American Idol Season 12 Finale Recap: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Finalists [Updated]

american-idol-candice-kree-winner“Either way, we’re gonna celebrate tonight.”

With six simple words, Kree Harrison summed up what most American Idol fans have been feeling for the last fortnight. I mean, seriously, once we got down to what Loleatta Holloway once referred to as “the reeeeeallll nitty gritty” of the competition — by which I mean a righteous Top 3 of  Candice Glover, Kree and third-place finisher Angie Miller — how could you really be too upset about where the chips ended up falling?

Oh sure, executive producer Nigel Lythgoe stacked the Top 20 deck with powerhouse ladies and guys with questionable voter appeal in his effort to get a female winner. But as the kind of lunatic who’s watched every single episode of Idol since Kelly Clarkson was just a Texas waitress in a dress she made out of an old pair of jeans, I’d go so far as to say any single member of the Season 12 Top 5 would’ve been a worthy addition to the undeniably awesome list of the franchise’s champions: Kelly, Ruben, Fantasia, Carrie, Taylor, Jordin, David, Kris, Lee, Scotty and Phillip. From where I sit, that’s a pretty darn good season.

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Sure, that’s easy for me to say in retrospect since my No. 1 and No. 2 favorite contestants made it all the way to the final round. Candice had a hold on my heart from her Season 11 Vegas Round trio with Deandre Brackensick and Jessica Sanchez, then confirmed my obsession with her torrid “Syrup & Honey” Season 12 audition, her Group Round “Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!),” and an incredible string of live performances that stacks up pretty well against any singer who’s ever taken the Idol stage: “Ordinary People,” “I’m Goin’ Down,” “I (Who Have Nothing),” “Come Together,” “Don’t Make Me Over,” “Lovesong,” “Straight Up” “When I Was Your Man,” “You’ve Changed,” “Next to Me,” “Somewhere,” “I Am Beautiful,” and “I (Who Have Nothing)” a capella reprisal. #POW (That was for you, Mariah.)

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Kree Harrison’s Greatest Season 12 Hits was a damn fine compliation, too, starting with her Hollywood solo on “Stars,” and continuing with “Up to the Mountain (MLK Song),” “Stronger,” “Evidence,” “Crying,” “What the World Needs Now Is Love,” “Help Me Make It Through the Night,” “A Whiter Shade of Pale,” “See You Again,” “Here Comes Goodbye,” “All Cried Out,” and her “Up to the Mountain” reprisal.

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Of course, just because we wound up with two incredible finalists isn’t to say Season 12 didn’t have its deep, deep valleys. Too much focus on the judges and the kind of petty slapfights that — at least in Casa Slezak — would result in a two-minute time out in the Naughty Chair. Too little innovation and not enough creativity in choosing fresh, exciting themes to challenge (but still bring out the best) in the contestants. Too many songs we’ve heard a dozen times before, too much micromanagement of the outcome, not enough “Contestant’s Choice,” and…oh LET ME QUIT RANTING AND GET TO THE RECAP.

Much like Season 12 itself, tonight’s two-plus-hour finale had its own highs (Janelle, Angie and Candice’s respective duets) and its baffling low points (a Mariah “hologram” performance; J.Lo squeaking the same song she’s released for six straight years; Aretha performing via…FaceTime? Skype? Wha?; Lazaro snapping his gum and trying to steal focus from the winner’s celebratory moment). So let’s break it all the way down (in chronological order)…

* After 12 seasons of Idol, I’m aware that it’s a tough task to sound-mix a big group number, but the way the backing track steamrolled the Top 10 singing “Glad You Came” made the performance feel as organic as a gallon of melted Velveeta (in a Styrofoam container). Why not just give the dancers the night off, have the finalists sit on stools and deliver a stripped-down version where we could hear their individual voices? Then again, witnessing Curtis Finch “shoot the peacock” while absolutely no sound came out of his mic, perhaps it was a blessing in disguise?

* It was nice how Mariah and Nicki’s season-long rivalry ended tonight with a game of “Whose Dress/Shoes Combo Will Make for a More Treacherous Walk From Backstage and to the Judges’ Table?” Somewhere, Gloria Steinem is shaking her head, dahhhling.

* I’m gonna come right out and say it: somewhere in the past three weeks, Janelle Arthur transformed herself from a really excellent American Idol finalist into a budding superstar. Her duet with The Band Perry on “Done” — damn, I am downloading that jam first thing tomorrow — was raucous, delightful, beautifully sung, fiercely choreographed/hair-eographed and downright incredible. I’m not sure if those firepots were meant to go off during the performance or if Janelle just activated ’em with all the heat of her performance. Major label execs: Sign this gal! (And if you have any doubts, listen to her original song “Young and Reckless,” then sign her.)

* I’ll admit I guffawed four or five times during the pre-taped comedy package about the Season 12 ladies sabotaging their male counterparts. Funniest bit: Janelle gleefully tampering with Lazaro’s sheet music so he’d miss the key change on “Close to You.” The final reveal of Jordin Sparks as the mastermind — pointing out that her task was made easier by the fact that none of the guys played guitar, and then reminding said dudes that “Idol leftovers” have been doing well on The Voice — was the whipped cream on the Frappuccino.

* I know the Top 5 guys got a lot of flack for their general lack of luster in Season 12, but alas, their work on that Frankie Valli medley didn’t do much to turn that perception around. Also, was it me or did it sound like a backing track kicked in and the guys’ mics got switched off once the 79-year-old legend took the stage and took over lead-vocal duty? Le sigh.

* Okay, let’s have an honest chat about Mariah Carey’s “performance.” I know it got pre-taped on Wednesday night. And I know some of her fans have taken to Twitter to say that she really and truly sang her medley of hits and that the producers of the show just did a bad job of “dubbing”/”cutting” the various shots and whatnot. But honestly, however you slice it, this was a failure of epic proportions. As Mariah stood immobilized by her long white gown, and cameras carefully cut to all of her most flattering angles, we heard what sounded like disembodied snippets of her greatest hits get carelessly patched together. Meanwhile, the Lady Carey’s mouth moved out of sync with the music, as if a film-school student had dubbed the performance in Korean, then Hebrew, then French and then (hastily) back into English. If she’d performed this on the Holodeck of the Enterprise, it would have somehow made sense, maybe? But seeing how this was her final act in a high-paying gig that had her judging the vocals, musicality and performance style of young singers who clearly look up to her, would it have been too much to ask for the woman to pick up a mic during the actual live telecast and simply sing? Hashtag: Lame. *And yes, I am holding her to a ridiculously high standard. SHE’S MARIAH FREAKIN’ CAREY!

* Anyone else find it slightly odd that, a mere week after Candice covered “Next to Me” on Top 3 performance night, that the producers had Amber Holcomb reprise it for the finale as a duet with the show’s new spirit animal Emeli Sandé? The gals sounded really solid together, but if I’m being honest, Amber looked reluctant to dig deep and connect with her major-label sparring partner. And that kinda bummed me out.

