Jessica Capshaw Opens Up About Torrid Grey's Anatomy Twist and Finale's 'Raw' Repercussions

Greys Anatomy Season 9 Finale PreviewBaby did a bad, bad thing — but does that make Grey‘s Anatomy doc Arizona Robbins a bad person?

Visiting TVLine’s Times Square offices, Jessica Capshaw spoke candidly about Arizona’s on-call room romp with perky, pretty Lauren (played by Hilarie Burton) and the fallout scenes to come in tonight’s superstorm-tossed Season 9 finale (ABC, 9/8c).

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Describing the storyline as “incredibly risky and edgy,” Capshaw admits, “It totally upset the apple cart for me,” and yet it creates “fertile ground for what we want from our TV sets” — that is, juicy drama.

Recovering from the previous season finale’s plane crash and adjusting to the loss of a leg “took a lot of ‘holding on'” by Arizona, she says. So the ardent overtures by Lauren served as a “trigger” that made Callie’s wife decide, “‘I’m gonna lose control.'”

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Also in this video Q&A: Capshaw previews the awkward aftermath for Arizona and Lauren, asserts how “brave” it is to tell this story, teases the “devastating” and “raw” scenes ahead for “Calzona” and reflects on the finale moment that, to this moment, still gives her goosebumps.

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  1. DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

    Oh Shonda, you kill off my favorite character (Lexie), then you meddle with my second favorite’s morality… BAH! I STILL WATCH!


    • TVJunkie says:

      ^^^This. Finally someone who can appreciate the talent Shonda has for telling a story and not trying to tear her down.

      • Patti says:

        This was an excellent interview, the creator/producer of Greys is an imaginative and incredibly creative women, kudos Shonda Rhimes!

    • Ashley says:

      so true ahh im gonna die if she gets killed of to ahhhhh

  2. Jenny says:

    I love Jessica. Thanks for the interview.

    • Stacie says:

      I love the interview, I wish, hope, that we get to hear Jessica’s take after we see the episode tonight. I would love to know what she fully feels rather than her being coy about it, so as not to give spoilers. I can’t even really guess what that final, huge, scene between them can be. Something so big it left the cast speechless.

  3. the girl says:

    Can’t Wait!!

  4. brycealexander says:

    1. Love her having that cute tank top with that sheer top ooooh girl
    2. Not one for interviews, I’ve never seen one with Jessica. And, well, the way she talks is so different from Arizona. I’m so much more a fan of her acting now because I can tell she truly is acting when she’s on camera.
    3. Should’ve asked why no threesome plot line!
    4. Can’t wait for tonight!

  5. Sara says:

    does she says that we have to wait and see what happened in the on call room or that we will not get to see what happened?

  6. Ashley says:

    Thanks for the interview! Love Jessica and the scene she described sounds amazing.

  7. Tony says:

    Can’t say I was happy about this twist. But…..Jessica Capshaw and Hilarie Burton’s chemistry was off the charts. So something had to give I guess.

    As for Shonda and her writing, she has me pulling my hair out at times. But for the most part, she knows how to bring the drama and get people buzzing. I still enjoy Greys, enjoy Scandal, and was absolutely heartbroken to see PP go when it was, IMO, her best show on air.

    • Chris says:

      Hilarie Burton is amazing on Grey’s! I didn’t know she had that in her, and I did like her on One Tree Hill. But this is a different style for her, and she has been riveting. It’s not easy stepping onto an established show and instantly making a big impression.
      It’s a TV show, and I rarely get upset over what happens on them. I mean, it’s not real life so why get angry? I’ll see where the story goes and hope I like it.

  8. Sarabi says:

    Callie is my favorite character and this storyline is really awful from her perspective. But overall, I think it raises some questions and I like that.
    It seems like many of us think this affair is worth having just because of such great chemistry between Arizona and Lauren. Honestly, a part of me wished this affair would happen just because ot that same reason, but another part of me didn’t because – poor Callie! I suppose this rings true for most of the fans.
    The only thing I can say is – we’ll just have to wait and see how’s Shonda going to wiggle her way out of this one!

  9. The sad thing is that Callie will stay with Arizona. Honestly, it was bad enough George cheated on her with Izzie back in season three, but she was willing to continue their marriage until George decided to divorce her. Callie does not deserve ANOTHER spouse cheating her, mostly because she and Arizona have a child together. I really hope Callie does leave Arizona, ESPECIALLY after everything Callie has done for Arizona. She stuck by her spouse no matter what.
    ON a side-note: Though I agree that Arizona has much better chemistry with Hilarie Burton’s character, it still annoys me that this happened to Callie.

  10. Juju says:

    Well if we talk about acting it’s pretty awesome and yeah the drama it’s amazing and that is what makes a story more juicy and when the light comes back it’s worth it but as a fan cheating sucks and you want to scream and shout and tell the characters some not nice things Jaja and about Lauren and arizona the two characters are like the same perky and with yay! Energy so I think they are too much alike

  11. Mareesa says:

    I hope Arizona continues something with Lauren and that Hilarie Burton is back in season 10.

  12. rmr says:

    Love Jessica but love Callie and Arizona even more. Shonda will shoot her foot if she’s planning a Calzona breakup. A bomb meaning someone fell out of love?

  13. James says:

    Why does everything have to come down to cheating?

