Was Arrow Death a Misfire? Um, Can't Castle Just Move? Obvious Grey's 'Shocker'? And More Qs!

Popular TV Shows 2013We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Revenge, How I Met Your Mother, Castle and Arrow!

1 | Orphan Black‘s tail reveal: Crazy awesome or just plain crazy? And did the special insignia ring on Helena’s handler’s finger give any Elementary fans a deja vu moment flashing back to last month’s “Dead Man’s Switch” episode?

2 | Wouldn’t Revenge‘s big Patrick cliffhanger have packed a bigger punch had they actually cast an actor in time for the finale and not been forced to use a random, awkward-sounding off-screen voice? (Speaking of which, who do you envision playing Victoria’s MIA spawn?) And who is the grandma that Jack shipped Carl off to? Jennifer Jason Leigh’s crazy Kara??

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3 | Up until the finale’s penultimate scene, did Once Upon a Time have you fearing that the show would forever (and annoyingly) avoid referring to Peter Pan by name? And with “Aurora” and “Mulan” now starring in new shows, will it fall on Phillip to nurse Neal back to health?

4 | Has Mad Men‘s Don crossed the line from antihero to just plain unlikable/despicable? Are you relieved that Don’s affair with Sylvia is over, in light of the unsettling turn it took? On the other end of the spectrum, has anyone ever deserved a nice guy like Bob more than Joan?

5 | Even given Game of Thrones‘ penchant for sex and violence, wasn’t Theon’s torture scene involving the two ladies a little over the top?Castle_S5finale_AngryRick

6 | Hey, Castle — “You get this job, you move to D.C., I’ll never see you”…? What, you can’t write your novels from a brownstone in Dupont Circle?

7 | To all the How I Met Your Mother viewers saying Cristin Milioti isn’t pretty or hot enough to be the mother: 1) Seriously? 2) Maybe Ted isn’t hot enough for her? And are you relieved that one more season is coming, considering the creators said they always envisioned ending with just a glimpse of the mother? Or has the idea of “the longest wedding weekend ever” turned you off?

8 | Did 2 Broke Girls have you thinking for a moment there that TVLine’s May Sweeps Scorecard had reserved a “Fatalities” slot for electrocuted Max?

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Popular TV Shows 20139 | Most disturbing facial expression of the week: Maya Rudolph’s ridiculously heightened angst in SNL‘s “The Californians” sketch or Zach Swon’s “Scream mask” on The Voice?

10 | Can The Mindy Project add Anders Holm as a regular for Season 2? We know Mindy and Danny are endgame, but Pastor Casey – particularly in the season finale — is just so great.

11 | Who else thought Arrow might kill Thea and is still shocked that the series had the balls — or was it foolishness? — to off one of its best characters? (And we didn’t even like Tommy at first!) Also, does anyone have an official tally on how many of the show’s 23 episodes found a way to get Oliver shirtless?

Popular TV Shows 201312 | After seeing Arrow‘s collapsing Glades and Supernatural‘s shower of falling angels, we have to wonder: Was The CW stockpiling its special effects budget for those two finales?

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13 | Based on Wednesday’s Chicago Fire, how likely are you to watch Chicago PD next season?

14 | If Maddie’s paternity is such a huge secret on Nashville, maybe Rayna should’ve kept the evidence of it somewhere more safe than her closet, no? And the show is going to introduce a smokin’ hot, country boyfriend for Chris Carmack’s Will next season, right?

15 | When you think about the Modern Family storylines that might’ve come out of it, are you kinda sad that Hayley didn’t make it as a Laker Girl?

16 | What’s more wack — a CSI such as Morgan Brody (and not a police detective) going undercover as a hooker, or a medical examiner such as Body of Proof‘s Megan Hunt (and not a police detective) pursuing murder suspects?

17 | Despite its sharp ratings decline and persistent rumors of its demise, isn’t it amazing that American Idol managed to present an almost fairytale-level Season 12 finale, in which the most consistently excellent, risk-taking vocalist actually managed to win the whole enchilada? Also, which was more bizarre: Aretha Franklin performing via satellite as the Top 5 girls gamely sang “backup,” or Mariah Carey presenting a badly cut-together, badly dubbed pre-taped medley?

