, regardless of the ratings of a show. They cancelled Harry’s Law, the highest-rated show on the network, because its audience was NOT IN THE 18-49 demo. They are too stupid to realize that the Baby Boomers, the LARGEST generational group, are now over that magic 49, and we want some intelligence and humor in the shows we watch. So, they have now gotten rid of Alphas and have cancelled WH13, leaving nothing worth watching on this network … if I am wrong and there is something else, please tell me!
      I’m down to one show on NBC, too. And it also has a short final season coming up.
      The shows that remain are perfect for the demo they seek…nothing too involving, intelligent or thought-provoking, just a lot of reality shows that have no redeeming qualities that I can find….but perfect for a shallow group of folks who don’t want to have to get involved with a storyline or great acting. (NOTHING PERSONAL, there, folks. They know their audience and play to it, while the rest of us find something substantial on other networks.)

  3. Ryan says:

    This show was the only reason I watched SyFy.

  4. Chance says:

    Hey syfy a good solution is in the ending claudia becomes the new caretaker and you create a spin off called warehouse 14 since there is a new caretaker and its the same thing but with claudia as caretaker :) I would totally be ok with warehouse ending because of that

    • Carla says:

      Thats a good idea and it works for the reason why they would be cancelling it. I hope thats the plan.

      • Mary S says:

        “It works for the reason they would be cancelling…” Do you know the true reason? I presumed it was because one of the leads would not be coming back…If the do a WH14 and keep Claudia, would the rest of the cast have the option to stay, or would they all be gone? I have really been wanting to know why the decision to cancel was made. Is it because of one actor or several?
        OR, was it because NBC execs are not certain they have cancelled all the good shows and alienated all their viewers and are trying to put the final nail in the coffin of their careers? Syfy was an excellent network with interesting and involving shows UNTIL NBC bought it. Like so many men who fall in love with a woman who is perfect for them, they got married (made the purchase) and immediately started changing her (the programming that brought the viewers who made it a great purchase).
        NBC stockholders need to get a grip and replace the Board of Directors!

  5. Kay F says:

    I loved the show. Please give us a worthy ending.

  6. corfy says:

    I just wanted to point out that season 5 nearly didn’t happen. With the second half of the series starting three months earlier than normal and being pushed back to a later timeslot, the producers and cast was extremely concerned about the show’s future. They all made a big push leading up to the return to encourage fans to watch the series. Saul Rubinek (Artie) repeatedly said he wished he had an artifact that would show exactly how strong the Warehouse 13 fanbase really was. That encouraged several fans to organize a “Renew Warehouse 13” campaign, which producer Jack Kenny gave at least partial credit for the renewal. But the writers had to get together to start working on writing season 5 before the renewal announcement came, and it was only about a month before filming needed to start when the announcement was actually made (so they waited until the last minute). After the renewal announcement, Eddie McClintock (Pete) posted on Twitter that this was not SyFy’s fault, as they fought “tooth and nail” for the series.

    Warehouse 13 is, by far, my favorite show on TV, and one of my top three favorite shows of all time. I’m really going to miss it when it goes away. At the same time, I’m thankful the series is returning and the producers, writers and cast have a chance to end the show on their terms. I would have been furious if the final episode of season 4 turned out to be the series finale.

    • Mary S says:

      So, Syfy fought to KEEP WH13, but the new owners cancelled it. In other words, NBC bought (acquired) Syfy because of the great shows and fanbase, then promptly started changing it by cancelling the shows that viewers loved and replacing them with cheap imitations of shows, just for a profit. Let’s hear it for the greed factor in large corporations!
      The execs at NBC are total morons. I don’t know how they got their jobs or how they keep them, but they are destroying a thing of beauty that once was Syfy.

  7. Karen Marino says:

    Another Boomer who is so disappointed about W13 and many of the other shows on one of my formerly favorite channels. Seems once past that 49 year old demographic you just disappear as a customer. Really quirky shows like W13, Eureka, Alphas, and Sanctuary really made the Sy Fy channel worth watching as they had some basis in the Sy Fy genre. Is wrestling now a Sy Fy experience?? Not in the same category one thinks. Luckily the BBC still thinks people over 49 have Sy Fy interest – Dr. Who anyone? Orphan Black. They get it. I just wish Sy Fy did.

