Supernatural Finale Recaplet: Far From Heaven

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Supernatural Season 8 Finale RecapWarning: The following recap contains major spoilers from Wednesday’s season finale of Supernatural. Read on at your own risk!

The CW capped off its Wednesday night of “Sacrifice” with the Supernatural season finale — but it wasn’t just the Winchesters who lost something.

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Turns out Metatron is a lying bastard. He doesn’t want to close the gates of Heaven. Instead, as payback for ruining the paradise God gave the angels and forcing him out, he wants to expel all of them and send them to Earth. Naomi finds this out after kidnapping the scribe and, after a season of treachery and threats, makes a pretty impassioned plea to Cas. She even promises to accept him back into the fold if he’ll stop this plot. But when he visits upstairs, he finds that Naomi has been killed by Metatron, and the angel has big plans for Cas, as well. He strips him of his essence and tells him to live his life, get married and have a family. Then when he dies and his soul comes to Heaven, he wants to hear the story.

As Cas is sent back down to Earth as a human(!), Dean is trying to heed Naomi’s other warning: That Sam will make “the ultimate sacrifice” and die if he completes the trials. While the elder Winchester has been helping his angel buddy, Sam’s been trying to cure the King of Hell. The brothers manage to get him in their grasps through a clever pair of demonic handcuffs. They quickly set up shop in a church so Sam can purify his blood by confessing his sins and get to work on Crowley. At first, it appears the blood injections are having no effect. The two ward off an attack from Abaddon, who wants a regime change in Hell, after which it’s back to business for Sam. Crowley can’t believe they’re back to step one after they’ve been in a foxhole together. He starts bringing up… HBO shows. Hasn’t Sam ever heard of Band of Brothers? How about The Pacific? Does he never watch HBO in all those motels?

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Hannah on Girls “needs to be loved. She deserves it” just like we all do, Crowley says, rambling on until a confession that inspires a look of surprise and confusion from the both of them. “I just want to be loved.”

This demon cure might actually be working because Crowley is turning into a needy, human HBO subscriber! Alas, Dean shows up and begs his brother not to go through with it because he will die.

Sam’s blunt response: “So?” He reveals that when he was in confession his greatest sin was how many times he let Dean down. He’s forced him to turn to an angel and a vampire. Dean insists that’s not true. He points out that he killed Benny to save him, and that he’s willing to let Crowley and the demons walk for his brother’s life. But Sam doesn’t know how to turn off the trials and collapses in agony as a shower begins above them. However, this is no rainy storm. These are angels falling to Earth.

Finally, some choice lines:

Cas: “You really think it’s wise to be drinking on the job?”
Dean: “What show you been watchin’?”

Metatron on God: “Larger than life, gruff, bit of a sexist – but fair.”

And let’s not forget Dean’s look of surprise upon seeing Cupid’s match for the burly bartender.

Supernatural fans, grade the emotional hour below and then hit the comments to back up your pick! Are you looking forward to a human Cas? Do you think Crowley will still be cured? And was Dean and Sam’s heart-to-heart worth all the brotherly issues this season?

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  • It was the greatest season finale…of the season. The closing visuals of the Angels falling from Heaven was movie quality. Next season, Sam, Dean, and Human Castiel now have to close The Gates of Hell to stop the demons and close the Gates of Heaven to stop Metatron.

    Comment by Michael Grooms – May 15, 2013 07:55 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I really think season 5 was the best finale ever. And this season finale wasn’t even the best episode of the season when Sam went to hell was the best one to me

      Comment by brucesstocks – May 15, 2013 09:14 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • I agree. They could have ended the show with the Season 5 finale.

        Comment by tvdiva – May 16, 2013 06:23 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • They were actually only going to do 5 seasons with Castiel turning out to be God all along.

          Comment by Joshua Paul Hawkins – May 16, 2013 09:54 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • Chuck was God.

            Comment by Joe – September 17, 2013 08:39 PM PDT  
      • Seasons 2-5 were some of the best seasons in television history. They were the best of the best. Nothing can touch them. Anyway, this was an amazing finale. Definitely the best of the last 3 seasons. And Sam going to hell was one of the most annoying episodes of the series. Every myth, every sacrifice was made redundant with that episode.

        Comment by John – May 16, 2013 10:43 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • agree 100% . love the show , still lovin’ it , but if season 5 was the last it would be legendary… for season 8 – its a good final; main villain for season 9 i dont know for me is bad, dick roman owns him badly…

        Comment by serbinatural – May 16, 2013 10:50 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • i thought sam going to hell was terrible, everything was way to easy for him and the production values on “hell” were crap. if it wasnt for jim beaver that episode would have been a complete waste of my time.

        Comment by Alan – May 16, 2013 03:19 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • This!

          I love this show, but man, that episode had me yelling, “Oh, come on!” at the TV so often my neighbor thought I was watching sports on TV.

          Comment by rowan77 – May 17, 2013 12:37 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • Exactly. I was disgusted LOL

            Comment by CLR – May 17, 2013 09:08 PM PDT  
  • I’m not convinced Naomi is gone. Out of all of the ways to kill an Angel, THAT’S what offed her?

    Comment by Tori – May 15, 2013 07:55 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • She was unconscious, angels don’t go unconscious they die. The only other plausible alternative is that Metatron took her grace as well, making her human. Except for the fact that in that case, he wouldn’t have needed Castiel’s grace for the spell.

      Comment by Jay – May 16, 2013 02:14 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • From what I saw, Metatron needed Castiel’s grace in particular because Cas was the one who did the other two tasks; it wasn’t just someone’s grace, it was Castiel’s in particular.

