Was Arrow Death a Misfire? Um, Can't Castle Just Move? Obvious Grey's 'Shocker'? And More Qs!

Popular TV Shows 2013We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Revenge, How I Met Your Mother, Castle and Arrow!

1 | Orphan Black‘s tail reveal: Crazy awesome or just plain crazy? And did the special insignia ring on Helena’s handler’s finger give any Elementary fans a deja vu moment flashing back to last month’s “Dead Man’s Switch” episode?

2 | Wouldn’t Revenge‘s big Patrick cliffhanger have packed a bigger punch had they actually cast an actor in time for the finale and not been forced to use a random, awkward-sounding off-screen voice? (Speaking of which, who do you envision playing Victoria’s MIA spawn?) And who is the grandma that Jack shipped Carl off to? Jennifer Jason Leigh’s crazy Kara??

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3 | Up until the finale’s penultimate scene, did Once Upon a Time have you fearing that the show would forever (and annoyingly) avoid referring to Peter Pan by name? And with “Aurora” and “Mulan” now starring in new shows, will it fall on Phillip to nurse Neal back to health?

4 | Has Mad Men‘s Don crossed the line from antihero to just plain unlikable/despicable? Are you relieved that Don’s affair with Sylvia is over, in light of the unsettling turn it took? On the other end of the spectrum, has anyone ever deserved a nice guy like Bob more than Joan?

5 | Even given Game of Thrones‘ penchant for sex and violence, wasn’t Theon’s torture scene involving the two ladies a little over the top?Castle_S5finale_AngryRick

6 | Hey, Castle — “You get this job, you move to D.C., I’ll never see you”…? What, you can’t write your novels from a brownstone in Dupont Circle?

7 | To all the How I Met Your Mother viewers saying Cristin Milioti isn’t pretty or hot enough to be the mother: 1) Seriously? 2) Maybe Ted isn’t hot enough for her? And are you relieved that one more season is coming, considering the creators said they always envisioned ending with just a glimpse of the mother? Or has the idea of “the longest wedding weekend ever” turned you off?

8 | Did 2 Broke Girls have you thinking for a moment there that TVLine’s May Sweeps Scorecard had reserved a “Fatalities” slot for electrocuted Max?

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10 | Can The Mindy Project add Anders Holm as a regular for Season 2? We know Mindy and Danny are endgame, but Pastor Casey – particularly in the season finale — is just so great.

11 | Who else thought Arrow might kill Thea and is still shocked that the series had the balls — or was it foolishness? — to off one of its best characters? (And we didn’t even like Tommy at first!) Also, does anyone have an official tally on how many of the show’s 23 episodes found a way to get Oliver shirtless?

Popular TV Shows 201312 | After seeing Arrow‘s collapsing Glades and Supernatural‘s shower of falling angels, we have to wonder: Was The CW stockpiling its special effects budget for those two finales?

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13 | Based on Wednesday’s Chicago Fire, how likely are you to watch Chicago PD next season?

14 | If Maddie’s paternity is such a huge secret on Nashville, maybe Rayna should’ve kept the evidence of it somewhere more safe than her closet, no? And the show is going to introduce a smokin’ hot, country boyfriend for Chris Carmack’s Will next season, right?

15 | When you think about the Modern Family storylines that might’ve come out of it, are you kinda sad that Hayley didn’t make it as a Laker Girl?

16 | What’s more wack — a CSI such as Morgan Brody (and not a police detective) going undercover as a hooker, or a medical examiner such as Body of Proof‘s Megan Hunt (and not a police detective) pursuing murder suspects?

17 | Despite its sharp ratings decline and persistent rumors of its demise, isn’t it amazing that American Idol managed to present an almost fairytale-level Season 12 finale, in which the most consistently excellent, risk-taking vocalist actually managed to win the whole enchilada? Also, which was more bizarre: Aretha Franklin performing via satellite as the Top 5 girls gamely sang “backup,” or Mariah Carey presenting a badly cut-together, badly dubbed pre-taped medley?

18 | Which coupley moment on The Vampire Diaries made you swoon more: Elena’s confession to Damon… Klaus telling Caroline he intends to be her last love… or Matt and Rebekah’s “date”  plans?

Popular TV Shows 201319 | When might be the last time one actor — in this case, Sendhil Ramamurthy — appeared in two season finales (here, The Office and Beauty and the Beast) airing opposite each other? (That said: Very different roles!)

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20 | In the Beauty and the Beast finale, wasn’t it nice of Gabe’s guards to afford Vincent and Catherine more than two minutes to stop for a heart-to-heart convo, in the midst of being chased? Kinda like how Arrow’s Oliver hit pause on, you know, saving his city to chat with Laurel about how the island revealed “the real him.”

21 | We’re all for suspending disbelief, but let’s be real: There was no way in hell Grey’s Anatomy‘s Jackson could’ve survived that bus explosion, right? Do you buy Arizona’s argument that Callie lost “nothing” in the plane crash? And how obvious was it that Richard was in for a “shock,” once the handyman told him how simple it is to flick the power back on?

22 | In an otherwise clever, twisty Scandal finale, was blood-spattered sadistic Quinn a bit hard to swallow? In all his snooping, Jake never came across a photo of Olivia’s father? Could Harrison (again) have had less to do? And can some cable channel air the alt-verse version of Scandal where Olivia’s FLOTUS transition plan actually plays out?

Popular TV Shows 201323 | Which moment from The Office‘s swan song moved you Mose most: Michael showing up at Dwight’s wedding with a “That’s what she said!”… Pam secretly selling their house and telling Jim it’s time to move on… Erin reuniting with her birth parents… or the crowd cheering on Andy with a rousing ‘Ri-di-dit-di-doo!’ chant? (Also, did you hear the news? Michael Scott has kids… plural!)

24 | Given how there was not a peep about Elementary‘s casting of Moriarty, shouldn’t we have seen it coming that he was actually Irene Adler? And do you wish they hadn’t caught her so quickly?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. badpenny says:

    Castle can move. I’m not sure Seamus, Jon, Susan, Molly, Tamala, and Penny will enjoy being written out of the show, though. And I don’t think the Feds like their operatives working with writers. :)

    • Lauren says:

      True, lol. But I get their point, Castle doesnt know he’s a character on a TV show that employs other actors.

      • badpenny says:

        I don’t think Castle’s issue was moving. I think his issue was that Kate didn’t see them as a couple who discuss life-changing decisions together. An Individual make a decision for themself. A couple makes decisions together. Castle was angry that Kate didn’t even see their relationship as important enough to even discuss it with him. She was thinking like an individual.

        • Charley says:

          EXACTLY, badpenny!!! Typical Kate. Something has to give with her. Like Rick said at the end, this is who she is. she does NOT let people in. After 5 years with him I have to wonder if she will EVER let anyone in. She drives in INSANE!

        • Taylor says:

          There are two different issues here. Yes, Castle absolutely had some legitimate reasons to be upset with Kate. But when he confronted her he specifically SAID, “You get this job, you move to D.C., I’ll never see you.” While I was watching the scene I went from being firmly in Castle’s corner to thinking, ‘THAT’S your issue with this? You can write in DC!’ I felt like that statement was so glaringly out of place in terms of not making sense with who Castle is and the resources available to him. It kind of hijacked the conversation and real issues.

