How I Met Your Mother Recap: The Mother Is Revealed (and Watch the Fateful Scene Again)

How I Met Your Mother Mother RevealedWarning: The following recap contains major spoilers from Monday’s season finale of How I Met Your Mother. Read on at your own risk!

A day after Mother’s Day — and not a day too soon — How I Met Your Mother gave viewers the best present ever: a real glimpse of the titular mom (who appears to be played by Cristin Milioti from the Broadway musical Once)!

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The big reveal comes on the heels of Ted announcing to Lily that he’s finished renovating his house “just like Ryan Gosling in The Notebook” – and he promptly plans to sell it and move to Chicago! After failing to find love in New York, the eternal bachelor has decided that maybe The One is in Chi-Town. So the day after Robin and Barney’s wedding, he plans to catch a train back to the city and leave his old life and friends behind.

Lily tries to convince him he will have a family in that house – until she realizes the real reason he’s leaving: It’s because the love of his life is in NYC, and she will soon be married to his best friend.

Ted insists that he wants Robin and Barney to have an amazing life together, but it might be better if he weren’t around for it. Lily asks if something happened between him and his ex recently, and he insists nothing did.

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How I Met Your Mother Mother Revealed Cristin Milioti“Where’s the poop, Ted?” she continues, bringing back one of my favorite catchphrases. So Ted tells her about the rainy moment in the park, which leads Lil to reveal that Robin’s “something old” locket has been in a pencil box on Ted’s desk all this time. Right before he was supposed to marry Stella, a heartbroken and Japan-bound Robin got drunk and dug it up since she wasn’t ever going to marry Ted, and that’s where Lily hid it. Now, Ted has the perfect wedding gift for Robin, but Lily still warns him to be careful. Meanwhile, just as the bachelor is getting ready to give up on sex love and the city, the bass guitar-carrying mom is buying a train ticket to Farhampton!

Elsewhere in the episode, Barney and Robin’s night out is ruined by an annoying couple (Happy Endings‘ Casey Wilson and Mad TV‘s Keegan-Michael Key). They decide to “make those smug obnoxious sons of bitches pay” and try to break them up. In the end, they actually end up helping the strangers get engaged and, oddly enough, prove to themselves why they’re so twistedly perfect for each other.

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Lily spends much of the episode dealing with Ted’s relationship drama, but it looks like she may have some of her own soon. On the cusp of their move to Rome, Marshall gets offered his dream job, a judgeship, and doesn’t tell Lily about it.

HIMYM fans, what did you think of the long-awaited moment? Was your heart pounding during those final seconds? Do you like that the show didn’t go for a super recognizable face (but still one that could pass for David Henrie and Lyndsy Fonseca’s mom)? And what are your theories for next season’s premiere? Will Ted meet the mom then?

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  1. Alex says:

    I went back to Season 5, Episode 1. Am I wrong or is “The Mother” seated behind the Adrican American student who helps Ted spell “professor?”
    I’d never seen The Mother before tonight, so I’m not sure?

  2. Joeee says:

    MY GOD THAT WAS INTENSE! But I dont know, these Writers who I love because they’re so creative, might have twist with this, I mean they have a whole season to do it! GOD WHEN IS THE NEXT SEASON AIRS??!!!

  3. Karen Weisz says:

    They should have just skipped this season and made a two hour movie and then do the reveal as the movie ends and it would be part 1. I can’t imagine what they’ll do next season but I feel incredibly cheated. This episode is probably the first one all season (other than the future and Ted being by himself in McClarren’s) where I felt they really put the effort in and wrote and performed like they actually cared. No one was phoning it in and they had to wait until the season finale? They need to be slapped!

  4. Jorge Vega says:

    I’d have loved if the mother was a sort of Christine Woods instead, much more beautiful. But, anyway… let’s see what happens.

  5. J.D. says:

    Back at s01e01, when I saw Robin, I opened my eyes and said “wow!”. And it wasn’t only because Cobie Smulders was (and still is) gorgeous; it was the scene, the light, the shoot… the smile. I saw Robin and I also fell in love with her, like Ted. And I would have said the famous “I love you” too. But today, I saw the mother and thought “psche”. That’s an awful first impression. Anyway, the question here is… would that has been different if, instead Cristin Milioti, the mother had been Karolina Kurkova, Natalie Portman, a young Meg Ryan from the past or put-here-you-own-dreamy-woman? Well, ehmm… sadly, NO.

