Mike & Molly Creator Steps Down as Showrunner

Mike and Molly New Showrunner Season 4Whenever it may be that Mike & Molly returns for Season 4, the CBS comedy will have a new man at the helm.

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Series creator Mark Roberts (inset) is stepping down as showrunner after three seasons, producer Warner Bros. TV confirms for our sister site Deadline.

Replacing Roberts as an exec producer (alongside Chuck Lorre) and as showrunner will be Alan J. Higgins, who most recently served as a co-executive producer on Mike & Molly and whose previous TV credits include ‘Til Death and Malcolm in the Middle.

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CBS this past week revealed its 2013-14 TV schedule, where Mike & Molly‘s full 22-episode order won’t launch until sometime at midseason.

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  1. Midori says:

    Malcolm in the Middle is a classic.

  2. dude says:

    I want more comedies like Malcolm, that was a great show

  3. A says:

    I hope this doesn’t effect the show and it continues to be funny as ever and have a long run.

  4. Buddy Glenn says:

    “Mike and Molly” is the new “Rules of Engagement” for CBS, except this show gets full-season orders. I liked “Rules.” I would have liked it to continue, because the show deserved better respect … and it was funny, too.

    • Eddie says:

      I loved Rules. Man, what’s the problem with keeping good comedy? The only issue I had was they married Russell off too soon. And I would loved to have seen Adam and Jen’s wedding.

      • VAL says:


  5. dude says:

    ^agreed i hope rules has a good finale was always great

  6. L says:

    Ugh! CBS better do right by this show! Love this show.

  7. lyn says:

    I gave up on M&M about halfway through the season. It just got pointless and too vulgar for me.

  8. furbul says:

    this is SO community :)

  9. Ed Thomas says:

    I think Mike and Molly argue way too much. Please let them be a happy couple.

  10. Anne Ruth says:

    I can’t believe you STUPID PEOPLE don’t have Mike and Molly starting in the fall. Melissa McCarthy is the funniest woman in movies and TV right now. I don’t understand why you people in TV can give us a good show then take it off. I’m sure the show you put in their time spot will not be as good as Mike and Molly. I am ready to throw out the TV as you give us NOTHING!!!!!!

  11. A2brutA says:

    I find the Molly character cranky and bitter most of the time. She is by far the least likable character on the show. Her mother and sister and the mom’s boyfriend, as well as Mike’s partner are hysterical. This is one of those shows where the lead characters are real duds just taking up space, while surrounded by a very funny supporting cast. Hopefully the new headman will not use the same spin the wheel of characters, the actors portraying them and plot lines system he used to ruin the weak to begin with “til Death.

    • Geneva Johnson says:

      You must be crazy. Melissa is one of the funniest women in comedy. Her character, Molly, is so funny. I love the entire cast because they are all funny. I hope the new person running the show will keep it the same because it is awesome just as it is now. I was disappointed not to see it in the new Fall lineup.

      • Barbara Maynard says:

        I absolutely agree. I love Melissa McCarthy & the whole show – it is my favorite!! I have been waiting for it to start the new fall schedule and I am hugely disappointed that it isn’t. “Mom” just cannot compare. Give me back my show!!!

      • Alice Devlin says:

        I agree with you completely. They just held back on starting Mike and Molly, it was intentional and it is worth waiting for. I think Melissa does a great job, as well as Mike. I also agree, that the rest of the cast are great and the show, really makes me laugh. Can’ wait for tomorrow night.

    • JUDITH says:


  12. sally arriaga says:

    I like this show please bing it back.

  13. This is the best comedy/life show I have never seen! It’s believable, funny and heartwarming. This is by far my favorite program and I would dearly love to see it continue!
    By the way I would Love to be in “Mikes” shoes lucky stiff!
    Melissa McCarthy is funny, sweet, sexy cute, and gives viewers a fresh look at what a comedy series should be about! Thanks and bring on M&M

  14. LB says:

    Out of all the shows I love Mike and Molly the best. They are very funny and entertaining. I hate when they take good shows and put them on the back burner. Not fair to their fans who are waiting for their return.

  15. Ruby says:

    I love mike and Molly all my friends and family to they are so funny and there real I’m not fat are anything but I’m tired of seeing toothpick girls on tv time for the real people to get on tv I don’t want my daughter to think she had to look sick I love Molly need more actresses lime Melissa . Can’t wait for a new episode

  16. lydia says:

    Just saw my first Mike and Molly ever. I loved it and am looking forward to more shows.

