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How I Met Your Mother Final Season Scoop: [Spoiler] Will Meet the Mother First

Something NewWell, another mother of a mystery has been solved, just days after CBS’ How I Met Your Mother raised the curtain on the titular lady.

Series cocreator Carter Bays previously revealed that as HIMYM unspools its ninth and final season, viewers will become “much better” acquainted with Cristin Milioti’s bass-playing cutie — whom we first and briefly laid eyes on at the close of the Season 8 finale — as the show tells “the epic story of the longest wedding weekend ever.”

VIDEO | How I Met Your Mother: Watch the Finale’s Big Mother Reveal

CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler has now confirmed for TVLine that Season 9’s entire run will, in fact, span the wedding weekend and just the wedding weekend, as the comedy details “how each character, before Ted, meets the mother. So, they each meet her independently before he does.”

Hopefully, she makes a good first impression on each!

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Milioti — whose casting was kept top-secret using fake episode titles and a largely closed set during taping — is familiar to New York theatergoers as the breakout star of the acclaimed musical Once.

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  1. Eric says:

    I think everyone needs to re-read the title of the show…. “How I MET Your Mother” not “how I feel in love with your mother” or “how I dated your mother” or “how I proposed to your mother” Lets give the new season a chance, before we start judging.

    • Allison says:

      I agree. I always knew it would end at this night and was shocked when we saw the mother, but they were put in a corner with CBS not giving them notice to break the season as the final season. This is Ted’s tale to being the person and all the things and moments that led him to her. I will also give it a chance.

  2. Mr. John says:

    Have faith. You do not know the entire plan, just a brief description. I’m not going to judge until I see the execution.

  3. Gone says:

    Meh. Wasn’t a fan of Sleepless in Seattle and now after 8 years, HIMYM reveals it’s doing the same. Who knew the title of the show was actually a warning to viewers? Hope Sepinwall keeps reviewing because I’ll read what he has to say rather than waste any more time watching the show.

  4. This is one of the wrost idea ever, what a waste of what could have been a wonderful farewell season

    • Christine says:

      Tell me about it. If that was their plan for final season, I wish they would’ve ended the show in season 8.

  5. Alex says:


    I’m pretty surprised that they want to use the ENTIRETY of season 9 to deal with the wedding. I’ve tried going over all of the cliffhangers and can’t make sense of how they’ll stretch it out that far. I’m going to go over all of the ones mentioned in the season finale, and hopefully you’ve seen it if you are on this page but…


    Episode 1: Everyone arrives at the wedding locale and acts awkward around each other because of their secrets and hesitation tot reveal them. The mother is glimpsed in passing probably (no real interaction with any main characters)

    Episode 2: One of the cliffhangers will be revealed, more than likely Marshall reveals his receiving the offer of being a judge and that he accepted it.

    Episode 3: Lily is mad at Marshall and avoids him for most of the episode, only to reunite and work out their issue at the end. At some point in the middle, Lily (or Marshall) talks to the mother.

    Episode 4: Ted tries to decide what to do with the locket and tries to resolve his feelings for Robin and his loyalty to Barney. The two argue and fight at the end of the episode.

    Episode 5: To stretch it out, Ted figures out what to do with the locket and gives it to Barney to give to Robin after seeing the two resolve their issues. Barney talks to the mother about his fight with Ted at some point.

    Episode 6: We catch up to where we left off with the wedding in previous seasons, and Ted (and later the mother) convinces her to not have cold feet, and that Barney truly loves her, in the process finally resolving his feelings for Robin.

    Episode 7: The physical wedding occurs.

    Episode 8: Wedding Reception Part 1: Lots of fun to be had, glimpses of the mother happen, at the end, Ted somehow reveals he’s moving to Chicago.

    Episode 9: Wedding Reception Part 2: Everyone tries to convince Ted not to move to Chicago. At some point, Marshall meets with the mother, who helps him with his issues with Ted moving.

    Episode 10: Wedding Reception Part 3 / Train Platform: Ted is sitting at the train platform about to head back to the city before he moves to Chicago, the mother arrives later, and Ted looks up and sees her. Maybe she loses her umbrella which leads into…

    Episode 11: Ted and the Mother’s first meeting.


    Even if they somehow stretch it out further than that with interlude episodes and whatnot, I can’t see them making it past the winter hiatus much less November sweeps.

    Too long: Didn’t Read: I can’t see how they are stretching the meet out over 24 episodes, but hopefully they know what they are doing.

  6. masha says:

    I think this sounds exciting and different. They must have a really good plan for the last season to take such a risk. At least watch it before judging!

  7. Allison says:

    I had a feeling this will happen. I bet even Ted’s Mom shows up at the wedding and meets her – I bet they all say “She’d be great for ted” and finally one of them tries to get him to meet “someone” and he won’t hear of it and goes to the train station and later finds out SHE was the girl they all knew was right for her. lol.

    This now makes THREE shows next year where the entire run will take place over one night.

  8. Becca says:

    I don’t know why everyone is so upset. They have been using Barney and Robin’s wedding as a framing device for the last few seasons, so it is already the longest wedding weekend ever. The wedding isn’t going to be all episode, every episode. This is HIMYM, the show of many flashbacks and flash forwards, so hopefully we will get to see what the mother has been up to prior to meeting Ted. I’m intrigued!