    The problem with this show is that it’s dramatically inconsistent: no matter if you are a pro-Ted or a pro-Barney… one way or another, the only important woman in this show has always been Robin. Ted has been in fall with her since day one, and Barney…well, since someone thought that he would be a good romantic interest for somebdoy in this show. Lily was always out of the picture. So, in a way, we do always love Robin too. On the contrary, the mother was initially a macguffin and then, progressively, a ghost. And that feeling is impossible to turn down right now. We have been knowing Robin during EIGHT seasons. And she is the GIRL on this show. The Mother, nowadays, is just a title. One season might get that we know her better, but the basic idea, at the end, will be that Ted has settled. So, the mother wasn’t important anymore. As for me, the only important thing is that she isn’t Robin. And that Ted (our narrative anchor) is going to lose. No one, not even the best writer of the world, is going to convince us in only one season that he has forgot the woman that he has loved during eight seasons. No one, not even the most beautful and cute woman, is going to convince us in only ones season that she’s better than Robin. That’s the truth.

    • Amelia says:

      A young Meg Ryan type would have been perfect. No need for a paragraph.

    • Nero theTVFiddler says:

      Good point – no doubt, when I saw this evening who the mother is/will be, there was a bit of resignation in my demeanor. I would have gone for the full-on Robin-clone if it was my call, the ‘wow moment: Farhampton, in the rain, yellow umbrella tilting upward to the reveal. But Bays/Thomas decided to go in a different direction. I respect that. Sometimes, we do settle in life. That’s what Ted will be doing. Sometimes we won’t settle, but there is a price to be paid either way. For those of us who wanted to see a ‘wow’ moment and didn’t get that tonight watching the mother reveal, watch the prior episode [Something Old] again, and watch that Central Park scene with Ted and Robin – that’s a HIMYM ‘wow moment’.
      What was it that Robin told Ted during Punchy’s wedding (The Best Man S7.01) out on the balcony when Ted confesses to her that he is unhappy and reveals that he’s losing faith that he will find “the one”? Robin convinces him not to lose hope, that timing is critical to finding ‘the one.’ The irony of course will be that he did find ‘the one’, he just didn’t marry her. Sometimes you don’t marry ‘the one’. Many times people don’t marry ‘the one.’ It’s a sad little secret they carry with them through life – no one knows. Sometimes they get lucky – they never have to see or be around ‘the one’ ever again. But sometimes, they end up like Ted and Robin. Ted will be one of those people. I trust Bays/Thomas completely – I think this is the story they are wanting to tell – sometimes the woman you marry isn’t ‘the one’. You find happiness in marrying someone else. You have to – you have to move forward.
      At least in my mind, this show will resolve all mysteries, except one. We now know the answer to the core mystery – who the mother is, although we don’t yet know how Ted met her; we’ll find out next season. However, one final mystery will remain – why Robin could never ‘love’ Ted enough to marry him, to stay with him. We’ll never know why, and he won’t either. It will turn out that the key character in this series wasn’t Ted, and it wasn’t Barney, or Lily or Marshall. It was Robin – she made the key, fateful decisions that determined HIMYM. “Yes, it was your Aunt Robin kids – without her decision making, I never would have met or married your mother. I would have married her instead. Now, go tell that to your therapist when you’re fourty. I have.”
      When people watch this series years from now in re-run heaven, they won’t be asking the question HIMYM. They’ll know that answer. They’ll be watching the show and asking the central question: “Why did Robin choose Barney over Ted?” After that scene in Central Park in the rain [Universe Man and Skeptic Girl], that question will linger long after the series finale next May 2014. And I think that’s a good thing- a little mystery goes a long way to preserving the value of this series in sydication. HIMYM? Or maybe WICBOT – Why I Chose Barney Over Ted. That will become the central mystery future fans will ponder as they watch this fine show in syndication heaven years from now.

    • (Way long; pass along if you’re not into long essays in comment posts)

      You have nailed the issue on the head, and I thank you for it.

      For eight years now, we have been seeing Ted pine away for Robin. Not just pine away, but do all sorts of crazy stuff – right from the pilot to the current episode. That is 184 episodes of Ted pining away for Robin, and Robin pushing him away. Robin used every drastic measure she could think of to push Ted Mosby off her – didn’t want to get married, didn’t want kids, didn’t want the universe to dictate her terms, became the anti-Ted, started dating the anti-Ted Barney, got engaged to Barney, is about to get married to Barney (one would hope – the wedding has been on for three seasons on without a single vow being said) – and yet, for eight seasons, we have seen Ted pine away.

      Yes, some people take a long time to get over the person they believe is “The One.” In this episode, it was reiterated AGAIN that Ted believes Robin is the love of his life, and that he’s planning an escape to Chicago just to get away from pining away for Robin Stinson from across a bar booth. He is leaving everything he knows and loves behind just to get away from Robin, that’s how important she has been built to be.

      My concern was always that the writers of HIMYM will rush the finale. There was speculation out a long time ago that the final episodes will just reveal the mother, maybe have Ted and the Mother interact a little, and it would be a Bob Saget voiceover onto a fade-to-black (by the way, where was his voiceover at the end of this episode?). Even though the writers have set up the final season to be the resolution of this long, long story, it still feels rushed – and, I guess, that’s my core problem with this episode, this reveal, all of it. I have maintained for a long time that this mystery has been dragged along, and it has nothing to do with the nature of the mystery but a lot to do with how much they have invested us, the viewers, into Ted pining away for Robin. Now we’re only being given one season, 22/24 episodes versus 184, to be told otherwise.

