Grey's Anatomy Finale Recap: I'll Be C'ing You

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 FinaleIt says a lot about Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy finale that the C-section Meredith has during the big storm (!) in the dark (!) is arguably its least dramatic incident. But it’s true! In fact, no sooner has her and Derek’s McBaby been delivered than panic sets in. Why? Read on and find out!

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THE CLOSER | First, Mer understandably freaks when her newborn doesn’t immediately cry. Then, after Derek takes away their perfectly healthy (and incredibly clean) tot to the nursery, Shane is left to close. As in, close Mer! Unfortunately, the patient springs a leak – the result of that fall she took last week – leaving her in the unenviable position of having to explain to the intern how he’s going to open her back up and stop her from bleeding to death! Finally, though Bailey’s been bailing on surgeries the whole episode long, she’s forced to act to save Mer (which, of course, she does). Afterward, Mer and Derek agree that the perfect name for their son is… Bailey.

BUS-TED | After a bus crashes – conveniently just outside the ER – all the passengers are evacuated… except, Jackson notices, for one hard-to-spot little girl. When the bus explodes, it looks like the would-be hero is toast – burnt toast, at that! In response, April goes berserk. When it turns out that not only is her ex-lover fine but he saved the kid to boot, Goody Two-Shoes confesses that she still wants him. “You’re getting married,” he notes. “Unless,” she replies, “you can give me a reason not to.” (Hasta la vista, Matthew!)

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ONE-LONG-NIGHT STAND | Following her tryst with Lauren, Arizona wants nothing more than to get away from her… which is pretty much impossible, because they’ve got a nursery full of babies whose incubators are running out of batteries! Even worse, when the lights come back on, Callie immediately notices that Lauren’s wearing Arizona’s top – it has her ring pinned to it! The other woman makes a great excuse, but the cat is out of the bag. In the end, Arizona blames it all on Callie’s decision to amputate. Callie didn’t lose anything in the plane crash, Arizona argues. “I lost you,” Callie answers sadly.

FROM START TO FINISH | Overcoming his fear that he’s some kind of lady jinx who turns every woman he’s involved with into a basket case, Alex finally admits to Jo that he loves her, and they engage in a whole smoochapalooza. On the other end of the relationship spectrum, Cristina and Owen at last have “the talk.” And, knowing that she’ll never be enough for him the same way that surgery is enough for her, she walks away

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SHOCKING… LITERALLY | Unaware that Bailey has stepped in and saved Mer, Richard spends the hour believing that his efforts to cajole her back into the OR have failed. She’s just about to find him to fill him in and apologize for their big fight when we see that – holy crap! – when the power came back on, he was electrocuted in the flooded basement!

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? The season? Relieved Mer decided against Sebastian as the McBaby’s name? (Did you have a better idea?) Do you think Richard is really dead? Can Callie and Arizona’s marriage be saved? What about Owen and Cristina’s? Hit the comments with your… you know, comments!

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  1. A says:

    ARIZONA WAS AN ABSOLUTE BITCH this episode. She was absolutely disgusting to Callie. Poor Callie! Always getting hurt by people who are supposed to love her. I thought we were getting past the whole leg thing. Arizona is suppose to be a friggin doctor. She has had enough time (what like a year) to understand that there was no other option than amputation to save her life. So over her pity party. For her to stand there and belittle Callie’s loss (the loss of her baby’s father and best friend, Lexie, even her wife’s leg) was absolutely disgusting, selfish, rude, hurtful and the list goes on. Callie is in my top 5 favorite characters on this show and seeing her hurt like that again was difficult to watch. So livid with Arizona right now.
    Also, I can’t believe I actually almost fell for the idea that Shonda wasn’t gonna murder anyone this finale. Yes, I know Richard isn’t officially dead, but I don’t trust that woman!

    • Abby says:

      Lexie was Callie’s best friend? That’s a new one. And try doing research- people don’t just “get over” losing a limb. You’re talking about losing a part of your body that you’ve had for your whole life. It’s not like getting a haircut. Logically, Arizona probably does know amputation was the best option and what she needs is a therapist to help her deal with the issues surrounding it.

      • Ross Tiffany says:

        Please note the comma between best friend and Lexie. And try reading posts thoroughly before complaining about the inaccuracies in them!

      • A says:

        Please, I am sure that during the initial stages of her grief over her lost leg, the entire procedure was explained to her and the reasons why amputation was the only option possible would have been explained to her. Arizona is a surgeon and I am highly sure that she understands why they had to do what they had to do even though she hasn’t been able no accept it yet. That is no excuse do the purposely hurtful way she acted towards Callie

      • murley says:

        How you behave in the aftermath of a tragedy is your choice. Suffering is no excuse for treating others badly.

      • Ninna says:

        Punching our spouse like a punch bag is not therapy is abuse and it’s not allowed!

  2. kayla says:

    Apparently the actor who plays Webber renewed his contract for next season. Sooooooo……let’s hope he’s alive.

  3. Syd says:

    Webber. Can. Not. Die. However Calzona can. Was anyone else waiting for Callie to put Arizona in her place?! There is no way in heaven, hell or anywhere between arizona could say that selfish mess and think it’s justifiable. Bailey scared the crap outta me when she couldn’t say Mer was fine. Can someone tell me why Jackson is acting like he doesn’t want April? He can’t possibly want the intern over her. Next wedding will be karev’s. Yay! Lastly, Christina is a rockstar and Owen should only be a friend to her.

