Castle Season Finale Recap: Swing Shift

Castle Season 5 Finale Rick ProposesWarning: The following recap contains big ol’ spoilers from the Castle season finale.

As the Castle Season 5 finale drew to a close, Rick and Kate found themselves back at the swings, this time seated facing in opposite directions — was “play time” over?

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THE CASE | After one resident of a fleabag apartment building takes a literal blood bath (or, well, shower), a fellow tenant is found dead in the rooftop water tank. The vic is at first ID’d as a prostitute dubbed “Crystal Sky,” but in actuality she was Erika, an honor student from Harvard, and she was using the building’s wi-fi to hack the files of a tony law firm.

Turns out, Erika’s friend Pamela — an intern at the firm — had died in a suspicious car crash. One of the firm’s politically connected clients, Colin Rigsdale III, had been driving, but it had all been covered up. Erika was to meet a whistleblower on the roof, but instead had been lured there by Rigsdale’s thug of a half-brother, who killed her just as he snuffed her contact inside the firm.

We pause here briefly to congratulate parents-to-be Ryan and Jenny!

Beckett squares off with the hired killer in the interrogation room. With a million thoughts about the FBI job she’s been offered [see below] rattling around inside her head, she vents, “This room has been my life… and I will not let you sit there and lie to me, in my own home.” Confronting him with damning evidence, she argues — in keeping with the episode’s larger theme — “How many years are you going to sacrifice for someone else’s future?”

Beckett’s “last case” closed…?

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THE CASKETT | Where to start? Kate sneaks down to D.C. for the task force job interview that Tony Almeida set her up with, and while she’s at first dismissive of her credentials (being just a homicide detective), she is assured, “The Attorney General wants people who can get the job done.” The interviewer notes, “You know that you’re headed for bigger things [and] opportunities like this come along once, twice in a lifetime.” Her uncertainty quashed, Beckett rebuffs his offer of the door and sticks around to impress his socks off.

When RySpo and Rick catch the case of the water tank girl, Kate arrives last on the scene, keeping her D.C. trip secret, but it visibly weighs on her throughout coming scenes. Ultimately, after learning 1) that Gates gave her the highest recommendation possible to the FBI and 2) that she is on a short list of candidates, Kate confides in Lanie her dilemma: “[Rick and I] are in this relationship but we never talk about where we’re going. But if I get that job…” “You’re going to have to,” Lanie finishes. “Maybe that’s not such a bad thing?” Kate, though, frets, “But what if it is?”

The jig is soon enough up when Rick discovers Kate’s boarding pass, and no version of “It was just an interview” will soothe the sting he feels. Kate contends, “This isn’t about us. This is about me and my life, a chance to do more.” “Without me,” Rick emphasizes. Driving his point home, he says, “You knew what this could mean and it didn’t occur to you to include me. Or worse, it did occur to you, and you chose not to. What’s that say about us? Not much, if you ask me.” And he walks out.

Rick reviews the situation with his mother, but she offers cold comfort: “You want her to put you first with neither of you knowing where you’re going!” Martha points out that her son has never held back in his relationships, except when it comes to Katherine. “Is that because deep down inside, you don’t think this is gonna really work?”

Kate meanwhile confabs with her father, who’s proud as can be of his girl. “If I take this job, there’ll be no time for anyone else.” And if she doesn’t, there’ll be resentment. “Or worse,” she muses. “We’ve been doing this dance for the past five years — what happens when the music stops? What if all we were in love with was the dance?”

Later, after Rick has already said “goodbye” to one of the other women in his life — Costa Rica-bound Alexis, with whom he shares, “There comes a point in life where we have to see things as they really are” [eep!] — he gets a call from Kate, who has just been offered the plum D.C. gig. “We need to talk,” she says, cuing up an intense, emotional sitdown at the swings.

THE CLIMAX | “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have kept secrets,” Kate starts upon taking a seat. “It’s who you are, you don’t let people in,” Rick responds. He then continues, “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about us, what we have, where we’re headed…. I’ve decided that I want more. We both deserve more.” “I agree,” Kate nods. “So whatever happens,” Rick says, “whatever you decide…

“Katherine Houghton Beckett — will you marry me?”

What did you think of Rick and Kate’s “Watershed” moment? Does this turn of events bode well for the just-renewed series, going into Season 6?

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  1. M says:

    Solid ending. I did enjoy the fact that as soon as Beckett got the call saying the job was hers, I just knew Castle would propose, though I thought he would be more direct and say straight out that she should take the job. Well, I got some of it right.

  2. Jonesy says:

    Jeez, Rick. You’re a multi-millionarie. Couldn’t you spring for a nicer rock for the girl?
    Also, desperation proposals are never a good idea.

  3. Jen says:

    I’m thinking when she left the diner after talking with her dad, she had convinced herself to take the job, but at all changed when she was in the interrogation room. And if you throw in the recent Montgomery shout out with the “we speak for the dead” speech, it would make sense for her to realize that even thoug she would be successful in DC, she is already doing what she was called to do. I think she went to the swings to have the DTR talk with Castle, and when he started his monologue she got the feeling he was breaking up with her so she said she agreed to avoid firer conflict. That’s why the proposal caught her so off guard. And since she spent the whole episode giving him googly eyes, I can’t imagine her ending it, I’m willing to bet she turns down the job AND the proposal but they reach an understanding that there is commitment to a future together and table the engagement for the time being. That would explain Marlow’s comments about next season being complicated. Maybe they will end up moving in together instead.

    • Rida says:

      I soooo agree with you! Thank youfor writing this so i didnt have to rant ;)

    • Mary says:

      That´s exactly my opinion…when she left her dad she was decided to take the job and somehow changed her mind in the interrogation room; not because of Castle, but because of herself! And when she aproached the swings (and even before, with Ryan and Espo) she didn´t look like she was going to leave, I think she was going to tell Castle she wouldn´t go and when he started to talk about deserving more she tought HE was going to break up with her (seemed to me she was almost starting to cry) and then the proposal took her completely of guard!

      • Lauren says:

        EXACTLY. I had to watch the scenes again (the interrogation, the brief conversation with Ryan/Esposito, and the swing scene) to catch all of the nuances, but they’re there: She has a small/almost-smile on her face walking toward Castle at the swings, as though she is going to tell him that she has decided to stay at the NYPD, because that’s where her “home” is. And then, when he starts to talk about how he has been thinking about their relationship, she looks concerned–as though she fears that her having kept a secret from him, even though she just said that she was sorry, has ruined what they had and that he’s going to leave her (even though she has decided to stay in NY). And *then*, when Castle says that he wants more, and starts to get up, it does look as though she is about to cry, and trying not to. She thinks that he is going to repeat what he said a year ago, when he asked her to stop hunting her mom’s killer and she refused: that he’s done. She thinks he is going to say, “whatever happens, whatever you decide, I’m out.” You can see that when he kneels down and pulls out the ring, her eyes go a little wide. She did NOT expect that, and was completely caught off guard. She thought he was going to end it, and here he is proposing!

        • Mike says:

          Nice job, lauren. i agree, wholeheartedly.

        • Binkley says:

          Rewatched the same scene, and I don’t think your interpretations are the only one. Could be as you argue, but doesn’t have to be.
          Very clear that she decided she’d rather have the job and have Castle hate her, than turn the job down.
          From there, who knows what the writers are going to have her do.
          I think it just as plausible that her little almost-smiles where brought about how melancholy she felt looking at the place and people she called home, and that she’d be leaving her home, after that her last case. Instead of being drawn to stay by her home, it may be that she felt it was time to say good-bye. Think how you felt moving out of a home, leaving for college, a job, etc., expecting never to live there again.
          Her same expression walking to the swings and when she first sets down could indicate the same thing, except with respect to saying goodbye to Castle.
          As for Beckett tearing up (and she does), that may be because she’s anticipating the pain and sadness of the break-up that’s coming. I know I’ve been in long-term relationships where we mutually decided not to continue, and we both cried as we said our good-byes. The pain and sadness can occur whether the break-up is voluntary or involuntary.
          Her expression maybe also reflect that she’s somewhat taken aback that Castle doesn’t even want to hear what her decision is, or what she wants — from his sad expression and voice, she has to think he was breaking up no matter what.
          Of course, I fully expect that she’ll be back at the 12th early next season no matter the decisions she’ll be making.
          But really, I think Marlowe and crew wrote and directed the final scene so you could see it either way. There’s more money for him and ABC in getting us talking, arguing, dissecting, discussing, etc. about the meaning of the various scenes so that we work ourselves into a mass frenzy and watch the season 6 premiere to see the ‘answers.’
          And if that means the characters have to be trashed by the plotting and writing to accomplish that, they are his characters after all, not ours.

