American Idol Season 12 Finale Recap: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Finalists [Updated]

american-idol-candice-kree-winner“Either way, we’re gonna celebrate tonight.”

With six simple words, Kree Harrison summed up what most American Idol fans have been feeling for the last fortnight. I mean, seriously, once we got down to what Loleatta Holloway once referred to as “the reeeeeallll nitty gritty” of the competition — by which I mean a righteous Top 3 of  Candice Glover, Kree and third-place finisher Angie Miller — how could you really be too upset about where the chips ended up falling?

Oh sure, executive producer Nigel Lythgoe stacked the Top 20 deck with powerhouse ladies and guys with questionable voter appeal in his effort to get a female winner. But as the kind of lunatic who’s watched every single episode of Idol since Kelly Clarkson was just a Texas waitress in a dress she made out of an old pair of jeans, I’d go so far as to say any single member of the Season 12 Top 5 would’ve been a worthy addition to the undeniably awesome list of the franchise’s champions: Kelly, Ruben, Fantasia, Carrie, Taylor, Jordin, David, Kris, Lee, Scotty and Phillip. From where I sit, that’s a pretty darn good season.

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Sure, that’s easy for me to say in retrospect since my No. 1 and No. 2 favorite contestants made it all the way to the final round. Candice had a hold on my heart from her Season 11 Vegas Round trio with Deandre Brackensick and Jessica Sanchez, then confirmed my obsession with her torrid “Syrup & Honey” Season 12 audition, her Group Round “Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!),” and an incredible string of live performances that stacks up pretty well against any singer who’s ever taken the Idol stage: “Ordinary People,” “I’m Goin’ Down,” “I (Who Have Nothing),” “Come Together,” “Don’t Make Me Over,” “Lovesong,” “Straight Up” “When I Was Your Man,” “You’ve Changed,” “Next to Me,” “Somewhere,” “I Am Beautiful,” and “I (Who Have Nothing)” a capella reprisal. #POW (That was for you, Mariah.)

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Kree Harrison’s Greatest Season 12 Hits was a damn fine compliation, too, starting with her Hollywood solo on “Stars,” and continuing with “Up to the Mountain (MLK Song),” “Stronger,” “Evidence,” “Crying,” “What the World Needs Now Is Love,” “Help Me Make It Through the Night,” “A Whiter Shade of Pale,” “See You Again,” “Here Comes Goodbye,” “All Cried Out,” and her “Up to the Mountain” reprisal.

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Of course, just because we wound up with two incredible finalists isn’t to say Season 12 didn’t have its deep, deep valleys. Too much focus on the judges and the kind of petty slapfights that — at least in Casa Slezak — would result in a two-minute time out in the Naughty Chair. Too little innovation and not enough creativity in choosing fresh, exciting themes to challenge (but still bring out the best) in the contestants. Too many songs we’ve heard a dozen times before, too much micromanagement of the outcome, not enough “Contestant’s Choice,” and…oh LET ME QUIT RANTING AND GET TO THE RECAP.

Much like Season 12 itself, tonight’s two-plus-hour finale had its own highs (Janelle, Angie and Candice’s respective duets) and its baffling low points (a Mariah “hologram” performance; J.Lo squeaking the same song she’s released for six straight years; Aretha performing via…FaceTime? Skype? Wha?; Lazaro snapping his gum and trying to steal focus from the winner’s celebratory moment). So let’s break it all the way down (in chronological order)…

* After 12 seasons of Idol, I’m aware that it’s a tough task to sound-mix a big group number, but the way the backing track steamrolled the Top 10 singing “Glad You Came” made the performance feel as organic as a gallon of melted Velveeta (in a Styrofoam container). Why not just give the dancers the night off, have the finalists sit on stools and deliver a stripped-down version where we could hear their individual voices? Then again, witnessing Curtis Finch “shoot the peacock” while absolutely no sound came out of his mic, perhaps it was a blessing in disguise?

* It was nice how Mariah and Nicki’s season-long rivalry ended tonight with a game of “Whose Dress/Shoes Combo Will Make for a More Treacherous Walk From Backstage and to the Judges’ Table?” Somewhere, Gloria Steinem is shaking her head, dahhhling.

* I’m gonna come right out and say it: somewhere in the past three weeks, Janelle Arthur transformed herself from a really excellent American Idol finalist into a budding superstar. Her duet with The Band Perry on “Done” — damn, I am downloading that jam first thing tomorrow — was raucous, delightful, beautifully sung, fiercely choreographed/hair-eographed and downright incredible. I’m not sure if those firepots were meant to go off during the performance or if Janelle just activated ’em with all the heat of her performance. Major label execs: Sign this gal! (And if you have any doubts, listen to her original song “Young and Reckless,” then sign her.)

* I’ll admit I guffawed four or five times during the pre-taped comedy package about the Season 12 ladies sabotaging their male counterparts. Funniest bit: Janelle gleefully tampering with Lazaro’s sheet music so he’d miss the key change on “Close to You.” The final reveal of Jordin Sparks as the mastermind — pointing out that her task was made easier by the fact that none of the guys played guitar, and then reminding said dudes that “Idol leftovers” have been doing well on The Voice — was the whipped cream on the Frappuccino.

* I know the Top 5 guys got a lot of flack for their general lack of luster in Season 12, but alas, their work on that Frankie Valli medley didn’t do much to turn that perception around. Also, was it me or did it sound like a backing track kicked in and the guys’ mics got switched off once the 79-year-old legend took the stage and took over lead-vocal duty? Le sigh.

* Okay, let’s have an honest chat about Mariah Carey’s “performance.” I know it got pre-taped on Wednesday night. And I know some of her fans have taken to Twitter to say that she really and truly sang her medley of hits and that the producers of the show just did a bad job of “dubbing”/”cutting” the various shots and whatnot. But honestly, however you slice it, this was a failure of epic proportions. As Mariah stood immobilized by her long white gown, and cameras carefully cut to all of her most flattering angles, we heard what sounded like disembodied snippets of her greatest hits get carelessly patched together. Meanwhile, the Lady Carey’s mouth moved out of sync with the music, as if a film-school student had dubbed the performance in Korean, then Hebrew, then French and then (hastily) back into English. If she’d performed this on the Holodeck of the Enterprise, it would have somehow made sense, maybe? But seeing how this was her final act in a high-paying gig that had her judging the vocals, musicality and performance style of young singers who clearly look up to her, would it have been too much to ask for the woman to pick up a mic during the actual live telecast and simply sing? Hashtag: Lame. *And yes, I am holding her to a ridiculously high standard. SHE’S MARIAH FREAKIN’ CAREY!

* Anyone else find it slightly odd that, a mere week after Candice covered “Next to Me” on Top 3 performance night, that the producers had Amber Holcomb reprise it for the finale as a duet with the show’s new spirit animal Emeli Sandé? The gals sounded really solid together, but if I’m being honest, Amber looked reluctant to dig deep and connect with her major-label sparring partner. And that kinda bummed me out.

* Psy sang “Gentleman,” though I like his shtick better when he’s backed by dancing pistachios. (What? I’m trying to be nice for once.) Might’ve helped if he’d bothered to raise the microphone up to his lips every once in a while, though, no?