    • Babygate says:

      Agree on every point. Jolex!!! The Calzona development borders on reprehensible. All season Callie has been giving Arizona so much room to adapt and come to terms with her new reality. Put up with her verbal and emotional abuse, the distance, her rejection, her mistreatment… At the end, Arizona, the person that is supposed to love her, refuses to see that she saved her life. And to diminish Callie’s loss is callous, insensitive and cold. As far as I’m concerned, Calzona should be over. I would totally lose respect for Callie if.she took this new form of abuse from McCheater.

  4. alim says:

    we should all kill shonda and see how she likes it!!

    • Alia says:

      …did anyone else find this comment alarming? I don’t care fore Shonda’s decisions, but I don’t want her dead. I just don’t want to watch her show anymore.

      • D says:

        There are some intense *cough*crazy*cough* people in this fandom.

      • D says:

        This fandom is full of crazies, that’s for sure! Like it’s just a show guys, no need to call fictional characters bitches or say they should be beaten to death (and isn’t it funny that it’s only the female characters that people are rude about. Huh)

        • angela m says:

          Not true. I find Alex’s character completely useless, and always have. George should have drowned him in the lake when they all went camping and had that”open handed combat” slap fight.

      • Ninna says:

        Honestly, no!
        Shonda defends that when people are hurting, they act out of character and it is allowed and OK in those circumstances, to make other people our punch bags like sort of therapy and that we should still expect to be loved no matter the way we treated them.. It’s her message with the Crowen and Calzona SL

  5. Hailey says:

    Did anyone notice the look on Cristina’s face after she saw Mer and baby? she turned back… her and owen will be fine and if im right that look on her face pretty much says it all. looks like Cristina might come around with the baby thing.

    • AmbidextrousAspie says:

      If she does, it won’t be true to the character. Believe it or not, not every woman wants a baby, nor melts when she sees one.

    • vanessa_tw says:

      I noticed Cristina’s face, I really hate Shonda, always not fair to Cristina and CO fans!

  6. le says:

    They can’t kill Mer, she’s the last Grey left

  7. Alexa says:

    The next wedding BETTER be Karev’s!!!!!! :-)

  8. Peyton says:

    The part when mer was talking about if she died made me tear up I love her!<3

  9. Mike says:

    I’m Jackson isn’t dead, I thought he was a goner for a second. I’m going to miss Richard, but I’m shocked he made it this long. I liked the baby name, I would have preferred symbolism for those lost in the plane crash, but I still liked the name, but I loved the scene with Derick and the baby. I’m glad they finally brought up the fact that Callie had always acted like she was in the plane crash, but that does not excuse Arizona for cheating. It has bothered me since the premiere that Arizona has been mad at Callie for saving her life, and for her to suggest that it is Callie’s fault for her cheating is the worst. Callie wasn’t in the crash, but in many ways she suffered the worst she has to endure nasty Arizona at the beginning of the season, she lost Mark, her daughter’s father and her closest confidant, and Arizona cheated on her. Arizona lost her leg, but she lived unlike Mark and Lexie. I don’t have any sympathy for Arizona, I hope Callie leaves her and never looks back. I was happy with Cristina and Owen this episode, and I hope their done with, so they can each move on.

  10. Peyton says:

    Jackson better take April after she confessed her feeling seriously!!!!

    • Karen Johnson says:

      Does anyone else not like April?? She’s so annoying and changes her mind constantly about what she wants. Jackson deserves better!

      • ruby says:

        Thought am the only one that isn’t into Japril!!when she thought he was dead and was screaming I admit I teared up,but that’s all!!I prefer him with the intern.April comes off too immature,remember last season about the sex thing?
        People should be easy on callie,am just pissed that she didn’t apologise,instead she blamed callie..although she has more chemistry with lauren than callie
        Yay for the baby,jo/alex..

  11. Bsmswb says:

    Can someone tell me exactly what Christina said to Owen at the end?? I missed it and apparently she ended their relationship??

    • Hailey says:

      Cristina asked Owen if she would be enough. he didnt reply intending he wants a baby but toward the end cristina walks by Mer’s room and sees her with Bailey (their new son) and she smiles and turns back to go talk to owen

      • Bsmswb says:

        Hmm- ok- thanks!! So it’s not officially over then?? There’s still some wiggle room!

        • Hailey says:

          i think so. i mean its Cristina & Owen. its NEVER over with them. i love them together. but its not just hope i have, im going off of her last facial expression. im excited to see whats going on with them mext season

      • Marie says:

        Actually – she’s happy that her person and her family is okay. Shonda said this week –

        Question: What does the Grey’s Anatomy season finale hold for Cristina and Owen? Please answer. I’ll bake you cookies. — Liv
        Ausiello: Before I tell you what Shonda Rhimes told TVLine, let me state for the record: vegan oatmeal raisin. Now then, you can go ahead and abandon any hope of the couple meeting in the middle regarding the issue of children. “There’s never been any suggestion that Cristina is going to meet anyone in the middle,” Rhimes notes. “Cristina is not that person.” However, for better or worse (my guess: worse), she adds, “I do think that the more this Ethan situation plays out, the conversation that she and Owen have been avoiding so much really gets forced out into the open.” Ruh-roh.