          • jemeg says:

            The job in D.C. would take up more of her time than homocide. I think Castle meant that he would never see her because she would be all about the job – she’d have to be. It’s a whole new ballgame. Beckett has been moving away from being all about the job and focusing on herself and her personal life and allowing herself to be happy. A job like this would put her a step back. Also, not to say that Beckett can’t solve cases on her own, but she does get help from Castle and her precinct family – could she do as well by herself? I’m sure she’d solve cases because she’s good, but it’s those other points of view that help her. Yes, Castle could visit her D.C., but would he get to see her as often? I don’ know about that.

          • scooby says:

            Exactly, jemeg. He can write from DC, but it’s a federal job that requires a lot of time, and she’s probably going to be flying around the country. It’s not like she’s regularly coming over for dinner every night, and he’s probably not going to be allowed to consult which is part of the fun of his working with her. Right now he gets to spend all day with the love of his life doing what they both enjoy. She would make it all about the job (which is understandable given said job), but it’s not the greatest thing for her life. It’s the kind of job she would’ve been better for when she was totally single. I’d say that for anybody, male or female. You don’t plan a future with someone and take that job thinking it’s easy to do both. Didn’t she break up with someone else that took a job away from NYC? Sure it was just an excuse because she didn’t really love him, but that was the reasoning, the same reasoning Castle probably had. How about Castle and Beckett get engaged, find some way for her to be fulfilled in career in NYC for awhile or at least something with a stable location, then I get to take the fun sounding DC job. :) Fiction or no, it sounds awesome.

          • Theresa says:

            I think most people do not realize if Kate takes this job in DC, She would be cut off from any support. No body would be her back up if they decide to Meat Grinder her. If you want to understand Meat Grinding. THe most obvious version was played out in Benghazi on Sept 12 2012, The Navy Seals disregarded orders to stand down so back up was denied. Normally this happens to whistleblowers and bad agents, The possibility of it happening to Kate is very high.

        • Krithika says:

          FINALLY someone who understands!! The utter lack of communication and keeping even more secrets was absolutely terrible. Seriously Kate, haven’t you learned anything from last year that having secrets can destroy people in so many ways? The worse part was that Castle had to find out that she applied for a job in a different city, courtesy of a freaking boarding pass. It’s bad enough she hid this from him but for him to find out from somewhere else? I think that’s the reason Castle was so riled up.

        • Mary says:

          Exactly, that was the issue!
          Altough, after watching the episode again, I feel that Kate was sure she wouldn´t get the job and just wanted to get it out of her mind. I think her biggest fear was that if she told him they would have to discuss their relationship and she was affraid, like she said to her father, that it was all about the dance. I don´t think she ever doubted Castle´s love, and yes he was willing to die with her in that bomb, but the fact is after that their relationship was at the same level, no discussion further, no talk about where they were headed. And yes, she has walls, but so does he…when Alexis was kidnapped and she wanted to go with him to talk to Martha he said “no, that´s something I have to do alone” and then went away without telling her a word, didn´t give her a chance to be with him…So, IMO, they both have issues and need to clarify it before even thinking about marriage…

          • scooby says:

            Wow I forgot all about the bailing on her to go to Paris thing and lying to his mom about where he was. Great point. Yeah they need to address this stuff. I think if the fans know there are issues that need to be taken care of before an engagement, they get it if there’s a ‘not now’ answer. That’s good writing. We don’t feel robbed by some bs response just to keep us on the edge. It’s character based and legitimate.

      • Rich Abey says:

        Have you guys been living under a rock all these years or did you just watch the finale without watching anything else? Yes. Castle can write in DC, and he knows it, but moving to DC isn’t all about his ‘writing’. The main point is that Kate did not confide in him about her job offer, hence putting some serious wedges in their relationship.

        More Importantly, remember how Alexis ended up in Columbia? Because she wanted to stay close to her family, as she wasn’t willing to distance herself too much from them while pursuing her education, which is even more important, especially after her Kidnapping and given that we now know she is still suffering from aftershocks (which is one of the reasons why she wanted the trip to South America so much so that she can deal with it head on). So having her family, mainly Castle, close by gives her the assurance of a base to fall back to deal with her issues. And for anybody who has watched Castle from the start knows how important Alexis is to Castle (more important and valuable than even Kate) and he knows that moving to DC would put their relationship to risk. But then when he proposed he was even willing to take that risk by pledging himself to Kate, including moving to DC!

        So the person who asked the Question: “Hey, Castle — what, you can’t write your novels from a desk in D.C…?”, you got your answer now. It isn’t about his writing anymore. Its about all of the issues above and plenty others I haven’t mentioned but which you should already be aware of if you were watching the show. Theirs isn’t just your ‘average’ relationship and hence despite all that they have gone through, they still have plenty to deal with, but Castle has put his stake in and its now time to see whether Kate will do the same, and she should because Castle has accepted her possible move to DC and is willing to accommodate that. Sure they need to deal with their issues before getting married, but saying YES is a no-brainer, as she doesn’t need to worry about her job anymore.

        I don’t know why people keep asking the same question again and again. Did they not watch the final proposal scene and heard what Castle said to Kate? and putting the blame on Castle…are they mad? you should be mad on Kate because even though Castle can be an ass at times, Kate knows that’s his nature, but despite that she threw herself into a relationship after 4 years. So yes Kate, its time you get back into our good books by saying YES and then either go to DC or continue at the precinct with Castle because he loves you too much (and for anybody in doubt of how serious Castle is about their relationship watch the final proposal scene or if you think that was an act out of desperation watch “Still” where he was willing to save Kate from a bomb or die trying, which even Captain Gates commended by saying “I don’t know many men who would do that..” which is as good a stamp of his commitment as one can get.

        • JAA says:

          it seems to me you didn’t watch the scene before the final proposal scene either, she’s turning down the job offer.

          • badpenny says:

            I didn’t quite get that read from the scenes. It seemed to be jumping back and forth. She tells her dad she’s taking the job, but then in the interrogation room it seems she’ll miss “owning” that room. But then she tells Ryan and Espo that she need to tell them something. Would she really need to tell them she wasn’t taking a job they didn’t even know she was offered?
            Realistically, they’re not going to change the show. Beckett’s going to stay in NYC. They’re not going to replace the entire cast, and they’re not going to try and rationalize why the Feds would allow Beckett to work on cases with a writer not in their employ. And this is especially true when you consider that the type of cases Kate would be working on seem to be very hush-hush.
            The show’s not about relationships. The show’s a crime procedural, and it doesn’t really work when Castle and Beckett can’t work together to solve crimes. :)

          • John says:

            Or the early moments of the proposal scene where as she exits the car and spots Castle she’s smiling: not the expression of someone about to inform her love she’s moving to another city and potentially ending their relationship. At least to me. That with his “whatever you decide..” Castle would be taking that concern off the table she didn’t know about. So WHY was she happy? She wasn’t leaving New York. Oh and not for him: for herself (the interrogation room scene etc.).

            That was some tough episode for Stana: endless tight closeups of amazingly demanding nuance. And she pulled it off.

          • Ralph says:

            I am not aware of her turning down the job, and she certainly didn’t smile when she got out of her car.

        • caribbeanfan says:

          Alex wanted to enroll early at Stanford, with her boyfriend Ashley, but she was not admitted. Columbia was just the fallback school. Also, she and Ashley broke up at the end of ‘Cops and Robbers”.

        • kath says:

          As Martha pointed out to Castle, he hadn’t made any commitment to Kate yet.

          A woman would be a fool to turn down the job of a lifetime just to hang around her boyfriend, who she’s not even living with and who has said nothing about the future.