  17. Judy says:

    You just can’t top Mike and Molly, it is the best show on the air. It’s so nice to see real people for a change.

  18. carol says:

    When will we see the next season of Mike and Molly? It was the best comedy on tv.

  19. kerrie M. says:

    we can not wait for mike and molly season 4! it was absolutely fantastic, after season three was over we felt as if we lost some good friends. each Actor contributed something to make it a wonderful series. i hope there are many more seasons of mike and molly to come!

  20. BEE says:

    I love the show, I love his partner and both the mothers and the sister, bring it back real soon!

  21. dawn says:

    I love Mike& Molly! Please bring it back soon!!!!! What sm I going to do on Monday nights now? I wont watch the other shows until you bring it back!!!!!!!

  22. chris says:

    Please don’t take Mike&Molly off. I look forward to it every week. The show where she falls in the tub with Vence is the best. I have it recorded. I watch it all the time. The world is too serious, we need to laugh more. For those of you that don’t like this show, your a little up tite. unwind and just enjoy the show, you just may see a family member. I know I do… thanks for Mike&Molly

  23. malinda says:

    I cannot believe Mike & Molly isn’t starting new season In September, I have been waiting anxiously for it to start. This is crap. How I Met Your Mother can be started later, I want Mike & Molly to start in September like it should. This and Two Broke Girls are only sitcoms I watch on CBs.

  24. DanT2590 says:

    I guess they need Mike and Molly to take the place of some of the [what look like] disaster comedies they have this year on CBS. I’m not even going to bother to try to get interested in them, cause I’m sure they’ll all be cancelled. The only show that I will watch is the one with Robin Williams. They’ll need Mike & Molly and Rules of Engagement…..oh wait, they cancelled Rules! Guess they’ll rerun shows from the previous week in place of the failed shows this year?

  25. cher says:

    get rid of two & half men, or survivor , or play Mike & Molly where you have old repeats of other stuff.

  26. You people leave a bad show like 2broke girls on, and do not put mike and Molly in the fall lineup! This is idiotic, you have something good and you don’t air it ! Ridiculous!

  27. Cathy R. says:

    I can’t believe CBS hasn’t put Mike & Molly back on this week!!! What are you people thinking? That’s your best sitcom! The people are real and I just love them. Come to your senses at the network. As for me, I’ll watch CBS again when the show returns.

  28. kagus (Kathy Gustafson) says:

    I am looking forward to another season of Mike and Molly, one of my favorites. I will be watching for the premiere date mid-season. We need this comedy!

  29. amanda says:

    I love Mike & Molly, it’s so funny, watching it just helps me forget about all lives stress (especially after a Monday) and just laugh. One of my favorite line Molly says when she’s she’s getting ready to go out of town and mild is all sad he says”don’t go run of with the gym teacher” & she says ” you don’t have any big macs and I want have any big Macs” lmao shes hilarious she’s more of a suttle comedians it’s just one of my favorite every Monday night I put the kids to bed I kick back on the couch watch 2 broke girls, then Mike & Molly it’s a routine a ritual DON’T TAKE THAT AWAY !!!!!!!

  30. Tom says:

    They should give Mikes mother more time. she is HILARIOUS

  31. Bernadette says:

    I Loved Mike &Molly and very sad it is not going to been on till mid-season. Bernadette Sept.30 2013

  32. dd says:

    I am missing mike and molly. I don’t care for the moms it is to much about drugs and alcohol related problems of today that we Need to fix not make fun of from daughter to mother to grandmother. This is nothing to make fun of.

  33. LINDA HALLMAN says:

    Down with CBS until they bring back Mike and Molly! Best show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Marilyn says:

    Surprised to see MIke & Molly coming back. I agree with lyn who commented in May that the show is too vulgar . stopped watching after 2 or 3 shows in season one. What could have been a sweet show was turned into trash with stereotypical characters. It’s too bad because the cast is very talented.

  35. Ben says:

    Season 4 is a dud. Mike and Molly used to be funny. Season 4 has it dumbed down so much, it is no longer the same show. It is so dumb, I am finding it repulsive.