  14. Tia says:

    This is the most ridiculous storyline, to feel better she screwed the one person who flirted with her, she didn’t even knew her for 3 days. Wow. I never liked Arizona but this made it so much worse.
    I feel so bad for Callie, and of course she will stay with her after the drama. I can already see Shonda saying their journey would be beautiful and heartbreaking next season lol.

    • Ninna says:

      …and MFEO! Precisely like Crowen.
      All of them MFEO.

      • Babygate says:

        I hate what has been done to Callie as well, but to be clear…Shonda is a wordsmith. She loves to manipulate with words. She made us believe that a couple that is MFEO will always be together. But in reality, two people can be MFEO and still not end up together because of circumstances that make it impossible for them to do so. Arizona loves Callie. That hasn’t changed. And in the last 4.5 seasons we have seen that they are good together. Not perfect. But they have been absolutely committed to each other and to preserving the survival of their relationship. In my book, the love and the life that they have together makes them MFEO. But Arizona cheated. After going through the same thing with George which almost destroyed her, how will Callie come out of this? Realistically, they should separate to give them time to figure things out. Owen and Cristina, IMO, are also MFEO. In everything that they have gone through we have seen time and again that they love each other deeply and perhaps, irrevocably. Owen cheated. Cristina walked away and gave herself time to heal and forgive. It wasn’t an affair. He was angry and mourning the loss of his baby so he picked some random chick whose name he didn’t even remember. It broke Cristina, but she came back. He loved her enough to let her go. Then loved her enough to get her back into the hospital even though he knew at that time she didn’t want to be with him. In a different way than MerDer or Calzona, they have proven themselves to be MFEO. But Owen wants a child. He needs to be a parent. Cristina vehemently opposes the idea. So they may end up not together. But in my mind, they will still be MFEO. Made for each other is not the same as ‘stayed with each other’. Sadly. And Shonda is very much aware of this distinction. Although in Crowen’s case, I can’t see how she can throw away 5 seasons of developing this relationship.

        • Ninna says:

          My problem with C/O is, if they both lack what makes the other feel complete, what’s necessary to make the other happy how can they be considered MFEO? I personally can’t understand the logic. I’ve tried but I failed. Don’t deny there’s strong feelings between these two, but MFEO, not.

          As for Calzona, we’ve to expect for tonight’s episode to make further statements.

  15. Lisa says:

    I’ve been seeing Jessica make stops at many daytime shows discussing Arizona’s cheating and it seems that like what Shonda said Arizona feels it’s earned. Jessica said Arizona knows she did something bad, but she doesn’t feel guilty.

    I now think that Arizona is going to leave Callie. They are going to breakup. Season 10 will be about both of them finding what they want and need –separately. Jessica said on The View that a lesbian couple being happy would be boring. It’s a drama. She is right. I myself have said it in a number of comments, but it’s just hard to let go of two characters you’ve rooted on for so long. This heartbreaking moment of Shonda’s making will hopefully make Season 10 worth watching. Enjoy the storm.

  16. She is so beautiful. I hate cheating and cheating storylines in general but I can’t help but agree with her. And it certainly doesn’t help that she had such an incredible chemistry with Hilarie Burton. I, for one, hope they bring her back next season.

  17. Lisa says:

    Arizona and Lauren do have chemistry and so did Arizona and Callie, but maybe it’s just played out. Sara and Jessica are wonderful at what they do but it just seems like the energy no the enthusiasm is gone. Season 10 will give them something new and shiny to play with and maybe that shot will bring new life into their characters.

    Like I said before I’ve rooted for Arizona and Callie from their first meeting, because there was spark, discovery, and energy between them; but now something is missing. Something is lost between them and it seems that Shonda senses it also. I would rather see them apart then not at all. A lot of writers get rid of characters that no longer work out for their storylines. And maybe just maybe they may rekindle their relationship or not.

  18. Nanabooboo says:

    Dr. Weber, very upset about Richard. The only person on the show that could get that bunch of doctors into gear. I hope he is not gone for good, but I fear that he is history. As far as the Callie and Arizonia story, could care less. I didn’t like the story any shape or form. What can’t married people just once on TV be happily ever after. I also have thought that Owen is to good for Christina. Christina thinks she is so smart and hot in every thing she does and have been sick of her little girl games over and over. Grow up Christina the world does not revolve around you.

    • Liana in San Diego says:

      Amen! Finally someone with whom i agree! Not only is Christina full of herself, but so is Arizona. Callie did everything she could for her, and yes, that includes saving her life by cutting off her leg. Arizona’s response…. “you did this to me, you weren’t there…. poor poor me.” So tired of her thinking only of herself. Let her go off and be with Lauren. I’ll simply fast forward those parts because I’m sick of watching AZ be a complete entitled bitch.

  19. Erica Abu says:

    For me it goes 2 ways – Arizona and Lauren really have chemistry and I liked their wordplay. Obvious they enjoy being together. But hate that this had to happen to Callie. She’s really been there for arizona – so patient, and forgiving in the past. Would love them to get back together in season 10 and work through their problems – get everything out in the open and really forgive each other. Maybe if Callie forgives arizona, it will enable arizona really forgive or understand Callie much more.

  20. Zan says:

    Arizona and Bailey are two of my favorite characters on the show. I can’t imagine the show without either one of them. Both characters are strong and beautiful at heart, and both have experienced suffering and they come back strong in their own way. And the writing of the show very brilliantly incorporates a humanness to those character’s struggles. Neither one of those characters are perfect, but each is strong, beautiful and completely lovable. So I’m looking forward to Season 10, to more brilliant writing and palpable character depiction.