    • Moria says:

      This is part of why I had to go on a Castle break – terrible writing. The allure of Nathan Fillion was not enough anymore. There’s no real reason why Castle can’t write his books anywhere (besides that he doesn’t really do any writing on the show, or any other writer related work like promotional appearances). Makes it look like a woman should give everything up for her man but not the other way around. Saying her moving cuts out the other show characters – a total cop out & excuse for bad writing.

      • badpenny says:

        The other characters thing was a joke.
        As I explained above, Castle’s issue wasn’t with moving. It was the disregard with which the issue was dealt. Beckett didn’t talk to him about it. She simply flew off to DC to do a secret interview, and never even would have mentioned it to him if he hadn’t found the stub. Big secrets don’t generally bode well for couples.

        • Rich Abey says:

          Exactly ‘badpenny’. I’m still surprised how people haven’t truly grasped whats going on. ‘Moria’..I posted an earlier comment which also directly answers your query under the username ‘Rich Abey’. Please read it and let me know your response if you need to.

      • Rich Abey says:

        My guess is that you are a new addition to the Castle family or you haven’t been paying much attention. Nobody is trying to force women to give up their lives to sate their husbands or boyfriends, and Richard Castle certainly is not. What has he been doing all these years? admiring Kate’s work and making sure she knows how extraordinary she is at what she does and for who she is. Just taking such a big decision on your own while in a committed relationship without discussing with your partner is a certain NO-NO. I mean after everything Castle and done for her…hell just a few episodes ago in “Still” he was willing to save Kate or die trying, which even Captain Gates praised highly! and even if you are still not convinced, you can relax because despite everything, including Alexis (remember she decided to go to Columbia because she wanted to maintain her relationship with Castle, which is especially important now after her kidnapping, which we now know she is still suffering aftershocks from and hence needs Castle more than ever!), he proposed and committed himself to Kate, including moving to DC with her.

        “The allure of Nathan Fillion was not enough anymore…” ???? He has carried the show on his back the first couple of seasons, amidst scant support and publicity from ABC, and now more than ever is the most important cog in the Castle machine along with Stana Katic. Can you even begin to imagine ‘Castle’ without Nathan Fillion?? Well I can’t and millions of Castle fans agree with me and not because of “familiarity”. He bring his energy, dynamism, charm, acting skills, talent, wit, looks,…(I can go on for a few more lines to describe his awesomness, but I won’t as this is not a Castle blog) to the show. Nathan, along with Stana, is what oils this machine, pump the cogs, and keeps it in tip top shape, with an ample dashing of star power, gloss and that little bit of the X Factor, enabling it to get almost 12 million viewers on average this season (despite being well into its 5th, and remember what happened to Bones, CSI, Southland, etc at around a similar stage of their shows timeline’s…dipped heavily!) and making it the best scripted Monday night show on TV (and the 2nd best scripted show on the entirety of ABC). Sure everybody is important, but Castle would not be Castle without Nathan. Nobody can pull it off and his impact and importance hasn’t dimmed one ounce, rather it has increased. Without him Castle would be more like Hawai 50 or NCIS or any of the other more serious, darker cop shows and I am not talking just about the role of Richard Castle but Nathan himself.

      • Charley says:

        Moria, Castle has done enough sacrificing for 100 lifetimes with Kate. The relationship is ALWAYS on her terms 100% of the time. It’s time for her to stop being so selfish and start worrying about his feelings for a change. It would be a first for her.

        • badpenny says:

          I think she was worried about him and his feelings when Alexis was kidnapped. She even let him torture a prisoner. :)
          But at the same time when Meredith came to visit Beckett came to understand that Castle doesn’t really let people in all that much either. He dances around and plays the prankster but she doesn’t really know that much about his core either. Was she a notch on his well-notched bedpost or something else? I don’t think she had any real clue until Still; and that was the first time either of them said “I love you” this season.

    • JAA says:

      Hello, the job is for a task force that reports to the Attorney General not with the Feds.

      • badpenny says:

        When I say Feds, I’m just abbreviating Federal Government. Whether she’s working for the Attorney General or FBI or CIA, she’s still working for the Federal Government. :)

        • KHB says:

          The job interview was for a special task force for the AG, but is part of nd associated with the FBI. Gates references it too. And Anthony Freedman has a big FBI logo behind him. Shewoul n FTC be a “Fed” meaning Federal Agent like my father was.

    • CHA says:

      Exactly. It was never about Castle physically moving to DC, it was about their working relationship together. Rick had to do enough research for his D. Storm novels to understand the rigors of a federal position like this. He was going to be left out.

    • Mike says:

      Castle might move to DC, he told first he was with her no matter what then asked her to marry him. It was not you either marry me or go to DC. It is amazing how many people just do not get the show, Kate will marry him, she will stay in NY and next season will be about cases, and them building up to the wedding. Castle is a blend of humor and solving cases not about Beckett turning into a character from Men in Black.

      • Alan says:

        I do believe Kate would stay in NYPD. But I don’t think Kate would say yes to the proposal. From Meredith Kate know the reason of Meredith’s marriage fall apart was Castle’s wall. (Although I believe Kate know nth about Meredith’s cheating.) Castle didn’t let people in, and for Kate, I think Meredith had left her an impression, that her marriage with Castle would fall apart if he didn’t open up. She want Castle to be her one and done, thus I don’t think she would say yes, and probably push Castle to open up. As Kate (may) reject the proposal, and force to open up and talk, I think Castle would be hurt badly. Thus I think the next season premier would be about how Kate smooth Castle’s wounded heart, and Castle being open up (a little bit) to her, doing a lot of explanations .

        But Kate need to change too. She need to release that she and Castle are a couple now, and they should discuss their problem with each other, no matter how serious the problem is. I do hope they would have a open and honest discussion in the next season, resolve their misunderstanding and miscommunication. They need to talk before they could take their relationship to the next phase.

    • Gwen says:

      I had the same thought when the season finale ended: heck, he’s a writer, he can write anywhere! But then I thought how much I’d miss all the other characters. Beckett might try the “new” job for an episode or two, but then decide she was happier back in New York.

    • KLB says:

      Maybe the job will get cut due to sequestration!
      I think Rick’s issue with not seeing her if she took the job was more related to the travel she would do working on national cases vs moving to DC. The cases the AG would be looking into would not be in one geographic location, but all 50 states. No matter where Rick lived, Kate would likely spend more time out of town that in.

      • Patti says:

        I was thinking that maybe guy that is running for the senate (the one that was behind the girl being killed) in the season finale would block her getting the job. You have a wealthy guy with a rich and powerful family running for senate but absolutely nothing happens to him.

    • Squintern says:

      Boy, I didn’t realize that my fellow Castle fans lacked imagination. Given the wild @$$ theories running amok in the fandom and the nauseous over analysis of the season finale (I call it: I think I see this so I’m gonna blog about it) that have oozed from the various fan communities have none of you come up with the idea that the task force could very well have her in NYC?

      You all do realize that the DOJ has established ties with various big city police departments.

      There’s lots of corruption in big city stuff.

      And it’s TV for christ’s sake—if AWM wants to make Beckett a FEEBI in NYC working with the 12th, he’ll do it.