* Psy sang “Gentleman,” though I like his shtick better when he’s backed by dancing pistachios. (What? I’m trying to be nice for once.) Might’ve helped if he’d bothered to raise the microphone up to his lips every once in a while, though, no?

* Keith Urban broke out his new single “Little Bit of Everything.” And while it’s not exactly a game-changing kind of ditty, I love the fact that dude always comes off like he’d have just as much fun playing for some fireflies and junebugs next to some bonfire embers in the backyard as he does playing for an audience of (hopefully?) 15 million.

candice-glover-jennifer-hudson* I injured my hand pounding the side of my armchair (while whooping like an idiot) for the duration of Candice’s duet with Jennifer Hudson on “Inseparable.” (Can this collaboration PLEEEEEEASE be on Candice’s debut CD?) I didn’t even take notes while it happened because I threw my pen about 11 seconds in, and was not going to take my eyes off the screen anyhow. Candice’s clarity, her power, her phrasing, her internalization of the lyrics! J.Hud’s vibrato, her bombast, her grit, and her megawatt energy! You combine these things and it’s just…I mean…I don’t have the right superlatives to take you there. You just need to go to YouTube and watch it. But suffice to say when Nicki and Randy are waving their arms and having a musicgasm (gross, but true) in unison, that we’ve reached some God-just-brushed-your-arm-level SANGING.

angie-miller-adam-lambert* If that wasn’t enough for you, how about Angie, at the piano, lilting along to “Titanium,” and then the camera pans and there’s ADAM LAMBERT!? I loved the aching restraint the duo showed as they slowed David Guetta and Sia’s high-octane dance hit into an inspirational ballad. Adam, who we know from “Slow Ride” (take it EEE-ZAY!) is a generous duet partner, really allowed Angie to set the tone and grab more than her share of the juicy parts of “Titanium” — as it should be considering this is Angie’s season, y’know? (I did love when both of ’em unleashed in the final moments, though…good stuff.)

* Adam proved just as gracious when he stepped aside so Angie could share the stage with her idol Jessie J., who hopped across the pond from London for a last-minute throw-down with the gal who covered her four times this season. (I hope Angie gets a small percentage of Jessie’s 2013 U.S. sales, yes?) Their rendition of “Domino” was a frothy confection with spot-on vocals and a bit of amped-up drama at the ending. Even better for Angie? Jessie admitting that her appearance had prevented Angie from performing her debut single “You Set Me Free,” and agreeing to do a show with her in London this summer as a consolation prize. Um, who says finishing third is such a bad thing?

* Kree’s duet with Keith on “Where the Blacktop Ends” seemed, well, a little less well thought-out than Angie, Kree Candice and Janelle’s collaborations, perhaps? I mean, girlfriend was so fab all season, but never really gave any indication that an uptempo, beers-on-the-bar jam was her cup of mocha chocolata ya ya. Why couldn’t Uncle Nigel have brought in Bonnie Raitt or Susan Tedeschi or Carrie Underwood or Wynonna for Kreedom? Ah well, it was still a solid effort, even if Kree’s vocals seemed to get a tad lost in the mix.

* Idol said a formal farewell to Randy Jackson. And here, I say a formal good riddance! (That one was for Haley Reinhart, dawg! #NeverEverForget)

Aretha-Franklin-Idol* Um, so the legendary Aretha Franklin doesn’t like to fly. And so she appeared via satellite from New York to sing a medley of hits — did I mention I despise medleys, even when they are made up of some of the greatest soul songs ever? Meanwhile, the Top 5 girls — the people most responsible for the ad revenue Fox raked in on the show from January to May — stood underneath said screen and acted as background singers whose mics were set to “low.” (Maybe this is how Aretha ensures no up-and-coming divas make eye contact with her?) How this idea made its way from some associate producer’s brainstorming pitch to actualized seven-minute segment is as patently ridiculous as the sight of Devin Velez in leopard stretch pants with a “Nicki Minaj booty.”

* J.Lo showed off her world-class backside lip-sync skills on the same god-awful track. (Yes, of course Pitbull is on it!) (No, I didn’t think it was worth Googling the song title.) (AND NOBODY WANTS YOU BACK FOR SEASON 13, LADY!)

* All week long I’d been looking forward to a Candice Glover-Kree Harrison duet, and then they got stuck with “One Less Bell to Answer”/”A House Is Not a Home” — the same exact songs Candice sang with Amber back in Top 6 Week. WHY???? Fox’s reality chief Mike Darnell told me back in January that expense really isn’t an issue when it comes to song clearances, so again I ask, WHY??? Okay, the ladies sounded lovely as usual, but I feel like the selected tracks — and the fact that it was placed mere seconds before the winner’s announcement — robbed us of what should have been a true Season 12 moment.

You know what was a moment, though? Kree and Candice cradled in one another’s arms as Ryan Seacrest prepared to reveal the news for which we’d been waiting all night.

Candice-Glover-Confetti-ShowerTHE WINNER OF AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 12 IS…

Tears streamed down my face. I won’t even pretend that didn’t happen. Wow. This girl is on fire. She had come out with passion and ferocity from the moment she auditioned, and she never really lost focus. Watching her sob her way through her debut single “I Am Beautiful” underneath a confetti shower, well, it’s one of those Idol moments that make all the maddening production foibles and manipulations and treachery worth wading into. Hang onto that moment between now and January 2014 — and before you know it — we can all meet back up here for Season 13.

Thanks for all your fantastic, thoughtful comments here at TVLine all season long — and don’t forget — WE’LL HAVE VIDEO EXIT INTERVIEWS WITH CANDICE, KREE and ANGIE (plus, the season finale of Idology!) coming soon to this very Web site!

And with that, let me turn things over to you. Did America crown the right Season 12 champ? What were your favorite musical performances? And what changes do you want to see in Season 13? (Don’t front: You’re totally watching Season 13!) Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments, and for all my Idol-related news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. marie says:

    There were so many performances to enjoy tonight. There were only two I DIDN’T like, actually, that nonsense by JLo and whatever that was by that Psy character. Ugh.
    But everything else was pretty damn fantastic.
    Even if Mariah felt she had to lip-synch (ridiculous – pre-recorded AND lip-synched? I could understand JLo, but why, Mariah?).
    But I really don’t want to be negative tonight. Too much to celebrate!

  2. Gailer says:

    Did Nicki Minaj not perform tonight, why not?

    • BillyBob says:

      Nicki looked bored and withdrawn. Oh well good riddance to the one season judge! Don’t let the Idol door hit you on your big A** Booty!

    • AlyB says:

      She’s contractually obligated to debut her new single on the Billboard music awards show. I’m not sure why she didn’t do something else.

