Vampire Diaries Finale Recap: A Stefan Twist, a Cure for One Vamp and [Spoiler]'s End

Vampire Diaries Season 4 FinaleWarning: The following recap contains major spoilers from Thursday’s season finale of The Vampire Diaries. Proceed at your own risk!

If there’s one thing you can count on from a Vampire Diaries season finale, it’s a crazy-unexpected cliffhanger. And this year’s conclusion — featuring a humdinger of a twist that might even eclipse Elena becoming a vampire — did not disappoint.

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Let’s review the major bombshells:

DOUBLE TAKE | After appearing as many different incarnations, the gang’s immortal foe Silas finally reveals his true self, and hey, he sure looks a lot like… Paul Wesley! As Stefan prepares to dump Silas in the ocean, he finds that the baddie has broken free of his stone prison. The spell that bound him was performed by a living witch, and now that Bonnie’s a goner, he’s free. Taking on the form of Elena, he explains that he created the immortality spell thousands of years ago so he could never die. But nature needed something to balance that, a shadow self that can die. Stefan takes this to mean that Silas is one of them, the Katherine/Elena clones, but actually Stefan’s the freakin’ doppelganger! As if that’s not enough, Silas locks up the real Salvatore brother and throws him into the ocean. Season 5 wacky impersonation hijinks, here we come!

BEING HUMAN | Katherine decides she’s had enough of Elena, who’s living a better life than she is, and attacks her. The two duke it out. Right before Katherine is about to take out her own doppelganger, Elena shoves the cure, which has exchanged many hands during the episode, into her mouth. Our favorite sassy vamp is human now (and can be killed much more easily, gulp!). “Have a nice, human life, Katherine,” Elena sasses.

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GHOSTLY ACTION | Bonnie keeps her new ghostly state secret from her friends so they can have a normal graduation. Ha! The gang succeeds in getting their diplomas, but not without some supernatural interference. Bonnie gets the veil back up and thwarts Kol and the other angry ghosts. But her most impressive feat: She successfully resurrects Jeremy, who tells her he can’t feel her hands. While the little Gilbert is back — can we keep Alaric, too, please? — the witch is dead (presumably) for good. She makes one final request — that he tell Elena and Caroline that she’s spending the summer with her mother so they can enjoy a little normalcy.

MATTERS OF THE HEART | On the romance front, Elena finally chooses her Salvatore, declaring to Damon, “I am not sorry that I’m in love with you,” as Stefan eavesdrops on their conversation. Lexi reassures him that you can have more than one epic love, especially as a vampire. And in a nice brotherly moment, Stefan tells Damon, “I’m not happy about Elena, but I’m not not happy for you.” Meanwhile, Caroline makes repeated calls to Klaus after Damon gets shot with a werewolf venom-laced bullet (or three). Just when it appears that the Original has forsaken his favorite blonde, he shows up at graduation in time to decapitate an angry ghost witch with a cap. You can always count on an Original for a good decapitation scene, can’t you? Then, not only does he save Damon, he also gives Caroline one hell of a present: Tyler is now safe to return to Mystic Falls. “He’s your first love,” he says. “I intend to be your last – however long it takes.” So exactly how long are we talking here? Season 2 of The Originals?

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TRAVELS ABROAD | Finally, we’ve got Rebekah and Matt, yet another would-be couple soon to be torn apart by a spin-off. When Alexander traps Matt on a bomb, Rebekah declares, “The first rule of living: Do the thing you’re most afraid of,” and kisses him. While they’re making out, she takes his place on the bomb and tells him to go to graduation. Alexander wants to know what she’s done. “I finally chose one of the good ones,” she replies. And he may have chosen her back because Matt agrees to travel the world with her since he has no other future plans. “Whatever happens on the road, stays on the road,” he says, warning her not to get any ideas about turning him into a vampire. “It’s time I start truly living.”

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of the big Stefan twist? Isn’t Paul Wesley’s excitement radiating off the screen? Are you looking forward to human Katherine? Hit the comments with your thoughts and grade the episode below. 

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  1. Anne says:

    How can Stefan be Silas’s shadow self? Silas is soooooooo much older than Stefan. Unless ‘nature’ isn’t very picky about the timeline of things, you’d think Silas’s shadow self would have been created when he was made immortal if it was really for ‘balance’! Otherwise there were centuries before Stefan was born when the whole of nature was out of balance. Right? Am I missing something?

    • sls says:

      It is rather confusing. Perhaps there has been a Stefan doppelganger bloodline like the Petrova bloodline. Maybe there are other Stefans in the world or maybe they were killed off and our Stefan is the most current version. It’s something that has to be addressed next season because I don’t think it’s very clear at this point.