      • badpenny says:

        Based on the example of the person who sent her for the interview, the job seems to require the person to travel a lot. This isn’t about being based out of NYC. It’s about the idea that Kate would be gone all the time. Possibly only home on the weekends.
        On top of that, think about the example of the job. The guy she “captured” was carrying a silenced pistol. That’s not the weapon of a law enforcement individual. That’s the weapon of a government assassin. Kate’s going to be asked to do things that go beyond just apprehending criminals.
        And finally, her working for the Government means an end to their partnership. The Fed aren’t going to want her teaming up with Castle to solve Federal crimes. Most of her work is going to be very hush-hush and they won’t want a writer being privy to that. The show is a police procedural. There’s not much point to the show if Rick and Kate aren’t solving crimes together. :)

        • chriscee says:

          Beckett said it herself in her discussion with her dad, that the job would not allow any time for a relationship. So even if he moved to DC, he would probably be alone most of the time while she traveled constantly. So she becomes like the Josh character in the 3rd season.

    • Temperance says:

      Personally, before Castle even started thinking about it, I’d already though about how rich Castle is, and that an apartment in DC and some commuting wouldn’t be a big deal to a writer. It’s not a ‘real life’ issue – but it plays one on TV.

  2. c0rinne says:

    “13 | Based on Wednesday’s Chicago Fire, how likely are you to watch Chicago PD next season?”

    Not very likely. I like Chicago Fire, but I just couldn’t get into the police drama. Plus, haven’t we had enough police dramas?

    • AiP says:

      I agree. I want more focus on the fire. Plus it really irks me b/c I loved Hallie with Casey and I remember reading somewhere that she came back with a purpose and was going to give casey a big speech (presumably about their future) and they would have some thinking about the future to do but fans of the pairing (like me) would be happy. so then the lame spin off idea comes about, they kill her and for what? really? they could have killed anyone but why take casey on such a highand then such a low and if they put him with dawson or the lame cop chick from the spin off It’ll be really teenish. yeah sorry just a sour taste overall for me. I’ll stick with myfire fighters.as Corinne said – too many cop shows already *yawn*

    • You realize that a police drama is different from a procedural, right? If it’s anything like Rookie Blue, I might be game. But if Voight is a regular character, I may be really annoyed.

      • sarah says:

        I agree, I’m hoping it is like Rookie Blue. Chicago Fire got better and better as the year went on, based on that I’m willing to add Chicago PD to my PVR. It seems to be a throwback to shows where the personal lives of each person is just as important as the various incidents going on. Now if I could just figure out when the heck it is going to be on I would be much happier!!

        • Jules says:

          Same here!
          If Chicago PD is somewhat like Rookie blue, it could be great. Mixing police-related incidents with personal stories of the characters would be really good. And that is what makes Chicago Fire really good as well. Fires + firefighters’ lives.

          I think I read somewhere that it’s not coming until Midseason, which would be a shame, but either way, definitiely looking forward to it.

    • Rook says:

      I will watch Chicago PD, I think the twist with Voight was excellent and I’m a fan of Tania Raymonde.

    • Tom says:

      Not very. I thought the last Chicago Fire episode was deadly boring — half cop show, half regular show. NBC managed to destroy one of its few successful shows (I guess one successful show makes everyone else look bad). I didn’t see anything in the cop half of that show that got my interest. It seemed like the same old cop show that’s been airing somewhere for the past 30 years.

      • JC says:

        “Destroy” is a bit much, since it was one of the higher rated Chicago Fire episodes of the season. So what exactly did NBC destroy?

  3. lisa says:

    Klaus intended to be her last love not first.

    • lisa says:

      That moment was awesome btw. Klaroline is the only reason TVD still intrested me this season. :)

    • Nicole says:

      I just hope there is intention to follow up on that now that Klaus is moving on to his own show.

    • Tee says:

      I liked the Klaus/Caroline moment. I’m not a big fan of the couple, mostly because the timing is terrible. So I like the idea of maybe, someday down the road. I hope they get some crossover moments here and there while they’re on separate shows. She seems to have great chemistry with any character she’s bouncing off of, but I did enjoy their scenes together.

    • staci says:

      I loved that………… here is hoping she moves to New Orleans for him…..

  4. GInGeR says:

    Klaus and Caroline’s moment was the highlight of that episode.
    The most hilarious parts??
    1)) Damon and Elena admitting them being together is a mistake, but want to do it anyway. (They deserve one another!)
    2)) Utilizing MORE of Joss’ ANGEL and copying their Season 3 finale. So sad…

    • Garnet074 says:

      Ha! I caught that Angel reference too! As I watched Stefan topple into the water, I thought, wait, I’ve seen this before… where the heck…???? And then it hit me. Total steal. Made me laugh.

  5. CC says:

    Castle can move….and that was kinda the point of the proposal wasn’t it? Castle saying to Beckett ‘Whatever you decided I want to be with you’ (but of course, as badpenny said above…the rest of the cast can’t just follow beckett, can they?)

    • badpenny says:

      Yeah. With the proposal Castle was saying: I love you. I want to be in your life, no matter where you go. I want you to know we’re in this together.

      • John says:

        So maybe this was why Esposito is acting so snippy? KNOWING Castle would pick Beckett in D.C. over he and Ryan? Rejection does sting…


  6. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    Yeah Irene/Moriarity was caught…but that just means we get to enjoy her escaping from prison sometime soon ;-)

    • badpenny says:

      I assume we’re gong to deal with the lieutenant Irene talked about who pretends to be Moriarty to protect her identity. He was probably planning a take-over anyway. :)

    • staci says:

      I was happy they caught her and Waston was the one to help bring her down…. the mentalist is taking too long with that red john..

    • TAT says:

      Does anyone else think that “real” Moriarity is still out there and Irene is just one of his minions?

      • Shannon says:

        If they stick to the story Irene has the goods(secrets) on Moriarty, so he backs off of her. Then again who knows

  7. KD says:

    in Scandal: Did Rowen order Jake to sleep with his daughter? Then use the sex tape to threaten the POTUS? Then, he tried to have his daughter killed? What is he getting for father’s day?

    • ENAD says:

      I really don’t think he was trying to kill his daughter. Probably he was trying to test jake’s loyalty, see how he would react towards B613 trying to kill Olivia. Or maybe the ‘assassination attempt’ was not as it appears, the agent’s intent could have been to escort Olivia to Rowan. Remember when he said “Bring Olivia to me?”

  8. Ashley says:

    Which coupley moment on The Vampire Diaries made you swoon more: Elena’s confession to Damon… Klaus telling Caroline he intends to be her last love… or Matt and Rebekah’s “date” plans?

    As if it’s even a competition—-> Klaus telling Caroline he intends to be her last love

  9. wrstlgirl says:

    11. I wasn’t “shocked” by Tommy’s death, I figured it was going to be him or his father, but I will miss him. I liked Tommy. But I expect huge shock waves as a result of him dying.

    13. Love Chicago Fire and I am very, very excited for Chicago PD :-)

    14. Seemed awfully convenient for Maddie to find that information. And YES, YES, YES they must cast a smokin’ hot boyfriend for Will next season. I’d hate to see the writers lose out on a great story to tell there. It’s 2013 people!!!

    18. I loved Matt and Rebekah on TVD. I’m way past caring who or what Elena does at this point. She’ll flip/flop next season anyway.

  10. Christian says:

    Concerning #2, I don’t get why it would’ve packed a bigger punch unless Patrick turned out to be someone we already know on the show. Otherwise it doesn’t really make a difference whether you see him in the season 2 finale or season 3 premiere. Maybe it’s better this way because the producers can troll sites like these and get some casting suggestions ;)

  11. leo says:

    #14 – Why wouldn’t you burn something like that when you don’t ever want anyone to know the truth about your baby daddy?

