Exclusive: Once Upon a Time Makes Michael Raymond-James a Series Regular for Season 3

MichaelRaymondJamesONCEOnce Upon a Time has promoted Michael Raymond-James to series regular status for Season 3, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Series co-creator Adam Horowitz first shared the plan with us at ABC’s Upfront party on May 14, and on June 7, it was confirmed as officially a done deal.

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After making his Once debut as Emma’s ex/Henry’s father Neal Cassidy aka Baelfire in the Emma-centric episode “Tallahassee,” Raymond-James heavily recurred in the last string of Season 2 episodes, as Rumple discovered his son in New York City and circumstances then led them back to Storybrooke.

When last seen, Neal had been shot by Tamara, fallen through a portal and ultimately washed ashore in The Fairytale Land That Is, where he was tended to by Aurora, Mulan and Phillip.

Are you happy Raymond-James’ Once alter ego is sticking around? Hit the comments.

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  1. cmiller says:

    I’m less then thrilled mostly because you couldn’t see how little Bae became Neal and even more you couldn’t see the connection, like you could with other characters that had younger actors playing them for instance Little Snow and Younger Cora. The child actor that did the part of Little Snow worked so that you could see how she became Adult Snow. Same for Young Cora to Older Cora. But the child actor who played Bae was here first and you couldn’t see the connection to Neal.

    On top of that, I didn’t see the needed on-screen chemistry between Emma and Neal for the whole him being her true love. It was there for Young Emma but 11 years is far to long for me to truly believe that they are still in love… could the two characters fall in love again maybe but I don’t believe that it’s there the two are different from how they were 11 years ago.

    Though I would love to see more character growth for him… I kinda want Ruby back more. Though congrads to MRJ for making series. and Ms. Ory will be missed.

  2. aaaaaaa says:

    Not liking his character at all and Neal with Emma.
    Bad news ewwwwww

  3. Zap says:

    Ugh. I was so glad to see the end of Neale. I like him as a kid, but as an adult he is annoying and useless. Please don’t take that jerk back, Emma!

    • ER says:


      I wonder if he will fight for her or try to find her, wouldnt put it past him if he doesnt, he hasnt done that at all
      But i guess the shippers dont realise that and keep rooting for him which makes no sense for a guy like that, and to want him with Emma – just NO

    • Fan says:

      Can we just turn Neal into cute little Bae instead… I’d rather have little Bae back…can’t they do an August and turn him back into a kid???

    • meg says:

      AMEN. Bae was easy to like. Neal is incredibly easy to hate

  4. xx says:

    Guess Neal’s not dying…pity. I think with all the crap about biological parents and Henry always being right I might be done with OUAT.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Do we know if Colin O’Donoghue is going to be a regular next season?

    • Joe says:

      I dont think Captain Hook is going anywhere, since the whole Peter Pan thing is starting and going Neverland, and also Hook was the character they wanted from the start

  6. How says:

    Awful decision and character!

  7. Breyt says:

    Nothing against the actor, but imo Neal is the worst character on ouat right now. And by worst I mean most boring. I love flashbacks with little Bae but Neal… There’s nothing interesting about the character, just the regular smug white guy. I refuse to believe Adam and Eddie are going to waste their original fairytale romance opportunity on this guy and Emma. It’s too predictable and there’s nothing fresh or intriguing about it. And no I don’t want Emma with Hook either, that guy’s a sleaze, this isn’t about shipping.

  8. AR says:

    Neal and Emma have had no build up at all, just tellling this is what happened and now the ILU’s – where we saw nothing of sort being built up into that
    I think we are going to see Hook and Emma journey into a build up coz they are going on a adventure/journey – and her past and present paralled in her own episode, so yeah i do think Hook is her love interest. And we will probably see their journy in season 3,esp as i assume there is an actual build up and we seeing it in present. Hook and Emma was always meant to happen, the Tallahassee episode was proof of that!