        She doesn’t want kids and Owen does. There is no middle ground for them. I think it might be done for good.

        • Sarah says:

          I don’t think she was turning around to go back to Owen about kids. This is Christina were talking about. I don’t think she’ll ever want kids. I agree with the fact that she was smiling because her person was okay and her family was okay. Unfortunately I think they’re done for good now.

      • JaneFr says:

        Actually, she sees Mer with her new baby, Derek with Zola, she smiles and goes. And that’s it. Nothing says that she goes back to Owen.
        And since she used the comparaison to Derek and Zola in her discussion with Owen I, for one, think that that smile means, “Ok, my person is happy and I’m happy for her, they’re happy with their thing and Owen will one day be happy with it too while I’m happy with mine, I may be sad, but I took the right decision.”

        • AnneW says:

          And in Season 10 Cristina moves into Mer/Der’s basement with her plastic sex toy doll (can’t talk back or think for itself and she can use it whenever she wants) for her spare moments from happily performing surgeries as she becomes the “Dinosaur” from Season 5 (Faye Dunaway’s character). Should be fun to watch.

  12. Mary Ann says:

    As a doctor, wouldn’t Richard know better than to be ankle deep in water around electricity??? Common !

  13. ElKat says:

    Did anyone record their episode? When Alex & Jo are doing their “I love you” scene, someone (white coat and scrubs) walks down the stairs behind them, before Alex tells her he loves her. Rewind it and watch! …Who is it?

    • Azerty says:

      It’s George. He actually never died and stayed hidden in the hospital to spy on everyone.
      No joking, I think it’s just some doctor not really relevant to the story, we don’t see his/her face.

  14. Linda says:

    Omg! Loved this show! Hope Richard is ok and was so worried Mereidith was a goner. The show would have been empty without her. Love the baby name!!! Great great show. Can’t wait till next season. Oh and Arizona….. All I can say is selfish.

  15. Peyton says:

    Anyone know when the next season premiers so I can start my countdown?!

  16. janice says:

    I’m still in shock I knew Richard was going to die because chimes mentioned his name in one of the spoilers this year. Calls should dump Arizona she’s a cry baby and ungrateful. April and Jackson need to get married and bailey is amazing she will overcome her issues whew I finally got this off my chest:-)

  17. Cat says:

    There’s no show without him. And baileys been thru enough so at least let her talk to him. Hope he recovers!!

  18. kassie says:

    I love the show, but I have a sinking feeling that season 10 will be the last. I really hope it’s not.

  19. Maven says:

    I spent the whole episode having preemptive tears, knowing from 8 former finales with this show that anything could happen, and something horrible would happen.
    angry tears when I thought Jackson blew up, hopeless helpless tears when Mer was bleeding out, triumphant tears when bailey came through, back to angry tears when Callie and Arizona had it out (someone needs to tell Arizona that Callie didn’t cause that crash, and Arizona married a doctor, not a murderer, obviously she’s gonna cut off your leg, and obviously it’s not interfering with your extra-marital relations) tears of understanding and acceptance with the CrOwen climax (Christina always says things in the MOST effective ways), and tears of oh god no, not dad!!! When we see Richard at the end, combined with an I KNEW IT moment at the same time because I did. I knew it as soon as he entered that room.
    Tho outsiders may judge how attached I am to these characters, if they were to sit through each episode, I know they would be making the ugly cry face right along with the rest of us.
    Hugs to all, after all of this, I know you need hugs too

  20. Lydia says:

    how can this website act like they’re having a recap when they’re not writing anything. I could have written an entire essay on the episode by now.

    Basically, Meredith almost dies during her c-section (Mcbaby is fine, and named Bailey!). She has to have a splenectomy, which is performed by Bailey (who had chickened out on her earlier surgery). Cristina FINALLY dumps Owen (because he clearly wants children). Alex tells Jo that he loves her and they make out. Arizona totally messed up, put on the wrong shirt after her cheating, so when Callie catches up to her and that “woman” she see’s Arizona’s wedding ring pinned to the other woman’s shirt, and realizes what had happened. (They didn’t mention this pinning the ring to your scrubs thing until this episode; convenient?) They basically broke up. The power has been out for most of the episode, so Richard goes to check on the guy fixing the power. He’s had a heart attack, so Richard makes sure he’s ok, and the guy tells him everything’s fine and if he flips the switch, the power will go on. We see Richard walk towards the switch, but don’t see him flip it (which is the clue something bad is going to happen). Bailey is telling her husband she needs to make up with Richard, and that’s when the camera pans to Richard on the ground, with smoke rising from him, and we realize because the basement has flooded, he’s been electrocuted. The end.

    • Lydia says:

      I forgot (because in my world April doesn’t matter) that Jackson almost dies, and April tells him that she wants him. He says, “you’re getting married..?” to which she replies, “not if you give me a reason not to” (which is the last we see of them).

    • Bsmswb says:

      Great summary!!

