Grey's Anatomy Finale Recap: I'll Be C'ing You

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 FinaleIt says a lot about Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy finale that the C-section Meredith has during the big storm (!) in the dark (!) is arguably its least dramatic incident. But it’s true! In fact, no sooner has her and Derek’s McBaby been delivered than panic sets in. Why? Read on and find out!

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THE CLOSER | First, Mer understandably freaks when her newborn doesn’t immediately cry. Then, after Derek takes away their perfectly healthy (and incredibly clean) tot to the nursery, Shane is left to close. As in, close Mer! Unfortunately, the patient springs a leak – the result of that fall she took last week – leaving her in the unenviable position of having to explain to the intern how he’s going to open her back up and stop her from bleeding to death! Finally, though Bailey’s been bailing on surgeries the whole episode long, she’s forced to act to save Mer (which, of course, she does). Afterward, Mer and Derek agree that the perfect name for their son is… Bailey.

BUS-TED | After a bus crashes – conveniently just outside the ER – all the passengers are evacuated… except, Jackson notices, for one hard-to-spot little girl. When the bus explodes, it looks like the would-be hero is toast – burnt toast, at that! In response, April goes berserk. When it turns out that not only is her ex-lover fine but he saved the kid to boot, Goody Two-Shoes confesses that she still wants him. “You’re getting married,” he notes. “Unless,” she replies, “you can give me a reason not to.” (Hasta la vista, Matthew!)

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ONE-LONG-NIGHT STAND | Following her tryst with Lauren, Arizona wants nothing more than to get away from her… which is pretty much impossible, because they’ve got a nursery full of babies whose incubators are running out of batteries! Even worse, when the lights come back on, Callie immediately notices that Lauren’s wearing Arizona’s top – it has her ring pinned to it! The other woman makes a great excuse, but the cat is out of the bag. In the end, Arizona blames it all on Callie’s decision to amputate. Callie didn’t lose anything in the plane crash, Arizona argues. “I lost you,” Callie answers sadly.

FROM START TO FINISH | Overcoming his fear that he’s some kind of lady jinx who turns every woman he’s involved with into a basket case, Alex finally admits to Jo that he loves her, and they engage in a whole smoochapalooza. On the other end of the relationship spectrum, Cristina and Owen at last have “the talk.” And, knowing that she’ll never be enough for him the same way that surgery is enough for her, she walks away

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SHOCKING… LITERALLY | Unaware that Bailey has stepped in and saved Mer, Richard spends the hour believing that his efforts to cajole her back into the OR have failed. She’s just about to find him to fill him in and apologize for their big fight when we see that – holy crap! – when the power came back on, he was electrocuted in the flooded basement!

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? The season? Relieved Mer decided against Sebastian as the McBaby’s name? (Did you have a better idea?) Do you think Richard is really dead? Can Callie and Arizona’s marriage be saved? What about Owen and Cristina’s? Hit the comments with your… you know, comments!

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  1. it was a good episode, i still think Shonda is giving all her best to Scandal and Grey’s is just getting the left overs.

    Finally the inevitable and it was about time, Cristina and Owen are done. Because not even in tv heaven that couple can make it and be believable. And im just tired of everything being all about Cristina, she is way too selfish.

    Richard, as soon as Bailey’s husband told him that he knew what Bailey talked about him I knew he was a gonner. I doubt he will be alive. The only sad thing is that it didn’t give Bailey a chance to say sorry and goodbye, she wont have clousure.

    Arizona and Callie, well i think this hold leg thing is getting old. Did she hosnestly believe that the leg was more worth it than her life. For some reason it didn’t surprise me one bit. It was kind of a given. No shock there.

    All and all i give it a 8 out of 10. I still think Shonda is giving her best to Scandal and not caring enough about Grey’s Anatomy

    • Pedro says:

      agree about the last sentence..

    • Cheshire Cat says:

      I second that about her favorism toward Scandel which I just do not like…

    • Ninna says:

      Yes way too much selfish. What a bitch for her to give the front seat of her life to herself and her own goals of life!