18 | Which coupley moment on The Vampire Diaries made you swoon more: Elena’s confession to Damon… Klaus telling Caroline he intends to be her last love… or Matt and Rebekah’s “date”  plans?

Popular TV Shows 201319 | When might be the last time one actor — in this case, Sendhil Ramamurthy — appeared in two season finales (here, The Office and Beauty and the Beast) airing opposite each other? (That said: Very different roles!)

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20 | In the Beauty and the Beast finale, wasn’t it nice of Gabe’s guards to afford Vincent and Catherine more than two minutes to stop for a heart-to-heart convo, in the midst of being chased? Kinda like how Arrow’s Oliver hit pause on, you know, saving his city to chat with Laurel about how the island revealed “the real him.”

21 | We’re all for suspending disbelief, but let’s be real: There was no way in hell Grey’s Anatomy‘s Jackson could’ve survived that bus explosion, right? Do you buy Arizona’s argument that Callie lost “nothing” in the plane crash? And how obvious was it that Richard was in for a “shock,” once the handyman told him how simple it is to flick the power back on?

22 | In an otherwise clever, twisty Scandal finale, was blood-spattered sadistic Quinn a bit hard to swallow? In all his snooping, Jake never came across a photo of Olivia’s father? Could Harrison (again) have had less to do? And can some cable channel air the alt-verse version of Scandal where Olivia’s FLOTUS transition plan actually plays out?

Popular TV Shows 201323 | Which moment from The Office‘s swan song moved you Mose most: Michael showing up at Dwight’s wedding with a “That’s what she said!”… Pam secretly selling their house and telling Jim it’s time to move on… Erin reuniting with her birth parents… or the crowd cheering on Andy with a rousing ‘Ri-di-dit-di-doo!’ chant? (Also, did you hear the news? Michael Scott has kids… plural!)

24 | Given how there was not a peep about Elementary‘s casting of Moriarty, shouldn’t we have seen it coming that he was actually Irene Adler? And do you wish they hadn’t caught her so quickly?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Chris says:

    Going to talk specifically to 21:
    Obviously Jackson was surviving, but wasn’t necessarily expecting him to walk up the way he did. I have ALWAYS hated Arizona for Callie and she really went too far this time. Callie lost nothing?!? Mark? -Her best friend! Her baby’s father!!!!! The Weber part was pretty obvious though.

  2. Maria says:

    The impression I got with Kate Beckett’s would-be-new-job is that she would be working long, crazy hours and of course he wouldn’t be able to shadow her anymore. I don’t think it would matter if Castle moved with her or not…she would just be too busy for much of a relationship.

  3. Taj says:

    Oliver Queen should do EVERY episode shirtless. Hell, I’m not even sure he needs those pesky pants either.

  4. onlyakb says:

    I’m so happy I wasn’t the only having the reaction = come on Castle, you are a writer you can write from anywhere, are you really gonna end things with Beckett because of that!! that was so annoying, anyway happy how things ended!! Quite honestly I’d prefer they didn’t get married yet and specially not because Castle is afraid of loosing her, but the scene was cute!! I’d go for a veeeeeeery long engagement!!

    • badpenny says:

      As I posted above, I don’t think Castle’s issue was moving. I think his issue was that Kate didn’t see them as a couple who discuss life-changing decisions together. An Individual make a decision for themself. A couple makes decisions together. Castle was angry that Kate didn’t even see their relationship as important enough to even discuss it with him. She was thinking like an individual.

      • onlyakb says:

        but she didn’t even know for sure, when he found out it was only an interview, you usually figure out what to do after you know if you passed or not, so what the point to make he freak out when she could possibly not get the job ( I know she not getting the job would be in another dimension) but still!! nothing was settle, his reaction was exaggerated, well to me it was real over reaction!!

        • badpenny says:

          It would be the same reaction I would probably have if I learned my significant other flew to another city without telling me to have a job interview that would require them to move to another city. I have a feeling you probably would react much the same way if it happened to you too. When you care about someone you don’t make life-changing decisions without them.