* Keith Urban broke out his new single “Little Bit of Everything.” And while it’s not exactly a game-changing kind of ditty, I love the fact that dude always comes off like he’d have just as much fun playing for some fireflies and junebugs next to some bonfire embers in the backyard as he does playing for an audience of (hopefully?) 15 million.

candice-glover-jennifer-hudson* I injured my hand pounding the side of my armchair (while whooping like an idiot) for the duration of Candice’s duet with Jennifer Hudson on “Inseparable.” (Can this collaboration PLEEEEEEASE be on Candice’s debut CD?) I didn’t even take notes while it happened because I threw my pen about 11 seconds in, and was not going to take my eyes off the screen anyhow. Candice’s clarity, her power, her phrasing, her internalization of the lyrics! J.Hud’s vibrato, her bombast, her grit, and her megawatt energy! You combine these things and it’s just…I mean…I don’t have the right superlatives to take you there. You just need to go to YouTube and watch it. But suffice to say when Nicki and Randy are waving their arms and having a musicgasm (gross, but true) in unison, that we’ve reached some God-just-brushed-your-arm-level SANGING.

angie-miller-adam-lambert* If that wasn’t enough for you, how about Angie, at the piano, lilting along to “Titanium,” and then the camera pans and there’s ADAM LAMBERT!? I loved the aching restraint the duo showed as they slowed David Guetta and Sia’s high-octane dance hit into an inspirational ballad. Adam, who we know from “Slow Ride” (take it EEE-ZAY!) is a generous duet partner, really allowed Angie to set the tone and grab more than her share of the juicy parts of “Titanium” — as it should be considering this is Angie’s season, y’know? (I did love when both of ’em unleashed in the final moments, though…good stuff.)

* Adam proved just as gracious when he stepped aside so Angie could share the stage with her idol Jessie J., who hopped across the pond from London for a last-minute throw-down with the gal who covered her four times this season. (I hope Angie gets a small percentage of Jessie’s 2013 U.S. sales, yes?) Their rendition of “Domino” was a frothy confection with spot-on vocals and a bit of amped-up drama at the ending. Even better for Angie? Jessie admitting that her appearance had prevented Angie from performing her debut single “You Set Me Free,” and agreeing to do a show with her in London this summer as a consolation prize. Um, who says finishing third is such a bad thing?

* Kree’s duet with Keith on “Where the Blacktop Ends” seemed, well, a little less well thought-out than Angie, Kree Candice and Janelle’s collaborations, perhaps? I mean, girlfriend was so fab all season, but never really gave any indication that an uptempo, beers-on-the-bar jam was her cup of mocha chocolata ya ya. Why couldn’t Uncle Nigel have brought in Bonnie Raitt or Susan Tedeschi or Carrie Underwood or Wynonna for Kreedom? Ah well, it was still a solid effort, even if Kree’s vocals seemed to get a tad lost in the mix.

* Idol said a formal farewell to Randy Jackson. And here, I say a formal good riddance! (That one was for Haley Reinhart, dawg! #NeverEverForget)

Aretha-Franklin-Idol* Um, so the legendary Aretha Franklin doesn’t like to fly. And so she appeared via satellite from New York to sing a medley of hits — did I mention I despise medleys, even when they are made up of some of the greatest soul songs ever? Meanwhile, the Top 5 girls — the people most responsible for the ad revenue Fox raked in on the show from January to May — stood underneath said screen and acted as background singers whose mics were set to “low.” (Maybe this is how Aretha ensures no up-and-coming divas make eye contact with her?) How this idea made its way from some associate producer’s brainstorming pitch to actualized seven-minute segment is as patently ridiculous as the sight of Devin Velez in leopard stretch pants with a “Nicki Minaj booty.”

* J.Lo showed off her world-class backside lip-sync skills on the same god-awful track. (Yes, of course Pitbull is on it!) (No, I didn’t think it was worth Googling the song title.) (AND NOBODY WANTS YOU BACK FOR SEASON 13, LADY!)

* All week long I’d been looking forward to a Candice Glover-Kree Harrison duet, and then they got stuck with “One Less Bell to Answer”/”A House Is Not a Home” — the same exact songs Candice sang with Amber back in Top 6 Week. WHY???? Fox’s reality chief Mike Darnell told me back in January that expense really isn’t an issue when it comes to song clearances, so again I ask, WHY??? Okay, the ladies sounded lovely as usual, but I feel like the selected tracks — and the fact that it was placed mere seconds before the winner’s announcement — robbed us of what should have been a true Season 12 moment.

You know what was a moment, though? Kree and Candice cradled in one another’s arms as Ryan Seacrest prepared to reveal the news for which we’d been waiting all night.

Candice-Glover-Confetti-ShowerTHE WINNER OF AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 12 IS…

Tears streamed down my face. I won’t even pretend that didn’t happen. Wow. This girl is on fire. She had come out with passion and ferocity from the moment she auditioned, and she never really lost focus. Watching her sob her way through her debut single “I Am Beautiful” underneath a confetti shower, well, it’s one of those Idol moments that make all the maddening production foibles and manipulations and treachery worth wading into. Hang onto that moment between now and January 2014 — and before you know it — we can all meet back up here for Season 13.

Thanks for all your fantastic, thoughtful comments here at TVLine all season long — and don’t forget — WE’LL HAVE VIDEO EXIT INTERVIEWS WITH CANDICE, KREE and ANGIE (plus, the season finale of Idology!) coming soon to this very Web site!

And with that, let me turn things over to you. Did America crown the right Season 12 champ? What were your favorite musical performances? And what changes do you want to see in Season 13? (Don’t front: You’re totally watching Season 13!) Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments, and for all my Idol-related news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. JASon says:

    I was at the finale and when they announced all the judges Nicki got the hugest applause!! Not everyone hates Nicki! Just small minded middle America!!! Thanks Nicki for being the best thing about a boring ballad filled season! No surprises all year!!

    Can’t believe Both Angie and Kree lost!! Angie deserved the win!!! That girl has some voice and really could have been the next Kelly Clarkson had the judges not sabotaged her!!!

  2. Chuck says:

    I love Kree, but America got this one right. Come to think of it, there was probably a higher percentage of “correct” votes this season than in any other AI season.

    • JASon says:

      They got it wrong last week! Angie would have given Candace a much better fight! Sympathy vote carried Kree into finale! Kree is great but Angie was better!

      • AlyB says:

        It’s over. Really. They’re sweeping up the last of the confetti. Go support your chosen one by buying her music and let it rest already.

  3. Seina says:

    YES! Adam! I love him!
    But I’m Japanese,so I can’t understand talking :(
    I will study for AmericanIdol!

  4. jason says:

    Like Idol didn’t shaft Angie enough they made her compromise and not let her sing her single! Probably because she wrote it and they wouldn’t profit off sells she gets! The performance with Messieurs and show in Uk I’m sure are fun! But the exposure of her single on the finale would have been much more lucrative!!

    • deedee says:

      “Made her compromise”? She was given TWO duets, and a last minute surprise one with her personal idol – the one she covered 4 or 5 times this season, and whom she tweeted about incessantly, saying things like “OMG I would DIE if I could sing with Jessie J… she’s so AMAAAZING”. Plus – in an unprecedented move – they’re releasing her own composition to itunes along with the winner’s & runner-up’s singles. Idol really should stop this shabby treatment of Angie Miller.

      • Bailey says:

        And she got to perform on Leno after she was eliminated which not all third place finishers get to do.

        • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

          Every year there’s always an unfortunate contestant with the most obnoxious fans. This year, it’s Angie.

          • JASon says:

            Why is it obnoxious to state an opinion? I’m just saying that Angie had a chance to promote her music in front of 14 million people and gain some financial results ( probably sell enough singles to buy a house)! Instead she had to perform someone else’s song and get nothing but the pleasure of performing with her!! I guarantee you Angie would have rather sang and promoted her own music! Jesse J should have compromised and dueted on Angie’s song!! They did the same thing to Haley in season 10 when they cut her single performance!!