      What she would be doing was giving up her career and give her life to serve and fulfill Owen’s goals of life! In that way she wouldn’t be considered selfish. Of course that Owen accepts it with both hands open, would be considered only natural and nothing selfish from him. A man is entitled to his woman give up of her for him to not have to give up of nothing in life.

      Gosh, double standard much?

  2. Sar says:

    I thought they would name their baby after Derek’s dad. Honestly don’t know how I feel about Bailey as his name. Shonda, Cristina and Owen are my favorite couple and you have used them to make political and social statements. She’s been pregnant twice, I pretty sure something in her wants a baby, so lets make this happen! You gave Charlotte on Private Practice four kids, I’m sure you can make it happen again. Thanks for giving Alex anything positive.

    • LauraH says:

      I’m pretty sure, given two abortions, nothing in her wants a baby. Her monologue with Owen this evening pretty much cemented that. I would absolutely hate if she was written as “less real,”–ie. changing her mind and having a baby. It would be cheap. Women can have successful lives without children.

      Also, Charlotte on Private Practice with 4 kids was a ridiculous story line. That could have been a great show, and crap writing ruined it.

  3. eloise says:

    I honestly felt like Cristina/Owen’s conflict and relationship is the most truthful part of the show. While I love them together, I completely understand that two adults who love each other might not be able to be together because one sees parenthood as integral in his/her life.


    • vanessa_tw says:

      It’s was heartbreaking to watch CrOwen tonight, they love each other and can’t stay together, that scene make me sad!

      • Leonessa says:

        I predict Christina is pregnant next season and spends a lot of time hiding it and wondering why she didn’t get an abortion… that would definitely throw everyone for a loop, including her. (I can dream, right?)

        • vanessa_tw says:

          leonessa, I’m thinking how to make Shonda it happen , if Sandra Oh won’t sign s11 contract , our dream will come true!

  4. Gabby says:

    As much as I saw the ending coming, I prayed for it not to. The moment I saw Webber calling out for Frank in that DRIPPING WET basement full of electrical wires and extremely large and dangerous generators, I knew something would happen. But when Frank turned out to have had a heart attack and told Richard to just flip the switch, ah man. My gut just dropped. And then you see his body… jeez. Shonda Rhimes sure knows how to stun her viewers each and every finale.

  5. JayneD says:

    Ok, for the first time ever I think I GOT SOMETHING RIGHT. I guessed the name of the baby! I’m sharing that here because NO ONE else will understand

  6. Sherry says:

    I absolutely loved the finale. It wa riveting. I too cried when I thought Meredith died and when dr weber was electrocuted. Please by some miracle brig dr weber back to life good story line would be foe bailey to find him and somehow revive him at least tothe point of life suppot to give her a chance to make her peace with him. Leaves for a great atory line for next season! Hands down BEST SHOW ONTV!!!!!!! THANK YOU DIRECTORS ND PRODUCERS


  7. BingeWatcher RI says:

    PLEASE PLEASE REVEAL the Blind Item!!! It’s been 5 or 6 months please Reveal. Thank You

  8. Maria says:

    Am I the only one who is completely annoyed with the cheating storyline ALL OVER AGAIN?! Don’t get me wrong, I love Grey’s and everything, but the cheating SL has been repeated over three times now (Addison-Mark-Derek/ George-Callie-Izzie/ Christina-Owen/ and probably more I can’t remember now)!! I know all of them are under different circumstances, but it’s (almost) always the same:
    1. Cheat
    2. The other person realizes their bf/gf/wife/husband chatted
    3. Try to work it out
    4. If they do work it out stay together, but still with issues/ if they don’t work it out split up

    • BingeWatcher RI says:

      Callie sorta cheated on Arizona with Mark = Sophia
      Mark cheated on Lexie with (everyone) Reed
      Izzie cheated on Alex with Denny
      April cheated on Jesus with Avery
      And many more…..
      You are correct pretty overplayed

      • Sara says:

        Callie did NOT sort of cheat on Arizona with Mark. Arizona left her, of her own free will. She broke up with Callie and just ditched her. Callie was heartbroken that Arizona did that and took comfort with her best friend, which she was free to do, because Arizona had broken up with her.

