Syfy Renews (and Cancels) Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13 CancelledSyfy has renewed Warehouse 13 for an abbreviated fifth and final season, TVLine has confirmed.

According to our sister site Deadline, which first broke the news, production on the six-episode goodbye will begin this summer in Toronto.

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Warehouse 13 has been an incredible signature series for us,” Syfy President of Original Content Mark Stern said in a statement. “We are grateful to the loyal and passionate fan base and know that Jack Kenny, his gifted creative team, and outstanding ensemble cast will give them an amazing finale season.”

The series’ current fourth season is set to conclude in late June.

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  1. Charlotte. says:

    Why cant they cancel the utter crap that is Lost girl and all the people trying to act in it can give their money to WH13 and we can all be happy?

  2. Grifon says:

    Everything Rockne starts usually get cancelled prematurely, it’s a pattern of his associated GREAT shows. Great to us, but for some reason the TV networks contonue to do stupid things.

  3. Rick Taylor says:

    Syfy began a few years ago by insulting every fan they had by rebranding from Sci Fi to Syfy because they didn’t want to be associated with the people who actually watch their programming. Losing Warehouse 13 is the last straw for me. I will no longer support a television station that hates their own viewers. I understand that shows do have to come to an end but Syfy cancels every good show they have in order to make room for more “reality” tv programmes and lowest common denominator shtako. I urge every thinking individual to boycott Syfy until they either go bankrupt and go away or realize that fans of SCIENCE FICTION, for whom the station was created, deserve their own channel and quality programming to watch on it. Congratulation Syfy for being an American failure. An experiment in letting “jocks” in charge of “nerd” programming. I hope you all die in a tragic football accident. Maybe someone will film it and put in on reality television, that would be fitting. Don’t you think?

  4. John Knight says:

    Typical. Create a great series with a superb cast and excellent plot lines. Then kill it off because some greedy Mr Buck Meister can’t see beyond his wallet or the possible long haul continued success. The script writers could have kept developing this series endlessly. Maybe the shareholder might consider cancelling his or their decision making permanently. A seriously annoyed fan of the series.

  5. Sable says:

    It’s time for all the programming executives to go back to their playpens, pacifiers, and blue blankets.

  6. Frank says:

    I this was the last straw. Syfy (parent NBC) can go frak themselves. I’m done watching this channel. When it first areived it was full of shows that really spoke to my inner geek. Now it has wrestling and fake ghost hunter reality crap on it. There is absolutely nothing left and honestly I’m tired of investing in a show only p have it yanked like this. I have started to wait until a series shows up on Netflix where I can watch it completely without having to go through this stupid waiting game of when it’s going to get the axe. Syfy, you simply suck. You had one job, And you just failed.

  7. Derek Gibbs, UK says:

    Well said Frank, I and thousands of other people totally agree with you. Enough is ENOUGH !!!!

    Sanctuary was almost the last straw, but now Warehouse.

    Why can’t they take international sales into account. In the UK Warehouse was well supported!

  8. W13FAN says:

    This show has gotten better with age whereas most gets tiring. Alas the show has gotten great and yet they cancel it just as it is getting really great. Why Syfy do you keep doing this can keeping not so good shows?

  9. W13FAN says:

    They also should take into account that the fanbase has grown just look at Comic Con where they started in a very small room and last year was in the 2nd biggest room filled with fans of the show. They cancel it just as it it getting really good and the fan base is growing?? I am hesitant to watch any new show on any channel because unless they are already established it is weary to get attached for fear of cancellation. The networks wonder why they lose viewers/fans?? Just look at the execs own stupidity for the answer.

  10. D.A. Warren says:

    “Warehouse 13 has been an increadable signature series for us” but, for consistency, we need to put another crappy “unscripted” reality series on the schedule.