    • Allison says:

      I agree. I bet we see the future a lot.

    • Joe says:

      While I agree that what the Mother’s been up to would make an interesting tale, I’ve watched THESE five characters all these years and have seen them grow and change. If the creators want me to spend a year watching two days out of their lives and getting to know and caring about the gang of “How I Met Your Father”, they’ve overestimated their ability to keep me interested.

  9. Little Scarf Girl says:

    Wasn’t it Cindy that suggested the mother’s band to play at the wedding?

    And as some others have suggested, it’s highly likely that this is merely the framing device, and the storylines will be from the past, present, and future. What better way to close out HIMYM than to bounce all over from where they’ve come, and show us glimpses of where they will end up? And I agree with whoever suggested that others may have already met the mother before. Barney could very well have seen here at the St. Patty’s day party.

  10. jc says:

    I like HIMYM, I do. I’ve watched it since day 1. But the show has gotten to be too much in the past few seasons. The characters have consistently become more insane and over-the-top over the course of the series. I understand character development, I understand progressions over an 8 year span, but if you compare the personalities of season 1 to season 8, it’s like all the characters have taken crazy pills. Even comparing season 4 to season 8. The idea to devote the entire season to a single wedding weekend that will likely culminate in Ted speaking to the mother, it’s an idea, it’s different, but I think in the timeline of this show, has come a little too late. Should’ve been done a couple seasons ago. Yes, I know it’s How I MET Your Mother, not How I Met, Dated and Eventually Married Your Mother. Thank you for spelling the show title out for me. But if the ultimate plan from the creators was to be that literal to end the series, that’s a little shoddy in my opinion. I think the creators should/should have given viewers the satisfaction of seeing some courting/dating from the couple before the end of the show and to understand their relationship and why they are meant to be. The show just needs to end, and I’m glad it is after this season. Really, the world just needs to hurry up and send Cobie Smulders over to S.H.I.E.L.D. to play Maria Hill.

    • This.

      I think the concept is intriguing, and it is definitely ambitious… I just wish the concept of having an entire season revolve around 56 hours was done EARLIER and not in the final, resolving season. As I had mentioned in a comment, this would have been really interesting in season 7 or 8, but I’m just disappointed this is being done as the final chapter.

      The writers have all the right in the world to end with a Bob Saget voiceover saying “And that, kids, is How I Met Your Mother.”… if they wanted the most predictable, inane ending in sitcom history.

  11. Kre says:

    People calm down, it might not be the best idea, but if they are able to pull this of it could go down as the best season of the series. Also to the people claiming they are not watching the final season, if your a true fan to the show and watched from the beginning, love it or hate it, you’ll eventually watch the final season.

    One more point, I think this season might be similar to the episode of Marshall and Lily’s house warming party. Remember the entire episode happened in a span of 5 minutes, but was broken down room by room.

    • Mike R. says:

      Don’t use that episode as analogy, it makes me worried since that was IMO the worst episode of season 7, nonetheless I’m cautiously optimistic about season 9, and I think they can pull this off if they show Miloti on a regular basis interacting with the gang.

    • hoping season 9 works out okay says:

      The Burning Beekeeper! I just saw this episode in syndication last night. I was laughing so hard. That last scene, where Barney has to decide whether to stay in the room with the crazy neighbor post-romantic rendezvous, or run out into a house full of bees. Guess which option he chose? LEGENDARY! Barney – you rock out bro!

  12. lisa says:

    Hopefully the ratings tank for the premiere and they realize this idea is not what ANYONE wants. Have some respect for the fans that have been watching for 8 YEARS already and give us a chance to fall in love with the girl of teds dreams. We deserve it

    • hoping season 9 works out okay says:

      I think we have to try to better understand what Bays/Thomas are trying to do – we got a bit of a hint with the final two episodes – Something Old, Something New. I think they want to slow things down a bit and still have details regarding the Ted-Robin-Barney triangle that they want to work out – more story there to tell. Maybe that’s telling us something – perhaps the storyline of ‘the mother’ is not quite as important as the storytelling of Ted-Robin-Barney. That’s my guess. The wedding (Robin-Barney) will be stretched to many episodes because Bays/Thomas have a good deal to tell regarding that event and how that sets up Ted to meet ‘the mother’. That event is important to wrapping up this series.

      As far as telling the love story of Ted and the girl of his dreams and spending more time on it – we all need to try to come to terms with this. We just saw eight years of that story of Ted and the girl of his dreams. That’s done. That story is different than the story of Ted and the woman he eventually marries – the mother of his kids. The girl of his dreams and the mother of his children are two different people. That’s what we have now…re-watch the last two episodes (Something New/Old) – it’s all there. The focus remains on Ted-Robin-Barney storyline via the expanded wedding episodes – that’s there for a reason.

      We need to have faith and trust in Bays/Thomas that they know what they are doing – they’ll get this right for fans in season 9; we just need to be patient and give them a chance to tell their story.

  13. Irene says:

    Please people! Just relax! Why is it that you are already slagging off the whole thing when it hasn’t even played out yet? Don’t judge a book solely by it’s cover. Give it a chance. I, for one, completely trust the writers, specifically Bays and Thomas, that they’ll execute it well.

