Fall TV Preview

ABC Fall Schedule Revealed: S.H.I.E.L.D. Targets Tuesday, Once Spin-Off Lands on Thursday, DWTS Downsized, Suburgatory MIA

ABC Fall Schedule 2013ABC is the third broadcast network to unveil its 2013-14 schedule and the big news is that Joss Whedon’s much-hyped Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has landed on Tuesdays, where it will kick off an all-new lineup.

Also of note: The spin-off Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, which was originally envisioned to bridge the gap between Once Upon a Time‘s fall and spring runs, will air Thursdays at 8/7c, running concurrently with the original series.

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In a conference call with reporters, ABC president Paul Lee said Once‘s third season will still be divided into two distinct 12-episode batches, a strategy he plans to extend to Revenge and Scandal, as well. Limited series, like the new reality adventure The Quest, will be brought in to fill various winter voids.

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Elsewhere, Dancing With the Stars’ traditional Tuesday results edition will be folded into Monday’s performance show, Rebel Wilson’s Super Fun Night has landed the coveted post-Modern Family slot on Wednesdays, The Neighbors have found a new home on Fridays (following Last Man Standing) and Suburgatory is MIA.

Lee, meanwhile, said Happy Endings was cancelled because it’s appeal was just too “narrow.” (For what it’s worth, he said it was a “very hard” decision to make.)

On tap for midseason, in addition to Suburgatory: The new dramas Killer Women, Mind Games, Mixology and Resurrection.

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All told, the ABC schedule looks like this. (New shows are in CAPS, click for details.)

8/7c Dancing With the Stars
10 pm Castle

10 pm LUCKY 7


8 pm The Middle
9 pm Modern Family
10 pm Nashville

9 pm Grey’s Anatomy
10 pm Scandal

8 pm Last Man Standing
8:30 pm The Neighbors
9 pm Shark Tank
10 pm 20/20

8 pm Saturday Night College Football


America’s Funniest Home Videos
8 pm Once Upon a Time 

9 pm Revenge

NOT RETURNING NEXT SEASON: 666 Park Avenue, Body of ProofDon’t Trust the B—– in Apartment 23, Family Tools, Happy Endings, How To Live With Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life), Last Resort, Malibu Country, Private Practice, Red Widow and Zero Hour

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  1. Sk says:

    I quit ABC when they cancelled my. Daytime shows then started on favorite night time shows. There is nothing to watch anywhere on Fridays & Saturdays I find myself watching PBS & reruns of NCIS on USA. Wish I could find West Wing

    • Shannon says:

      I think West Wing is on Netflix streaming now.

    • Jess says:

      Good for you, why did you bother commenting, then? Plus, you do realize the people in charge of ABC daytime are completely different than the people in charge of ABC Primetime, right?

  2. ej says:

    Bad move with OUAT Wonderland, IMO. I was looking forward to it as a “maybe watch” during the hiatus in the originals series timeslot, but I can only take so much of the Once universe, so I doubt I’ll watch it now. Sad that ABC is going to extend the same winter hiatus mess to other shows. This season, for Once especially, was just a nightmare with 3 weeks off, 1 or 2 episodes, then another 2 or 3 weeks off that just broke up the flow on top of the choppy storyline. What are the execs thinking? Ratings dropped enough this season. Are they trying to kill Once, Revenge, and Scandal? Hopefully, they will at least leave these series off the air for the full December-Feb block so the second half can air without interruptions by holidays, award shows, and the Super Bowl.

    • Mike says:

      They are still going forward with 2 12 episode batches of ONCE, Revenge, and Scandal, only difference is Wonderland will be played concurrently with ONCE. Hopefully it works.

  3. Katie says:

    Very surprising that OUAT and Ouat in Wonderland are airing at the same time. That said it doesn’t seem to affect the idea of a long mid season break for OUAT. I’ve just read on Deadline that shows like OUAT and Grey’s Anatomy to name two are definitely airing in 2 blocks of 12 episodes with limited series bridging their gaps. Apparently it’s already been announced that a show called The Quest is going to air in OUAT’s break

  4. TB says:

    “Once‘s third season will still be divided into two distinct 12-episode batches…” Does this mean we’re getting 24 episodes of OUaT next season? Or is that a typo?

  5. Michelle says:

    OUAT and the spin off at the same time? is ABC on weed or something? That 12 episode pod thing would have made more sense if the spin off sat in its place. Now it’s just dumb.