          • onlyakb says:

            I think it depends of the kind of person you are, and Beckett, it makes completely sense to me that she didn’t tell Castle, and when it comes to me, I have no clue, but wouldn’t react as Castle, cos I thought it was quite ridiculous!!!

          • badpenny says:

            Well, for myself, I know I’d be quite hurt to learn the person I loved secretly flew to another city and did a job interview that would require them to move. I’d probably have had a bigger argument then Castle did. He just got hurt and left. That would have been a 2 hour argument in my house. :)

        • rowan77 says:

          When you’re part of a couple, you don’t hide something as important as a major job interview in another city. That’s just disrespectful. I hope you don’t hide such things to your significant other. It’s wrong.

  5. Jon says:

    Although I love Jason Beghe, I won’t be watching Chicago PD. Especially since the best cop show on the air was cancelled – Southland. It’s time television writers moved away from police doctors and focused on other professions, i.e., firemen (Chicago Fire), politics and spin doctors (Scandal). That being said, I would watch another firemen show set in another city, but not another cop show.

    I agree, killing off Tommy on The Arrow was too soon. It would have been great to explore that bromance a little more. Although I have read that he and his father will be seen in flashbacks. And now that Manu Bennett has been promoted to series regular, the interaction between Oliver and Manu can be further explored, whether as a bromance or as animosity.

    As much as I would like to see Anders Holm promoted to series regular on Mindy, I would infinitely prefer Merritt Wever promoted to series regular on New Girl.

    • Abernathy says:

      Amen for Merritt! I couldn’t believe anybody could beat Cece-Schmidt, but she is amazing! Hope she stays around for a while

  6. Winnie says:

    #16 I don’t watch either of the shows mentioned, but I love it because the word “wack” was used.

    #22 “And can some cable channel air the alt-verse version of Scandal where Olivia’s FLOTUS transition plan actually plays out?”

    Where do I sign the petition?

  7. CJ says:

    6) Yeah…I really don’t get that nonsense. Just seems like a whole lot of selfishness going around in that pairing.

    7) Cristin Milioti is ADORABLE and I am so excited to see her as The Mother. The concept for the final season is a little out there, but I have faith in Thomas/Bays that it will be enjoyable and we’ll love The Mother by the end of it.

    10) Ders forever!! <3

    13) Looking forward to Chicago PD for sure.

    23) As a long-time, long-suffering fan of The Office, I thought the finale was pretty much perfect. I practically squealed with delight at Jim's final Guten Prank.

  8. Cecily says:

    7) The mother is lovely and looks just perfect for Ted. I AM annoyed that season 9 is going to take place over two days. It’s exhausting to think about. Ugh.

    24) I am DELIGHTED that they resolved the Adler/Moriarty thing so fast. As far as painfully predictable plotlines go (She’s alive! She’s the villain!) those two were pretty disappointing in an otherwise stellar season.

  9. ZmaX says:

    #2 I’m pretty sure Jack sent little Carl to HIS own grandmother (ie Jack’s father’s mother), not his son’s grandmother. That threw me off for second too.

  10. Elyse says:

    13) I will definitely check out Chicago PD!

  11. John says:

    Sad about Tommy.

    What’s the actor in on Broadway?

  12. candace says:

    11. I think we have very different ideas of what ‘best’ means. Tommy wasn’t my first choice to get killed — I would’ve killed Thea’s annoying boyfriend or Laurel’s dad over Tommy — but I can’t say I’ll miss him much. The character had potential in the beginning but he faded into the background for most of the season.

    18. None of the above. The Bonnie/Jeremy ‘last’ kiss/reveal scenes were far more moving.

    21. You knew Richard was in trouble when everyone started praising him for his teaching ability and Bailey yelled at him. I like Arizona but she is SO wrong if she thinks Callie lost nothing. She lost her best friend and had to make the decision to cut off her wife’s leg in order to save her life! I realize that isn’t the same as what Arizona went through but Arizona’s anger was misplaced and also not an excuse for sleeping with someone else.