          • Lauren says:

            Binkley, I agree with you: I think the scene was written to make any of the four possible outcomes (YES job/YES Castle; YES job/NO Castle; NO job/YES Castle; NO job/NO Castle) at least plausible. However, I do believe that her expressions make the “NO job/? Castle” options more likely. Really, what tips the balance for me is her expression as she is walking to the swings. Beckett has made it clear that she does love Castle and doesn’t want to hurt him or for him to hate her, whatever she ultimately decides about the job. For her to walk toward him, knowing that she’s going to say something (i.e., YES job) that she *believes* will hurt him or make him hate her (because she doesn’t yet know what he has decided about the state of their relationship and moving forward…), and smile, however slightly, simply doesn’t make sense to me. I grant you that the smile was small and, as you point out, could arguably be read as a melancholy one; but on balance, I didn’t get that sense. I predict that Beckett will tell Castle that she had decided to stay, but that she’s not yet ready to get married (though she wants to be with him and hopes it will work out).

          • Binkley says:

            I wonder whether at this point Marlowe or the writers know what her response will be — much less what Stana and the scene’s director knew when it was filmed.

        • jaimecastle says:

          I hope you’re right lauren, I want to believe that you’re right!

    • Guadalupe says:

      I agree with you, Jen

  4. Jackie says:

    Anyone else wonder if Senator Bracken was the one who paved the way for Kate to get that job so he could keep her under his thumb? Maybe they will figure that out in the season opener and she won’t take the job.

    • James says:

      wow i actually never considered that but great point he could of totally pulled that off. interesting.

    • Malachi says:

      I had thought of that. My exact thoughts on the matter were something like this: Beckett is an NYPD detective, with police academy training. She is very smart and a very good detective. But she did not go to Quantico (FBI), nor did she train at the Farm (CIA), nor was she in the military, let alone special forces like (I believe) Esposito was. Is it really believable that she would be handpicked after a single case with Tony from “24”?
      That leads to this: could someone with fed connections be easing her path for an ulterior motive? There aren’t many options:
      Sorenson. Objective: Win back Kate. Not very likely, since Sorenson could have tried something like this back in Season 1 or 2. Also no indication that Sorenson had any sort of ability to hire / supervise anyone.
      Jordan Shaw. Objective: Hire Kate to hunt serial killers with her. I like this one! And since “Body of Proof” was canceled, bring Dana Delaney back! Since Agent Shaw was certainly in charge of her FBI unit, there is also a pretty good chance that Shaw has the clout by now to select Beckett. Only problem is that this would completely change the show.
      Bracken. Objective: Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Bracken, a US Senator, certainly would have the clout to get her hired in DC. Could either use Kate’s new job to get her conveniently killed, or (more deviously) get her to unknowingly do his dirty work for him while she is working as a Man in Black (Woman in Black?). Likelihood of the scenario? It is intriguing, because if Kate found out about the manipulation early next season, it could simultaneously lead to a close of the mother’s murder story arc, as well as an end to the DC job plot line and back to the NYPD. But do I think the writers have thought this far ahead? No.
      Anyway, it’s a theory.

    • eshelfcafe says:

      I did. Matter of fact. I think he was in the room when the man called to offer Kate the job.

  5. Kevan says:

    It would’ve been nice to hear Castle clarify things better before he took the ring out. Something like “I will support you wherever you go, whether that’s DC or here, I don’t care. Because what’s important is to have you in my life and make it work matter what, because I love you…..” and THEN pop the question.

    As it was written it seemed sudden and incomplete…kind of half-hearted.

    • leriam10 says:

      I think he did that without too many words. he didn’t propose after she told him to take the job. he told her that before he knew that she had accepted the job that he wanted to propose to her, so I feel that is him supporting her decision what ever it was.

  6. Glitter says:

    I agree with those who say Kate will not be going to DC. She wants and needs bigger things, but the show is based upon the idea of NYPD. In DC, Rick can not work alongside of her and that is the major premise of the series. Jon, Seamus, Penny, and Tamela are under contract, I believe. Their characters can’t go to DC. Kate can be upwardly mobile within NYPD and still have those actors in the show.

  7. Brian S. says:

    My thinking is that she will sat yes to him and to the job, and the first episode of season 6 will be them getting prepped to move and what not, but some how Bracken will step him and prevent her from starting. Consolation prize, they stay in new york and she keeps her job at the 12th.

    That would be a way to ramp up her mom’s case for season 6 and still keep them with the rest of the cast.

  8. Tom says:

    Crazy finale. That ending.. whoa. Kind of expected Castle to make a grand gesture cause I couldn’t see him and Beckett not being together, but wow. Can’t wait till September. I was also slightly bothered though by this week’s victim and how she died. I have no idea when the episode was penned by the writers but it’s eerily similar to the death of a woman from Vancouver (Elisa Lam) who was recently found dead in a rooftop water tank in a skidrow hotel in LA. At first I thought it was maybe a coincidence, but then they showed video of the victim in the show, Erika, acting suspicious in the elevator footage. This was freaky cause there was footage found of Lam acting really strangely in an elevator before her death too. Unfortunately, Lam’s murder hasn’t been solved I think, so I guess the writers maybe took some creative liberties but yeah. I couldn’t help but think throughout the whole episode that the case was based on Elisa Lam’s murder. Sorry for long post.

    • Rida says:

      Actually Seamus Dever who plays Det Ryan did say that the murder of the week was inspired by a real murder…so you could be right.

  9. anyone? says:

    better be a hell of a premiere, that’s all i’m sayin’. if they break up i’m done…who needs that crap, if i wanted depressing relationships, i’d watch the bachelor(ette).

  10. AnnaH says:

    Guys, I think some of you are missing the key part of Castle’s proposal – the “whatever you choose” bit. That shows he wants to commit not out of selfish reasons (to possibly make Beckett stay in NY) but because he loves her and will stand by her side no matter what.

    I’m really waiting forward to the première. They need to come up with some pretty smart dialogues not to disappoint after this finale. Nearly four months though!

    • Kevan says:

      Yes I know that’s what he implied but it’s a marriage proposal. She shouldn’t have to infer anything and he should be very clear about what she means to him, or at least show some energy. That was rather dull and flat.

      • DarkDefender says:

        Because secretly, he still believes she does not love him the way he loves her. It will come out next season… These two characters belong together.

      • Lauren says:

        Actually, I disagree that it was dull/flat. I think it was exactly what it *needed* to be: serious. Castle is known for being funny, outgoing. And he often hides behind that persona when things get tough. I think if he had been more jovial during the proposal, it wouldn’t have seemed as genuine–either to Beckett or to the audience. I really liked that he had a serious moment, that he showed her that he was serious about her, and about them staying together for the long term.

        • Nelmar says:

          Agree 100%, this time there was no jokes coming from castle’s mouth, but serious -completely serious I should emphasize- words, showing that he really wants and means what he said, that is to marry beckett

  11. Mel says:

    About 100% sure that happened in the glades at the end of last season. Think they’re gonna break up and BAM!!! A proposal. Yay!!!! Don’t get e wrong i am excited, by this fact, but i just want to put it out there that the Glades did that like a year ago.