    • flutiefan says:

      they never said never. Rayna told Maddie she’d explain everything when she wasolder and ready.

      • Aline says:

        But that doesn’t mean you have to keep the proof in an old, unlocked box, at the bottom shelf of your closet.

  12. Aimee says:

    Doesn’t bother me that they caught Moriarty so quickly. People like that don’t stay in TV jail very long. She’ll be back on the streets in no time. And it gives Natalie Dormer time to be in two places at once – NYC and King’s Landing.

    What did bother me more was the Beauty and the Beast paternity issue. Really, you need to be a genetically matching family member to donate blood?

  13. Babybop says:

    Klaus telling Caroline he wanted to be her last love was so sweet! I try not to ship, but put me on the Klaroline boat now.

    I would say Michael being the best man was the most touching. I burst into tears!

  14. Cait says:

    What badpenny said. In regards to #7, though- just…YES. Thank you. Not to get preachy, but it’s quite reflective of our society’s beauty standards (for everyone, but especially for women) that people are criticizing the casting choice of the fictional love interest of another fictional character on a TV show- a love interest we know almost nothing about yet- simply because they personally don’t think the actress portraying her has the right degree of attractiveness.

  15. Corinne says:

    The Joyful Heart Foundation posted a bid to visit Mariska Hargitay on the set of SVU next Season! Do you think they can do that if they didn’t know if she returned?


  16. samantha says:

    I was so caught up in the episode I really never thought about Jack saying he sent baby Carl off to “his grandmother’s.” I don’t have the episode to rewatch, but maybe the wording was vague enough that we can afford the writers the benefit of the doubt about being stupid and assume Jack is the one who has a grandma that Carl went off to? Yeah, probably not.

    • Nicole says:

      Haha…I paused my DVR when Jack said that so I could figure out how Carl could have a grandma.

    • sara says:

      Guessing its maybe a greatgrandma he was with

    • Katherine215 says:

      I caught it right away, and it’s been bugging me too. Did they ever say specifically if Jack’s mom was dead? Maybe she divorced his father. I don’t want to think about poor baby Carl with Krazy Kara.

    • Sarah says:

      I rewatched the flashback episode a couple of days ago with the stuff happening between Jack’s dad and the Ryan brothers’ dad. There was a reference to Jack and Declan going to their grandmothers for thanksgiving dinner while their dad was trying to sort it out.. Maybe it’s that grandmother?

  17. Josh says:

    So glad i gave up vampre diaries Klaus/Caroline and Elena/Damon what kind of insane person hooks up with someone who killed her brother or tried to kill her killed her best friend’s aunt and her boyfriend caroline is ruined for me

    • Nicole says:

      I think the normal moral code is suspended for TVD. They have all killed people and sympathize with that desire for death and violence. They aren’t human and aren’t held to human standards.

      • sara says:

        Yeah but for someone who supposedly loves her brother so much, being with the guy who killed him b/c he was upset that Katherine said she never really loved him, is kinda messed up. I mean how awkward will family dinner be?!

    • Liz says:

      Why is it that Stefen fans can’t ever get past things. Season 1 Damon is far from Season 4 Damon. So is Stefen. I like these two better than those two. I like that Stefen was able to let go. And did anyone feel the Dawson’s Creek vibe during the Delena I love you

      • lily says:

        YES thats exactly what I was thinking about the scenes with Damon and Elena and Stefan. They were like Pacey and Joey and Dawson at the end of season 3 or something. When Dawson tells Joey that he’ll forgive her because Pacey is a mistake that she has to make….

        • cas says:

          And yet Joey ends up with Pacey, because he was always the better choice for her. Also, Jeremy lived so I feel like their logic is moot anyway.

  18. BH says:

    I loved the Elementary reveal because they were able to put a face on his great nemesis which allowed for those great scenes of confrontation between her and Sherlock and in the restaurant with Watson. If the show went the route of consistant misdirections and fake-outs to Moriarty’s real identity, it would have dragged on and gotten completely unrealistic for why Sherlock could solve every case but could not catch this one person. Him figuring it out now shows how smart and deductive he is without expanding this story and its mystery unnecessarily out throughout the whole lifespan of the series. Plus, there’s always the inevitable visit to prison and her escape – which could be great stories in the upcoming seasons.

    • Kvivik says:

      I’m happy too. I was kinda afraid that the Moriarty storyline was going to end up like Red John on the Mentalist. This way, we know what we are looking for.
      Hoping the London visit allows us to meet Mycroft (cast Tim Roth). Please. :-)

      • badpenny says:

        I agree. We really don’t need another hidden mastermind. Much like Sherlock, it’s just better to put it out there and then deal with all the consequences as they come.
        And I’d love to see a whole Holmes’ family reunion. His father, Mycroft, and Watson all sitting around talking. :)

      • Linjo says:

        Elementary finale was refreshingly short. I agree was delighted it didn’t drag in like mentalist. Knew something was up w Irene. Nice twist. Why doesn’t anyone act surprised by sherlocks name? And a sidekick named Watson? That could have been a funny thread running through all season

  19. Aline says:

    Nashville – it was ridiculous! No one in their right mind would keep this kind of document around, so anyone could find it. I mean…if you don’t want your daughter to find out the truth about her real father, maybe you should destroy the results. Or keep them lock in a safe or something. It’s obvious.

    Killing Tommy was not nice. I get it they wanted Oliver to feel a loss, but still. Tommy was great, especially now, with Laurel and Malcolm, and knowing about the vigilante and the darker archer. aaargghhh

    And Declan’s death…so unnecessary! Jack already lost Amanda and now his brother. Looks like Emily’s destroying JACK’S life, not the Graysons! Because honestly, whatever she’s doing, is not working. They’re stronger than ever! Maybe she should re-thing her plans. And Daniel..oh sweet Daniel. Aren’t you the devil in disguise?

  20. Samantha says:

    I think that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was in competing finales in Supernatural and Grey’s Anatomy years ago, like 2006?

    • Laurie says:

      Whoa, I almost forgot about that! Yeah, he was in the season 1 finale of Supernatural and the season 2 finale of Grey’s, both in May 2006. They aired a few weeks apart though

  21. Michelle says:

    7- I keep seeing Lily when I look at the mother, but I have no other problem with her. I’m so glad we get to see more than a glimpse (because that would’ve been so annoying) but I’m not too keen on a season long wedding… Maybe a few episodes but not the whole thing.

    18- Klaus telling Caroline that he intends to be her last love!! I swooned like it was being said to me!! They have great chemistry and I love their relationship so I hope we see Klaus and Caroline together someday

  22. Emmakingg says:

    Of course Castle can move, but that’s not what he meant when he said they’d never see each other. Even Beckett herself said that the job in D.C. would consume all her time..he knew that.

  23. Liz says:

    Personally, I wanted to see Laurel die on Arrow. Yes, I know who she becomes in the comics, but the show doesn’t have to follow the comic canon, and let’s face it – comics tend not to always follow their *own* canon at times. A Laurel death would have made the show more interesting, and it could have propelled Tommy into a whole different role next season.

    Besides, Oliver already has a female sidekick and her name is Felicity. ;)

    • Garnet074 says:

      Love Felicity and Oliver. I know nothing of the original canon of the comics and don’t care to. I’m just going off the TV and frankly, ever since Felicity picked up that bow around mid-season, I’ve been far more interested in seeing what she’ll eventually evolve into. Felicity is more interesting and curious to me. She’s a mystery and I really hope they dive into that more come next season. Plus? She and Oliver actually have good, intriguing, make-you-want-more chemistry as opposed to his current interest who make me crave No-Doze.