      Is this final season going to be the season we see Ted settle? How is that not disappointing? We have seen Ted change a lot, which is great – character development and all those buzzy words. But I find it almost unfathomable that, over the course of 11/12 hours, we will have to disregard everything we have known for the previous 92. Over the course of one season, we are being told our heads will spin, our minds will melt and our hearts will be a flutter for the Mother.

      I don’t mind that she’s not a famous actress. She’s obviously pretty (not everyone can be Cobie Smulders, but that’s what makes Cobie Smulders Cobie Smulders; if the Mother looked like Cobie Smulders, we’d all be outraged; if the Mother was some “A-list” actress, we’d all accuse the show of stunt-casting; if the Mother was drop-dead, off-the-runway, bombshell gorgeous we’d all think that’s way too impractical for a girl like THAT to be wooed by AND marry someone like Ted) and people who know her have said she’s a great actress. But the problem doesn’t lie with her, it lies with the writing of the show, the mythology that has been set up, this habit of the writers to stretch and stretch and use red herrings haphazardly to prolong the stretch.

      When you stretch something too long, sometimes it doesn’t snap back into place, it just breaks or becomes a mess of its former self. I fear HIMYM has done that with the Mother mythology – they’ve stretched it too long, they’ve made Robin so important that just imagining a girl can replace her spot in Ted’s heart in 22/24 episodes seems almost impossible. (I used to have faith in Craig Thomas and Carter Bays – after the last few seasons, and the many misfires, I don’t anymore.)

      • R.O.B. says:

        She’s not going to replace Robin. I think Bob Saget is telling the kids how he met their mother, but why he’s now married to “Aunt Robin”.

  6. Erin says:

    That was… underwhelming.

  7. Amelia says:

    The only good thing about this episode was that Penny aka Casey Wilson was in it. It was like rubbing salt in a wound.

  8. jessredhawk07 says:

    I don’t think the mother could have been enough of a bombshell no matter what…mainly because she is supposed to be the person that constantly had men falling for her, to the point that Rachel Bilson’s character couldn’t even keep a man around. Not that Cristin isn’t totally gorgeous, but I feel like the character who could steal each and every man away from Rachel Bilson (closeted lesbian or not) would have to get up pretty early in the morning. I would assume it’s something about the mother’s personality.

    • Nero theTVFiddler says:

      You bring up a good point here – I forgot about that. This may be the one small ‘hole’ in the game plan that might not hold up – the mother character had to be able to pull men away from the Rachel Blison character to an extent where she (Cindy) couldn’t bring men around to the apartment. Yep, maybe it’s based on her ‘personality’. That’s fine, maybe that was enough. But ask any man if just ‘personality’ can cut it. I’m ashamed to admit, it wouldn’t cut it for me if Cindy (let alone Robin) were around as competition. With women like Cindy and Robin around, trust me (a man) – the mother’s personality alone is not enough. With average women around, sure, personality alone could do it. But with Cindy and Robin around? No. This could be problematic for the storyline to hold up next season 9. We’ll see in September.

      • Bill says:

        Why? A lot of Hollywood actresses are considered more of a knockout than Zooey Deschanel, but it’s Zooey’s cute looks combined with her personality that many men find so enchanting.

        The same for Jennifer Lawrence, actually – she’s very attractive, but it’s her personality that just MAKES her.

        Looks fade with time; personality theoretically stays.

        • Nero theTVFiddler says:

          Fair enough – we may have to agree to disagree on this one. That’s okay – as others have noted, beauty is in the eye of the beholder – I completely agree. I like Christin M, and I think she’s lovely – I saw her on 30 Rock – I think very highly of her, excellent actress and talented. I’m looking forward to her joining the cast. She was not my first choice, or my second, but I’m okay with that – I love HIMYM either way.
          Here’s where we disagree – Ted has been one of those ‘love at first sight kind of guys, a Universe is speaking to me’ type of guy. Robin, Victoria… even Stella. A ‘one look across a room, and he’s hooked’ kind of guy. Falling for a woman’s personality doesn’t work that way – that takes time. If Cindy is afraid to have men come over for fear the men will meet the mother, that’s not about personality at work. That’s love at first sight across a room – that’s arrows and electricity – that’s ‘Robin territory.’ Heck, that’s ‘Victoria territory’ as well… ‘Stella territory.’
          When I say that Ted is having to ‘settle’, I don’t mean that as a put down of the lovely Christin M. All I’m saying is that Ted is having to ‘grow up’ and realize that the love at first sight, arrows, electricity, universe guy – that’s over. It didn’t work. So, he has to begin the ‘settling process’, find someone like Marshall did, get married to a good, kind woman, and get his life moving forward. That’s what I mean when I say ‘Ted has to settle.’ If indeed personality [the mother/Ms Milioti] will win the day and will win Ted over, that’s a new Ted we’re discovering – which is a good thing. Goodbye to ‘Universe Guy’. And I think that’s what Bays/Thomas are driving towards.
          Ted-Robin, Ted-Victoria, even Ted-Stella – all ‘love at first sight’. That will not be the case with Ted and the mother. We know that. Ted saw the mother at the wedding, he seemed happy and enjoying the event, but he’s still at the Farhampton train station after the wedding headed to Chicago. So, the mother/Ms Milioti didn’t have the immediate impact on him that Robin, or Victoria did. Nothing wrong with that, but that’s what we know thus far to have happened.
          I can’t help thinking – if only. If only Ted had reached this point of going to Chicago about six months earlier – he could have called Victoria back and said – “Look, I’m leaving NY and Robin behind; marry me, let’s try to make a life together in Chicago – they eat cupcakes there too.” He could have had Victoria. That’s his loss. He lost both women [I can’t even imagine how awful that would feel], one he never had anyway. That’s a sad shame. Watch ‘Ducky Tie’ again and tell me that Victoria didn’t truly love Ted. For all her faults, someone [Victoria] once truly loved Ted Mosby. Someone really loved that man. It wasn’t just ‘the mother’ who will love Ted. So did Victoria. As much as I love Robin [she’s the best, period], I don’t recall Robin ever telling Ted she loved him with the type of open heart, pained expression that Victoria told Ted in ‘Ducky Tie.’ So, who really loved Ted Mosby? Victoria wins that battle with Robin hands-down. So, who was really ‘the one’ for Ted? Robin? Victoria? The Mother? Who knows? But, had it not been for Robin, that’s who Ted would have married – Victoria, not ‘the mother’. “So, you see kids, had it not been for your Aunt Robin, ….”
          That’s the battle Ms Miloti is going to face in playing the mother – it is a tough challenge, and I wish her the best. She isn’t just battling the wonderful Robin/Cobie over who is the mightier woman; she is also battling the ghost of Victoria/Ashley over who loved Ted more – that may be the more difficult writing and acting challenge.
          Hello ‘new Ted’ – goodbye Universe Guy. We’ll miss you, but you have to move on.

  9. Ashton says:

    Wait, hold on, that was it??? Is that seriously the finale? What about the wedding? How are you going to build this wedding up all year and make us wait until September to see it happen. Slap countdown . com told us there was going to be a slap this month. Nothing. We were made to believe there was going to be a wedding. Nothing. What the heck, yeah we met the mom, cool but seriously that’s like the least interesting story line in the whole show. Really really disappointed.

  10. brandon wilson says:

    Did anyone else notice that the woman that barney and robin met at dinner was named crirstin. The waitress said cristin, then cirstin, then crirstin. (cristin milioti is the mother). Coincidence?? I think Not!

  11. Rob says:

    I hope she is the mother she is extremely cute, and that’s how I always pictured her. People were expecting a supermodel or something.

  12. noo says:

    can we at least find out her name?!

  13. Allison says:

    It can’t be someone famous. It has to be someone who comes with no expectation. I say bravo creators. I was never expecting someone famous – always knew it had to be an unknown.

  14. JB Smooove says:

    are you sure her name isnt Ug Lee?

    anyways, not expecting the episode to go that way. was nice.

  15. AM says:

    but that’s not what the mother was wearing in the farhampton episode…..?

    • Bill says:

      That’s because when you see the Mother in “Far Hanpton” it’s AFTER the wedding, so basically 2 1/2 days later than this episode.

  16. jay says:

    her roommate who ted dated was more attractive…

  17. Azerty says:

    For one moment I happily thought that Marshall was going to interact with the mother, since it seemed that they were at the same place, but the mother takes the train from Long Island and Marshall is at some airport in Minnesota, too bad, could have been a good idea, you know Marshall is nice to everyone.
    Anyway except for that last 3 minutes with the gang going to the wedding separately, it was a filler episode. Robin and Barney trying to break up a couple and finally make them engaged doesn’t compete with Ted/Robin ending last week. The cigars are NOT the blue french corn, they are trying to make Barney/Robin as romantic than Ted/Robin but it is really difficult. The problem is that after Stella, the writers had no idea of what to do with Ted before he met the mother, so they made a big mistake by bringing Robin as the love of his life, just to have stories for Ted. Ted/Robin should have end in Slapsgiving, after they backslided. Now the mother has a lot to do to wow Ted who, 56 hours before BR’s wedding, is still thinking of Robin as the love of his life. I guess the locket can play to very different roles either it helps Robin to solve her issue, either the fact that it is Ted who brings it complicates thing.