    • says:

      Addison pinned her Inge to her scrubs all the time. Thank you for the recap!

  21. Robin says:

    I actually thought Meredith was a goner there for a sec…and I thought if she dies and Bailey was operating on her…Bailey really will never operate again! So glad that things didn’t go that way. Bailey as their baby’s name is perfect! Though I wonder if that was what Meredith was going to say right before/as she lost consciousness.
    The fight between Arizona and Callie was super intense! I actually gasped when Callie realized with the scrub top situation…yikes!
    I really hope Chief doesn’t die…I guess we will not know for sure until the fall.
    Bus crash – Jackson almost dying and being a hero instead!! I was more excited for April actually admitting to Jackson that she loves him, and wants to be with him than I was for Alex saying “I love you to” Jo. Both were highlights though in this intense episode. I will say this though I was not as tore up during this Grey’s Finale as I have been in seasons past. I’m ok with that though. I would rather a show be this level of intense…instead of the “I may need medical attention after this” intensity levels from seasons past!

  22. Alicia says:

    I think Bailey and the chief should have hooked up

  23. Gina says:

    I love Alex and Jo and I love April and Jackson!! Can’t wait to see how next season turns out with them!. So sad about Webber I hope he doesn’t die. I love Crowen but I mean there story line was getting dry. I almost couldn’t even take it thinking it was gonna be Avery who died in the explosion Ny stomach was in bits thinking OH NO HOW CAN SHE POSSIBLY KILL JACKSON!! I would have stopped watching. Then he came out walking through the fire looking so HOTTT. Lol and again I’m sorry but Jolex is so cute at the end love them!!!!

  24. Tasha says:

    I am so mad at Arizona. To stand there and say that Callie didn’t lose anything. She lost Mark, her best friend and the father of a child you say you love. Sounds like they are heading for a nasty divorce.

  25. Jess says:

    Jackson and April were the best part of the episode for me, talk about emotions that April went through, SHE LOVES HIM.
    I enjoyed the whole episode, all the red herrings during the episodes only to reveal the end.. Bravo Shonda!!

  26. Ebee says:

    @abby, the person above you, meant that she lost her baby’s father, who is also her best friend, and lexie. She was referring to Mark as the best friend.

  27. Sara says:

    Color me completely shocked that Arizona blamed her adultery on Callie. I am so sick of her “you cut off my leg, therefore I can treat you like crap” story. I’m sorry, but she is a major reason that Callie was in such a bad car accident a few years ago. Callie didn’t blame her, though I think she totally should have, as Arizona should have been paying attention to her driving. Callie almost died. Her baby almost died. But she didn’t dwell on it like Arizona is dwelling. God forbid, Callie saved her life. Get over it. Better yet, get away from Callie. Arizona doesn’t deserver her, not since she abandoned her for Africa.

    On another note, not the Chief!!! I could see it coming, once he found that technician guy down there, but come on, that was heartbreaking. I was kind of hoping that Meredith was going to name the baby Richard and then (since Shonda apparently decided Richard had to frackin die) they would pan to him lying there, but alas, that’s not what happened. I really hope he isn’t dead though.

  28. Mareesa says:

    Arizona and Lauren….. Yesssssss :)

  29. mare says:

    Oh, I love Richard!!!! Hope he’s not dead!!! Maybe he had a heart attack, and he wasn’t electrocuted!! Bailey can save him!!! I hope!!! As far as Arizona, just get her off the show..she’s annoying!! Callie should have been the one to cheat on her after always having to deal with her whining!!

  30. Babygate says:

    Honestly, my reaction was to laugh when it was over. Got teary-eyed when McBaby was born. He is a cutie. I can’t believe that Shonda would kill Webber so I’m taking that as a cliffhanger. Crowen was the same as always. Cristina says you want kids and I don’t. Owen says no, I love you more and nothing gets resolved. I’m assuming they break up but who knows. I’m kind of ambivalent when it comes to April. She can choose whoever. My favorite part was Alex finally confessing his love to Jo. Calzona was so below my expectations that I had to laugh. Arizona doesn’t appear to be really sorry. She wants to even the score which doesn’t make her a flawed individual, it makes her a vindictive witch. She wanted to hurt Callie like Owen wanted to hurt Cristina. So the arc is completely derivative. Instead of giving Callie the chance to unleash her hurt, it appears like Shonda is going to saddle her with the blame. Arizona cheated because Callie cut off her leg, even though it was to save her life. So instead of Callie making the decision to walk away from someone who resents her, she mourns her loss. Great. Callie has officially changed her name to ‘doormat’. Oh, and Lauren REALLY likes Arizona so she will stick around? And Arizona is still smiling at her like she doesn’t have a wife. Unreal. #freecallie

  31. Marie says:

    All I have to say is: EFF-U Arizona. After all Callie has done for you, how DARE you attempt to lowball her on her alleged nonloss – so I guess a LIMB is more valuable than a LIFE (hello Mark, Lexie) ?? – AND do the same thing that George did aka CHEAT?

    Callie – dump that poptart and find yourself a better life partner.

    P.S. Richard isn’t dead – the actor renewed his contract.