      • Eliz says:

        I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how it is, multiple Stefans and this is the most recent.

        • Melissa J. says:

          I agree with Eliz. The main difference between Stefan being Silas’ doppleganger and Katherine and Elena being Tatia’s dopplegangers is no one was looking for Silas’ dopplegangers.

      • sara says:

        Katherine and Elena showed up hundreds of years a part so it’s not that much of a stretch that the doppleganger of Silas, Stefan, showed up so much later. From what I gather Silas is the original “stefan” and in order for silas to be come immortal a doppleganger was created, don’t think there is a specific time line for that to happen, it just needs to happen so that they can die so silas can remain immortal. Even though Stefan did actually die I don’t think there is another “stefan” out there to complete what Silas needs b/c technically Stefan can still be killed.

        • sls says:

          I don’t know. I’m not sure time has anything to do with it anyway. I think it has to do with the bloodline, with the doppelganger popping up within the bloodline over the years. But if that’s the case there could conceivably be more than one “Stefan” if that Salvatore was also turned into a vampire.

          I don’t think we have all of the answers at this point so what we are left with is theories.

  2. heather says:

    sorta same ending as in an angel episode. love this episode though it rocked. glad Damon and Elena are together.

  3. Richie says:

    I see a katherine stefan romance next season… And elana wont like it.
    Nice theory of the doppeganger

  4. Babybop says:

    Jeremy coming back, Bonnie dead, AND an awesome cliffhanger? That makes up for the Damon/Elena thing, which I oppose half because I hate him being sappy and half because I’m in love with Ian and want him to be with me…

    Anyways… Good finale. Klaus saying “I intend to be your last, no matter how long I have to wait” just put me on the Klaroline boat. So sweet!

  5. Eliz says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Katherine can’t be Human!!! She the baddest vampire of them all! She needs to become a vampire again asap!

  6. Eve says:

    Meh… I guess I’m in t he minority but nothing tops the Arrow finale.

  7. Pauli says:

    LOVED IT. I don’t think I could have asked for more from the finale. It was everything I was hoping for and then some.

  8. Jj says:

    So some things make no sense. For example, Damon gets shot with a bullet laced with werewolf venom. That means the venom is in his bloodstream. Yet he is not dying (unless they are leaving that til next season, except he seemed fine at the end of the episode). It makes no sense cause earlier in the series, Elena’s drink gets spiked with werewolf venom, and she needs Klaus’ blood to cure her, even though she was not actually bit by a werewolf. So how is Damon not dying when he has werewolf venom in his system?

    • sls says:

      They never showed it but Klaus provided his blood to cure Damon. Caroline was calling Klaus, telling him to hurry up and get into town to save Damon. Klaus showed up so the viewer was to assume he cured Damon. Damon’s shirtless scene was to show he was healed, no more toxin in his system.

  9. Essie says:

    Damn I cried all over again when Alaric and Lexi left :( I always loved the Damon/Alaric and Stefan/Lexi friendships! This season finale was crazy awesome. This season wasn’t as good as the previous ones, lots of ups and downs but this finale made it al up! Exciting to see what will happen with Katherine being human, Jeremy alive but Bonnie dead :( I wonder if he will keep her promise and maybe decides himself to find a way to bring her back. I hope so. Matt should admit to his feelings for Rebekah, even though we know that it won’t last cause she’s going off to New Orleans. And Klaus mentioning he believes he will be Caroline’s last love makes me think that maybe in the far future Caroline could still end up in New Orleans. But I’d also like to see her dating Stefan, they have so much chemistry. But most shocking is Stefan being the doppelganger of Silas, OMG!

  10. Ben says:

    I knew Katherine would be the one to take the cure, just knew it.

  11. Radha says:

    Is it just me who thinks that Stefan is meant to be dead-permanently? Like Silas throws him into the ocean in a locked crate and he takes over as Stefan in Mystic Falls? I don’t know. It seemed to me that Elena finally made a choice that will stick (which I really hate because I really don’t care who Elena ends up with. I hate that she keeps coming between two brothers) and that Stefan was making his peace with it and was thinking about leaving town.

    Cue Silas and that little reveal at the end where he gets rid of Stefan….it just seems to me that we’re to think Stefan is gone for good. Because if they figure it out and rescue him, won’t we be getting a ‘pining for Elena’ Stefan once again? Which we’ve already done? Unless he well and truly gets over her down in that box. I’m hoping that he isn’t gone for good because I hate to think that Damon will lose his brother without ever knowing it, but at the same time I don’t see how they can ever be close again because of Elena and Damon.