    I had hope when they added Continium and Defiance, that maybe SyFy had started reading the mail. And planned to make up for the Stupid Cancellation of Eureka I guess i was wrong.
    I can’t bring myself to get past five minutes of any of the Sleezy reality series on SyFy.
    Sometimes I feel like i am living. TV version of “The Producers”. Bad Scripts, DList hosts and really silly concepts. I used to watch the Satrday night made for SyFy movies for laughs but even they are gone. I will moved to Chiller. good vintage repeats beat really bad new shows every time.

  11. orian says:

    why are they cancelling warehouse 13 can’t they just put it on some other channel.

  12. brian says:

    If they really knew what they were doing Warehouse 13 would be in a new prime time slot and NOT BE CANCELLED. It is the best show in the line up. When it goes – I Go and I know there are thousands that feel the same way. What a shame….

  13. Syfy is getting rid of really good shows no wonder why its the lowest …man this show was my favorite of anything I ever watch …warehouse 13 should go to bbc with doctor who n etc

  14. charlotte says:

    i am so fed up with SciFy canceling great shows,,,i dont understand their stupidity, they cancel good stuff bring on more reality crap and leave us with nothing 9 months of the year,,WTF!!! i hope they go under completely they deserve it more than any other channel in history,,how stupid can you be,,,

  15. Topher says:

    I understand everyone’s anger. I like the show too. But the phrase “You can never go home again” exists for a reason. Where is the show going to go? How many more times is an enemy going to come out of the woodwork to endanger the Warehouse? Can the consequences be any larger than endangering the entire world populace? This show has been building every season. Just like a fireworks display it requires a finally. Do we really want another X-files style fade away? Just to keep going and going until there is nothing left to love and you end up disliking what you once thought was fantastic? Or would you rather have seen Mulder and Scully bring about some conclusion maybe find Samantha or at least what happened to her… I digress. Secondly, Anyone remember what was canned to get WH13 on the air in the first place? Its not like SciFi had dead air they were filling. TV shows come and go. If you lived under BBC domination they would mostly last only 2 maybe 3 seasons and be gone. (Some notable exceptions) There will always be new shows to love, that’s what TV is all about. Let’s be thankful its going to get an ending instead of a beheading.

    PS FYI, SciFi was not possible to trademark, copyright, or something and SyFy was… no nerd hate… just marketing.

    PSS I agree with the need for reality TV to reduce its role, but its cheap and the dollars rule in America. As long as The People keep watching it it will continue on. (Get ready for more Backwater Bumpkins Listens for Bumps in the NIght.) And Joe Rogan investigates… what a load of…)

    PSSPS Seriously? WTF(rak) is wrestling doing on SyFy? I’ve never understood that. Or watched it… is one of the wrestlers an alien or something? could be a tie in…

    • Diane Spivey says:

      Topher – I totally disgree with your opinion on SciFi shows “running out of story lines.” Sure, no show can go on forever, but a prime example of one I would STILL watch if it were still on is Stargate SG-1. One of the marvelous things about scifi stories is that there are virtually no limits to plots and characters, etc., BECAUSE it is SciFi! Afterall, why is Stephen King so famous….and why does he keep cranking out books? The genre has no limits and that’s why so many of us love what ends up on the pages of a good writer’s script! Another example of a fantastic, long TV series is Dr. Who. I only became a dedicated Whovian a few years ago, while Christopher Eccleston was the 8th Doctor…and have been totally captivated ever since. And like Warehouse, there is no limit to what can be accomplished with great writing— from other-worldly aliens, some dangerous, some amusing, to heart-felt stories. So, yes, SyFy (or as some are calling it, SighFie) – shame on you for not only letting your fans down, but stupidly losing yourselves a bunch of money if you would do it right! Sad :(

      • Mary S says:

        Why would they have to put the Warehouse in danger again? Isn’t the purpose of the team to protect the rest of us from malicious artifacts? They’ve saved the world several times already, and those are my favorite episodes. Surely the writers could create some new artifacts with potentially dangerous consequences that the team could find and render useless.
        Couldn’t they step back from being personally threatened to the time when they were protecting the rest of the world?
        I do not understand this tendency to continually escalate the ‘impeding doom” storylines, unless they are ready to kill off the series, in which case it make perfect sense. Not that we want the series to end, but how else could they logically take it away from us?
        On the other hand, if the series were to be picked up by another network, they could have a new beginning under better circumstances…

  16. James says:

    You have got to wonder if the new show SyFy will bring out is Warehouse 14 with Claudia as the new Caretaker…

  17. JuliaD says:

    Seriously!!! Common…….why do you guys keep doing this. You have good characters that people have grown to love. Why cancel a good thing and from the looks of things. I am not the only one that agrees. Stop the stupid reality shows and tv shows and let us have quality entertainment for the whole family.

  18. Scott Morlanne says:

    Gosh…I love this show. Production quality not the best but the acting and quirky humor were great. It was the perfect compilation of characters that just complemented each other. These shows will never get 3 million viewers it is for a niche audience and I wish SYFY could just understand this. Those of us who watch are dedicated and diehard.

  19. sandra says:

    love warehouse 13 I hate reality shows a ghost hunters and all those stupid shows like that and another network is canceling my other favorite show body of proof ugh :-( why are they cancelling shows that potentially could have good ratings if they would air them properly kind of sadkind of sad

  20. Larry Miller says:

    Ending because u waited too long to air following seasons. SYfy sabotaged the show! First it was Sanctuary, now WH13.

    Thanks a lot!

  21. toni says:

    if they cancel my warehouse 13 i will no longer watch the syfy network i’m tired of them taken the good shows off and leaving the crappy ones so i guess after season 5 i will no longer care whats on syfy

  22. jt says:

    I’m glad to see so many people as upset as I am. I’m so heartbroken Warehouse 13 is being cancelled. I think if SyFy would have kept W13 on a consistent schedule, viewers would have known when it was on. Instead the season air dates were always different and timeslots were moved around. Sadly, once a show has been cancelled there is little to no chance of it being reinstated. I was hoping Warehouse 13 would’ve gone at least seven seasons, while hoping for more. I guess this means Warehouse 12 won’t be released either. I miss Warehouse 13 already!!

  23. christine says:

    I only just discovered Warehouse 13 and have watched 4 seasons in less than 2 weeks and now you tell me that it is finishing in 6 episodes. OMG WTF and any other expletive acronym that you can think of.

  24. Ryan says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me?! I literally just convinced one of my coworkers to start watching WH13 this morning! After singing its praises, she was so excited she already had her husband add it their DVR . Ugh! Epic fail.

    Hey SyFy…here’s a hot tip:
    How about you stop focusing so much on the numbers and start focusing more on what your fans want because without us you’ll ALL be out of jobs. Bet you’ll view that all-important “bottom-line” a little differently if that happens…just sayin.

    • charlotte says:

      its getting disgusting what they cancel and what they choose to put on,,,reality reality reality,,,what a hunk of crap,,if i wanted reality i would just leave my tv OFF

  25. rick says:

    syfy was bought. now it’s the bean counters. they’re chasing the bottom line. eureka was actually making money, just not enough!

    here’s and idea. screw syfy. don’t watch any of their stupid shows anymore. they cancel shows that make money and don’t let good shows have a chance to build an audience (alphas). all they are doing is chasing the buck. they figure it’s easier to get people to watch a new series to check it out and make money that way. revolving door.

    STOP WATCHING SYFY! they’re not going to change! bean counters never do.

  26. MP says:

    This is ridiculous! I love W13 and am a devoted fan who waited (im)patiently through the amazingly long gaps in seasons. No wonder ratings are down there are months between seasons and even within seasons! As a high school student who works very hard, I can also say that changing it to 10 o’clock makes it very difficult to catch when a new episode airs. This is one of my favorite shows- I have loved the story lines, the characters and their development, and pretty much every other aspect of this great show and it is extremely frustrating to see it cancelled. I am very disappointed in syfy for ending W13 and I am fed up with all the crappy ghost/paranormal shows, in which action rarely occurs and is minimal or fake when it does.