  14. TM says:

    Well, I think it will be interesting how the season plays out, but I would like to remind everyone that we will probably see significant interactions between ted and the mother. The creators and CBS entertainment president assure us that the season will be about the longest wedding weekend ever, and we know from 8×24 that Ted is supposed to leave on Sunday night, but interestingly enough from Band or DJ we know that the wedding is may 25th which is a Saturday and that Ted actually leaves that night as shown in Farhampton. (Note in both band or dj and farhampton it is shown that at the reception it is raining and that at the station it is raining Ted is dressed in the exact same clothes as he was in the reception and as he was when we talked to Robin before the wedding). So, what we can assume is that something happens at the wedding (especially with the bandage on ted’s hand) that causes Ted to leave on Saturday night instead of Sunday night and eventually what leads to him meeting the mother. Now here’s the kicker, the plan for season 9 is about the wedding weekend. However, the wedding is on Saturday, that means Sunday is the day after the wedding and that the wedding weekend includes this Sunday if Ted presumably meets the mother on a Saturday night, and sunday is included is part of the wedding weekend then we can reason that Sunday will focus heavily on Ted and the mother meeting and getting to know each other.

    Also, there will definitely be a least one flash forward in the season, why? theslapbetcountdown.com puts the next slap on Tuesday, Nov 19, which obviously takes place long after the wedding.

    • jh says:

      in the episode it says “56 hours before the wedding”, so barney’s and robin’s wedding would be on sunday at 6 pm, and not on saturday
      but I think, that it doesn’t count down to barney’s and robin’s wedding, but on ted’s wedding…

      • You’re thinking Ted Mosby elopes with the Mother the day after his best friend marries the former love of his life?

        I’m curious because that’s actually an interesting angle.

        • danielespejo says:

          That is not Ted’s character at all. He isn’t going to br running off on a ‘rebound’ to elope. This is the most romantic character on TV.

          As for season 9, I am hesitant like many others and unsure about how we can possibly fall in love with the mother in just one weekend. But this is a team of writers, directors and actors that brought us: Drumroll, Please(s1e13) ; come on (s1e22); ten sessions (s3e13); the final page(s8e11/12); and many others. I have to believe they will bring that talent to the final season. If Teds first moments with his wife are anything like his first with Victoria, or as legendary as when Barney proposed to Robin, we’re In for one helluva ride.

          • jh says:

            I think this would fit quite well into his character. Because he was also very spontaneous with his wedding with Stella. He also told Robin that he loved her, shortly after the met. And we also don’t know his behavior in a relationship with “The One”.

          • Taneem says:

            But considering how his spontaneous “I love you” to Robin worked out (he is attending her wedding – to Barney), and considering how smoothly the hijacked wedding with Stella worked out (she ended up getting married – to her ex-husband), and considering how neatly his kidnapping of Victoria worked out (he ditched her – for Robin?), it would seem that Ted Mosby should have learned his lesson to NOT be so spontaneous. He’s been spontaneous before, and it has bombed on him. With Robin, with Stella, with Zoey, with Victoria (dude’s broken a lot of relationships…). If he does the SAME thing with the Mother – meets her, instantly falls in love, possibly elopes – that means, for eight seasons, we haven’t seen growth but an extended “try and try again” scenario.

  15. Amanda says:

    A whole season about the wedding weekend sounds stupid. – And boring! I want the whole deal, Ted and the mother as a couple, not strangers.

  16. Julie says:

    Why not have some faith? They are the kings of flash forwards and flash backs. Just because it’s the wedding weekend doesn’t mean it’s going to all about that.

    Ted falling in love with her isn’t the goal of the show. The show was about Ted and his journey to meet her. He’s a hopeless romantic and now he’s given up on love. Lets see how these next 56 hours or so will change him. His love for the mother is evident from every episode and how he speaks about every relationship and person he has ever met. And quite honestly, trying to capture Ted and the mother’s perfect love and chemistry on screen will be an extremely hard task, where more fans will be disappointed with the result than never have seeing it. Give it a chance before you knock it. If you don’t watch, good for you. I for one will not miss a minute, even if I turn out to not like the gimmick.

    As for Barney and Robin, if it weren’t for the addition of robin into their lives, none of this would have happened and Ted wouldn’t even have any story to tell; he’d be in a vanilla marriage to someone like Victoria and never experience true love.

    • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

      Thank you – finally someone hits the nail on the head. Robin continues to be the catalyst – as you noted, without Robin, Ted’s character is a blank slate. Without Robin added to this original foursome, none of this would have happened in Ted’s life. Her entry into his life was the game changer, helping him to redefine himself, question things and his belief in ‘the universe guiding him’, the whole works. It woke him up.

      I know fans are not going to like this, but the Robin-Ted relationship is still as critical (even this late in the game) as the eventual Mother-Ted relationship. And from here on, anything with Robin, means Barney as well. That’s the path that leads to ‘the Mother.’ So, we’re gonna get a lot more of the Robin-Barney wedding because that’s a key, defining moment in this series and how Ted finally ‘meets’ the mother.

      I think we’ll see a change in Ted as well from here on in S9 – he’s not ‘Universe Guy’ anymore – that didn’t work. He’s not looking for the ‘girl of his dreams’ anymore – he found her, it didn’t work out. He’s looking to grow up and find a wife like Marshall found – someone his equal looking to get on with her life. If she is in Chicago, terrific. If she is on a train platform in Farhampton, that’s great. Post Robin-Barney wedding, it’s time to get on with his life and go find someone different than Robin – that’s where the Mother comes in. It’s all in the timing.