        Comment by Kerry – May 16, 2013 06:44 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • That could only apply in the case of trials. Whoever does the first trial needs to do the rest. This case is different and what you mentioned does not apply because as Metatron said, the tasks they were doing were simply to gather ingredients for a spell.

          Comment by Jay – May 16, 2013 07:33 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • from what i gathered doing the things he did made cas’ grace special, i dont think it could have been any other grace. either that or metatron is really sadistic and just wanted to torture cas a bit more by taking away the one thing that defines him, the fact that he is an angel.

            Comment by Alan – May 16, 2013 03:22 PM PDT  
    • there was no wing outline, no nothing. It at least leaves it opens if they ant to bring her back

      Comment by luke – May 16, 2013 03:35 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • In all the previous season when angels die their wing imprints are all what is left, but twice this season (Samdrienal, Naomi, and a few more) they are left intact body wise so to say.
        Which begs the question are they dead or just momentarily out of commission?
        So many unanswered questions..

        What about the body Naomi was inhabiting where did that come from? Remember Cas is possessing a human host body..
        Will the exiled Angels take human hosts?

        Comment by fan – May 16, 2013 03:51 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • When Balthazar died, there were no wings shown.

          Comment by Linda – May 16, 2013 11:07 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • My big question is what happens to Angels who ALREADY had vassals. Cass for instance, if he is human then what happened to Jimmy? Is Jimmy just dead? If Metatron exiled the angels from heaven like he and lucifer were exhiled then they still have all their powers. Cass won’t have powers becasue Metatron stole them when he took Cass’s grace but all the rest of them should. This is NOT going to be pretty.

          Comment by Lauren Kirsch – May 16, 2013 02:06 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • Look back a few seasons Jimmy died like 4 seasons ago, so CAS could use his vessel as he prayed for it.

            Comment by Shan – May 16, 2013 02:12 PM PDT  
          • Jimmy actually died when Zachariah smote him at Chuck’s house in the finale of Season 4. Until then, Cas’ grace was keeping Jimmy alive even thought he was mortally wounded. God brought him back at the end of the first episode of Season 5.

            Comment by rowan77 – May 17, 2013 12:40 PM PDT  
      • Actually if u pay attention the only time u see the outline of angel wings is a while after an angel has been killed on earth. Naomi was in her office in heaven, literally moments after pleading with Cas.

        Comment by amab – May 17, 2013 10:51 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • not true. remember, cas killed all those angels in heaven and there were burn marks everywhere.

          Comment by Frankie – July 5, 2013 06:38 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • O.M.G. Incredible episode but what is happening to Sam? Is he being punished for not following through? Fallen angels can’t be a good thing…think Lucifer and you get the idea. This might lead to a full on war between fallen angels and demons with humans caught in the crossfire.

    Comment by Nikki H. – May 15, 2013 08:03 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I vote Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Max Shepard all deserve honorable mention, at the very least, for Performer of the Week.

    Comment by Ash – May 15, 2013 08:04 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Psst, it’s Mark Sheppard.

      Comment by Linda – May 15, 2013 08:55 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I agree. All three were exceptional tonight!

      Comment by Jo – May 15, 2013 10:53 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Correcting myself:”….Mark Sheppard all deserve…”.

      Comment by Ash – May 16, 2013 07:06 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • mark sheppard should win it for making me give a crap about girls. that speech was so good i almost forgot that i dont like that show and that alone is worth performer of the week in my eyes.

      Comment by Alan – May 16, 2013 03:24 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Dont forget Misha Collins.

      Comment by Katie – May 17, 2013 09:56 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • I love MC, too, but the 3 actors above were exceptional for the finale, IMO.

        Comment by Ashley – May 17, 2013 10:50 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • What the !@!@ was that? I have to wait until the new season starts to find out what happens! What a long summer this will be!!!!

    Comment by Tvfanatic – May 15, 2013 08:04 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • That was one of the most awesome season finales, along with season 4 and season 2. I mean I thought it was going to be the same crap they pull where one of the brothers die or is lost in another place. I thought sam was actually going to go through with the trial and then a season opener full of angst and the same old stuff… But not closing the doors of hell and seeing all those angels fall was just… I can’t describe it. Jeremy Carver is a genius… It left me wanting more and for the first time cursing that summer got in the way… I think it’s gonna be a very interesting season 9 and it’s definitely a game changer…Angels may be d*cks as dean so wisely puts it but thay was a blow to the balance of good and evil… It will be very interesting to see what is heaven gonna be like now and I wonder there’ll be any changes in Crowley’s psyche. If he remembers he was almost in touch with his human side and howbit will affect him, or if it affects him at all. Also, I wonder. Where is God in all of this? He can’t be dead… it would be interesting if he made an appearance now that the angel are gone

    Comment by henry – May 15, 2013 08:11 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • God is in a coma (think Dogma) and hasn’t woken up yet.

      Comment by CLR – May 17, 2013 09:14 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Excellent episode. Only complaint is that I wish Dean and Cas had more of a reunion. Can’t wait to see how he reacts to his angel being a human now

    Comment by Lalalala – May 15, 2013 08:18 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I wish they had a Cas and dean reunion and I can’t wait to see when dean finds out that his angel is a human.

      Comment by Nicole – May 16, 2013 01:04 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • this was a great finale. I really can’t get over it. and I really liked Sam’s confession. a lot. great episode. it’s going to be a really, really long summer.

    Comment by kate – May 15, 2013 08:19 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Super finale!!!

    Loved the scene between Sam and Dean. They are everything to, and for each other.

    Dean will ALWAYS pick Sammy over anybody else.

    So a whole bunch of new humans on earth. I don’t think they will have any powers.

    That last scene was fantastic!! Great special effects.