      • John says:

        PLus her humorous moments adds a welcome bit of lightness to what could easily drift really, really, dark.

      • Norma says:

        I think Felicity is great; now I fear she died and not Tommy. Things aren’t always what they appear to be especially in season finales. As for the Laurel character, I don’t think she and Oliver belong together. There is too much baggage between them and Felicity would be left out in the cold!

  24. Mike says:

    I agree completely about the hate of Cristin Miloti as the mother, she is no Cobie Smulder, but who is, and Ted isn’t that special either, they should look great together. I’m worried about the longest wedding ever thing, I’m willing to give it a shot before I hate on the idea, like some people, but I’m worried they will be able to pull it off.

    I loved Irene/Moriarty, so I hope she escapes soon, it is only season 1, Moriarty doesn’t have to be the main antagonist for 5+ season( I’m looking at you red John), but I’d be happy with 3 seasons of trying to catch Moriarty, and giving her a face makes it so much more exciting. Natalie Dormer was excellent. Of course she has a Joffrey to deal with before returning.

    I’m glad they didn’t continue Gunnar’s little tiff with Will on Nashville, and Gunnar even seemed understanding, hopefully Will is going to stick around next season, he has become a very likable character and could lead to some interesting stories next season.

    I also wonder what is going to happen to Aurora and Mulan next season since they got pilots picked up, but I wouldn’t mind if they gave Phillip more of a storyline.

    Arizona’s argument on Greys was wrong, just flat out wrong, I agreed with her calling out Callie for not being on the plane, but to say she lost nothing was wrong, she lost Mark, a friend in Lexie, and in the end she lost Arizona. It astounds me that Arizona doesn’t understand that she put Callie in a position where if she didn’t cut off the leg Arizona would have died, was her leg really worth her life. Isn’t she a doctor, and to essentially say it was Callie fault she cheated was an awful thing to do, especially since Callie put up with bitchy Arizona the entire first half of the season for her to cheat on her in the end.

    The Office finale was perfect, the last 15 minutes brought me close to tears, and Michael return was perfect.

    • John says:

      “she is no Cobie Smulder”

      Thank the skies: otherwise that would turn this entire journey into one sad, pathetic joke as Ted marries the pathetic clone of the woman who dumped him on the very first episode!

      It’s sad enough he’s STILL planning on escaping “the pain” by leaving New York and all his friends over it.

      Comes time she might be too good for him.

      • Mike says:

        That is going to be the hardest part, the writers are going to have to prove why this woman, finally makes Ted forget Robin, otherwise it will look like he is going for the first woman he see after Robin gets married. I don’t know if the writers can pull it off.

  25. Nicole says:

    #4 Don Draper has lost his hero status as far as I’m concerned. If anything he’s become pathetic.

    #23 Michael Scott’s final “That’s what she said.” was the highlight of my tv-viewing year.

  26. AT says:

    1: Crazy creepy. I could barely watch… I still shudder just thinking about it. Just ew…
    6: I think he meant that the job would keep her too busy to see him. Review the scene with Laney. It looks like she would get sent all over the country, not just DC. Poorly worded, but that’s what I took away from the episode as a whole, not just that one line.
    7: The idea of the longest wedding ever has me extremely skeptical. They better make it really good or I’ll be happy to move on.
    23: I didn’t think it was possible to be laughing and crying at the same time, but “That’s what she said” did me in.

  27. Toni says:

    #7) I have said it once and I will say it again – not only me, but all of my friends who also watch HIMYM are completely turned off by the season long wedding idea. Please, please let this not be true. A few episodes, sure. 22 episodes? No, thank you.

    #23) I would have liked to see Holly!

  28. Deena says:

    Oliver Queen cannot be shirtless enough. White Collar should implement the same quota for Neal Caffrey.

  29. cathy says:

    So glad you mentioned the Grandma thing from Revenge! I commented on that in the Revenge recap, but only one other person seemed to notice how odd it was.

  30. Bella says:

    6 – Castle never said he wouldn’t move. He was upset that she went on this interview, for something she said she’d wanted all her life, and never told him about it. And we have seen him writing and at promotional events.
    21 – Arizona is a great doctor and a miserable human being. She was a huge whiner before she lost her leg, then she became even worse. And to blame her cheating on Callie? As if it were revenge for Callie’s amputating her leg to save her life? Callie deserves better.
    24 – I am so happy that the Moriarty/Adler reveal happened and that she’s going away. So much better than dragging it out forever like The Mentalist. I really hope we’re done with that whole storyline and we don’t see Moriarty escaping or her acolytes regularly coming after Holmes.

    • Rook says:

      21- I think a big part of it was that it changed Arizona, physically and mentally. She is the only plane crash surviver who constantly has to be reminded about it by her missing leg. Christina and Meredith weren’t injured and Derek’s hand got fixed. I think she doesn’t know where to put her anger and places it on Callie because she is the one who cut off her leg, even though it was to save her life.

      • white Carnation says:

        She did not cut of her leg Alex cut it off!!!!! but that was after He came runnig to the OR she coded twice already so what else could she do let her die or gave the order to cut of her leg to save her life . and Hoping that Arizona finely finds out who cut of her leg, and realised that saved her life and I also hope that there is a way that they find there way back to each other! Because the been true so much and they belong together.

  31. Midori says:

    The Castle episode should have been a later seasons episode. That way they could have just kept the core characters and moved him to Washington DC, that would have been a load of fun. Kind of like what they tried to do with House, just keep the actors coming and going.

    I’d love to see Beckett work in DC for a season, and have Castle commute back and further between NYC and DC. Doubt the writers are that daring.

    • badpenny says:

      It’s not about being daring. It’s about the show being a crime procedural. The pair need to solve crimes together for the show to work, not just have sex on the weekends. :) The show’s primary focus isn’t the relationships. It’s the crime solving.
      And the Government’s never going to let Castle work with Beckett. There’s just too much espionage going on there. Look at the guy who Beckett “captured” and who sent her on the interview: he was carrying a silenced pistol, and that means he pops people quietly. The job’s not the type you want a writer poking around in.

      • Midori says:

        Since when is this show anything close to being realistic? You can just have him help secretly and then have the feds just go “Fine, you work here too”.

        I’m not sure what show you are watching, but I don’t watch for the crime procedural, as a crime procedural it’s boring, cliche and somehow the bad person admits it in every episode. I watch for the relationships of the characters.

  32. Jenny says:

    Maddie connecting the dots so quickly (to then run and snoop) made Deacon look as dumb as a bag of dirt. Teen Maddie can figure it out yet Deacon is completely clueless.

  33. sladewilson says:

    21. Callie needs to haul back and punch Arizona in the mug. So, because she wasn’t on the plane, she couldn’t have been terrified for her loved ones? And she did lose Mark, so she lost something. And if she didn’t cut off Arizona’s leg, she would’ve died. Ungrateful….

    22. Harrison barely being there (in the finale) just adds to my theory about Shonda Rhimes and Black Men (exception being Jason George) but that’s for another time. I actually bought Quinn going torture city on po’ ole Billy because it was a slow build. What I’d like to know is how many other dysfunctional Pope family members are there? Oh yeah, and Fitz is still a punk – yeah, I said it…

  34. Leah says:

    6. That’s exactly what I was thinking during Castle! What in the world keeps him in NY?
    7. The wedding lasting a whole season? That is awful. I have put so many freaking years into this show, I’m going to be so disappointed if they really blow it at the end. Did anyone else think that finale sucked? It was exciting to see the mother, but the rest of the episode was boring.
    14. Yeahhh, it doesn’t seem like Rayna’s biggest secret should be so easy to crack. Duhhh.
    23. I loved knowing that Michael was happy. And that family plan bit? That was so sweet and so Michael. What really got me, though, was Dwight’s last talking head. When he talked about what they all meant to him and he called Pam his best friend? So freaking bittersweet.