    • BingeWatcher RI says:

      Oh and the most important… Ellis Grey cheated on Thatcher with Robert Webber who Cheated on Adele

    • angela m says:

      What about Ava/Rebecca? (and then just disappeared after her breakdown) She cheated on her husband with Alex. Derek cheated on rose with mer, too. Also, syph nurse cheated on George with Alex.

  9. Louise says:

    i really hope webbers not dead i really love his storylie with jackso momma and hopped it would explored more :)

  10. dani says:

    I feel the need to defend my fav arizona. Whilst i cannot condone her cheating i feel the comments about her needing to get over losing her leg are a bit much. Has she been bitchy this season? Yes. You might be a bit bitchy too if you woke up to find a limb gone. She hits out at callie because when you are hurting it is always the ones you love that suffer. I really hope they can work everything out because i think behind the pain there is love.

  11. Sharon O'Muilleoir says:

    If you read ALL of Shondas tweets, she said she had to rewrite the ending of the show. One of the actors asked to leave the show and that was why the charactet died.

  12. guest says:

    great episode. and WFT. Richard? really? Because almost bleeding out and two breakups and several almost deaths aren’t hard enough? Also, yay for April for finally saying it out loud. come on girl, take the smart guy over the cute but lame guy.

  13. Mandy says:

    That was a great episode. I didn’t think the finale would be as good as last weeks great episode but boy was I wrong. This finale was absolutely amazing! This show still shocks me like no other on TV. I swear people think I am crazy when watching this show because I yell at the screen.
    I for one really hope that Alex ends up happy with Jo, I know a lot of fans hate her but I think she is adorable! Also I admit I am routing for April and Jackson (would be sad to see Mathew go though, that boy is hot!)

  14. Angel says:

    Please name the baby Bailey Mark Shepard! I can’t see Derek not wanting to honor Mark somehow, even after all the crap they went thru as friends, they were still bros. I hope Weber lives, and Bailey saves him. I am over Callie and Arizona, and I am hoping they stick with Alex/Jo and Jackson/April as couples. As annoying as April can be, I like her and Jackson together, they get each other, it’s sweet.

  15. says:

    WOW….that was awesome…I hope Richard don’t die but this show has shown us a lot of loss over the years. If he does die I wonder if they will name the baby not just Bailey but Richard Bailey or Bailey Richard.. Who knows?!. I can’t believe Arizona cheated that broke my heart. She has such a wonderful wife. I think it is time to get over the whole leg thing…She would be dead if it weren’t for her wife.. I don’t think she is a B*tch but her selfish always thinking about me attitude is getting old. I understand she went through a lot and lost a leg but EVERYONE else has moved on from the crash for the most part. Writers need to get over the whole leg issue. I wish Christina would come around with wanting a baby or at least adopting an older child because her and chief are so good together. I could go on and on.. This episode actually brought tears to my eyes…

  16. siskaaw says:

    Ohh.. there are so much emotion after watch this finale..
    – Jo and Alex FINALLY! They are just adorable together.
    – Mer and Derek are having a baby which the name still unknown and thank god Shonda they didn’t kill him.
    – Bailey back to the OR, and when she opened that medicine drawer I was like “YEAH AGAIN BAILEY!”
    – And April, she totally love Jackson, the question is Will Jackson give that reason so she called it off? But if it happens, poor Matthew –”
    – Calzona, I was worry from very beginning this would happen. And the conversation back again to that damn leg. Come on! I love Calzona but if she keep talking about this over and over again and treated Callie like this brutal, they better split.