    Comment by Dee – May 15, 2013 08:27 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • This was an absolutely incredible finale, and the visual of the angels falling to earth was beautiful. It was basically every single thing I could have wanted for the finale, and can I just say how relieved I am that all three of the guys are still basically whole and healthy. And together (once Cas catches up with them, anyway)

    Comment by Katie – May 15, 2013 08:27 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • anyone remember the episode where they flashed forward 5 years and Cass was human and Sam was the devil? Just saying

    Comment by asickandtwistedperspective – May 15, 2013 08:54 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • That’s what me and a buddy of mine were discussing as according to the SuperNatural timeline…that day wouldn’t be too far off. Although some things sure have changed LOL.

      I personally think it would be cool if Lucifer & Michael are sprung from the box (abaddon maybe?) and since they were in the box, Michael wouldn’t be fallen and pays Metatron a visit ;)

      Comment by Don – May 16, 2013 12:24 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • As much as I loved Lucifer and the guy who played him, I think it’s fair to say that his reign on the show is over. He occupied the main plot-line in 2 seasons, even 3 if you count the motive behind Cas’s actions in season 6. Using him in any way, shape or form to build the season 9 plot-line would just be kinda desperate. As par this finale, holy crap. Season 8 brought Supernatural to the best it’s ever been, and with Jeremy Carver running things I’m sure that we can expect even better next season. The dude knows how to roll a good problem into an even better plot. Kudos.

        Comment by Jay – May 16, 2013 02:20 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • While I’ll admit Mark Pellegrino is an amazing actor, if they were to bring Lucifer back they should just have him inhabit Sam, maybe even work with Dean to sort out the Heaven/Hell/Fallen Angels thing for a while

          Comment by James – May 16, 2013 05:59 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Oohh great theory about Michael

        Comment by Rebecca Veight – May 16, 2013 06:01 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Sam wasn’t the devil. Lucifer was wearing Sam to torture Dean. There’s a big difference.

        Comment by Ruby – May 16, 2013 07:20 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Yeah I wrote about that episode too. I guess this is how Castiel becomes human, and Crowley still gets cured so his demon self goes into Sam maybe?

      Comment by Rebecca Veight – May 16, 2013 06:00 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • THE SAM AND DEAN SPEECH! I’m so glad that Dean went back to Sam! This finale was so much better than last year’s finale. The falling angel scene was amazingly done!

    Comment by Linda – May 15, 2013 08:54 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Loved it! The stakes just get higher and higher and the emotional journeys for Sam and Dean were great. Mark and Jared deserve nominations for their performances in that church. I knew Metatron was not to be trusted, but didn’t expect this. Just brilliant. Great finale! Up there with seasons two, four and five. This is going to be a long summer, but if this season was any indication – next season will be awesome!

    Comment by rowan77 – May 15, 2013 09:11 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • The stakes haven’t been as high as season 5 since it ended. These are all trifles compared to the apocalypse. How many times do the writers keep creating needless drama and crapping out on the interesting bits? The show should have ended at season 5 as planned.

      I treat everything past 5 as fanfics that somehow were made, which is appropriate since Sam and Dean constantly seam to forget past events, what they used to be willing to sacrifice, and acting out of character. (Dean makes fun of nerds for 7 seasons, then suddenly thinks larping is awesome? Crap writing)

      Comment by Joe – September 17, 2013 08:46 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • The only part I liked so the heart fulled conversation Sam and Dean had but, Kind of up set at the season finale. They spent a whole season building up the tablets and you found out it’s all for nothing. And who cares if all the angels get kicked out of heaven. The episode Sam went to hell was better and that should have been the last trial then bobby stayed on earth

    Comment by Bruce (@Brucesstocks) – May 15, 2013 09:12 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • You’re certainly welcome to have your own opinion, but while it was great to see Bobby again, that episode was poorly plotted and made it far to easy to get in and out of both Purgatory and Hell. And in all of Hell, Sam finds Bobby almost immediately? And Crowley has no idea he’s there or what to do? And Dean had almost nothing to do that episode except ask Benny to help Sam. That was a great emotional scene, but the episode was just plain bad.

      The tablets aren’t for nothing. They still have them so closing the gates of hell may be off the table, but the Angel tablet may have more than just closing the gates of heaven.

      Plus the fact that thousands of Angels have fallen to earth is a BAD THING. They angels pretty much dislike humans in a very big way. They are dangerous and don’t have to answer to anyone anymore because they have no connection to Heaven. Lucifer was a fallen angel – look at the kind of havoc he inflicted. Now there are a thousand of them. Man, I hope Metatron is the big bad for next season. There are so many possibilities!

      Comment by rowan77 – May 15, 2013 10:28 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • THANK YOU!! I was wondering why everyone is saying the fallen angels will make a ton more humans be on Earth. Not so. Fallen angels are exactly that–ANGELS that have fallen from Heaven. That means they still have their powers and that means they will be very angry and, like you said, dangerous.

        Comment by Radha – May 16, 2013 03:59 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • Let us not forget, Lucifer is a fallen angel.

          Comment by Jane – May 16, 2013 04:56 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • If the reason they are fallen is because they lost their grace like Cas then they won’t have powers and could be more like Anna where they are born to a human.

          Comment by Dj – May 17, 2013 10:34 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • I may have missed something, but isn’t there a big difference between a fallen angel and falling angels? Fallen angels (Lucifer and friends) are those that have disobeyed God and been cast out of heaven for being disloyal. Falling angels, like at the end of this season, may still be faithful to God and their oath to watch over humans. Now the angels who lost their grace/energy just don’t have the same supernatural powers because of Metatron’s spell. I think they should run the gamut from goofy/inept to haters of the hairless apes.

