Report: Christina Aguilera Returning for The Voice Season 5, As Shakira Leaves

The VoiceThe Voice is getting a little of its vibrato back.

Christina Aguilera will return as a coach in Season 5, according to The Wrap.

In turn, Shakira is vacating her swivel chair after one well-received spin on NBC’s hit talent competition, our sister site Deadline reports.

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Aguilera coached hopeful singers in Seasons 1-3 but stepped away for the fourth cycle in order to promote her album Lotus. (Similarly, new mom Shakira is in the midst of producing her own next album.)

NBC made no mention of any Voice coaching changes at its upfront presentation to advertisers in New York Monday.


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  1. Ram510 says:

    I think Christina is excellent! I felt that her comments were the most truthful/helpful season 2 and 3 and I alot of time felt the same way she did. I’m happy she’s coming back! I think The Voice could actually benefit from having a revolving door of coaches to keep it fresh. I love all the coaches but this season you can tell Adam and Blake seem to sound like broken records at times. Again they are all great so NBC should keep mixing it up

  2. Rochelle says:

    She definitely has “the voice” but she is terrible coach! She had a really strong team last season but her song choices for them were horrible!

  3. Natalie says:

    NO NO NO NO NO! Nobody wants diva Christina back! She needs to stay away from the voice. She is a terrible coach and such a witch! Shakira is absolutely fantastic and I really hope NBC will reconsider bringing back Christina. Shakira is everything Christina isn’t, and that’s a great thing…please keep Christina’s toxicity away from the show!

  4. Ram510 says:

    I find it interesting how much people love Shakira, it’s great. But I remember when they announced Shakira and Usher for the 4th season on this very site alot of people were saying “why Shakira?” Interesting.
    I’m not sure about Usher as a person, but he is the best coach out of all of them. He needs to come back!

    • BillyBob says:

      I think everybody is in love with Shakira’s sweetness vs the witchy Christina. Christina acts like she is a DIVA vs Shakira comes across as a genuine person the average person can approach.

  5. Jack says:

    YES!!!! LOVE HER :D

  6. ErixN says:

    Glad she’s coming back. I couldn’t watch this season because the show wasn’t the same without her. Chemistry between the coaches was forced this season and it was very awkward.

  7. oliver says:

    aww…shakira is amazing in this season. i hope usher stays in for the next one though.

  8. TiffanyC says:

    Christina and Shakira are both amazing!! Christina brings her sassy self. Which is good. Shakira has that adorable personality.

  9. Ash says:

    No, please, no. They should steal Jessie J from The Voice UK, she’s a blast!

  10. libby says:

    man that is horrible news, she is a terrible judge, loved Shakira…Christina is so all about her..Please don’t do this!

  11. German says:

    That’s the only thing she’s sorta good at! After her album flopped she needs money guys, SHAKIRA IS AMAZING, adm this is the first season where i have actually enjoyed my self without having to look at xtinas overrated ego!

  12. Evetaz says:

    I will stop watching the show if xtina comes back … I love shakira and usher on the show!!

  13. Christina is cool but no!! Too soon says:

    Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg please no!! Lets protest or I’m never watching the voice again!!

  14. Emilia says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Don’t bring her back !!!

  15. NONONONO Can’t stand the witch, she doesn’t vote on talent, it’s a personal thing with her and also she’s the reason I stopped watching for awhile. This year has been awesome. Blake and Adam are always fun and Shakira and Usher have made it a wonderful show, they give real suggestions and are fun. Stay away Christina go look in the mirror some more elsewhere

  16. Brent says:

    Let it go people, she’s coming back.

  17. M.M. says:

    I like Shakira, but enjoyed the show more with Christina. I don’t know how you can say you hate someone without meeting them. Usher was is boring, but a very good coach. I think they should have Shakira and Christina it would make an interesting show.

  18. Ellen says:

    Whatever happens, let’s just hope Cee Lo doesn’t come back.

  19. Zita Jones says:

    Getting paid 17 million to stay on as judge on #thevoice must be diva status yeahhhh buddy Ain’t No Other xtina simply the best! ❤❤❤

  20. shayna says:

    I don’t want christina to come or cee lo going to stop watching it. I loved shakira being on the voice

  21. jojo says:

    Plssssssssss….KEEP SHAKIRA!!! Her adorable and genuine gestures are something new and refreshing compared to Ego and Big boobs exposure. I adore her to death now. And chemistry between these 4 coaches now is beyond the wildest dreams! They are perfect together like matches made in heaven.

  22. telk says:


  23. Ashley says:

    I actually like Christina but I’d much rather watch Shakira. She’s adorable and personable, very into her team and just an all around good coach. I hope we get to have her back.

  24. Mir says:

    Am I the only one who is looking forward to Season 5? While I prefer Shakira’s personality over Christina’s, I feel that Christina is a better coach. She is very blunt but she gives constructive criticisms most of the time. Song choices too. I definitely prefer Ceelo over Usher. Entertainment aside, the comments that Usher gives are very generic and he seems (to me at least) emotionally unattached to the artists.