    • Leonessa says:

      Although I originally wanted them to remain BFFs, after Jo beat her boyfriend six ways to Sunday, I realized she and Alex deserve one another, they are both way too screwed up for anyone else and he will finally get someone who can stand up on their own two feet.

      They named the baby after Bailey.

      I told my niece if April marries Matthew she would just feel ten times worse after she cheats on him with Jackson. I hope Jackson gives her a reason to let Matt down easy.

      I love Callie and Arizona, but Arizona has annoyed me from day one… so, yeah, she is back on my $h!7 list.

  17. allgirlsinmyhouse says:

    Shonda is like an aging left handed pitcher who throws junk in the dirt and hopes inexperienced hitters will swing wildly. Its sad that her “go to” move is killing off beloved characters. If Richard is dead so is this show, to me and my family.

  18. Lisa says:

    The rules of Greys is that there are no rules. The first episode of this season was the writing on the wall for Callie & Arizona. Callie told Owen she’d lose her if she cut off her leg, and she has. Arizona was cruel in the breakup on how she told Callie, but that’s drama. Also, Callie showed strength by not saying that Alex was the one who cut her leg off. Calli knew it wouldn’t matter Arizona was already “over”there relationship. As soon as Callie told April about what to do with her ring, I knew that was how the affair would come to light.

  19. Stacy says:

    Am i the only one who is disapointed that the cheating between Arizona and Lauren wasnt in Arizona’s head?!?

    i read this great theory about this after last episode and i was so sure that that would be the case, that that would be the scene between Callie and Arizona which was so heavily talked about. I mean the whole suffering from PTSD thing and therefore having a mental breakdown fits in my opinion better to the Calzona storyline than Arizona cheating on Callie and not even feeling sorry for this. So yes im kinda disappointed with the actual outcome of the scene, since i expected something different

    Arizone is totally right about calling Callie out for acting like she was on the plane! but to me this all happens half a season too late! we had this storyline, it had a really bad closure(if you can call it closure at all) and than they open the storyline up. This could go on for seasons.

    • Babygate says:

      That was never a viable narrative. It was a desperate attempt to deny the fact that Arizona is not as perfect as some would like to think while at the same time demonizing Callie and blaming her for Arizona’s indiscretion.

  20. ranch says:

    Such an emotional episode. Did not want anything to happen to Richard. Why couldn’t Shonda take Arizona out? She is so annoying. I hope she leaves the show soon. Would be a good way to start the season.

    • Lydia says:

      I didn’t even think of that, and she def didn’t have her contract renewed like the original cast, so it would be perfect if she walked into the sunset with her cheat-ee

  21. Jibby says:

    I absolutely adore (and always have) the pairing of April and Jackson. I hope they have a happy and beautiful ending together no matter what season that may ultimately be.

  22. lor says:

    Amazing acting by Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez, I’ve always been a Calzona shipper but I don’t know how you get past cheating in any relationship. When Callie said “Apparently I lost you.” OMG. Webber can’t be dead can he? Maybe next season will start with trying to save his life?

  23. Rosa says:

    shame on you Shonda! I really wanted to believe no one was being killed this year! but why Richard Weber of all people?! WHY!?!

    I am SO sick of Arizona harping endlessly about losing her LEG! NOT her LIFE, her LEG!

  24. Kaycee says:

    I’m glad Merideth didn’t die bcuz there’s nobody that could take her place of Mom or wife.

    I hope chief Webber isn’t dead but as soon as I seen him go down there, I knew something bad was going to happen to him.

    I’ve never liked Arizona & disliked her even more after her amputation. I think Callie should’ve handed Arizonas leg situation off to another doctor so that she wouldn’t have been blamed for the amputation. Callie could’ve let her die by having some other surgeon step in & really screw things up. Another surgeon could’ve botched the amputation & let Arizona die by bleeding to death or another surgeon could’ve really made a huge mess out of Arizonas leg. Arizona should be thankful none of that happened to her!