    Yeah, my focus is on the fact that they are family who keep screwing each other over for a girl instead of remembering how close they used to be. That is what I get most upset about with this whole stupid triangle.

    • Julie says:

      I really don’t think Stefan is meant to be gone permanently. I think eventually everyone will realize that Silas isn’t the real Stefan eventually, but hopefully that’s further down the line. I can think of a lot of fun things that could be done in the meantime. And I’m with you on Team Salvatore but I think the two can be close again. I think Stefan’s sweet words about not NOT being happy for Damon is a way to show that. I don’t by any means think that they won’t explore Stefan and Elena again in the future, but hopefully they will give the triangle a rest next season.

  12. Bailigh says:

    I wonder who will be the first one to find out that Stefan is acting out of character? It brings into question does Silas know that Elena chose Damon over Stefan?

  13. Kay says:

    did anyone notice since silas’ spell for immortality was a doppleganger and katherine was trying to find her spell for immortality – she was already “immortal” as the doppleganger….should be fun to see her as a human though!

  14. Deepak Negi says:

    Since Katherine is turned to human I think Klaus can create new hybrid again.
    This is going to be real interesting as Elena and katherine they both were dopplegangers

  15. Kel says:

    I am just really confused about the Silas mythology now. How is creating a killable doppelganger a “balance”? Was the whole story that Silas wanted to take the cure and die to be with his true love a lie? How come Silas wasn’t immediately freed when Bonnie died last week? Has Jeremy been alive since last week but just didn’t know it? Why did Silas lock up Stefan and throw him into the ocean? Why reveal this information to Stefan at all, why not just leave town?

  16. Jane says:

    Once again nobody calls out Julie Plec for NOT doing right by Bonnie.

  17. D. says:

    Now that Silas is again in play the witches will send Bonnie back right? And since they’re at that they could also send back Lexi, i really like her character.

  18. Leanne says:

    This finale was much better than I expected, although not as good as previous finales. Loved Damon/Alaric, Lexie/Stefan, they HAVE to bring back Lexie & Alaric definitely. Favourite scenes were Delena, and Klaus’ spectacular line. COuldn’t care less about Bonnie dying, Jeremy back or Matt/Rebecca (personally I think Matt should have been killed off in S1, he’s useless and boring and adds nothing to the mix.) The twist about Katherine and Stefan was pretty good, I was impressed. Have to say though, if season 5 is as boring as this last season was (barring a few episodes,including the finale), I’m switching to the Originals and not looking back.

  19. Patchi says:

    I forgot to ask where did that safe come from? Is Silas a magician too?

  20. BrianR says:

    Now Klaus needs Katherine’s blood so he can make new hybrids.

    • Bailigh says:

      Considering how the last bunch of hybrids turned on him, I do not think Klaus will be all that eager to make more hybrids.

  21. natalie says:

    Why didn’t Jeremy haunt Silas since he killed Jer? Jer died a hunter and he SHOULD haunt Silas, right?

  22. Liz says:

    It was an awesome episode. I just wish that Alaric could come back permanently. The show is so much better with him than it is without hime.

  23. Mari says:

    I think at the end when stefan was about to dump silas body, they showed a flash back of what happened earlier with him and the real elena ( we know this because when she was fighting katherine she has the cure in her pocket) but what we didnt see is right after she declared her love to damon which was most likley silas , because damon said she took off , which was the time stefan was about to take off to dump the body. yes elena was at the school looking for bonnie and jeremy but that could of been coincidental so that it makes us veiwers think that is whats really happening, why else would they show a clip back to that part?!!! Something happened there.

    Being that stefan is the true doppleganger, its said thag dopplegangers are always the ones thhat suffer and are miserable because they see there clones have better lifes. So maybe stefan isnt elenas true love after all, maybe he will always be tortured he can never have his true love because he is the doppleganger and they are meant to always be tormented!

    As for katherine, looking forward to see her ae a human , lets see if she will remember any of her vampire life. They did show katherine a few times as human when she wasnt evil so who knows if her whole perona will change.

    Cant wait for season 5!!!!

  24. tommy says:

    klaus would me more romantic for caroline than tyler tin, stefan and caroline can neva happen.. same rumour that demon was goin to take the cure meanwhile dat bitch did.. pls keep rumours off blogs and chill out for season 5

  25. Am I the only one to realise that Klaus can create more hybrids now that Katherine is human again? After all he wanted the cure for Elena so he could have a source of doppelganger’s blood, but turning Katherine human is basically the same thing.

