Grey's Anatomy Finale Recap: I'll Be C'ing You

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 FinaleIt says a lot about Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy finale that the C-section Meredith has during the big storm (!) in the dark (!) is arguably its least dramatic incident. But it’s true! In fact, no sooner has her and Derek’s McBaby been delivered than panic sets in. Why? Read on and find out!

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THE CLOSER | First, Mer understandably freaks when her newborn doesn’t immediately cry. Then, after Derek takes away their perfectly healthy (and incredibly clean) tot to the nursery, Shane is left to close. As in, close Mer! Unfortunately, the patient springs a leak – the result of that fall she took last week – leaving her in the unenviable position of having to explain to the intern how he’s going to open her back up and stop her from bleeding to death! Finally, though Bailey’s been bailing on surgeries the whole episode long, she’s forced to act to save Mer (which, of course, she does). Afterward, Mer and Derek agree that the perfect name for their son is… Bailey.

BUS-TED | After a bus crashes – conveniently just outside the ER – all the passengers are evacuated… except, Jackson notices, for one hard-to-spot little girl. When the bus explodes, it looks like the would-be hero is toast – burnt toast, at that! In response, April goes berserk. When it turns out that not only is her ex-lover fine but he saved the kid to boot, Goody Two-Shoes confesses that she still wants him. “You’re getting married,” he notes. “Unless,” she replies, “you can give me a reason not to.” (Hasta la vista, Matthew!)

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ONE-LONG-NIGHT STAND | Following her tryst with Lauren, Arizona wants nothing more than to get away from her… which is pretty much impossible, because they’ve got a nursery full of babies whose incubators are running out of batteries! Even worse, when the lights come back on, Callie immediately notices that Lauren’s wearing Arizona’s top – it has her ring pinned to it! The other woman makes a great excuse, but the cat is out of the bag. In the end, Arizona blames it all on Callie’s decision to amputate. Callie didn’t lose anything in the plane crash, Arizona argues. “I lost you,” Callie answers sadly.

FROM START TO FINISH | Overcoming his fear that he’s some kind of lady jinx who turns every woman he’s involved with into a basket case, Alex finally admits to Jo that he loves her, and they engage in a whole smoochapalooza. On the other end of the relationship spectrum, Cristina and Owen at last have “the talk.” And, knowing that she’ll never be enough for him the same way that surgery is enough for her, she walks away

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SHOCKING… LITERALLY | Unaware that Bailey has stepped in and saved Mer, Richard spends the hour believing that his efforts to cajole her back into the OR have failed. She’s just about to find him to fill him in and apologize for their big fight when we see that – holy crap! – when the power came back on, he was electrocuted in the flooded basement!

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? The season? Relieved Mer decided against Sebastian as the McBaby’s name? (Did you have a better idea?) Do you think Richard is really dead? Can Callie and Arizona’s marriage be saved? What about Owen and Cristina’s? Hit the comments with your… you know, comments!

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  1. Preyn49 says:

    I enjoyed the finale very much and I hope Richard isn’t dead because he is one of the few on Grey’s who inspires me. His character is so well grounded and so full of wisdom. I trust his instinct and knowledge on the show. He seems to know what to say and how to say. As it was said in the finale he knows how to bring out greatness so if that character dies who pray tell will fill those shoes. Hello Shonda!

  2. Lisa says:

    I thought Cristina showed just how much she loves Owen…she let go of him. Cristina’s true joy is surgery…she was born to be a surgeon. She knows that Owen’s true joy is fatherhood. She doesn’t want to be the reason he doesn’t become one, because then he will resent her. Cristina has never lied about her true need or desire to be a great surgeon. She was incredible…as much as she loves him she won’t stand in the way of his dream

    • Cheyenne says:

      So are they going to get a divorce or not? It sounds like they are stuck in an impossible situation.

      I watched this show religiously until this season. I just couldn’t relate to the new group of interns at all. And April got on my last nerve.

      • Cathy says:

        They already did get a divorce, they just kept having their relationship.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Wow, when did that happen? I think I stopped watching the show about five episodes in. It all started getting kind of trite and stale to me.