  6. George says:

    I would hardly call the post-Modern Family spot “coveted.” I mean, it SHOULD be but it’s not. “Super Fun Night” was really the only ABC comedy I was looking forward to, but sadly I can already see it’s destined to follow every other comedy in that slot (Cougar Town, Happy Endings, Mr. Sunshine (yeah, I said it…I kind of liked this one as well), Don’t Trust the B, & How to Live with Your Parents)

    • Zach says:

      Mr. Sunshine was the best of those cancelled shows you mentioned. That show was hilarious, but everyone has to have a “nice guy” for a main character, so nobody watched a show about a cynic. And for the record, Super Fun Night blows. I saw the pilot, it blows. Hard. Easily their worst comedy this year.

    • rowan77 says:

      Modern Family is in the perfect spot. It’s programmed perfectly to not be in competition with any like shows, and in the tentpole position the series supports the new comedies. Now I watch Supernatural and DVR Modern Family, but for those who aren’t genre fans, Wednesday night is ABCs strongest comedy night.

  7. George2k says:

    MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D vrs …NCIS ….. DUMB MOVE ABCD …but then its abc …..

    • rowan77 says:

      Totally different audience. It’s genre and NCIS is a procedural. SHEILD is a strong show and frankly the best to go up against a major hit like NCIS.

      • squirrelysue says:

        Not necessarily. I will be recording both NCIS and SHEILD. I’m a 58 year old women who enjoys both genres. And I absolutely detest situation comedies, except for Big Bang Theory, of course.

  8. EVE GARMBACK says:

    why bother to watch any of them if i like the ABC will just cancel them they have their heads up their butts and don’t realize the the age group 50 and over are the one home watching tv do they think i want to watch trophy wife give me a break or shark tank i liked malibu country your losing it ABC

  9. lucy says:

    I dunno about running OUAT:Wonderland at the same time as Once, and on Thursdays? Thursdays are packed, and there’d be way more interest if it was the only Once program running at the time. That’s the only reason why I thought that starting the spin-off after only 2 seasons made sense- like a mini-series between episode blocks. And running up against BBT? That show is a juggernaut. I was looking forward to it and even I’m less interested now. Imagine the people who weren’t rabid Once fans.

  10. Boiler says:

    Did Mr Lee answer why they canceled a show that drew 9 to 10 mill per week

  11. Eric7740 says:

    I wish ABC could find some decent comedies to go with The Middle and Modern Family…. oh wait, they did have Cougar Town, Happy Endings, Malibu Country, Don’t Trust the B, and I’m sure this list could go on…..

  12. Midori says:

    I think it’s a really stupid idea to have a Once spinoff. It was a great idea to fill the gap between two 12 episode miniseasons, but now it’s just weird.

    However I think ABC realized that they should just give up the 8pm Thursday slot and make it the timeslot to put in limited run series. That would have worked a lot better for Lats Resort and whatever took it’s place afterwards.

    • Babygate says:

      Last season’s ‘Missing’ with Ashley Judd was a limited time production. It tanked. Just like everything they have been putting there for years. ABC still hasn’t figured it out…

  13. Laura says:

    This is so stupid! Didn’t they let Mike Kelly (showrunner of Revenge) go because he wanted the season to be 13 episodes?!?! Ummm…. what? That makes no sense.
    Dumb ass move Paul Lee.

    • Jess says:

      12 episodes in the fall, long hiatus, then the 12 remaining episodes. So from September-December/January and then March/April to May with no breaks other than the really long one. It sounded like Mike Kelly wanted to just do 13 episodes and that’s it. So Revenge would have ended by mid-winter or not preimeired until early spring.

  14. jc says:

    Happy with the Tuesday placement of S.H.I.E.L.D., don’t watch anything else on that night anyways. But overall, this is a pretty disappointing schedule. An hour comedy block to follow an action-drama fantasy show? Makes the kind of sense that doesn’t.

    And I agree with most of the commenters on here, I think ABC is making a mistake not bridging the OUAT winter hiatus with OUAT: Wonderland. But I guess that’s their fault for not picking up/having another strong enough 1-hour to fill that time slot against the other networks. Slim pickings this year that had the potential for competitive ratings and a sophomore season pickup.

  15. Sandy L says:

    Cancelling Last Resort and the other 2 shows I watched on this channel was a mistake for my family. We now only tune in for Castle.

  16. JT says:

    Where’s Suburgatory?