  8. Joel Case says:

    Maybe the powers at Syfy just don’t care what the consumers of the products that are advertised on their channel think. They have a long history of ignoring fan opinions and viewing habits; sometimes it seems that they look for the most popular shows so they can kill them. Fans of Warehouse 13 should write to these advertisers & let them know that we aren’t going to buy their products if Warehouse 13 doesn’t continue.

  9. alfred c morrison says:

    Warehouse 13 should not end with season 6,come on you guys are loosing viewers with all these dumb shows your about to start,I am about to cancel my subscription to syfy,your not what you used to be way to many crap shows and programs that have nothing to do with anything scary.
    Sorry but you guys suck now.

  10. Brad Greenwood says:

    That’s it for my family, SYFY! Even if you manage to snag another high-quality program, I won’t watch…so you can cancel it when watching it becomes a family tradition. Hopefully a network with non-brain-dead exec’s will pick the show up. Their are legions of people who feel as I do. Absolutely ****-for-brains network leadership!

  11. matthew christensen says:

    Why get rid of a show that everyone likes it gives ncis a run for its money and it been on forever so why end a good show with a great storyline like freakin csi Miami it just stupid you know

  12. Lyndon Couch says:

    you know i dint start watching warehouse 13 till last year but this was because i missed the first 2 season’s and i needed to get and watch it before i watched it weekly [ i do this with all shows i want to watch that look amazing and not want to miss anything]
    i watch season 3 and season 4 and now i find a superb show that has so many directions and potential story line’s is being canceled
    this is totally and utterly stupid they have slowly built up a show to a point where they could really do something with
    what the matter are the new show’s that flopped and burning a hole in ya pocket’s need more advertising to try and push they ratings up so you cancel the tidy shows so people got no choice but to watch the flop or turn over to another channel

  13. Rageim says:

    Sy%&^&^$&^Fy is going to be the new CW with the way that they Fox progams up . The channel used to be worth something but put the Way Wrong people in charge and People will find their entertainment elsewhere and spend their Hard earn dollars elsewhere too

  14. Art Myers says:

    love the show…sorry to see it go

  15. larry says:

    I agree with all the comments. Warehouse 13 showed originality. Same thing NBC is missing.

  16. Jeffrey says:

    Hey, it’s NBC! The people who cancelled Star Trek! Lets not forget that… Like they spoofed on Saturday Night Live, except for ONE television network, the Enterprise found intelligent life throughout the universe.

  17. Maz says:

    Reblogged this on The Nerds Uncanny and commented:
    Well crap.

  18. Eglyntine says:

    If they had not have messed with the time slot and made Defiance after WH13 there would not have been a ratings drop at all. Plus it does not help when they go on hiatus every time someone important from the past sneezed or there could be a holiday somewhere in the world. So many stations are doing this with shows now and contrary to the fanboy sheep that kiss the stations’ bottoms all of the time, the majority of their viewers are fed up with it. Of course they do not listen to the “complainers” because they think the blog followers are their major audience when I think the ratings of a lot of popular shows dropping is proof that they are listening to the wrong audience.

    But once again, instead of realizing they are doing something wrong and listening to their main audience they just cancel the show and add another stupid reality show to the mix. I have cancelled all but the basic cable package and now I do not watch a show until it has been on a couple of seasons or I watch it on Amazon Prime so I do not have to be inundated with 30 minutes of commercials vs 15 minutes of program. Nor do I have to be frustrated anymore because of 2 week hiatus lapses in any series. These TV stations are not hurting anyone but themselves. Ppl will always find another alternative if you continually screw them over.

  19. Eglyntine says:

    This quote from Syfy and Creators of Eureka had this to say about Eureka being cancelled. It is probably a good indicator of why Warehouse 13 was cancelled as well and why Syfy is going more the reality show and hardcore violence route than it has in the past:

    Executive producer Amy Berg clarified that the decision to cancel the show was made by Comcast, the controlling partner at NBCUniversal, which owns Syfy.

    Quote: “Everyone is asking why. It’s simple, really. We are the network’s golden child in every way, except profit margins. Fact is, #Eureka is an expensive show to make. And we could not maintain the quality of our show with the cuts it would take to make us profitable for Syfy’s new parent company. Our creative execs at Syfy fought hard to keep us. Trust me, they LOVE us. We just couldn’t make the numbers work.”

    And there you have it. NBC messing with one of the best channels on Television because they have piss poor marketing strategies, listen to the wrong audience and their interference of programming is turning Syfy into just another drooling, uninteresting channel. Just like NBC!