    • joy says:

      always feel Owen love Cristina more than Cristina love Owen, I don’t think kid is a big issue between Crowen, Cristina should find out who’s person? what the most importsnat in her life?
      it’s a recircled story, no different with S7, kevin and Sandra are great actors, hope S10 give Crowen the happy ending

  3. chrsburns says:

    Actually Richard’s brain is now shorted out and he becomes a killer, walking the halls of the hospital secretly killing people. It will take 9 or 10 episodes next year before they track him down and Yang kills him with a 10 blade.

  4. ghostlight says:

    In case anyone’s curious, this is supposedly how the season 10 finale is going to go down:

    The finale of finds the whiny hospital gang on the International Space Station–it’s a whole big story how they got there, and it doesn’t make much sense, but don’t think about it, because Shonda didn’t bother to think either–and you’ll never believe it, but one of the Russian cosmonauts is a closeted lesbian dying of some cellular disorder, and wants to experience the love of a woman, just once; and one of the surgeons loses their confidence and needs tough love–and a crisis–to get back in the saddle; Alex and Cristina have to decide if they’re going to join the human race or stay sociopathic outsiders–for the 90th time; and Mere-death gets sucked out of a hull breach carrying only 9 minutes of oxygen and uses it to drag us through a musical montage of her biggest failings in life.

    Oh, and there’s a totally senseless voice over. But this time, it’s from Stephen Hawking, who tells us that “surgeons are like clouds of dark energy…”

    (BTW, The above events are solely based off of my imagination, but watch me be proven right this time next May)

    • Cheyenne says:

      It sounds like a better plot than the one they have going now. I think this show is on it’s last legs. Shonda should have quit while she was ahead. It’s getting really tedious.

  5. tahina says:

    I’m almost sure Arizona will try get Callie back as she did twice before when they broke up. Just hoping Callie lashes out at her and hooks up with a guy and walking him under her nose..Arizona will always be jealous of Mark and any man(penis) for that matter. Team Callie <3

  6. jonathan says:

    Overall really good episode but I did laugh out loud when Jackson came walking out of the fire with that child in his arms just like a scene out of the movie Backdraft. lol.

    • Rosa says:

      lol, I didn’t laugh at that part, but I did laugh hard when April came up and hit him so hard she almost knocked him down because she was SO pissed at him! hahaha!!
      I knew she was finally going to say something to him too because as soon as she got engaged I knew and said it wasn’t going to last. you can’t help who you love or why you love them and you def can’t make a commitment when you’re still in love with someone else. Jackson and April belong together and they both need to realize that and just get it together already. it was also funny when all he could say was …but you’re getting married… lol

  7. tiffany says:

    Richard not died! If he is how they going give him a eulogy and Lexie go nothing. Besides people survive being electrocuted all the time. He’ll be fine after he recoups.

  8. annalisa says:

    Don’t do it Richard, don’t hit the switch, no seriously, look what you’re standing in, water and electricity don’t mix, step away from the…. sigh… never mind.

  9. MaTasha says:

    The electrician stated to Richard all he had to do was turn the power back on and it was all fixed. So he followed orders to save the hospital which was more important obviously

  10. Geri Brin says:

    i love the show, whatever happens to whomever, but the crazy, funny, nutty comments are as lovable.

  11. Lisa says:

    I understand Arizona being upset with Callie for acting like she was on the plane. Callie did act like she was there, but I think Callie was just trying to get all of them (Meredith, Derek, Cristina, & Arizona) back. Callie wanted to have that celebration dinner to show them they should be glad because she was that they survived. Throughout the entire season Arizona’s PTSD was prevalent. Arizona was pissed at Callie. She was resentful, angry, and verbally abusive toward Callie; and yet NO ONE at the hospital suggested Arizona get therapy before returning to work. I thought Owen, who also suffers from PTSD would have told Arizona to see Dr. Wyatt (his psychiatrist, who he saw with Cristina). He helped her with phantom limb so to not make that suggestion was odd.

    The first episode of this season set the tone of Arizona and Callie’s relationship…basically, if I cut it off, I lose her. Callie was right and truth be told…I think subconsciously Callie knew Arizona was lost to her…but she still wanted to fight to get some part of her back. I think Callie fought so hard, not only because she loves Arizona, but because she didn’t want Sofia to lose her Mama too.