      We’ve all got to make a pivot here to keep up with where Bays/Thomas are taking this story – the ‘love at first sight, gee whiz’, that’s done. That’s not going to happen. Ted tried that over and over – it didn’t work out. We know he saw the Mother at the wedding, and yet, he’s still heading out to Chicago at Farhampton. We know that from S8.1/Farhampton. So, he didn’t fall head over heels in love-at-first-sight with the mother at the wedding. He did that ‘love-at-first-sight’ w/Robin – those days are gone, he’s growing up. If he gets his mind focused on finding a wife, someone sensible who is an easier match for him than Robin, get’s that mindset going, then it will fall into place for him, and the casting of Cristin Milioti makes much more sense in that scenario. A different type of woman than Robin – more of a Lily type, the marrying type, the no-globe-trekking, stay at home type, the mothering type.

      I think that’s where Bay/Thomas are taking this story, and we need to jump on board for the ride. With or without us, that train is leaving the station now for Season 9 – I’ve come this far, and I’m not jumping off now – I’m going to hang on and be on board, no matter what.

      • So HIMYM isn’t this epic romance, as we thought, but just another ho-hum tale with good storytelling abilities?

        • j says:

          Clearly, you didn’t read what either person wrote and just saw what you wanted. Ted’s journey is nothing but a romantic story, but its also about self discovery for him. We know they’re happy and fall in love, it’s a tale of how he became ready for what his heart has always wanted. Sometimes the greatest love stories are about someone finally deciding they’re ready for it. Not everything has to be about gazing into each others eyes and making cute jokes to fall in love. The journey is far more significant, especially in this case.

      • JR says:

        Well said.

      • JohnB says:

        Ahem…if you recall it was Lilly and Marshall’s wedding that gave Ted a wake up call. I think Ted wants Robin again because she is in a happy relationship with Barney just like Lilly is with Marshall. Wasn’t there a season finale where Ted actualized the end of his relationship with Robin. So why are we beating this dead horse again.
        Plus if Ted busts up the wedding you can paint snidely whiplash moustache on him because he will be the villain up to his old self-centered antics.
        Actually I think one of the creator/writers can’t let the Ted/Robin thing go because they have to keep kicking themselves for not casting Robin as the mother. Please…Get over it.

        • L says:

          Hey John B. try reading. No one here suggested Ted and Robin would be together. The point was she’s the catalyst for all of the story he’s telling his kids. So read please before you comment. And casting Cobie as the mom would have been bad given the mom was going to be in at most one season. How silly that would have been. So in your words, get over yourself and learn to analyze and read into plots and comments made here.

          • JohnB says:

            Hey L…Count the number of references here (and other forums) that want Robin to be the mother. It’s not out of the realm of possibility given what the writers have done in the past. Hey doctor’s have been wrong before about women being able to have kids.
            Secondly, it was one of the creators who said that Robin would have been the perfect mother and they made a happy mistake by casting her as Robin because she worked out so well there too.
            There was an episode where Ted actualized the end of his relationship with Robin, and he even told the Kids, but here we are again spinning our wheels with another Ted and Robin melodrama.
            Hey L…How many times have Ted and Robin been a couple…or has Ted been twisted up over her…he even dumped Victoria for her.

          • JohnB says:

            “No end will make me happier than Robin being the mother. That’s all.”
            Comment by Eduardo – May 20, 2013 08:52 AM PDT Reply To This Post

            Just a small sample L…

          • JohnB says:

            Exhibit B: “the mother could be another person, but Ted has to finish the show with Robin”.
            Comment by fabmeq – May 20, 2013 12:25 PM PDT

          • L says:

            Then reply to a thread that actually makes those comments. The comments in this little thread aren’t related. That’s my point.

  17. Williard J. Rothenbergermansteinowitzbergeronson IV says:

    Probably the biggest question no one’s asked yet…

    Does Marshall have any more slaps left from the slap bet? I’m not 100% but I thought he had 1 left. They should give him a season-long arc about trying to figure out the perfect timing for the last slap, during Barney’s vows, after Barney and Robin are declared husband and wife, during the ceremony or during the reception? Would be more enjoyable than him trying to decide whether or not to go to take the judge job (which we all know he’s going to take).

  18. Amanda M. says:

    I stopped watching this show months ago, it has been too much filler episodes lately. I’m glad I stopped now. And I’m probably wrong about this, but How I Met Your Mother could be the lowest rated on the network and they would probably still keep it on the air being it is the final season… probably due to some contract stipulation or something.

    And I don’t agree with those of you saying that this is a story of how Ted met the mother and it isn’t a big deal that the audience gets to know her. With that logic, Lily and Marshall getting married and having a child, Robin and Barney’s relationships with others, college flashbacks, “The Playbook” etc etc… were all mostly irrevelent to the series. Just because it is called “How I Met Your Mother” doesn’t mean the story has to end with them meeting.

  19. Carrie says:

    Prepare for a season full of continuity errors. This sounds like hell for the crew.