  3. loved Angie and Adam’s Titanium. does anybody know the details of Jessie J’s UK tour? Will Angie be performing in all the places in UK? i would buy a ticket just to see Angie! (i’m from the UK btw)

    • Adam is EVERYTHING. He made the night special

    • BillyBob says:

      Angie and Adam / Jessie J. So DARN good! That’s why Angie is the real American Idol! This is American Idol folks and not the Voice! Also, Janelle and The Band Perry were oh so super duper GREAT! Janelle really is good at the country ROCK scene!

      • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

        I happen to think Candice is more attractive than Angie.

        • mike says:

          Dear Miss Otis, wow, I am sure that there are many people who agree with you but if I may say we are not the type to push her sublime beauty…..I salute the simplicity of your thought.

  4. Yay Candice! says:

    Hey guys, it’s LeahKittyS here! For some reason the comment section won’t let me comment under my name, so I have to use this. But it really is me.
    For length’s sake, I’m breaking up the conclusion to the “American Idol Horror Story” into two separate posts. Here is Part 1; scroll down in the thread to find Part 2 (somewhere)!
    (Scene: Nigel’s secret office. Candice and Kree stare Nigel down with their sharp poles pointed at him. Angie’s dead body grows cold on the floor at their feet.)
    Nigel: So we meet again, ladies, for the last time.
    Candice: Damn right it’s the last time, since you’re not walking out of here.
    Nigel: Ha! You two think you can stop me when all your little friends could not?
    Kree: Maybe we can’t, but you’ve got too much blood on your hands for us not to try.
    Nigel: Now, Kreetia dearie, play nice. If you kill me now, that would make you just as bad as me for what I did. Wouldn’t it?
    Candice: You are so full of bulls**t. I don’t understand why you couldn’t let everyone have an equal chance at the fortune, instead of slaughtering people left and right.
    Nigel: And I don’t understand why you couldn’t just let the game play out as I planned it, instead of making this big deal out of it.
    Kree: Not make a big deal out of murder?! Sorry Nigel, we’re not your brand of heartless.
    Nigel: My dear Kree Annette, you’ve been through enough pain already. Why haven’t you toughened up yet? Let it be, and go on like a grown up. And what a shocking turn of events this is for you, Candice. Weren’t you always the driven one, the determined one, the one who would stop at nothing to get her hands on the fortune? I’ve practically handed it to you, and you’re not happy getting what you’ve always wanted?
    Candice: Not at the expense of my brothers and sisters! You don’t know what we’ve been through! You don’t understand how hard we’ve worked to get here, how we’ve grown so close! Do you know anything about love, or friendship, you, you…Devil’s man?!
    Nigel: (Evil laugh) That’s it, Candice. Feel that anger. Feel that fear. Feel that hate. (Walks toward her, becoming shadowy) That’s all it will take to stop me, sweet Candi Rickelle. Build it up for the fight and you will–
    (Kree blocks Nigel from Candice, the tip of her pole in his face.)
    Kree: Get away from her. If you think we’re gonna buy anything you say–
    (Suddenly there is a high, pained scream from the shelf on the wall. For the first time, Candice and Kree notice that the white wisps in the spheres are constantly in motion. Kree feels her eyes growing wet, for she recognizes the voice.)
    Kree: Angie…
    Nigel: (backing off) Oh? You miss your sister? You feel her pain? (Presents the shelf) Go on, girls. Take a listen.
    (Candice and Kree approach the shelf)
    Candice: (shaking) What…what is it?
    Nigel: This, my darlings, is how I have kept myself alive for more than two hundred years.
    Kree: Two hundred?! But…your records…your birthday–
    Nigel: I thought you weren’t going to buy anything I said. But yes, the dark forces have blessed me with this longevity after I gained them a foothold in the music world. Unfortunately nothing gets you nothing with them, and I must maintain this gift myself. And I do so by collecting the souls of aspiring young singers, and trapping them in this contraption.
    Candice: What contraption? All I see is a bunch of shelves.
    Nigel: The contraption is on the other side of the wall. The wheels turn, the ship moves forward, the surface is clean, all through the labor of crushed imprisoned souls (Another scream emits from the shelf.) Although on occasion, a tortured scream makes it through the sound barrier.
    (Candice and Kree walk the row of shelves, fixated on the orbs.)
    Kree: (quietly) Oh, Candice, it’s horrible! They’re all in there! Angie, Amber, Janelle, and all our brothers are being held captive!
    Nigel: And that’s not all. Keep going.
    Candice: (shifting from sphere to sphere) Aubrey…Charlie…Nick…Elijah…Breanna…
    Kree: And what’s this…JDA…Kevin…Shubha…David…Jett…oh, sweet little Juliana!
    Candice: (Angrily at Nigel) You’ve been at this from the beginning!
    Nigel: Hey, what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas. Thirteen is the magic number of the dark spirits, and three of them got me to my place today. As such, I need thirty-nine souls to keep myself alive. I have thirty-eight here. Now I just need one more, and then the last one of you can claim the fortune. How does that sound?
    Kree: And you expect us to fight each other so you can add one more soul to your slave galley? You’re out of your mind!
    Nigel: Is that your way of saying you’d like to surrender yourself for your sister? How sweet of you! (Picks up a long bread knife)
    Candice: I don’t think so!

  5. Gailer says:

    Tonight was odd for a finale, it didn’t seem as glitzy as it used to be. First time I have ever enjoyed Adam Lambert. That was some duet! Wow Angie showed tonight she belonged in the final I think. The right woman won tonight.

    • BillyBob says:

      Angie is the real American Idol. She has star power and energy. People forget, this is NOT The Voice. American Idol is the whole star package. Janelle also “country” rocked it with The Band Perry! Yee Haw!!

      • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

        You are repeating yourself, we get what you think. You don’t approve of Candice because it’s “Not the Voice.” Why don’t you just say what you mean.

        • mike says:

          Miss Otis, I would enjoy dinner and drinks with you.

        • MC says:

          Why say something once when you can say it multiple times and beat a dead horse?

        • HTGR says:

          Why not? Those saying they are glad Candice won have said it many times, I’m prety sure you’ve said it more than a few times and so what? so why can’t BillyBob say his thing more than once, plus when people repeat they are mostly responding to different people.

  6. Emma says:

    It was a boring season topped off by a boring winner. Adam Lambert was the only reason to watch. The Idol tour will be the worst ever with many canceled shows. Anyone who thinks this winner will be a success is drinking Kool-Aid.

  7. Sarah says:


  8. marie says:

    I hope Keith is back next year. I got angry with him during the season when he briefly bought into being the producers’ puppet. But he’s redeemed himself since. You can see he really enjoys this gig. He was so into singing along with Frankie Valli! He’s a breath of fresh air. He can definitely stay as far as I’m concerned.

    • ali427 says:

      I totally agree! He genuinely loves music, and that genuine joy is what this show desperately needs. Doesn’t hurt that he’s gorgeous, too! :)

      • marie says:

        I know! That total joyous love of music is just sooooooo wonderful to watch. (And yes, he is absolutely gorgeous.)