  32. Erika says:

    I sure hope richards not dead cuz when I thought jackson was a gonner, I vowed to never watch this show again if they killed someone else I love. Damn u.. I’m still not over george and I miss sloan. God I need a life.

  33. Laura says:

    If the Chief is really dead, I am going to be sooo pissed. Damn it Shonda… you can’t kill Richard!!!

  34. lalala says:

    I didn’t Watch the episode, but I really hope that Cristina and Owen are done for good. If Cristina changes her mind about the baby, it will totally be OOC! She made it pretty clear in season 8 that she didn’t want a baby!! It’s just not her

    • Hailey says:

      i didnt think cristina would ever think twice about a baby ever again but just look at her face at the end and when she turns back around… i mean its obvious she is having second thoughts. and hey anything can happen in shonda’s world

    • Addie says:

      I will be really mad if Shonda makes Cristina change her mind. This is something she’s said since the beginning and it’s awesome to have a female character on TV who doesn’t want kids and isn’t vilified for it and doesn’t change her mind.

      • Lydia says:

        totally agreed. if she makes cristina change her mind, it’s like erasing her character from the beginning. Like, it’s definitely clear that she doesn’t want kids. at all. I mean, why go through the aborsh scene and all that drama with owen if she’s going to change her mind? when she turns back, I thinks he’s just thinking that things are going to change with her and mer, not her and owen. she doesn’t want to saddle mer with her break up issues when she literally just had a child and almost died. it was more a look of hope for mer’s future. her and owen are toast. I really wish cristina and jackson would get together, cristina deserves someone 1. way hotter than owen 2. that’s fun! 3. isn’t a ginger and 4. can handle a strong woman. I’m sorry, but owen’s probably the worst character that’s been added to the show. and that’s saying a lot, because april is a close second.

        • Addie says:

          Glad to see some people here agree! And hey, I’ve been rooting for a Cristina/Jackson relationship since he showed up, I think they’d be really good together. Plus, Cristina needs someone who acknowledges how awesome she is and Owen does not do that. he just yells at her and then sucks her face off with his kissing.

        • Belle says:

          And you don’t think Jackson wants kids? Didn’t he agree to have one with April when she thought she was pregnant? I can’t see Cristina getting involved with another man who wants kids after 3 years of this drawn out storyline. Besides, she looks 20 years older than Jackson. Sandra Oh is showing her age.

        • vanessa_tw says:

          Jesse Williams (jason) doesn’t know how to act all the time,worse than Eric Dane (Mark), Sandra Oh needs a poor acting partner

  35. I googled “Grey’s Anatomy finale” just to see what time it would air tonight. You have a spoiler warning at the top of your article, but you completely spoiled things by having your search engine headline reveal that Richard died, not to mention that it’s the URL of this article. Ridiculous and thanks for nothing.

    • anon says:

      That’s what the guide on your TV is for. Plus it airs the same time every week, it’s not goign to change for the finale

      • I rarely watch live TV, so, I’m not familiar with the schedule. I also wasn’t sure if the finale was airing tonight, which is why I did what any modern person would do — I googled the finale. And, I wasn’t in front of my TV to use the guide. It’s pretty ridiculous in my book to start your post with “warning: there are spoilers in here” when you’ve given a major one away in your URL.

        • tripoli says:

          Unfortunately for you and others, TVLine does this regularly and doesn’t care at all that it spoils major storylines for people. Get used to it. They won’t stop doing it, nor will other commenters stop leaving rude replies for comments such as yours. Sorry you were spoiled, I’ve been there myself.

    • Lydia says:

      richard isn’t dead, it’ll be ok.

  36. NCSouthernBelle says:

    Can anyone explain to me why Derek and Christina waited outside instead of helping an unsteady and emotional Bailey operate on Mer??

    • anon says:

      Because they would be more emotional and unstable?

    • Laura says:

      1) Because they would be basketcases
      2) Because it is unethical for a husband to operate on his wife
      3) Because neither of them are general surgeons, like Bailey is.

  37. Saw the Chief’s demise coming when I heard the dripping water when help the janitor. Glad to see April finally saw the error of her ways, Alex seems to have found his person, and the Sheppards got a happy ending, However, Callie should have taken off Arizona’s leg and beat her to death with it.

  38. DT says:

    The best line of the night… “I lost you…”

  39. Hailey says:

    i have wanted Cristina to change her mind since season 8 about the baby thing. im still waiting for it to happen. im not goving up hope. i just dont think the abortion was fair to owen. she just chose for him. she needs to stop being so stubborn.

    • Lydia says:

      choosing to not have a baby isn’t stubborn when that’s what you want. not everyone with a uterus needs to bear children. it makes her a strong female character. why would you hope for something a character doesn’t want. she didn’t chose for him, she chose for herself. it’s her body, her life, and her choice. duhhhh

      • Hailey says:

        i guess so. i just think that Cristina and Owen have so much passion when their relationship is stable. i want them to both be happy and a baby would make owen happy too. idk i just felt like if Cristina changed her mind it would fix their relationship. just something i wanted to see happen lol but you guys are right

    • Addie says:

      Wasn’t fair to OWEN? Are you serious right now? Cristina has made it clear since season 2 that she doesn’t want children, she told Owen that and then he had the balls to act all surprised when she kept saying no to kids. And he then acted like she would “changer her mind,” which is insulting to begin with and even moreso when it;s someone who supposedly is in love with you saying it. Plus, do I need to remind you that Owen went with Cristina to have to abortion? And then embarrassed her in front of everyone by claiming she ‘murdered” their baby? It’s not fair to Cristina that she is stuck with this man who doesn’t respect her at all and only sees her a baby-maker. This fandom is so sexist, I swear.