    • Mike says:

      You could also say Tallahassee was proof of Neal and Emma in the flashback, Hook shippers are no more delusional than Neal shippers, you could ship anyone and somehow choose proof of why they are meant to be together. Swan Queen shippers could easily say Emma and regina are meant to be together because the two did magic together to save Storybrooke, I must admit that scene was oddly sensual.

      • Mike says:

        To clarify, I do not ship Swan Queen, personally at the moment I ship independent Emma.

      • Sage says:

        If you’re going to call Hook shippers delusional, then you need to go back and read every actor interview of when they talk about Captain Swan.

        • Rita Coelho says:

          Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas are Swan Thief shippers just give a look at their tweets, about the last episode, where they openly claim they want Neal with Emma..and Emilie de Ravin too :)

          • ika says:

            And Jennifer Morrison and Colin 0’donoghue are CaptainSwan just give a look at their interviews or you can wacht the paleyFest.

        • sunshine says:

          And this means what, really? That the writers should listen to the people paid to do their job and act their parts, and not us who watch, make the ratings and in the end, networks profit? Ridiculous. Like someone said, I ship independent Emma who needs to find her place in this world. And ever since they started wasting time on pointless characters and “teasing” people with possible romantic entanglements instead of, like in S1 – great storytelling and stellar character development… well, the RATINGS should be telling. If they WANT to know what this random throwing of aimless characters, as well as p*nises at Emma – did to their creation.

      • meg says:

        hey bro, we like what we like :) Personally, the reason I ship Hook and Emma even if they aren’t a couple on the show is because i love the interactions they’ve had so far and I believe in the potential is greater than with the others. I like Independent Emma, too for now.

    • A.B. says:

      Huh, let’s see… My kid’s just been kidnapped and his father, the man i love just died( as far as I know). I don’t think that she will be wanting to hook( no pun intended) up with a pirate. Who also was with her sons grandmother( Bae’s mom).

      • meg says:

        I’m not picking a fight but those words sound like what a swan thief shipper says to help herself sleep better at night. :)

        Personally, i think falling in love does not have to happen only under perfect circumstances. I’m not saying Hook and Emma will fall in love (I’d like that, I’m not gonna lie). As for Henry’s grandmother being Milah, just. No. Stop. It was 300 years ago and frankly, it doesn’t matter because first sentence of this paragraph.

        No hate, just my opinion :)

    • Mel says:

      If they want people to believe Emma and Neal have this deep connection and are in love they need to have the characters interact in a way that makes us feel it. So far, I haven’t felt anything at all between them, which made their “I love you’s” at the portal come of as forced to me. Plus I like a few others here, think the quality of the writing has really gone down hill this season. The first few episodes were good, but everything after about episode 6 was just…… blah– too many badly written and contrived story-lines/plots with the Emma and Neal thing being the worst of them. I will give season 3 a chance, but if things don’t pick up after the first few episodes, I will be finding something else to watch on Sundays at 8.

    • A.B. says:

      It would be a disservice to Hook if they have him hit on or date Emma. The finale gave more depth to Hook by showing his love of Milha and wanting to make a family with Bae , which was a wish of hers. Thats the way they should go with his character. It shows theres more to him. We saw the conflict in Hook when he heard Bae was Henry’s father and that he was dead(supposedly). It would be a big step back if they have him be with Emma instead of helping her find Bae’s son and protect her. They would keep him stagnant instead of developing him. My opinion.

      • meg says:

        I don’t see it as an either-or. I think both can happen simultaneously to hook’s character development. :) He can develop feelings for emma while helping her find henry.

    • meg says:

      AGREED. I think the major disconnect with Neal/Emma is part of the whole scheme that Neal and Emma is and will forever just stay in the past. Like Neal is just an instrument to tell the Hook/Emma story. Cause see… both of them left by neal/bae at one point in their lives and the issues caused by that in each of them need to be overcome for them to be together. (Actually not even necessarily for them to get together, just to move on in general.)