    • Elyse says:

      I liked Tommy because he kept Laurel away from Oliver. I can’t stand Laurel and Oliver together. I think she’s annoying and I don’t see any chemistry between them.

  13. shadester says:

    i totally agree about Jared on supernatural. He impressed me. and damn he looked hot in that ep. Usually i go for Jensen because he is just sexy. but something was working for him.

  14. Mi says:

    I will miss Tommy but I think the show did the right thing in killing him, because I didn’t want to see him turn evil.

    As for Thea, I like her and too many shows this year already killed teenage siblings. I’m glad she survived.

  15. Linderella says:

    Castle and Kate will be fine. She may have to go to DC but her heart will call her back to NY. As for Chicago Fire – which I love – the last episode was obviously a back door pilot for Chicago PD which should be good just based on Jon Seda’s performance (although the Voight character is definitely a downer).

  16. Ram510 says:

    It not that I think Critin Miloti is ugly I just think she doesn’t look like a mother. She looks like a single girl waiting for the bus to go to the mall and pick up a “cute top” at Wet Seal. I guess they have a full season to figure it out

  17. ceylan says:

    #7 I have to say I feel like we wont get enough closure with just one weekend, but i would have hated if it was just a glimpse for the entire series finale

    #11 Why did they have to kill Tommy? I thoungh he was gonna be Ollie most nefarious nemesis

  18. Caro says:

    No negative or snarky comments on Body of Proof! It is one of the best shows on television and we fans are hoping it gets picked up by another network since ABC was misguided enough not to renew!

  19. Shannon says:

    Loved SPN, BATB, liked Castle, but was annoyed at Rick

  20. MB says:

    #7: Who thinks she isn’t hot enough? You are crazy! She is adorable. She fits just fine.

  21. Babygate says:

    21. Greys. People sue in civil court all the time for the tragic loss of a loved one. And the award is often in the millions because it is difficult to adequately monetize the loss of a life. But Arizona argues that Callie’s loss of her best friend and baby’s father is nothing. No concession for something. Nope. Callie’s loss is nothing. Nice, Arizona. And to even the score, since Callie didn’t lose anything and she had the audacity to make the decision to save her life instead of her leg, the only fair solution would be to chop Callie’s leg off as well. Anywho, no. Don’t buy Arizona’s argument.
    22. Scandal. I have to admit that seeing Quinn take such pleasure in torturing that man was deeply disturbing. And it was to Huck too.

  22. Babygate says:

    And about Chicago PD, yes, I will check it out. Mostly because Jon Seda is all kinds of fine. It doesn’t look all that great and I will probably DVR it, but I will check it out.
    Body of Proof. I understand why it got cancelled. This retooling for the season was completely misguided. Megan is an M.E. Why is she interviewing suspects and going on police runs? Most of all, how is she doing all that on 4 inch heels? I think this is the most unrealistic portrayal of any profession ever.
    Castle. It wouldn’t be a problem for Castle to move, I guess. Except that his daughter and mother live in NY so I’m sure that Beckett wouldn’t dream of putting him in a position to choose. So she leaves it up to him. I think it would be nice to see Beckett in a new setting and a new job. It would be like a complete retooling. But then Castle would not be able to go out on the job with her. Unless he helps her out from the outside. That would be interesting too. I like the DC setting best. I think it’s more sophisticated and exciting.

  23. Ana Rubio says:

    Will season 6 of Castle pick up in the swings? or there will be a time jump?

  24. Elyse says:

    Also on the Greys front I have hated all season how they portrayed Arizona losing her leg. yes it’s awful, yes her life has changed but she’s ALIVE. my boyfriends friend lost his leg in a motorcycle accident last year and he never went through depression or locked himself in his house and acted like a baby… he and his family were just thankful he’s still with them. Arizona is a selfish annoying person and I hope she leaves Seattle and the show.

  25. brb123 says:

    I’m glad I won’t have to see Tommy turning to Oliver’s enemy but I will miss him.. I hoped they’d kill him beacuse of that (I wanted him to die while I’m loving his character and not while I’m hating it) but didn’t think they would.