          • deedee says:

            You’re certifiable, Jason. Could they have done Angie any MORE favours than they did for her last night? Could they have given her MORE attention and love and opportunities? The woman came in 3rd … THIRD … and got more than any of the others (and I include Candice and Kree – especially Kree – in that bunch). Please. If Angie is the musical genius-superstar-wholepackage that the world was destined to discover, then they will discover her. Do you want MORE than having her original composition delivered to itunes? Is that not enough for a 3rd place finisher? I need to understand.

          • teatime says:

            No, it is not Angie’s fans that are the obnoxious group this year.
            For months Angie has been taking the most heat online. She is called bug eyed, and unattractive, and is said to have big teeth. She is said to be like Maria Osmond or Miley Cyrus from posters who clearly mean it as an insult. She has been said to not really be a good singer, to screech, and to need to stay behind the piano so the camera doesn’t focus on her face. She is also accused of being fake and even mean.
            The obnoxious fan group is usually the group that believes their favorite is without question the best “singer” of the season and sometimes even of the entire series. They leave no room for anyone to disagree with them, or to have a different preference in vocal qualities or genre or stage presence.
            Unfortunately, based on what I have seen posted in the past few days, it is my favorite of this season who has this dubious distinction. :(

          • JASon says:

            Certifiable? Another insult for simply stating an opinion and a point that seems to have slipped by! The producers decided to take away from Angie the main thing she wanted which was to promote her single! She most likely would have given up the other two performances to promote her single rather then others music! I’m sure Adam would have been more then generous with her and agreed to sing her single as a duet but most likely Titanium is owned by someone involved and they wanted promotion for that and Jessie J music so Angie’s self written song got thrown out! Either they have something against Angie ( the judges and Jimmy went after her unfairly alot) or they just wanted to promote their other artists and songs! Either way Angie got the shaft!! I don’t really care about Angie that much! I thought she was a good singer with loads of potential but will probably follow the path of christian music which has limited potential so she wasn’t going to be a huge rich greedy pop star anyway!! But the producers could have let her sing her single rather having her “compromise” as Jesse j stated! Any more insults bring em on!!

          • HTGR says:

            To be fair the Angie fans didn’t get all riled up until after weeks of trashing so….

      • JASon says:

        She didn’t really get two duets! So more like 1 1/2!The duet with Adam was like a half song it was so short anyway! And Kree had a duet with Candace and a song with Keith! Candace had a duet and a duet with Hudson! Now I may be an idiot and certifiable but i can do simple math and that equals two each! So how exactly did Angie get more time than them? So look up compromise in the dictionary! It means Angie had to give up something she wanted! So I meant that she would have rather sang one than the other! So if that’s the case she was not asking for three songs! Just two (or really 1 and a half)! It was all rehearsed that way but at last minute they got Jessis J!

        • Adam Fachry says:

          Have you not watched A FINALE before? The top two were supposed to perform together. It’s always the case, and it’s done usually before they announce the winner. So Kree and Candice’s duet was part of a TRADITION. While Angie’s, not so much. I was actually pissed that Candice and Kree didn’t get more duet partners. Stop your nonsensical justification right now.

    • HTGR says:

      The UK concert thing is pretty awesome!
      Hopefully she gets to put that youtube video out with Jessie J too. It is true that in terms of getting sales you need the product to be put in people’s faces in a big way if you want to get any bites. Jessie J youtube with her might give her the start she needs otherwise nobody knows it exists.

    • HTGR says:

      None of us know for sure but I have a feeling she was probably more psyched to get to perform with Jessie J! I think she absolutely loved that and probably wasn’t even thinking about her single.
      Now from a purely hard-head business perspective, she might have been better off performing her single. That probably is very true. it could mean the difference between charting way up there and barely at all (apparently they (not sure who they is could even be Apple) also spelled her name wrong and they did forget to mention the title of the single on Idol so nobody really found it on iTunes and it’s already gone).
      But if she also gets to make some youtubes with Jessie J though along with the UK performance, IF that happens too, that could make up for the business end of it plus she’ll have had those amazing experiences too though.
      The Jessie J thing was also in some ways directly business-wise good for her too since it showed she really has mastered the sort of youthful modern energy performance thing and it was pretty rousing, the awesome ballad with Adam and then the moving all over performance with Jessie J. (granted that sort of thing doesn’t directly launch any sales for Angie although it should boost up DOmino again a bit). Although it is true that nothing but a personal single doing well attracts attention and makes a label most likely about thinking of giving her the full push (which anyone who doesn’t win really needs).
      Anyway maybe business-wise it was less good than good (although that could change depending what goes on with JJ), but I think happy excited wise she could not have been more blown away and thrilled by it all and hey that’s not nothing. That was a major feature and I personally expect it thrilled the heck out of her.

    • HTGR says:

      It turns out (supposedly, just saw a few blurbs on the music news, not sure the details) that her single has been entered as chart ineligible by A.I. so if she had performed her single it actually wouldn’t have helped it chart and been any more lucrative at all since it’s been declared not allowed to chart.
      A real shame since it appears, name misspelling not charting and all, to have enough ratings to where it would have made at least lower top ten and then probably bumped to near the top and then gotten some staying power.
      But given that, as it turns out, the Jessie J thing really, really seems now to have only been for the best even from a pure hard-headed business perspective too (and from any other perspective likely too and I tend to imagine that overall she preferred it as it went down and I think you are probably wrong about your take on what she’d have wanted, I bet given a choice she’d have had it go down as it went down regardless of any chartig ellibility or not). Performing her single would not have launched anything since her single is apparently blocked from charting. And she got to show off handing the stage and Jessie J sort of thing (and got the excitement of meeting Jessie J and getting to be in her concert) and perhaps maybe will get to make some youtube videos with her too. So I think they were probably doing everything they good to do the best by her even from a pure business standpoint alone, while stuck under seemingly backfiring legal constraints.
      I assume it’s because of long standing contracts to protect the finalists? But wow Idol knows how to shoot themselves in the foot. They coulda really someone to chart like that right after the season and help build up their younger set audience again and now they’ve had to sort of waste the whole opportunity to some extent. So now instead of being able to help launch what they need they are apparently stuck holding back the quick launch success. They may want to revisit those contracts for next season. If they were allowed to let her chart and were not bound by any strict Idol contracts and still blocked it anyway then they seem to be the ultimate fool though. I tend to really, really doubt that is the case, since would they really wanna shoot themselves in the foot like that? (I guess they make a lot more money for any sales from Kree and Candice though since they wrote the songs while Angie wrote her song, but still that seems a really stupidly foolish game to play and it seems hard to believe they’d play it but I suppose you never know)

      • jason says:

        I don’t understand that she is not allowed to chart! If it sells it should chart! Maybe she is not allowed to release music according to Idol contracts! They don’t want her music competing with Ores and Candide singles! Maybe they are signing her too and they want to record the song better! Hopefully that is the case! Otherwise it is shabby treatment to their contestants! It makes business sense but is still evil greed! If Angie prefers a one night performance with jessie j over helping her personal music and possibly selling a million singles she is a moron!

