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Post Mortem: Vampire Diaries Boss on Silas' Agenda, Tyler's Future and 'Delena' Challenges

Vampire Diaries Season 5 SpoilersWarning: The following article contains major spoilers from Thursday’s season finale of The Vampire Diaries. Proceed at your own risk!

Thursday’s season finale of Vampire Diaries delivered several juicy twists — Stefan is Silas’ doppelganger! Katherine’s human! Jer’s alive, but Bonnie’s still a ghost! — and left us with even more burning questions. Is the newly mortal Kat about to get killed? Will no one notice something’s off with Stefan? And is Tyler finally going to come home?

TVLine went to executive producer Julie Plec to get answers on that and so much more.

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TVLINE | What’s Silas’ agenda as Stefan? Is he going to be sticking around town for some purpose?
I can’t say whether he’ll be sticking around town, although I can say that he’ll definitely be coming back to town when we get back into the next season. His agenda has always been to cure himself, to get rid of the other side so that he could then die and pass over and find peace. That will remain his agenda. The question is: How will he go about it? Everything he meant to do this year blew up in his face.

TVLINE | Can he really fool everyone into thinking he’s Stefan?
He’s going to give it a good college try. He is, after all, psychic, as well. So he can get inside people’s heads and make them think whatever he wants. It’s not like we’re going to play an entire season of The Parent Trap. [Laughs] But there will be some funny times right at the beginning of the season.

Vampire Diaries Season 5 SpoilersTVLINE | Now that Katherine is a human – and given that she’s pissed off her fair share of people in Mystic Falls – what’s to stop everyone from killing her?
Absolutely nothing is going to stop everyone from trying to kill her. That’s what puts her in a pickle that is going to have her seeking out protection from unlikely sources.

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TVLINE | With Stefan gone, Damon with Elena, and Klaus and Elijah on The Originals, who is left to care about what becomes of her?
[Laughs] That’s the realization she comes to over her summer break. “Oh, boy, did I screw up, and now my chickens are coming home to roost.” She’s definitely going to find herself on the wrong end of a lot of vendettas.

TVLINE | So Nina [Dobrev] will be playing two characters again for a pretty significant portion of the next season?
Yeah. We’ll definitely see a great storyline with Katherine as a human, and a great, fun one with Damon and Elena trying to make their relationship work as she heads off to college and starts her new life.

TVLINE | Speaking of, why Damon? What were you hoping to get to explore in Elena choosing Damon?
Damon’s a character who’s been driven by feeling like he’s not worthy of love. Now that he’s on the receiving end of that love, what will that mean for him? And where will he have to make changes in him, in his behavior? Or will he still be, “I am who I am. You love me for who I am. I’m not going to change for you”? It’ll be a fun dynamic to see him either trying to exercise restraint or not being able to exercise restraint in the name of love of this girl, especially as he’s got a new houseguest. He’s [living] with Jeremy Gilbert as Elena goes off to college.

TVLINE | It seemed like Caroline and Tyler are poised for a reunion. Will Michael Trevino be back next season as a regular?
Michael Trevino is still under contract. When he’ll return, we can’t say yet. He is going to have the opportunity to return to Caroline’s life in Mystic Falls. The question is, will he want to take it, given everything he’s been through since he’s been gone, which will be fun for us to learn — like what kind of life he’s been leading on the run.

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Vampire Diaries Season 5 SpoilersTVLINE | That last scene between Caroline and Klaus was so loaded with emotion and potential. Is there any chance at all of having Caroline move to The Originals? Or was that the capper on ‘Klaroline’ for now?
It’s not the capper, per se. We’ll have to be more judicious with the moments between them. We’ll see. Klaus has a long journey ahead of him. He’s got a very, very, very long road toward being a redeemed character. He hasn’t exactly been a peach. Even when he does nice things for Caroline, they don’t necessarily offset all the nasty things he’s done to her and all her friends. So as Caroline grows up and goes to college and experience a new phase of her life, we’ll see if she is still drawn to him and if he’s making the kind of changes that make her want to have him in her life at all.