    • charlotte says:

      I totally agree with you,,everything is being replaced by reality tv,,,if i wanted reality,,i would just shut my TV off,,my life is more than enough reality for me!!

      • Mary S says:

        And, the reality of MY life is so much more POSITIVE and enjoyable than the nonsense on most of the (scripted, heavily edited) reality shows, why would I bother watching people be rude and nasty to each other?????
        The cooking competitions are fun, though…anything that spotlights the skills and talents in the competitors’ own area of expertise, and lets them be judged on what they produce, whether it’s a plate of food, a garment, a dance routine or a song performed well, without the nastiness and sabotage of those other wastes of airtime and my time, will get my attention and the advertisers will have an audience for their commercials.
        I am hoping that the Warehouse will be able to save itself for another season, but the idiocy of the networks is beyond my comprehension and we will probably lose it, like all the other quality shows.
        Has anybody come up with an explanation for why they are letting the Warehouse implode? Is one of the leads going to do a movie? Is someone pregnant? What’s the story here, Michael?

        • Sable says:

          I agree with just about every word you wrote, Mary S. I get no enjoyment from seeing people being rewarded for the worst in human behavior and thus watch almost no reality tv. Like you, I do enjoy shows where people demonstrate their skills and talents and the reality show drama is missing or kept to a minimum,

          SyFy since its inane name change has gone the way of A&E and Bravo, dumping quality programming for stupid reality schtick.

  27. knossos says:

    To cancel a show with declinig ratings/viewers is a normal process, but with Warehouse 13 it should not go this way and not that fast, despite or because the actual main character has the same name as the founder of the evaluation model, which now kills the show.
    Warehouse 13 has humor, style, good and likeable actors, interesting stories and locations, and is sometimes thrilling. There are good actors, nice scripts, fine guest stars, interesting and far-fetched stories and premises, mostly well, when not, from time to time, brilliantly executed.
    Furthermore, it’s potential is far not exhausted by now.
    There could be a lot more stories and artefacts, a lot more problems to solve, for at least two or three further seasons.
    People of all ages do like W13 for one of the characteristics mentioned above.
    And maybe somes kid are motivated to find out the truth about historic events and persons occuring in the show, like the Count of Saint Germain (superbly depicted by James Marsters), or now Paracelsus, who was of course not a rude alchemist but an ambitious medical doctor (Agrippa von Nettesheim would have been better as he was more an experimenting alchemist than Paracelsus).
    Why the ratings really declined has to be analyzed and then there have to be taken the proper measures to correct, which I would locate in better storytelling/scriptwriting/evolving the charcters and so on.
    To throw away a gem is of no good for the thrower. And W13 is a rare gem of a show that is simply engoying the audience., especially when it shines, which occurs not so seldom.

    What I mainly hate about this decision is that there seems to be no way to continue the show on another channel. They cannot go for a Warehouse 13.1 or 14 (which should be then located in China ? sorry for the little joke) say, on NBC or Fox, if Syfy won’t let them, and they won’t for sure.

    I think there should be a huge outburst of resistance against the cancellation of W13. Only this could make the Channel rethink and renew. Please, people, do something about !
    (and please excuse my bad English)

    • Mary S says:

      Ratings declined because they interrupted the season, then changed the day it’s on. I would not have found it, except my DVR is set to record “ANY DAY, ANYTIME” so I never miss it, ever.
      It’s the same thing that NBC does to get rid of a popular show: they change the day and the time and don’t advertise it. OBVIOUSLY the audience will fall off, just because they don’t know when it’s on.
      Did they change producers? Did someone tick off the programming director? Did a romance end?
      WHY WOULD THEY DELIBERATELY KILL THE RATINGS?????? Because it WAS a deliberate act on the part of the programming department. You don’t take a great thing and arbitrarily move it, hide it from its audience, for no good reason. It may not be a reason that anyone else would understand, but it is there, nevertheless. And we, the fans, are the ones caught in the crosshairs of the fight.