        • HTGR says:

          Yeah I don’t get what Idol is doing. I’m guessing their contract with Interscope has anyone not making the finale locked out from early single releases other than under general Idol umbrella. If so it’s really coming back to bite them. She would’ve been the female high top ten or #1 charter they’ve wanted. Hopefully it wasn’t just a way to get max money from a song they didn’t write. I doubt that though unless they have no faith in her going anywhere beyond this. It’s probably just that they are stuck with the contract situation. So both Angie and Idol are kinda getting messed over I guess. They have the person ‘charting’ the best not allowed to chart now which will totally kill the total sales and her momentum and doesn’t help Idol’s desperate desire for more ratings among the 18-49 demo. Not mentioning the name of her single and not catching the misspelling for hours didn’t make them seem to organized.
          As I said they should not have done all that stupid talk about how she had the finale locked up and princess so and so the last two weeks. What were they thinking, look at how that has worked in past seasons, it gets the surprise boot all too often (maybe they wanted that thinking saving the country base matter more, maybe not, seems like a mistake if so though).
          Yeah business-wise you are correct. Although as it turns out with the song not being allowed to chart that didn’t matter.
          Anyway it all shows why I keep saying it reallly does help to win these days. Instead of a single exploding on the charts it’ll be forgotten in days probably and an early huge momentum and expanding fanbase opportunity lost. She could still easily be OK though of course.
          I will shut up now.

  5. It's not all about the money! says:

    Congrats to Candice on a well deserved victory, best vocals of the season. AI is as Randy says a singing comp but the real world also follows those who can entertain. Janelle and Angie brought their best to the party with their performances tonight! Very entertaining and worth rewinding to watch again. Nice to see Keith up on stage again, I love to watch not only he, but his band, a very talented group of musicians that always deliver a solid show! If tonights show is any indication then Candice, Kree, Angie, and Janelle will make this summers Idol Tour worth checking out. Amber can, and needs to, step it up, tonight was not her best.

    • teatime says:

      Amber performed exactly the same as always. She stood there looking gorgeous, didn’t enunciate, smiled too much, didn’t project her vocals, showed no energy, and was probably paying no attention to the words. Idol dodged a bullet when America didn’t vote for that Chosen One.

      • HTGR says:

        I liked Amber a lot to start, but yeah she never broke out quite the way I had expected. Some of the same could be said a bit about some others though too. Too early to say if she’ll ever being to bring it and take advantage of her voice and make it. She didn’t seem to grow like Angie did, not that she has it guaranteed, not winning hurts, not making finale hurts more. It’s a tough road for them all. Maybe if Jessie J youtube some stuff up with her it could make up for it?

  6. syb says:

    I can’t believe Candice won. My favorite never wins. LOL. Happy Dancin’ tonight.

    I thought the sabotage sketch was hilarious. The guys might not be much singing solo covers, but they’ve got comedic timing. Very funny. The Janelle fixing Lazaro’s music bit, had me in tears…Good stuff.

    • deedee says:

      I loved it too. It was a bit of poking fun at us, the die hard online Idol loons, who churn and churn about this kind of sabotage stuff all season. They threw it back to us last night! I especially loved Jordin telling the guys it’s cuz they didn’t have guitars. LOL!

  7. BillyBob says:

    Some people get on the show and over sing the contestants. Instead, Adam Lambert so graciously put Angie first and focused on the art of two people singing together rather than himself. It only show cased how great of an artist he really is. At the end of Candice and J. Hud duet reminds me of The Voice battle rounds.

  8. barbls says:

    J Hudson over sang and screeched, Mariah’s spliced medley was just that spliced. Jessie J and Angie’s was not a duet but singing a song together and each trying to prove something and sounded messy! Great voices, but not a great duet! Angie and Adam Lambert was the best of the night for me! The Titanium duet was stunning! Angie alone would have been just another ballad. Adam made this duet magnificent. Can’t stop listening! JLo was a waste! Candice deserved to win and am happy she did!! I wish the best for Kree. She has a beautiful voice too!!

    • deedee says:

      During the Angie/Jessie J duet, I kept hearing Simon Cowell’s voice in my head saying, “it’s all just a bit .. manic”. I did like the Adam duet, though. He’s so great and generous. I felt he got a bit shoved aside at the end because Angie was so over-the-moon about Jessie J being there. But he understood and was as sweet and gracious as ever.

  9. Lois Benton says:

    This show has been teasing me with unrewarded talent since Season 7 when I started watching–and it finally delivered. Candice is the best singer in the six seasons I’ve been watching (which is something, considering the amazing Joshua Ledet, Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta). In fact, this season has some of the best talent I’ve seen: All five girls were first class–and a couple of the boys were pretty fly too. But Candice is other-worldly. I know others have said that, but it’s totally true. She’s in her own class. And she’s an incredible beauty. She’s not svelte, but that face and those eyes have got to be the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. But seriously, going forward, this show really needs to get out of my grandmother’s head. Please, no more 80-year-old “legends” and their songs. All pop music older than 10 years should be banned from this (and all) singing competitions, unless they go really old, like pre-Elvis and earlier, just to mine some different and interesting songs (excluding overdone warhorses like Somebody to Watch Over Me).

  10. Simon Cowell Jr says:

    Last evening, American Idol crowned yet another winner Candice Glover. America got it wrong again. Because this season’s single greatest chance at superstardom was sent packing last week in the form of Angie Miller.

    From Taylor Hicks beating Katharine McPhee and Chris Daughtry to Kris Allen beating Adam Lambert to Ruben Studdard beating Clay Aiken, the history of American Idol is filled with not only bad choices but choices that were overtly wrong at the time. Why does it happen? Well, it all boils down to the same argument judges on the show have been having since the first season. Are we here to pick the contestant that’s the best singer, or are we here to pick the most viable candidate who could actually make it in the music industry?

    Randy Jackson would tell you we’re here to pick the best singer because it’s a “singing competition”, but that’s faulty logic. Actual singing ability is only a facet of success in the recording industry. Stars also need the right image, the right sound and the right stage presence, which is why Hicks being picked over people like McPhee and Daughtry is so laughable.

    If all goes according to plan, I think Kree can carve out a nice niche for herself in the world of country music. I also think Candice could even have a few hits with the right type of song, but this season, there was only one person with a likely chance of forging a career along the lines of Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. There was only one woman with a chance of actually being played for decades on Top 40 radio stations, and her name was Angie Miller.

    Shows like The Voice and X Factor might be gaining or even surpassing Idol in popularity, but they still haven’t passed the show in credibility. Why? Because Idol is still the only singing competition show that has produced industry artists that actually matter. At the end of the day, that’s the AI legacy that stands out, and when voters at home ignore that to vote for their favorite “singer”, regardless of whether they sound like a musician from this decade or not, it ultimately harms the competition as a whole.

    My sincerest congratulations go out to Idol winner Candice and Kree for placing second. I wish them very long and successful careers, but last evening should have been Angie’s launching pad into her new life as a successful and current musician.

    • ETG says:

      I think we’ve all seen that you don’t have to win Idol to become a superstar. Not really sure what the advantage is to winning, anyway.

      • HTGR says:

        Maybe in the beginning. These days winning it seems to help a heck of a lot. Post S8 nobody outside of finale got much of a sales boost and starting S11 it seems nobody but even the winner has. So many seasons, so many top 12ers out there from this that and the other show. Unless the song is right there in your face for shown and for sale on a big night it’s hard. And the winner does tend to get at least somewhat better push. We will see.

    • deedee says:

      Not everybody agrees with you that Angie is anywhere near the caliber of Kelly or Carrie. But if she is, then you’ve given plenty of examples of non-winners who have gone on to prove their greatness in the real world. There is no reason why Angie can’t join that list if she really is that good.