    • Amy says:

      I loved watching Keith singing with Franki Valli, and agree…breath of fresh air is a good way to put it…he brings such an easy, real, sincere and laid-back love of music…and leaves his ego at home. Love him for this and oh…so much more… :) YES PLEASE bring Keith back!

    • Joely says:

      He really was a great judge. And watching him pop his shoulders to the music . . . . sigh . . .

    • BillyBob says:

      Keith was rocking to every performance UNLIKE Nicki, who seem bored. What’s with that? Also, boo woo the only judge who did not perform.

      • mike says:

        Billy your BoB……..just once, try to come up with a refreshing thought, yes It’s difficult but just try.

  9. LeahKittyS says:

    YAY CANDICE! Who would have though a repeat auditioner, who looked like her in our racist, sexist, judgmental America, technically the best vocalist in the bunch, would actually win it all? Wonderful. I am so buying that album, cheesy single and all. And congratulations Kree for making it this far. I look forward to hearing your music, too. Now to play all those recordings to death and get excited for the TOUR!
    Oh, and look for the finale of “American Idol Horror Story” in here.

  10. fean says:

    Loved the Angie & Adam duet. I hope Adam becomes a judge.

  11. Gomes says:

    AI low blowed The Voice lol. Saying they take left overs. Was a great finale show.
    Candice was the winner a long time ago. I just wish them all success. All the top 5 girls.

  12. Chris says:

    Loved the finale minus a couple of guest performances… Confused on the lip syncing though.
    Janelle was AWESOME and I always love seeing/hearing Adam. I really love Kree’s voice and can’t wait to buy her first album.

    Jennifer and Candice duet = AWESOME!

    Candice winning = AMAZING! PRAISE GOD! LOVE IT!

  13. Chrissy says:

    How bad did that JLo song sound. OMG it was awful. So happy for Candice. Loved her emotions at the end. And so happy to see Adam Lambert on that stage again. I miss him. He so changed Am Idol and for the better. And all the guys on the show – are they allowed to sue Am Idol b/c they were so set up to fail. I think they should have been told up front that hey, we are looking for a female winner this year so don’t even audition this year. The guys def got the shaft this year.

  14. kat says:

    Adam Lambert is a true professional. He held back vocally to let Angie shine. Adam and Angie’s duet was the highlight of the whole season. J Lo was trashy as always. She can’t sing worth crap so she has to do the sexy thing to get people’s attention. Adam just opens his mouth and sings subtley and everyone is mesmerized with his charisma and stage presence. Adam is a star.
    Adam should be a judge next season. He is witty, highly intelligent, caring,highly articulate, compassionate, generous, humble and has a killer smile. He is the whole package!!

    • lucy27lucy says:

      I was not the biggest Adam fan during his run (he was the most creative I’ve ever seen as well as David Cook, but his shrill screams at times and styling were not my cup of tea). That being said, he did sound tremendous tonight, and as stated, he “got it” more than just about anyone Ive ever seen in letting Angie really have her moment as this years celebrated final 3 contestant. Well played. BTW, she sounded great with Adam, I think lost a little steam with Jessie J or maybe overwhelmed (you could said overmatched)

      • Pam Hart says:

        What non-fans of Adam don’t realize is that he doesn’t always scream (or what you call scream, as opera singer Angela Kalahari says he does not scream, he is doing a rock wail, and it is very difficult). YouTube “Adam Lambert Brigadoon” or “Adam Lambert 7 cam Who Wants to Live Forever” and you will hear that he really is one of the best vocalists in the business. I don’t think Queen would have chosen him to front them if he wasn’t.

        • Rachel says:

          I am a passionate Adam Lambert fan and I just want you and all of your smug, light opera/Brigadoon ilk to STFU and go watch Tracks of My Tears on repeat while the rest of us enjoy Adam’s current music. Thank you.

          • marie says:

            If you really are such a “passionate fan,” dumbass, why are you dissing some of his music? Can’t you tell the poster who mentioned Brigadoon et al was complimenting Adam? Makes no sense. Fool.

          • Alison says:

            LOL, I know. Apparently Rachel is so “passionate” that she’s lost a few brain cells! Adam must love having fans that are an embarassment to him…

  15. Missfendi says:

    So happy for Candice. Well deserved win. Loved her duet with Jennifer Hudson, but why
    didn’t Jennifer let Candice shine. I felt as if she was trying to out sing her and started to sound very shrill. Candice held her own very well.
    Loved Angie and Adam. He let Angie shine. He was very classy. Love him.
    Why did Mariah have to lip synch? Very disappointed with her for doing that. Isn’t she supposed to be the best selling female artist of all time? Can’t she sing “live”?
    JLo’s number was a piece of crap. She’s not a singer, and she was lip synching too.
    All in all, it was an enjoyable show made more so because the right person won.

    • Gomes says:

      Jennifer was just enjoying signing with another big voice. Expressing herself.

      • AlyB says:

        That’s how i saw it. Diva vocal duel and Jennifer would not have done that if she didn’t believe Candice could hold up her end of it. That was epic. I loved Candice adding her little jazz flourishes on some of her parts. I’ve rewatched it several times now and every time they get to the part where they come together into that quiet harmony it chokes me up. i love the smile on Candice’s face when it’s over and she and Jennifer face the audience holding hands. She’s just beaming joy.

    • wondernamer says:

      i agree with you J Hudson gave a diva vibe like she had something to prove?Candice i felt managed to keep up but J hudson could have given her more space to shine she was trying too hard to be J holiday i think

    • teatime says:

      I think Jennifer was treating Candice as an equal. (Adam had a different approach for his duet with Angie, and that worked too.)

  16. Tammy says:

    so was Candice single written for Angie? Just doesn’t sound like her.

    I said we should give the title to Candice first week of Top 10. She was the most consistent even if I thought her performance last night was sub-par. Kree looked like she gave up last night too and why oh why would you let Candice go last when you win the toss. Silly, silly girl.

    The one thing I have noticed is as the rating dropped, the show got a little more over produced. All the back ground dancers. Bringing back almost every past winner to try to get people to watch. Grasping at straws.

    Keep it simple….. you need judges with some credibility. Simon had producing background and so did Randy. So at least someone with their own record label. Doesn’t have to be famous but at least some personality. A singer/songwriter as a judge. Just because the sell a lot of records, doesn’t mean they can judge. We need an honest judge who can be critical, hopefully constructively critical.

    Go back to mentors. One of the best episodes this season was Harry. They need more work with a voice coach. They do need to learn the songs! So maybe you are over promoting them during the week when they should be working on the songs.

    For me the charm to American Idol has been to watch a contestant grow and developed.

  17. Amy says:

    Michael, I pictured you tossing your glass of wine up in the air!
    Well..I cried too. But, I often cry on elimination nights too…I’m a total sap with Idol. When I saw her dad crying I cried more. All season he touched me, both her parents…but tonight I really wanted it for him too..he has seemed so deeply moved by all this, all season.