  36. Valerie Glenn says:

    I still watch Mike & Molly but I really did like the last three seasons much better. They are making it more of the Molly show and it is the other cast members that make the show so special. I think that Melissa is a wonderful actor but they are making her so stupid and not a very nice person. Bring back the old format before you ruin the show. CBS is just about as stupid as they can get. They cancel Rules of Engagement and they keep 2 Broke and Dumb Girls on the air. Makes no sense to me at all. Anyway please leave Mike & Molly alone and quit making Molly so freaking stupid and thoughtless.

    • Lori says:

      HATE the new theme song, HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT!!! HATE Seeing Molly being the dimwitted one, she was much more likable as the intelligent one with ALL OTHER supporting cast members being the nuts in the basket! It was funny, cute, whitty, lovable, FUNNY! When you’re cooking your favorite receipt and it tastes a little flat, JUST SEASON IT, don’t dump it all out and start over!!! Season 4 sux, 1-3 way better, and Im a devoted m & m fan. Please re-season season 4, before it’s to late, it’s a great cast, with tons of potential. Best show 1-3 and cast on TV these days, “Molly Flips Her Lid” Must Go and bring back the the spicy cast with more zest added!!!

      • Rob says:

        I agree. The new theme song is absolutely HORRIBLE. Also Molly has become a different kind of character & the change ISN’T for the better.

  37. Barbara Maynard says:

    I agree with Valerie – the writing & story lines was better in previous seasons – let’s get back to that before you kill the show!

  38. Tom says:

    I also agree that Mike & Molly has changed…and not for the better. It is too Molly-focused. They are trying to make her the new Lucille Ball. Too much physical comedy, but unlike Lucy, this is not funny. I was cringing while she was trying to get comfortable at her desk…i was embarrasd just watching it. This was an ensemble comedy…bring it back!!!!

  39. Charlene Ruttan says:

    Just saw the April 28, 2014 episode. Thought the show was going down hill this season before this one and now it is dreadful! Now on top of Molly’s charactor not being that good anymore, they are making her work and deal with a gay boss. Totally off the track of the wonderful first three seasons before this one!!! We bought all the others to be able to rewatch but certainly won’t buy this season and may even stop watching the show. Sad as it was our favorite show on TV before the producers and writers starting destroying it.

  40. rene says:

    So,mid-season. Yet moms is still on. Terrible show. Not one bit funny. Two and a half men really bad now. You have a great show like unforgettable you always bring on mid-season. You moved Hawaii 5-0 to Friday. People go out on Fridays or Friday night football in the fal. Move back to wed. Get rid of good wife and mentalist .Ratings are low. You had good shows like cold case and csi Miami you moved to Sunday. Which your doing to CSI. It will floop like all the others.Is because Sunday night football running all the shows behind schedule. No one is going to stay up at 10 pm to watch a show. When they are going to sleep. Executives need to reevaluate what brings in viewers. Thank you,for your time.

  41. Zhazha says:

    I love the show mike and molly we finally have a winner I’m so sick of all this silliness with reality tv. Give me mike and molly and the whole cast and I’m a happy camper. I love all the personalities from the mother to mother in law to grandma I love molly she is so very loveable and Victoria is a winner. But have to say Vince has my heart What can I say it rocks

  42. Suzanne says:

    OMG I can’t believe that the best show on tv (Mike & Molly) isn’t being renewed. That stupid idiotic Big Bang Theory is still on & it’s sooooo stupid I can’t bear to watch it for 2 min. Whoever makes these decisions needs their heads examined.

  43. Lori says:

    I can’t wait for the return! It’s my favorite comedy..!!!

  44. lona robinson says:

    was wondering why you do not make Mike and Molly an hour show instead of just 30 minutes

  45. JDintheOC says:

    Let’s hope they clean it up somewhat. It’s starting to get a lot like Two and a Half men , with references to male and female private parts being too often the subject in the plotlines.

  46. Louise says:

    Do you think we are all crazy and believe your updates? I don’t think M&M are ever coming back. I was looking forward for weeks to the 2 hour special of M&M and it wasn’t on – I continued to wait til yesterday – they weren’t on – BS is all it is!

  47. Love Mike and Molly I watch every rerun over and over again. I even change from station to station that how much I love this show. Everyone in the show is perfect for their part, you guys are awesome, keep up the good work. P.S . I think they got married to soon also read and yes I would have loved to see the wedding too. Thank You so much adding in people of color in their world it’s a very nice touch to show how close police that are partners really are. Love you guy’s.