Syfy Renews (and Cancels) Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13 CancelledSyfy has renewed Warehouse 13 for an abbreviated fifth and final season, TVLine has confirmed.

According to our sister site Deadline, which first broke the news, production on the six-episode goodbye will begin this summer in Toronto.

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Warehouse 13 has been an incredible signature series for us,” Syfy President of Original Content Mark Stern said in a statement. “We are grateful to the loyal and passionate fan base and know that Jack Kenny, his gifted creative team, and outstanding ensemble cast will give them an amazing finale season.”

The series’ current fourth season is set to conclude in late June.

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  1. Breck says:

    Sigh….another one of my favorite shows bites the dust…..Syfy continues to get rid of quality…..

    • True, but at least you are getting closure. Nothing worse than investing multiple years into a tv show and it getting cancelled without a proper ending.

      • Dianne says:

        I hate it when storylines are left dangling.

      • but only 6 episodes is stupid they should have given us atleast 10 or 12

        • JP says:

          would rather they kept season 4 at 13 eps and gave 5 a full 13

        • Harriet says:

          WHY ARE THEY ENDING THIS SHOW???? don’t tell me the ratings are low because there’s no way I would believe that. i know so many people who watch it–esp as it’s one of the few shows you don’t mind your kids seeing. it’s my favorite show. and six final episodes???? shame on them. i think they should have lengthened the seasons to 22 episodes (like “real” shows; i remember when it used to be 36). i am completely bereft.

          • Jo says:

            Totally agree ……
            As soon as I find a really great show and get hooked ,it is cancelled !
            If more effort was put towards promotion and less into trying out so many “new” shows (which rarely are aimed at the audience ,who is left dangling after being loyal viewers, ) then great shows like WAREHOUSE 13 would be able to continue . It is one of the only shows which shows imagination whilst showing history, science,literature , etc and is able to viewed and enjoyed by all but the youngest of children.

          • bill says:

            totally hate them cancelling wharehouse 13 one of few shows my whole family enjoyed and could’nt wait for new one.wish i had a say in it!!!

          • Chris says:

            Almost everyone I know who is a fan of the show thought it was cancelled halfway through Season 4. I didn’t find out that Season 4 had restarted until more than halfway through the second part of the season. They changed the timeslot in my area, and didn’t have any advertising presence for the show besides an occasional commercial on SyFy. I don’t normally watch the channel except for W13, so I never saw the ads.

            Many friends of mine were in the same situation, nobody knew that 4 had even started back up after they did the mid-season break.

          • Kristine says:

            SyFy is notorious for cancelling series in or just before a 5th season. Farscape. Eureka. Stargate Atlantis. Now,,,Warehouse 13. Originally produced series follow the same path on this network. The only exception to the rule is Stargate SG1–and that’s because it was acquired after airing on Showtime for several years..

          • lizzy says:

            I think there is a lot of radings just that syfy dosent like the show

          • graham571 says:

            good on yer mate, am with you all the way

          • Toby says:

            No it wasn’t cancelled because of ratings it was probably cancelled the same way Eureka was cancelled the actors were getting payed to much. Stupid reason to cancel but that’s the reason why Eureka was cancelled

          • Toby says:

            It isn’t actually syfy thats cancelling the show its the the people who own syfy which is comcast

          • Mary S says:

            So, does that mean Comcast owns NBC? I have been under the impression all along that NBC owns Syfy..

            @Michael – can you clarify this for me, please? I’ve been blaming the execs at NBC, but if they are mere puppets following others’ orders, I’ll have to cut them some slack…

          • Toby says:

            Looks like I was wrong NBC does own syfy Comcast is just a subsidiary

          • Comcast owns NBCUniversal, which owns both NBC and SyFy, among others.

          • Mary S says:

            At this point it really doesn’t seem to make any difference which is the parent corp…ALL of them are run by those who are more obsessed with reaching the demo group 18-49 that they are basically telling the rest of us to watch other networks, they don’t want us, they don’t need us, and we can take a long walk on a short dock.
            So, whether NBC is the parent or merely takes orders from Comcast, someone is making some really insulting decisions for fans of shows on both NBC and Syfy.
            And that’s ok. Don’t they realize how many choices we have??

          • amy leeva says:

            i think sotoo i love warehouse 13 and don’t like that it’s ending and even though i’m only 16 i think that their should been 22 to 36 episodes and at lest 13 or more seasons i’mso sad i’ll miss it it’s going to be hard caz when ever it’s on and when it’s done and gone apart of me will go with it

            cheyenne oates

          • Cancel this but still put out for crap like sharknado wth. Man I am going to miss Warehouse 13, but thank god they gave it an ending….. though it leaves you thinking there will be more.

      • Brad says:

        Totally agree… case in point was Alphas. Why does syfy keep cancelling really good shows and leaves crap ones running?!

        • leiah says:

          Syfy is run by a bunch of idiots, apparently. They get a good thing going, great customer response, so of course that means they have to cancel. Give them an idiotic program, and they are all over it. It just stinks.

          • Mary S says:

            Remember: Syfy is owned by NBC, the biggest bunch of idiots outside politics! One of these days they will realize that the Boomer generation is the fastest growing generation in the nation and that before long, there will be more over-60’s than under 15’s…and then who will be their audience, since they keep cancelling the shows we watch? And, who do they think controls the purse strings: the parents or the kids???