  26. onlyakb says:

    it was good, but damn the vampire being locked and dumped into the sea, it kinda reminded Angel a bit too much, specially cos the whole Silas thing reminded The First from Buffy a hell lot! just saying, to me it had a feel of seen that already!!

    but Stephan being a doppelganger too was a nice twist! I think is safe to say it will be doppelganger land in Mystic Falls next season!!

  27. So I guess Stelena is already a goner. Bummer. I only liked Elena when she’s with Stefan.

  28. Alex says:

    Okay, so why Stefan ? As if there are not enough vampires in the TVD universe to be Silas’ doppelganger. So I guess my question is – what makes S.S. more special ? I see that you guys think this was some sort of originality twist for a cliffhanger, but to me it was just … “so ?” As to everything else – I was never partial to Bonnie, so her passing is “Yeah, I can deal with it.” Jeremy coming back – don’t you think it’s a bit overdone !? I was so happy when he died, because the show had hit a bit of a rough patch before his death and it finally made it great again. Klaus and Caroline are a huge *thumbs up*, so is Katerina’s humanization =D aaaand for the grand finale – Matt and Rebekah finally finally finally ! That was the best of it all ! Awesome, awesome, awesome.
    P.S. And I think it’s high time to wave Tyler goodbye. He just doesn’t have anything to contribute to the story anymore.

  29. Alex says:

    And just a question – since now Katty is human, can’t she be turned back into a vampire ? It was probably said on the show but I have missed it … =D

    • sls says:

      It was not mentioned. I would guess there will be some stipulation like the cure is permanent and once you ingest it you can never become an immortal being again, or there is a “waiting period”. It won’t be as simple as Katherine getting turned back right away, if at all.

  30. Doesn’t Elena have to chose a Salvatore brother at the end of every season finale…we will see how long that lasts :/…still don’t like her! anyone feel the same?
    Hopefully Katherine will turn back into a vampire and cause some more trouble…
    Hopefully Stefan comes back…

  31. janean137 says:

    How can silas have a doppelganger when he is a vampire…don’t you have to have a physical line from giving birth?

    • sls says:

      That’s an interesting point. I’m guessing that before he was immortal he had a child. I think there was mention of a child somewhere along the way but not sure. If he had a child before he was turned then that is where the bloodline will stem from. If not, then I don’t know.

  32. wasup says:

    Guys you might forget! If Katherine is back, then a doppelganger is back and Klaus can make hybrids again.

    The only sure thing I see.

  33. Sara says:

    Thought it was cool how the cure got handed around the entire episode, it was anyone’s guess who got it, totally took me by surprise it would be Katherine. Because of her vulnerability being human I can see Katherine trying to convince Damon to turn her. No one will want to touch her with a 100 foot pole and then factor in being public enemy number one. The vamps she burnt will all be lining up for their share of revenge. I think it’s cool Elena chose Damon, especially post sire bond, that was nice. I loved how Klaus expects to be around for Caroline for a long time. I know how Klaus can come across as a major d-bag but boy does that boy commit, he’s like Damon, when he loves, he loves. Awesome to have Jeremy back too. Does this mean he’ll be getting his ring back of Matt? He may need it, especially with the unexplained higher than average teen death toll in Mystic Falls. Great job TVD team. Look forward to season 5, would that be in September by any chance? For The Originals, I hope we get to see more Elijah, oh maybe Katherine will knock on his door to be “re-vamped”, pardon the pun.

  34. Roe113 says:

    it’s a long time until October for TVD to return, so i feel “the originals” should be aired over the summer….all those in favor, say aye????

  35. JAO says:

    Loved the finale! I loved that Alaric was back! I forgot how much I missed him. He was so cool. Glad I stuck with this season!

  36. becca hearts tvd says:

    Love this finale, love this show, but I sure hope it doesn’t drag on forever and get stale. As for the great Klaroline/ Forwood debate, while I give kudos to Tyler’s character development, Klaus is just way more fun to watch! But if it really came down to it, cant’t we just clone Matt?? :)

  37. sexytess says:

    Yessssssss I críed a lot, I like Stefan but it works better with Damon, the show with Delena has passion and love altogether, instead with Stelena sometimes becomes a little bit boring, and you have to focus in other stories, but this ONE it’s just PERFECTION!!! We finally know that there’s no sire bond here, she really loves him and she chooses him, and he fiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally gets the girl!! & its just 4 being who he is!so happy 4 him! He deserves a little of joy after many years of misery!