        Comment by Amber – July 12, 2013 07:26 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Incredibly great! I wasn’t expecting any of that. The scene where Sam and Dean argued when Sam was about to finish the trial was very good. The moment I saw the angels falling with those amazing special effects I felt like this was the best season finale of Supernatural. I can’t wait to see Metatron and Abbadon as big villains next season. Oh, and Crowley stills alive. The big question is: what all those angels are going to do on Earth?

    Comment by Dan – May 15, 2013 09:21 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • The answer to your question: nothing good.

      Comment by rowan77 – May 15, 2013 10:29 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • they are going to be the new demons, monster-of-the-week fodder.

      Comment by Alan – May 16, 2013 03:32 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I’m all for the above mentioned Mark Sheppard for “Performer of the Week”. That man is friggen brilliant.

    Comment by Alyssa – May 15, 2013 09:53 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • What a finale! I am still processing. The acting was top notch (although I wouldn’t expect anything else from this cast). Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki knocked it out of the park in that scene at the end. Mark Sheppard was fantastic during the trial transition. Amanda Tapping was incredible during the scene with Cas and Dean. Alaina Huffman was amazing in her (albeit short) appearance as Abaddon. Misha Collins always takes my breath away with the amount of emotion he is able to convey with just his face (same with Jensen). The ending was beautiful and sad, and I am so ready to see what it means next season. I really hope Sam, Dean, and Cas are back together by the first episode of season 9 and they stay together.

    Comment by Mikaylah Roggasch – May 15, 2013 10:08 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • It definitely lived up to the Supernatural finale bar that was set in season 1. Too many thoughts, praises, questions, etc..

    Comment by shannon – May 15, 2013 10:26 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I loved the visuals of the Angels falling. Do the Angels have their powers? If not they are vulnerable to Demons etc..
    Men of Letters bunker was interesting how they have technology to track where the Angels fell. So sad Cas’ essence was used as the final part, but a nice twist. I thought the special effects at the end were spectacular. Great episode…
    Dean is right knowledge is power and obviously like anything knowledge can corrupt and be corrupted like in Metatron’s case.
    I figured the last trial’s sacrifice would have to mean Sam’s life. I guess the sacrifice in the end was not taking the easy road.

    One quip is everyone is always manipulating Cas for their own means and Cas never seems to learn

    I think Metatron was referring to a different tablet when he had the 3 to cast out all the Angels from Heaven, but did he cast himself out as well?
    That was cryptic “find me, and tell me a story”
    Kevin has the Angel/Heaven tablet so it might contain information and would mean Kevin is back.

    If SPN gets to season 10 and it will and they decide to not go beyond 10 like Smallville I really hope they have a bang out series finale when it comes and reunite all the Winchester/Campbell plan.

    Comment by shannon – May 15, 2013 10:38 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I was wondering about the Men of Letters bunker going bonkers too. Did the Men of Letters know that this might happen ( a prophecy or something) and that map thingie will help them find the fallen ones next season I guess

      Comment by Rebecca Veight – May 16, 2013 06:12 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • I just re-read my post and yes the Men of Letters are all about knowledge and knowledge is power and spat on those who called themselves hunters. I realized I used bunker and I am right the Men of Letters is a homebase built by people years ago to protect themselves in the event of a nuclear bomb or some other threat. The falling Angels were just like that a nuclear bomb and the scale has been tipped heavily in the wrong direction. What happens to all the souls in heaven? Heaven is now extremely vulnerable w/o Angels to defend it and who knows if Demons or other nasties can go upward now. Kevin has the tablet, so maybe it contains more than we thought and maybe another part of it or maybe another tablet is to be found to help the boys restore the Angels to heaven. The Angels fell yes, but they are not fallen like Lucifer rather they have been exiled.

        I just hope they do not use Sam in a way where he is the chosen one to purify the Angels to ascend back to heaven because that would be too much like the movie “Fallen”

        Comment by Shannon – May 16, 2013 09:30 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Sigh… Another lackluster finale… The only interesting thing was the last 3 minutes with the Sam-Dean speech and the angels falling from heaven. Everything else was just so typical. Quite sad seeing as this season was better than the past two and then you get this kind of finale that just ruined it.

    Comment by JJC (@GizmoAries93) – May 15, 2013 10:50 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I do have a few questions about Naomi that were left unanswered. Mostly why she had Cas kill Samendriel after rescuing him because he stated she was controlling them and he knew things he didn’t even know he knew.
    I liked the finale and it left a lot of questions etc

    Comment by fan – May 15, 2013 11:26 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Damn you!!! Creaking cliffhanger again???? Come on just once! Just once in the life of this series I want a finale without a cliffhanger!

    Comment by Eve – May 15, 2013 11:43 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • ahh but then it would not be Supernatural LOL

      Comment by fan – May 15, 2013 11:44 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Exactly.
        That is the best way to keep us all hooked to the show.

        Comment by Dan – May 16, 2013 11:14 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I try my best not to dig into the hyperbole barrel very often but I honestly think that was the best cliffhanger finale the show has ever done, meaning it falls just below the season 5 finale for me. That last act was absolutely fantastic.

    They set up so many possibilities for next year, including the direction I have been hoping the show would take: a hunting “family.” Sam, Dean, a human Cas trying to fit in, a redemption-seeking Crowley… Even Kevin looks to be sticking around and Charlie has grown into her own hunter-worthy character.

    Bravo to Carver and all the writers. They did something really special here. While I still enjoyed seasons 6 and 7, this is the season that got the show back on its track mythologically. And I think they’ve opened up a world of possibilities with this finale.