  18. Bill says:

    You all seem to forget the title is “How I Met Your Mother.” Not “How I Dated Your Mother” or “How I Courted Your Mother.”

    I suspect the hours between now and Barney and Robin’s wedding will tick away next season with lots of action taking place in either flashbacks or off-camera, and Ted will SEE her at the wedding, but the last episode will have them MEETING at the train station, they’ll be happily chatting away at the train station bench, and we perhaps get an exasperated last look from the kids as Dad’s long, often off-topic tale is finally finished and they can go use their 2030-era electronic gadgets.

    • Azerty says:

      To be honnest I don’t understand this argument…yes it is the main plot of the serie, but a lot of shows moved on their original plot and still managed to find good stories. I mean, One Tree Hill was about 2 brothers fighting over a girl and basket ball, that was over after 2-3 seasons and it keept going, Once Upon a time was about breaking a curse, happened in the s1 finale, Prison Break would be the perfect example: the original plot was Scofield trying to get his brother out of prison and they did that in one season and they came up with other stories! I think sticking to the same plot for 8 years, dragging desperatly the original idea prove that the showrunners can’t find any ideas about what is going to happen after the resolution of the main plot. I think you are right, series finale will probably be the meeting at the train station but that’s sad because every characters of the show will have had a complete developpment through the serie except the hero of the show. We will probably never see Ted finally getting along with the perfect woman for him and that seems unfair for the character and for us.

  19. Borry says:

    And I waited all these years for that…you gotta be kidding me! I couldn’t like her less…

  20. Borry says:

    Plus..she was suppossed to be prettier than Rachel Bilson who claimed everyone always fell inlove with her roommate(the mother).Well guess what..noone fell inlove with her today…God,I hope Robin and Barney’s wedding is really spectacular and Lilly and Marshal don’t go to Rome so I would have a reason to watch the next season!

    • Jenna says:

      Prettier? Because that’s all there is to falling in love? I think Cristin Milioti is actually perfect for THAT girl, the girl whose physical appearance comes second to her unaffected charm and charisma. I know a bunch of those girls and they rarely are the movie star beauties that people seem to have expected the mother to be. They’re the girls my guy friends call “wife material”.

      Rachel Bilson is gorgeous for sure, but her character was very insecure, whiny and jealous. I’d take a “less pretty” girl with a great personality any day over someone who’s stunning but completely unconfident. That’s not to say I think Cristin Milioti is not pretty, I find her super cute, though for me the resemblance to Lily is a bit disturbing. Anyway, give Cristin a chance! Like many here have pointed out, we have not actually met her yet, nor have we seen her chemistry with Josh. We have also not heard her rendition of “Memory” as performed by an English muffin.

      • Beatrice Benedick says:

        Amen, Jenna! I’ve always been one of those girls who attracts WAY prettier friends than myself, and yet I remember my friend in college telling me I was “queen of the cute girls”. I remember asking my friend about it and his answer was “there are three types of girls in the world- the ones you want to bang, the ones you want to date but you know you won’t end up with, and the ones you want to make your wife. You’re one I’d want to make wifey.” That’s something I’ve seen played out over and over again in my life with lots of different people- even the guy I ended up with! He’s not as conventionally attractive or tall as a lot of the guys I’ve dated, but the second I met him at lunch through a friend, I thought “MAN he’s cute” and ended up canceling all my plans for the day just to hang out with him! Personality plays so much more into looks than people realize. You don’t have to spend time getting to know someone to get an idea of their confidence, charm, humor…

  21. Pooja says:

    Super excited!!! She looks like Lily and Robin and is perfect for Ted!!! I hope they don’t drag out the entire ninth season showing what happened in the 56 hours leading to the wedding!!!

  22. BOOM! says:

    i don’t think she’s the mother. different dress and guitar case than the one they showed at the end of s8ep01.

    plus, at the end of s8ep01, she was wearing heels, while at the season finale, she was wearing boots. some may argue that she can just change from boots to heels but the thing is, it was raining! it could be more proper to wear boots while it’s raining don’t you think?

    just my 2 cents.

    • Sarah says:

      The end of S8ep01 is supposedly after the wedding at the train station when they actually meet. Last night’s episode was her going TO the Farhampton. There’s at least a day in between traveling to the wedding and she and Ted actually meeting. So a change in footwear is perfectly acceptable.

      • BOOM! says:

        It still doesn’t explain the guitar case. Not to mention the color of her purse.

        S8ep01 – Purple
        S8ep24 – White-ish cream something

        • Azerty says:

          I guess a woman can have several purses. You know, to match with the color of her dress or something. But I am a guy so my understanding of how woman works is pretty limited haha.
          And the guitar case doesn’t seem very different: a black guitar case is a black guitar case. She is the mother, showrunners confirmed.