  38. Alexcia Webb says:

    The only thing I’ve have to say is, “Holy Crap” The Vampire Diaries gets better and better, Good job Julie Plec and cast keep up the good work:-)

  39. Alexcia Webb says:

    It’s gets better and better every time…. Good job Julie Plec and cast and keep up the good work and make me happy:-)

  40. Nadine Hoosen says:

    I can’t wait for season 5!!!!Omw firstly I don’t want Tyler back on my screen,he’s annoying.Klaus is right:every girl craves her deepest desires and Klaus is a desire on fire!!!I so don’t want Stefan to die…I wish Silas would show his true face already and get over with it!!!!I’m super glad Jeremy is back.The relationship I would love to see:Stefan and Katherine…it will be like brothers dating twins:)

    • sls says:

      As of right now, we have seen Silas’ real face… His real face is Stefan’s face. Stefan is a doppelgänger of Silas.
      Now maybe Silas is lying about that. Maybe that mythology will change. But as of now we are to believe Silas looks like Stefan, or more specifically, Stefan looks like Silas.

  41. kbro says:

    the whole Stefan-as-doppelganger thing is a good twist, but I was so angry with this ending! the Silas thing will never end! good grief, I’m so over this story. this whole season has been a snooze for me, thanks to Silas and the cure.

  42. jc says:

    It would be a nice twist if the cure Katherine ingested didn’t allow for vampire blood to work in her system and allow her to become a vampire again. In my opinion, a cure for vampirism should keep it out for good.

  43. Jinq2 says:

    Stefan being a doppelganger is interesting, but I’m sooooooo tired of the “bad guy impersonating the good guy(s)” plot device. I hope someone susses Silas out sooner rather than later.

  44. Lynette says:

    If Stefan’s heritage was created so that Silas can be immortal… then is the Katerina/Elena a result of the same… maybe an immortal female vampire out htere to be seen soon?

    I think that with the launch of The Originals, TVD is going to have one last season and the remaining cast go to Originals with Rebekah, and the other brother. They already clearly launched as they did Buffy/Angle. However I think instead of trying to run side by side for a few seasons, they are making a clean break with only one. Besides this whole Silas thing is getting out of hand. There are no more people capable to hurt. him. Maybe some jeremy’s hunter stuff freak out OMG that is right… BS

  45. Louise Marie says:

    Wow what an episode finale. Ive never cried so much. Bonnie graduating as a ghost. The whole gang together. Jeremy alive again. Lexi nd alaric gone. Stefan not being with elena still. Dont agree ith elena choosing damon sorry i wanted it to b stefan. And loved the silas as stefan doppleganger and human katherine … What an awesome suprise! Cant wait for next season wooooooooooo!

  46. Cathy O. says:

    OMG I totally missed what Elena meant when she said to Damon, this would prove to be the worst choice but I am not sorry that I am in love with you. She meant her choosing to not take the cure and remain a vampire may be the worst choice but that she loves Damon and wants to be with him so she is going to do it in order to spend eternity with him. They have to be the endgame.

    • sls says:

      I hope you are right Cathy O. I don’t think a lot of people took it that way though. I think many people took it to mean choosing Damon was the worst choice. I will have to watch it again, keeping what you said in mind.

      I’m still holding out for a Stefan/Katherine, Damon/Elena endgame. I get that it is kinda weird but I think the couples need a good balance and those combos offer up a great balance.

      I think there will probably be some reveal eventually where Qyetsia or Silas’ true love is an Elena/Katherine/Petrova doppelganger. Seems too weird that Stefan is now known to be a doppelganger too. Many people are thinking the same thing with the idea that Stefan/Elena are endgame. But Katherine would make more sense.

      I’m hoping that humanity eventually suits Katherine and she becomes a more appropriate choice for Stefan. She needs to be just a shade less evil for that endgame to pan out. Hopefully she never looses her edge though.

  47. vannesa says:

    I really liked bonnie…i honestly if anyone should have died it should have been caroline..she gets on my nerves…and wow..katherine beat elenas ass..
    .its like she didnt stand a chance..but cant wait to see katherine as a human!

  48. vannesa says:

    All elena wanted at one point was the cure..she finally gets the chance to have it..and she wouldnt…now shes stuck as a she better not complain

  49. amya velasquez says:

    I’m woo happy that Damon and Elena are together and I root for klaus and Caroline there meant to be bonnie should not be dead!!!!!!!

  50. vannesa says:

    I dont really like the idea of stefan having a dopple ganger..that just doesnt seem right…but wonder how katherine will handle being human…im really happy jeremys back