    Comment by Jeff Michael (@ZeoVGM) – May 16, 2013 12:22 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Yep a hunting family might be it with each having their own perspective, knowledge, skill set etc. Plus they have a home base to put everyone. Dean gets what he always wanted Sam for same in a way and that is to have a family may that it be a dysfunctional family, but still family. As for the season finale it is in the top 5 for sure, but no season finale to date has matched Season 1 and 3 in suspense, action story etc.. In my book those two finales are tied for the best SPN finales to date. There is still Abbadon who might become the next ruler of Hell. Did Sam cure Crowley, because Sam did not finish the trial so maybe Crowley is like Cas in season 4 he is toeing the line.

      Comment by fan – May 16, 2013 12:49 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I loved it also!! The final scene with the falling angels, and the effect it had on everything… including the batcave!!
    and i bawled my eyes out over Crowley and Sam and Dean moments, thank god they are back to their usual brotherly bond!!
    I really really hope that Crowley can keep in touch with his human side, as much as i love his smart *ss demeanor, his confession scene was touching!!
    Cant wait to see fallen angels stuck on earth, and season 9!! Xx

    Comment by Rogue – May 16, 2013 12:27 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I can’t wait to see Dean’s face when he finds out the Cas is now a human. His angel is now a human. I’m glad that Cas is gonna be in more episodes in season 9.

    Comment by Nicole – May 16, 2013 01:00 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • That was a really nice wrap-up to a really nice season. It’s nice to see the show hit some creative highs after the lows of the last couple seasons.

    Comment by Brooke – May 16, 2013 04:18 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I have theory to throw out and I hope I won’t be attacked too badly. Last season, when Sam and Dean found the Hell tablet it sent out an “alarm” of sort that was powerful enough to turn Kevin into Prophet Mode to start to search for it. You would think that something this powerful would also alert the being who buried it, Metatron. What if this alerted him and he came out of hiding to try and find out what was going on. By the time he caught up on everything, including the Winchesters, Dean and Cas had been sucked into Purgatory. Sam said he woke up and everyone was gone. What if Metatron hexed him with a slacker/apathy spell or something to make him not go after the tablet? This would explain why he didn’t look for Dean, the whole Amelia thing, the faulty memories, even the bad haircut. It wasn’t until he saw his brother actually in danger by the Hell Hound that he seemed to start getting back in the game. Maybe this is why Sam could find Metatron so easily. It would also explain how Metatron so quickly caught up and was able to manipulate Cas so easily. He already knew the whole story. Anyway just a theory I’ve been thinking about for a couple of weeks.

    Comment by Jane – May 16, 2013 05:10 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Nice theory although Kevin only became prophet mode after the shell surrounding the tablet was broken. I think there is more to Metatron b/c he is an Arch Angel and we know the Arch Angels are just as jerks as any demon. Sam was able to find him b/c of the trials. There must be more to the hotel where they found him as well b/c did you notate the front desk man/ picture on bookshelf?
      There must be more to the angel tablet than meets the eye b/c Cas stated he had to protect it from Angels and Dean, but never explains why. When Cas touched the tablet it sent the same lightening thing as when the Demon tablet was broken from its shell. Although we do not know why Metatron chose certain burial places for the tablets and why Angel proof them. We still do not know why Naomi wanted Cas to kill Dean.
      Looking back the Amelia stuff seemed to Staford wife like it was too perfect to be true.
      Even Lucifer as a fallen Angel had to take on a human host, but needed his true vessel to be at full power so hopefully they did not re-trigger the Apocalypse just in a different way. Metatron stated there were factions upon factions in heaven now that the Arch Angels are dead or locked up how did he know that if he kept off and muted the angel channel? How come the other Angels could not sense him because even in Human form they could sense Anna and she still hear them.
      Interesting thoughts though. I just hope they re-balance the show to be back to being about the two brothers and their bond while I like Kevin, Crowley, Cas etc I would prefer them to keep more to the background. I know being the only two characters and leads for many seasons must be taxing on Jensen and Jared, but they make the show and the show is really about them, their bond, family etc..

      Comment by Shannon – May 16, 2013 05:30 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Metatron is not an arch-angel. He even said it himself, to cas when he was explaining the “angel trials.” He was just a lowly angel, god had chosen to take down his word. As for the man in the hotel, he was granted eternal youth kinda for stories for metatron. They were offered as tribute, they explainesd that. As for remaining hidden, Anna wasn’t able to because she didn’t remember she was an angel.. metatron would have known how to stay offcthe radar, just as anna did once she got her memories and grace back. However i am curious to see how they explain the men of letters bunker, and sams situation after stopping the trials. Perhaps we may hear from John winchester this season :D

        Comment by phrost – June 3, 2013 10:34 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Except Metatron wasn’t or rather isn’t an arch angel. He even said it himself while telling castiel about the “angel trials.” That he was just a lowly angel god had chosen to write down his word. There were only 4 arch angels: micheal, lucifer, rapheal, and gabriel. The reason anna was so easily found was because she had no memory of being an angel, and couldnt control her ability to listen in on the angels. But after her memories came back and her grace returned she was able to alude the angels. As for the man at the hotel, he was granted eternal youth for paid tribute to metatron. The stories. However im pretty curious how they’re going to explain thr men of letters bunker. How they couldchave known something like that woukd have happened.

        Comment by phrost – June 3, 2013 10:54 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Don’t even know where to start with the awesomeness of this finale, up there with the killing Lilith opening hell finale. Best finale of the TV season so far by far.

    When they grabbed Crowley to “cure” him I yelled “I knew it” & clapped. I loved the idea of a grumpy Crowley complaining about being human. Mark Sheppard was an absolute delight as Crowley got in touch with his humanness, hope some of his humanity stays with him next season.

    When Dean said “What show have you been watching” I laughed so loud I think they heard me around the block. His face when he realized the Cupid couple were the 2 guy in the bar, priceless. Teared up when Sam said what he confessed to. Absolute awesome scene between the brothers. And the falling angels, so awesome, movie quality as someone wrote.