  35. Sarian says:

    HIMYM’s mother is someone we have waited years to see. And now we have a woman who is uglier than any of Ted’s girlfriends or Barney’s lays. I had always expected someone who was extremely beautiful (BOTH physically and personality-wise) because that would be the only thing that would excuse Ted taking 9 years to tell the story.

    Seriously, I would have liked a goddess, but at the very least we should have had a pretty face. I remember episodes where Rachel Bilson’s character said the mother attracted every boy she met. Let me assure you that this is simply impossible in the case of Cristin Milioti.

    Even a CW actress would have been better. Not sure if I even want to watch season 9 now.

    • Mike says:

      Don’t, we don’t want superficial people like you judging someone was beautiful as Miloti everyweek because she doesn’t meet your ridiculous standards. Looks aren’t everything, it was never her looks that made Ted fall in love with her.

    • Boiler says:

      Such an ignorant comment Sarian! Love the show but not sure I like what appear to be Season 9 plans

      • Erin says:

        There’s nothing “ignorant” about Sarian’s comment. I think the word you were looking for is “rude”.

    • Nicole says:

      On what planet is Cristin Milioti not attractive?

    • Dee says:

      WOW – did this woman murder your cat or wiz in your wheaties? I find her to be quite attractive in a fun and quirky way. Just the right fit for Ted. To put Ted with a goddess who be wrong and not true to the story. He’s looking for a mate, not a shallow, vapid beauty queen.

    • Mick says:

      Really? “Uglier than any of Ted’s girlfriends” ? The only thing ugly here is your comment. A “goddess” does not exist, except in your fantasies.
      Personnally, I think she looks cute and adorable, and I think the producers have indeed found someone who will be great with Ted. And even though everybody has the right to find her more or less attractive than Ted’s past girlfriends and one night stands, the series has made one thing clear : Ted is in love with every thing she is, not simply her looks, but her personnality, her gentleness, her quirks, everything.

      So, if people don’t want to watch season 9, good for them. I know I will enjoy it. And though I was a bit worried at first about the “longest wedding weekend ever”, the more I think about it the more I’m convinced a series as non-linear as HIMYM won’t become a 24 ripoff. Especially now that the Mother has been confirmed as a series regular.

  36. Garnet074 says:

    So much good tv as all the finale roll out!

    #6 – I think Castle’s main sticking point was she never even told him what she was thinking about doing. That doesn’t speak well for her respect or views of her relationship with Castle. Plus, with everything that happened to his daughter, I don’t see Castle wanting to uproot and just flit.

    #11 – Felt awful for Tommy. They really wrote him out well (sad but fabulous!). I’m going to miss him and hope they continue to use the actor in flashbacks, but to be honest? The one main thought in my head was: *&^%! There goes the ONE guy who actually makes that chick likeable. So much for that. No I have to suffer. Why, Tommy? WHY?!

    #12 – Arrow’s effects on their finale were outstanding! It was like watching a movie. They better be careful or they’re going to ruin all the other tv shows for me. LOL!

    #18 – TVD’s Elena and Damon had the weirdest, bestest, most fantastic I Love You, I Want To Be With You, I Choose You scene ever! It was perfect for them. I loved it. Now don’t screw it up, TVD!

    #20 – Didn’t watch B&B but I got a chuckle out of this one. The problem with Arrow is this part of the story — the so-called “romance”. Everything about the show trying to insert these moments sticks out like a big red thumb and just screams, “AWKWARD!” It’s the one part of the show I find myself get twitchy and bored over. I love the show but man that “romance” (and I use that word lightly because, dude, it’s awful and I really hope the writers have a Plan B here) drags the show & its momentum down like the La Brea Tar Pits taking down a Mastodon.

    #24 – I suspected as much as the season went along but soon as she sat down with Watson I was pointing at the screen saying, “That, honey, was a huge mistake, you jealous witch.” And it was. I’m sure she’ll escape or heck, run her empire from behind bars. Not unheard of and now she’ll be even more hateful of Sherlock. Love, hate, and that fine line, you know.

  37. Marissa says:

    I was wondering how they planned to continue with Aurora, Mulan and Phillip finding Meal when I saw both pilots got picked up plus Julian Morris a.k.a. Prince Phillip is on Pretty Little Liars.

    • HeatherC says:

      IIRC, Sarah and Jamie’s shows are both currently scheduled for midseason debuts which might help with their availability and PLL is all ready on a different type of schedule so Julian should be available too. Those two things might give them enough time to resolve that part of the storyline in present day Fairytale Land. Hopefully I’m right on that but I’m not 100% sure, LOL =)

    • Mick says:

      Aurora, Philip and Mulan found a meal ? Guess they are hungry.
      Sorry. Joke aside, maybe Philip, Aurora and Mulan have met other fairytale characters that could become companions for Neal in his journey for the beginning of next season. The three of them can certainly manage to appear for the season premiere.

  38. Elora says:

    18: Though my natural tendency is to ship, the most serious swoons were triggered by platonic couples Damon/Alaric and Stefan/Lexi.

  39. Jen says:

    #23 – I choked up when Michael returned (even rewound once right away), but I really lost it when Andy/Ed Helms got choked up when he spoke to the camera about wishing we could know that we’re in the good old days as they are happening. It was straight tears from there on out.

  40. cjeffery7 says:

    1 – tail = crazy pills but we ARE talking about clones here.
    5 – everything with theon is over the top… i’m over it. just kill him already.
    15 – seeing the dumb-phy kids dance on the bus… PRICELESS.
    23 – “that’s what she said.” that and dwight talking about his subordinates. i lost my sh*t.

  41. Rob Davis says:

    As for Arrow killing off Tommy — I hope they are smart enough to rescue him and have him live (passing out is not dying until there’s a funeral). It would be STUPID to kill off one of the best actors in the series – if anyone is to die it should be Mommy Dearest – we already know the bad guy is not dead – why kill his son and Arrow’s best friend? I really hope the show brings Tommy back to life. He was really the most normal in a messed up family of actors. Colin Donnell did a superb job. Colton Haynes is a great addition too. If Karma was really made, it should have been made with the mother. Sick of her whining too.

  42. Rook says:

    22 – Quinn’s scene didn’t bother me, but that stuff doesn’t I was more shocked at how she didn’t even hesitate or blink. I feel bad for Harrison he is the only OPA who hasn’t had a story on his own.

    • Lash says:

      They had to save atleast 1 of them story line for next season. We all know Huck’s and Quinn’s background. We Know Abby was with an abusive powerful man in politics who was her husband but still don’t know anything in detail about her background nor Harrison’s. So there’s should be coming up in Season 3.

  43. Tom Charles says:

    15 | When you think about the Modern Family storylines that might’ve come out of it, are you kinda sad that Hayley didn’t make it as a Laker Girl?
    I’m kinda sad we don’t get to see her in the uniform. Hey, she’s legal, don’t judge me. But, hey, there’s always the Clippers right?