  17. SylwekG says:

    They’re doing to Suburgatory the same thing they did to Cougar Town two years ago. I’m pretty sure they’ll cancel it next season.

  18. tvaddict says:

    so Mixology’s whole first season will take place in 1 night? What the what?

  19. Babygate says:

    Another frustrating line up. Wonderland on Thursdays???? Who thought that up? The idea was to fill the void during Once mid-season hiatus. Taking this genre to a night of soaps is completely bone-headed. Wonderland only makes sense on Sundays. And putting comedies after SHIELD is insane. Instead of building up a block by following it with a strong action drama, they follow with comedy. Untested comedy at that. Hoping to bring down NCIS? ABC may have just wasted the best shot they had at moving up in the ratings game. And, why would anyone want to stick around for Betrayal after watching Revenge? It’s the same theme. It’s bad enough they picked up this show… ABC is so frustrating. They are making it easy for me to look to other networks for better options.

  20. Et al. says:

    Awful schedule all around. So many baffling decisions. Abc finally has a good idea to use Wonderland to bridge the gap in Once and they blow it. I have never seen a more self destructive network than abc.

  21. Deirdre says:

    The idea of 2 blocks of 12 episodes certainly makes more sense than endless weeks of repeats which tries even the most dedicated viewers patience. But they need to be careful that they don’t lose fans during the intervening weeks. Better to have a beginning, middle and conclusion to each block of 12 episodes. That way, it’s more like waiting for the next season to start, when in reality it’s only a few weeks.

  22. caleighclark says:

    Reblogged this on Caleigh Clark Revealed and commented:
    Is it just me or with one look at this promo photo does anyone else see CANCELLED in its future?

  23. The best bet for ABC is to advertise, especially Once,Revenge and Scandals, the shows as having 2 separate seasons of 12 episodes. That way, in mid-late November you advertise as the shows as having season finales. Having a 12-week break in the middle of the season seems to be too long. Marketing as a completely different season… well that’s what happens every summer anyway. Plus, 12 episode seasons on serialized shows keep the momentum and excitement high.

    • Deirdre says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. Plus, it solves the problem of ‘not more repeats while we wait for a new episode’. That is the single most annoying thing for a loyal viewer.

  24. Brett says:

    Does Super Fun Night really need that boost from Modern Family? I feel like Rebel Wilson can hold her own, whereas a different new show might need that boost to become popular.

    Also how did The Neighbours get another season? From what I read about in its first batch of episodes, it sounded like a long shot.

  25. squirrelysue says:

    How can the network that airs such great shows like Revenge and Scandal have so many stupid sitcoms?

  26. bobbie says:

    They’re putting a lot of faith in SHIELD to go opposite NCIS. Acronymious tendencies.

  27. rowan77 says:

    ABC knows how to program the season. Look at the great counter-programming for Thursday. NBC has all comedies, so ABC puts on all dramas that night. This is how it’s done folks. Now lets hope the new shows are better than last season’s new crop. And if there’s a chance for SHEILD and Castle to be on the same night after Dancing is over, watch the fans go nuts!

    • georgiamadman says:

      SHIELD and Castle on the same night? That would be brilliant! Especially since I’ve given up on Bones after its stupid finale. Now I’ll only be watching Castle on Mondays.

  28. CJS says:

    I may be alone in this thinking, but if ABC is going to do 2 distinct 12 episode blocks for OUAT, Revenge, & Scandal, then (unless I’m missing something) why not do the same thing for Castle and Grey’s?

  29. GaryW says:

    Male, Age : Still in 18-49 demo.., barely

    I’m gonna be watching S.H.I.E.L.D.
    The wife will I’m sure continue watching N.C.I.S.

    Man Cave Activate!

  30. Johnna B says:

    I really was hoping they’d pick up Gothica. That would have been perfect post-SHIELD.

  31. Rick Katze says:

    Thank God for DVR’s. I can tape Shield. NCIS comes first.

    And a very special thanks (not the nice type) to the “Suits” who decided on this policy. There were a lot of different slots where you could have put “Shield” where it would have dominated the ratings. This was not one of them.

    I am surprised that they didn’t slot it opposite “Arrow”, I suppose that does suggest that their brains are not totally disfunctional.