    Another thing, to me, this was the first year where the vibe of the Finale was “lighter”, more positive…less polarized…there was a general sense from those still watching, that while people had their one contestant they favored to win, they were ok with either girl winning. That’s not usually the case.

  18. whowho says:

    Keith Urban singing along with Frankie Valli was just so cute!

  19. toadily says:

    IMO, the Candice JHud duet was an OTT scream fest that needed more rehearsal, while One Last Bell was a beautiful blending of two lovely and powerful voices. Totally agree with the Adam Lambert love. Wish the honey voiced Kree had won but so happy for Candice. Keep Keith, ditch the whole production team, and entertain us next year!

  20. wondernamer says:

    why is amber acting like a brat ? anyway im gladddddd Candice won today and Janelle really did well and i think i will go watch that Keith number few more times. .. i feel they didnt give kree a good duet? and YAY season is over i’m looking forward to michael interviews :)

  21. ali427 says:

    The performance I was hoping to see was last year’s Hollywood group song with Candice, Jessica, and Deandre–that would have been really cool. Amazing how everything happens for a reason–this was Candice’s time. Best winner since Kelly and Carrie, IMO.

    • lucy27lucy says:

      Someone start a petition!!! That trio was one of the best AI moments/songs I have ever seen, and could be perfected if recorded….I was hoping some how they would bring that back, I guess I will just have to YouTube it for the 100th time until then. When I saw Candice audition again this year, I figured her for a top 10, then once I saw the competition, figured her for the finale.

  22. Spurdy B. says:

    I just discovered Michael Slezak this year after a couple of years of reading the Washington Post’s Lisa deMoraes’ American Idol column, which didn’t return this year. Just wanted to say thank you to him and to all you veteran commenters for giving me a place to pseudo-discuss each show, which is my guilty pleasure and only TV show my family watches each week.

    • marie says:

      Hear, hear! Slezak is the best Idol columnist anywhere, and this is a very enjoyable group of people posting here. Already looking forward to joining the conversation next season!

      • Scott says:

        Total agreement. I’ll say I miss his interactions with Kristen (and Kristen with Glasses) — but I am a great fan of MS’s writing and commentary.

        • NJ idoloonie says:

          Is it possible for Kristen to make a guest appearance? Or is it a conflict of interest? It would be very cool to see.

        • JASon says:

          I absolutely hate his writing! It’s all mean spirited and he way overuses metaphors! He’s obviously biased and has terrible taste in music! He’s an awful interviewer as well! He asks five minute questions that state his opinion not asking the interviewee!

          He’s a much better broadcaster when he works with Melinda!!

          • marie says:

            Sigh. I shouldn’t bother, but…idiot.

          • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

            And he overuses exclamation points… ohwait…

          • JASon says:

            I love how people who don’t agree with you are idiots! I stated my points clearly and concisely. If you can find me one review of one performance that doesn’t use a really long winded metaphor I’d be surprised! I usually skip over his review! Maybe read one or two to see if he can write without resorting to a metaphor then laugh in amazement at how much he relies on them!!! He should stick with commentary!!

          • kaba says:

            Then leave for God’s sake. What kind of counterproductive backwards retard logic are you using for you to come onto his own blog and commentary to complain about his commentary IF YOU DONT LIKE IT, AND PREFER TO SKIP OVER WHAT HE HAS TO SAY? So strange.

  23. ali427 says:

    Can’t help but think back to that infuriating results show when only Mariah had Candice in her top three . . .

  24. marie says:

    One thing: Why on heaven’s name did we have to hear that JLo horror TWICE, first on the show, and then immediately afterwards in a doggone Kohls commercial????? I was watching live and couldn’t FF. UGGGHHH!!!!!

    • The Beach says:

      Yeah, they were shooting that video here at the beach when a couple of shots rang out. I guess someone else thought that song sucked too…LOL

  25. kaba says:

    JLo pissed me off with her performance.
    Can she quit this charade bull?

    Anyways, let’s talk about Kree and how mia she was from the finale.
    I dunno, something makes me more inclined to believe that she genuinely did not feel she should win and didn’t want to win for a while now. I felt that she intentionally allowed the night to have less and less of her.

    Cause they say she’s insanely selfless, this wouldn’t surprise me

  26. kaba says:

    I hate, so so sooo much, that Mariah had the nerve to lip sync.
    Nobody cares if your voice isn’t 100% perfect. Just sing for god’s sake.

    • Joely says:

      Yeah, I agree. But I gotta say, Mariah has always been a horribly boring, self-conscious live performer. Vocals for days, but she will put you to sleep. I’m not surprised that after so many years of not getting over that, that by now she found herself too unsure to sing a few snippets of her hits live. That’s too bad. A woman of her stature should be grabbing the mike and loving every minute of being with the audience. She doesn’t have a thing more to prove vocally.

    • lucy27lucy says:

      I do find it pretty ironic that the world’s top performers and singers will lip sync while spending a season judging aspiring unknowns on their ability to style, imspire, connect, emote and sing. Yest this is what the show is about – finding a star, but the star’s then show up gutless and wont perform.

  27. kaba says:

    And happy birthday Kree! (in 20 minutes lol)

  28. Guitar Blue says:

    Our insider prognasticator here, said that Angie Miller has the potential to do very well in the biz after the tour, even with the 3rd place finish……….

    Over the next 5 years, she may be the side-note of someone who has done very well from the show, possibly better than one of the top 2 – based upon drive, desire, musicianship, age and a young fan base that buys music and goes to concerts — beyond the temporary lift and fame of the season………………………………………………

    Most people follow only 1 or 2 genre’s of music – Angie may be able to do the cross-over from Pop to Soft Rock to Easy Listening to Christian friendly, giving her a wide market to dabble in. The old Diva songs are fine during the competitions on talent shows, but fade to a smaller market when an artist tries to follow a similar vein in the real music world……………….

    I am not an Angie fan myself, but the lady, long-time Idol watcher, prognasticator and a good singer herself – may have a valid point. Maybe Angie will be the female Daughtry of the season.

    • marie says:

      You might be surprised at how many music lovers actually enjoy a variety of different kinds of music.

    • BillyBob says:

      Candice may of won American Idol, but Angie is the real American Idol. She will be Daughtry. While Candie gurl will go the route of Melanie Amaro (X-Factor), has the big old voice, but boring.

      • mike says:

        Billy your Bob………when you leave this planet and arrive at your rightful place you will be forced to listen to a non-stop loop of your comments……justice will prevail.

  29. marie says:

    Good show! Well run and very entertaining. Idol puts on a good finale these days. Remember that one year – don’t remember which – with the original judges, where the finale was essentially a nonstop series of gags and skits revolving around the judges, with very little singing or entertainment value? For all the producers’ many sins, at least they’ve learned how to produce a finale.