  23. AL says:

    I think Ted has always been more in love with the idea of being in love with Robin than actually in love with her, and can’t actually meet “The One” until he lets go of that idea. He let go of Robin already, but he still has to let go of the idea of her.

    First episode of the series, he decides he’s on a quest to find the perfect woman, spots hot girl, asks her out, and says, “I love you” on their first date. He puts Robin on this pedestal right away and really can’t get beyond it. If you ask him to describe the perfect woman, it would be a bass player who paints robots playing volleyball and likes show tunes and laughs at his shellfish joke. This is not Robin. She’s a great friend, but perfect for Barney (who is perfect for her), someone who enjoys Scotch and cigars and messing with people.

    At some point in the 56 hours before the wedding, Ted will have this epiphany — maybe while he’s talking Robin out of running away from the altar — and so he’ll be ready to meet The Mother. Who is awfully cute, and if I were Lily, I’d have those boots faster than you can say, “Have you met my friend, Ted?”

    • lindasays says:

      What Al said!!! Exactly. Geez…I cannot believe that people who have watched from ep1 can be so obtuse!! And shallow! Boggles the mind…

      • Nero theTVFiddler [Goodbye Universe Guy] says:

        I just saw episode 1 again the other night on local re-run syndication, and I agree 100% with what you just stated – the initial attraction between Ted and Robin was ‘one-way’ attraction – all Ted. My memory had become a bit fuzzy over time, but there it was in episode 1. I think Robin clearly warmed up to Ted over time, but the ‘love-at-first-sight’ was Ted, not Robin.
        Maybe that’s what Bays/Thomas are trying to tell us – the ‘love at first sight, universe is speaking to us’, there’s just no hope there. Robin-Barney, Lily-Marshall, and Ted-Mother, all will *not* be love-at-first-sight pairings. A good pairing takes time. Each of the three couples will have that ‘time’ component. Maybe Robin figured it out early, and it was always Ted who would have to make the adjustment. That’s what we’ll see in S9 perhaps. I’m fine with that – this show has been a really nice story, a journey and I’ve enjoyed it. Seeing those syndication re-runs each evening now of the show really helps as well – I’ve learned a lot about how much I forgot/missed the first time I saw certain episodes years ago.
        All that said, that Ted-Robin relationship sure had a spark to it. Robin may have figured out early that there was/and would never be any ‘love’ to their relationship, but that relationship sure clicked nevertheless. The chemistry was there, the love apparently (as seen as early as episode 1) for some reason never was… and only Robin will ever know why.

    • Sarah says:

      Well said sir! Ditto!

  24. PhebStur says:

    Now I am not commenting on this actress (who is claimed to be the official mother) to be a bad actress or even, unattractive. She is in fact a good actress and she is not at all unattractive but very pretty. Although a show like “HIMYM” that centers around the smallest details and at the end all the pieces of the puzzle fitting together, its highly doubtful that I could see Cristin Milioti as the mother. Looks in this case are a factor because her resemblance is very uncanny to that of another actress of the show “Alyson Hannigan.” Every character on the show should hold their own individual beauty and even though inner beauty matters most in most cases, I still cannot see An Italian version of Lily playing Ted’s wife. In this case, she could very well be the grown up love child of Ted and Lily’s college days! Unless this is a red herring I am quite disappointed with this choice.
    Even though she could “personality wise” fit the bill, again her looks are too close to Lilies.
    The writer’s of “How I Met Your Mother” should really consider doing their research.

  25. R.O.B. says:

    Here’s what I think is going to happen (unfortunately). Ted gets to spend exactly 9 months with her until she has her twins, and she either dies giving birth or in some other sad way, like cancer. Ted is telling a long, drawn out story about how he met their mother, who is deceased (although I am not sure why now and not as they are growing up – unless for some reason he was not involved with raising them), and why he ultimately ended up with “Aunt Robin”, who he has spent much of his story dwelling on. Not sure where that leaves Barney.

    • Amber says:

      No. Then it turns the show into:
      “Kids, let me tell you about how I was in love with Aunt Robin… and then met your mother and was on the rebound since I loved Robin the day before but she got married. So I married your mother… and I probably still loved Robin while I was with her (that’s why it didn’t work with Victoria after all). But luckily your mom died and I got to marry Robin.”
      No. The whole narrative of the show is completely busted and it makes Ted into a really insensitive Jerk. You do not tell your kids the story about their mother and then completely shadow all over their mother’s memory with how much he’s in love with another woman.

      The only way this show will end without Ted coming off as a huge jerk is if he met the mother and she completely trumped every feeling he ever had for Robin and he STAYS with the mother.

      If he ends up with Robin at the end I will forever hate Ted for pretty much turning the story about the kids’ mother into a lovefest about another woman.

  26. sharon says:

    after this many seasons, the writers SHOULD have had a cute scene to intro the ‘mother’ reveal, even a look or simple moment can show some ‘personality. Instead, we had a ‘meh’ reveal. Also, ted pining for Robin was simply odd at this point.