  9. lucy says:

    Hooray! I had stopped watching the show, and randomly tuned into Manhattan- MRJ is the reason I watch every week. It was so different- what, a character that doesn’t take 3 pages of self-aggrandizing speeches to make a point? Someone whose every move does not call attention to himself? He’s the Once version of Oz from Buffy. Oz was always my favorite.
    I listen to the official podcasts that the Eddy and Adam tape after every episode, and listening to them describe Neal’s story and the motivation for what he says and does – including added details about his story that didn’t make it into the episode- is really awesome. And helps me tune out the gross mis-characterizations you hear from the younger fans who don’t think he wears enough eyeliner. and since Adam and Eddy’s version of the story is the one I get to watch every week, it’s the only one that matters. I’m glad they like Neal as much as I do.

  10. James says:

    :)) sweetness not surprising but awesome none-the-less hope CD is next on the list he really brought it in the finale.

  11. Hodan says:

    I am glad to hear this. I love Nealfire.

  12. gabby says:

    So so so so happy!

  13. Salter says:

    Oh shame.

    As a speech therapist, I often ask myself if this actor needs my help. Poor guy can barely articulate his lines.

    Please, someone set up an elocution lessons fund.

  14. AEE says:

    Really do not like Neal

  15. A says:

    I’m still mad about the fact that Neal KNEW that Rumple killed his own mother and never once brought it up since the time his father found him. Aside from my want for an Emma/Hook romance (because I find there to be more chemstry between them than with Neal), I cannot seem to support this character for some reason! He’s just really done nothing since he got to Storybrooke other than play around with Henry and put down Emma (e.g., when he ignored her suspicions about Tamara). I do like young Bae though and I definitely want to see some more Hook/Bae interaction.

  16. tr says:

    I am glad he’s been cast as Bae and is now a series regular. I want him to reunite with his Father and his Son and with the love of his life – Emma. And for those of you that complain about the show go watch something else – like a – stupid reality show, for example. I am sure you need to learn how to dance or sing or act like an idiot in front of a video camera. ONCE is a very good show — yes, it got a little off track this year, but I have every confidence the ship will right itself this year. Hang in there truly faithful ONCERS!

    • AnonymousMe says:

      Yes, I always like it when the setup a guy who betrayed, abandoned, and sent his pregnant teenage girlfriend to jail to be the Shiniest Hero ever – especially while he’s carrying his extra-special, sad, Man-Pain. He’s such a great character that I think every girl needs to be jilted and emotionally damaged just like Emma was by Neal. That’s the only way you know they love you.

      • Me says:

        Yes, you are right Neal knew Emma was pregnant and decided to let her go to jail. What an a***

        • AnonymousMe says:

          Maybe if he hadn’t left and betrayed her he would’ve found out or even crazier if he had looked for her after the curse broke! Too bad he was busy reveling in his fear and with his new girlfriend. Ya, he’s the guy every parent dreams for their daughter.

        • Sage says:

          The thing is, even though he obviously didn’t know that Emma was pregnant when she ended up in jail – he had countless times to go find Emma, but he didn’t. Instead, after telling August he wasn’t going to go find her, he found Tamara and fell for her. He also didn’t believe in Emma and belittled her. That’s not someone who Emma should ever be with. Neal needs a fresh start with someone new, just like Emma does.

        • Catherine says:

          Neal did NOT know Emma was pregnant when she went to jail. He did not know there was a child until the confrontation in Manhattan. If Neal had known she was pregnant, he would never have left her. He has made it clear several times that being a dad is the most important thing to him.

      • Jen says:

        I actually heard that Neal wasn’t the one who had Emma sent to jail. It was on some tweet made by Adam who said it would be explained next season. But I might be wrong, I dunno.

    • Mel says:

      @tr. Are you saying people should have to sugar coat everything and endlessly praise the show–runners to prove their worth as a true “Once Fan”?