  32. Lorena says:

    Wait ! Wonderland against The Vampire Diaries, SHIELD against NCIS, clearly ABC lost his mind

  33. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I’m confused, how will DWTS pull that off? I would assume to vote for a contestant you would have to do it during the hour they’re performing…which is dumb because what if a bunch of people wait until the performances are finished and then can’t get through because of an overflow of calls? Also, that kind of means only the East Coast could vote, the West Coast would not be able to vote when the show is aired on the West Coast delay. That’s not fair.
    *Disclaimer: I’ve never cast a vote for anyone on that show. Probably never will. I’m just looking out for the other fans. But…I guess it’s cute that I think the viewers even get a say in who goes and who stays. ABC obviously pulls all the strings there, so perhaps I’ve answered my own question.

  34. Joe Petitjean says:

    ABC is looking for the S.H.I.E.L.D. make a dent into NCIS

  35. Georgia Madman says:

    Tuesday used to be a dead night for me but this Fall it’ll be the busiest with SHIELD, Justified and Grimm. And no overlap either. Sweet!

  36. TV Critic says:

    You guys are making me laugh with the SHIELD vs. NCIS

    Remember when CBS moved Survivor to Thursdays to up against powerhouse Friends? The result was Survivor gave Friends a run for its money.

    • squirrelysue says:

      Who cares what is up against what. Most of us don’t even watch tv shows when they are on anymore. We use our dvrs, a great invention.

      • Drizz says:

        I’ll tell you who cares: The advertisers that pay for the shows, and the networks. Your DVR viewing counts a good deal less towards whether a show lives or dies- they know DVR viewers FF through the commercials. The eyes on the show AT AIR is all-important to the show’s life. If you are a Nielsen family, you make sure you watch your favorites live. If you are not, you don’t really count and what you think matters not a whit.
        Go back to something you understand, like Honey Boo Boo.

        • squirrelysue says:

          You don’t have to be rude to me because I use my dvr for what it is intended. For what it is worth, I’m not a Neilson family. You insult people you don’t know anything about because I use a dvr? I’m not fond of reality shows, have never seen Honey BooBoo and hope I never do. No more comments for me. It’s not my way to jump in and talk to strangers, I guess I needed to be reminded of that.

  37. Drizz says:

    Putting Once: Wonderland up against The Big Bang Theory is a sure way to kill it. The “Christmas break” concept they had mentioned sounded like pure genius. Wonder what changed their minds?

  38. TV Critic says:

    Learn from 24, broadcast networks not named FOX

  39. Larina Lee says:

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  40. Linda says:

    I really hate that Body of Proof is not on the schedule.

  41. Quattro says:

    I’m not sure what the hell is going on with this schedule. Though I believe that the all scripted tuesday night isn’t a bad idea, I do believe they picked the wrong shows. Shield starting the night makes sense. However, having two family comedies after it? Not so much. I’d have slotted Wonderland after it. Then moved Shark Tank to 8pm on Thursday opening up an hour. Then, I’d slot Suburgatory at 9 and Trophy Wife at 930. I’d then slot The Goldbergs at 930 on wed and hold super fun night till midseason. Also, why are they scheduling both of zabel’s shows in the fall? I’d give him a break and push lucky 7 to midseason, move Revenge to tues at 10 and slot Ressurection at 9 on sundays. Just my two cents.

    • Drizz says:

      I like your schedule a lot better. I think Shield should be a 9pm show though, Wonderland at 8. More propensity for violence on Shield.

  42. Sandra Slack says:

    I don’t know ABC what you were thinking dropping body of proof & red widow,they were both good shows. I don’t know what the networks are thinking they put on stupid reality shows and drop the good ones I guess it’s because the reality shows are so cheap and the good shows cost more money.It seems money is more important then the fans.

  43. Jeremy says:

    Honestly, it really shocks me that the results for DWTS are being cut. Yes, they’re 99% filler, but they’ve been a part of the show for over 5 years now. To just stop doing them will throw a lot of fans out of whack. Plus, won’t they lose a LOT of viewers since there’s virtually no time for any musical guest of any kind? This cut is the beginning of the end for DWTS. It’s hard to imagine ABC without DWTS, it’s main attraction for 8 years running. The channel will turn to crap (even worse crap than it already is) once this show is gone, like the show or not.

  44. Tee says:

    That Tuesday night seems like an odd mish-mash of shows. SHIELD is the only one I even thought looked good.

  45. Caro says:

    They should have brought back Body of Proof! It is so much better than the rest of the garbage ABC airs!

  46. Michael Eisner says:

    ABC sucks……cancelling Body Of Proof well here I go back to CBS

  47. Drizz says:

    Aren’t you special…