    When Metatron took Castiel’s essence I thought of that episode in the future where Castiel is a playboy kinda jerk & didn’t seem to be an angel anymore,we were wondering how could that be, is this how it happened? Is he human now? Where did Castiel end up, how will he find the brothers, will Sam still “purify” Are the fallen angels going to be like Lucifer? Will it be war on Earth. We will be talking about this finale till Season 9 starts at least.


    Comment by Rebecca Veight – May 16, 2013 05:58 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • The version of the future has changed, but in the future you are talking about where Lucifer rules, Cas was still an angel just he did not care anymore and found being a playboy etc better. Who know what will happen to Cas now that A. he is human and cannot defend myself B. what will happen to him once one of the fallen Angels find him?

      Here’s to season 9.

      Comment by Shannon – May 16, 2013 09:19 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I loved supernatural from way before the first ep aired, when it was still in the works, I thought it was an amazing idea. But after season 5 it severely lost the plot and went down some whacky whacky roads. I’m sorry but what they are trying to portray, the mythology they have created is just messed up. This whole season has been a waste, they did nothing, stopped no one. They now have Metatron, Crowley, Abbadon and Meg as villains. There’s no Bobby, Jo, Elen or anyone remotely on team Winchester. Its ridic. I hope that The CW uses their brains and tells the EPs that season 9 is the last season and they should prepare for the end already.

    Comment by Shuayb – May 16, 2013 06:08 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Meg is dead? Kevin, Cas and Charlie are team Winchester? They have a bunker now, and all of the angels have fallen? Wacky doesn’t have an ‘h’ in it? I could go on.

      Comment by erin – May 16, 2013 06:21 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • So basically you want fantasy land where no one dies? Charlie, Castiel, and Kevin are all team Winchester. And no, this season was not a waste. You can’t just criticize something without knowing the full story. Season 8 was the basis upon which storylines leading up to the end of a 10th season will build up. Not to mention that Supernatural also has a heavy focus on the episode to episode singular cases, which this season delivered magnificently. All of your arguments are invalid.

      Comment by Jay – May 16, 2013 07:37 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Also, you seem to think Meg is going to be a problem for the Winchesters, which means that you have clearly not seen this season in its entirety and thus have no grounds to base your argument upon.

      Comment by Jay – May 16, 2013 07:40 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Go on Erin this person has obviously stopped watching since 3 seasons ago (Jo is dead, now you realized?) & just saw the finale & has no idea what is going on. People if you think a show should of ended years ago, then stop watching it or don’t gripe about when it will finish.

    Comment by Rebecca Veight – May 16, 2013 06:29 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I harken back to Season 1 when Dean went to get Sam to bring him back into the game. At that time they were family that trusted and relied unquestionably upon each other. That got lost over time and I am glad that finally at the end of Season 8 the brothers finally have recaptured the trust and reliance that got lost along the way. it is going to make for a very strong team next season, at the top of their game.

    We are sort of left in the dark as to why God would have Metatron write down what we have seen take place so far. Why trials that would kill Sam? Why shut his spiritual children out of heaven? I believe that the tablets are a long way from being revealed in all their glory. Even Kevin by his own admission is a long way from finishing the demon tablet and doesn’t even know how to start on the angel one. I look for his help to be utilized a lot in Season 9. Believe me, there is a lot more in those tablets than anyone realizes.

    The fact that the Men of Letters had an alarm to sound when the angels were kicked out of heaven and showing where they were landing tells me that this society was aware that this was going to happen. One or more of our heroic team will find something in these archives that helps them with dealing with this mess, maybe even restoring Castiel’s grace. Everytime Cas goes down, he comes back stronger, whether he is resurrected or what. God is taking a keen interest in what he and the boys are doing and thus (just remember how Castiel made it known to Zechariah that it was God that put the boys on that plane when Lucifer was released).

    I look for next season to hold a lot of surprises. I wouldn’t be shocked if Crowley became an asset for use rather than a total enemy, since of course he is broken and also on Abaddon’s hit list.

    Humans are still able to enter heaven, since Metatron told Cas to find him when he dies and comes back. So there is a way to get to Metatron. You just have to die first and then go after him in heaven. How they will fight him, I haven’t a clue, but I bet it involves something else on those tablets and I wouldn’t be surprised to see God step in, even if it might be in a minor way, much the way he has done in the past.

    I feel like the Lucifer storyline is worn out, but if it becomes possible to release Michael from the pit, he would be able to go up against Metatron. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Death make a reappearance, with information helpful to the cause.

    The point is, we have been given enough information to know that there are a number of storylines that can be pursued. With a simple way to get into heaven, I look for Castiel and possibly the brothers to use Death to get them up there, just a lot sooner than Metatron counted on. With the evident knowledge the Men of Letters have on the event that has taken place ( they expected it right, or there wouldn’t be an alarm for such an event) I believe that somewhere in that bunker is a solution that can be put into action even if it means that our heroes have to die to get into heaven. If they do, we know that God will bring them back. He does everytime. Add to this anything that kevin can glean for them ( since I believe that he will play a bigger part next season) and I am confident that there is a way to fix this little spell of Metatron’s. And I look for Castiel to get back powers, and not just his old powers, but new and improved ones like when he came back to save Dean and Bobby at the pit. Every time he comes back he is more and more powerful.

    I have one problem with a portion of the show and it seemed as if it was on its way to getting better with this last episode. Dean is always griping about Castiel and bragging about how much he and Sam has done for Cas, and as a result he puts Cas down and always puts Castiel’s needs last. Well he needs to remember that Castiel has been their most important tool over the years and without him they couldn’t have gotten where they are. Castiel’s intentions are good and Dean needs to realize this and give Cas more respect and help him out more even if it means sacrifice. Cas deserves that. So I would like to see Dean lighten up on him a little and it seemed like that was starting with this last episode.