  28. brantleybaptistchurch says:

    Eureka, Merlin, Warehouse 13….RIP good television

  29. Cheryl says:

    I am highly disappointed in the cancellation of Warehouse 13. There are shows on SYFY that I would love to see go. Too many good quality shows have been cast out, Eureka, Alphas etc. This is one of my favorite shows.
    Defiance should air at a later time, so kids can enjoy the adventurous Warehouse 13. This is disheartening & a bitter end to another great show! Shame on u SYFY!!!

  30. charlotte says:

    Its a shame they all want to compete with the top shows,,,taking over an available not so competitive time slot would WORK,,thursdays and fridays i have to watch CRAP because there is NOTHING worth watching those nights,,how many times i have griped about losing Scfi friday,,,i used to think it was the best night on tv,,now there is NOTHING ON,,,warehouse 13,,,and two other great shows,,,like Lost Gitl and Eureka would have benn GREAT on friday night,,anyway we can all talk but then NOBODY LISTENS TO US!!

  31. S ebert says:

    I think basing show success upon the 15-30 ages may be an issue…… This age group no longer has the disposble i come they base their advertising sales upon. Nielson et al has not changed their demographic points, in keeping with economic times, leading to only reality shows directed at an advertising group that really does not control the spending.

  32. dan t says:

    I’m done with this channel. Warehouse 13 was the only reason to even turn to the Syfy channel.

  33. Jared Pavao says:

    Congrats syfy…you killed off your golden egg

    • Mary S says:

      I agree completely! I only watched Alphas (cancelled earlier this year) and Warehouse 13. When the Warehouse is shut down there will be no other reason for me to ever tune in to Syfy again. It will have to be a truly spectacular show to catch my interest, and unless they advertise it on one of the networks I DO watch, I’ll never know about it

  34. Candie says:

    I don’t normally comment on sites about shows, however, I am really upset about Warehouse 13 being cancelled. I began watching this show on Netflix, along with Eureka, also loved that one. I have been unable to watch this season on tv because it is on at the same time as other shows that I watch. The repeats of it are on in the middle of the night. It is no wonder ratings have dropped. We do not have DVR, so can’t record it. Luckily I can watch episodes on SyFy’s website. From reading others comments on here I found out that SyFy is owned by NBC. Knowing that made me realize that it is no wonder there isn’t anything worth watching on there(SyFy) besides WH 13. In my opinion, NBC is the worst network out there. Although the sad truth is that there are very few programs worth watching on tv in general. So sick of reality and wrestling. None of it is real!! Warehouse 13 is a show that everyone can watch. There is no sex, violence or cursing. Why take away one of a handful of decent family friendly shows? We need more shows like it, no matter what the cost.

    • Mary S says:

      Oh, well that explains a lot! We already have figured out that NBC doesn’t like seniors (witness the cancellation of Harry’s Law, just because most of its viewers were in the 49+ demographic) and now I learn that NBC also supports Rush Limbaugh, one of the most idiotic and biased men on the planet. IMO, anyone who likes Rush is not going to like WH13 or its viewers; therefore it must be cancelled!

  35. Sable says:

    Now, to add insult to injury and go from the sublime to the ridiculous, this network has apparently ordered another Sharknados (if that’s how you spell it) movie. They say their viewer loved the first one.

    Is there a working brain cell among those on their payroll?

    • charlotte says:

      ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? i watched it,,it sucked,,who the hell are these people they are talking about? cause nobody i know likes Sharknado,,it was stupid and worse made its fans look like idiots

      • Mary S says:

        I would not have watched it if I HAD heard of it before the airdate. who thinks up these lame ideas? Eleven-year-olds? Actually, my 11-yr-old step-son had a much better imagination that that!

    • Mary S says:

      All is explained when we remember that Syfy is owned by NBC..(Never Been Clever)…I don’t know who their target market is, but it’s certainly not anyone with a brain!!
      I think they are programming for their own tiny mentalities……at the 12-year-old level..
      OMG I wish I were rich! I’d buy the network (or at least enough shares to be heard) and FIRE every one of those nitwits.
      They are really being short-sighted by ignoring the 49+ demographic. Pretty soon we will rule the world – at least, we will outnumber the twerps! Heck, don’t we already outnumber them?

  36. Armando says:

    This is ridiculous… More and more cancelations of really awsome shows I’m 22 and in london this show is global and believe I am in their key demographic so why cancel a show that’s made to capture the attention of people like us it WORKS syfy if It ain’t broke don’t cancel it! I’m truly outraged and the funny thing is its this sort of clueless cancelling that gets people like me to tune out! Never the less thanks for a great show bummer it won’t be around after season 5 but I’m sure your ratings won’t reflect popular demand syfy because your viewers have no say rite… Big mistake

  37. Doc Ross says:

    SiFi always does this; look back to the beginning of SiFi produced programming; they get a great premise and then fail to pursue maintaining it. I love the other comment here about just leaving any given show ‘dangling’. I remember when only their movies seemed incapable of resolution once they’d used up the special effects budget. I am finished with SiFi; at least the old “Big 3” plus Fox have regular seasons and stamina.

  38. kayce says:

    Why is is the show being cancelled? If they’re giving us a finale 6 episodes WILL NOT CUT IT. The quality if this show is amazing and the story line is like no other. Again, WHY is it being cancelled? Once season 5 is over and Warehouse 13 is official gone Syfy will no longer be of use to me.

  39. i.sara says:

    I´d see a spin off with HG Wells and William Wolcott (Jamie Murray and Gareth David Lloyd)

  40. I was just introduced to this show by a friend so it was a luxury to watch seasons one through four without commerical interuption and at my own leisure. My husband and I LOVE the show (age 30 and 33 respetively). We have a daughter, but she is only an infant so the whole family-tv-watching-experience does not pertain to us. But, we are upset that the show is being cancelled. I love the storylines and laugh-out-loud scenes…The show will be missed…But on the bright side, at least it’s ending on a high note…? (although not by choice, like Seinfeld).

  41. Healing says:

    I’m stunned. Warehouse 13 is my favorite TV show ever. And it is my wife’s favorite also. This is one of the most interesting innovative shows I have ever seen. Love the characters and the stories. So sad to see it go. Is there anything that can be done to save it?

    • Mary S says:

      If we knew WHY it was being cancelled, maybe we could do something. But we don’t know why, just that it is. I did see a ratings sheet somewhere on here that showed the audience dropped during the mid-season break from 1.8million viewers down to 1.3…but I could be remembering incorrectly. I found the stats very soon after hearing this terrible news.
      @Michael Ausiello- can you enlighten us? Did they switch nights and times on us just to lose viewers so they could cancel? They seem to have painted everyone into a corner, but, this is the Warehouse, where miracles can occur with the right artifact!

  42. Dean says:

    they kill off joanne kellys charator i will personal fly to the states and knock the person head clean off…..sorry but after reading the comments i am not happy….wh13 was proberly the most amazing show in history of tv (only my opinion) most bloke will (secretly) admit we had a crush on joanne including myself, even alison and genelle are stunningly beautiful, the story line and the people made you want more. how many of you shouted ‘no’ at the screen when se4 had it mid season break. i know i did. even my other half love pete and jinxy. im going to be sorry when it ends. peace to you all sorry if i offend. these are just my own opinion.

  43. Allen W. says:

    People, I am as unhappy as the rest of you with the cancellation of WH13. Obviously SyFy has a thing with 5 seasons and out. I guess it’s now to be expected for all their future scripted shows. And, despite being a huge Eureka, WH13 and Haven fan, I lost no sleep over the cancellations of Alphas and Sanctuary and wondered how they even saw a second season with their declining ratings. As much as you want to accuse NBC of being disconnected with their sci-fi fan base remember, Fox cancelled Firefly after only 9 episodes and Fringe after only 4 seasons. Talk about a network that doesn’t know good programming! At least Fox was willing to admit it was all about money. I was also a huge fan of Enterprise and it only lasted 4 seasons as well. 5 seasons of Warehouse 13 is starting to sound like a good deal. Just don’t be surprised when Haven and others also only make it to the 5 season mark. What’s the answer? Possibly lower payrolls would be a good start. WH13s increasing character base couldn’t have been cheap and every season the main characters see an per Ep. increase. Remember the last few seasons of SG1 when all of the inhabited planets were wooded? Payroll was so huge they couldn’t even afford to wormhole to a planet with buildings! Cable company budgets are limited. I don’t think a single person out there, who knows how a business runs, would do it for free or less because their customers liked their product so much. If you would, please let me know the name of your company so I don’t mistakenly invest in your stock.

  44. Judy says:

    Can someone PLEASE tell me why a show like this gets cancelled yet the Simpsons can stay on for 20+ years. I’m sorry I just don’t get this. I love this show!

    • Mary S says:

      The Simpsons is a cartoon. No actors, even the voice actors do several characters each. It’s CHEAP. WH13 had good acting, interesting scripts, and a certain number of special effects. All that costs money, and, as one commenter noted, whether we like it or not, the networks are here to make it, not spend it. That’s why we are losing excellent quality shows with real acting, skilled writing, and talented performers (singing, dancing). And, maybe some shenanigans are going on behind the scenes, like the show is beloved by the wrong demographic group…Harry’s Law was the highest rated show on that stupid network, but the 18-49 year-olds didn’t understand it and so they didn’t watch it. They’d rather watch cartoons and ridiculous reality shows that have no substance and no reason to think about anything beyond the latest thrill or catfight.

  45. Jack says:

    Disappointing last season but was still worth viewing. It deserved at least a final full season. Guess they needed the money for sharknado 2. Only one left on this network is Being human for me we will see how long that last.

  46. ozzie mederos says:

    And why is sci-fi channel is call syfy channel also use to have good old sci-fi. Tv shows even old battlestar galactic and new just like also star trek enterspire

  47. Chris says:

    You ………………… Why do you stop this Tv serial? It is probably one of the best ever made.Are you crazy there?Producer broke?Boo hoo. Let me guess money problem. Then STOP make series that you can’t afford till the end.Same with the new episodes of Knight rider and other examples. ENOUGH.

  48. a good browncoat ;-) says:

    I’m a definite anomaly – I don’t watch anything until it comes to Dvd. I do, though, buy the whole series then, season by season. I did that with BSG, Caprica, Merlin, Eureka, Alphas, Warehouse 13 and more. After Eureka, I was disgusted. After Alphas, I said I wouldn’t invest in watching any more new SyFy shows unless I saw big positive changes. Warehouse 13 was definitely my fav (except BSG) and my final litmus test. I will buy whateever abbreviated and probably relatively high-priced finale they push out for this one, but then, as promised, I’m done. Ah, memories of Fox! And oh, the money I will save! Boo hiss & byebye SyFy…. And hellloooo to Joss & SHIELD!

  49. a good browncoat ;-) says:

    Oh…and I knew something was off & you were reaching when you brought in Marsters and Tony he’d, but how very, very lovely to see them again!

    Oooo, I’m going to have soooo much more to spend on Classic Who now! :-)

  50. Bas says:

    Do not stop this great show pleaseeeeeeee