  12. Caro says:

    I loved that Castle proposed! I’m sure it was hard for him since he has been married twice before but he took a chance! Also, proposing to someone who doesn’t let people in makes it an even bigger risk so kudos to Castle! I think Kate has to really think about what she wants…does she really want the FBI? Beckett doesn’t trust easily so how will she feel starting fresh and working with new people she may not be able to trust? The bureaucracy and politics in DC? The inability to have a personal life? Also, does she want kids? Stana is 35 and I would imagine Beckett is pretty close to that which means she is running out of time. If she has kids what kind of parent does she want to be? Lots of things to consider…

  13. Ellie says:

    Okay, so am I the only one crushed by how utterly un romantic that proposal was? I mean he could have at least thrown in a ‘I love you’ somewhere before he proposed! That would at least have attempted to convey that he loves and cares about her and will forever! What the heck? And the fact that it was literally in the last half minute of the episode? Why couldn’t they have done it five minutes earlier and had castle get to really pour out his feelings before he asked her? They could have ended it the same way but just made it much more loving! And on becketts job. Am I the only one who remembers that becketts core value is sticking up for the victims of ordinary old homicides? That has been her center for 5 years! Have the writers just forgotten their characters? So yeah, basically while I adore castle they had better fix it up pretty darn quick if they intend to stay on air. Go back to castle doing everything he can to show Kate how much he loves her because that’s what she fell in love with in the first place and make Kate not seem like such a sex freak because seriously I feel like all they ever have her do to seem romantic is put on a sexy outfit. So there is my rant, does anyone feel the same or sm I all alone?

    • DarkDefender says:

      You’re alone. Stana Katic is awesome in sexy outfits.. The sex freak in KB is exactly why we watch. That and the Castle funnies. (and the Ry/Espo bromance)

    • Maria says:

      You’re not alone. Castle proposed to her, out of desperation, with all the enthusiasm of someone going in for a root canal.

  14. lauri5567 says:

    Here’s my thoughts – she’ll take the job. The first case will come back to not necessarily her mother’s case, but the Senator. Somehow the Feds hands will be tied, but the 12th can save the case. Kate realizes that while she’s very complimented by the job, that her heart is back in NY.

  15. Paloma says:

    I thought the finale was great. Beckett has seen Rick go through a bunch of relationships and knows his history, so she has been wondering where they were heading and has been wanting him to address that. Since he has been changing the subject and being a bit flip about the whole thing, it has left her unsettled in their relationship. Combine that with her normal reticence about opening up to anybody (who can blame her, she’s been through some serious trauma), and it is no surprise that she wanted to explore the idea of a job in Washington on her own before talking about it with anyone.

    On the other hand, we know Rick has been through a bunch of relationships and marriages and they haven’t worked out very well. Much as we know he loves Kate and has almost since the day they met, he hasn’t done so well on the relationship front and perhaps worries that making more of a commitment will ruin what they have (given his past experiences). He might also be a bit worried because Kate hasn’t exactly been up front and truthful about her feelings in the past. And now she’s gone off to explore a new job opportunity and is once again leaving him out and holding all her thoughts and feelings close.

    So thinking about the possibility of losing her because he hasn’t made a formal commitment and knowing how hard it is for her to open up, he decides to ask her to marry him. But he starts in by saying that we deserve better. And you can see just how Beckett is interpreting those words. She’s already decided to take the new job, Castle hasn’t had the adult conversation she wanted about their relationship and basically stormed off when he found out that she was considering a new job without talking to him. Which would make anyone doubt the commitment of their partner. So as Castle is saying “we both deserve better,” you can see that Beckett thinks that Castle is breaking up with her.

    And then he surprises everybody with his no matter what you decide to do, I want to do it with you. Marry me. It is hard to make more of a commitment than that. I love it. Very emotional and I think spot on for where both characters were emotionally at that moment.

    If Beckett actually does take the job in DC, it will be a very challenging job for the writers to make it work. To give Castle enough to do. To integrate him into the Federal cases. Though Rick probably knows enough of the right people that he can muscle his way into the FBI for a book the same way he did the NYPD. Who does he play poker with who has power in Washington? Or Becket could be a Fed in NYC and still have much of the old cast for overlapping cases. Loads of possibilities and I am looking forward to the fall.

  16. Pamela says:

    What a dud a total boring case, no communication with Caslte/Beckett as usual. She was taking the job with no feeling about Castle except I know he will hate me. Who was the guy sitting with the dude in DC was that Bracken? Kate didn’t even show she loves Castle in this episode and Castle never talks to her. I am a huge shipper but these two shouldn’t marry until they learn how to talk and how to tell each other the truth. In Still Castle is going to die for her, she says I Love You then we get these three last episodes where they have been cloned. Every season we get this crap where the characters they have written for us are replaced by aliens or something and act nothing like they have been written. It was boring and both of them acted as if they were selfish in what they wanted with no concern without how the other felt until it messed with what they both wanted as SEPARATE people. Castle’s all about being a show man and he pops the questions they way he did, and then she’s supposed to be in love with him but comes across annoyed that she even has to include him in her thought process about the job offer. They both need serious help and again we are placed in a summer break of what if’s. At this point I don’t even care anymore they have destroyed the show and the characters I came to enjoy every week. I don’t know who these people are.

  17. gabr923 says:

    This episode has shown that Andrew Marlowe’s creativity has limits and Watershed lead us to Season 6, surely the final season. (it must be a short season)

    • Squintern says:

      i think the writers ran out of ideas the moment they put them together. season five has been a painful one to watch with hit and miss episodes. i totally did not like the finale. in fact, i’m heartbroken that they decided to make their relationship a plot device. so disappointed.

  18. elin says:

    That was dumb, boring and predictable.. There is no energy in the shown, no grand feelings and crazyness… Its just flat.

  19. Kate says:

    Very disappointed with S5 finale– the episode was a big boring mess. And then the proposal– oh man it was so bad it hurts my caskett heart. I imagined something much more beautiful and Castle-like for their proposal but it turned out to be the most depressing, saddest and lamest proposal ever. Desperation proposals are horrible… I feel so cheated TBH. I always imagined a beautiful proposal not this piece turd they gave us today. This entire season was a huge mess (aside from a couple of episodes) but overall, Caskett was poorly executed throughout the season and the finale just heaped on more crap. I’m so pissed off right now. I wish things could’ve been better executed.

  20. Spinning Maze says:

    Okay, might be a stupid question, but can’t Castle potentially afford to move to DC? That seems like something that should have come up. I mean, if he were some guy with a less profitable job and this were a different show I’d feel the dilemma more but the whole thing just made me think Beckett was a bigger idiot for not telling him in the first place. I mean the episode tried to go for a balance approach with both people being chewed out but I was easily on Castle’s side in this one.

    I am glad they decided to go for a proposal cliffhanger rather than a potential break-up though. TV break-ups can work but this one would have been AWFUL given it started with a bad episode and then slowly flanderized Castle to make it work. I really hope next season isn’t so uneven…

    • lyn says:

      Castle is an adrenaline junkie. If Kate takes the FBI job, he loses the chance to go on cases with her and loses inspiration for future books. He’s still looking out for himself.

  21. Jason says:

    You know not all fans are going to be happy. If Beckett say yes to the job and the proposal, then people would think it was because he didn’t want to get dump. If she says no to the job, then Castle just proposed to keep her in NY. If she says yes to the job and no to the proposal, then she wants the job more than she wants Castle. We don’t really know what her final decision on the job would have been. She may have had second thoughts. Also, Rick had a right to be upset. Wouldn’t you be if you found out your gf or bf was considering taking a job in another state without talking to you first?

    I Rick is trying to tell Kate he wants a commitment and a future with her, even if it means moving to DC and her traveling all the time and not having much time with him. Also, I think Kate would want to be committed relationship, Otherwise, why would she care where they are going. Her Dad even said that she has never let a relationship go this far. Remember, HF episode, she told the DHS agent that the job wasn’t where her heart really was. She may only be wanting job because she thought her relationship with Castle wasn’t going anywhere and the job was all she had.

  22. Jules says:

    Horrible finale and horrible season. Castle and Beckett have absolutely no communication between each other. Castle’s proposal was so rage worthy and reeked of desperation… he’s not in the frame of mind for marriage at all. I expected so much more than this garbage they laid on us with the proposal. I imagined their proposal to be epic, happy and beautiful but nope they gave us garbage. What really pisses me off is CASKETT still havent talked about anything so how the frack is a proposal going to fix all that. UGH. Beckett was so wishy washy and OOC and Castle was a big depressing fail. You know after analyzing Season 5 as a whole I wish Caskett had never gotten together, the way they were handled this season was absolute garbage– there’s so much wrong with there relationship and I blame the writers for this. I feel like Stana and Nathan are even bored, the chemistry they had prior to Season 5 has fizzled and all we’re left with is a shell of show. This show used to be amazing but Season 5 proved to me that it’s time to end this show before the writers completely ruin it… and now I hope Season 6 is the final season. *shakes head* This season finale will be one to forget.

    • Squintern says:

      Jules, you said it.

    • Julie says:

      You may have imagined the proposal to be “epic” but once again- this is about a realistic couple here. Not all proposals are grand and epic. It was Castle’s way of showing that he’s in it for the long haul and will support her no matter what- which will lead up to the communication about their relationship in Season 6. I know a lot of fans were upset by how Caskett was done this year but not me. Their relationship has always felt real to me and it’s not all sunshine and roses. It never has been and never will. And chemistry- well, that’s subjective and I think they still have tons! It’s in the looks, the subtle hand touching and glances… it’s not in your face and I love that. If you hated season 5 so much I don’t think you’ll ever get back into it because I don’t think it’s going to drastically change. The writers are obviously going in a different direction than you expected so it may be time to give up on the show.

      • Julie says:

        And by the way- I don’t mean this to come across like I’m trying to tell you what to watch. I’m just trying to put things into perspective.

      • Terry says:

        Yeah no sorry proposals are not a boring turd fest… they had no emotion, no happiness. That ain’t a proposal that was like a death sentence. Sorry but that’s not realistic at all, when one proposes out of love it’s a joyous moment… Castle and Beckett barely even looked at each other before he proposed.

      • Binkley says:

        If you remember Ryan’s proposal, Kate didn’t want something grand, she said women wanted something intimate. A friend and I thought Castle looks desperate and beaten down.
        What woman wouldn’t say ‘yes’ to such a proposal?

    • Binkley says:

      Thank you Jules. Agree completely. I don’t recognize either of these characters. What they’ve done to both is a crime against what Marlowe and crew did in the first 4 years.

    • Ralph says:

      We are outnumbered but I agree 100%.

  23. Henry says:

    I just commented on a post so I’ll leave this here but that had to be the most depressing proposal of all-time. Looked like they were at a funeral. Horrible dialogue and the acting was really suspect. The dude couldn’t even crack a smile for her. Total dick move. I mean c’mon guys what girl doesn’t dream of a proposal from their significant other, I’m sure you don’t dream of someone looking like their dog just died and they’re asking you to spend the rest of your life with them? wow wow man if I were a hardcore castle/beckett fan, I’d be pretty upset with this proposal. Also to the peeps who think that proposal was perfect, really? are you guys so desperate that you’ll take whatever crap marlowe hands you? i dunno i think the show deserves better and i think a guy like castle has more game than what he had with that somber proposal. there were other ways of going about their relationship (like maybe actually talking to each other) than forcing a lightswitched proposal. try better next time. (also maybe fire the whole writing staff this summer)

    • gabr923 says:

      “also maybe fire the whole writing staff this summer” They should seriously consider fire the writers. From Recoil to Still were great but the last 3 episodes were the worst of this season.

    • Julie says:

      No, it’s not about being so desperate we’ll “take whatever crap marlowe hands us”. I think people have explained why the proposal made sense with the characters.

    • Lauren says:

      It wasn’t a perfect proposal, but that was rather the point. The Castle/Beckett relationship has *never* been perfect. It has been difficult, with many obstacles and challanges. And that’s what makes it great. To give them a “perfect” proposal would be out of place–not to mention cheesy. Those who are saying that they appreciated the proposal are not saying that it was ideal; rather, they are saying that the way it played out made sense for where the characters found themselves at the end of the season, and how they have been developed over the years.

      • lyn says:

        To me, that proposal was the equivalent of a decision when a couple are having marital problems. to have a child to fix the relationship. Wrong answer!

        • Betty says:

          Exactly -_- it’s just was plain mockery from this writers -_- agreed Henry people are so desperate to have them stay together that they just can’t see what was soooo wrong with this proposal for that matter the whole episode -_- sigh -_-

        • Squintern says:

          You nailed it Lyn!

        • Lauren says:

          I think you may have misinterpreted what I was saying (or trying to say: perhaps I wasn’t very clear). I don’t necessarily think that proposing was the best option here (or even a good one–I think it’s arguable), but I do think that proposing when he did *is* something that Richard Castle would do. I meant that the proposal was true to the character, not that, in a vacuum, everyone would say that’s what he should have done. I think we can complain all we want about the proposal and how it was executed, but in the end, I think it was written to fit the character.

    • Katherine215 says:

      I’ve never been proposed to, but aren’t guys (and gals) generally pretty nervous when they’re popping the question? Even if you know the person will say yes, I would think it’s pretty stressful. I can’t imagine smiling about it until the person actually says yes, so I’m not too surprised he looked serious and nervous.

  24. S says:

    Here is the thing… If Beckett takes the job, she will have the power to take down The Dragon…. Which would be the final nail in avenging her moms case….. She has said that that needs to be resolved before she can move on with her life….. So what if she takes the job, takes down the senator/dragon, and feels accomplished enough to choose love over a job…. Maybe it will help her want to settle down and actually choose love.

  25. S says:

    And, if so, it would probably tie the series up into a pretty bow and go out strong.

  26. shawhs says:

    i think she decided she wont take the job from the interrogation room scene , “this is my home” , i feel though she won’t turn down the marriage proposal in way, she will say they are not ready yet but they won’t break up but this will cause issues .

    But the proposal scene was “sad” at some point me and beckett we were sure castle was throwing the towel and was giving ” the break up speech” and he turns and proposes when the poor soul is propably thinking “well that ship sinked,what job should i take to go and hide from my pain now?

  27. James says:

    Look I totally respect peoples opinions we are entitled to process things as we see fit. but folks need to take a breath and relax IMO. the point of him proposing was not to break them up but to push them into the next faze of their relationship whatever her answer is. In no way do i believe he did out of any selfishness but because he wanted to show her that “whatever you decide to do” i’m with you %1000. if she says no that doesn’t mean they’ll break up it means that she is not ready for such a leap. and castle might be a little miffed but the guy literally was willing to explode with her, he isn’t going to give up that easily. my guess is she will either say no and he will say fine you tell me when your ready (a popular plot theme now a days ie bones and TBBT) or she won’t say anything and keep the ring with out answering and he will again be patient with her, because as he’s proven many times before he loves her and will do anything for her. she could say yes but i really don’t see that happening. either way Marlowe has kept to his word so far and not broken them up once he got them together, and their is little evidence to suggest that’s how he is going. we all know the DC thing won’t last if it happens at all. lets try to weather the storm and see where it goes.

  28. Kwapple says:

    For all the grief Bones took over its season finale, they got the proposal exactly right. It was happy, sincere, emotional, and it was quintessential B/B (She proposed with beef jerky!). The whole time Castle was proposing, he looked like someone kicked his dog. It was so dull and lifeless. Hope to god Beckett says no, because that was embarrassing.

    • Smiley says:

      ITA!! Brennan’s proposal was fabulous and once this mess with Pelant is sorted out will be looked back upon lovingly by viewers. We also know that B&B love each other and are going to be fine. I can’t believe some people are squeeing over this proposal. It has to be the worst one I have ever seen between two people I care about. Castle looked like he was about to face the firing squad and Beckett is really getting on my nerves now. She can barely say I Love You to him. I doubt she will say yes nor will they break up leading to the apparently “complicated” S6. I am so disappointed that something that should be so good will be forever tainted whatever happens. That proposal is canon now – sheesh :(

      • Betty says:

        agreed -_- I just don’t understand why anybody would be happy at what we got last night -_- that was just horrible & god that was the most pathetic proposal ever -_- … Yup with Bones w know where we stand with them they love each other a d are committed to each other no matter what … Once Pelant gets taken care off Booth will make everything right with Bones and we will have an even stronger relationship than ever before ….. With castle I just can’t say that sigh they have ruined something that could have been so much more and beyond special :-(

    • Betty says:


  29. Jamie says:

    I love this show but really didnt like this episode. It’s the first ever Castle I didn’t like. At first I thought the proposal was his way if getting her I stay which I thought was a d bag move. But reading people’s comments I see he did say whatever u decide so I see it wasn’t. I don’t know how all this will play out next season cause I any even imagine. She’s not going to DC and they aren’t getting married. I don’t know how on earth she can doubt the way he feels for her and be wondering what’s up with the relationship. She’s the one with the issues not really Castle. There’s never been any doubt he lies her ad wants to be with her so I don’t know where her doubt comes from

  30. Sela says:

    that was Such a lame episode…I’m so disappointed….Rick already had two failed mariages and now he askes Kate…really?! Feels super weird and fake.

    I didn’t like the ryan/Espo interactions too much as well…they seemed so bored and when Espo congratulated Kevin on his baby it looked fake.

    Loved the Lanie/Kate but still wondering what they’re doing with Esplanie???? We need them back!!

    This seasons writers had been so incoherent with all the characters. It didn’t seem like a season finale to me.

  31. Susan says:

    Just watched the Bone’s proposal and it’s a sad day when their hack proposal is better than ours. I hope to god that Beckett says NO to this proposal and then sometime later in the season Castle asks again when they’re both communicating and actually ready for marriage. I want their proposal to be full of joy, bantering, romantic, just plain out Caskett-y not what I got today, I don’t want that to be the proposal that defines Caskett. No, I will not take it!

  32. Anonymous K says:

    If a proposal —however badly it was timed— doesn’t define things, nothing will. I’m sure Kate will say no to the proposal and the job, castle wont understand, cue the season 6 drama.

  33. Maureen says:

    I am so surprised with all the negative comments… I feel like Alexis set the tone of the show… “I don’t want to let fear win.” That’s the theme…. Beckett seems to be scared of the possible lack of seriousness on Castle’s commitment, (“Is it real? We have been doing this dance for the past five years, what happens when the music stops? What if all we were in love with was the dance?”) Or maybe closer to the truth (her father would agree), she’s more scared of the depth of Castle’s commitment. Her father points out that her relationship with Castle has lasted longer than any other and that at this point in previous relationships, Beckett ended them. He also says when she’s scared, she buries herself in her work… (like a new job?) Castle is justifiably hurt when she doesn’t include him by telling him about the job offer, but as Martha points out… this is who Beckett is. Martha tells Castle that he never holds back, except in this relationship with Beckett, “is it possible that somewhere deep down inside you don’t think this is really going to work?” This just points to the fact that Castle and Beckett are very different people… Castle tends to live on the surface, he is (pardon the pun!) an open book. Beckett holds things much, much closer to the proverbial vest. The writers are trying to create tension here, so the ending isn’t obvious, but if you re-watch the episode, there are clues. As others have said, I think Beckett decided to stay with the NYPD during the interrogation scene. She says “this room has been my life, my home and I will not let you sit there and lie to me in my own home.” I think this is where she decided that what SHE really wanted was to stay with the NYPD. (As others have said, a super fed job isn’t “better” than being, say, NYPD Police Commissioner.) Look at her face as she walks to the swings, she apologizes for not telling him about the job offer and I think she was going to tell him that she decided what she wanted was to stay with the NYPD, her family. But Castle interrupts her. “It’s who you are. You don’t let people in. I have had to scratch and claw for every inch.” (He said something similar in “Swan Song.”) And he is so serious, I think she thinks he’s going to break up with her. “I have decided I want more. We both deserve more,” He’s talking about a commitment to her. She doesn’t see it. You can see her face fall. “So whatever happens, whatever you decide, Katherine Houghton Beckett will you marry me?” I thought it was lovely and intimate and very adult (no hot air balloon needed!) (Remember when Ryan proposed to Jenny? I believe intimate was on the list for a good proposal.) Castle flat out tells her that whatever she decides, if she takes the job, he is making the commitment to their future. I think the overall serious nature of the scene was in character for what had come earlier in the episode, plus, of course, the writers are trying not to tip their hand for Season Six. I thought Castle was being a grown-up, really looking at the relationship and deciding what he wanted. Her. “I just want you.” Now it’s up to Beckett. But all of Castle’s cards are on the table. Just my $0.02. (BTW, the case of the week, finding the body in the hotel water supply was based of a real life L.A. murder.)

    • What a beautiful, succinct summary of how I saw this episode. Thanks, Maureen.

    • Karen says:

      pefect post is perfect

    • Rich Abey says:

      Best comment & summation so far….thank you very much for rising above the negativity and keeping an open mind! What many fail to understand is that unlike many other popular TV couples, Caskett is not a ‘Vanilla’ couple. Andrew Marlowe, having dedicated this show to his wife, is in prime position to dole out the perfect real-life couple experience, which naturally includes many bumps. No relationship is perfect and neither is anybody perfect, including Kate Beckett. Of course we want to idolise her and imagine her as the perfect heroine, but as she has constantly indicated throughout the show, she has her flaws & insecurities. All credit to AM for giving us such a suspenseful finale…and credit to me too for shutting out social media completely prior to watching Watershed and it was worth it because I was genuinly suprised & awestruck and finally broke down in tears after the proposal (which I did not imagine in all the wide world to happen now!).

    • Rida says:

      Im glad to have people like you in the fandom, who can see through the subtleties and reading between the lines and come up with this great summary so i dont have to rant myself ;)

    • Steph says:

      I love you for writing this. Thank you.

    • Lauren says:

      Wonderful post. Agree completely.

    • James says:

      Thank you Maureen for being so eloquent and rising above the dribble and negativity. you are a true Castle fan, and i couldn’t of said it better myself.

    • Jon says:

      Beautiful comment and I totally agree with you. I loved the episode. It was as complicated and layered as our two leads. Bring on season six!

    • Angie says:

      Perfect, perfect writeup. Hope all the previous nay says take a read & think about this. Castle maybe light drama/comedy but the viewer needs to pay attention to the subtext & foreshadowing. Excellent job.

    • jaimecastle says:

      I’ve watched this end scene for something like 100 times.And I think your analysis of the proposal is just wonderful…I want to believe that this is how it was ment to be.They are facing each other not looking in different ways.I only hope that there’s not a break up in season 6.

  34. Rich Abey says:

    Pretty certain she will be saying YES! The main reason for all of her insecurities regarding her relaionship with Castle was because they never spoke about their future and preferred to live in the present, which is why she was so “unsure” with dealing with Eric Vaughn or the DC job offer. Now that Castle has given the ultimate validation that he is there for the long haul she doesn’t have any insecurities anymore. Plus he also said that he will be there for here no matter what, even be with her if she still takes the job offer. So she needs have no fear about making a decision about her job future…all she has to decide is between whether she still wants to stay at the Precint (given her obvious love for the place which she also calls ‘home’) or move onto better pastures.

    Another reason why she won’t say NO is because of Andrew Marlowe. He was never a believer of the ‘moonlighting curse’, so if he breaks them up, then his beliefs are proved wrong because the show will peter out without Caskett. Plus 90% of fans will be totally pissed off and the ratings will drop like ‘bricks falling in air’, which Andrew as the show boss certainly doesn’t want.

    So all round its HAPPY TIMES for Castle & Caskett fans. Its gonna be a loooooong loooooong summer hiatus for least we are all filled with hope and love for our favorite TV couple CASKETT!! :))))

  35. Jess says:

    “In the scene with the swings Castle said regardless he wanted more out of this relationship…” I do disagree with some viewers/fans saying he “just proposed to keep her there. Him saying that quote that I mentioned, meant to me as a die hard Castle fan that in DC or NY he just wants himself in her life as her partner.

    Most of the articles leading up to the finale have said fans may have to watch this episode over again to have it make sense….NO I do not feel as though the show “WENT DOWN HILL” this season at all. And I think what Mr. Marlowe wrote in the season finale was BRILLIANT.

    The past 3 years Beckett has repeatedly told Castle she needs to be in a forever relationship with a man who can break down her walls. Castle has done that each season. I know a lot of viewers mentioned the way she looked when Castle proposed meant that she would say no. I disagree….Her eyes throughout the whole episode through her last look at the precinct, her talk with her dad, to the swingset scene makes me feel as though she knows that working in the FBI has been her dream job BUT WILL SHE BE HAPPY? I’m guessing probably not because that wall of hers is down now, and she is actually showing her emotion….If Kate Beckett from Season 1 or 2 got the FBI job offer she would have taken it in a heartbeat, and showed a little more HAPPINESS when Gates gave her that FANTASTIC recommendation.

    But as we saw when Gates gave her the great review, and when she heard she got the job offer she wasn’t exactly jumping for joy….

    So what I feel this whole season was about from last season’s finale was more a Beckett and Castle individual growth leading up to this point of….

    Beckett: “I know that I want the job in the FBI, but also you”
    Castle: “I know I want Beckett regardless of whether she goes to DC…”



  36. 117 says:

    Jeez I don’t get how some of u didn’t like this…this proposal didn’t come out of fear or desperation..Rick did say that “whatever she decides..” he s in it for the long haul…and not all proposals are fluffy and sweet…given the situation I thought it was an absolutely beatiful and romantic one…that too on the swings where all life altering talks happened for em.
    I’m just sooo happy now and I can’t wait for season 6…hats off to AM…he did an excellent job.

    • Squintern says:

      so as fans, we’re supposed to like all the eps and kiss AWM’s ass? seriously? some of you fans annoy the heck out of me. the episode was blah. deal with it.

      • betty says:

        Agreed Squintern -_- i don’t get it either i just don’t -_-

      • Katherine215 says:

        The episode was really good. Deal with it.
        Goes both ways – people have different reactions and it doesn’t appear 117 ever said you had to like all the eps or kiss AWM’s ass.

  37. Ana Rubio says:

    OMG!!!! this is EPIC! he asks and says whatever you decide, so he would follow her if she takes the job but I really think she changed her mind in the interrogation room to not take the job.
    Do we know if season 6 will start right there or will there be a time jump?

  38. M. says:

    I don’t know where to start. Overall I’m still confused over last nights episode. I just can’t wrap my head around it.

    Let me start by saying that I’m a huge “Castle”-fan. No one will ever know how much this show really means to me, no one!
    But despite being a fan, season 5 left me unsatisfied. Not just the ending. It already started early in. I didn’t thought much about it at the time these early episodes aired. But after this finale I guess I see, that this whole season was kind of built up in the wrong way.
    At first TPTB seemed to be afraid to show Caskett & just changed the curse in the last half of the season, surely because the complaints finally reached their ears.
    And then, what seems even worse, it felt like they don’t know what to do with the pairing: Beckett has walls, that were ripped down by Castle. She seems totally in love with Castle & learns he has walls as well. It seems like she tries to tear down his walls as well. She even seems to want more out of this relationship, than the standstill there are in & asks Castle where they’re going. All fine with me. But then all of a sudden they try to tell me she’d take another job, instead of the love of her life? She’d put the job ahead of Castle? No way. That’s not the Beckett we’ve seen 23 episodes before.
    And Castle? Of all the things he could have done, i.e. for once TALK with her, he decides to propose. I don’t buy it – sorry!

    As much as I love subtext (and I’m usally very good in deciphering it) AWM has to learn, that his characters can’t communicate their whole life based on subtext. There’s time for that, but more often there would have been time for talking this season.
    This isn’t kindergarten. This is an adult-relationship & both participants are not able to talk?! What?!

    Thing is, after the proposal I had the feeling that I should be over the moon. I mean: my OTP might marry. That’s great, isn’t it?!
    But I wasn’t over the moon. I was confused, I was angry, I was disappointed. And it broke my heart that I had to feel something like that about my favorite show.

    I’m aware that TPTB have to create a foundation for next seasons sure-as-hell-coming drama (whatever decisions will be made), but the way they did felt kind of cheap. I actually feel robbed about a proper Caskett-proposal, because last nights question just seems to be something out of dispair, not something out of love. The word love wasn’t even uttered. That’s not what I thought a Caskett-proposal would ever look like.

    Overall I’m just totally confused how “my show” could let me so down. And on top of that Stana’s mysterious tweet last night. Is she leaving the show? What is all this?

    Andrew Marlowe, if you by any chance are reading this, please bring my show, the show I used to love, back. I know that there has to be drama, I’m absolutely fine wth that, but please let your lead-characters act like adults, let them talk, let them fight, if they have to, as long as they use their words.

    Right now I just don’t know if I’m even looking forward to season 6 & that’s something I never thought I’d feel. I’m miserable!

    • stephen says:

      Last nights ep wasnt a bad ep justfelt it was more case driven and as for stana tweet i saw that well we all know how humble she is she doesnt like being the centre of attention it who she is and as for season 6 i cant wait

    • Mary says:

      I was curious when you mentioned Stana´s tweet…you´re right, looks kinda mysterious and suspect and one could think she´s leaving the show…but I prefer to think I just misread it, I mean the show was renewed and I´m sure they know there isn´t a show without Stana and Nathan on it, it wouldn´t be “Castle”, so I suppose she´ll be back. I hope she, herself, confirms that!
      One thing I know, if she leaves, I´ll stop watching it…and same if Nathan leaves:(

    • Just one thing says:

      Well said, M. When I read about it, I was disappointed. Especially when you consider how the case unfolded. Castle and Beckett had a whopping three scenes alone together in that whole interminable episode, and one of them was case-related.

      As you say, this show cannot survive alone on subtext. Why? Because it is SUBjective, and at some point the writers are going to need to commit to an open, clearly canon point of view.

      Beckett discovered that Castle has walls from Meredith. Did she actively ask him (onscreen) about it beyond the short scene that revealed his cheating in grade school? No. Did Castle seem at all willing to explore those walls or discuss his relationship shortcomings (again, onscreen)? No.

      Molly’s annoying real-life comments about the show aside, where do Beckett and Alexis stand? It is so much easier to have them talk around each other — sometimes even through each other — than to have an honest conversation? I don’t know why that didn’t even get the subtextual treatment this season; it was just downright ignored and avoided at all costs, leaving fans with the younger actors seemingly warped interperation of the relationship to guide our views on the subject.

      Back to Castle and Beckett, there is plenty of room for discussion that leads to further conflict. One could argue that their patented aversion for discussion leads to conflict just fine, but that was a crush the writers should have done away with at the end of Season 4. These characters are deep, rich, interesting and complex. Let’s explore all that greatness in an open way that leaves nothing to the audience’s memory, powers of observation, or imagination.

      And finally, I sincerely hope Stana isn’t the one left doing the heavy lifting in the relationship department next season. Because it has become abundantly clear that, of the two, she’s the one most willing to sell their romance and affection. When you add to that the fact that her character is constantly the one “in the wrong,” it becomes a bit odd and uneven.

      Major respect for the writers, cast and crew, but there are valid points that I hope they take into consideration moving forward.

  39. Rich Abey says:

    Wow. Finally got my heart to calm down. For a moment I thought I completely lost it after that final scene: THE PROPOSAL, which was in my opinion PERFECT, or else why would a 20 yr old guy burst into tears (and by the way I haven’t cried for a long time now!). Perfect finale, given the tone of this season, and the case-of-the-week for a perfect background for the calamity going on. Awesome performances all round: Espo & Ryan worrying about Kate was so sweet as was Ryan’s admission that Jenny is pregnant. Martha & Jim, you guys are soo wise. Alexis, that was some impressive clothing range & was so sweet when it came to her interactions with daddy. Those moments still remind me of their moments from S1-S3, indicating that their relationship is still as loving & perfect as ever. AND finally to Rick & kate: Kate, even more impressive wadrobe, and was the epitome of the storm raging through Kate Beckett. Rick, your proposal was the sweetest, cutest & perfect I’ve seen on TV so far. CASKETT! ♥ Bring on S6. :)

  40. olivia says:

    there are more chemistry between beckett and esposito than beckett and castle in this entire s5. what happened? Time to change writers, let terri edda work on the show full time. i’m just going to pretend the “still” episode(a freaking clip show out done the majority of episodes this season imo) is the final.

    • Olivia says:

      Get over yourself. Do you expect every episode to be like that? At the end of the day it’s all subjective. Stop looking and expecting things in your little bubble and you will enjoy it. You’re missing out!

  41. Fran says:

    I’m really glad so many people are able to see through the subtext to what this episode was truly about. Maureen and others above have stated it clearly so I’m not going to say it again. I just wonder what show some people have been watching for the past 5 years. AM has always shown that Caskett have a realistic and complicated relationship. Nothing has changed so I don’t know why people thought this would be any different.

    • jaimecastle says:

      How I’d like to see,one day,on that swing,two castle babies.Twins,two boys!

    • Olivia says:

      Agreed. People are too idealistic. Unfortunately life isn’t like that, As Beckett said “…things have never been easy between us…” Life isn’t plain sailing, there are ups and downs and the writers have tried to reflect that. You have to applaud that and Marlow has done an excellent job of trying to keep everyone happy. People just need to get over it and enjoy it. I have! Well done Marlow and team!

  42. Rick Katze says:

    I think the story line will depend on when the show restarts in September. Will there be a time break of a few months? If there is, I suspect that she has taken the job and they will try to work out things although I expect to see her back in NY within a couple of episodes at the the most.

    After some consideration, I just don’t see her turning down the job. But if there is no time break, I expect that circumstances will conspire to force her to reject the job more quickly.

    The possible wild card in this whole situation is Castle’s father. I thought it interesting that he was raised in this episode ostensiblely affecting Castle’s decision to sign off on Alexis going to Costa Rica. We know that he greased the wheels to allow Castle his first look at the CIA. Will he be involved again? Don’t know but would not be surprised.

    But, from a TV perspective, I don’t see the Producers making a drastic change in location and actors. The show is a success. Changes like this usually only happen when a show is on the verge of cancellation and needs a change.

  43. Rida says:

    Ok so this might get long. This episode was just plain painful to watch, not because it was bad. I had a million ideas as to where it might be going and i was dreading it.
    To anyone saying that Castle was selfish to proposal clearly did not see the same episode that i did. Im glad so many of you pointed out his “No matter what you decide” because that’s exactly what he wanted to show her by proposing. It might be a little desperate but not because he wanted her to stay, it was because he wanted her to know how much he loves her and still wants her no matter what, despite her walls, despite the fact that he has to claw for every inch of her, this was him telling her that he is still willing to keep doing that because he….just LOVES her. Nothing more or less. I can understand why people thought it was boring, unromantic and painful. IMO it was shot a little weirdly but it was so them! The swing set, the seriousness of his face…Caskett is that! They are not overly sappy and romantic as some people might want them to.

    About what Kate might do, it could be so many things. She could say no and tell him they should wait until they are ready but stays in NY and i think Castle would understand that completely.This way they can have a “complicated” season 6 and they can do i redo of the proposal which most ppl didnt seem to like.
    In another scenario, she says YES to both! I would love if she does that. The choice is not necessarily mutual exclusive as her Dad pointed out to her. Of course no matter what happens, this DC thing is not going to last because there is no show without the 12th and Caskett working together, so ill be ok with her taking the job and THEN realising that as awesome as it sounds, in reality its not any “bigger” as her job as a homicide detective because its not if you think about it. Saving one person’s life or bringing closure to one person is not any less satisfying than saving the world (these are Beckett’s words btw) Why would she want to live a life where she is alone and her job is everything when she can have both in NY with Castle and the 12th? I think Kate has not realised this yet, but she has always been like this and i can give her time to grow just as Castle does.
    Third option could be that she had already decided that she wanted to stay at the 12th given her whole “This is my home” speech. This way her decision to stay would be about about her and not Castle so she will not resent him for it and thus she says yes to his proposal.

    I think Marlowe wrote a brilliant episode as painful as it was, it had many layers to it and it definitely sets up for a “complicated” season 6. I think this was also Marlowe’s way of showing us that he is NEVER EVER going to break them up. Their love for each other will always win out in the end no matter what happens. So hell yeah im freaking excited for season 6!
    Also about the whole season 5, i think Marlowe had a very tough job to do and obviously he was not able to satisfy everyone because that is impossible anyway. I think ppl were a bit overly critical of this season compared to the previous because they had a hard time adjusting to Marlowe’s version of Caskett vs their own versions of Caskett they had always had in their heads. In my opinion, he did a dang good job! There were ups and downs and i didnt love every bit of it but seeing them together was nothing but rewarding for me as a hard core shipper. I applaud Marlowe for not getting scared of the made up “Moonlighting curse” and being brave enough to take this step in season 5. I hope future showrunners learn to be as brave as him and learn from some of his mistakes and do the same in the future on their shows.
    Simply put, i love Castle, its not the most brilliant show there is but its my most favourite and im not giving it up because i love it too much and i trust Marlowe to continue with his brilliance and learn from his mistakes and keep giving us this rewarding show.

    • Fran says:

      “they had a hard time adjusting to Marlowe’s version of Caskett vs their own versions of Caskett they had always had in their heads”. THANK YOU. That sentence nails it.

    • Kathy says:

      Well said. Wish i could have said so well. thank you!

    • Squintern says:

      i’m not a shipper.nor am i supporter of caskett. but my problem stems from them trying to come up with stories that worked. this episode tanked on so many levels.

    • Olivia says:

      This. Nice. Come back in September and review the opener!

  44. Jess says:

    Do you honestly think next season won’t have Castle and Beckett talking more? Getting into more of why they are the way they are? Why they haven’t been communicating with each other? thought that was the entire point of the finale and don’t understand why people aren’t getting that. The proposal was Caste’s way of showing that he’s in it with her for the long haul no matter what comes up. It wasn’t desperation. This season was about showing that both Rick and Kate suck at communication and expressing their feelings, and that’s why it all comes down to the proposal at the end. It will force them to confront everything head on next season. I knew some fans wouldn’t be satisfied with it but I’m glad so many understand what Marlowe was trying to do with the finale.

    • Just one thing says:

      There is absolutely no guarantee that they will talk more next season, considering the many, many opportunities they had this season were often squandered for discussions about the case.

      And perhaps that’s the real issue here. Maybe the network recognizes Castle and Beckett are the main draw, but need Castle to adhere to the procedural format and standalone episodes. I can see how that might prevent deep, long conversations that aren’t pertinent to the A story. I’m willing to give the writers TBOTD on that one.

      That said, I had such a feeling of dread when I found out he proposed and when I saw the proposal. And you can see Kate wasn’t exactly jumping for joy herself.

      I don’t think this proposal was meant to be “the one.” It came off as desperate — from the writing to the portrayal — and I think (and hope) that was intentionally hitting on the fact that an engagement at this stage, for these two characters right now, is just wrong. It’s not their time yet. But it will be.

      It is odd to me that if my interpretation is right, that there are so many people jumping with joy. As soon as he proposed, especially given how people were bashing Kate for the last week, I cannot imagine how people will react when we rejoin them in September and she’s turned him down.

      Because she is going to turn him down, in my opinion. Gently and regardless of her career decision. And I guess people are gonna freak out.

      • Jess says:

        But that’s just it- that’s your interpretation. You’re also assuming that those of us that liked the proposal think Kate is going to say yes. I don’t think anyone has said that (or most people haven’t). We’re just saying that the proposal was Castle’s way of showing Kate that he’s there for her no matter what- that he sees a future with her and wants that. I don’t think she will say yes but it’s a step towards the two of them discussing their future more next season. I actually think most people that liked and understoof the proposal feel that way. That’s just my opinion.

        • Just one thing says:

          No offense Jess, but I don’t see how you could’ve missed the 5000 chants of “Beckett had better say yes” that have been posted since last night’s airing.

          Many viewers — even relatively casual ones, if the show’s FB wall is anything to go by — seem to believe that Kate would be a horrible, evil idiot if she (a) drastically advanced the career she independently developed long before Castle came along, or (b) turned down his proposal.

          And honestly, while it’s all well and good that Castle was trying to prove his commitment to her, there are better ways to do that. They’re smart adults. If the show has proven anything, they’re smarter than most. That he would go from “If you take this job, we’re through!” to “You don’t let anyone in — so marry me,” is bizarre.

          And I’m assuming/hoping that that leap was the writers’ attempt to show Castle’s characteristically grandiose and over-the-top view of the world, an attempt to prove something to Beckett that she’s ultimately going to have to decline, which will then lead to a level-headed discussion about their relationship and its flaws. Her negative answer would be in character, but it would also cause conflict that could lead to great character development for them both if discussed at length.

          As it stands, if she simply says no in September without explanation or further discussion between them (that lasts longer than a scene), she’s going to be attacked for being closed off and the truly equal failings in their relationship won’t be brought to the table.

          I will give the show credit for getting people talking — particularly since we don’t know what she’s going to do about the job. It’s another issue here that few people seem to mention: If she says no to the job for Castle (regardless of her answer to his proposal), what does that say about her career ambitions?

          • Jess says:

            No offense taken but I read through the comments up until my post and there are not very many “Beckett better say yes” posts, sorry. I’m only talking about this post as I don’t look at the FB page or any other fan page. I also meant those of us that look at the proposal as not one of desperation, but a way to prove his committment. Was it the right thing to do? No and this couple isn’t ready to get engaged yet. But I understand why it was done. That was all I meant. You make some good points and I don’t think we’re that far off in our opinions. I don’t pay much attention to the rabid Caskett fans.

  45. kevin says:


    Simply put..unpredictable but REFRESHINGLY unpredictable ending!

    Im so tired of the retread ” they break up and spend next next season finding their way back to each other” cliched cliffhanger. Smallville did this ad nauseum and Im glad they didnt go that route.

    I commend the writers for not going the beaten path.

    BTW— i totally side with Castle.

  46. kevin says:

    Btw , just as an example by comparison….Bones did the pseudo break up thing this was forced and terribly done.

    Castle is trying something a bit more ballsy. and it was a “holy Crap” moment that you didnt see coming.

    • Hoosierdaddy says:

      Going the ballsy route only works if you can make it count…and Castle’s proposal was miserably done all the way around. It wasn’t a “holy crap” moment, it was more of a “you have got to be kidding me” moment. The writers took what should have been a wonderful moment and destroyed it. And that can’t be undone

      • Jess says:

        I’m sorry you feel that way. Many of us liked and understood the way the proposal went when you take it in the context of Castle and Beckett’s relationship.

      • kevin says:

        Sorry, But do’t see it that way at all. the Guy got real.

        the whole episode I was like ” hey with his money , he can buy a place in DC and move..whats the big deal” and the whole MOM lecture of ” Hey You never took the relationship seriously” well thats a long time of pining for this lady to not take her seriously.

        they didn’t destroy anything…they actually are moving FORWARD, not backing down and going back to formula.

        Again, for me compared to forced conflict/drama of the end of Bones’ Finale, this was a breath of fresh air.

      • Just one thing says:

        I’m with you, Hoosierdaddy. I literally said, “Nooo!” when I heard about it. Haha. I was so mad. And then when I saw it, my disappointment was confirmed. Castle looked like he was at a funeral. His desperate fear may have caused that, but it doesn’t change how the scene came off.

        The difference is, I think it can be undone — or at least rectified — if next season acknowledges that Castle’s proposal wasn’t exactly “right.” And who can argue that it was? In one breath, he bemoaned having to scratch and claw his way into Kate’s life (totally true, though Beckett’s been pretty open and carefree the last few episodes), and then, without any utterance of why he continues to do so or why he thinks she’s worth it or even that he loves her, he propose marriage. All this while we’re unsure what Kate’s final decision really was.

        A desperate proposal, while… interesting?… does not bode well for a relationship’s future success. And hopefully that’s what the writers were going for — Castle’s desperate, Beckett’s conflicted, next season will address both of those things and bring the two characters back to solid and common ground.

        And then, if she turns him down, like I sincerely hope she does, he can try again later down the road. :-)

        • betty says:

          Hoosierdaddy and Just one thing i agree with you both 100% -_- Caskett just deserves so much better than what they got it just saddens me that they are not being respected :-(

          • Just one thing says:

            I understand people being bummed, Betty. (This is my least favorite finale of the last three.) But considering the episode was written by the show’s creator, I don’t think it’s fair to say that the couple is not being respected. The writers care about these characters more than viewers do — yes, more than super fans do. :P And, as one of the writers suggested on Twitter, they painstakingly focus on all of the details.

            In television — particularly in network television — any number of variables could have played into this out-of-left-field plot point. And I highly doubt any of the writers will point fingers.

            I think they developed and wrote what they thought was a solid finale and launching pad for season six. I don’t think they’d do anything to the characters flippantly or without careful consideration.

            That said, I don’t agree with the route that was taken starting with The Squab and The Quail. They start laying proper foundation as early as Significant Others in January, but failed to revisit it until April. It’s quite a gap where any number of other subtle hints would have helped.

            I’ve mentioned this before, but I truly wonder if the writers’ hands are tied in some respect by the network/studio in referencing past episodes in longer arcs beyond the Johanna Beckett and 3X Killer. It seems like this season had nearly 18 standalone episodes where the events almost happened in a vacuum.

            Considering the way the show has evolved, I would think there’d be an allowance for more references to past episodes in the same season (the events from Probable Cause, Recoil and the two-parter were never mentioned again in detail) — especially given how steady Castle became in the ratings department after January.

            All that rambling is to say, it would be great if Season 6 was allowed to be a bit more self-referential of in-season events and beats than I feel this season was. Had Beckett mentioned to Castle in a later episode what Meredith said (as I felt it was strongly implied she would), that would have really helped smooth the transition from Still to the last few episodes. Especially if he’d dodged the discussion as Meredith suggested he would.

            It also would’ve helped sell Martha’s argument in the finale, which I think may have been lost on many viewers who simply weren’t seeing Beckett’s POV.

    • betty says:

      for one Bones/Booth were NEVER in any way or form broken up (not even in a pseudo way) from the end of season 6 onwards they have been together …. Booth only post poned the engagement at the end of this season & only cause he was forced to do it but they are still very much together & things will get fixed once Pelant is taken care of …. now as for last night episode yeah what happened in that was not ballsy or holy crap moment it was beyond desperate/pathetic and sorry excuse of an episode Caskett deserves soooooo much better treatment than what they got last night -_-

  47. Barb says:

    Was disappointed Castle proposed actually. Once again, the real problem of not communicating is glazed over and his ‘whatever you choose’ is his way of hanging on to Kate in any way possible. The whole thing with the DC job counteracts what Kate is about if you go back to season 1 / 2 where she broke it off with her then boyfriend because she wouldn’t go with to Chicago where his new job was. Now, she’s been focusing on what she wants and keeping things from Castle (e.g., the job interview) rather than focusing on her relationship as a unit. I still don’t think she is as invested as Castle is. In the end I don’t think they will be engaged but, by the end of season 6, it will be Beckett doing the proposing instead.

    Lastly, what the hell happened with focusing on Castle’s issues (e.g., peeling back the onion on his psyche) because I really haven’t seen that happen. Methinks there were quite a few rewrites towards the end of the season and they shifted the focus back to Beckett and her internal demons. The show is called Castle but the primary focus appears to always be Beckett.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Like in real life, TV characters can evolve and change as they get older and wiser and have more experiences. Nobody is the same after 5 years of investigating homicides, being shot at and preventing bomb from destruction. The KB and RC of seasons 1/2 are maturing… Like a fine wine.. They just have a few more hurdles to jump to get to the finish line.

  48. Lindsey says:

    i could have sworn they were going to break up the way the episode was going. Glad i was wrong. cant wait for September.

  49. Lisa says:

    I thought it was perfect. It was completely IN character as well. The key line from the scene was Rick saying, “No matter what you decide”. He doesn’t want to hold her back, but he loves her too much to let her go without her knowing he wants to be there for her, no matter where ‘there’ is.

    Castle has always stepped up and this time was no different. I have never been a huge fan of Beckett because of how much I feel she takes Castle for granted, we will see how it plays out in Sept. Obviously she is not leaving the NYPD, but I am excited to find out how Beckett plays this next scene. Really could be make or break for the character of Kate Beckett.

    Lastly, after two REALLY intense finales, it was so nice to have, as Seamus said, ‘a more understated’ one this year. Of course it was huge for the fandom, but it was also so nice to have it not be crazy life or death type stuff.

  50. Delena forever says:

    I hope Kate says no and then they get together maybe in the fifth episode or in mid season because as much as I live them together beckett has really been pissing me off i think she needs time to think whether or not she is as commited as castle has just proven himself to be

    • lyn says:

      As I posted above, I hope Kate says “No” to DC and “Not yet” to Rick.

    • Ivan Everett says:

      Why Beckett if you were in her shoes after a year wouldnt you want to know if there was anyfutirr on the relationship. So Castle has two gailed marriages tough grow up and get on with it. You sprnt 5 year’s chasing jer now you want to esit another 5 years

    • Nelmar says:

      As I posted before, i hoped that she would take the job and they got separated for maybe 4 or 5 episodes. For that it was necessary for castle not to propose, of course. He should go to the Hamptons, write short crime stories and fedexes them to KB, every night she reads the stories which takes place in NY and as the story unfolds in her mind the 12 precinct works on the cases. so all characters would be there, but just in her mind, just like the Blue Butterfly. After a few episodes and end of probationary time, KB doesnt accept the permanent position, looks then for RC who after a while finally proposes. But now it is too late bcz he already proposed…