      • HTGR says:

        A lot of reasons, Kelly was even better and she was season 1 and she won. Underwood is country and she won and it was a reasonably early season. All of that stuff = HUGE advantage.

        • deedee says:

          But the voters didn’t choose Angie, whereas they did choose Kelly and Carrie. The point that Simon jr. was making is: he thinks it’s laughable that Candice won over Angie. Well, there’s plenty of examples of the “wrong” person winning this show, bolstered by the fact that lower-placed idols have had more success in the real world than their winning co-seasonist.
          Great, so now we know that winning Idol is not everything, and losing Idol is not the end of the road. Now, let Candice, Kree, and Angela go and make something of themselves out there. No guarantees. If Angie is half the talent her fans think she is, then she (and they) should have nothing to worry about. Idol gave her a huge platform and are giving her continued support with the release of her original music. Can anybody ask for more for a person who wasn’t voted through to #1?

          • HTGR says:

            Whoever wins these days, in particular, does get a huge boost over everyone else though regardless of anything else so it’s not as easy for anyone else to match their sales regardless of anything else. The single placement and push it’s all huge. Certainly having the most voters going for you can be too but this season the voting seemed to be pretty close between the three as each has behind or ahead of each of the others in recent weeks but the winner shoot to top of tunes, second place ok but well behind and third place nobody even knows there is a single. If they had cheated the vote and claimed, that with the same vote we had, Kree had won or Angie had won and so on the tunes ranking would probably follow, in each case, the order they finished in I bet (since this season they all seemed to be neck and neck, although it seems Candice may have had a moderately comfortable win).
            Hopefully all three will manage with some luck and some strong backing to break the recent story where forget sales if you don’t win and really, really forget it if you don’t make the finale.

    • carol522 says:

      Make sure you go buy 1M copies of Angie’s material. As for me, I’m spending my money on Candice.

      BTW: The viewers votes determine the winner. Next time, vote a few thousand times for your favorite. It’s pointless to come on a board and trash the winner just because you don’t like the results.

      • Lola says:

        Candice has my vote too. Angie is a great performer, but her singing will never approach the quality of Candice’s, so purchasing a recording of Angie singing is out for me. I will buy Candice’s first album.

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      Proof of what I wrote earlier about that unfortunate contestant…

  11. HTGR says:

    Was the one if the best finale shows they’ve ever had! But where the freak was that ENERGY and fun all season? With a show like this maybe they wouldn’t be leaking the 18-40 demo. Man this is what we’ve been waiting for to be sustained.
    So where was that Janelle when she was fighting for top four??! She took control like a star. Have to say only her an Angie really ever truly brought the full on energy and star type command and youth to the proceedings. I know she loved the Dolly thing because she came up with a version way back when but man she shoulda done some country rock Perry.
    Girls sabotage guys was funny as heck. I was just waiting for the finale reveal of Nigel in the corner of a dark room cackling maniacally haha but I sorta figured they’d never quite go THERE and they kept it fun. It was pretty funny to see Jordin there and most fitting.

  12. HTGR says:

    OK maybe the Mariah thing was some sort of best of three splice or whatever like they often do for the judges, but whatever, she still totally schooled em all. So refreshing Mariah and Keith compared to say JLo (who also had best of three splice the other year and well it sure wasn’t that!). So many subtle little things she does, changing mouth positions, micro dynamics, little extra hits and pullbacks, etc. and this and that, just a masterworks class. She was like Feynman compared to the rest who are struggling with 1+1. That was heavy R&B runs style done to perfection. You might not be crazy about the runs everyone stuff and that may not be your style but she’ll make your one and only style.
    That Emile has some real start energy there and vocals. Nice to see Amber.
    Keith did well there. I don;t know much anything about him but that was actually pretty catchy and you can you see he has star power.
    So refreshing to get Mariah and Keith and not the likes of JLo ‘singing’ for us. Give me Mariah and Keith we are getting and Emile and all than JLo for three in a finale.
    Show is alive with energy and a lot more youthful feeling.

  13. HTGR says:

    Great to here from JHud again! Nice duet!! Feel like JHud had a bit more of that star presence to it all, to be fair she has had some years to work on it though.
    Such a well done finale and star packed wonder if Haley made a mistake to not simply make room no matter what her pre-schedule was (who knows the real deeper truth though and maybe they sprung it ridiculously last second, etc. etc.).

    • Bailey says:

      They could have at the very least featured her in one of their “where are they now” segments on the show since she spent almost 3 weeks over seas promoting Idol in Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia. Oh well… doesn’t matter now.

  14. HTGR says:

    Oh man now Angie and Adam was just freaking awesome!! THIS is the star power we are talking about! And damn now Jessie J!! Damn they just totally rocked that too!!! Now this is the star power us Angie fans have been talking about. That is the youth, energy, presence, it factor, idol factor the show has so badly been needing. She picks it up so quickly. Look at the presence and star quality command she’s polished up just like that. SHe started springing it with Halo and then brought it with Try and then tonight damn. That’s the energy the show needs. And people can laugh about ‘stupid’ pop and all but that girl Jessie J can sing and don’t anybody say otherwise.
    What an awesome thing and have fun in the UK haha!
    That is the youth, energy,excitement, star power that’ll bring ’em there most desired demo ratings again.
    Awesome, energetic, funny, great finale all around so far. Best in ages.

    • Simon Cowell Jr says:

      The Angie and Adam ‘Titanium’ duet is freaking EPIC! That is why America has it all wrong again! Angie has the star power needed to have the chance of forging a career along the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood! I downloaded the duet and watched it at least 50 times already. You can feel the vibe and the energy every time Angie performs. Angie may not be the actual winner last night, but with the extended exposure and performances last night. Angie is the WINNER!

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      Do you have short term memory loss?

      • mike says:

        Mostly I just scroll down looking for you Miss Otis, you crack me up.

      • HTGR says:

        Oh man now Angie and Adam was just freaking awesome!! THIS is the star power we are talking about! And damn now Jessie J!! Damn they just totally rocked that too!!! Now this is the star power us Angie fans have been talking about!

  15. Blank Slate says:

    Loved seeing the true love friendship between Burnell and Candice. He was so proud of his pal. A nice touch to the win.

  16. HTGR says:

    Man it is a shame Randy tarnished his record after Simon left, what the heck happened to you dawg? And the Haley thing why??? Tarnished it all. Whether Nigel made you say or it was all you, why dawg? Anyway he was fun the first number of seasons and those were good.

  17. HTGR says:

    HMm what JLo from where what? She already did like six of her songs in the finale when she was on and now even more? Are they really thinking bring her back freshens things up? She turned into the ultimate evil puppet half way through S10. We don’t need another puppet like that. She can dance though and sure doesn’t look typical 40. But man maybe that was supposed to and coulda been Haley’s spot and now that woulda been so nice payback hah.
    And man what with the sleep song for the two finalists? All the energy, excitement, youth sucked right out it. Why the choices? It wasn’t even exciting for their own styles. So a little weird now at the very end of it all between these last two things.
    Candice looks soooo happy. Awesome for her and congrats! She did have the most even run of the entire season and did bring many great vocals. First time in a long time one of the top two won.

    • JASon says:

      Haley was at the finale! She was sitting behind me with Casey having a great time! I kept stealing looks at her! She is so beautiful!!