    • Disappointed says:

      I’m faithful but I deserve the right to question the show

  17. Name That Tune says:

    Great News!

  18. Nicole Flage says:

    I really don’t want then shoving baby-daddy onto Emma. Regina is the real parent, she RAISED Henry! Anyways, it’s obvious that Emma and Regina belong together, it makes the most sense. Emma is supposed to save Regina from herself, show her that love really is strength, not weakness. Twice now, we’ve seen the magic they produce together! I just hope the writer’s aren’t afraid to show a more modern-day happy ending “family”.

  19. dude says:

    Was Mulan in that ending? I didn’t think she was.

  20. Gilda says:

    This makes me happy.

  21. Disappointed says:

    Ugh. So now are they going to have their little happy family? Gross.

  22. Eli says:

    With so few remaining in Storybrooke I want Cinderella to appear a lot more!!

  23. Christian says:

    If anyone mothereffin complains, I’m gonna eviscerate you. Are we effin clear?!

  24. Kristen says:

    I like Baelfire, the boy. But Neal is really ho-hum for me. I like Michael Raymond-James as an actor. Loved him in Terriers. I even liked him as Rene, the vampire-lovin woman slayer in Bon Temps on True Blood. And I think he’s cute enough. But as Neal…*shrugs* .

  25. Whitney says:

    We are so happy. Thanks A & E. Bealfire/Neal is our favorite character, and MRJ is a great actor. Cannot wait for Season 3. OUAT is the best show on TV ever. Thanks!

  26. sunshine says:

    Oh great. So Meghan Ory’s character (that we ALL loved?) was written off in favour of this “great” storyline that promotes the guy who can’t act to save his life as regula, as well as the storyline/ship that most of us feel like it’s forced down our throat? I was wondering why I kept on watching through magnitude of idiocy that was S2, now I know I will NOT stick around for S3. THANK you showrunners, I’ll finally be free now.

    • Badonk says:

      This. Great post. What they did to Ruby was a travesty.

    • Alex says:

      Yes, GREAT post! Because if you only look at how many people were shocked and amazed with Ruby’s story (the originality of the twist, of her being the wolf) and the utter PREDICTABILITY of Bae’s story (plus the fact that kid actor is great, unlike his grownup counterpart – with young Snow you FELT them as same character, but with Neal… meh, whether it’s crappy writing or MRJ’s acting I don’t care, he’s BAD – and the chemistry with Emma is non-existent and forced) if that is where they are going in S3… thanks, but not thanks. I’ll be free too, as I WON’T continue to torture self watching it, hoping it’ll go back to S1 quality. So long, farewell.

    • Boris says:

      THIS. They’re obviously too self-involved to look at the ratings drop, if nothing else. Because the consistency and originality of S1 (where Ruby’s story was one of the highlights!) was not only lost, but it all became a pass-me-the-bucket once they started forcing us to see Neal as Emma’s “true love”. Reducing her back to that 16yo he (an 300yr old frumpy bum) statutory-raped? All that, once she started growing into this beautifully heroic character? Yes, thank you for freeing me of idiocy. I’m done now, too!

    • K says:

      No she was written off because of the Neverland story (ie Hook), from Meghan’s own words. A storyline/ship that many of us feel like it’s forced down our throats.

      • Anya says:

        Either way it’s a bloody shame, seeing that, as a character, she’s more interesting than both of those scoundrels together. Because she was sacrificed basically, for what… not one but two fake, forced and contrived “love interests” for Emma? As if she needs any of it before she first finds her own place in this new world. So yeah. If this is going to be “who does Kate love, Jack or Sawyer” kind of thing, I’m out too.

        • K says:

          I agree with you on all of this, especially the awfulness of triangles (and the Lost triangle in particular). In that case, I thought both guys could do better than Kate; in this case, I think Emma deserves better than either guy. OUAT seems to have put all its romantic eggs in this basket though, what with separating Rumbelle and dumping the Frankenwolf possibilities. Unless they intend to give Snowing much more focus next season than they did this one.