  20. Mark says:

    For all of you “The sky is falling!” people on here, chill out. The producers and writers tested the heck out of Josh Radnor with Milioti. They’ll show their relationship develop with flashforwards, provide comedy through inside jokes via flashbacks- as usual, and tie up every character’s story via flashforwards. Even when HIMYM has been a bit “off” it has still remained one of the best shows on TV, have some faith in Carter & Bays to wrap everything up and send the series off the way it deserves.

  21. Mike R. says:

    Now, I’m still not sure how I feel about this idea, but I’m not going to bash it like everyone else until I see a few episodes, but there is no one I am giving up on the show when I’m so close to the finish line. I am thrilled with the fact that the rest of the gang is meeting the mother first, it is always what I thought they would do, and I’m happy about that. I’m going to wait and see, who knows this could turn out great.

  22. Shar says:

    I think this will be an interesting season and a good way to end the show. I just wonder how they’ll actually do this in the span of 24 episodes.

  23. Kowala says:

    The finale of season 8 finally piece it together!

    Robin cant have children, but still in love with Ted. She calls off the wedding, ends up with Ted and eventually wanna have kids so they adopt those 2 kids from that yellow umbrella girl.

    Boom! That’s how I meet YOUR mother…

  24. Kristina says:

    Interesting idea. I’m not sure how this will do over the course of a full season–a shortened one, maybe, but 24 episodes? Still, could be good.

  25. John says:

    So that appears to mean no evolving of their relationship as they only meet at the end of the last [insert rude word] episode as we’ve already seen from the scene at the station?

    I would hope not. I’d like to see them get to know each other over the season.

    • Mike R. says:

      Not necessarily, while I am just as nervous as you are, U am cautiously optimistic tht they will take advantage of flash forward in order to show pieces of their relationship.

      • John says:

        I definitly agree, “Not necessarily” is why I wrote “I would hope not” to leave the door open for some sort of structure that allows for Ted snd she to show us their relationship. The rumored extensive testing with Ted appears to indicate she’ll be in a lot of scenes with him which would be an indication we’ll see the relationship. Which would be nice were that to happen. We’ve certainly “met”, over a lot of screen time, a lot of people who were NOT “your mother”…. some balance would be appreciated along that front.

  26. ElKabong says:

    I just everybody moaning about this concept based just on the little reporting we’ve heard about it is a total, 100%, unimaginative turd-bucket.

  27. Mari says:

    I really don’t get all these negative comments. I think the storyline sounds interesting. After all the name of the show is really how he MET the mother.

  28. Cece says:

    The writers are probably just trolling all the viewers. Just watch, it’ll end up being the most epic season yet!

  29. Lee Fowler says:

    I am very, very apprehensive about this…I really want to see the romance between Ted and the Mother to learn why their relationship is so significant that it’s warranted an 8 year story.

  30. Max says:

    IMO they should of devoted about 6-8 episodes for each character meeting the mother and the wedding weekend. The rest of the final season should have Ted meeting her, her becoming part of the group (so we get to know her), Marshall’s judgeship along with Lily possibly quitting her job, and Barney and Robin being married etc. Fast forward a little we have Ted proposing to the mother and them getting married on episode 24.

  31. Scott says:

    So basically 12 hours of show will cover the presumably waking hours of a 48 hour weekend. Unless they plan on having 12 episodes of the cast sleeping. Which could arguably be more entertaining then the show normally is..

  32. miles says:

    How that going to work 24 episodes in 3 days. I hope the ending is ted getting married

  33. Rachel says:

    Aaaand there’s the shark.

  34. Mick says:

    (Sorry, long post, but an optimistic one)

    Well, chronologically, Ted could be the last to meet her… but that does not mean WE will see it in that order…

    At least I hope so. Ted’s declaration at the end of “The Time Travelers” was really great, it reminded us of the nice romantic guy he is. After all his hard times of these last seasons, this declaration made me want him to find his true happiness.
    I also think Cristin Milioti will be great with Josh Radnor, so I’d like to see them together.

    If I were to say how I would like this final season to happen :

    – The first episode begins were the “Farhampton” episode ended, as the Mother arrives at the station. Ted sees her and recognizes her from the wedding (we know he already saw her, as shown in the “Band or DJ” episode) and they begin to talk.
    – Then, every episode continues to show them together, at the station and then in the train. They talk about the wedding. Ted could explain what went wrong according to him, while the Mother could give him other insights from the moments she met Ted’s friends.
    – Maybe once they reach New York, he would invite her to his apartment (she might have lost her keys for example) where they would continue talking. And though his place is currently almost empty of furniture, the Mother would metaphorically fill this void, which is really the void in Ted’s life.