    Wow, as I type this I wonder if Arizona really understands that she has already cut Callie down and out. In the breakup she told Callie to stick her leg out and she would cut it off to even it out. When Arizona made that statement then covered her face…for a moment Arizona realized the extent of her resentment toward Callie, and so did Callie. That was truly sad. Arizona said she trusted Callie like no one else, and then Callie took everything from her. She kept stating that Callie didn’t lose anything, but Callie lost a lot. I am not minimizing Arizona’s loss at all, because I cannot imagine how it feels to lose a limb. However, they both lost a lot — they lost each other.

    To Arizona her leg was everything. I don’t quite understand that, maybe that is the PTSD…but she survive? A part of me thinks Arizona equates her leg with her trust in Callie. When Callie was in the car accident, Arizona fought for them to save the baby (Sofia) because she knew Callie wanted the baby badly. If Callie woke up and there was no baby she would be devastated. I think that is where Arizona’s resentment stems from with Callie. Callie should have fought harder and saved her leg…which was a part of Arizona.

    The recovery is going to be the hardest part. Words cannot be taken back, the damage they created is already done; however, the road to recovery, to acceptance, and forgiveness…that is the battle. Season 10, whatever it brings will be interesting. I just hope they don’t minimize Callie’s feelings for Arizona and have her sleeping around. I say that because Callie is a mother and now has to deal with Sofia’s feeling on whatever is going to happen also.

  12. May says:

    It’s so obvious Callie and Owen are going to end up together… like in the alternative reality episode. Richard will live enough to forgive Bailey, Jackson will let april go just to realize before the wedding she’s the love of his life, and all those predictable things you know will happen anyway.
    Love the show, will continue watching but Shonda, dear, u got too predictable. Either u kill everyone or u make huricanes appear in Seattle, apparently no one is allowed to have a safe pregnancy or delivery and I really think somehow u don’t like tranportation because u’re fixated with crashes.

    See u in a few months

  13. Jacey says:

    I have such mixed emotions about this episode!
    I don’t think it was as epic as others, but it was a serious shake on all Grey’s relationships!
    I’m so happy Alex & Jo are together, its been a long time coming and would be nice to see Alex happy after all he’s been through.
    April needs to ditch matthew, its always been Avery, she can’t settle for 2nd best. I think shes going to be juggling the two next season.
    No one gets Christina like Owen, but its clear to see he needs & wants more so its the right thing to do but I doubt they will be able to stay away from each other.
    Meridith & Derek, happy & will likely be pretty solid next season, can’t really think what else they could do with them apart from alziemas!
    Poor Richard! I am gutted that Baileys lost her mentor & idol, but I think it was inevitable, there wasnt a lot more they could do with him. He was bound to retire soon so he was the most logical character to kick the bucket.
    Callie & Arizona, I can’t stop thinking of this and it has literally broke my heart. On the one hand Arizona has had a major knock to her confidence so you can see why she is tempted by a gorgous doctor who wants her even though she is one leg down. I think anyone faced with Hilarie Burton would find it hard to stay faithful as she is soooo gorgous! Anyway on the other hand its been so nice to see callie and Arizona be as solid a couple as Derek & Meridith, and its really nice that Grey’s has shown a lesbian couple happy and without one of them running back to a man. I don’t know what will come from this, it’s not fair what Arizona said to Callie, shes acting completely blameless. I thought when she was talking to Alex that she had seen the error of her ways but she seems to have no regret at all :(. I want Lauren to stay in Grey’s because i think she is a lush character, but I can only see a future for Callie & Arizona, they are married and have a kid so I’m really hoping they’ll work thought it. They will probably have a break but I think they have a lasting love so will make it in the end. I hope anyway.

    • Lisa says:

      I’ve been trying hard to figure out how to respond to your comment, because although many people know this is just a show…the time people have taken in vesting in Callie and Arizona, the possibility that the end of that couple is now is hard to take. I know that positive role models for LBGT is hard to find in any media source, so when one is found, people generally become protective of them. Many of my friends are heartbroken about the end of Calzona, because they were a pretty solid couple, but they keep telling me “you just don’t understand” there aren’t any on tv. I guess I don’t quite understand, but the fact that they were a couple for this long…well, it says a lot. I liked Callie and Arizona together, but they haven’t been fun for a while — just blah. Maybe this break (permanent or not) will give them something more to play with. Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez are very talented and maybe they need change. We always need change to grow amazingly vibrant once again. That is what “Seasons” are for — change and growth.