  25. Kirvia says:

    Yah! I can start watching it again! Shakira talks too much. Poor Adam had seconds to make his choice the other night because Shakira went on and on about putting her teams name in a jar and hoping God would guide her hand. She ate up all of Adam’s time. So glad Christina is coming back. Like both the gals vocally, but Shakira just can’t hold a candle to Christina on the Voice.

  26. Adam Fachry says:

    Lol even in that pic chosen by the poster, you can tell how evil she is.

  27. Debra says:

    Too bad people’s opinion of Shakira won’t keep her on the show. Love her attitude and real care she has coaching. Christina needs to get over herself before coaching someone else.

  28. Amy says:

    It’s really too late for an April Fool’s joke. I think she was just plain MEAN on that show – I love Shakira and she brings the perfect balance of critisim and encouragement. Christina’s too worried about those crazy outfits (that are WAY too small) to be bothered to actually care about the talent.

  29. Benny says:

    Sometimes you need a person to tell the truth even if it hurts, because in the artistic world things are not easy. Christina is a great coach, and I like Shakira too! but I prefer Christina. She can gave you great tips for a future! She does it in the past three seasons! so she can do it again.

  30. Heather Miller says:

    oh great……..christina has never won. Always snotty. I watched it more this year than ever before. We hate her. Ask the fans for once gheeze.

  31. Tom says:

    This was the best season for the Voice. If Christina comes back my wife and I won’t watch it.. NBC you want good ratings don’t do this..

  32. Susan says:

    I agree, this was the best season with the best coaches, completely enjoyable. Please don’t bring xtina back……..

  33. mimi says:

    Its fun to watch shakira. Cristina not so much,bad attitude maybe she needs to loosen up.. keep shakira please.. ur ratings will jump higher

  34. Smiley says:

    Is there any way to get votes to not allow Christina the witch back into the voice? She is horrible as a coach. I disliked her nasty attitude and diva personality. She never had anything nice to say unless it was for her team. She has no sense of judgement. Adding Shakira to the show was the best thing the voice did. She is fabulous, funny, has an amazing personality and knows how to speak without bashing someone down like Christina does. I don’t think I’ll be watching the show next season if Christina comes back with her disgusting attitude. She needs an attitude change immediately!

  35. Alicia says:

    Christina is a great Coach! I was an audience member during Season 3… best trip of my life!!! Had she and Cee-Lo not left, no one would even be having this convo. Everyone is jealous they aren’t making bank like her. Every person in Hollywood is overpaid. It’s Los Angeles. Get with the program! Usher was terrible this season. He acted like he didn’t even care about anything…all the while sitting there with his leg up on the chair. Talk about no talent. Shakira was OK, but didn’t fit or mesh like the Original 4. Bring it on Season 5! I Love The Voice

  36. Kayla says:

    We won’t be watching season 5, we will be back for season 6. Christina is a good singer but an awful personality on the show…. We also LOVE Usher!!!! Keep it the way it is!!!!!!!

  37. Big Daddy Nate says:

    Did Dee Snider bone a poodle and teach the offspring to sing, please xtina stay home and buy an arctrainer

  38. leena says:

    In term of Coaching Ability:
    Blake > Cee Lo > Adam > Christina (prev season)
    Blake > Adam > Usher > Shakira (now)
    *i think Usher is pretty good coach.

    The reason why Christina shouldn’t come back:
    Female judge coaching ability: Shakira > Christina.
    *comparing the result of their contestants. We have Sasha on top 5 and she can still go up, when Adam failed to develop Sasha’s ability and bring her best performance. Shakira brought Sasha to another level of singing.
    And Christina… only managed to be the first judge who got all her contestants eliminated. Best Achievement: Top 8, with the new voting system. Even with the old voting system, during season 1-2 finale, her no.1 contestant only rank no.4.
    (S1 Winner: team Adam, Runner Up: Blake, 3rd: CLo. S2 Winner: team Blake, runner up: CLo, 3rd: Adam. S3 winner: team Blake, runner up: CLo, 3rd: Adam).
    I agree Christina shouldn’t come back. Plus she has attitude problem. Plus I don’t like her costumes at all.

  39. Amanda says:

    UGH not christina aguilera, she SUCKS as a judge can’t stand her personality

  40. DArbie says:

    Shakira is such a warm,kind,cheerful,and full of love coach. I love her and the way she laugh. It’s better to give her and Usher other opportunities to show the world how to be a great coach with their own unique characters. But I heard that they are scheduled to return on season 6, so I’m hoping that it’s true.

  41. Bab says:

    oh please, keep Shakira and Usher — I loved the four of them together, it was good chemistry. X Tina as she says is way too self centered and half the time her clothing was a little to be desired. I hope they reconsider. You can bring back Cee Lo but not Xtina.

  42. Eugenio says:

    It’s so mean that they are kicking Shakira out to make room for Christina. They’re making Shakira feel like she isn’t important.

  43. vote for xtina and cee lo shakra is boring and usher i hate him love love love xtina she is my favourite singer when she make she first song and cee lo good i want xtina and cee lo for all the seson from 7 to all

  44. vote for xtina and cee lo because xtina i love love love xtina whn she make she first song i love she and cee lo cool so don,t bring shakia and usher after seson 6 shakira dump and usher hate him so let xtina and cee lo come for all the seson