          • mmartian says:

            Remember: Syfy is owned by NBC, the biggest bunch of idiots inside politics! One of these days they will realize that the Boomer generation is the fastest growing generation in the nation and that before long, there will be more over-60′s than under 15′s…and then who will be their audience, since they keep cancelling the shows we watch? And, who do they think controls the purse strings: the parents or the kids???

            fixed it for ya
            your welcome

          • Kevin Breen says:

            Maybe they are idiots who just can’t understand SF unless it’s giant crocosaurus or something. W13 was probably too deep for them

        • Phantasy Concepts says:

          Because the illiterate wrestling fans scare them into keeping the wrestling on the air.

      • joel says:

        when the time slots keep getting moved, and families respond to a great show, cancelled!

      • Vanessa Thompson says:

        OMG another great series ended!! They started with Eureka and now this. Am so pissed off, every time I find a programme I love someone takes it off leaving a crappy end and my bum sitting on a cliff top!!!! Another disappointment!!

    • katrina says:

      I wish they would air Warehouse 13 before Defiance. Defiance is no show for the kids!

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I agree that Defiance is not for kids but I guess I don’t see why it’s a problem. Just don’t turn the TV on until after Defiance is over :-)

        • I think the point is it’s airing so late now that many kids have gone to bed by the time WH13 comes on.

          • Rob Davis says:

            Amen. That is the point. There was a time adult fare was at 10 et and pt and 9 ct ONLY. That way kids could see something less than the violence and gore prevalent at all hours now. Just turning off the TV as suggested seems to say if you don’t agree with me go away. We won’t go away. It’s just as much OUR TV as it is anyone else’s. Personally I’m pretty tired of “my way or the highway” attitude of some commenters. It only parallels the problems our country is having right now. What happened to common sense and kindness toward one another?

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Oh now Rob, don’t take my comment and put a hateful spin on it. If her point was that WH13 is aired to late for her/the kids then she should have said that. It’s not on that late in my area so that didn’t even occur to me. How I read the comment was that she preferred her children not be subject to the violence of Defiance while waiting for WH13 to come on, sheesh.

          • Phantasy Concepts says:

            OnDemand. streaming episodes. There are many ways to watch programs when you want to watch them. I do not have a problem with new programs from time to time, but I do wish they would give the WWE its own channel and make all wrestling fans subscribe there. I wish they would give horror movies their own channel and not subject us to psycho dramas instead of the Science Fiction shows that we love. Oh wait, they do have those channels, so why the Hell do we have to watch that crap? Answer: Science Fiction is a dead genre. Oh, it isn’t really dead, but the hope is gone from science. The innocent quest for life outside our planet is gone. The innocent searching for the betterment of mankind is gone. The innocent quest for knowledge is gone. We are stuck with the defeatist attitudes of people who only want to make money from science. If the study of the stars was profitable, we would have more people going into the business of astronomy. If we had commercial space platforms, we would have more people learning physics, astronautics, and so forth. The truth is, we do not. It is too costly to put a person in orbit. It costs too much to land someone on the moon. That is what our government space programs have taught us. Science fiction is a dead genre because science is dead. And yet… BBC America still shows new episodes of Doctor Who, they created Orphan Black and Torchwood, and they continue to create new programmes for us to watch here in America. Fox has Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow. NBC has Grimm. CW has Arrow, The Tomorrow People, Star Crossed, Supernatural and I can’t tell how many former shows.ABC has the Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland shows. CBS has Person of Interest and Intelligence. TBS has Falling Skies. AMC has The Walking Dead. Not counting HBO, Cinemax or Starz, there are a lot of programs on television channels other than SyFy that are what should be on the Sci Fi Channel. Why aren’t they? Well, it probably has to do with the big ‘rebranding’ NBC put the channel through a few years ago. They took a channel that had a dedicated, but kind of small group of loyal viewers and made it into a mainstream channel, filled with the same garbage that pollutes the airwaves on dozens of other channels. When that happened, science fiction writers managed to sell to other stations.

        • John says:

          And/or watch something else judged as more appropriate that had previousely been recorded? If there’s a blank spot of fare that I find watchable I’ve always got a backlog of other watchable things on my recorder. Season passes of all the favorite, approved, shows gathering recordings for convenient viewing is a nice feature of dvrs. Much more accessible than back in the day of those alwys chaotic VCR tapes that I swore I was going to correcrtly label, someday…

          So make Tuesday at, 7 P.M. “Warehouse 13 time” or whenever it’s more suitable. OR pause a week and watch the previous weeks WH13 at 9 on Mondays…. or 9 Saturday mornings. Speaking of VCRs, I expect a very affordable option would be to grab one of those for timeshifting a select show or two.

        • Tiff says:

          If it not for kids there parent should be watchin them so dont come wit that bull its not for kids. Kids expreance worst thing at skool then they do at the tv.

        • Mindy says:

          Agree. My kids n I got hooked on this show and will miss it. Not as clean as I would like but I think the closest they will ever see. Refreshing to just be based on SyFy n not sex.

      • A.Rae says:

        I know, my kids were very much disappointed when they moved Warehouse to 10 PM, because previously, it was a show we could all watch together… I know that I have consistently forgotten to watch it this year, Mondays at 10 just don’t work for me at all…

        • BabyFirefly says:

          I agree, one of the best things about Warehouse 13 is that it’s kid friendly without making me want to gouge out my eyes… Hard to find these days. Why are they cancelling one of their top rated shows? Or have the rating fallen since they pushed back the time?

          • corfy says:

            Unfortunately, ratings have fallen a lot this half season. Not counting DVR playback, the first episode of season “4.5” had what was then the third-worst ratings of any episode in series history. The next episode was the worst rated of the series, a title it only held for a week, when this week’s episode took that spot. The move to 10 p.m. really hurt the show. I’m just glad SyFy decided to give the series a proper finish instead of cancelling it outright.

          • Kevin Breen says:

            For a “SyFy” network they don’t understand that the future is here. Ratings are meaningless when most people watch it on DVR, On Demand, Hulu, Netflix or Amazon. Some even wait for the season DVD release to watch it all. Without considering all of those, they have no idea how many people are watching.

        • John says:

          DVRs fix that.

          • Rob Davis says:

            Once again shortsightedness. SyFy is owned now by NBC (really the mega cable company Comcast) and since they’re on bottom they will do anything to bring violence and gore to FCC allotted airwaves (sometimes called in the ancient tongue, Free TV). You shouldn’t have to DVR a program just to have something everyone can watch because the blood and gore has gone to prime time early.

          • Simon Jester says:

            @Rob – The FCC does not regulate cable networks.

          • John says:

            Rob- I was simply referring to time shifting so one doesn’t have to choose among competeing shows. Nothing to do with violence and gore, or celebrity, or endless teen angst and shipping just that dvrs empower us being selective in general. Freed from the vagueries of ANY broadcast schedule.

          • jg says:

            Not everyone can afford a DVR. And the show is not posted like it is supposed to be to on demand.

        • KA77899 says:

          I keep forgetting to watch it at 10:00 too. There isn’t any other programming on Monday nights which is must see TV for me so I’m usually curled up with a book by that time. And, yes, we probably are the last family who doesn’t have TIVO, or a DVR to record it.

          • Fingerlakes Dave says:

            OK. I’m new here. I’ve read some of the posts.
            1) If you don’t own a Tivo or a DVR, most cable channels repeat shows multiple times throughout the next week. That reason just doesn’t hold water. Multiple times is one of the ways you resolve recording conflicts on your Tivo! (Except for the Major networks, they’re Too Smart to do replays during the week!).
            2) NBC are the “brains” who renamed the SiFi channel the SyFy channel (What’s a SyFy?), and started with the WWE, Paranormal “Pick a Flavor”, Black Out(?), etc.
            3) I’m not sure Warehouse 13 is that “kid friendly”. Older kids maybe. Teens for sure. 9PM is probably the earliest I would recommend.

            I’m signing off for now.

        • Mary S says:

          How could you forget this show??? If you don’t have cable or satellite with a company that offers DVR service, then change service providers!! The DVR, once set, will NEVER forget a show’s airtime or day, no matter how many times the network changes it. LOVE my DVR!!!

      • Bernadette says:

        I so agree with you! Warehouse 13 is much more family friendly, but putting it in the 10pm slot kills that family time with this show.

        I imagine that’s why the ratings have dropped since they returned in April.

        • Harriet says:

          figures–nbc losers strike again. it’s so stupid to cancel a show b/c you (network moron execs) changed the time slot. and why on earth nbc would put a family friendly show on at 10 PM is beyond me. it should have been on at 8 or 8:30. i don’t like the other syfy shows–now i know why. this is the same network which RUINED Heroes and was too dumb to keep Southland.

          some dimwit at nbc didn’t like the show and so decided to kill it by changing the time slot. wish i knew who it was so we could all send protest emails.

      • graham571 says:

        Defiance got to slow, started felling asleep.
        unlike Warehouse 13

    • Amy says:

      I could not have said it better myself. Syfy is really starting to piss me off! They keep canceling quality scripted shows and replace them with crappy reality shows.

      • First Eureka, then Sanctuary, now Warehouse 13! I’m beginning to lose hope in Syfy! Less “reality” type shows please and more quality shows! I’m growing weary of ghosts and haunted things.

        • Rook says:

          Yeah it sucks but he ratings are down. They’re not gonna keep a show on that doesn’t attract a big enough audience, it could be the best show ever and they still would cancel it. At least we get a final season to wrap everything up.

          • Rob Davis says:

            You’re forgetting that (1) they’ve averaged only 13 episodes A YEAR (that leaves 39 weeks between) and (2) while the present season has (OMG!) 18 episodes, they TOOK SIX MONTHS OFF IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEASON FROM OCTOBER TO APRIL. How are they able to sustain interest and loyalty with such nonsense? The answer is they are not! So of course the ratings will be down. Look at American Idol – they were down 44% on their finale – they (in my opinion) fixed the outcome by only picking girls to finish the season and as they say, the pickins’ weren’t all that great. Customer loyalty, whether Walmart or Comcast, will determine the outcome eventually. And my loyalty demands more from TV productions than they are willing to give right now, apparently.

          • Jazzy says:

            Yeah but are the ratings down, really? Or is it that television executives are failing to realize that more and more people are turning to the internet (yes, even on legitimate websites, like Hulu and Syfy’s website for instance) to watch television. Hundreds of thousands, probably millions, of people. Are these people counted in the ratings by the networks? No. They are using an outdated ratings system for an evolving phenomenon. The Nielson system needs to either be discarded and something new put in its place or be severely updated. Shows that seem to tank on television see some of the highest numbers on internet website. (A soap opera- can’t think of which one- that was cancelled for low ratings was #1 out of all the shows watched on several reputable websites.) Networks are not getting the proper numbers for their shows. Far, far from it. Sadly, they are part of the blame. They refuse to tap into the internet. Probably somewhere to a 1/3 to 1/2 of all their actual viewers are using the internet, and they continue to insist it’s not a viable route to tap into.

          • Simon Jester says:

            @Jazzy – Yes, the ratings are down REALLY. Networks do pay attention to time-shifted viewing, iTunes downloads, Hulu streaming, etc.

          • Mary S says:

            I figured out a long time ago that when a network wants to end a popular show (CSI:NYC and Miami, Harry’s Law, etc.) they simply break up the season, keep it off the air for a month or four, then change the timeslot. RATINGS WILL FALL, as planned, and they can cancel it. I’ve seen it, time and time again. Why they want to end great shows is beyond me, but that’s how they justify it. They are morons, as has been said here, a number of times, by a number of people.
            They are NBC – Never Been Clever….

        • Rob Davis says:

          Ditto. Time to quit watching SyFy — also, if they come up with anything that looks good, check on the internet to see if it has been shown already in Canada or England. Most likely it is a 6 episode only show they bought from the BBC and wasn’t renewed. This is why in my opinion they are ruining television. Hooray for the CW and 22 episodes + of Supernatural. Bringing back Warehouse 13 for 6 episodes? Seriously? Wait almost a year for 6 episodes? Forget them. They deserve only the loyalty they show to their viewers, and they are showing none.

        • Yep. All they have left are ghosts shows. Cheap to produce. F them. All they need is a Kardasian ghost show and they are set. Kardasians. 24/7. I’m going all in on web produced Sci-fi and I hope Warehouse 13 follows that.

          • phil says:

            i agree there is a lot more quality web-produced sci-fi now than whats on the supposed ‘syfy’ channel. The reason they changed names is because they only show a small proportion of true sci-fi shows. VODO’s Pioneer One is just one fine example of excellent web-based sci-fi

        • Theodora Renee says:

          I am so with you and I don’t understand why syfy (1) changed the name and (2) is canceling all of its good shows! Sanctuary, eureka and warehouse 13 where some of the only tv shows I watch and when warehouse 13 leaves, I hope that people still stand behind the show and show syfy it was wrong to cancel it. Take a paranormal out and put quality back in. And yes, when warehouse 13 was at 9 I could watch it without having to go to sleep later. Kinda feel like syfy did that just to push people who watched at 9, to stop watching because it was later, intentionally bringing the watch rate down for and excuse. So sad that it is leaving but yes, I am glad they gave it some rap up. The rap up time will just never be enough.

          • Steve Pelletier says:

            I agree. In addition they can take all the reality haunted shows and stop their episodes today. I hate them. Give me some entertaining well produced show’s and don’t cancel warehouse 13 and similar shows. And as said by many even my kids can watch and often learn something from history. They ask questions. They think! I cancelled my cable membership and view from prime and Hulu. If Nielson and NBC are not taking this into consideration then shame on them.

        • Cyndi says:

          Your absolutely RIGHT…..they just keep cancelling the really good ones as you mentioned….Warehouse 13 being our favorite of all……….sick of the reality stuff… that many people really watch these stupid haunted shows looking for ghost

        • simsglobal says:

          Agreed! Ive nearly stopped watching syfy since they made it entirely about ghosts almost. What makes them better than eureka and warehouse 13?

      • Jim Lawrence-Plant says:

        very true all the TV company’s like to have is very high audience so they push reality shows lots of sport and sitcoms plus syfy seem to prefer lots of repeats what a great channel??by the way that’s what we get in Australia regards Jim

      • Rocket Man says:

        You are CORRECT!!! Many Good TV Shows on the SyFy channel have been Canx due to mismanagement of Time Slots done to Kill and use the Low ratings as an excuse to terminate programs!!!! I HATE these A**holes who have Destroyed my favorite TV Channel with too many Reality Shows and nothing comparable to Galactica,Warehouse 13, Eureka,SANCTUARY or STARGATE SG-1
        Atlantis or *UNIVERSE (*Which was Canx when it was finally getting GOOD)

        • JP says:

          well they had to decide whether to cancel universe before the end of the season and let’s be honest till the last 3 eps it was pretty lousy

      • trgrubb says:

        I think the heart of the issue is SyFy network lost marketshare when they moved Warehouse 13 to the 10pm time slot. Instead of admitting they screwed up and put it back where it was, it is much easier for them to cast aspersions at the audiences saying it was not supporting the show. Therefore it needed to go. What a crock of crapola! Warehouse 13 is truly one of the most brilliant shows they’ve created. It’s just a shame to see it go.

    • Spikenalabama says:


    • John says:

      I’m glad it’s being cancelled while I still enjoy it. Years later everyone knows Seinfeld made the right decision. It’s better to go out in a blaze of glory then fade away into obscurity.

    • Andrew says:

      I was my favorite show…..

    • TVDave says:

      A little late in a comment, but I am stupefied to figure out why SciFi channel has this innate ability to build a new show and then cancel it for reasons unknown. With other “junk” that is on other channels including SciFi sometimes, I can’t figure it out. They even won’t pick up programs that are perfect for SciFi. I guess it all has to do with revenue. Maybe SciFi’s marketing people need to do a better job and ensure good programs like Warehouse 13 and others can have long runs and get rid of some of the “way out” junk.

    • john wallace says:

      why is it channels keep doing this,showing programes then canelling them when they build a fan base,Alcatraz,legend of the seeker,The dresden files,Terra nova,Alphas,Stargate unverse,to name but a few,why is it they think they have the right to play god with what we want to watch.

    • Walt Klauder says:

      How can you cancel this show? A lot of the shows on this network are corny. Wo makes these assanine decisions?

    • Walt Klauder says:

      I don’t think I can watch this network any more. Every show that works get cancelled. This cast is awesome together. I hope they get a movie and crap on syfy

      • payton says:


    • Ed Feldkamp says:

      eureka now warehouse 13. the campy movies are so much fun to watch. but the weekly shows i dvr every week,
      i cant time my viewing to the air time but i follow every episode.
      it is sad to see another good show fail.

    • Jackie says:

      Isn’t that the truth. This was the LAST program worth watching on Syfy. I say good riddance Syfy! You have nothing worth tuning in on. Syfy stands for BAD TV!

    • Trena says:

      First Eureka and now this! I’ve never got online to complain about a show being cancelled. But dropping Warehouse 13 is one of the worst things SyFy has ever done. They are going to lose a lot of viewers this time. Thanks to a dvr my kids could still watch it. We will really miss you Warehouse 13.

    • john says:

      I agree Syfy need a kick up the backside going to miss the show

    • phil says:

      They blame bad ratings but if they had left it in it’s monday timeslot it would’ve continued to have huge ratings but it’s just like syfy, It is a long list of shows they’ve killed: Atlantis, battlestar, Eureka, SGU, Sanctuary, Alphas and now warehouse, I’m just waiting for the Haven cancellation announcement, it seems none of their scripted shows ever last past 3 or 4 seasons with a handful being lucky to last 5 seasons

    • Jessica pateman says:

      They get rid of the good stuff and replace it with rubbish stuff

    • cheyenne says:

      I totally agree Breck. I’m sure they will cancel Haven next. They always seem to cancel the shows I enjoy. Once those 2 shows are gone, I am done with Syfy!

      • charlotte says:

        me too,,in fact i think we should boycott Syfi on principal ,,,im fed up with having no say in what shows come go or stay,,their downhill spiral started way back when SG1 got canceled after a run like they had,,it continured with the loss of Eureka,,which they cancelled not because it was doing bad because it wasnt,,they cancelled it because the profit expenditure ratio just wasnt high enough ,it continued with a list of great shows,,that WERE NOT COST EFFECTIVE,,omg,,well people are sick of this canceling crap,,,im done,,every time i love a show its a goner,,SyFy doesnt care about viewers,,and im tired of loving a show o nly to have it cancelled in one or two seasons,,,i give up begging,,im just going to boycott syfy,,sho now replaces every show with some dumb realigy show,,if i want reality in my life i will just TURN OFF THE TV,,,

    • Jenn Quinn says:


    • John Snow says:

      I agree, they are starting to suck. They dump defiance and they might as well shut down because I won’t watch the station anymore!

    • Carole says:

      I have noticed that the SyFy channel has a bad habit of ending shows after 5 seasons even when they are still popular. I had bets with friends that since Warehouse 13 was going into its 5th season that it would be cancelled. And I won. And they aren’t even giving us a full season. I see no reason to be loyal to the SyFy channel when they aren’t loyal to their fans.

      • charlotte says:

        you are so right,,look what they did with Eureka,,,top peak of the show and cancelled it,,SG1 gone,,,watch they will cancel Falling Skies next,,jerks,,,

    • Wanda Gaines says:

      I thought the reason programs were put on TV was to have a success. Now that they have a success, you cancel the program? Makes no sense, but they keep all these other asinine programs.GREAT……

    • Lucy Blaser says:

      agreed..what a shame !truly a great show..such a pity..;”((

    • Shawn says:

      I don’t understand ending a show like Warehouse 13, with It’s multiple possible story lines & shows left too carry it on into the future of many more season’s, but maybe ( hopefully ) Scifi has another show that will grab our attention as hardcore as it & Eureka & Stargate SG-1 & many others have. I see no true reason to doubt them just yet , though I’m still going to miss my normal regular ( safe ) shows. You go on Scifi, Surprise us again!

    • James says:

      The show was good BC “before claudia”. After she arrived it just kept going down hill and fast.
      I’m surprised it has lasted this long.
      As far as your shows going away. Maybe people should stop watching syfy.

    • nathan says:

      i totally agree, first its Farscape, now this their is so much other crap on syfy. Stick with what people like. it hasn’t jumped the shark yet!!! they better make it a damn good season or there will be many angry fans out here

      • nathan says:

        sorry for typo, Eureka was my favorite, I don’t miss alphas but im done with “Being Human,” “Lost Girl,” and Helix don’t hold a candle to Warehouse 13.

    • Jeffery T. Moore says:

      All Syfy knows how to do is cancel great show. So they can drive the viewers away!

    • leslie says:

      I could not agree more. What they’re not considering with “ratings” is that I watch this online not when it airs. Why are they canceling good shows.

    • Bill says:

      It really sucks that I’m losing warehouse 13 it was one of my favorite shows on sci-fi along with the Stargate series. Who is the idiot decides to cancel our favorite shows and why do they do this it’s ridiculous!

    • Bill says:

      Who are the idiots that make the decision on what shows to cut and where did they get their reasoning on cutting our favorite shows? From Stargate universe to Stargate Atlantis to Eureka warehouse 13 and I can’t even name them all and they replace them with crap what a bunch of boobs

    • Mark says:

      Awesome show worth watching every week, cancel. One of the best shows kids can watch.
      Wonder who is running the show at Syfy…………….

    • Tom O'Brien says:

      Seems like canceling Mark Stern is a much better choice than Warehouse 13!

    • Marlene says:

      I totally agree,I really enjoyed the show and I’m pretty sad that the one episode I just saw was their final show,was there not enough blood guts and gore to keep the rates up,unreal. Hope you guys change your mind and bring it back.

      • Egyptsy says:

        Now that its really over i have decided to boycott all syfy channels and i will never go back,,i pay my cable bill to get shafted every year with the only shows i really enjoyed being cancelled well the easiest way to avoid that is to quit watching the channel,,,i have removed it from my channel guide and i am truely done with them,,,i encourage everyone to do the same ,,,maybe if they go bankrupt they will be more considerate of the fans that made them what they are and the people who SUPPORT them in more ways than one,,,so long syfi ,,i cant say i wont miss you but i will get over you,,,

      • Toby says:

        Its not about ratings the ratings were fine its the fact that they didn’t want to spend money

    • ashly says:

      Agreed!!! It seems shows that are awesome and I actually LOVE are often supposing cancelled. This show was amazing and stopping it was a horrible decision.

  2. JoJo says:

    What a bummer!

  3. Mike says:

    Warehouse 13 will be missed as hell. But yeah … a 5th season with 6 eps are better than no 5th season. Can’t believe the journey will end soon. We need some artefact to save the Warehouse

  4. Roger says:

    After they built a multiverse between Warehouse 13, Eureka and Alphas, its sad to see this show go and it truly was original. For shame SyFy.

    • JoJo says:

      I didn’t realize that Alphas took place in the same universe as Eureka and W13. The crossovers were between the latter two made that clear. Was there anything stated to link Alphas to either of the others?

    • john wallace says:

      they did the same thing with legend of the seeker,i was a big fan and they cancelled it after two seasonswhat are sifi upto

  5. John says:

    Frak you, SyFy.

  6. Charissa says:

    What does Syfy have against shows going longer than 5 seasons? Between Eureka, Alphas now this they’re cancelling all my favorite shows. This makes me sad.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      Contracts expire. Costs would rise to sign people to new ones.

    • Ken says:

      Around the fifth season they hit the 100 episode mark. That is the magic number to get a series into syndication (For example: “Eureka” and “In Plain Sight”. It is a shame the management uses that as an accomplishment versus letting a series reach it’s natural end.

      • JC says:

        Five seasons/100 episodes only works if the show gets 20 episodes a season, which most Syfy shows don’t get. Eureka had 77 episodes when it went off the air, and In Plain Sight had 61. Warehouse 13 will have 65.

    • Simon Jester says:

      @Charissa – Shows become more expensive the longer they run. That’s fine if it maintains consistently high ratings, but if viewership declines (as Warehouse 13’s has), then the end is nigh.

      • Winston says:

        The show this week was horrible, it has completely sunk to the bottom on the pit.

      • phil says:

        viewer ship only declined after they changed the timeslot this season

        • larry says:

          Its sad! U get so close to the characters, then they just kill this alternate universe we live in because of the political climate. Im still reeling over Sanctuary. I would love to create a network that could save these shows.

  7. Samuel says:

    Now I’m getting worried about Being Human and Haven. They’re going into their fourth season -and Syfy always seems to cancel their scripted shows at 4 or 5 seasons. Should I expect a limited 5th season afterward? I really hope those shows break through that barrier but I don’t think I’ve seen a scripted show ever get a 6th season on that network. I hate the idea that Syfy can continue it’s unscripted stuff for years -but never let’s a scripted show pass a 5th year.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      Syfy always does it for season 5 because don’t the actors’ and others’ contracts expire after five years?

    • jessyp32 says:

      The way they treated the last few episodes of Haven last year I wouldn’t doubt if this is the last season. I think they would have cancelled it if they had already announced it’s renewal. I know they rescheduled at first because of the school shooting but then they moved them around a few times after that and finally dumped them in an unfamiliar night and time against the Fringe finale. Not only that but they released the episodes online and I think most people got tired of waiting the extra month for the episodes and trying to figure out when they were airing that they just gave up and watched online.

    • 123 says:

      Stargate SG-1 ran for 10 seasons. The show didn’t start on SyFy but I think it was on SyFy for more than 5 seasons.

      I can’t think of another example. SGA ran for 5 seasons, BSG for 4, SGU for 2, Eureka for 5…

      • JC says:

        No, SG-1 was on Showtime for its first five seasons, and then was picked up by (then) Sci-Fi for seasons 6-10. So it didn’t break the five-season rule either.

  8. Mark says:

    Can we please get a better explanation than this. I believe now we deserve some truth and not the usual BS that SyFy puts out. I’m glad to get at least 6 episodes but if you look at this show in comparison to others I think we may be saying goodbye to Haven at the end of this season now, as Warehouse had better figures so that’s me done on this network as Defiance just isn’t any good. One last thing as Defiance is now the only real Science Fiction shown on the channel when do you at NBC change the name to the reality channel.

    • Bernadette says:

      I also would like a better explanation.

      Last year they were saying how great the show was, extending it 20 episodes and there was talk of a HG Wells spin-off. That certainly gives the impression this show was a moneymaker for the network. What happened?

    • Tim says:

      Typically cable networks become responsible for the full costs after the 5th season (maybe 4th don’t quote me on that). So even though the scripted show has a high rating, compared to broadcast television (even with internet factored in) the ratings are rarely high enough to meet whatever profit ratio the cable network is looking for. Now I’m probably guessing on this but I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of contracts are set to expire and be renegotiated after season 5 specifically because of this. So basically on cable unless the ratings continue to rise the profitability of the show will almost never appeal to the idiots who run the network. Instead they will pump out low cost high reward reality tv and wrestling or low budget movies with no regard to quality.

    • phil says:

      I believe the Canadian Showcase channel is a better sci-fi channel than Syfy with Continuum and Lost girl

      • JeffDJ says:

        Actually, I would say our Space Channel would be our SyFy equivalent (complete with the paranormal/ghost/blackout “reality” crap imported from SyFy; though they haven’t sunk to the level of adding wrestling), but you’re right that Showcase airs some of the great ones.

  9. jennifer says:

    Ah SyFy making room for more crappy reality tv I see. Well at least you give them a small and I mean small chance to wrap up the storylines. Sad to see another one of the most original series on tv bite the dust. Fingers crossed that they let Haven have the same chance. Once this season is over and they don’t bring back Haven or Lost Girl i will done watching the SyFy channel.

  10. linda2009 says:

    Oh, come on, SyFy! I was just saying to my husband after Monday’s episode that this show has really hit its stride; the last three episodes have been Warehouse 13 at its best, after the (IMHO) not-so-stellar detour with Brent Spiner’s character last season. I had a feeling they’d do this, though, just like they did with Eureka. Oh, well, once I watch the upcoming season of Haven with Colin Ferguson, I can be done with this channel and leave them to their ghostbusting and wrestling.

    • Simon Jester says:

      Despite you and your husband’s viewership, ratings are down. It ain’t complicated.

      • phil says:

        Simon viewership only went down after the timeslot change and the poor lead in from defiance

        • Harriet says:

          how do u know viewership really went down?????? they never ask me what i watch!!! and i always watch W 13 as it airs AND DVR it in case i want to re-watch it!! out of all the people in this country, they only sample a very small percentage!!!

  11. MelindaB says:

    I love Warehouse 13, and not only because it’s the only show on the air that’s set in South Dakota. :) (Even though I’m not certain that the writers/show runners have ever actually set foot in the state.) But Mike is right–it’s better that there’s a short season 5 than having no season 5 at all. This gives them 6 episodes to write (I hope) a satisfying conclusion to the series.

  12. Paula says:

    at least they are going to give the series an ending of sorts.. getting so sick of watching series, only for them to be cancelled with no ending, eg Alphas and Alcatraz. I’d have been really cheesed off if Warehouse 13 had just ended with no finale..

  13. kirads09 says:

    I love Warehouse 13 and it has lots of life left in it. So feel SyFy is making a mistake. I guess the good to come of this is that the show gets the final episodes to end it properly. Not cancelled upon a huge cliffhanger (yep, like Sheldon, that drives me nuts).

  14. b miller says:

    Oh come on SyFy – that means there will be nothing else to watch on SyFy. Getting rid of good, quality shows like W13, Eureka & Alphas, and keeping the likes of WWE – wow. Used to be SyFy was one of my go to channels – not so much now… sad

    • Ewa says:

      I have to agree as well, I hate the reality shows and the wrestling, really wrestling on syfy?.. All my favorite shows were on that channel, nothing left now but junk, so sad that warehouse 13 will go the way of eureka, sanctuary, alphas…. Once warehouse 13 is actually gone there will be nothing left for me to watch on that channel, so guess I won’t watch that channel! Inka

      • Mary S says:

        Well, Syfy is the new name for what used to be Sci-Fi and I have always thought wrestling is more like science fiction than reality, so I guess it fits….if you’re just trying to provide the cheapest programming on tv with no redeeming social value, this is it.

  15. JT says:

    And Syfy cancels another one of my favorite tv shows on their channel. Way to go guys.:(

  16. Polly says:

    the curse of the fifth strikes again on syfy

  17. zishbu says:

    Huge bummer! This is mt favorite show, the original premise, characters with balance. It will truly be missed, I am sure there were plenty more stories to tell, maybe a fan uprising can change their minds? :'(

  18. @heather_kaye says:

    I guess I’m the only one, but I think this is good news for Warehouse – I love it, but there’s only so many times you can hit the reset button. Glad they have an end date before it gets any more beyond itself. Bad news for Syfy, though – they need to give Simon Barry all the money to help keep Continuum going – it is now the only thing I watch (regularly) on their channel that’s not about to get chopped. (Sorry, other fourth-season shows.)

    In semi-related topics, does anybody else think that the new SHIELD show but the pressure on them to cancel the wonderful Alphas?

    • sb says:

      Continuum is a 100% Canadian show. Syfy can’t cancel it, they can just stop airing it. Ditto Lost Girl. I *think* Haven is a Canadian/US co-production, which might make cancelling it harder.

      • Rose says:

        That’s right, Haven is also produced by Showcase Canada so it is not only Syfy making the call. Hopefully that will help the show get another season. It is right now my favorite. If they cancel Haven I am done with Syfy, not interested in their wrestling and reality tv.

      • JC says:

        Yes, my understanding is that Continuum, Lost Girl, and Merlin are all imports, not “Syfy Original Series”. I didn’t know that about Haven though.

  19. So odd that they cancel Warehouse 13, a show with unique storylines and loveable characters but try to force feed us “Definace” which is just not good.

    • Sorry typo… “DEFIANCE”

    • Simon Jester says:

      @Hank – Yes, it’s horrible the way they are “force-feeding” DEFIANCE to you by… errr… putting it on the air.

      • Bernadette says:

        It is “force-feeding” it by putting it in Warehouse 13’s original timeslot.

        • sb says:

          Hardly. Schedules change, it’s a reality of TV. Unless someone’s strapping you into a chair and putting you in front of the TV, no one’s force :”feeding” anything. If you don’t like Defiance, change the channel. Free choice.

  20. SyFy is now completely nuts?! First Eureka, Warehouse 13 now? The series was endearing and entertaining, we love this show over here in Germany.

  21. JeffDJ says:

    Oh man, this SUCKS! And I hate it when studio execs have a quote like “Warehouse 13 has been an incredible signature series for us” in the article where they announce that they’re cancelling the show! Arrrgh!! I actually felt that this season (at least before the long break) wasn’t as great as past seasons (I think the ongoing astrolabe storyline dulled it a bit), but at least they’re getting the short final season so they can wrap things up on their own terms.

  22. Mrs. Peele says:

    Another innovative and intriguing show bites the dust! I will miss it as a loyal fan. I know that ‘Eureka’ probably could have gone on a little longer, but ‘Sanctuary’ was also a unique show and they didn’t even ‘end’ that which was very disappointing. Too bad. I hope they don’t add another ‘reality’ show – I am really so sick of them!