  44. shadester says:

    i dont understand how they are saying Voight is pretending to be dirty umm he was dirty! are they just saying since he got out of jail? and if hes not dirty why did he kill that guy to cover his tracks??? i might try and catch it just for antonio but i dont know. Yeah i knew Webber was going to get shocked. i hope hes not dead.

    • Rook says:

      I think the reason they let Voight out of jail was so he could be a double agent against that drug ring. Though killing that guy does confuse me, I can’t think of a reason why.

  45. Ray says:

    Personally, it’s not the balls of killing off Tommy that I think about…it would be the balls of keeping Malcolm alive and him finding out that his plan killed his own son. Yes, I’ll miss Tommy but think of the sheer angst and insanity of Malcolm after finding out that he’s responsible for killing the one person he wanted to protect.

    • Aline says:

      I thought of that, but then I realized I don’t care much about Malcolm’s feelings. I just want Tommy back. ;)

  46. Tom Charles says:

    23 | Which moment from The Office‘s swan song moved you Mose most: Michael showing up at Dwight’s wedding with a “That’s what she said!”… Pam secretly selling their house and telling Jim it’s time to move on… Erin reuniting with her birth parents… or the crowd cheering on Andy with a rousing ‘Ri-di-dit-di-doo!’ chant? (Also, did you hear the news? Michael Scott has kids… plural!)
    Honestly, while overall I loved the Office finale, I don’t particularly care for Pam and Jim leaving Scranton. I think it would have been more real if they stayed there because what they had was enough for them. That could just be me though

    • Jen says:

      I agree with you! I hoped after last week that they were setting it up to stay in Scranton. I always prefer series finales that keep everyone intact as is. Just because a show ends doesn’t mean people have to move away, get a new job, outgrow, close up shop, etc. I thought that The Office could have done that perfectly considering the documentary that was ending…I hoped they’d all just come back to work the next day but we wouldn’t be there to see it.

  47. I totally agree with 6,7 and 21.

  48. rowan77 says:

    3. Yes, I started rolling my eyes at calling Peter Pan “The Shadow” all the time. We know who it is, so the “reveal” of his name fell flat.

    4. Don’s story has been feeling like just more of the same. I was glad Sylvia ended things because she wasn’t the woman he needed her to be – submissive. She never was. At first his demands were sexy – then they quickly became sad. LOVE the idea of Bob and Joan – but he’s always looking for the angle, so his attention may have been all about keeping his job in the merger. That said, I’d love to see an office romance grow where the subordinate is a guy this time.

    5. Theon’s storyline is so repetitive and we learn nothing new. It’s been just gratuitous violence for weeks now. We should have gotten a reveal, however small by now. It’s called foreshadowing. Torture porn like this is just bad.

    6. Castle’s anger about not being told about the interview was solid, she should have told him. They are a couple. His acting like he can’t live 20 minutes away (by plane) from Alexis and Martha is ridiculous. That was just bad writing – not common on that show so not a nice surprise.

    7. Cristin Milioti is adorable. What a dumb thing for people to hate on.

    10. Pastor Casey is the BOMB! How often do you see a pastor as a drunk who punches out guys at a frat party, throws up all over himself and is not portrayed as a jerk? They straddle the line so well with that part. He needs to come back next season. Pastor Casey RULES!

    14. There’s been a lot of out of character decision-making on Nashville this season. A new show always has growing pains, but man, they need to do better with the consistency of their characters. You can’t change a character just to suit the situation you’ve put them in. They have to behave like they actually would. It’s just not good writing otherwise. And this is a show I really like so when they get lazy like this, it’s annoying.

    15. Haley actually getting to be a Laker Girl would have been great!

    16. Megan going out an investigating has always been a sore point with me. While everyone points to Quincy and says, “Well he did it.” He was never part of the official investigation. He would go do it on his own because he would make connections to things the police didn’t, but it was always against policy – which makes it more fun – and easier to believe.

    21. That explosion was too big for Jackson to survive with such superficial injuries (and the little girl with none). Arizona is having a full PTSD meltdown and likely has been all along. While she is right that Callie wasn’t on the plane and didn’t experience what they did, Zona is wrong to say Cali lost nothing. I see lots a therapy in their future.

    23. I loved the finale all the way around. Even Toby got the friendships he never had before. For some reason Phyllis choked me up, as did Erin finding her parents. I didn’t care that it was so pat and there were no questions as to if these people were really her folks or just jumping onto her “fame bandwagon,” such as it is. Bur again. I didn’t really care about that. I WAS happy that Pam finally got onboard with Jim’s new enterprise. I’d been feeling that she was being selfish for a few weeks now. Did Mindy Kaling look amazing or what?

    24. As soon as I saw Irene last week I said, “Yup, she’s Moriarty.” Don’t know why, but I had a feeling. Irene is only in one Sherlock Holmes story (Moriarty is only in two) and while in the books she was never a paramour of Sherlock’s, I thought that she was built up too much to only be Irene. A nice twist, but a little obvious. Didn’t hurt anything tho. I like that “THE woman” bested Sherlock. That was true to Conan-Doyle.

    • Judith says:

      Excellent comments all round. Esp #14. Nashville is my favorite show by far, but I get frustrated at the inconsistency of the characters, it makes it hard to invest. Sooo hope they fix it for next season.

      • Jill says:

        I feel the same about Nashville. Did anyone notice that at the start they kept saying that it’s been 12 years since Rayna and Deacon had been together and all of a sudden in the past couple of episodes it’s been 14. I know it’s been a whole season, but I don’t think it’s supposed to have been to years on the show. Looks like they wanted to make Maddie older so they can throw some teen story lines her way sooner.

    • scooby says:

      —Pastor Casey is awesome. I just love that TVLine mentions that Danny and Mindy are obviously endgame. It’s great to both acknowledge the characters’ connection and want to have fun along the way. Really enjoy this show.
      —Castle can’t just come to DC. It’s not like being in the same city equals time together anymore. She will be married to that job for awhile, and he can’t continue to participate, plus you know there’s gonna be travelling around the US involved. Federal doesn’t equal entirely DC based. That’s just the primary job location.

  49. Whatever says:

    1.Love Orphan Black the tail reveal and cutting were creepy like what are the rest of these people hiding ?
    2. I can’t decide if Victoria’s spawn will be evil like mommy or just a nice guy that falls for Emily too setting Victoria’s hair ablaze !
    4. Don’s just a Douche ! Joan does deserve a “nice guy” and some happiness.
    5. The Game of Thrones is FANTASTIC this season but the guy with the horn creeps me out big time. He’s annoying.
    15. Having Haley as a Laker Girl would of provided the opportunity for a lot of interesting guest stars. Can you imagine Jack Nickolson giving Haley a shout out at the game ? lol
    18.Klaus and Caroline were the most swoon worthy. I was happy for Matt , Rebekah and Damon .Elena just gets on my nerves she’ll still be whiny and will probably change her mind.
    Bring on the Originals and Elijah !
    22. Quinn did take the Drill baby Drill thing a little too literal however it was the next step in her ” Huck Training”.
    I doubt that Clandestine CIA Dude, Daddy Pope leaves pictures of his relatives out there where anyone might find them. I’m sure there are some who may have reason to torture his family .

  50. rowan77 says:

    May I ask why TVLine hasn’t addressed now utterly fantastic Jared Padelecki and Mark Shephard were on Supernatural this week? Both gave a tour-de-force performance that really got me. Jensen and Misha were great as always, but Jared and Mark just knocked it out of the park. Where’s the love TV Line?