    And how ridiculous, Arizona can’t use the excuse of “U cut off my leg so it gives me the right to have an affair”. How pathetic! I pray & hope Callie ends it with Arizona & duznt let her have anything to do with Hers & Marks Baby!

    I have 1 question about the amputation tho, how did they make it look like Arizona has 1 leg? Is it trick videography or did Arizona really have 1 leg & they have now worked it into the storyline?

    Thanks hey!

    • Rosa says:

      well you know if they kill Mer then the show is def over because she’s the namesake of the show title.

      yes I’ve also been wondering about the amputation mystery whether it’s all illusion for the effect of tv or not. but I hadn’t seen anything about Jessica Capshaw being injured or anything prior to that storyline so I’m guessing it is just the special videography stuff.

    • lor says:

      Jessica Capshaw has told us in interviews that her real leg is bent and tied up out of the way and then digitally erased.

      • Rosa says:

        oh ok, thanks for letting us know. I haven’t been following tvline that long and I don’t watch much of the interview stuff on any site really.
        I bet her leg is sore at the end of shooting though.

    • Leonessa says:

      I don’t think there was any way for Arizona to not blame Callie for her leg. If Callie insisted someone else handle Arizona, Arizona would have argued she lost her leg because the doctor who cut it off was less vested in her care and accuse Callie of abondoning her. (Remember how insistant she was that no one treat her leg before they transfered everyone back to Seattle?) She was damned if she did and damned if she didn’t.

  25. Nikki says:

    I seriously believe that Richard Webber will be back next season. Among all doctors, he’s the only one who hasn’t really suffered anything except for the death of Adele and Ellis Grey. But other than that, he’s just the most steady doctor in Seattle Grace. We only saw him on a hospital bed the first few episodes of the first season. So I guess, it’s time that they perform some medical procedure on him.

    • Rosa says:

      well he has also suffered his drinking addiction coming back and that is def something big.

    • LauraH says:

      Richard has been in a hospital bed a couple of times: the brain tumor and the panic/anxiety attack. That said, the hospital is Richard’s life. He almost lost his marriage over it, ran into it (remember? “Those are MY people in there!”) during the shooting… his teaching of Yang and turning the lights off… As much as I hate it, it’s a fitting ending. He dies in the hospital that was his life–the most important part of his life. Ellis Grey is also in the plumbing (Remember him and Meredith dumping her ashes down the drain?).

  26. Leonessa says:

    I predict Webber isn’t dead and they will spend the first episode saving his life… but I have been known to be wrong a few or hundreds of times. Like when I saw Callie suggesting April pin her engagement ring to scrub: at the time I’d speculated that April or Callie would somehow get caught out with Jackson and Owen at the bus and while not dying, be badly burned and only identified because of the pinned ring. Boy am I glad I was wrong.

  27. martina says:

    it was so good! i loved this episode, except for Calzona but i loved it :) it was so “grey’s anatomy”!

  28. Lisa says:

    If you think about it several doctors died in some capacity in the finale. Meredith died, briefly. Callie died in the breakup. Arizona’s death started with the plane crash, amputation, and finally with her resentment and affair. Bailey died with the CDC investigation but was reborn when saving Meredith. Richard died when Bailey told him he let her down. All of them suffered some form of death…and it’s the type that will change them forever.
    I’ve said this before every event in your life or in the lives of the people around you effect you and change you.

  29. Karen says:

    Grey’s Anatomy season finale was a real cliff hanger. Loved it ! However, I really can’t believe Richard is dead, he is a great part of the show. He has an in put into each of the others lives, at one time or another. He has got to survive. All the individual story lines were such a surprise to me…the Callie realizing Arizona cheated thing and how it was discovered,was truly a work of art. Never expected the reasons behind it…April was awesome…Jackson is such a hotty! Miranda,Owen,Christina and all the other cast members, including the newest, an excellent job, well done. By the way,Alex is another hotty! Cliff hangers in abundance, great anticipation of season 10 ! Three cheers for Grey’s Anatomy! Welcome to the wold little Bailey, Zola’s baby brother !