      • HTGR says:

        Wow, you scored some impressive seats. Crazy how you ended up right in those particular seats.
        I didn’t even think she was there. But hmm quick google check and now I see she was. She apparently, along with Casey, provided the pre-show red carpet entertainment. But man they sure as heck made sure to not show a hint or mention a peep during the show itself. If you travel around for three weeks so that you are too busy to be on stage and then do red carpet you’d think you rate a quick name drop, cutting 15 seconds of JLo couldn’t hurt that much could it. Oh well whatever, she’s a trooper and just taking whatever she gets and being happy with it all. Maybe some big music insider walked the carpet and got their attention caught. Who knows. At least it looks like they both had a blast, judging by the photos and that’s what count in the end, having a blast.
        They kept panning over so many former Idols all night, never say Casey or her, although perhaps it was only the former winners up front, don’t recall. Did they stick those two way in the back with you in the cheap seats or something haha? Poor Haley and Casey haha.

        • JASon says:

          Yeah I was in maybe the tenth row to the far right! Haley was about four or five rows behind me with Casey! Even past winner Lee Dewyze was behind me! Man his wife is gorgeous!

          • HTGR says:

            Cool. Good score. I was gonna say poor Lee, the Rodney of Idol, even behind the non-Idol royalty, but then you mentioned his wife.

  18. HTGR says:

    Anyway to answer the question, no once again it wasn’t quite the right person. Angie showed the star power, energy the whole show has desperately been needing. And her vocals are damn good. Beautifully matched up with the pretty darn skilled Adam. And rocked it with Jessie J. Nobody brought that energy power to draw you in the way she did in her end run here. That is the youthful energy, star power presence and magic it would’ve been awesome to finally see take it once again or in the finale. But hey she got pretty darn good exposure tonight so it was a finale for her of sorts really and she did herself more than proud and served herself VERY well.
    Candice really does have great vocals though and she was solid the entire season without a any major miss step. So I could see people also liking her to win too though. It’s not something that a wrong feeling which means it was a big step up this season. If you look at how Mariah tosses in runs and adds extra this and that to pull you in and Emile controls the stage and vocals to draw you in (or Angie at the end) you do see diff between great vocals and star power though. But Candice did have a great season. Nobody was more singularly even across it all.

    • HTGR says:

      Angie’s performances took 40% of the vote even here which isn’t one of the more Angie favoriting sites so maybe we were not so crazy in saying that had something vocally and star powerwise after all.

  19. HTGR says:

    And congrats to Kree too, she did have a fine season

  20. HTGR says:

    But I mean congrats to Candice on a GREAT season!

  21. Blank Slate says:

    For those of us with memory issues: could you please tell us what Randy said about Haley Rinehart? I’m gathering it was nothing nice. :)

    • Bailey says:

      It wasn’t just one thing, he basically put her down all season long. When she sang Fallin he called it kareoke, when she sang Blue he called it boring, when she followed those two weeks with I’m Your Baby Tonight he said she didn’t know who she was as an artist, etc. etc.

      After she sang You and I you could actually hear him saying “I’m not rooting for her” on air!

      The worst of course was Top 4 night after she sang Earth Song he really tore into her and seemed to go on and on forever saying how much he didn’t like it, he thought it was a bad song choice, he thought she was screaming, he thought she was at the top of her range, he thought she should have added runs at the end.

      And if that wasn’t bad enough, after everyone had sung their first songs, Ryan called them all back out on stage and asked Randy who won round one and his response was “I think it’s a tie between Scotty, Lauren and James”. Nice, eh? And that was right before Haley had to perform her second song!

      Anyways, Haley never cracked, she came out and absolutely slayed “I Who Have Nothing”, it was bleeping brilliant!!! And she ending up making it to the top 3, so good on her for that.

      • JASon says:

        That moment was brutal! I loved Haley’s completely genuine laugh of disbelief when Randy said it was a three way tie from everyone but Haley!! Is that when she cried or did she cry after he tore apart earth Song? I still think Haley’s I who have nothing is the best of that song on Idol!

        • Haley Rocks says:

          I think she was fighting back tears both times but she never cried, not that we saw anyway. They zoomed in on her right before they cut to commercial after RandyJackass had said everyone won the round except her but she turned away from the camera. She’s tough, I don’t think I could have sang at all after that but she nailed IWHN. Still one of my all time favorite moments in Idol history.

        • HTGR says:

          yeah the time when he flipped Ryan’s question and she finally talked back to defend herself a little was when she cried (she turned around to try to hide that his comments made her cry right after, sure didn’t milk the tearful sympathy card). That was also around when Lauren started speaking up and calling out the show as did the so called ‘fierce’ singing coach (who was Haley’s favorite because she wanted someone to push her) and Steven Tyler slammed Randy on the TV the next night (not on Idol itself though on some other shows). Even Nigel claimed to be upset by Randy afterwards (although it’s still a bit hard to believe it wasn’t Nigel who pushed Randy to do that).

      • teatime says:

        To make matters worse, JLo also had negative comments for most of Haley’s performances. Meanwhile I don’t think Scotty, Lauren, James, Stephano, or Pia, ever received a negative comment all season. The worst thing that was said to any of them is the week Pia ended up going home, JLo finally told her she had sung a number of ballads in a row and that she should do something different. But it was too late.
        So the Haley comments were even more biting because it seemed she was being singled out even though she was a great contestant.

        • Bailey says:

          Yes, exactly! It wouldn’t have been so bad if some of the other contestants got some negative comments too sometimes, lawd knows they had moments where they deserved it. But it just seemed to be Haley getting picked on time and time again. Of course it stuck out to me because I’m a huge Haley fan, and I didn’t think she deserved it, so it was quite infuriating.

      • Blank Slate says:

        Thank you for the information and historical information.

        I saw it all but my mind can’t hold it all anymore!

  22. Ramification says:

    Michael isn’t it possible that the production team were the ones that made Mariah pre-record her performance due to timing / logistical issues. You have been on her case all season long even during weeks when she was giving constructive and concise criticism to the contestants you picked on the one shallow thing she would say during the telecast.

    • Ramification says:

      Also Keith’s performance was pre-taped ,but no one has mentioned that have they ?

      • dj says:

        Was it? I was watching him, trying to figure it out. If it was, he does a much better job of lip-synching than Mariah.

  23. TVDIVA says:

    Love your review – had me crying and laughing at the same time. I thought the best moments of the night were how generous people like Jennifer and Adam and other music superstars were with the contestants they sang with. I thought the worst moments were Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey (both 43!) lip singing to their old hits, and their awful costumes. Mariah should have worn a gown she could move in, and Jennifer should have worn something more age appropriate. She was trying to dance and dress like Beyonce who is 31.I also thought it was interesting that Randy thanked the fans and hoped he bought something to their lives. Way to make it all about you Randy!

  24. ETG says:

    I thought the finale lasted about an hour too long. Also, it seemed to me that TPTB made sure that Kree was overshadowed by both Candice AND Angie all night long. Made it obvious which two girls they really wanted/expected to be in the finale. I felt bad for Kree, but she’s taken her share of knocks in life and she will do just fine.

  25. Lisa says:

    So happy for Candice.
    Thoughts on the finale:

    Janelle was awesome! Hope she gets a record deal.

    Frankie Valli was incredible. He is 79 and still sings great.

    Adam & Angie were my favorite duet of the evening. Adam really
    let her shine. He is such an exceptional singer and could have really
    done more with his voice but held back. I admire him so much. Would
    love to have him come back as a judge.

    Love to watch Keith. His face is so expressive and he looks like he had
    a ball.

    Nicki phoned it in. She didn’t look like she was enjoying the evening.

    Love Jen Hudson but she didn’t even attempt to let Candice shine. A duet
    should be blended not blasted.