    • Amy says:

      I thought this was one of the most entertaining of AI finales. Besides the great musical performances..the self-deprecating humor was good…the contestants making fun of the judges is always fun to watch; loved the Nicki Good show. It did run over by 10 minutes! So I was bummed, at least in my area they cut short Candice’s song. :(

  30. marie says:

    I wasn’t particularly a fan of either Angie or Janelle during the season, but always acknowledged their talent.
    Tonight, both ladies stepped up their games. This was the best I’ve heard both of them sound, and I enjoyed them both more than I ever did tonight.

    • BillyBob says:

      Both Angie and Janelle gave the best performances of the night. Better than J Ho or lip sync Mariah. Also, glad to see William Hung doing so well these days with the make over and name change to Psy. :)

      • mike says:

        Billy your Bob…now go put your jammies on…….warm milk is comming.

        • BillyBob says:

          Dear Mikey, I have to give my #1 fanboy a shout out… do me a favor. Make like a tree and leave. :)

        • AlyB says:

          I don’t think he’s a child. I think he’s a cranky old man who can’t remember he’s posted the same, tired, cranky, old thing 500 times all over the board. Probably yells at kids to get off his lawn too.

      • Tim says:

        I think the Band Perry, Adam Lambert, and Jessie J had something to do with these performances, specifically Janelle’s….It was very energetic and entertaining but I credit the Band Perry for that. I thought Janelle was entertaining but this is not even the music she wants to pursue which is traditional country….

  31. Name That Tune says:

    So happy for Candice! Totally wept but I knew I would. I have visions of other females who could or should have won – my girl Melinda, Crystal, Jessica, Haley.
    Couldn’t help thinking that we got Jessie J & Emeli S & Kree jamming with Keith. If we saw more of that perhaps Idol wouldn’t be in taheratings slump. With the exit of Randy I am hoping that is a signal for the changing of the guard.

  32. Seriouzzllyy says:

    How was Mariah lip syncing? And what was she lip syncing to? The medley she sang was for sure not lip synced to its original 1990’s recordings, and she pretaped her performance right after Idol yesterday, so when did she even have time to prerecord a version for her performance? Let’s say she did prerecord a studio version for the performance, it did not sound polished at all, prerecored performances are glossed over in the studio. Mariah sang live people. She also did 3 takes on her medley yesterday in front of the audience. It was live. Give credit where credit is due. Now JLo was lip syncing.

    • kaba says:

      the transitions between notes is what gave it away. And watching her face.
      She pretty much made it 100% apparent when she was transitioning into We Belong Together

      • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

        It was said somewhere – I dunno read back on melinda’s tweets, that no she did sing live. It looked strange because of the way Idol mashed it up together – they chopped up her performances so it looked off.

        • Mary says:

          Well if she didn’t tape before hand and actually sung live on the finale, many would not be questioning her. Sorry Why couldn’t she have sung live, it is not like she danced around her dress was so tight she couldn’t move. I think it is unprofessional.

  33. I am so happy for Candice Glover: AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 12 WINNER!!! She has been incredible throughout the whole season! Third time’s a charm, baby! :)

  34. Adam Fachry says:

    I haven’t watched the finale in full and it doesn’t really matter that much but did Nicole Kidman make an appearance? I feel like she should’ve appeared at least once to support her husband cause I’ve seen Keith attending awards to accompany her.

  35. Pushpa says:

    Stellar performance from Candice, two powerful vocals and fantabulous finale! Hope 2014 would have a twist to the jaded format and producers introduced a retro experience for the audiences.

  36. Yay Candice! (LeahKittyS) says:

    And now…the moment you’ve all been waiting for…here is the conclusion of “American Idol Horror Story!” (My epilogue is also in this comment section, so keep looking!)
    (Candice lunges at Nigel with her pole, but he uses the bread knife to deflect it. Candice now uses her pole as a sword to duel with him, while Kree tries to stab him from behind. They fight bitterly for minutes on end, both sides tiring but neither side giving in. Suddenly Nigel lets out a pained groan and Kree emits a surprised squeal. Nigel is flung backwards into the wall, shattering the glass case. The ax falls down and hits him on the head. Candice is about to run him through but then hears a soft moan behind her. She turns around and her face loses its color. The hilt of Nigel’s knife is sticking out of Kree’s abdomen. With an airy breath and her eyes rolling upward, she staggers about the room before collapsing dead on the ground.)
    Candice: (Runs over and kneels beside Kree) No…no…NO!
    (Kree’s soul drifts up out of her mouth. Nigel uses what little strength he has to wave his hand and mutter his evil incantation. The white wisp is sent into the last glass orb on his desk. Candice turns around again to face Nigel, who’s nice suit is stained with blood. Trying not to cry, she steadily walks towards him. There is a long, silent pause. Nigel’s strength is clearly failing him, and Candice knows he cannot hurt her.)
    Candice: (low voice) So now there’s only one. Still feeling generous, Nigel?
    Nigel: (weakly) Yes…yes, I am.
    Candice: (throws down her pole) Good. (Bends over and picks up the ax. Snarls at Nigel.) Good. Because I’m not. (Swings the ax at Nigel. He rolls over and it misses him. Her eyes are bloodshot, her hair is coming undone, and she is hunching over.) Don’t you see, Nigel Lythgoe? When you’re out for blood and you got ten people you better make sure you get all ten people. ‘Cause when you kill nine…you turn the last one into a monster.
    (It is uncertain whether the light in the room is changing or Candice’s skin is actually changing color. Her breathing turns into a fierce growl. She lowers the ax from the other side of him, and he does not escape the blow.)
    Candice: That was for Curtis!
    (Nigel grows frightened. Candice deals him another blow.)
    Candice: And for Paul!
    (She deals him another blow. He cries out in pain.)
    Candice: And for Devin!
    (She deals him another blow. Blood is starting to splatter.)
    Candice: And for Burnell!
    (She deals him another blow. Blood is staining the carpet.)
    Candice: And for Lazaro!
    (She deals him another blow. Blood continues to run.)
    Candice: And for Janelle!
    (She deals him another blow. Her fingernails turn into claws.)
    Candice: And for Amber!
    (She deals him another blow. Her clothes look ready to tear off of her but don’t.)
    Candice: And for Angie!
    (She deals him another blow. Her voice is nearly intelligible.)
    Candice: And for Kree!
    (She raises the ax high, but turns it around before dealing the last blow. She puts her hand on the blade and leans in close to Nigel, bearing sharp teeth.)
    Candice: (slowly, low quivering voice) And one more…for the soul you couldn’t capture…but instead destroyed…me.
    (She pulls the ax back and brings it down with brute strength. Nigel is hit with the handle edge and is thrown back into the shelves. All the spheres fall down and shatter around and on top of him, piercing him all over with broken glass. Most of the white souls swoop at Nigel and attack him out of revenge. He cries out in searing pain with all the last of his energy.)

  37. Robin says:

    Slezak, I have known since I first saw Candice audition this year that you would be the happiest person in the world if she actually won. So congratulations! I’m really happy for you … and Candice!!!