  30. Olga says:

    I am incredibly glad that Christina and Owen are done as a couple. It’s true to Christina’s character, it’s better for Owen, and to be truthful, while I admire Kevin McKidd’s work in Rome, I never felt in my heart he was right for Christina. Preston Burke was, and I still miss them – they were wonderful together. (Avery? No, probably not, although I was a little tempted to see THAT). Maybe, hopefully, someone else will be better for her.

    It’s too bad about Dr Webber, but maybe the network is cutting costs again – this way the show will live longer, last another season. One shock after another for Dr Bailey, though.

    I’m more than a little disappointed about Alex and Jo, though – I love Alex, and I like this pairing, but they’re moving too fast. Now that they’ve kissed and said the words, it’s going to go all downhill in the name of drama, no? And I wanted anticipation, I wanted romance. I felt let down a bit here by all the rush.

  31. Azerty says:

    As soon as Richard went in the dark basement alone, I knew something bad would happen…and now when I think about it what Cristina and Ben said to him after the surgery was pretty shadowing, they did the same thing with Callie “spreading the love” last year. If he has to die, and I hope he won’t, I hope there will be at least a goodbye scene between him and Meredith. That father/daughter relation has been one of the best since day 1.

  32. JJRose says:

    Nice one. I’m actually a huge CalZona fan, but I’m not even mad. I mean, there’s been something off about their relationship since the plane crash. I don’t mind breaking them up. Ariozna is a such a wreck, she’s one of my fave characters and she’s been nothing but a pain in the arse since the crush. I still remember a quirky, funny roller girl, I miss her so much. Callie’s storyline was all about Arizona, so I’m happy they broke up. They need time and space. I actually like Lauren, I hope she comes back, I do like Arizona around Lauren.

  33. Benajmin says:

    MCBABY IS FINE!!!!!!!!!! :D Ha! That was pretty much the highlight of the episode for me. Even after 9 seasons, Shonda Rhimes & co still know how to get my heart racing throughout. No show can beat Grey’s in terms of finales !

  34. Sharon Leere says:

    Hate the name Jolex, but YEAH! JOLEX!! :-D

  35. Teresa says:

    Why does it seems like someone always dies on the seasin finale; can’t they ever have a happy ending?

    • Rosa says:

      yeah I know, right? it seems like it’s some kind of a requirement as far as Shonda is concerned. not only that, but it’s always the good people/likeable characters! wtf?!

  36. Pemberley says:

    Before the episode aired I read that one of the main characters would have to fight for his/her life. I was kind of relieved that it was Webber, considering the alternatives.

    When the bus exploded I thought they killed off Avery. That would’ve been much worse. And I’m pretty sure Webber isn’t really dead. It’ll be touch and go for a couple of episodes and after that: business as usual.

    Although Callie is starting to get a bit unnerving -enough already with the pity party!-the scene was acted quite brilliantly. Kudos to Miss Capshaw!

  37. Maria says:

    Really great finale- Jessica Capshaw, Sara Ramirez and Sarah Drew are such powerhouses. Looking forward to season 10!!

  38. Mark says:

    JCap was amazing in that last scene. Just wow. Both Jess and Sara are great in dramatic scenes. I loved it! Also, love the scenes with fake smiling strategy, hahaha, AZ, Alex and Jo were hilarious.

  39. M. says:

    It seems like I’m in the minority, but I loved the Calzona-scenes. It was heartbreaking & reasonable (as far as cheating can be reasonable).

    All the name-calling for Arizona on this side is kind of disgusting, but everyone’s entitled to his or her opinion. I for one still love Arizona! And I actually hope that Hilarie Burton will guest in season 10 as well. Lauren & Arizona were kind of nice to watch.

    All the other storylines were nice as well. Great drama & all in all Grey’s Anatomy at it’s best!

  40. NMC says:

    I personally want to throw Arizona a big freaking parade to celebrate her smack-down of Callie!! I’ve have NEVER liked Callie. She was always the most self-absorbed character on the show. Everything is about her or she makes it about her (i.e. being the victim of a plane crash she wasn’t even part of). I don’t condone cheating, but everything Arizona said to Callie was true.
    – Callie was not on the plane. She was not physically injured.
    – She wasn’t out there for days. She didn’t hear Meredith crying for Lexie or Mark moaning in pain for days.
    – Callie did not actually lose anything. Mark and Lexie lost their lives. Arizona lost her leg (which she will have to deal with for the rest of her life). Callie may have lost a friend, but personally, she did not lose a thing.

    I think my favorite line from now on will be “You weren’t on the plane!” It was about time someone said it. Applause for Arizona!!!

    • Red says:

      +1. I saw it coming, Arizona hasn’t been herself since the crash.

    • Benajmin says:

      Callie does annoy me, but she has been there for Arizona every step of the way. In fact, the only reason she was so involved in the lawsuit, was because Arizona had spiralled into a deep depression. Plus, she lost Mark – the guy who had always been there for her, and was the father to her child. She not only suffered loss, but the emotional trauma that went with everything else. I’m sure she would have liked to have grieved mark; instead, she was committed to her wife.
      She remained faithful to Arizona throughout, waiting for her, and trying to get their relationship back on track.
      I understand why Arizona would still have some underlying resentment about her leg. But, she is alive. If Callie had not made the difficult decision, then she wouldn’t be. At the end of the day, if it comes down to it, everyone, I assume, would rather live than die.
      People cheat, and life is messy, but to continually blame Callie – when all she has done is stand by Arizona – seems unfair.
      On another note, I am happy, albeit slightly sad, that Cristina and Owen broke up. I think that they have great chemistry, and are blatantly in love, but some issues are irresolvable. Kudos to Cristina for being who she is, and most importantly, having the courage to break up with Owen. I guess ultimately that her leaving Owen shows just how much she loves him. Hopefully she will find somebody who wants similar things to her, and can appreciate who she truly is.

    • Nikki says:

      Doesn’t change the fact that Arizona was frankly a bitch for how she handled the conversation with Callie, and placing the blame for her mistake on Callie was wrong and she deserves no sympathy. Since when has losing a friend and in a way father to her kid translate to not losing a thing, that is not even mentioning the fact that she lost Arizona too. I agree Callie needed to be reminded she was not actually on the plane, but not like that, that just made Arizona look like an awful person

    • Babygate says:

      Callie was not on that plane but her life changed dramatically after it happened. If you have anyone in your life that you value as much as Callie valued Mark you may have an inkling. And she didn’t just lose her best friend, her daughter lost her father AND Callie sat there and watched him die. And then, there’s the fact that from the first episode Callie knew, even if she fought it, that she had lost Arizona. That plane not only took her best friend and baby’s dad, it changed her home life, because now she’s dealing with a bitter, resentful, depressed and abuse wife whose dealing with PTSD, it actually took wife and thus, destroyed her marriage. Not to mention that she had to make a Sophie’s choice between the leg and the life of her wife. Do you want to quantify that? What’s the going price for a marriage? For a parent? For a best friend? You obviously abhor Callie for whatever reason but honestly, you cannot pretend yours is a logical, reasonable argument because it isn’t. People get compensated by the courts in the millions for pain and suffering alone so you can’t dismiss Callie’s experience as insignificant.

  41. tiffany says:

    Why is Mer always wanting to die. She is getting her happy ending that her sister Lexie will never get. Yet she always want to die thing are looking bad Shonda stop writting Mer like this. It bad enough Lexie doesn’t get a happy ending. One year later May 17 I lost my Lexie. Still sad about this.

    • Babygate says:

      It’s not that Mer wants to die. It’s more that she’s terrified of living in an incapacitated state like her mother. She rather die than put Derek or her kids through the same thing that she went through with her mother.

  42. Angie says:

    Loved the rollercoaster ride of Meredith and Derek in this finale. So glad everything worked out for them. I understand what Arizona said to Callie about her not being in the crash. I’ve been wanting to scream that at her all year but still no excuse for the cheating.

  43. Mamamia says:

    I thought Richard dying was him knowingly sacrificing himself for the hospital as he always has. And I have a sick feeling next season will open with a beautiful eulogy to that effect.

  44. Elga says:

    Couldn’t Christina let Owen be a father and not be involved? I mean.. They could live apart, and still be boyfriend-grilfriend, and boyfriend in this case with a child, she could behave as a daddy’s girlfriend or aunt without necessarily breaking up with him… I don’t get why it has to be so black and white.

    • vanessa_tw says:

      could be one of possible option for Crowen in S10, Shonda likes CO fans talk about the issue all summer

  45. Juju says:

    Great episode I cried a lot with the calzona scene, I think arizona trying so hard to be fine and to be a wife and everything she was before but there was the moment that everything was to much so she exploded and yeah losing your leg it’s not easy but she had no right o tell callie she didn’t lose anything because she did she lost her best friend and her wife I just don’t understand the I can’t lose you, please don’t run speech and about Lauren they are too much alike and I think arizona is really unstable right now for a relationship and c’mon she wants a married woman and she doesn’t care to cheat that kind of people are trouble and I can say eventually she will see another victim

  46. Nisha says:

    I don’t understand why doctors all of people couldn’t realize that water and electricity don’t mix. Richard should have been aware of his surroundings.

    • LauraH says:

      Richard may very well have been aware of the water + electricity and still elected to throw the switch…

      His hospital, his people… and he saved them. The hospital and its people have always meant more to him than anything else in his life.

  47. Amy says:

    I do think that Arizona is right about Callie….Callie has been acting like she was part of the plane crash, and although she had secondary suffering, she didn’t go through it.

    • Nikki says:

      I agree, but to act like Callie lost nothing was selfish, and that does not excuse Arizona’s infidelity, and that blame rests on Arizona, not Callie.

      • Cheshire Cat says:

        Sophia appartrently lost more after this scene.
        The actress who played housebreaker, Lauren, signed a full contract for Season 10 or not???
        If so, I’m not watchin’ Callie’s heart go thru shredder any more.

    • Babygate says:

      In that case, you are missing the point. Because all this came up as a result of Arizona’s cheating. The bottomline here is that she’s blaming her actions on Callie. Not because of how she has been acting, but because she cut off her leg. Arizona is not being rational. Callie told her she did it to save her life and Arizona’s response was, you didn’t lose anything. Didn’t even acknowledge the fact that she could be dead if Callie hadn’t made that decision. So, she is so angry at Callie for ‘taking her leg’ that she decided that cheating was a reasonable punishment. Through the whole exchange Arizona does not apologize for the cheating, instead she turned it around on Callie. Which is even worst than the actual act of cheating.

  48. Chablis says:

    I wish TVline would get a recapper who likes the show. This dude is the worst . It’s like he’s giving a PowerPoint with bullets. He obviously ff the show. Smdh.

  49. t says:

    I’m a huge Grey’s fan. but……These season finales are really getting way, way, way over the top.
    That list of everything that Meredith has survived is really laughable. When I heard it. It sounded like a cartoon superhero list.
    They need to reel it in a bit. (Just a bit)

    And Richard better not be Dead!
    Arizona is right about Callie not being on the plane and to stop acting like it. Callie had no choice but to amputate.
    I hope April and Jackson get together and live happily ever after. After they killed off Mark and Lexi, they are my favorite couple.
    I hope Alex & Jo have a good relationship. When they do part (as I’m sure they will) I hope it’s not a crazy breakup.
    I hope Christina and Owen can figure something out. They have great chemistry.

  50. EveatEden says:

    Owen & Cristina are already divorced lol.