  27. MLO says:

    All you people who say she looks like Lily must be on crack. She doesn’t remotely resemble Lily…

  28. Lisa J says:

    Could all of next year be that WE know who the mother is, but Ted doesn’t? Is it possible that he doesn’t meet her until the show’s finale? So next year will be all of these close encounters (train platform), and maybe even all of the other characters interacting with her in some small way. Oh, and I am still not convinced that Barney and Robin will get married. There is a wedding, but will it result in a marraige? Has the narrative been that he meets her at the wedding? Soooo confused, and I love it. =)

  29. ann says:

    Did anyone see the part where Marshall was standing outside the cab with the baby and it looked like he was punched in the gut or something? Or am I just seeing things?

  30. Alex says:

    I’m sorry, but I just have to say that I’m so annoyed with people commenting on her appearance. She’s not “beautiful” enough to be the mother? What a load of crap. We all know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what’s ugly to one person is the most beautiful person in the world to another. Remember Ted’s “checklist” for the perfect woman? Well, she fits the bill perfectly. I imagine they’ve been working on this casting for a long time, and I’m sure she’s going to be perfect for the character, who is so much more than just a pretty face (and btw, I think she’s adorable.)

    I have a feeling her personality is going to shine through (and be awesome), and that her chemistry with Ted will be through the roof. Looks aren’t everything, people–Ted dated some gorgeous women, sure, but look how well that turned out for him.

    And as for “competing” with Robin, Cindy, etc…refer back to my first point. Not everyone finds the same things beautiful, and yes, personality and confidence do play a large part, too. She might just be a spitfire who’s full of joy and life. And that’s pretty irresistible.

  31. camzwithlove says:

    Reblogged this on camzwithlove and commented:
    Oh mother of all awesomeness, Say Hello!

  32. Kimmie says:

    In the picture of the Mom above, she resembles Lily – and also, at a glimpse, a bit Cher (long face, nose, cheekbones), and Anne Hathaway (eyes, nose) – but in other pix I’ve seen on line, she also really resembles Kate Micucci – and also a bit of Jennifer Love Hewitt! I guess she has a face that is not that distinctive, to me at least.

  33. DZ says:

    I don’t know much about the world of attorneys, but isn’t Marshall a little young and inexperienced to be considered for a judgeship?

  34. BosApollo says:

    I was hoping the mother would be Casey Wilson from “Happy Endings”. She’s hilarious.
    Very disappointed if it isn’t. (because even though we saw a girl with a yellow umbrella, it might not be the mother)

  35. Jen says:

    I felt COMPLETELY let down. Not because of what she looks like or because she’s not a big star… but the reveal was just so….lame. It was so mellow and understated….

  36. sds says:

    I saw her in “Once,” the Broadway play a month or two ago, for which she got a Tony. A Tony! I promise, she’s is one of today’s greatest new actresses, and I am so glad she’s the mother. A lot of people don’t really know her, so I can understand why you’re being skeptical, but take my word, she’s is amazing and I expect none less than a stunning performance from her.

    Just give her a chance, is what I’m trying to say. You can’t know that you hate her when she hasn’t even interacted with Ted yet!

    • SDS says:

      Wait, I worded that weirdly. She was NOMINATED for a tony, and the play “once” got a tony. But anyways, she’s a perfect for the mother. I mean it’s a story about how he met her, not which famous celebrity plays the mother!!

  37. haylee says:

    I don’t know why, but I pictured her blonde!

  38. Rachel says:

    That’s it? No idea who she is, why she’s invited to the wedding, or what she’s actually like? Disappointing.

  39. Ella says:

    Eh, underwhelming. Given the importance of the mother who is technically a “title” character, I feel they should have gone with a well known and beloved face. Charisma Carpenter was my choice, she could totally be David Henrie and Lyndsy Fonseca’s mom. Or Zooey Deschanel or Jamie-Lynn Sigler or Tricia Helfer or Tiffani Thiessen or Anna Silk or SOMEONE else well loved on TV.

  40. Becca says:

    I don’t really understand the hostility expressed here — both regarding the casting of Cristina Milioti and the plans for the final season. She had ONE LINE and she’s…wait for it… terrible. You have not seen a single episode of Season 09 and you’ve already deemed it unwatchable. You’re entitled to an opinion but perhaps you should reserve judgment until you’ve have something to judge.

  41. Carlos says:

    I just wish she was hotter, lol. Can you blame a guy?

  42. Sapphire says:

    I was disappointed to see the mother not to be as pretty as robin! But, I guess it’s their onscreen chemistry that will make all the difference. Hope the writers have a jaw-dropping script for Ted and the mother. Their love story have to be legendary, else Ted-robin relationship will never have a proper ending.