  14. Jacey says:

    Owen & Callie will never happen! If it did I think I would stop watching!

  15. Amber says:

    Any one else just hate Jo and Jo/Alex!!! Zero chemistry!! What happened to Jo going crazy psycho b**ch!! That’s just conveniently forgotten about. Alex is ruined for me, there’s no way I’m watching season 10!!

  16. Kate'shomesick says:

    Jessica Capshaws acting was sooo wodden and the last scene with Callie made me wince because it showed clearly that acting-wise (especially being in a scene with Miss Ramirez)…….she is completely one-dimensional

  17. Dani says:

    I also hope Richard isn’t a goner. Bailey was in the middle of urgently looking for him when the show ended, so my hope is that she ends up finding him soon enough.

  18. Trix says:

    OK Callie wasn’t in the crash, but she was involved in everything afterwards as Mark and Sophia’s representative. She has a rightful place at the table. I never got the vibe from her that she was trying to be a survivor of the crash, but just trying to be supportive of those who did survive and make decisions that Mark would make. Arizona can mourn her losses, but not be cruel and heartless to Callie. I’ve only tolerated her with Callie, now she can go.
    I also think Christina wasn’t being cruel to Owen or selfish. She loves him and knows what he needs to make him happy and complete. She knows she can’t do that for him so is sadly letting him go. Congrats to Mer and Der – it’s been delightful seeing their happiness and family grow. Solid show that I still love.

    • Lisa says:

      Completely agree with you on all points, but I do not want Arizona to go. This cast is large and the writers need to do what they did in the beginning, have the characters’stories intertwined. Everyone is so divided. Cristina with Owen rarely with Meredith and barely with the others — that’s all of the characters not just Cristina. I am sure it get boring for the actors to be limited with who the get to play with on such a large cast. The can do it, because they did it before. The have amazing characters now they need to get interesting stories to engage the fans and the actors; because I get the vibe from some interviews I have seen from some of the actors that they are bored with the same circle they get to work within. They are grateful but bored. Just saying that is how it sounds and you cannot blame them for wanting more to play with — as Shonda might say it creates more drama.

  19. Jane Doe says:

    Not sure if this has been said yet, but if all the breakups “stick” and Arizona starts dating Lauren ( or anyone else for that matter) then I really want to see some good ol fashion comfort hookin up between Owen and Callie. Even though I’m a hard core Crowen shipper, Shonda has ruined then for me. and they want the same things, so a fling has the possibity to become something more.

    • JBC says:

      Why not just some good old fashioned comfort friendship? Owen and Callie can relate over the heartbreak they are going through, they can hang out doing things together, and Owen will have the benefit of enjoying the “fatherly” role with Sophia. I could then see them in romantic relationships with other characters, but always being close friends from this time on.

      • Jane Doe says:

        I like this idea, too.. I just don’t like new love interests/ characters because they take too long top cultivate friendships with! (example jolex)

      • joy says:

        Owen can be a Godfather to Sophie, I think he loves to be,bz Cristina’s her godmother, nothing more !

  20. Cynthia Hughes says:

    I sooo don’t want Richard to have died in the last episode. Even though he has made mistakes in his life, he is a good, caring and loving man and I feel we need more role models in tv such as his character.

  21. Liz says:

    such an amazing finale!! i hope richard isnt dead however i am wondering if the writers have run out of storylines for him. Arizona is such a joke!!!! i couldnt imagine losing a leg however at least she didnt lose her life! she has treated callie awfully and seems to completly forget that callie lost Mark! yes arizona was on the flight but it was her fault. she kicked of karev. and i feel as though lots of people are forgetting that she is the reason why the hospital had financial difficulties. The insurance company said they were not liable to pay out becuase there were more then 2 attendants on the plane. Mcdreamy and Mcsteamy plus arizona WHO WASNT MEANT TO BE ON THE PLANE!! no one shoved that in her face or blamed her…if she hadnt been on the plane she wouldnt have lost her lef and the hospitals insurance would have paid out. Plus we would have seen amazing acting from alex who deffinatly deserves an excellent storyline whihc doesnt just centre around dating a crazy person. Also with arizona no one blamed her for the car crash whihc almost killed callie and which was blatently her fault when she wasnt paying attention to the road. I think callie needs to leave her!! You know a programme is good when it makes you go off on a rant lol….