      • Addie says:

        *change her mind
        *to have the

      • Hailey says:

        Lol damn i was just saying. i was like you at first too. she mademit perfectly clear but then as they went on with the storyline she got even more selfish it seemed but owen needs a child but i love him and cristina together. but you cant have your cake and eat it too i guess

        • Addie says:

          Then Owen can be the adult and end it for good so he can go and marry a Duggar and have as many babies as he wants

          • Hailey says:

            But i guess what blows me away is Cristina was about to have Burke’s baby if all the complications didnt happen but then she is so serious about not having a baby with owen. what is different with owen?

          • Addie says:

            @Hailey- Cristina wasn’t planning on keeping Burke’s baby, she made an appointment to have an abortion but collapsed in the OR the day before she was going

      • Lydia says:

        agree, agree, agree. and can i just say, did everyone forget that he CHEATED ON HER. I’ve wanted them to break up.. idk.. since that moment. it’s OUTRAGEOUS that shonda had them get back together in the first place! I don’t think she’d forgive burke for leaving her at the alter (ever).. so why would she forgive someone for cheating on her and calling her a baby murderer (not to mention the nighttime choke that happened seasons ago). owen is basically the worst. he’s hurt cristina in every way possible (physically, emotionally, verbally). he needs to get outta hereeeee. what would fix everything would be idk.. if owen accepted her for who she is and stopped trying to change her? that’s what real love is.

        • Lydia says:

          she was NEVER going to have burke’s baby. ever. he asked what she was going to do, and she was silent. AKA: aborsh. cristina. will. not. be. a. mom. she told mer she wouldn’t be her kid’s guardian because she doesn’t want to be a parent. at all.

      • A says:

        Christina and Owen were doomed from the start! I don’t care about this meant for each other crap. They got married too fast. If the no kids thing was a deal breaker Owen should have never married her and the marriage was completely at the worst time when she was going through PTSD.
        With regards to the abortion, though, others may not agree with me, but I don’t fault him at all for not wanting to EASILY let go of the baby. He is a human being too who wants children and the possibility of having his own child happened unintentionally and while he got himself stuck into the situation of being in love with a woman who didn’t want kids, he should be able to feel angry and upset at the loss of his child. He can’t stop her from her decision but he shouldn’t be forced to not feel any emotion about it. He has to move on from it in the long-term and probably end the relationship and be with someone who has the same desires as he does, but he can still be upset about it.
        I definitely agree he was out of line when he made a scene in public about it a while later after he made the decision to go with her to the abortion in the first place. He should never have made a scene like that and the matter should’ve been kept private between the two of them.
        Christina doesn’t want kids and that’s her choice, but people shouldn’t be angry that Owen was upset about the loss of his baby. Just because Cristina is a woman she is the only one that is supported with her decision but because Owen is a man he shouldn’t have the right to be supported in his sadness and his wanting to have a kid? They are both human beings!
        Crowen needs to end once and for all. There is no future for this relationship. Christina shouldn’t give in to having children and Owen shouldn’t give in to Christina either!

      • Ninna says:

        …and cheated on her because she refused what he was demanding! And acted entitled to cheat and with no grain of shame or sorrow after that until he felt he had been caught.
        The writers can try to clean him up as much as they can, but to me this character doesn’t worth the ground he walks.

  40. TM1998 says:

    Season 10: Owen and Callie will hook up. (Forshadow we saw in Season 8)

    • Addie says:

      Considering how controlling they both are, that would probably work. Then they can have all the babies they want.

  41. Babygate says:

    BTW, this is not a recap. They are talking points.

  42. Katie says:

    So maybe I’m reaching… But did anyone think that at the end when Christina talks to Owen about joy, she asks him ‘do you think ill be enough’ and he hesitates and she says ‘i wish it were different, it already happened’. Does this mean she had another abortion? Or that they already ended? Not sure if it was bad writing, as the wording was weird, or if it was suggesting something. I think she could mean she’s pregnant, maybe that’s why she’s crying? Because she’s sad for herself but wants to give him joy? Maybe that’s why she smiles at the new baby as grey holds her at the end. I feel like she would cry at the baby if she felt children were the reason she couldn’t have Owen. I just feel like Christina is going to change her mind and make Owen do all the dirty work for the baby. Anyone else have an idea where they might be going?

    • Hailey says:

      if your assumption is real i will be over the moon happy lol finally im not the only one on this forum who wants a crowen baby. theh have been through SO much. cristina and Burke wasnt love. he was a complete asshole to her. you can tell yes Owen made mistakes but he loves her so much. who wants a baby that desperatly but stays with someone like Cristina? thats pure love.

      • Lydia says:

        “someone like cristina”? get outta here. he stays because no one can do better than cristina, especially him. owen made mistakes? he cheated. like all the way cheated. no one does that when they love someone.