  26. Mari says:

    About Castle, I think you missed the point. It’s not about Castle moving. It’s about Beckett not having time for him or anything else with the new job. She even say this during her talk with her dad, that this new job will consume her entire time.

  27. JJ says:

    5. This is why Game of Thrones people should have a strong stomach. Having read the books, I can tell you that it ONLY gets worse, and Theon’s torturer will make you look back on Joffrey fondly, and make him look like a sweet puppy dog. There is a reasoning behind the story but it’ll be a much longer burning story where the pay off will come later.

  28. H.Houston says:

    #3 – I had the sensation of Peter Pan being like Voldermont… he who must not be named. Also I find it interesting that they are making him into a bad guy.

    #5 – I am not sure which scene had me shudder more – Theon’s torture scene or the bolt arrow filled corpse the week before.

    #6 – I think the biggest thing with Castle is he is so used to everyone doing for him, he is always the one wanted and desired and needed that when he has to take the backseat to someone else being in the limelight he just simply doesn’t know how to do it gracefully.

    #14 – Because like most parents Rayna has a unstated thought that her room and especially the bottom back part of her closet is off limits. It’s not like she had it hanging around on the top of her kitchen counter. Maddie is just a snooping little bytch.

    #16 – Morgan didn’t start in that CSI office. And my understanding of the storyline was that they already knew who the cops where (obviously since they have Brass’s daughter) and were trying to use someone that wouldn’t be readily known.

    #19 – I miss him on Covert Affairs

    #21 – With all of the other amazing saves yes I believe Jackson could have survived it – look at where the bus was burning and where he was… It is completely believable that he pulled the girl out and they rolled onto the grass away from the bus. Besides, Jackson needed that, he needed to be seen as not just some kid that his mommy bought the hospital… he needed that scene for many many reasons. I think that Arizona is so traumatized from the crash and from her lost limb – but I don’t agree with her argument. Callie was not on the plane but that does NOT mean she didn’t lost anything. As Callie said, she lost Mark and she lost the woman that used to be Arizona in that crash. It is not the same as being on that plane and losing a bit of your soul but it is still a giant loss and survivors guilt.

    #22 – I think Quinn tipping over the edge was the natural progression into where she is headed. Her character doing this is what is eventually going to heal some of Huck and bring them together as a couple. I have a feeling her father was out of her life for a very long time which would account for literally NO ONE knowing who her father was.

    • chriscee says:

      #6, With regard to Castle, who is it that has done everything for him? He has been the caretaker for his mother and daughter, and guided Beckett through all her issues the past 4 years. It has not been all one-sided between the two of them, but he has certainly not been more of a “taker”. Castle never gave an ultimatum that it is him or the job, he expressed his concern about the obvious issue for the relationship. They could have had Beckett say that she had given it some thought and believed their relationship could still work, but all she said was that she might not get the job. Makes it appear she hadn’t really bothered to consider the issue of the relationship.

    • rowan77 says:

      14 Did you seriously refer to a 13 year old little girl poking around in her mother’s closet as a bitch? What is wrong with you?

    • Liv says:

      Thank you for mentioning Morgan’s pre-CSI life. And yeah, it’d have been a bit more obvious if it was a police officer undercover instead. Like she said, she had the training and I think she pulled it off.

  29. Tee says:

    #10: Pastor Casey has been so fun to watch! I hate that they are rushing the relationship because I’d like to keep him around for a while. Yeah the end game is probably Danny, and they probably want to keep her awkwardly single for a lot of the in-between, but I’m hoping there’s some way they can keep Casey in the picture, at least for a while.

  30. Dj says:

    I was shocked that Tommy was killed. I thought part of the show would deal with him turning to the dark side.

  31. Shay says:

    Applaud the addition of Chris Carmack to “Nashville,” but hate the storyline. Hoping that “Will’s” background and psyche will be explored much more deeply next season, and that he ultimately realizes what he really needs is the love of a good WOMAN!!!!! Pleeeeeeze……let another character carry that torch (song…..) if the writers are so inclined to have that particular theme, but let the ladies have Will!!!!!