  22. Matt says:

    In my opinion, I kind of hope Richard was killed because he can live happily with Adele. It’s like I said with Mark… The best thing they did was killing off Mark because it meant he could live forever with his soulmate, Lexie. But honestly, I wish Owen was electrocuted…

  23. Anna says:

    Chrisowen are amazing together and love each other so much but I think shonda couldnt have let them be together without contradicting who they really are. She dealt with the painful reality that sometimes love isn’t enough and sometimes things just dont work out even though we want them to. They would have resented each other if they continued on. Which is why christina started with “you know how much I love you.” I love them together but I know it had to be this way.

    Arizona and callie should be over because arizona is a B for blaming callie over and over again all the time. Callie understood and sucked it up and took the “blame” for cutting off her leg when she just did it to save her life. Yeah arizona gets to be angry and all but for her to continue the pity party after she begged callie not to leave her and after she cheated is just her nature of pushing the blame to someone else (blaming alex for not being on the plane when it was her call). Callie deserves better after EVERYTHING she been through.

    It wouldn’t make sense for the chief to die like that, brilliant man and all who excels under pressure to flip a switch while standing in water. If believe and know he would have sacrificed if there were no option it would be a part of the great legacy he leaves behind, but there qas the option of using something to flip the switch which even I thought of and im no genius. Haha.

    • Lisa says:

      Cristina and Owen are the types of characters that love hard. She loves Owen and she loves surgery. Cristina is honest enough with herself to know that she has to let Owen go, because she isn’t enough for him…she never lied about her feelings for not wanting children. Strength to know who you are, what you are, shows tremendous character…that is Cristina. Owen needs to stop lying to himself about what he really wants, and that is children; however, he knows that by wanting children he cannot have Cristina. He’s afraid to face that and so Cristina made the decision for him…she let him go.

      As for Arizona, yes, she gets to feel sorry for herself. She hasn’t dealt emotionally with the loss of the plane crash. She learned to deal with the physical part, but not with the emotionally one at all. I am not making excuses for Arizona’s behavior during the breakup. She was cruel and she meant to be cutting with her words. She wanted to hurt Callie. Arizona held her resentment in for so long…she finally broke open. She wanted to be the old Arizona again. She wanted Callie not to run and leave because that is what the old Arizona would have done…stayed with her family — honored her commitment. However, she is no longer the old Arizona. She was hiding her true feelings for so long that when Lauren came along…it just helped her let go. I don’t think Arizona feels guilty for the affair, truth be told, I don’t think she feels anything but anger. She’s been pretending to be the old Arizona, and now she gets to FEEL…she gets to be who she is NOW. That fight with Callie has freed Arizona to finally tell HER truth, HER feelings…to Callie and to herself. The words were very hurtful, they were meant to be hurtful, but those words were meant for herself as much as they were meant for Callie. Now the hard part begins…because there is no taking those words back. Those words were Arizona’s way of striking back, but back at the person who took everything from you or who helped save you? That is the question. As for Callie, she now has lost everything…Mark, her best friend and Sofia’s father, and Arizona, her love and partner.

  24. Kti says:

    Was Meredith going to name the baby Bailey even before she went under? Or did she change it to Bailey after Bailey saved her life. ?!?!

  25. Ell says:

    I thought it was weird all season that Callie was in all the meetings about the lawsuit and buying the hospital like she was a party to the lawsuit, when she wasn’t on the plane. It kinda seemed like the writers forgot she wasn’t there. I thought maybe she had joined the lawsuit on behalf of Sofia because of the loss of her father, but then in one of those meetings she implies that she has a share of the lawsuit money separate from Sofia’s share. It seemed a bit haphazard, even if you factor in the legal complications of Sofia having three parents.