    • goodbye Universe Guy says:

      And it’s possible the Ted-Robin relationship may not have a proper ending – sometimes relationships never really go away completely. That’s why Ted is packing for Chicago – he knows that’s his only shot – unfortunately, he has to get away from Robin. Somehow, that meeting with Ms Milioti at the Farhampton train station will change all that – we just don’t yet know how or why, but we’ll find out.

  43. Alejandro says:

    Cristin Milioti kind of look like Allyson Hannigan and Jennifer Love Hewitt, She’s cute besides Ted is not Barney so it doesn’t matter if she’s hot or not, I don’t think anyone put attention to the show, Ted it’s more emotional, HE CARE ABOUT FEELINGS not about looks…
    You want proof??
    Lily: ‘Ted, you did this all yourself?’
    Ted: ‘Just like Ryan Gosling in ‘The Notebook’. It was pretty manly ’til I mentioned Ryan Gosling in ‘The Notebook’, huh?’
    In Season 5 Ted had a relationship with Cindy who happens to be the roommate of the mother, and we see that Ted thinks that he has a lot in common with her, but it was the roommate (The mother) and he even didn’t know her.
    So it doesn’t matter if Robin is Hotter that TGWTYU, Or Victoria is hotter than her or anyone that Ted has dated trough all the 8 seasons, Ted Loves her and that’s all that matters…

  44. gusRanjeet says:

    I agree, she is pretty enough. I personally did not expect her to be a Robin clone, or a clone of any of his other GFs for that matter!! As much as he has this thing for Robin that won’t go away, fact is he and Robin are not well suited. He is a very sensitive romantic clean freak type, who was always the awkward geek in college. She is the one time popstar, gun toting scotch and cigar smoking hard woman. She has a soft side but make no mistake she is a hard nuts. I am looking forward to how this develops, I am emotionally invested in seeing Ted happy!!

  45. Mattias says:

    she is not it, for a 8 season build up they cant end it by showing her like that probably a decoy

  46. MIDDS says:

    I really don’t c y everyone’s saying the mother ain’t cute, ‘coz 4 me, she’s got it. Besides, she looks a little like Miss Lindsey.
    But I have 2 agree with one thing. If she’s supposed 2 b the mother, then the writers have 1 hell of a job convincing the viewers she’s “the one” 4 Ted. I mean, Ted n Robin is so nice that, ‘though I love Barney, I feel like he doesn’t deserve her especially after the digging up the locket episode which shows how deeply Ted cares n knows Robin. He wld do anything 4 her. N I know Barney doesn’t like the way the word is misused, but, LITERARY.
    N Friends was a VERY good show. 2 b honest, HIMYM had started 2 bore me, so it’s a good thing that these complications have bn introduced. It can now try to vie 4 ma affection with FRIENDS. Let’s c if it can b Legen… wait for… and by the way, was the mother episode the season’s finale?…dary. Legendary.

  47. gus says:

    Ted hasn’t found the one so he keeps turning back to Robin. Thing is his idea of being with her isn’t consistent with the reality. They tried enough to make it work but the fact is they are not a good fit. This girl will make all things clear for Ted; he will not move to Chicago, he will pursue and get the woman who he will love and marry and who has his children and his relationship with Robin will be what it should be, as lifelong friends. This is sitcom people, no unsatisfying endings like Lost 24 or the Sopranos please!!! (just look at Sex & the City and Friends)

  48. MIDDS says:

    Ok, I know that people think U cld actually divert from a show title n it wld go on, bt look @ the examples given;
    Prison Break- As soon as they got outta prison, the show started boring that they actually had 2 introduce a new prison”Sona”, jus’ to put some use into Miller’s character.
    One Tree Hill is not so much like PB or HIMYM so it really isn’t a good example.
    N y wld the writers show Ted as the one person that understands Robin, even when she doesn’t talk straight forward as shown in the locket digging episode n let him go with Barney, even after his sincere LOVE, not crush, confession to Lillie? There’s no one who cld measure up to that in one season. N I don’t think this story wld end anything bt satisfying 2 the kids, or it wld b a pointless waste if their n our time. So, no, I don’t think Ted will settle.
    N remember when Ted warns Barnie abt actin’ like he wasn’t going 2 get married n he dismisses him? As we know, Ted knows Robin, even more than Robin. Do U really think the warning was 4 show?
    It wld really take a special kind of mind 2 write something that wld erase everything Ted said 2 Lily in his house 4 sale.
    That he wld do anything 2 make Robin happy. N we know he truly wld. I jus’ one season? Boy, I can’t wait 2 c that!!!

    That show was a rollercoster. Arguably the best thing that ever happened 2 TV.

  49. Enthusiast says:

    This show is awesome. But damn its getting stale. I think that they should wrap things up with a movie instead of another 9 month season. Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris are great actors in movies. The rest of the cast aint bad neither. Make a movie not another season.

  50. K says:

    waited for 8 yrs to see this and its some super skinny… UGLY chick…