    • marie says:

      Candice’s audition made my jaw drop. I remember I said to my wife right then that THIS woman was in a class all by herself. And now she’s won. Oh happy day!

  38. kaba says:

    I’d rather have Kara Dioguardi back than JLo. Oh my god

    • teatime says:

      I think JLo was absolutely the worst judge. There were only about a handful of contestants that ever got negative feedback from her and most times it had nothing to do with them giving the worst (or even a bad) performance. Then on results night you could almost see the steam coming out of her ears if America didn’t send home the one she wanted us to eliminate. i.e. instead of having a few favorites who could do no wrong, she’d have just a few she would regularly give a hard time to.
      If she comes back I will have a hard time watching because I felt it was the worst of the worst of unfair judging.

      • AlyB says:

        There should only be one judge calling contestants “baby” and it sounds so much nicer coming from Keith.

    • HTGR says:

      Kara was actually generally quite good although she did have a problem getting catty with some of the best looking female contestants at times. But she was good otherwise.

  39. WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

    Randy Jackson. It’s been 12 years. Funny, when I was annoyed of Simon’s stupid critiques at one point you were actually my favorite judge. That was a long time ago though. Then, you became the “leader” and fell into the hype, money and just lost yourself. Once you tried to tear down The Haley Reinhart, I had one wish. And that was to never hear you speak again.

    Angie, you said to #DreamBig. Well, I did and my oh my, my wish has finally come true. Here’s to AI Season 13!

    • HTGR says:

      I loved him early on but then he tried to take over for Simon and just sold his soul or who knows what happened. He disgraced himself S10.

  40. Guitar Blue says:

    Now, what’s this about CW attempting another singing talent show this year?

    “””The Star Next Door is taking singing competitions to a whole new level, they are bringing the action to you! It’s time to polish up that golden voice and get your hometown ready for the spotlight. This is your chance to be a part of television and music history. This summer you may just be discovered as The Star Next Door.”””

  41. WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

    This is so stupid but anyway, they spelt Angie’s name wrong.

    To buy You Set Me Free on iTunes, type in Angie Miler – one L not two!

    • marie says:

      Sorry, low blow, but I can’t resist a pertinent play on words – even a lame one.)

    • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

      I find this fishy…are they trying to rip off her royalties from this? Like they could be fishy with the “fine print”

    • The Beach says:

      You mean Apple actually made a mistake?

    • MB says:

      Thank you. I was going crazy looking for it. They better correct it, it will affect her sales.

      • HTGR says:

        They corrected it now, but barely anyone has found it in the meantime and it’s not even on the 200 charts so it’s hard to find and you have to know the title (which they forgot to mention on the show last night) so it seems sadly dead and buried already. Maybe if she gets to make some youtubes with Jessie J it’ll get a chance to take off a bit once summer gets going.

  42. BBC says:

    LOL waiting for her flop career.

  43. lucy27lucy says:

    First to comment on this: Didn’t care for the Boys with Frankie Valli…but you gotta admit, at 79 years old Frankie sounded incredible…has not lost a bit of his voice in 30 years. I was impressed, even if you didn’t want to see old time music, gotta give him credit.

  44. Tom says:

    I think that it just needs to be stated that Janelle was the boss tonight and between her run on Idol, her interview with Slezak and her performance with The Band Perry, she has really impressed me. I think she has a real future.

    I think in the end Kree is going to end up doing the best post Idol with Janelle, Angie and Candice doing well for themselves as well.

  45. Yay Candice! (LeahKittyS) says:

    (Candice retreats inward, but one of the wisps is floating in front of her face. In its glow, her monster features disappear and she stares at it. It hovers over a book.)
    Candice: Nigel’s spell book…of course! (Rushes over to the book and flips rapidly through the pages.) Here it is! “How to return enslaved souls back to their human bodies!” (Reads the instructions, then goes over to Kree’s body and places her hands on Kree’s chest.)
    Candice: Power of the Universe, seek out and find her, Bring her here and free her from the darkness that bind her!
    (She pushes down hard on Kree’s chest, and the wisp that came to her flies back in. With a burst of white glow Kree’s chest moves up and down, and she turns her head.)
    Kree: Candice…
    Candice: Yes! It worked! But Kree, we don’t have a lot of time! We gotta hurry up and save the others!
    Kree: Save them? How? What’s going on?
    Candice: Just watch me. (Goes over to Angie’s body on the floor and places her hands on her chest.) Power of the Universe, seek out and find her, Bring her here and free her from the darkness that bind her! (Pushes down hard. A burst of white glow, then Angie is breathing again.)
    Angie: Oh my God…that was a living hell…Candice?
    Candice: Come on, there’s more work to do!
    (Angie and Kree follow Candice back down the tunnel to where Amber’s body lay. Candice does the procedure and then helps Amber to her feet.)
    Kree: Unbelievable! It’s a miracle!
    Amber: You have no idea how good it is to be back here.
    Candice: Fill us in later. Now we gotta find Janelle and get back to the basement!
    Kree: I think I know where she is.
    (They run back to the fork in the tunnel, and Kree does not get far down the other passage before she finds Janelle’s body. She says the magic words and walks back hand in hand with Janelle.)
    Janelle: Thanks so much, guys, that was a nightmare!
    Angie: Now back to the basement so we can save the boys!
    (They come out of the tunnel in the basement. Each girl stands over a different boy and says “Power of the Universe, seek out and find him, Bring him here and free him from the darkness that bind him! Soon all five boys are awake and the girls embrace them.)
    Curtis: Man…that place…was not of God!
    Paul: How on Earth did you get us out?
    Janelle: It was all Candice’s doing. She killed Nigel and found his book of spells!
    Devin: Woah, hold up. Our Candice actually killed a man?
    Candice: Hey, when it comes to family, you gotta do what you gotta do.
    Burnell: Well, Candi, we are forever in debt to you. (Kisses her)
    Lazaro: But what happened to N-n-nigel? Is he really g-g-gone for good?
    Amber: Should be.
    (Just then there is a haunting moaning and groaning coming from the tunnel. The Top 10 huddle together.)
    Angie: What was that?!
    Kree: Oh, no, it’s him! He’s come back to get us!
    Candice: Well, we’re not gonna let him. Let’s get out of here!
    (They all run upstairs, slamming the door behind them. They then close off the exit using everything they can think of: wooden planks, nails, bricks, marble blocks, glue, sealant, and paint the words “DO NOT ENTER!” onto the barricade. When they are done, they breathe a collective sigh of relief.)
    Kree: Okay…now can we be done with this?
    Candice: Gladly.
    And so ends the American Idol Horror Story. The Top 10 told the story of how Nigel tried to kill them (leaving out the parts about shadow men and trapped souls) and how Candice saved them all. Candice is awarded the fortune, and the Top 20 and Top 40 contestants, who have all been brought back to life, hold a party in her honor. And Nigel’s ghost still haunts that underground sanctum to this very day…so if you set your sights on American Idol auditions and make it far enough…beware!