    Meanwhile, through their discussion, we see what happened at the wedding
    – Ted’s friends meet the Mother. She might help them somehow with their problems, and they would see the nice woman she is.
    – They might also give her some advice or comfort. After all, she must have broken up with that Louis guy not long before the wedding. Ted’s friends could tell her things like “You know, my friend Ted, he says that…”, and she would discover all those good sides of Ted.
    – All four of them would understand she would be perfect for Ted, and might “help the universe” to get them together (like Robin asking the band to leave even if the wedding party is not finished, or Lily stealing the Mother’s keys…)

    And to close the series : Ted, being the ultimate romantic, would know after this one night, talking and sharing with her, that she is The One. He would tell her the sweetest thing he ever said (even better than in the “Time Travelers”, I’m sure Josh Radnor can do it). Maybe he could even say “I love you”. And, whereas Robin freaked hearing those words, the Mother would answer to him in the most perfect way (hope the screenwriters can find which way it is).
    Final words ?
    (Ted) “By the way, you still have not told me your name?”
    (Mother) “Right. I’m…”
    (Future Ted) “And this, kids, is how I met your mother”

    This way, the whole season would occur during the wedding weekend (and though the main story is during the weekend, it does not mean flashbacks or flashforwards can’t happen)… And it would still be “How I Met Your Mother” : the title does not necessarily mean the instant he met her, it could be the whole night he met her. His friends would meet the Mother first, but we would see Ted and her getting to know each other.

    As I said, I really enjoyed the end of “The Time Travelers” : even if HIMYM is a comedy, it can deliver on emotion. So I don’t care if I don’t see the Mother at the bar, or Ted marrying her… as long as we can get their first long meeting, and it shows us Ted realizing she is the One and finally finding real happiness

  35. Faster says:

    My first thought is that this format will be really hard to watch week-by-week, not to mention all the normal breaks they take during the regular TV season. I am crossing my fingers for them to maybe air two episodes at a time, or perhaps do 12 hour-long episodes instead of 24 30-minute episodes, but I know they won’t.

  36. Warren says:

    This is not sounding very good at all.8 seasons have been really good so far but to have the whole of season 9 about the wedding is ridiculous.It is How I Met Your Mother not a season of 24.I hope they know what their doing and give the show the ending it deserves.

  37. Ryan says:

    The producers/creators of the show have impressed me for 8 seasons. I have no doubt if they could keep the storyline and comedy top notch then they will make a great final season. I will definitely be tuned in to watch it. I watch the show for great laughs, a great cast, and an awesome story line. If they can fit all of that into one weekend then props to them. I guess we will see!

  38. Ben says:

    This is the worst idea in the history of bad ideas. I’ve put 8 years into this show and the idea that the final season won’t go out on a huge hoo-rah, but a whole season of what will essentially be a less interesting Groundhog Day, breaks me a little inside.

  39. MB says:

    No Way! 20+ episodes of nothing but the wedding weekend? That is ridiculous!

  40. Austin says:

    You all know damn good and well that it will be great and you will watch every episode. These people wrote seasons one through eight in which I enjoyed every episode of eac of them. They know what they’re doing and season nine will probably be the best season out of all of them.

  41. Austin says:

    It also said there will be flashbacks and it will flash ahead and things as it has always done. The writers like to play with the timeline of the show and that is one thing that makes it great. I don’t know why all of you think it will be awful considering they have made 8 great seasons. Who else has been able to keep a show for 8 seasons where each season is better and better.

  42. Just some things I’ve realized. This is a LONG one, folks. An attempt at a point-by-point discussion.

    People really like the title “How I Met Your Mother” and insist that the title suggests all Ted has to do is meet the Mother, not necessarily know her. They have a fair point. On the other hand, a valiant group has refuted this “title says all” policy by naming a lot of shows where the title was rendered meaningless (like my favorite “Cougar Town”, which stopped being about a cougar about four episodes in and instead became an emotionally-charged sitcom about boozy friends). They also have a point.

    Let’s take the title. We only need to see Ted meet the Mother, and all is well in the universe. And, I’m guessing the definition of “meet” here is to see her, possibly even share a line or two. And that would be sufficient. I argue against this because when you meet someone, and recollect it (painstakingly) later, you don’t necessarily just mean the moment you saw someone and first spoke to them. I think a few have alluded to the fact that MEETING someone CAN also mean getting to KNOW someone. Meeting Maury Povich? That’s a story for a few minutes. Meeting the Mother of your children? Surely that deserves more time than we got for meeting Maury multiple times in that one episode with the cast racing each other through NYC.

    Here’s another way I think about it. Sure, the last scene of the show can be Ted seeing the Mother, exchanging a few words and thus it satisfies the “meet” requirement. Or, it doesn’t do that at all. At this point, we know the rest of Ted’s world has interacted with the Mother (we don’t know how because this isn’t season 9 yet) and has gotten to know her as much as you can get to know someone who is the bassist of a band you hired for your/your best friend’s wedding. (More on that later.) But, when Ted “meets” the Mother on the train station in Farhampton, he isn’t really meeting “the Mother” but “the bassist from the band at Uncle Barney and Aunt Robin’s wedding that also used to be the roommate of my ex-girlfriend Cindy who owns a yellow umbrella that I must have seen around town for years now, but remains surprisingly intact and unstained”, i.e. just some pretty girl with an interesting smile/look/bass playing rhythm. She’s not “the Mother” at all, because there is a chance we will not have seen why she should be at the end of the season. My argument here is that, we might be given a laundry list of reasons why she might SEEM perfect for Ted, but that doesn’t really explain why she IS perfect for Ted, and why she IS the Mother. Remember, we’re still at the point of the story where Ted believes the once anti-Ted, Robin, is the love of his life and “the One”… “that got away”, for good measure. Something has to happen between Ted Mosby and the Mother for them both to realize that Robin wasn’t the One, just the precursor, and that this girl, who might seem perfect, is perfect.