        • Fan says:

          I’d rather have Cora back…

          Every time I see Neal I  want to grab a can of pepper spray…he comes across as creepy beyond words. Not that I can ever understand him but that is a whole other story. 

          And he has no chemistry with anyone. And that silly scarf…!!!

          Maybe Emma can turn Neal in for a nice reward. Get back to her season 1 days. Oh Emma from season 1 with the red jacket how I miss you.

          You know Season 2 had a number of problems…I thought they had learned their lesson…guess not. I want to see Emma and Regina deal with each other, Emma focusing on who she is now, interact with her parents…not all these love interests.

          After that good final I had been really looking forward to the core 5 in season 3.

          • K says:

            I’m pretty sure the Cora story was also abbreviated to shoe-horn in the Neverland plot. It made no sense to me to get rid of Cora midseason, before she’d done anything truly awful (other than to kill one nameless person, one fisherman, and one never-before-seen nanny). And though I don’t agree about Neal, I too miss Emma’s fab leather jackets. I don’t understand why she traded them for Granny’s sweaters and MM’s cloche hats.

      • AL says:

        The “Neverland’ storyline isn’t just about HOOK, Bae is also a part of it…and lots of fans don’t feel like he (Hook) has been forced down our throats or the storyline just like some feel like Neal has. Sure some don’t like him (Hook) but it’s mostly ‘shippers’ of other Emma ships and Rumbelle fans who think he’s terrible for shooting Belle but are okay with Rump’s having killed Milah. And I pay attention to the ratings Hook hasn’t hurt ONCE in fact some of his episodes have been the highest rated this season, The ratings really started to slip after the winter hiatus and some of the lowest rated Hook wasn’t even in because the actor broke his leg. I do have some criticism about the back end. The hiatus’ hurt me as a viewer, and I do think that sometimes the writers just assume we know things that some viewers don’t pick-up on and I think that there was a lack of personal interactions, family bounding etc absolutely nothing that can’t be fixed.

        I think the problem for some fans is because we’ve grown-up with these characters, we love them all and while we would like to see them more and the twist on their stories, because we all have our favorite, but in the case for ONCE, they’re just used to propel the story forward, they’re in the background…they’re our worlds mailman, or grocery clerk, or Doctor or Dentist. They’re the people we interact with everyday, our supporting characters. The show can’t help it if it’s supporting characters (the background characters) are all characters that we love. The characters are a catalyst to tell a bigger story. Our favorite characters are the counterparts..The ‘neighbors’ of the core group.

        Shipping aside I haven’t really enjoyed Neal (nothing against the actor). I do love Bae and Neal’s scenes with Gold have been pretty great but my feelings aside he is a huge part of the fabric of this story, and he still has story to tell. Sure I’d rather still have Ruby because I loved her, but her character wasn’t as crucial to the tale that I think the writers are trying to tell.

        • K says:

          The Neverland story services Hook, period. Bae was part of the fabric from the beginning; he was going to be Henry’s father and worked in somehow whether or not the show ever got the rights to the PP characters. If people are going to blame one character for shoving Ruby/Meghan to the side, they should at least get their facts straight and blame the right character.
          As for the popularity of Hook vs. Neal, as much as extreme shippers don’t want to admit it, not everyone who hates Hook ships Swanfire, and the reverse for Neal. I do think it was pretty uncool of Hook fans to come into a post about MRJ and start raving about how they hate him and prefer Hook when it’s unclear if Neal and Emma will ever even MEET next season. Yes, free speech and all, but still…bad form, guys.
          Re: the ratings, I put it down not to any single character so much as to the hiatuses and the neglect of the character relationships that we all loved in the first season–Emma/Henry, the Charmings as a family, Rumpel/Belle, and yes, friendships like Snow/Ruby and Snow/Grumpy, and the antipathy between Emma/Regina, Regina/Rumple, and Emma/Gold. Everything this season has been action, action, action, which makes more sense knowing they tried to condense a planned full season into the first three quarters so they could set up Neverland. But action is not why (or not the primary reason) I personally watch the show; I watch for the strangely compelling family relations and, well, frankly for the Rumbelle romance.
          And finally as for background characters like Ruby (and Archie and Whale, and Belle to a slightly lesser extent)–I disagree that people like them just because of the associated Disney/fairy tale character. We have grown fond of THESE characters/actors. The problem is that the writers don’t take advantage of them. In s1 we saw a lot of Ruby because she was at the diner and a lot of scenes took place there; in s2 Ruby’s branched out from there and fewer scenes were set there overall. Therefore no Ruby once she wasn’t needed as David’s deputy. But they could have found a place for her, maybe…tailing Regina?

