90210 Series Finale Recap: How Did It All End?

90210 Series Finale RecapIf you’ve yet to watch Monday’s 90210 series finale, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

The second coming of 90210 came to an end Monday night after five seasons — were your Beverly Hills faves sent off in style?

Picking up where last week’s penultimate episode left off, the gang deals with the aftermath of that major explosion at Adrianna’s concert. Dixon, Navid and Annie make it out unscathed, but Ade is still trapped inside the rubble. (Fret not, Navid is in full-on hero mode and rushes back into the now-destroyed auditorium to find her — which, of course, he does.)

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The two share a romantic reunion, vowing to take things slow in their second chance at love. However, their future looks like it might be cut short by a gas leak at the explosion site — and in that moment they decide to go all in if they survive. “You were always the one,” an emotional Ade tells Navid. “I don’t care if that’s the right thing or the smart thing, because for me that’s the only thing.” And, after promises of buying a home and getting two dogs, the two are saved and ride off into the sunset in an ambulance together. (“Make lots of love!” Naomi adorably shouts as they drive away.)

Silver, meanwhile, is not as lucky. Interrupting a heartwarming chat between she and Ade — who phoned her former bestie from the rubble (!) to give her condolences for the loss of Silver’s baby — is her doctor calling with bad news: Silver does, in fact, have cancer. At first, she seems resigned to end things altogether with some pills found at the rescue site. But a sweet moment with Dixon — who encourages her to fight: “You reach deeper until you find the strength.” — results in her choosing to have surgery and face the diagnosis head-on.

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Elsewhere in the installment, Naomi’s reputation begins to suffer following her recent “scandal” with that prince — a realization that prompts her to do some actual good. Her attempts to throw a relief concert for the explosion victims are thwarted shortly after they begin, but Annie is on-hand with some sisterly words of encouragement. “There may only be a select few of us out there who know it,” she laughs, “but you’re one of the best [people] we know.” She and Jordan are later given permission to reunite — if she travels to D.C. with his mom and meets with “the Emperor,” who’s desperate to meet the girl who got his son in rehab. (She agrees.)

And finally, there’s Annie and Liam. The lovelorn exes continue to skirt around their feelings for each other — even when Silver and Dixon attempt to intervene. Sydney (who?) is actually the one who pushes the pair back together, encouraging Liam to read the end of Annie’s book before deciding if he really wants to go to Australia. So, read he does, and soon thereafter he’s on his hog chasing down the plane that Annie (and Naomi and Jordan) are on.

“I don’t care how hard it is. It’s what I want. What we have is worth it,” he exclaims… right before proposing. “This is romantic as hell and I’m not taking no for an answer this time,” he jokes. (And he doesn’t have to because Annie says yes!)

So, 90210 fans, what say you about the finale? Was it all you’d hoped it would be? What would you have changed? Hit the comments!

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  1. Manderzzzz says:

    I watched this series on Netflix. I got very attached to this show, it felt like I was one of their friends and I went through this journey with them. I have to admit I was balling during the finale, but I was quite disappointed. First off: I don’t understand why everything bad has to happen to silver… Can’t they make something good happen to her. I did like how at the end the was a little Dixon and silver reunion! Next, I think that Naomi should have ended up with someone better… Jordan is not a very good-looking guy and I don’t think he and Naomi are good for each other. I like how Navid and Adrianna ended, I always kept them in the back of my mind together. they always had great chemistry and if Ade hadn’t been so caught up in her career I think they could’ve lasted through the whole series. And finally, LANNIE!! Honestly I love lannie they are so cute. Ever since season 3 when they were together they have had this special connection and when he proposed it was just so perfect. There were OK endings but the finale was not very entertaining the whole time they were at the explosion site and the episode just seemed plain boring to me. I wish there would’ve been a season 6. Maybe they will have a reunion sort of episode soon!

  2. claus says:

    ade & navid again omg!!!! wish naomi went with navid, that would a very surprising couple ever, but for silver thats a hell ending for her, not her but ade!! silever deserves not to last like thet, and i’m happy foe annie and liam( perfect)

  3. Grace says:

    ok so I think the finale could have definitely been better. I was always rooting for Liam and Annie and I think the proposal was the cutest thing. I’m really happy it was end game for them and that ade and navid ended up together too. what I didn’t like was that it ended with silver having cancer And just showed she was gonna get surgery and that their was no closure really with Dixon. And I really didn’t think Naomi deserved to end like that. her character literally ended up with some random guy who she had like nochemstry with and I think she deserved a better ending. I think the best part of the finale was the last 5 minutes when liam proposed and I thought it was really cute when everybody saw the pic and Dixon screamed “my sisters getting married” I agree it was a little rushed bc they had such short notice of the show getting canceled and they should have done was GG or OTH did and fast fowarded to Liam and Annie’s wedding with silver being cancer free and ade and navid having a kid or just show Liam and annie having a kid or something. There was still so many lose ends and I just wish there was one episode to tie it all up

  4. Emilee lau says:

    I wish you guys would make another episode that showed Liam and Annie’s wedding and how they ended up living at the End

  5. Emilee lau says:

    I wished you guys would make another episode that showed Liam and Annie’s wedding and how they ended up living together in the end

  6. Shianne says:

    I really was really upset and I thought I have to know what’s going to happen next so I went on tv line I’m so happy Liam and Annie are together finally

  7. Jane says:

    there has to be one more episode ! you didn’t tell us what happens with Ivy ..and what about Silver ? is she gonna survive the cancer? we’ve gotta see Annie and Liam’s baby :(.. so does Ade and Navid’s :( there should be one more season .. or at least one more episode :(!!

  8. Rosa says:

    Annie is the most irritating person I have ever seen while Liam is the coolest sweetest guy ever! I stopped watching when they got together because it was so cringeworthy. The ending sounds dramatic and disgusting. Naomi and Liam were the perfect match !!!

  9. leslie says:

    I am so sad that there will not be a season six of 90210 i wish they didn’t cancel the show so many people like this show wish cw would not cancel my favorite show so disappointed

  10. leslie says:

    90210 was my favorite show i wish there was a season sixs

  11. Danniella says:

    Why won’t you do a season 6 so we can all know what is going to happen with Annie and liam getting married and silver having cancer Naomi with Jordan or Ade with navid toghter after all these years with them

  12. Peyton J says:

    I HATE IT!!!!! There needs to be one more season pleaseeeeeeeee! They need to have a wedding and Ade and Navid need kids and the dogs and the FIREPLACE!😭

  13. CheskaC says:

    Years later, Naomi reunites with the love of her life, Max Miller. Both have dated around and pursued their dreams while being apart: Max has graduated from his dream school, MIT, and owns an even bigger company and is very successful while Naomi has her own business which she is very passionate about. They wed again and live happily ever after forever. ❤️

  14. Josh craig says:

    I loved it

  15. Aurelia Jackson says:

    Silver cancer made the whole show a waste.. The original 90210 never kill off the star main actors and actresses and the show had better plot and acting.

  16. mahad says:

    It was all grt

  17. Dalton says:

    Is there going to be another 90210 because Annie and Liam got engaged will there be another episode or season.