    And finally, the idea about the friends (and extended guest stars?) meeting the Mother before Ted can lead to this seminal realization after a weekend. This is a wedding weekend. It is, by default, chaotic. And we know that, at some point during this wedding, both Barney AND Robin will freak out about this. We also know that Marshall is coming in with some really heavy baggage in the form of ACCEPTING a judge’s job, which means Lily will either have to go to Rome alone for a year, or quit the greatest job she’s had in her life (more or less). The cherry on top is that Ted is attending the wedding of his best friend with the love of his life, and he’s only a few hours away from moving to Chicago. There is some major duty, heavy emotional stuff going on. Is it really feasible that, amidst all this drama, the friends will be able to interact with the Mother correctly? The Mother is still the bassist of a band that was hired at the last minute for this wedding. She isn’t the wedding planner, she isn’t some relative of the groom or the bride (as of yet), she isn’t anyone… important. There is no reason (yet) for the gang to interact with her regularly, let alone SIGNIFICANTLY. And even if they do interact with her significantly, is it really possible that it will be enough for them all to realize that this girl, the random bassist with the yellow umbrella, is Ted’s long-lost soulmate? Remember, checking items off a list doesn’t a perfect companion make… It just seems unfeasible that there will be enough thought processes in the minds of the gang to realize they’re interacting with a stranger who is the love of Ted’s life while they’re dealing with their own, very large dramatic situations. (And we know this gang is horribly selfish – which best friend arranges his proposal to his bro’s ex-girlfriend on the day said bro is receiving one of the biggest honors of his architectural career? Yeah, exactly.)

    So. Yeah. That’s why I’m hoping the wedding weekend is a framing device, but even that’s already been played out (you could argue the entire SHOW is a framing device). We’ve been at this wedding for three or four seasons now. We don’t really need to see 24 more episodes of it. And Ted meeting some girl at the train station doesn’t mean he’s meeting the Mother (even if the girl ends up being the Mother), it just means he’s meeting yet-another-woman-he’s-smitten-by. That’s why I’m campaigning for some sort of “getting to know the Mother” period, where we see Ted hopelessly fall in love… and, for the first time, see that perfectly reciprocated.

    Thanks for reading this far. I should probably get off the internet now.

    • solo4114 says:

      Well said. Well said, indeed.

      When you ask a couple “So how’d you meet?” the story is neither “At a bar…I think it was an Irish bar?” (a la Ted’s dad), nor is it “Here’s all the stuff that happened to each of us individually before we met. Then we introduced ourselves to each other at that moment.” It’s about how they met, and then fell in love, and saw their relationship develop.

    • Sarah says:

      Well said, well said. But I’d watch 9 seasons of someone meeting Maury Povich.

  43. Sam Jones says:

    Calm down people – those of you freaking out about how the final season is supposedly going to go. (I say supposedly because often times what is said about a show prior to a new season can be very misleading.)

    We have no idea how it will play out and if you’ve stuck with it this long, why bail now?

    Yes the show is called HIMYM but I stopped caring so much about the meeting of the mother after falling in love with ALL of these characters (though I admit Barneys character development seems to have stalled and I found myself wondering why on earth Robin loves him at times this past season.) I will keep watching because I want to see how it all plays out.

  44. JB Smooove says:

    Writes “(Blank) meets the mother first.” then doesnt say who meets the mother first. classy writing.

  45. Haider says:

    She’s Barney’s other half sister. PERIOD.

  46. Solo4114 says:

    This is an incredibly BAD idea.

    Look, I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t frankly care about Robin and Barney’s wedding anymore, except insofar as it gets Ted to that train platform, meeting the Mother. I don’t care about stupid wedding hijinks. I don’t care about “wacky typical sitcom” BS. And I definitely don’t care about seeing that for a full freaking season.

    I don’t even really want this as a framing device for the show unless the show gives us ample time flashing forward to Ted and the Mother dating and, indeed, marrying. Eight prior seasons have established that Ted is over the moon for this woman.

    Why? What’s so special about her? What makes their interaction together so special, and why the hell does she love Ted anyway? We won’t know, unless we get to see them together, watching their relationship grow.

    As for the fans who say “But it’s How I MET Your Mother,” you know what? I don’t care. This show has been about so many other things than Ted literally MEETING the Mother. Is the show How Barney and Robin Got Married? Is it How Marshall’s Dad Died? Is it How Lily Resolved Her Baggage With Her Dad? Is it How Ted Built the GNB Towers?

    No. And yet, we’ve spent countless seasons doing all these other side things. I think we can let go for the “met” part as the literal endpoint. And for that matter, why the hell WOULDN’T you want to see them together, having a relationship? For those who say they have such faith in the writers, do you have so LITTLE faith that they could write an entertaining relationship between the characters? Frankly, I think they CAN do it, they just don’t want to. Some see this as a daring move. I see it as playing it safe. This isn’t daring. This is an opportunity for a lot of spinning of wheels and filler episodes. Daring would be trying to write the character of the Mother in a way that makes the audience and Ted absolutely love her, and showing those two characters happy together while still keeping things interesting. THAT’S daring.