    Wish Kree got more time and I wish they would have brought in someone special
    for her to duet with. She deserved it.

    There were so many former idols in the audience. Why not have them come up and
    do a sing out to Randy. What a wasted opportunity. Would have been nice to highlight that they were there. Was great to see Taylor in the house. Bo was there. Adam. Kim Locke. Jennifer and Jordin. Now that could have been epic.

    • deedee says:

      I agree about Kree. Why didn’t they give her someone from outside the show? It’s like the girl at the wedding who wasn’t asked to dance, so she has to dance with her uncle. Still, Kree did a great job with Keith and Randy.
      Great idea to bring former idols to sing for Randy. After 12 years, he deserved a little more effort than a 2 minute slapped-together highlight reel. Sad he’s leaving (yes, yes, I’m insane) because I really hate change. :(

    • Lola says:

      I agree about Kree deserving a duet with someone famous. I found it offensive that they gave Angie two spots, then left Kree out. Very offensive. Also, while I loved the duet between Candice and JHud, I agree that she upstated Candice. No blending at all. But I still adored it.

      • AlyB says:

        Errr Keith Urban is a country music superstar.

        • teatime says:

          Keith Urban performed with Kris Allen at has finale. That was back when Idol had twice the ratings and a lot more money to throw around. It just seemed odd because now he is a judge and they have been working together all season. But it was a great performance.

  26. Candice has a great voice and she is very close to Adam Lambert, it is close but IMO Lambert is still the best voice I have ever seen from Idol, XF, The Voice e.t.c. Difference with Adam and Candice is Adam sang more genres, I also feel Candace in her upper register strains a bit some times, where as with Adam it always seemed seemless, also Adam has more vocal control, and his low to high range is second to none. Great finalie highlight for me the duet, Adam held back and allowed Angie to have her moment, opposed to Jhud who was clearly trying to beat Candice for who can sing the loudest lol.

    • marie says:

      Kind of apples and oranges. Remember that by the time Adam arrived on Idol, he had already had a good bit of performance experience in front of an audience; Candice didn’t. She can only get better and better as a live performer.

      • Oh sure I agree Adam did have previous expereince, but that more on stage in theatre. Theirs a difference between performing on stage to a handful of people and then in front of a live audience, and veiwers in millions. Its like shooting 100 basketball shots then actually playing an actual game of basketball haha if that makes sense, theirs a difference definately. By the point your on idol its an equal oppurtunity thats all I meant.

  27. marie says:

    Now, now, Michael, don’t go dissing the Queen of Soul! OK, so she doesn’t like to fly: but she’s ARETHA FRANKLIN, for goodness’ sake! Granted, her voice is nowhere near what it once was, but let me tell you, she has SO much passion and soul in her singing, she is still RIVETING. And may I quickly add that I am always one to say, if you can’t sing any more, if your voice is shot, DON’T! But, shot voice and all, I was hanging on every note that came out of that great lady’s mouth. SHE IS STILL THE GREAT ARETHA. Period.

  28. Tim says:

    Why didn’t Nicki Minaj perform? Is she in time-out?

    • Annie says:

      It was probably due to those ridiculous shoes.

    • HTGR says:

      Seems like it because not letting her but letting JLo get her 20th performance on Idol sure seemed like some sort of slap in the face. Although maybe it was just a desperate attempt to give JLo everything plus the kitchen sink to come back (not sure why they wanna dump $$$$$$$$$$$$ into one judge especially when she was there at the very end of S10 when ratings first started to plummet but maybe they liked how half way through the season she went from a good judge to a seeming evil puppet, but again look at how that seemed to trigger the ratings slide!). Who knows.

  29. marie says:

    TVLine, I understand you need to make ad revenue, but please, can we NOT have this annoying-as-hell popup that keeps obliterating half the entry field while I’m trying to type on my phone’s screen? Thank you!

  30. Bobbi says:

    I am livid over the way Kree was treated last night. Except for the group number at the top of the show, she didn’t sing until about quarter after nine. Then, she got stuck singing some kind of band jam with an existing judge? But, the THIRD place finisher gets two duets….with Adam and Jesse J, her idol? Atrocious! The duet between Candice and Kree was ludicrous. I knew Kree wouldn’t win but I see no reason why they had to treat her as an afterthought. Really disgusting.

    • deedee says:

      Agreed. Kree deserved better treatment.
      Last night, I figured the girls sang Burt Bacharach because they ran out of time to learn more new songs, and I thought maybe in the course of Bacharach/Hal David week, these songs were among the ones they all rehearsed. But I just read Mr. Slezak’s review, and was reminded that this was Candice and Amber’s duet from that week’s results show (totally forgot about that)! Now it makes sense why Kree looked so lost throughout that whole segment, and Candice looked so confident. Did you notice how often Kree glanced uncomfortably at Candice? She was so obviously at a disadvantage! I’m sure this mini medley was chosen due to time constraints, but still – maybe they could have chosen (from results show numbers) one song that Candice did, and one song that Kree did just for fairness.

    • waterbug says:

      I agree Bobbi…i was shocked when she was onstage with Keith and Randy…then…that’s all. No duet with an idol that that shape her singing like Angie.

  31. karenb says:

    Sighhhh! I’ll miss Idol til it’s back in the Fall, but I will miss Sleazak, his recaps and Idology even more! You are a comedic genius Slezak and you make me LOL every single time I read your recaps.

    On another note-so glad that Candice pulled it off!!! I’ve picked the winner since Season 5. What a sweet, deserving girl. Can’t wait for the interview!! Hurry please!

  32. init2winitdawg says:

    I have watched AI for the first time in a while during the last two seasons. Accidently coming across Jessica Sanchez singing a Jazmine Sullivan cover on youtube, I knew this girl was a star. This year I have been rooting for Candice since her untimely dismissal last year after tearing up It Doesn’t Matter Anymore. And there is the irony, it does not matter any more, she came back and won the whole thing, when last year she may have made it to the top five with her, Jessica, and Joshua splitting votes.

    I must admit I got misty eyed when Candice was announced the winner and she attempted to sing I Am Beautiful. When she hit that line and pointed to heaven, that was it, it was like she knew it was worth the entire journey.

    Candice has been the consumate professional each week and after being kicked off last year I believe she was ready for the possibilty any week. So when she finally won she was able to release all those emotions. I am so happy for her and her family, they appear to be a loving and humble family.

  33. Mary says:

    Congratulations to Candice, although her style of music is not my thing she is deserving of the title. I thought the finale was underwhelming to say the least. The best part was the skits at least I laughed at it. I actually liked Kree and Keith duo, but I agree it was not thought out, last minute. I am usually sad when AI comes to an end, but not this year, I am so glad it is over. This season has been off since day one. They got their female winner, but at what cost – personally I do not think it was worth it and I am not sure they can recover from it.

  34. bs’d
    Just finished watching the results show :) I would have been happy with either Candice or Kree. I loved, loved, loved Candice & Kree’s duet, Angie & Adam’s duet, Candice & JHud’s duet. I could have done without Miss Carey & Miss Lopez’s hot messes & the travesties with Aretha Franklin (who I love) & the guys with Frankie Valle. Otherwise it was a wonderful finale to a terrific season (IMUHO :) ) I will write more tomorrow night as the Sabbath approacheth.

  35. Katillac says:

    Loved seeing Adam! Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were an American Idols All-Star Competition? I’d love it!

    • teatime says:

      I would not want to see an All-Star “Competition.” But I would LOVE for them to put together some sort of show where former contestants could showcase their current music.