    • rowan77 says:

      Lord love a duck, you have a crush on the actor so you object to him playing a gay character? You think there are no gay singers in country music?

      • Aline says:

        She didn’t said “there’s no gay singers in country music”! Don’t try to start a fight about gay characters, dude! Read her comment again! She’s only talking about how she’d like to see him with a girl instead of a guy! ;)

        • rowan77 says:

          And again, why? He’s playing a gay character – which obviously makes her uncomfortable because she has a crush on him. I like that Will’s gay. He’s showing the struggle gay performers have deal with because if he comes out of the closet too soon, it could ruin his chance to be a country music star. It’s a compelling story and far more interesting than just having another guy in love with another girl like everyone else on the show.

        • rowan77 says:

          Oh, and I’m not a dude.

      • H.Houston says:

        *dies laughing* I just love the “lord love a duck” line

        But I agree with you…. the bigots need to enjoy the story line and not have a fit over a character who happens to be gay or bisexual or transgendered.

  32. Natalie says:

    Ok, Cristin Milioti is freakin adorable. thats that. and I’m not happy about the whole final season being stretched out into one weekend. I want to see her and Ted fall in love not just meet.

  33. Analisa says:

    Michael Slezak clearly wrote the Nashville one. He’s the only one who thinks it’s normal to end a sentence in “, no?”

  34. TVDIVA says:

    Why does Castle have to move? Lots of couples are married, work in different states and commute each weekend. Castle can write anywhere. But honestly, I don’t see the show changing getting rid of NYC and the entire cast just so Kate can get a better job in DC.

    • John says:

      Well maybe they got a really good deal on old West Wing sets and have decided a fake D. C. Will be more affordable?

  35. jakesorenson says:

    im glad tommy died i was afraid it was gonna be exactly like the harry osborn/green goblin
    storyline on spiderman

  36. Abernathy says:

    I’ll add one Q’: In New Girlss how sweett was Nick and Jess? And also, who would you pick for Schmidt: Elizabeth or Cece? (I can’t believe how much I’m loving Elizabeth!!!!!)

  37. Sarah says:

    #10 Pastor Casey is a freakin RIOT! He cracks me up! I was so bummed when it looked like they were breaking up mid episode b/c he has stolen the show!

  38. jdhd says:

    kristen miloti would nake a fabtastic mother in himym she is hot, but not to hot. it just woukdnt feel right having a super model looking actress play the focused ‘mother’ a role that woukd represent love and care they need someone like her who has a kind face.

    also the srrow finale was heartbreaking. oliver shows absolutely no emotion throughout the entire series and seeing him break down and cry was so powerful. im very glad the glades was destroyed it was a very good scene and it was such a build uo that if they had stopped it, it woukd have been disapointing.
    though i can sense that oliver and laurel are going to break uo very soon after all its by the same people as smallville and it took them 7 years to get clark and lana together
    though i strongly agree with what another commenter said that malcolm shouldnt have died, seeing that his own plan killed his son would have been an amazung scene and seeing tommys death fuel oliver to hunt malcolm down would have been intense

  39. Katie says:

    21. I didn’t buy Arizona’s argument. It was weak. Callie needs to walk away from her for good!

    24. Irene Adler being Moriarty was amazing, but did it hurt my soul because that destroys the Woman in Sherlock’s eyes? Yes. My soul is crying. But how could I not be hurt? After Jonny Lee Miller and Natalie Dormer had such fantastic chemistry. They made me want to live in their past. It was truly perfection in those flashbacks. I desperately want Natalie Dormer to be in season 2. An awesome character who needs to be explored more and more.

  40. Liv says:

    Pretty sure I’m the only one on here that still watches CSI. So here’s my 2 cents. However improbable it was to have Morgan Brody go undercover, I absolutely loved seeing her character dive in and assume the role of the call girl. What’s more, I love the culture CSI puts into their show, bringing in Dante’s Divine Comedy and the 9 subsequent levels of Hell as the storyline was brilliant.