  26. Jessica says:

    I really hope Richard doesn’t die, because they have killed off so many great characters! I know that is part of the show and sometimes they have to kill off people but I’m still recovering from when they killed Sloan and Lexie! It is going to be a long wait to find out, that’s for sure

  27. angela m says:

    First things first, i LOATHE the couples name coupling…merder, calzona, crowen, enough !! I thought Jackson was a goner. I teared up a bit. This is actually the first season that i like April, and had hopes they would reunite. .Arizona is really just being a total bitch. And has been. It’s her way or the highway. She didn’t go to Africa because she wanted to work with sick kids. She wanted to get away from callie because she didn’t want kids. Yeah, callie slept with mark, but Arizona left her and went to a different continent…the ultimate definition of “we were on a break” i never got the feeling that Callie was trying to be included with the plane. Arizona forced her to, because she was having a pity party, and wouldn’t go to the meetings. Everyone had to represent. So, she forced Callie to be the part of it that she was. Yes, we all process trauma differently, but she is a doctor. I’m not buying the excuse that she can’t process that she would havedied if they didn’t take her leg.
    For those that say ghosts can’t narrate, didn’t denny do ? i may be wrong, but i thought he did during the izzy cancer series.
    I’m not convinced that Richard is dead.
    As for Owen and Christina, she has been my least favorite character since day one. She doesn’t care about happiness, and therefore doesn’t deserve it

  28. Mere says:

    I don’t feel one ounce of sympathy for Callie. Karma has finally found her. Go Arizona!!

    • angela m says:

      Karma? For what?

      • Mere says:

        Karma for the narcissistic, selfish, meddling character she is. Karma for the crap things that have been done to other characters for the sole purpose of propping her useless character.

        • angela m says:

          I thought being with arizona humbled her, a lot. I thought when Arizona came back and decided to be “all in” with the baby, she would finally have a happy story line. Then, they nearly killed her and the baby, then they killed mark.
          I guess we all see and relate to characters differently, based on our own life experiences. I

  29. L says:

    Owen and Callie should get together. They’re both annoying, selfish and baby crazy, perfect match.

    • angela m says:

      How it’s Callie selfish? When Arizona said she didn’t want kids, Callie let her go. She didn’t want to take her back when she came back, either. Arizona kept pushing

      • Lisa says:

        I have to agree with you. I do not understand why some say Callie is selfish especially after this season. Makes me wonder whether we all saw the same episodes. ;) Callie was at those meetings on Mark’s behalf, so that is why she was at the survivors’ table.

        • Samantha says:

          The survivor’s table is for the SURVIVORS, not those who want to get their grubby paws all over the settlement money of the deceased for a crash she wasn’t even in.

          • angela m says:

            Arizona refused to go to those meetings, forcing Callie too go on her and marks behalf.

  30. tasha says:

    So glad that everything was Ok with Mer, knew something would happen to Jackson to make April tell him he loved her especially seems that is the way season finales tend to end. Arizona is just a bitch for blaming Callie especially when she has put up with her crap for months. I reckon that someone will find him and it will be one of those close calls it just doesn’t seem right to kill Richard off. If not then it is a very stupid way to kill someone especially Richard who has already been through a lot this season.

  31. Lisa says:

    I have seen and read interviews with Jessica Capshaw about this season’s finale and she keeps saying the same thing — it’s hard to come back when trust is lost. The manner in how she says it make me believe she doesn’t want the characters together. Change is good leads to drama is what she also says, so to me that basically means Callie and Arizona are over.

  32. Justin says:

    This season finale put me through the wringer a bit. I guess I’m so used to the (often delightful) twists and turns of Grey’s that I was not as intrigued by the violence of the storm and its consequences. It’s strange but the storyline that made me squirm all the way to the end was the Arizona-Callie situation. It brings to light how some choices are impossible and Callie made one when she had Arizona’s leg amputated. You get the feeling that Arizona would rather have died than become an semi-invalid. However I think her real gripe is in the fact that she had no say in the matter. Not to say she’s a lunatic control freak but that control is what makes her who she is and I like the show for recognizing that. Loss of power over one’s fate can cause resentment. Not that it justifies her tryst with Dr. Lauren who is eerily able to lie so well on the spot. A sociopath for sure. Then there is Callie who thought her decision to save her wife’s life was an easy one and is heartbroken to find that it wasn’t. Choices in life can prove difficult, more difficult than we can ever imagine.
    That’s Shonda and Co. hard at work, digging deeper to create great television. Can’t wait for Season 10.

  33. Danielle H. says:

    Weber better not be dead. He is the brains of this show.. Bailey is the heart.. and Mer is the soul. You can’t kill Weber… I love him.

  34. spanner says:

    Arizona is doing what a lot of people do. The old saying ‘the best form of defence is attack’. She knows what she did was wrong and when confronted about it, instead of taking responsibility for her actions, she attacks and puts the blame on the other person. Arizona needs to grow up, realise she was the one who stuffed up and accept responsibility for it.

  35. Lisa says:

    Mark would tell Callie, “you fought, you loved, you lost. All you can do is walk tall.” Season 5 episode 12

  36. Ayushi Garg says:

    well, i think Richard’s gone and so is Callie’s marriage…but she’ll get through this, she always does. bailey is just the perfect name for Mcbaby. but I just don’t like joe and alex together, maybe, because I never like him with anybody other than Izzie. She really shouldn’t have left the series. Whereas about Owen, i think its time the couple find love elsewhere, as they certainly cannot have a future like this

  37. Kathy says:

    Just had to roll my eyes at this episode and the ending…the relationship stories can be just as interesting without throwing in crashing then exploding buses at the hospital door no less. .what was that even doing in the episode? hasn’t Christina killed 2 of her babies already? not necessary for her to consider adoption. What else could happen to Mer? next season will the hospital be swarmed with killer snakes while the interns accidentally superglu their instruments to the table and fire rages in the cafeteria and a train crashes into the helicopter pad? (We already had a ferry, numerous buses, car crash, plane crash).. Keep the staff away from bycicles please! running out of transportation modes to crash. Also, body parts going missing from staff members too…try pinning them to your scrubs. Loved the show for years, but at this point…jumped the shark…hey, yeah, the staff could jump sharks to do surgery!

    • Sherry15 says:

      Drama! Drama! Drama! The perils of Pauline type of thing. I would guess that the bus thing was centered around Jackson and April. She had to discover how much she cares for him.

  38. Martha says:

    This is such a long post that the same discussions recycled themselves, which is understandable—it’s a lot to read!
    Like everyone I hang on to a slim thread of hope that Richard survives. Likewise that Yang is moved by seeing Mer with her baby, maybe an even slimmer hope since the comments show there are many ways to interpret her expression.
    About Calzona: I have never liked Arizona from the beginning. Her character is insipid and I don’t find her credible. Like many of you, I’ve been disgusted by her narcissism with Callie. As a doc, she knows damn well she would have died if they hadn’t amputated, so the only conclusion one can come to is that she’s been projecting her anger about losing a leg onto Callie, a deeper emotional issue than just blaming her (as in “shoot the messenger”).
    When a character is annoying, it’s hard to determine how much of the problem is an actress being stuck with bad writing, or the acting or casting not being right. I’m not acquainted with Jessica Capshaw’s acting outside of this show, but think about the argument scene in this finale. Sara Ramirez’s wipes her off the face of the map, acting-wise. Anyone agree with this?

    • Sherry15 says:

      Agreed. Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) should move on with her new girlfriend. Love Callie (Sara Ramirez); Arizona is too much of a phony. “Smile–don’t let anyone know there is a problem.” What an idiot her character is.

  39. Rah says:

    If Richard dies I AM DONE WATCHING THIS SHOW. HE IS ONE character I can no accept leaving. Hell, its hard enough wacthing him NOT be the Chief when it is so evident in everythihg he does BEING CHIEF IS IN HIS DNA!

  40. Angie says:

    Does anyone else recall the BS speech that Arizona gave to Callie’s dad? Oh yea…she is a good man in a storm! Not so much

  41. Angie says:

    Poor Callie. First George cheats on her now Arizona! I truly believe the chief will survive. I see months of rehab. But they will locate him just in time…I hope. As far as storylines for his character…that’s why the writers get the big bucks

    • Sherry15 says:

      Hope you are right. Too many good ones leaving. I am not very taken with any of the new interns this season. Maybe Jo. The others are too whiny.

  42. Sherry15 says:

    For me, Richard is the glue of the show. This show keeps getting rid of too many people that I like. I hope all works out for Jackson and April (and not like Mark and Lexi.) People I think could leave would be Arizona and most definitely, Matt. Yuk! He is sooooo creepy.

  43. Hannah says:


  44. msupdate says:

    I really wanted the baby to be named Storm Bailey. Great name!!!!

  45. Scarlett says:

    Im totally dying… oh God.. i want this to come out.

  46. spencer says:

    i dont think dat owen and cristina will jst end up so easily dat is very imposible to me if it is dat way gosh i better quit watching dat movie and you guys dont rilly want , i never want owen and cristina to end up dat way

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