        • sunshine says:

          The ratings slipped in February. Hiatus, or an incredibly pointless episode (Tiny) followed by Manhattan and re-introducton of Neal? Go figure. Hook’s defo got nothing to do with it.

          • sunshine says:

            Correction: they didn’t “slip” then. They hit the LOWEST point. So again – go figure.

      • Mikael says:

        Meghan said her original story had her spending more time with David while Emma and Snow were in FTL, but they brought them back sooner than originally planned. I’m thankful for that, because an entire season of Emma and Snow separated from the rest of the cast would have been unbearable. Their execution of this new storyline was not so well-done, but it’s still better than the first half of the season. Ethan Embry’s overacting and lack of Tamara’s backstory, plus the total cop-out thing they did to August was what brought down the 2nd half for me.

    • Melanie says:

      I actually didn’t like Ruby, and haven’t missed her at all. I don’t remember the last time we saw her, and I don’t care. So, no, not ALL loved her.

  27. Badonk says:

    They will probably do to him what they did to Ruby: promote her then barely use her again. I’m baffled by the way they treated Meghan and their inability to write for secondary characters, especially a fan favorite like Ruby. Now they lost Meghan to CBS where she will lead on Intelligence and her show might be a hit and score more viewers and a lot more success than OUAT. They also lost me as a viewer. I’m leaving with Meghan after this lousy second season.

    • Mike says:

      One of the primary reasons ABC and OUAT chose to promote Ruby was so they could use her on another ABC produced show, which is Intelligence, it is on CBS, but produced by ABC, if they want her on OUAT next year as recurring character they have access to her. Both shows are shot in Vancouver.

  28. Danny says:

    Yaaaaaaaaay great news thanks ! you’ve made my day :) I love this actore and i love Neal character too. He and Emma are so alike almost soulmates. I do however hope the writers will build his character more, so we can see more of the young baelfire in the adult Neal. They also need to develop more the relation between him and Emma to show how and why they belong to each other.

  29. Mike says:

    Congrats to MRJ, Now I am even more excited for the next season.

  30. Lily says:

    AWESOME! I think MRG is doing a great job. I like that he isn’t the typical prince in character and looks. I mean that he’s not the ordinary pretty face not so sharp guy but more the cool, complicated, hot with a sexy voice and beautiful smile kind of guy.

  31. Gaia says:

    I was going to ask about him on Ask Ausiello.
    I’m Super-ultra-extra-incredibly happy. Neal is my favourite character along with Henry!!!

    • Mike says:

      Your favorite character is Neal and Henry, I mean I get Neal, he is somewhat fascinating, personally I’m a Regina fan, but Henry, someone actually likes Henry, I mean you don’t just tolerate him you like him. It’s kind of hard to believe…

      • Gaia says:

        Well, I guess everybody has his own opinion and I respect that. I mean, you’re a Regina fan, I’m not. She’s a great actress but I just don’t like her character as much as I like Michael’s Neal or Jared’s Henry. That kid has something that makes me like him.