TVLINE | Bonnie is still a series regular, so how does she fit into the scope of the show with only one person being able to see her?
She fits very much into the scope of the show as she tries to deal with the fact that what she thought maybe wouldn’t be so difficult actually is. The absence of physical touch and physical connection with the boy that she likes, just that alone makes her feel really distant. We’ll get to see her more in her own life a little bit as she tries to figure out ways to keep her secret — [and] also stay on top of her friends and what they’re doing and if they’re safe.

TVLINE | I’m surprised you didn’t find a way to keep Alaric (Matt Davis) around.
[Laughs] Put it this way, I was all on board with that pitch. I think it felt like if we kept everybody that we loved, we’d have an entire, new, double ensemble of series regulars.

TVLINE | Now that Katherine’s human, can Klaus use her to make more hybrids? Is that something he might be concerned about on The Originals?
Given his experience with his hybrids, he might be a little gun-shy about creating another army that could potentially be used against him.

Vampire Diaries fans, keep checking TVLine for lots more scoop about Season 5!

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  1. Rose says:

    I hope in Season 5 they focus on characters and relationships. In the past two seasons everyone has died and come back so many times, my head is spinning. And I have to agree with the majority here…absolutely NO when it comes to Delena. Yuck! Stelena all the way. The show was anchored by the genuineness of Stefan and Elena (when she was human). This was my least favorite season with Elena as a cold, vindictive vampire. There’s too much of characters that have no redeeming attributes to emphathize with happening in TV shows. Give us characters we care about and stop having Klaus and Silas be eternally “unkillable” it’s getting old.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Ok so I started out as a Stelena fan in season 1 and then season 2 I started liking both and season 3 and 4 I’m all delena all the time and now that I watch it from beginning I notice that not far from the beginning Damon and Elena have something every time she hugs Stefan she looks at Damon and every time she is passed out from something or after getting hurt he is there and she says Damon and he carries her away and ye Stefan and Elena were in love but people grow up and grow apart it happens and I think that she always had feelings for Damon and I feel when she turned those feelings were heightened n she realized Damon is the one for me even wit the sire bond that witch they went to said that the only way that happens is even you had human feelings for the person who turned you so she did have feelings for him she just wasn’t ready for them at that time and she did say to Damon I can’t think about always I can only think bout right now just before she turned oh I’m ranting i know but I’m soo stoked that Elena chose Damon I actually think it should of happened for real in the beginning of season 4 but I guess she kinda did just no one believed that it was real cuz of the sire bond but everything worked out in the end and I kinda believe that there love Stelena might have been kinda a lie cuz of Damon compelling Elena before Stefan and her even met that’s what I feel and well I do think Stefan was a ass bout the whole she’s a vampire I don’t like her this way Damon liked her thru all of it and well he was always wit Elena thru everything Stefan left once and Damon was still there for her for a whole season Stefan wasn’t really there for her and that’s how delena grew more and more so love delena !!!

  3. Mcayla says:

    I hate Delena nd Stefan wasn’t there because he rather save his brother then leave his brother to die

  4. Angel Calvert says:

    I am not against Stefan and Elena being together, But I feel like Stefan truly deserved how elena went with Damon because as shown in multiple episodes, Stefan stole Katherine from Damon. And its basically a flip flop in time. I REALLY WANT STEFAN OUTTA THE BOX THOUGH! But, I also think that damon becomes a way better guy when hes around elena. He doesn’t let her choose her own decisions because he knows its wrong. And it could possibly be risking her own life. I am routing for Damon & Elenas love. But! what Stefan and elena had was REAL LOVE. But lets face the fact that Damon has been threw pain, and much more ever since Stefan took Katherine from him. But now hes over her. And is madly in love with Elena!

  5. Elissa Robison says:

    thank you 8 peoples!thats exactly what ive been saying and i thought i was alone!!THEY ARE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER NO IFS ANDSOR BUTS!maybe damon should end up with katherine;) lol never know!