      • katillac says:

        Yes, that might be better. It would be great to see all the top AI performers together!

      • deedee says:

        That’s a good idea for when Idol finally ends its run, and the fans need their Idol fix. A periodic reunion special, kind of like “A Very Brady Christmas” (for those who know what I’m talking about).

  36. manylayers says:

    I don’t know how to convince Fox that it has built this incredible brand and has plenty of legitimate STARS; the finale should be a reminder of how amazing the Idol product is. THIS is what sets it apart from every other vocal contest show that has come along. It has more than a decade of talent to pull from and remind everyone that without Idol there would be no Kelly, JHud, Carrie, David Cook, Adam, Constantine, Katherine McPhee,Daughtry….THESE are the acts that should be showcased. No disrespect to the Queen of Soul… but Idol needs to return to believing in its own hype.

    • teatime says:

      +1. Idol is the success it is because of all the great contestant performances over the years and all the extremely talented artists that have gotten their start on the show. I love that they had so many previous contestants perform throughout the season. They could have improved the finale by having more of them on the finale too.
      BTW the last thing this show needed was a third straight year of JLo dancing to basically the same song.

  37. Jrs says:

    Only watched last 5 minutes. Wax so disgusted by that awful Lazaro chomping his gum like an ole cow and trying to hog the camera. What a douchebag he is!!

    • R Baily says:

      So right you are… El Douche of the Year – he just capped his fifteen minutes with that New Kids hair cut, chewing his cud, stuffing his fat legs into skinny jeans. We need to do a gum chewing FLASHMOB if you are in the audience when he gets on stage.

      • Blank Slate says:

        Lazaro gives off a horrible air of selfish, unearned ego. It was embarrassing for him to see his last gasp of attention on the air. Amen to all the above: his legs, his air, his absurd chomping.. and oh yes, most importantly: his inability to sing. Seriously. He made Sanjaya look like Pavarotti.

  38. Adam Fachry says:

    Guys, if you think jessie J is great wait until you hear JESSIE WARE. Another Jessie from UK who I think is much better than J. Go check out some of her tracks (Running, Wildest Moments, Taking In Water, Sweet Talk). She’s like Sade meets Lisa Stansfield meets Whitney circa her debut meets UK’s lucrative electronic / dance acts like SBTRKT. Art-pop, neo-sophisti-pop, whatever you wanna call it, if you wanna hear some high quality pop music, listen to her. *lol, I’ve been promoting her on this board about thousand times already. So sue me if I’m annoying ~*

  39. DaisyKary says:

    The Band Perry was awesome!!! Their fiddle player (and musical director) Jason Fitz is an unbelievable talent!! Keep your eye on him.

  40. new winner tonight says:

    Candice’s Single Cover Art is great.

  41. Karen Harmer says:

    I can’t believe @Michael Slezak that you failed to mention that Nicki Minaj throughout the entirety of the season did not a) promote a new song or b) was the only judge to not perform (in some way) at the Grand Final – even a last year judge ‘performed’. Does this indicate that she cannot sing live?

    • waterbug says:

      Maybe MS just thinks the finale was not about how to trash Nicki Minaj in some passive aggressive way, but about the contestants–especially Candice and Kree.

    • coalby says:

      C’mon, let”s be honest. Do you really think any of Nicki’s songs qualify as family-friendly? No one got slighted…it’s just the way it is. Nicki understands that, and so should her fans.

  42. marie says:

    “All week long I’d been looking forward to a Candice Glover-Kree Harrison duet, and then they got stuck with “One Less Bell to Answer”/”A House Is Not a Home” — the same exact songs Candice sang with Amber back in Top 6 Week. WHY????”

    …perhaps because they are great, classic, timeless songs with strong, beautiful melodies that give the singers plenty of room to stretch out and SING?

    (OK, maybe the production did cheap out on clearing more songs. But that doesn’t make the results any less enjoyable; these are magnificently-written, true “singers’ songs,” if you will; Candice and Kree sang them beautifully, and the resulting duet was gorgeous.)

  43. Violet Rogers says:

    I’m sooo glad that Candice won. Listening to her is like a break from this world and she connects with my soul. I LOVED Angie and Adam’s duet. Adam is such a class act. I am a fan of Jennifer Hudson but I enjoy listening to Candice more. The duet was good but Candice is my favorite and she’s who made the duet.

    I also want to tell you, Michael Slezak, THANK YOU for being such an AI fan. I always look forward to your comments and have followed you for years. Most of the time I even agree with you. :)

  44. Michele says:

    MIchael, Michael, Michael, I can’t live without your reviews!!! You are spot on about everything. So happy Candice won. Amber was my favorite but I kept saying that Candice should win from the beginning. Mariah and JLo were embarrassing. What has happened to Mariah, she has lost her self confidence as we can see with her fake accent and her constant fixing of her hair. She needs some therapy.

  45. Jen T says:

    I was hoping Kree would perform with Susan Tedeschi (and Derek Trucks). That would have been awesome!

  46. ayre says:

    Very unfair to say that about mariah, keith also do the pre record on same days as mariah as well.

  47. Lola says:

    To those of you who are offended by Angie’s third place status, please read this list:

    Billie Holliday
    Bonnie Raitt
    Lena Horne
    Joan Baez
    Judy Collins
    Judy Garland
    Barbara Streisand
    Loretta Lynn
    Celine Dion

    These women are SINGERS. While some of the can and do dance around the stage, not one of them became famous because of that. You do NOT have to be a Pink or Katie Perry to make it to the top. Pink and Perry are fabulous. Elton John is fabulous. But there is still room in this universe for artists whose claim to fame is their voice. The right person won.

  48. Gypsy says:

    And this is why we watch American Idol … It was an amazing show. I will definitely be buying Janelle’s, Angie’s, Kree’s and Candice’s music.

  49. R Baily says:

    HELLO? they didn’t let Angie sing “Set Me Free” ( her defining moment) because they knew it would have UPSTAGED everyone else. Any of you kids see the ending of Purple Rain when Prince places everyone’s foot in their respective mouth – everyone just a shakin’ their heads.

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      You Angie Fans are something else.

    • deedee says:

      R Bally, you DO realize that Angie was originally scheduled to sing “You Set Me Free”, right? You do realize that it was a last minute decision to scrap it because Angie Miller’s personal idol agreed to appear on the show with her. You do understand that a fear of everybody being “UPSTAGED” by Angie did not enter the equation when deciding on Angie’s finale performance, yes?
      As a *cough* passionate Angie fan, you must also realize that Idol made her dream come true in lieu of having her sing her original song, right? But please, don’t let me stop you from sloshing around in your delusions. Yes, R Bally, they brought Jessie J in because they feared The Power of the Third Placer! :-|

      • AlyB says:

        Thank you Deedee. I’m getting so tired of these “passionate” Angie fans that don’t seem to have a clue what’s going on with her. Maybe they should spend less time posting their outrage and catch up LOL.

    • Adam Fachry says:

      Instead of whining around here about Angie not singing “You Set me Free” why can’t you just download the song? That would SUPPORT here even more instead of being a psychotic fan with no impact or contribution whatsoever.

  50. Janet MacLennan says:

    Now I hope Candice can leave behind all that smile-for-the-camera please-the-Idol-judges-and-producers rubbish she’s been forced to learn and find the authentic artist inside. Adele, Amy Winehouse -they’re not people-pleasers. If she’s looking for a persona role model, Ella Fitzgerald might be a good fit- soft-spoken, gracious and polite, but utterly fierce when attacking a song.