        • Hailey says:

          people get hurt and confused. im mot gonna sit here and defend cheating. its wrong. i wasnt bashing cristina i love her character shes strong i was referring to her personality he stays with her knowing she doesnt want kids when he desperatly does he loves her and you can tell. the two have amazing chemistry on screen. and back to the cheating thing. its WRONG i hate cheaters i wont defend it but he had his reasons and in his mind he was proving something. he though that cheating is the same hurt that the abortion was. he was extremely hurt. who wouldnt be? but he showed remorse and held cristina while she cried and wouldnt leave her until he knew she was okay he knew he did wrong.

          • A says:

            Thank you! Not condoning the cheating but its like people think that he has no right be angry and upset about the abortion. He was hurt and it was his baby too but just because he is a man he has no say in the matter. It’s really sad sometimes that women have all the power when it comes to reproduction but the men who actually want to have children and care for them are insignificant and father’s right are thrown out the window. Even if they actually want the children, they have no power.
            Hopefully, in the future, a resolution to this controversial issue can be found (possibly through science) where the women who don’t want to go through with the pregnancy don’t have to and the fathers who are committed and desire to have children even if they end up having to raise them on their own will be able to do so. Who knows if that will ever happen though.

          • LauraH says:

            The abortion storyline has always bothered the heck out of me. You’re a freaking doctor, and you don’t know how to prevent a pregnancy?!!!

          • Ninna says:

            ‘ i hate cheaters i wont defend it but he had his reasons’

            What reasons? For that line of reasoning had Cristina pooped that child and she was the one with ‘reasons ‘ to cheat on him. He married a free kids woman and HE KNEW IT. If one day something like this would happen he should expect her not keep the child not otherwise.
            The only reason he had was he had the gall of not bending to his desires. And she paid for it.
            Owen can join Arizona. They deserve each other.

          • Ninna says:

            ‘ that he has no right be angry and upset about the abortion. He was hurt and it was his baby too but just because he is a man he has no say in the matter.’

            And because of that he had the right to pick up a tart and feast upon on Cristina’s back on JOE’S WALL an important place for the couple, one of the first places he bonded with her, giving the impression that he attacks everything that moves in that alley?

            When will people learn that hurt don’t give them the right of making of your partner your favourite punch bag. IT’s not allowed to use a partner to solve our inmost inbalances. To this exists therapists.

            No one is saying he wasn’t allowed to mourn his baby, what he wasn’t allowed was to exert revenge on her because she didn’t fit his dreams and expectations. That was cruel and downright reprehensible and a show off of how much he really loves her.

    • Tony says:

      I think Cristina meant their relationship already ended when he expressed his anger over her abortion. That really was it, IMO. There was absolutely no going back from that. Sure, they were able to play house for a bit after. But kudos to Cristina for being the enlightened one in this situation. She isn’t always a fave of mine. But when she has her moments, they are some of the best of the show

  43. BingeWatcher RI says:

    Ok Webber’s Dead, Owen isn’t ( however the storms still going on the lights are just working so there’s still hope that something might happen during the drive to see Ethan) ~hint hint Shonda~ So can we figure out how Bailey becomes Chief? By the way can someone let Shonda know she has tells …Meredith not naming the baby was an instant que that she wasn’t going to Die I literally waited when Derek left the room for Meredith to name the baby…so you can imagine how others watching the show reacted to me saying ” she didn’t tell Derek the baby’s name so she lives” by the way when Derek left, not when she was telling Dr.Ross…everyone who watched with me is pretty pissed. Get on that Shonda. I would go into the many other tells but this is already to long. don’t mean to sound anti-Owen just waiting for Bailey to be chief Owens Great its for the greater good.

  44. 777 says:

    i think that there are a lot of people here that could benefit from reading a little bit about ptsd. you guys can judge Arizona for cheating (it was horrible), you can’t however judge her for the way she feels about losing a leg or about her wife part in cutting the leg of. yes, we all know she saved her life, and deep down i bet Arizona knows it too. she has a serious problem and she needs a professional help. you can’t hold it against her. all the stupid comments about “big deal, she lost a limb” needs to stop. we have absolutely no idea what it feels like to experience that kind of trauma, and yet we have no problem judging.
    I hate her for cheating on Callie, there’s no excuse for that. About the ptsd part, don’t judge a person until you walk a mile in his shoes.

    • Addie says:

      AMEN. I wonder if these people would go to a real life amputee and tell them to “get over it already!” I fully believe that Arizona knows that losing her leg was the only option, but her brain is messed up and I have no idea why she hasn’t been to therapy. And of course this doesn’t excuse the cheating, not much does. But on this show it’s hard to care because pretty much everyone has cheated

      • Mike says:

        I think it crosses a line when Arizona blamed Callie for her cheating. PTSD is one thing, but blaming someone who saved your life for your infidelity is inexcusable. I honestly thought Arizona was right in calling Callie out for not being on the plane, but Callie still lost a lot, mainly Mark and in the end Arizona.

        • A says:

          I don’t think Arizona was entirely right in calling Callie out for not being on the plane. Sure she suffered tremendous trauma and Callie does not know how it felt firsthand, but to belittle Callie’s loss as insignificant was in no way fair and it was just hurtful. Callie has known Mark much longer than Arizona. He is the father of her child, her confidant, her best friend, her ex-sex buddy, etc. He meant a lot to Callie. Also I am sure Callie also became friends with Lexie via Mark. She lost a lot too. She lost a portion of her life as well and the crash had indirectly affected her life, She ended up with a wife who hated her for saving her life. She went months without connecting with her wife. She had no “real” friend like Mark was to her and now her wife cheated on her. For Arizona to belittle Callie’s loss and blame her for cheating is was way out of line.

        • 777 says:

          Well, like I said, there’s no excuse for cheating. I was talking about the comments since the start of the season. I hope that next season she’ll get the help that she needs, and we will see her try to make amends with Callie.

          • Mike says:

            She needs Therapy, if she still resents Callie for saving her life, she needs therapy, it does not look like time is healing this wound.

    • Ninna says:

      Ptsd can play out in different ways. Cheating is possible, yes. But only if deep down people have it. Otherwise manifest itself in other ways.
      This is not a PTSD story line, is a cheating/revenge/cruelty story line. It’s cheap and recycled only to pump ratings and buzz.

      • Ninna says:

        PTSD shouldn’t be used freely as an excuse to cheat. That’s offensive!

      • 777 says:

        maybe you should read what i wrote again than. i said that there is no excuse for cheating. my ptsd comment was as a response to all the people that complain about Arizona and her leg and how she needs to get over it. also, when Owen almost chock Cristina to death no one was mad at him because everybody understood that he has a severe ptsd, but when Arizona blames Callie for losing a leg she’s a bitch.

  45. Hailey says:

    thats another question. what the hell did Cristina mean? “it already happened owen.” what the hell does that mean??? someone please help. lol

    • BingeWatcher RI says:

      Also I don’t think Cristina is referencing anything when she says it already happened other than their Divorce! it’s reminiscent of Meridith at the Cristina and Burke Wedding “it’s so over”. I think it was just ment to be very Final.

      • Belle says:

        Crossing my fingers that Cristina disappears in the parking lot like Burke did. Her speech was similar to his when he dumped her and left her standing at the alter. So over Cristina.

    • Ninna says:

      The end of them.

  46. Erin says:

    Shonda needs to ship Arizona off to “Arizona”. Selfish, rude, and now a cheater!! Time to move on, Callie!
    So hoping the Chief is not dead. Bailey will find him and save him.
    Happy for “Jolex”. Totally saw that coming.
    Super happy for Mer and Derek. Was seriously thinking they were going to kill her off or at least leave us hanging on that one.

  47. Demetra says:

    Am I the only one who wanted the McBaby to be named Alexander Mark Shepherd(or Grey-Shepherd)? You know, in honor of Lexi and Mark. Although naming him Bailey completes the circle in a way, what with George saving Bailey’s baby and her naming him Tucker George…

  48. kavyn says:

    Can’t we all just get along? #Calzoren

  49. Jessica says:

    I love greys anatomy! :)…..I hope Richard doesn’t die. I think the interns should have Exept for Jo. I hope that jackson stays with April because I don’t like him with that intern . Callie needs to go back to a man !!!!!!

  50. BingeWatcher RI says:

    PTSD experience or not Trauma is Trauma and people usually need support. That’s Callie Arizonas support. Arizona screaming was much needed just for her to move on from this and is anyone remembering that Sophia is the product of Callie cheating on Arizona. They can move on from this as long as Lauren gets an ass kicking by Callie( picturing the cafeteria prep for Izzie and Callie)

    • Mike says:

      Callie and Arizona had broken up(Which was Arizona’s decision), Callie was a little quick moving to Mark, but she did not cheat.

      • BingeWatcher RI says:

        My apologies .. I guess I just ment the awkward love Triangle… I just don’t think Arizona is perfect. Im not positive but wasnt She was Driving the Car that nearly caused Callie to lose Sophia…not her Limb her Child. Again I’d have to rewatch episode to be positive but if she was far worse then leg losing a child.

    • JaneFr says:

      She did not cheat on her. Arizona had previously dumped her, at the airport, in a not so nice way, because Callie was not happy enough to leave everything behind in order to follow her to Africa. She was “ruining it for her”.
      When you looked back then, she dumped Callie so she could lived the Dream and blamed it on her. Seems familiar ?

      • LauraH says:

        I am waiting for the day that the writers finally allow Callie some REAL happiness:

        Marries George
        George cheats with best friend
        Falls in love with Erika
        Erika leaves over Denny heart thing
        Falls in love with Arizona
        Arizona treats her like crap/leaves/loves her again/etc.
        Gets pregnant with Mark
        Almost dies with the baby in car crash
        Loses mother to gay marriage story
        Loses best friend in plane crash
        Has to make tough decision over Arizona’s leg and has to deal with the consequences over and over…

        …and yet, she has that positive outlook, always.

        Sara is a great actress because you could literally feel the devastation coming off the screen tonight.

        • des says:

          Callie needs to move on and they need to bring on a new hotie man for her or female for her but I agree she deserves happiness ,arizona should move on without callie and when she see”s callie happy she can dwell on what she is missing out on. Or just find peace for herself