    Well these are just a few thoughts I had after digesting last night’s finale.I hope that nobody is too hard on me with criticism. I am probably wrong about most of this but I figured it was good conversation starters.

    Oh, and let us never forget that Sam and Dean have met and Cas tried to kill the little boy that was half demon and half human. Remember how Dean told him he would be great in a fight. Remember how he was told by Sam that he was the most powerful being that they had run into. What if they brought him back to help with this ultimate fight? He had the power, as Cas said, to destroy the armies of heaven with the snap of his fingers. He was a good kid. How great would it be to have him and his power right about now? But that would make things too easy I suppose.

    Comment by Tom – May 16, 2013 06:35 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • remember, supernatural is written and based on the mythology of good and evil, with the foundation of the Bible–we all must have faith—take that leap of faith–through the free will given to us by God–the one God, good will win over evil. Kripke used from the beginning a family that would fight for good, no matter the evil thrown at them. This finale, is bringing us back to a unity of mission for the Winchester’s–with more help to win this fight. And Metatron is not a archangel–oh, he wanted to be, but God chose wisely. He is a pretender in heaven, which God will not allow. The next two seasons will be dramatic, tragic, but above all, I think will aim to restore faith. I anticipate good things from our boys—-hurry up September-October ’13.

    Comment by wootie88 – May 16, 2013 08:30 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • For a minute I thought Crowley was faking it because I just don’t trust him.
    I just found the short conversation between Cas and the bartender hilarious.
    We have seen a human Cas before, boy that was something.

    Comment by Rue – May 16, 2013 09:12 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • This show is gonna turn into Supernaturl Pokemon. Gotta find all the graces and catch em all!

    Comment by Joshua Paul Hawkins – May 16, 2013 09:55 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • This last season did have its ups and downs, but the season finale was awesome. It was probably one of the best episodes of the series.
    I have to say that I have never been so drawn-up into a show like it. But Supernatural for some unknown reason, is probably my favorite show of all times. It has definitely become a central part of my life.
    I know the show will not last forever, but I can’t imagine tv without it. I can hardly wait for each new show and don’t even miss the re-runs. I have been so drawn into it, the characters seem almost real. Whenever the show stops running, I know I will be totally devastated, and I wonder who will be out there in the dark, protecting all of us.
    To everyone involved with the production of the series… you are top notch, and all of you should be very proud of your efforts.
    Thank you.

    Comment by Mitch – May 16, 2013 10:28 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Totally off base, but I was watching Psych last night and could not place where I had seen Kurt Fuller (aka Woody on the show) before. So, I looked up the actor and gosh he played Zachariah on SPN how funny and 2 very different characters. Same with when I saw Mark Sheppard on W13 and yelled oh look its Crowley. Sorry just thought it was funny.

    Comment by Shannon – May 16, 2013 10:30 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Supernatural has slowly restored my faith during season 8 and the finale was mind-blowing. The ending was very inspired. Wow.

    Comment by John – May 16, 2013 10:45 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Just realized Crowley is not cured completely thus probably still has his powers, but he also has humanity too, so he will probably toe the line and help the boys like Cas had done in seasons past. I agree Carver has opened the show to many different possibilities. One thing that irked me a little was Dean being kind of a jerk to Sam and telling him what to confess and past mistakes. I felt that was a little unnecessary.

    Comment by Shan – May 16, 2013 10:50 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Just reading the posts someone mention the technology in the bunker going wonky, so the Men of Letters thought it could happen and prepared hence gathering all their knowledge to one place for safe keeping and interesting it was in the form of the WW2 style bunker. I agree with someone else’s post that Lucifer’s time is in the past, but springing Michael would be interesting just hope Adam would not return. I realized that Metatron used a spell to cast out the Angels and not the trials which means there is something we have not seen yet. So far each prophet has different skill set hence Chuck got visions esp visions of the Winchesters and wrote it down. Kevin has no visions, but can read the tablets. Crowley stated his half of the demon tablet only stated info about the author so hopefully that will come into play next season of what Metatron is or was like. Metatron loves stories..
      Wouldn’t the tablet state the sacrafice would mean death to the person? So it seems like the demon tablet is completely analyzed and now its the Angel tablet that needs to be deciphered next.
      Looking forward to season 9.

      Comment by Shan – May 16, 2013 11:49 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Just a theory, but I think when Kevin was alone in the bunker and everything started going haywire, that it is was God returning to his prophet. I noticed they added a lot to his character in that episode, almost like they are building up to a role in series 9.

    Comment by God – May 16, 2013 10:50 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Why did I read some comments that season 9 will be the last of Supernatural? Where did they even get that information? LOOOOOVED THE DARK STORYLINE IT WAS A GREAT EPISODE.

    One thing that Jeremy seems to have forgotten is what Kripke said once, that he tries to keep the show as realistic as possible, I mean we never saw these kind of special effect before season 7 and I gotta say that this is what I think of when they go overload on special effects. (Angels falling down was the best thing I have ever seen in a tv show)

    Comment by Kreshb – May 16, 2013 11:39 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I read an article that Carver is setting up so it will take SPN to at least season 10 and the current CW president stated it would love to keep it around longer if wanted to. I think their budget was upped so we got more of the special effects, but I also remembered Kripke saying he liked using less special effects and letting the viewer use the imagination and that the less seen is more scary but the angels falling was interesting. They use the same song for all the finales I like it, but I want them to put more songs back into the episodes. Kripke also stated he would never introduce Angels etc either, but he changed his mind. Here is thought about the Angels falling maybe they will interact with humans like Cas did with the Winchesters and see what humanity is all about and change their tune like Cas did.