  46. dj says:

    What a night. Weird finale. Some great performances, and some weird ones. Lip-synching, Mariah? Really? And talking while you’re “singing”? I was surprised Nicki didn’t get up there and do her thang. I always enjoy Keith, and even Randy was ok up there with Kree. Fast-forwarded through Psy (not sure if I’m spelling him right) and J-Lo. Not gonna lie. I wish Ryan would have talked to Adam and let him tell us what he’s up to these days. I also wished that performance of Titanium would have been longer and had more rocking out.

    • Shel says:

      Randy performed with Mariah, too thought she thanked him. I like Psy, he makes me smile. I liked his placement in the show – a nice break. But I absolutely FF’d thru J.Lo. She should not have been near the end – I think it really kinda speed-bumped the show and slowed it going into the pay-off. I really prefer that any guests on the finale actually sing with one (or more) of the Idol contestants. I don’t think they could make Titanium any longer since they were giving Angie a second duet.

    • BillyBob says:

      What? You fast forwarded William Hung? He was the joke of season 3 Idol audition and now look at him. Changed to a stage name Psy and a make over. I’m really happy for him. ;)

  47. Allie C says:

    I’m happy for Candace. She’s great. I loveeee Kree too. What a special duo!!

    I must say tho my biggest COMPLAINT was they didn’t bring in anyone special to sing with Kree. Don’t get me wrong loved the Keith and Randy jam session but Candace gets J. Hud, Angie gets Adam and Jessie J, Janelle gets the Band Perry and Amber gets Emeli Sande?!?! I was so disappointed for her that she didn’t get to sing with someone fun, one of her idols.

    • Shel says:

      Maybe Keith is one of her idols! But I agree and with Angie getting two songs, I was hoping for something more for Kree (though I do realize Candice and Kree singing together was their second song. I feel like the finalists sang more songs in previous finales, though. Anyone? Michael?

      • Lana says:

        I totally agree with you on that, every year the top two got to sing with a famous singer and this year the top 3rd gets to sing with two and one of the finalists sings with noone! I was not happy with that and felt that was a slap in Kree’s face. I was happy with Candice’s win though I voted for Kree but I did feel Kree got the short shift in the finale as they gave Angie, and Candice the sweet spots, Oh and Janelle. Kree got Bupkus!!!

        • AlyB says:

          My god since when is Keith Urbsn no one? She just announced today that she got an invitation to sing at the Grand Ole Opry the same day as he is just like he promised. I’d say performing with Keith was a highlight of the season for her. He’s huge.

  48. twnkltoze says:

    Not since Adam and Kris has there been a more gracious runner up. I feel as though Candace not only deserved the Title, she wanted it more and needed the validation and Kree knew that. I think she also knew that she’d be fine and is happy for the national exposure and a great career ahead of her, no doubt. Janelle was amazing on with the Band Perry. Adam and Angie were beautiful together. Kree and Keith. LOVE it. But Miss Candace and Miss Jennifer was a spiritual experience. If THAT wasn’t validation I don’t know what is. Almost as if JHud was passing the torch. I hope to see big things out of Candace in the coming years. So happy my girl won!! Congrats Candace!!!! You ARE Beautiful!!

  49. BillyBob says:

    HIGHLIGHTS:Janelle was flipping fantastic with The Band Perry, I’ll have to watch it over on youtube. Angie with Adam was so fricking good. Great duet with Jessie J, the performance was so full of energy, like drinking 5 hour energy. SUPER! Candice and J. Hud vocals were so powerhouse outstanding. BORING AND YAWN: Frankie Valli and the five duds medley. Aretha and the 5 gals, was it live or Memorex? GAG ME WITH THE SPOON: Mariah and her lip sync performance. The so called diva who had to lip sync. J. Lo what a hot mess of a performance. I think J. Lo and Mariah should of done a duet. Mariah should wear the same outfit as slithering around the motorcycle with J. Lo. LOL :)
    Oh, finally, I’m real glad to see William Hung doing extremely well these days with his make over and his stage name Psy. I bet Simon, Paula, and Randy are hitting their heads for not putting Mr. Hung to Hollywood. ;)

  50. Shel says:

    Pretty good finale – congrats Candice!! Love to both girls, awesome jobs.

    Wish the Choose 3 best performances of the night poll had been at least Choose 5 since the finale had so many more songs to choose from. It was hard to pick just 3. On the poll, I picked the Kree & Candice duet, Candice & JHud’s duet, and the Angie/Adam duet. Other top numbers IMO were: Janelle with The Band Perry, Kree & Keith, Top 5 Boys with Frankie Valle. Frankie Valle & The Four Seasons are very special to me. I really liked Keith and Psy, but somehow don’t think those performances should count in the votes – should just be our idols. Lastly, sorry Mariah lip-synched – she really comes off so shy sometimes for such a big superstar and wish there had been no J. Lo at all. Oh, and I really didn’t see the point of the Aretha bit. Yes, she is a big star, obviously. But the boys seemed to get more individual time with Frankie – the girls just got to ooh and dance.

    I’m going to weigh in here on the judges, since I haven’t all season and it has been a hot topic. I know I’m in the minority, but I liked this judging panel. I felt like you truly got to see all their personalities and that the 3 newbies actually brought out Randy’s. Yes, Randy has too many catch phrases, but – seriously – he said so much more than that this season. He has some really cogent comments, especially compared to all the previous seasons. It was obvious, despite their eccentricities, that Mariah and Nikki KNOW MUSIC. It was great watching a year of Idol, FINALLY, where I felt I learned something new about how to listen and hear the nuances of performance. I liked hearing honest negative critiques at times, too, which just never really happened before, not in constructive ways. Lastly, Keith was a real revelation to me. If both Mariah and Nikki KNOW music, Keith very obviously LIVES it. There did not seem to be a genre he didn’t know this year, that he couldn’t sing along with. Keith loves all music and that was pretty darn inspiring to me. All of them, yes, including Randy, had real things to say, more often than not.

    It doesn’t mean I agreed with them all the time – where’s the fun in that? I often agreed with Jimmy Iovine and not with them. But it really wasn’t the same old thing, week after week, at least for me. In the spirit of full disclosure, the new panel didn’t immediately pull me in and I skipped auditions and hollywood week, etc. So, maybe they did things then that turned people off. Fair enough. But when I think back to two years of J. Lo and Steven Tyler saying basically NOTHING week in and week out, I give thanks for the judges this year.

    I will miss Randy for another reason: He truly loved Idol and I think there is something sad about a long-running show that no longer has even one original judge on it. Yes, we have Ryan and that’s good. But Ryan’s place really doesn’t include him harkening back to previous years’ performances and artists. I will miss the historical perspective from Idol. It is not the same show when the judges rotate in and out every year or two.

    • JASon says:

      WasMariah lip synching? I was at the finale and she wasn’t even there! She taped it yesterday! Mariah made a fool of herself this year! Team Nicki all the way!!