  20. Doug says:

    It makes no sense to me but Sci fi and other channels continue to destroy quality programming. You would think they would talk to us first. Let’s see Heroes, the Cape, Eureka, BattleStar G, Sanctuary, Taken, (that one really ticked me off as they left us hanging). Can you remember other good shows mostly clean that were dropped before its time?

    • Doug says:

      Think about it. Why can’t another network pick this show up or renew a show like Eureka. Disney bought Star Wars why can’t someone buy Warehouse 13?

      • JeffDJ says:

        I agree. Why couldn’t the production company that makes, say, Lost Girl up here in Canada, take the reigns of W13 and save it from its unfair doom?

    • Joshua says:

      Doug. I remember a wonderful show that was dropped before it’s time. A lil Joss Whedon project known as Firefly.

  21. Doug says:

    Here is another thought. The folks who end the show ALWAYS use the excuse that it is too expensive to keep the show going. Well can’t they figure that out ahead of time to make sure they have a budget for the shows continence OR maybe not make the show so darn expensive? But don’t make shows you cant support says this disgruntled fan.

  22. I just discovered this amazing series (Season 1-3) on Comcast Xfinity Streampix. Watched them straight thru then rented Season 4. I am very disappointed to hear there is only one short season left. This is one production that should go on for years!

  23. Joshua says:

    Ok. So I’m absolutely fed up with SyFy/NBC .After reading about half the comments I can’t help but wonder why we don’t all copy these remarks and send them to the f***heads running the networks? Sounds good to me . Unity gets sh*t done. If nothin happens, send them again and again.

  24. This and Eureka and Haven .. the only shows I watched on syfy … I hope they know they are losing the people who actually spend money on the things advertised and are only keeping the children and lazy comic book readers … making certain the station will go the way their good shows went … shame on them for not asking the viewers what they actually want to watch …

    • Jolene says:

      I’m all for it, but to who and where? Personally, I didn’t get much of a chance to watch anything on SyFy cuz it seemed like any time I turned it on they had Defiance on. Guess it’s cheaper to cram a new show down our throats than keep a tried and true show that already has viewers.

      • Mary S says:

        I learned a long time ago to just set the DVR to record “Any Day, Any Time” for the shows I love. I have no idea how I got along without that darling device!
        If you get cable, then your provider should “provide” the DVR at no additional cost. If it doesn’t, then change providers!!
        I still have the series finale episodes of Newhart, Smash, Alphas, House, Harry’s Law, The Borgias, and Leverage. As I buy the DVDs I will erase them, but in the meantime I can watch them at any time.
        I never miss a season premiere, either, and kept the season finales of NCIS, Bones, and Warehouse 13 to watch again before the shows premiere in the fall.
        Seriously, I highly recommend getting a DVR!
        As for losing Warehouse 13 altogether, at least they were nice enough to warn us, instead of waiting until the last two episodes, like they did for The Borgias…and, you may recall, they ended Harry’s Law and Law and Order with no warning at all. Yes, I know that all of these shows were on different networks, which just proves that NOBODY really cares about the fans.
        Syfy is owned by NBC, which could stand for Not Being Considerate (of our viewers) or Never Been Clever (with our programming choices)…

  25. rusty says:

    Love the show

  26. Does anyone know where a person might do something to say this is NOT a show to be canselled? Personally I am a little ticked off at syfy. The cancel WH13 and Eureka plus many others. But they are running wrestling. I have found that most Syfy fans dont watch wrestling and those who watch wrestling only watch Syfy during that 3 hour block and then leave.

    I also wish they would create a Syfy chanel like nik did with TV Land.
    Play the old stuff. Personally I like Syfy but not low budget horror. Yet many of you probably do. But I think think Syfy Classics would also be a watched chanel as well.

  27. You stupid team says:


  28. Bill Taylor says:

    SyFy with shows like Eureka and Warehouse 13 and Haven was one of the few reasons to get cable or satellite TV. We just switched from satellite to cable to try to get more shows that are not infomercials. The cable programming is starting to look lack luster also. We may just stop using cable and satellite and use services like Netflix and get local channels over the antenna. I believe that cable and satellite are heading for the graveyard if they don’t stop getting rid of quality programming and filling it up with junk programming and infomercials. I can remember when cable promised quality programming without commercial interruptions. Those days are definitely gone.

  29. Courtney Gray says:

    Ugh this is so frustrating! This is one of my favorite shows, and of course they had to go and cancel it. Not to mention how RIDICULOUS it is that the final “season” is only 6 episodes. The only shows I tune in to SyFy (so much better when it was SciFi) for are Warehouse 13 and Lost Girl.

  30. mike says:

    I believe that everyone agrees that werehouse 13 should have a better ending than 6 eps on the fifth season.I would be better if there were 20 or 22 eps like seson 4 and believe me werehouse 13 it has been watched by millions around the clobe i’m from Greece and i see it.PLEASE DON’T GIVE SUCH A PITTY ENDING GIVE WEREHOUSE13 A SUITABLE ENDING

  31. kp top says:

    they give us show look ghost hunter scare factor not these show are so dumb in fact warehouse is the only greast show you have the other show so fake your ghost show are fake they never show a ghost only some fake noise and the actor face so when warehouse 13 goes i go, im not watch you facke show good bye and thanks for the fish

  32. kp top says:

    nbcare cheap @@@@@ ps i usef222

  33. Marcus Mattingly says:

    SyFy sucks. I never have forgiven them for cancelling Farscape. Then I got into Eureka..cancelled. Now Warehouse 13 is their latest victim. How can they expect us to invest time in their programming when they keep murdering the shows we enjoy? Screw them.

  34. Rick Thompson says:

    maybe the show can go internet. It would give it a wider audience for those who don’t get or care to watch ScFy. Holy cow, I need to call SyFy now, I just spotted Yetta in my back yard.

  35. Josh says:

    Please don’t end the greatest show! It’s amazing. Bring it back with a bang show SyFy how great you are or just move to channel 4,5,7 if I was them I would give you all the time you want

  36. Chris says:

    I am very disappointed with the SyFy channel. Warehouse 13 was one of the best shows on TV. Great stories and actors.I have been able to get people hooked on it recently and they love it! And I have to tell them it has been canceled. Very disappointing! But SyFy and NBC seem to think people want to watch those fake reality shows. They just dont get it!

  37. vel says:

    First Eureka , now WH13… :(

  38. what all the fans should do is watch those six episodes like we’ve never watched the show before and maybe they will see that we love the show to much to get rid of it..just maybe

    • charlotte says:

      not me,,im black listing SyFi channel,,i have had it with them canceling all the good shows just to keep crappy ones,,like wrestling,,and reality shows,,if i want reality i will shut my tv off and go outside,,,i have learned to hate syfy,,i got nothing for them any more,,this trend towards canceling great shows started with SG1 and continues on to now,,i hope they crash and burn,,they deserve it,,maybe THAT will wake them up,,,

      • Mary S says:

        Canceling great shows is nothing new to NBC, which now owns SYFY. … But, I will watch the last 6 episodes of Warehouse 13 just to see how they wrap it up…when those are gone, so am I. Actually, I don’t even have to watch the network to learn when the episodes will be aired, because my DVR is set to record it, “Any Day, Any Time”…

        • charlotte says:

          well if i want to see anything like this i will just wait till i can get it some OTHER way,,im fed up with all the cancelations,,stuck up people are into reality shows,,i think they stink,,oh sure they were cool in the begining but now they are all alike ,,,see how badly you can gross people out and throw out the ones that gross out the easiest,,and the most disgusting people win big bucks,,,just what we needed to do,,,pay morons for being moronic,,,

        • Sable says:

          I have my DVR set the same way so I won’t miss any episodes. I also have it available on Netflix streaming so I can rewatch all the show episodes, and I do. I knew we were in trouble with this channel from the time they changed their name to the meaningless SyFy and it became part of NBC. It’s shameful. .

  39. Robert Brown says:

    I remember The Si Fy Channel from the days when it had great programing as well as little if no T.V. ads. As if the commerical overkil isn’t bad enough. Now the new SY FY channel is filled with really poor Quality programing, repeteing over and over, and yes! OVER, They
    even have gone as far as broadcasting Annime and Wresting , all the while any programs with a sliver of quality are canceled as soon as they begin to find there following. they clearly have inept decision makers when it comes to programming. Robert

  40. why dont you cancel wrestling instead

  41. Honestly? This is EXACTLY why I ditched my satellite and started watching the shows I enjoy via digital content providers (generally Amazon streaming). I am sick and tired of the networks, especially NBC Universal, futzing around with the day and time slots of my favorite shows, then canceling them. I utterly refuse to be a puppet and dance to their tune and at their whim. I watch what I want to watch, when I want to watch it and much prefer to decide whether to watch a show or season of a series after I’ve found out if the scriptwriters, producers, studio and network have completely FUBARED the story and characters. Syfy, Sci Fi, whatever they want to call themselves, is the worst offender for completely screwing up a series and making me wish I had never watched certain seasons of favorite shows at all. I refuse to watch anything of theirs in first run and wait until at least a full season is available and know whether or not it has been renewed before I bother to watch it via a digital content provider. No more tv shows with characters and plot lines left dangling over the proverbial cliff without resolution for me.

    As far as Warehouse 13 goes, I’m mid way through season 4 and will probably not watch the last 3 episodes of season 4 until I find out what these yahoos are going to do with the characters and the rest of the series in the much foreshortened season 5. I found out the hard way with Stargate Atlantis that sometimes it’s just better to completely ignore some episodes, or even entire seasons, of a favorite series and save myself the heartache and letdown.

    In a nutshell, this little rant is to say that Syphy can go frell themselves and the creature they rode in on.

    • Carole says:

      I have noticed that anymore once series reach the 5th year they are gone no matter what. I am assuming that after 5 season’s if you can call what they do now as seasons they are eligible for syndication. So we can either look forward to losing series’s after a season or two like “Alphas” or “Caprica” with no warning closure or if a series is lucky enough to make it five years being canceled for that. Is there anything the fans can do besides just saying to hell with SyFy? I am tired of it.

  42. Lilwoof says:

    Sad to hear Warehouse 13 is ending with a shortened season 5. Not surprised tho. WHY do we keep TRUSTING SyFy when they prove time and time again they can’t be trusted. I’m actually surprised the show lasted this long. Oh well, another time-slot they can fill with Wrestling (soooo science fiction huh) or some other version of Ghost Hunters or knock-off reality TV show … Science Fiction … imagination … SyFy evidentally has none.

  43. jason says:

    they do need to make room for more ghost hunting shows and low budget alligator movies and don’t forget wrestling that also belongs on syfy. they get rid of the good shows to fill the slots with utter crap

    • Mary S says:

      NBC is out for the money, like all good reepubs…they do not care about content or serving the fans. They do not want to pay the writers, actors, set designers, special effects people or anyone else connected with a truly quality show. All they care about is the bottom line and cutting corners from the wrong places. The best we can hope for is that some other ibtelligent network will pick it up.

      • Maybe if we hit their advertisers bottom line by letting the ones whose advertising pays SyFy’s bills we won’t but their products anymore when they cancel good shows for junk. Hit them in their pocket book, money is all they understand

        • Mary S says:

          We need to tell them that AS LONG AS they continue to sponsor the shows we love, we will continue using their products, and that we will make note of who they are…when the show goes, so will we. On the other hand, the sponsors may not have any more control over programming than we do; all they can do is buy the time that is offered to them. REMIND THEM: If they buy time on shows we hate, we will never SEE their ads and will not be able to do business with them, thus lowering the value of those shows and ultimately costing the network those advertising dollars.
          How do you think swifty limbaugh lost so many sponsors? The audience wrote to them and told them they would be boycotted if they continue sponsoring such a person. He might have won some of them back, but not many…

          • charlotte says:

            i quite agree that the way to fight this is in their wallets,,however getting enough peoplle to actually DO this is hard,,most people just bitch and complain and do not take any action at all,,dont just gripe,,,follow through with lots of letters and really DONT BUY THE PRODUCTS they sponsor ,,,heres the problem though ,,,most advertizing is dont on multiple cannels so how will the sponsors KNOW that its THAT program that is the cause of the drop in their sales,,,how,,,YOU HAVE TO WRITE THEM and tell them you are boycotting thirr products and for what reaslon,,the power of the pen is amazing,,the power of wishful thinking isnt anything,,,get the pens out ,,get the keyboards out and WROTE WRITE WRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Cindy Ebner says:

    I’m so sorry to see this one go. Of course, the network made it difficult, too few episodes, too long hiatus and generally didn’t seem to care about it’s fan base. I’m going to think twice about getting hooked on any more SyFy shows.

  45. Neil says:

    I agree that much we enjoy it leaving. I followed this for ages. Like Eureka, Alphas, Atlantis etc. The thing about Warehouse 13… I use the phrase Mrs F did… endless wonder. There are infinite storylines because the artifacts could be ANYTHING. How you can cancel such a show is beyond me.

    At least it gets a goodbye but rather keep it on until the FANS say it’s old

  46. Neil says:

    I agree that much we enjoy is leaving. I followed this for ages. Like Eureka, Alphas, Atlantis etc. The thing about Warehouse 13… I use the phrase Mrs F did… endless wonder. There are infinite storylines because the artifacts could be ANYTHING. How you can cancel such a show is beyond me.

    At least it gets a goodbye but rather keep it on until the FANS say it’s old

    • Jane says:

      Agreed they are canceling all the good Syfy show, I mean come on with alphas that was good the had a great season ending and just left it. Real they thought it was not Syfy enough? were else would they play something like that? Now all I will be left with to watch is the numerous crime shows they have out there and Dr. Who. 😢

  47. alyssa says:

    I don’t understand it. Their rating can’t be low, and how can they run out of ideas? There are countless item they could turn into artifacts. Most of the ones on the show I’ve never herd of any way. We should start a petition to save the show. O keen come on it is my very favorite show, it can’t die.

  48. Paul White says:

    Isn’t it more than obvious. NBC’s short attention span when it comes to owning the Syfy channel. Once they lose interest in anything that doesn’t have any potential, it goes, especially Warehouse 13. They are not the right company to own the Syfy channel and need to go. We need someone who love’s their science fiction to own the Syfy channel, who has a long attention span and the patience to see all Science Fiction shows through, even if they do lose potential over time.

    • egyptsy says:

      yea,,lol lets all chip in 10.00 and buy it for ourselves and run the bloody thing right!!!! lol

      • Mary S says:

        For that, I could even come up with $100. Now all we need is 1,000,000,000 more to do the same thing…think $100,000,000,000 would be enough to buy it? Actually, all we need to do is end up with 51% of the stock and we could control NBC plus Syfy and anything else they own…Whatcha think? Want to start a “BUY SYFY” fund? ;))

        • Derek Gibbs, UK says:

          Instead of pipe dreaming, constant boycotting of the channel might have more traction. Especially if the advertisers start getting the jitters, belive me the execs will start to take note.

          So in short, pester the advertisers, the channels etc, then boycott the channels. If enough of you were to start to do this it MAY have some effect (although in reality they don’t give a damn).


          Des (a totally bitter SiFi (yes, I spelt it correctly!) fan), Norfolk, UK.

          • Mary S says:

            I do all the things you mentioned, plus I post on the FB pages of the various networks.
            When it was first on my channel line-up they had it spelled SciFi; then NBC bought it and they changed it to Syfy. I originally thought it was a science network, like the Hist channel is about history, FAM is family entertainment, and so on.
            I just happened to be scanning for something to watch one evening and the title Warehouse 13 captured my attention. I read the description, saw who was in it, watched about 15 minutes and set my DVR to record any day any time. Then came Alphas, which I loved and which only lasted two seasons. I never got into Haven or any of the other shows that others on here have talked about…I had watched Being Human on BBCA and so I started with it on Syfy, but I really liked the Brit version a LOT more (what can I say? I like the accents!)….so I watched both of them and noticed the scripting differences and similarities. Now that the BBCA has cancelled theirs, I can still see the US version, which I like but am not certain where they are taking it.
            I have posted both on the network pages and the show pages. I have sent emails to all of them and I have called them. What I haven’t done is complain to the advertisers, because after the show is off the air I don’t remember who sponsored it.
            When I like a show I buy from the sponsors if I need the product. But they sponsor so many shows they don’t really know from whence the customers come, which really makes it difficult. Besides which, based on what I have read, the sponsors don’t always know where the ads are placed, anyway – rush limbaugh is a really sleazy radio person and advertisers were being called by listeners to say they would never buy the product ever again if they continued sponsoring that idiot. The advertisers were shocked to learn that their ads had been on his show. SO, calling advertisers may or may not be effective.

  49. Danny says:

    Why this the best series ever I won’t see this channel again

  50. tanya says:

    Oh Goodie!!!! MORE GHOST BUSTER SHOWS! Ooh! Ooh And wrestling! And cage fighting. And golly maybe we can even get a sciffie reality show! The housewives of the ghost busting crews and psychic detectives! I hate their idiot owners. They ruin everything.