      Comment by Shan – May 16, 2013 11:56 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • What is the moral of this finale? Never trust any character who once went by the name “Booger”. #CurtisArmstrong/Metatron/Booger

    Comment by Kimberly – May 16, 2013 12:48 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • As the angels entered earth, their WINGS BURNED AND FELL OFF. They are human. That was the whole point of Metatron’s plan. I think Cass gets his powers back immediately in the first episode of season 9. I think they are forced to spring Michael and/ or Lucifer to clean up the mess. Will Lucifer be Pellegrino? Who knows, but I do know that Metatron, AKA, BOOGER, will be the big bad guy in season 9. Abadon will play a huge role as an opponent of Crowley, and while the boys hate Crowley, Abadon in charge would be much worse. After all, Crowley is an opportunist and capitalist, while Abadon is a Luciferian loyalist demon knight who is unafraid of the Winchesters. Sam will be just fine as well. In the first 10 minutes of season 9, he will be cured. Crowley is half cured, so it’s possible he becomes an aide to Sam and Dean once Abadon takes over Hell….oops…

    Comment by Matthew Joachim – May 16, 2013 01:45 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Ok – noone has even mentioned the lovely and fabulous Kim Rhodes brief apperance! Loved it! Just hope Jodi is alive, talk about a date from hell!

    Loved the finale, looking forward to next season!

    Comment by Kim – May 16, 2013 04:50 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I kind of sum it up like this probably points from other people but some of my own:

    Castiel looses his grace. This meaning he may or may not get it back but it takes out the element of him being a gigantic role in fighting. He will find his way to sam and dean and figure out the mess.

    Sam is fine he will be messed up for awhile just like rehab from demon blood but he will be ok.

    Dean is going to be well dean and try to fix everything.

    Crowley might become an ally.

    Abadon is going to try to become the leader of hell and take crowleys place.

    Metatron will be the main villain and will have to be stopped.

    Bobby seems to be hinted at coming back. Maybe as a fallen angel.

    The plot looks to be about fixing the angel war and reopening heaven. We are in for a show everyone so brace yourselves for this one and remember no matter what carry on.

    Comment by Cas – May 16, 2013 08:12 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • so I don’t know if any one mentioned this but every time we see an angel its because they are in a vessel which means somebody said yes …so are we to assume that every angel has a vessel lined up or did some angels fall to earth without a vessel the reason I bring this up is Michael needed dean and Lucifer need sam which means not I think that not every angel in heaven is in a vessel but rather their true form cas said his true form is the size of the Chrysler building so my question is what happen to the angels without vessels

    Comment by unknown – May 16, 2013 10:59 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Hopefully humans pray for possession b/c I remembered Cas stated in season 4 that demons can forcibly possess human where as Angels have to be invited. Cas stated the human form he took prayed for possession and was very devout to his faith. Should be an interesting season 9.

      Comment by SPN Fan – May 16, 2013 11:05 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Okay I liked the season finale but did not think it was one of the best. I actually wanted Marv to be a good guy, so we could have two great teams- sam and dean, cas and marv- I think it would have made for wonderful comedy and drama to compare and contrast them. I also wanted Naomi to continue to be a villain, as she had been all season, there was some break in continuity there. Also, since the winchesters keep dying and coming back to life, dean shouldnt have been so concerned with sam dying, as he should know he would somehow be brought back again and sam should have gone through with the trial, made crowley human and died (would make for great drama and comedy for next season to have sam gone for a little while and dean and crowley partner up haha- saw this for a little while in season 5 when they went looking for pestilence.) btw I loved the special effects- it reminded me of the Leonid Meteor Storm (I’m sure that was the inspiration)- the only things I do not like about this series is how they mock people who believe in aliens (please, aliens are way more likely than a socalled god- dont mock the Xfiles) and how the demean deities of other cultures (my fictitious religion is better than your fictitious religion, really?!) Besides those two sore points, it’s a great series, mostly because of the acting and writing!

    Comment by Alex Reynolds – May 17, 2013 03:09 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I hope im not jumping too far but it seems that the Winchesters are going to be the rep of heaven and hell after all. Just like the way they gear season 1-5. Dean doing tings for the angels and Sam always tied up with hell. See the semblance? The writers have been opening hell for 5 season now if im right. And its time for the angels to roam earth. While the demons wants to be free from hell, the angels are forced out.And i dont assume that this fallens would be normal at all just mortal. this should be fun plot for the writers.

    I though while watching, that there would be a shift of power both on heaven and hell, Abbadon and Methatron. That would be interesting as hell. While Crawley and Naomi are both very human but not powerless helps Dean and Sam to set things right.

    for 2 past season im wanting a storyline that would gear up the the appointments, alas Carver is back and what he done for this season will surely refuel the show.

    Comment by gatz – May 17, 2013 07:34 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I thought this episode was Great! I can’t wait for the summer to be over I want to know what happens. ensen, Jared, Mark and Misha deserve awards their acting was amazing.

    Comment by Katie – May 17, 2013 09:58 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Great season and great finale. Its so nice to see Supernatural getting better under Jeremy Carver after the last 2 seasons which were kind of disappointing.

    Comment by Amber – May 17, 2013 06:45 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Based on the comments of CW execs this series might be going past season 10 haha- I think that would make it the longest lasting sci fi/fantasy series of all time?

    Comment by Alex Reynolds – May 17, 2013 11:09 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • It would certainly make it the longest TV Show to run on the CW for sure. Yes, i read the same comments that you did about the execs and it seems like they are not letting SPN go anywhere anytime soon. It is a big draw even for re-runs on TNT.

      Comment by SPN Fan – May 18, 2013 12:36 AM PDT  Reply To This Post

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