  23. Bouncy Castle, UK says:

    Don’t forget, folks, that this is exactly what they did to Eureka, then about 2 weeks later, they cancelled it completely, only to give a 1 episode “wrap-up” after the fans went nuclear.

  24. Andrew says:

    I Hate this Network! Everytime you get attached to a show it gets cancels. I’m Done watching SYFY. Syfy Your now on My Dont Watchlist

  25. KH says:

    Another one of my favorite SyFy shows getting the ax? I’m so sick of this channel not letting their shows blossom and grow…first Eureka( was the highlight of my week) and now Warehouse 13? They are becoming like every other channel by putting more “reality tv” on then original scripted shows…defiance is ok..but doesn’t live up to either us these two awesome shows…

  26. Torchwood says:

    Warehouse 13 ends….so does my watching of the SYFY channel.

  27. John Jennings says:

    I used to love Syfy but ever since they cancelled some of my favourite series, its been going downhill.

    After Warehouse 13 is over i think i’ll stop watching Syfy. the least we as fans can do is watch live. i think we shouldnt watch defiance live just because i knew when they threw their eggs at that show and moved warehouse 13 to a later timeslot they’d screw us Fans over.

  28. Jenn says:

    If they are ending it, I don’t care what else is happening in terms of her TV commitments, Jaime Murray needs to come back for at least a few episodes and Helena and Myka need to finally get together! Overtly, maybe we find out they have already been together behind-the-scenes so to speak.

  29. Klynn10 says:

    Really SyFy, really!!! Eureka, Alphas, now Warehouse 13. Can you STOP canceling all the great shows

  30. DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

    As much as I love our warehouse team and Warehouse 13… I understand why they are ending it. This season was GLOBAL in scope and HUGE… and it’s going to be hard to top it in terms of riveting television.

  31. Ted says:

    It’s so Syfy can focus on the turdfest that is DEFIANCE.

  32. Joe says:

    I really don’t want this show to end. This is the best show on Syfy and I know no one wants it to end. If Syfy ends this show no one will watch syfy ever again. Somebody needs to make a petition to save the show before we lose it forever.

  33. Joe says:


  34. Amy says:

    SIgh…I shouldn’t be suprised this show is actually fun to watch and caters to the geeky/scifi crows so of course “SyFy” will cancel it. First thing that should of tipped us off was the stupid 20 episodes divided up.

  35. jc says:

    SCREW YOU SYFY. Defiance is not worth this.

  36. tamrae says:

    Don’t be surprised. SyFy is owned by NBC and NBC loves to cancel the shows that it produces and broadcasts.

  37. Rhiannon says:

    No….. Finally find a scifiction show I enjoy (along with eureka) & it’s gone. U suck big time :( I’m going to miss it so much

  38. jenn says:

    it’s upsetting, but not surprising, especially how the scheduling of this past season has gone. it was inevitable I suppose… it just really sucks. one of my favorite shows now gone. once Haven is cancelled, we are definitely done with syfy in our household. good riddance.

  39. Dani says:

    i’m glad we all have the same opinion on this. Syfy really screwed them over with the 10 pm slot on mondays, it’s not the first time they’ve done this either you’d think they’d know by now. the cast is really amazing and these characters are some of my favorite ever on tv, i’m happy we’ll get a proper farewell. and i do hope joanne kelly finds a new show because i really need her on my tv forever.

  40. Alan says:

    great another show gone, good work syfy alienating the people who want to watch your shows.
    hopefully allison scagliotti gets work quickly after the end because she has huge potential and it would be a shame to let that go to waste.
    is there any need for people to complain about defiance here? its not like that show caused this to happen, its syfy’s incompetence that we should be complaining about.

  41. Michelle says:

    Bugger off, SyFy!

  42. j.j. says:

    actually, defiance is partially to blame for this. the network is choosing shows to drop to shore up money for the elaborate production of defiance. so people have every right to complain about that show here if they so choose.

  43. cassey says:

    This makes me worried for Haven…

  44. GeoDiva says:

    Really bummed. One of my favorites!

  45. BrianR says:

    This is getting me to turn off SYFY because of their stupid scheduling and wanting cheap, trashy reality stuff to sooth the masses instead of fun intelligent scripted shows. YOU SUCK SYFY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Denise Gibel-Molini says:

      I agree, the movies are awful and there is no point in watching the new series because anything good will be cut as soon as you get hooked. It used to be a great channel. I hope BBC America starts picking up their shows like they do BBC

  46. Tina says:

    Alpha gone. Warehouse gone. I don’t believe I have any more shows. One less cable channel to monitor. Good luck to ya.

  47. JC says:

    I was afraid of this. :( I was hoping for a full 13 episode final season. I hope they don’t turn around and change their minds like they did with Eureka. I think I’m done with Syfy shows after this. At least with other networks, when my shows get cancelled I understand why. But I just don’t understand Syfy at all.

  48. Carol H says:

    I’m another fan who is sick and tired of seeing SyFy cancel all the good shows only to replace them with wrestling, reality shows and really bad movies. Are they TRYING to lose viewers? If so, they are doing a bang up job. I’m honestly thinking I may just go ahead and stop watching the channel right now if all they are going to continue to do is scrap the good shows anyway. I loved Eureka — Warehouse 13 — I was so interested in Alphas and they just yanked it off the air in the middle of a storyline. I started watching Continuum, but they will probably do the same thing. Who does this stuff?? Do they not pay any attention at all to what the fans say or watch? “We suck” should be SyFy’s tagline for the channel because they really, really do.

  49. I’m sure it will be replaced by some crappy Paranormal bigfoot hunting show. So much for SyFy. A big Frak You to the execs at the network.