    Even using the wedding as a framing device for the season, while showing plenty of flashes forward won’t work. Why? Because eventually teh wedding itself will become a millstone round the neck of the show. People won’t care about how Barney almost knocked over the cake. Or how the Mother managed to convince Lily not to divorce Marshall after he took the judgeship. Or whatever. Nobody will care about that stuff, if you’re also showing flashes back to how she almost missed meeting Ted, or flashes forward to the two of them together.

    The framing device will end up becoming a distraction the same way an ineffectively written C-story (and we’ve had a few of those this season…) drags down an episode that might otherwise work perfectly.

    I’m sorry, but this season, as described, is sounding like a whole lot of filler. You’re stretching what might otherwise be worth, oh, four to five episodes max into a 24-episode run. That’s a recipe for filler and fluff, and is a far cry from what this show is capable of doing when it’s at its best.

    • “Daring would be trying to write the character of the Mother in a way that makes the audience and Ted absolutely love her, and showing those two characters happy together while still keeping things interesting. THAT’S daring.”

      YES. (A more normal “Yes!” for the entire post but a caps-locked YES for that bit right there.)

  47. tara17 says:

    Extending the wedding weekend is a fine idea, but does it have to be the ENTIRE season? Hope they change their minds about this.

    • solo4114 says:

      I could see them doing it over at most 5 episodes without seriously feeling like filler/treading water. Past that? No. Won’t work.

      • JohnB says:

        Even Mozart discovered there were only so many times and so many ways you could repeat a measure until it become tedious. Evidently the writers/creators haven’t discovered that yet.

  48. Mick says:

    We should wait before complaining. I doubt Craig and Carter would have revealed everything they planned. As I said a few posts before, I hope Future Ted will tell the story of his first meeting the Mother, during which they talked together about the wedding that just happened. Story told inside a story.
    We can spend the whole season during the weekend (the evening after the wedding is still part of the weekend), excluding flashbacks and flashforwards, AND still see a lot of interaction between Ted and the Mother.
    Ted loved Robin at first sight, and said “I love you” after one date. I’m sure just one evening with the Mother will be enough for him to understand she is The One.

    • solo4114 says:

      Two things. First, NOW is the time to register discontent. Once the show gets started, it’s a LOT harder for them to change horses mid-stream. If they get a lot of negative pushback only after they’ve already written a number of the episodes and even filmed stuff, they’ll have a much harder time course-correcting and having the show still make sense.

      Second, look at the statement about the season. “The wedding weekend and just the weekend.” I see no reason to assume that they’ll do anything other than that at this point, and if that’s the case, now would be the time for fans to register their displeasure. The only way they’ll change this is if enough people seem pissed about it that CBS worries about losing viewership and, thereby, ad revenue. So, if you don’t like the notion of not seeing the relationship between Ted and the Mother develop, now’s the time to speak up. Not after a few episodes, not halfway through the season. Now.

      • Mick says:

        But is there really discontent YET ? We only have read a statement, and I doubt the writers would have said the whole truth about the season.
        There are two ways to understand the statement :
        – Direct interpretation. We will see scenes from the weekend, and only from those two days. I agree, that would be a huge mistake.
        – Or, it has to be compared to previous seasons : each had stories spanning over their year of broadcast, with flashbacks and flashforwards. But season 9 will occur over a weekend instead of 2013-2014. This second option does not exclude flashbacks and flashforwards : it just gives the timeframe of the MAIN story.

        Still, I don’t totally disagree with you : I want to see Ted and the Mother together, a lot. Ted has reached his lowest and has lost faith in the Universe, and I want to see him finally be happy.
        So I’d say that the writers must hear that fans want to see Ted and the Mother together, not the Mother and everyone BUT Ted. This is totally legit, and if they don’t interact before the season finale, I too will be pissed.

        Simply, I think the writers can have found a clever way to make this weekend idea work AND show Ted and the Mother together.

        I stand with my idea : if the whole season shows Ted and the Mother talking in that train station and reminiscing about the wedding, it can be awesome. They could have funny moments as well as emotional ones in that train station. WIth everything Ted has already told us about the Mother, I am sure that their first real meeting is enough for her to heal his broken heart and convince him she is the One. I just hope this is a LONG fateful meeting, shown in great detail throughout the whole season.

        (Also, about the flashforwards : the slap bet countdown online points to Nov 19th 2013. A Tuesday, so not a day of broadcast. I want to take it as a sign that flashforwards will occur. Marshall can use one slap during the wedding, but using his two remaining ones would not be nice for the groom)

  49. Wish says:

    What I love about the show is the present time issues and prevalence. When it is Christmas or a major current event it is written into the show. While I appreciate the flashbacks and other great HIMYM tools and tricks..,. we fell in love with Slapsgiving or how we Ted wove in Sandy into dialog. I am not for nor against the idea but I will state I will miss the how I grew with Ted in real time to be all pinned within a weekend. IJS.

  50. JR says:

    I honestly hope that they don’t do that. That will be the worst possible idea; to completely change a show that’s had an extremely successful format now for 8 years. This is how they should do it…

    First few Episodes: Barney and Robins wedding: Ted and the Mother meet, and Barney and Robin get married.

    Middle Episodes: Ted and the Mother dating and falling in love. Mother getting to know the gang.

    Last 4 or 5 episodes: Ted proposing; episodes span the couple months until the wedding. The last two episodes of the entire series: Ted and the Mother get married.