  6. Mcayla says:

    Yup Ay Katherine and Damon are good together and Stefan and Elena are good together he makes her a better person

  7. Emcee says:

    Delena all the way! Don’t get me wrong, I adore Stefan too. If it was me id have both! (Haha) but I find that Damon and Elena together are dynamic. There’s spark, chemistry and passion. It never gets boring because they are the opposite of each other and that makes them work Ina very twisted way. But hey, love is strange like that. While Stefan is the perfect guy, I think he is best suited with Katherine. Those two are the total opposite too and I think they will balance each other out. I’ve read all the books from the original author (although I find the new ones aren’t exciting anymore) and even in the book It was Damon all the way. He brings weird emotions out of Elena and I think that’s fantastic! Goooo DELENA ! <3

  8. Mcayla says:

    Stelena all the way!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Caterina says:

    In my opinon, Elena will always love and be in love with Stefan. She chose Damon because he’s the hot, sexii, adventureous bad guy. Most girls love going to for bad guy type. And then they just end up heart broken. Damon will never be good enough for Elena. He makes bad decisions, never thinks about people’ feelings, always being selfish when it comes to Elena and not to mention he killed Jeremy and her mother. Stefan will always be the better choice. He’s romantic, reliable, sensitive and caring. Everything he has done for Elena were out of love. I dunno how many times he’s been compelled to kill Elena and he never did but when Damon was compelled to kill Jeremy and Elena told him to stop don’t kill him and he said I can’t and she replied do it for me I love you and he didn’t try to stop. Elena choose Stefan at the end of season 3 and at the beginning of season 4 she said it was the best decision she’s ever made. She came bak for Stefan. Love like tat doesn’t disapear like tat. Damon is an asshole for stealing Elena. I dunno how many times he’s done tat to his brother. N e ways Elena can have fun with Damon all she wants but in the end, Elena and Stefan will end up 2gether. So. Stelena fans just wait and see. If you read the books, she ends up with Stefan.

  10. Sarah Tay says:

    There’s a difference between using an idea from another show, but Williamson and Plec have COPIED EXACT SCENES WORD FOR WORD FROM BUFFY & ANGEL! That should be illegal it’s absolutely disgusting. Yeah it’s flattering that they have copied at least 10 scenes not to mention EXACT PLOT POINTS, but it’s just ridiculous. They should be giving credit to Joss Whedon at the end of every episode that’s how common they copy.

  11. Mcayla says:

    Well I can’t wait for the new season of Vampire Diaries!!!! Its one of my favourite shows

  12. Peter paul says:

    Well, d 1st tin is that am nt happy on wat is goin on between Diamon ad Elena cos Elena ad Stepan had gone a lug way y wil it b nw that somtin wil cum between dem”am realy nt happy abt it” pls mak it end btween dem in a gud way!!, 2nd abt kathrine’s i realy pity 4 her is their anyway she cn liv up 2 it. 3rd abt caroline ad klaus, if she agree 4 hm wat wil den happen 2 Tyler? Am realy nt in surpport abt Diamon ad Elena!! Though am a Gud fans of Diamon bt she does nt fit 4 him bt som1 lyk Rebeka” Am also her fan’s. I cn’t wait 2 watch d season 5

  13. Emi says:

    What will be best for Elena, Stefan and Damon is for Elena to leave the two brothers. Haven’t she caused enough pain for the both of ’em?

  14. Emi says:

    How can you love me and yet you’ll still fall for my brother. That means ‘thats not true love’. But don’t get me wrong. I’m still a huge Stelena Fan

  15. Mcayla says:

    Stefan nd Elena belong together!!!!!

  16. Samantha Wesley says:

    I really think Stefan needs to get bck with Elena!!!! Stelena was exciting to watch! U could feel the love between them, Stefan even said she was the one. But I also think Elena doesn’t deserve a sweet hot and loveable guy like Stefan! She told Stefan she would nvr fall in love with Damon or anything it’s her Stefan always and forever.. Um hello wat happend to tht? U broke his Heart. But Delena is boring nothing ever happens with them. Yeah kiss kiss have sex then Stefan pops up and he’s all sad and stuff. They r boring! I say stelena or Stefan and Caroline would be a twist! Lol but if not Stefan and Caroline then Caroline and klus and Stefan with someone who won’t go for his brother. And keeps her word wen she says she won’t ever go with Damon! Team Stefan all the way!!!! But I still like Damon jst not with Elena! Lol he needs to find someone new tht his brother won’t be mad at him if he’s with her. Team Stefan!

  17. Mcayla says:

    Ay Stefan is the best!!! His my favourite person in Vampire Diaries so all u Gee’s who in team Stelena, Go GEE’s

  18. Britt says:

    I think Stefan and Elena are ment to be.. like when Katharine was about to kill Elena in the last episode of season four.. she had a flash back of her and Stefan not Damon but Stefan. she thought about the last moment they shared together.

  19. Mcayla says:

    I didn’t even see that part but yes I guess so nd I know they belong toegther

  20. Your Mother says:

    Stefan and Elena aren’t ” meant” to be together that is dumb. Oh and Stefan sucks.

  21. Mcayla says:

    Who ever you are don’t be a hater

  22. Mcayla says:

    And you can also learn to type retard… I love Stefan and Klaus!!!!

  23. Klaroline says:

    Okay first off can I just say that Elena has to be one of the most frustrating characters. She always thinks she’s protecting everyone but really they all end up dead or almost dead. How she treated Stefan this season was my final straw with her. Like sired or not he deserved to be treated with respect when she made a move for his brother. Like I don’t know a heads up would have sufficed. And then she had the nerve to get mad at him when he didn’t want to be around her or come running to her when she needed something. YOU SLEPT WITH HIS BROTHER IN HIS HOUSE. So no I don’t ship delena. Damon is an awful older brother. He just leaves Stefan reeling first he kills Lexi (i ship damon and lexi or fingers crossed they bring back rose) then he steals Elena. Like come on try to think about Stef. for once. I can’t wait to see Paul play Silas like finally no more pining over Elena. And they will all be so shocked when he just does what ever the hell he wants without regard for anyone else. That should be so good. Secondly KLAROLINE. Klaus is so perfect for Caroline they are so cute! I want them to get together so bad. He treats her so well he would give her anything and she knows it. I hate how they threw in Haley as his twisted baby mama. Ughk. But I know Klaroline is endgame. Lastly when Stefan does return I hope he dates a human. He deserves someone pure who hasn’t been tainted by his world. It would be a twist if she was like an illegitimate original or a witch or something. But I really want him to date someone new and strong. I really want Stefan to be happy obviously he and Elena are endgame but on their hiatus he should be with someone who won’t sleep with his brother. That is all. Love my fellow TVD fans!

  24. Mcayla says:

    I love stefan I dnt understand why Elena nd Stefan’s relationship ois so difficult if they want to be 2gether dey should jst b 2gether nd I knw dat its because Elena wants Damon nw bt she should really thnk of Stefan 4 once nd nt herself

  25. camz says:

    I still want Alaric back in the show. He is anyway Damon’s ONLY friend right?

  26. camz says:

    I still wanna see more of Caroline and Klaus’ romance as well as Bonnie and Jeremy’s and Rebekah and Matt’s. and to top it all, I wanna see more of Damon and Elena and I hope Stefan would really end up with someone deserving of his purity or he can pursue Katherine again.

  27. Mcayla says:

    Stefan and Elena for life!!!

  28. Mcayla says:

    Ay I can’t wait for Vampire Diaries season 5

  29. belaqueen says:

    i love dalena couple its fun dey deserve each other although i ve a feeling dat love wont last long coz ov different obstacles i pray dey get thru it guys shd get da frag over it dat stelena aint there anymore but stefan nd katherine wd be great together as for caroline she nd tyler re a grt couple i ope tyer can leave his previous life he waz leaving nd klaroline re also fyn together but i dont think caoline can really take care ov klaus’s kid for bonnie she cd jst give it up wid jeremy or try it out wid da only person dat c her nd wats up wid rebecca she nd matt shd gve it a try ….. hats off for delena

  30. romeo says:

    why cant katherine just turn again?

  31. jess says:

    Thankyou im glad someone ele said it. It has always been about her love for both brother. If you choose to just see her love for stefan then thats ur choose. Ppl are going to be upset if she chooses stefan and others ova Damon. I love her with Damon as he is hot. Its like.is caroline gets with klaus some will b pissed she isnt with Tyler. Ppl see the show how they feel. I say let the bad ass guys have there girls its much better then a normal storyline. Bad guys always finish last why not first in one show.

  32. Of course with Plec being the writer, they would make Bonnie have the suckiest story line in the season ever. A ghost? Really? After she has saved Elena and the others so MANY frigging times?! She deserves better than that. Damon and Bonnie’s connection should be explored as it was written in Nightfall and Midnight. UGH! Screw Delena.

  33. Linda says:

    As much as people make good points about Delena I’m not a fan at all of them as a couple. As stated before the show was mostly about the love Stefan and Elena shared and then she goes off and falls in love with his brother hmmm excuse me but no. I don’t care how “perfect” they may seem for each other it’s completely tasteless and I have really not liked the character of Elena since then . Katherine has become more interesting and shown a lot more depth. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think Elena and Stephan should get back together either, it’s just awful the flip flopping and the relationship wouldn’t seem genuine anymore. I mean really she slept with his brother for how long? As for Caroline and klaus I love the idea. I agree not now timing wise but just the thought of someday is awesome.

  34. Stephanie says:

    Ok……yh, delena is super cute, i mean letx nt b selfish, stelena has lasted for 3seasons now and damon deserves love as much as stefan does, besyds 2positives cant work 2geda, damon needs sum1 who can bring d good in him and stefan needs sum1 who will make him harder…delena is perfect! Minwhyl klaroline shuld rili b brought to this year’s episode, letx face facts ,stefan has killed a whole village, damon is d bad guy why not klaus, who knows? He could change for caroline, pls TVD i really wanna see more of klaroline!

  35. Mariana says:

    i´m a portuguese fan of the vampire diaries AND i need to say that i love stelena and that would be very sad for stelena portuguese fanS (that are many), if in the end of the game elena end up with damom . . come on even klaus saw that wonderful epic love between elena and stefan “that kind of love never dies”



  36. Kacey says:

    I am and always will be a fan of Stefan and Elena. Their love is so impossibly pure and true that they deserve each other. Both of them are the good kind of vampires, even when they d

  37. Kacey says:

    Even when they don’t see the goo in themselves, thry help each other being the good out in themselves!

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  40. Andrea Fraser says:

    I am tyler and Caroline all the way the way the ended was tragic that tears came out of my eyes(literally).I really want Jeremy and Bonnie to end up with each other they are really meant to be it sucks that she has to be in ghost form,I mean a kiss wouldve been nice.I have never seen two people so in love when jeremy died I died so it was such a relief when came back I cried when Elena cried it was like it was real life. I am not defending stefan or Damen, Damen is a nice guy in some ways but Elena only really realised that when she was a vampire,Stefan is a nice guy and just want to do the right thing for everyone but he gets to controlling and puts other peoples life in danger.Klaus for me is just another Character who is struggling to find love.Caroline loves tyler they are meant for each other just think about everything they went through to get to where they were, think about everthing they went throught Tyler with breaking the sire bond and Caroline try to control herself making sure she doesn’t snap.I SALUTE HER FOR THAT!! It takes guts and for that to be just taken away would be so horrific imagine if that was you. I mean Klaus can kill Caroline anytime if he doent get his way think of all the pain he caused it is so unfair to Tylet .Go Tyroline and my favourite going to be couple Jeronnie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!