        • lyn says:

          ITA. I’ve liked Jared ever since I saw him in a Christmas movie [on ABC Family I think]. He has a twinkle and impishness that is very appealing.

      • Stacy says:

        I love Henry. The only 2 pet peeves that I have about him is 1. that he still calls Regina mom which I hate. (Please Adam and Eddie tell me there’s a loop whole in that adoption) and 2 he calls Emma mom and Emma, little guy needs to pick one and stick to it.

        • Fan says:

          Regina is his mother.

          So Henry can’t have 2 Moms…why?

          • K says:

            Yeah, I don’t get this. People are up in arms because he dares think of Emma as his mother, and others are equally angry that he calls Regina mom. And heaven forfend that he should want his mother defeated because she is an evil queen who put a curse on everyone for revenge, and yet not want her hurt because she is her mom. The characters have no trouble acknowledging that they are all family (very dysfunctional)–why does the fandom? As for Henry, I love the little guy.

        • Disappointed says:

          OH NOES! Henry can’t have two moms? Have you ever met a gay couple, child of a gay couple, or even an adopted person? You can call them mom and have a bio mom and an adoptive mom.

  32. Sage says:

    I’m fine with Neal being on the show. I’m not even worried about Captain Swan possibly being affected by this, because they won’t be. Since, I assume he’ll be hanging out with Mulan and co, I’m on the Mulan/Neal ship!

  33. Faith Chamberlain says:

    #swanqueen shippers aren’t going to he happy.

    And this actor seems to be only able to do one expression and has a monotone voice

  34. kirads09 says:

    Yay! I love Neal/Bae.

  35. Love love this news…Michael Raymond-james is perfect…
    The fans who criticize Neal, just see the show because of couples … lol … I’m tired of this shippers cheap war

  36. ika says:

    No, I’m not happy.I don’t like Neal.Neal is a boring character.I want to see more Baelfire but not more Neal.

  37. mac says:

    I’m not really surprised but happy =D

  38. AMCPress says:

    I am glad Raymond James will be regular on Once Upon a Time. I’m looking forward to hearing any news about Once Upon a Time.

  39. Susan says:

    This is great news! I am enjoying Neal’s story, and I am hoping for a Neal/Emma reunion.

  40. I’m so happy he’s coming back as a regular. When he got shot I thought it was the last of him. Emma and Neal were perfect for each other and henry finally knew his dad.

  41. Kelly says:

    He was the best addition in season two and there is still so much to explore with Neal/Bae. I am beyond thrilled at this news. Thanks for sharing. It made my day.

  42. JT says:

    Well duh! Neal will be a huge part of the story next season, so this was a no brainer.

  43. Eric Payne says:

    All these people proclaiming love for Bae and dislike for Neal… don’t you think the revelations of how the bouncing boy grew up to be the criminal cad might not make for some interesting storylines?

  44. dumurin says:

    I want Ariel in season 3! I’m very very disappointed that Ariel isn’t present in season 2. I want her in season 3 or I stop watching OUAT!

  45. MrsTV says:

    This is wonderful news! Love MRJ! I believe this show is aiming for a happy ending, so Neal and Emma should be together and raise Henry as a family. A lot of people have commented on Neal and Emma’s age. Emma was 28 when she came to town and Henry was 10, so she would have been 18 when Henry was born. Neal was probably stuck in his early 20’s at this point and aged from that point. August aged normally once he came to our time. Just like the Salvatore brothers are perpetually late teens (Stefan) and early 20’s (Damon).

    • Disappointed says:

      BIo families are sooo amazing! They aren’t on shows ever! Skeezy baby daddies who impregnate teen girls are hawwwwt.

  46. Patti says:

    This is the best news. Neal is awesome. My fav season 2 character. MRJ is awesome in the role.

  47. Caro says:

    Nice that he’s staying but I wish they’d bring the Sheriff back!

  48. Mel says:

    Well, that decision was a no brainer!

  49. Natalie says: