Revenge Finale Recap: A View to a Kill

Revenge Declan Dies Season 2 FinaleWarning: The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains mighty spoilers from this Sunday’s Revenge finale.

The Revenge season finale was so jam-packed, it included not one but two arrests, the death of a major character (maybe two!) and the kind of big reveal for which the term “game-changer” was coined. So let’s dive in, shall we?

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SUITABLE FOR FRAMING | After Aiden reveals to Emily that Takeda wanted revenge as much as they did – his fiancée had been on Flight 197 – they amicably break up and he leaves for parts unknown… only to be arrested for blowing up Grayson Global (more on that later!). As soon as he’s released from custody (more on that later, too!), the Brit heads right back to Emily’s, where he warns Daniel to set her free. (Since there’s a gun in the room during their scuffle, and since Daniel ends the episode with blood on his shirt, it seems safe to assume that their brawl doesn’t conclude with a handshake.)

COLLATORAL DAMAGE | Enamored of Charlotte, Regina accuses Declan of beating her up and robbing her. (Lies, of course… all lies!) But he’s no sooner set the record straight than he’s caught in the Initiative’s explosion at Grayson Global and – gulp! – dies! In a blind rage, Jack – Conrad’s desired victim – shows up at Grayson Manor packing heat. “Do it,” Victoria says when he points his pistol at her. “I deserve it.” Instead, he allows her punishment to be her own miserable existence… which seems likely to get even more miserable when castoff son Patrick comes knocking. (And on Mother’s Day, no less!)

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TRUE LIES | Victoria is so livid when Conrad admits to her that “there is no Initiative,” just a bunch of corporate blood-suckers – and he’s now one of them! – that she spits on him! But, ironically, it’s neither Conrad nor any of his Initiative cronies that are ultimately arrested for the cyber attack that blacked out New York and led to the blowup at Grayson Global – it’s Nolan. Adding insult to injury, he’s implicated from beyond the grave by a video Padma was forced to make!

AW, SHOOT! | Determined to make Conrad pay for taking away both Amanda and Declan, Jack plans to assassinate the new Governor just as he is giving his acceptance speech. Luckily – or not, depending on your feelings about Connie – Emily gets to Jack in time to stop him… by revealing that he hasn’t lost everything, because – dun-dun-DUN! – she’s Amanda!

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Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? The season? Highs? Lows? Hit the comments!

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  1. Mikael says:

    I was worried that Conrad would be the one to die. As evil as he is, I can’t get enough of his banter with Victoria. Their one-liners are classic.

  2. b says:

    It’s surprising to me how many people seem to think Jack and Emily are going to immediately be together romantically, or even that he’ll join her team. As she rightfully said to him, she should have left him alone so that none of this happened to him. In fact, him having a gun in hand, aimed toward her, might not be the best situation right at the moment. I mean, he’s been so angry at her ever since Amanda died without even knowing any of the legitimate reasons that he SHOULD be.

    Also, did it not bother anyone else how he said that Conrad had taken “everything” from him? Yes, Jack has lost an awful lot, and that’s one of the reasons that Declan dying does suck. But he repeated several times how he’d lost everything and I responded, “Uh, except, I don’t know, your SON?!” He might be a reason to at least be somewhat subtle about your revenge plot, Jack.

    I don’t think I feel as strongly as everyone else as far as either being on Team Jack or Team Aidan, but man, that last scene between Aidan and Emily showed how much he truly loves her. She may be right that he deserves better if she doesn’t love him back the same way.

  3. elvira says:

    first of all that sucked about declan..would have rather seen charlotte just move away as her character is boring…..always thought padma was alive and in cahoots with the so called initiative….still do after seeing that video…as far as the aiden /daniel scuffle… do not think anyone shot a gun…but they scufffled and that’s the reason daniel had blood on his cuff….aiden was not shot because he was in the lock up until they told him they had someone else to look into…he is alive..

    guessing the falcon was responsible for nolan’s arrest..or conrad…did not think conrad was involved in the explosion until after the exlplosion and then got it… that’s why he told daniel to call off work for all employee’s and himself…did not see that coming nor that there is no initative…wow shocker!!! now about that man who was in the building as electrician…first thought he was going to assassinate conrad or attempt..but guessing he was the one who aided with the bombing??? still can’t figure that one out…

    emily should be with aiden…nolan is definitely the favorite for sure!! hope to see even more on him next season..and you cannot beat madeline stowe as victoria..she’s great!! superb acting…that was a great finale for her with patirck…

    lastly would have like to see nolan and emily get together at one point in the show..when she asked him to move out he seemed so heartbroken..

    any thoughts on what i’ve posted???

  4. Luvi says:

    jack and emily cant wait love them together

  5. peter says:

    declan could have gad more interesting story lines they should have killed ashley shes pointless and boring , but amazing 2 episodes but dos it make up for the 20 bad ones and the nearly 2 million people that lost interest in this show ???

  6. Gio86 says:

    After a good but somewhat inconsistent season, the series finale delivered in more ways than one. This was one of the best episodes I have watched this year on network TV. 10/10!!!
    Cannot wait till season 3 with more Emily, Victoria and Nolan!!!!

    See you in the fall Revengers….


  7. Eugenia says:

    I think that they don’t know if the actor who plays Aiden is going to come back next season so probably they don’t even know if he is dead or not, with that end they just kept a door open, they have options now. They will kill off if they have to, but I don’t think they want to, it’s the actor’s choice.

  8. Monte Christo says:

    # Free Nolan
    # Save Aiden

    # Kill Off Jack
    Although the character of Jack was well written as a loyal romantic, the actor playing him has never pulled it off. He comes across as dumb, clueless, irresponsible, and weasel like. He has no chemistry with Emily. I understand people loving the back story, but it’s time for Jack to die. He knows Emily’s secret, now the story can be finished off with his tragic death, motivating more Emily Revenge.

  9. ggny says:

    Killing Declan was a lame copout. It had no point in storyline, No explanation as why he was in the building and no end to the storyline with the stalking chick

    Fauxmanda dies and Jack has to raise the baby by himself and how Declan dies and Charlotte has to raise their by herself? Lame rehashed storyline.

    • Bee says:

      Not to be rude, but like people have explained a THOUSAND times above, Declan was in the building looking for Charlotte as she told him she was with Daniel who presumably was in the building. Simples

  10. cj@ says:

    Awesome episode. Written by mile Kelly who got fired… stupid abc. His vision. Anuway that was dumb to “kill” Declan and give in to the small but vocal haters. Hopefully Nolan helped get him away to secret safety or something. They could figure it out since we sidnt see the body. It’s too much loss for Jack. and i liked Declan.

  11. jo branning says:

    I don’t think it’s all going to be plain sailing for Jack and Emily now he knows who she is. Far from.. After all, he was in love with her at the beginning, when she rebuffed him for Daniel, he then hooks up with fake Amanda and has to stand by her when pregnant, even though not in love with her. And when he does end up seemingly happy and falling in love with fake Amanda, she dies, so all his happiness is taken away. His only brother then gets killed also. I think Jack’s reaction will be one of anger as his life has been turned upside down since Emily came back and he will be incessant with rage that she never told him all this time. I can’t see him and Emily teaming up to get revenge together as working to be honest, as the whole reason the idea of Jack worked was how down to earth he was and the normal, laid back life he led. It’s such a shame they couldn’t have ended the series with the original idea in season 1. i.e Where Emily & Jack console each other over their dog Sammy and Emily was going to give up the whole idea of revenge, to lead a normal life with him. And for those who think she has no chemistry with Jack.. are you mad! Those scenes were absolutely sizzling between them when their dog died and they kissed. It was one of deep sadness and happiness at the same time. Have been waiting all season to see more scenes like that! She has absolutely zilch chemistry with Aiden on the other hand…

  12. ollie says:

    great ep the while time.i couldnt pick between aiden, conrad ( should have been the one to go) delcon or jack was going to die. while not bothered by delcon dying he annoyed me lest this season and it sucks for jack. really want. aiden to be alive dont want her with jack. poor nolan, should be great seeing how em will get him free. wtf on the initivitvive revel.

  13. Sunstamp says:

    I’m pretty sure Charlotte’s kid is not Declan’s, remember when Victoria told him he said that’s impossible. Probably because they never had sex. I bet the kid is Amanda’s foster brother Eli.

  14. nosey says:

    I like the fact that she said to him, “deep down inside, you’ve always known the truth”, seriously, Sammy the dog would always go to Fauxemily, and had to adjust to Fauxmanda. It didn’t shock me that he suddenly recognized her, just like Mason. . .was confused w/ why the mother did not recognize her (I actually think she did, I mean if the foster brother did, the mother had to). . .I actually guessed correctly Declan would be the one killed only b/c it appeared he had less and less dialogue/appearances. . .just like George on Grey’s anatomy, I think the Emily and Jack will have the chemistry, b/c he is very vengeful right now against the Graysons. . .It will definitely take time for Jack to forgive her though

    • b says:

      I agree that it was realistic for Jack to recognize Emily as Amanda. I always felt that he did know, deep down like she said, and I guess after being told enough times that Fauxmanda was Amanda Clark, he just ignored that.

      I was confused about Kara, too. Either she did recognize Emily and pretended not to (maybe to keep from messing up whatever Emily’s plan was?), or she’s just that bad of a mother. I mean, come on, a kid that knew her for a short time, and a writer who met her once as a child recognize your daughter and you can’t?

      I’ve got to say the thought of Eli being the father of Charlotte’s baby is pretty gross to me, though. Is Charlotte even 18 yet? I can’t remember. I do think it’s possible it’s not Declan’s though. Charlotte never confirmed that it was him and we don’t even know that they were sleeping together.

      • Bee says:

        Well let’s not forget Kara is mentally unstable, so that might explain why she didn’t recognize her, but I do think she DID recognize her and was just pretending not to. Something about that final scene in the car with Emily makes me think she did.

      • Louis E. says:

        Declan obviously believed the child was his,and he wouldn’t if they never had sex together.The age of consent in NY is 17,and Charlotte turned 18 (and changed her name to Clarke) this season.I hope Kara did recognize her real daughter(which might explain her not returning for the fake daughter’s funeral,but what grandmother IS babysitting Carl?)

        • Andrew says:

          I was scratching my head too when Jack said that Carl was with his grandmother to Victoria — as they have stated that Jack and Declan’s mother abandoned the family. But then, I just assumed that Carl was with his paternal grandmother, not his maternal one. So, Jack’s father’s mother, I guess.

          • Andrew says:

            I meant to say “paternal great-grandmother,” sorry. That would be the only way his statement would make sense, though. Otherwise, how could Carl be with Jack and Declan’s mother if she abandoned the family? lol.

  15. wow. what-a-finale!!!!

    I’m in the minority about Declan’s death – I personally quite liked him and his character but understand that from all the original cast he had gone as far as he could have gone, however I am thinking why they never showed us his body- he seemed very alive and well in that video so I’m suspicious about that and will remain so until the show ends.

    i suspect next season Ashley will be killed off too but i hope they give her much more to do next season.

    Surprisingly we get Emily revealing her true identity to Jack – this was the shock for me becauseIi was not expecting it at all. I don’t believe for a second that Aidan is dead – its not possible for me, his death will be bigger and be shown on-screen if the writers planned to kill him off.

    AND Nolan being framed??? whaaaaaaaaaaaat!! :O nooooooooooooooo!!!! Emily, Aidan and Jack better free him outta there.

    I love when Victoria showed remorse for both Declan and Amanda’s deaths ( eg. when Jack pointed the gun) it makes me want to see her happy so i cant believe she wanted her life to end there knowing Charlotte needs her now more than ever.

    season 3 has so much to answer for.

  16. Locksley says:

    Ugh! I hate Aidan. What a useless character. I liked the episode but there were a lot of holes for me. For example, why did we waste 2 minutes of the episode with Charlotte repeatedly saying that the doctors wouldn’t give her news about Declan because she wasn’t family…But obviously they told random Nolan who is also not family that he was dead?! Come on, Writers. That is just lazy. Either hire an extra to play the doctor to tell Jack or don’t even mention that they won’t give non-family members information. Even though no one likes Declan (I did) that scene when Nolan tells him that declan is dead has soooooo many holes. It was such a lazy written scene. They should have spent more time on it especially since its the cause of Jack turn to the dark side.
    Another Hole, Why was Declan even IN Greyson Global?

  17. Shay says:


  18. Sam says:

    I was really hoping it would be Jack who died. His character has gotten super annoying, he and Emily share no chemistry, and it is so unrealistic that childhood feelings would carry this far. I wish they would give Emily and Daniel a real chance.

    • Paige says:

      I know!! Jack is psycho, and screws everything up. and just because you had a crush on a girl when you were a kid doesn’t mean you should name your boat after her and fall in love, Seriously.

  19. stella says:

    Are we going to find out WHY Declan was even IN Grayson Global??? I feel like he had no reason for being there and now thats hes dead Im afraid we are not going to find out why. It doesnt feel like it makes sense. They are surely throwing Jack through the ringer.

    • Camo says:

      He went to Grayson global to look for Charlotte remember Charlotte lied to him on the phone and told him he was with Daniel,at Grayson global?

      • stella says:

        OHHHH YES!!! Thanks you!!!! I totally forgot about that. So much was happening I couldn’t keep up! Thanks!

        • Camo says:

          Thats ok!!! It’s so true so many storylines to wrap your brain around its crazzy!!! Cant wait to see how it all plays out !!!

  20. Elisabeth says:

    This recapper is the worst!! We get a complex, layered two-hour finale and this is the recap he comes up with??? What happened to the person who used to recap it? She was SO much better. This guy’s Grey’s Anatomy recaps suck too. Now I have to go back to to get a recap that actually goes in depth with the show. Please get someone else to recap next season!!!

  21. Karen says:

    Am I the only one that wants Daniel and Emily together???? =[

    • Chloe says:

      No, I do, too! I don’t understand why people want Emily with Jack. He’s the most boring person in the world. Maybe if he had been played by another actor & they had chemistry together, I might feel differently. Since Jack is not the brightest bulb on the circuit, I’m hoping that he won’t believe that Emily is really Amanda. Sammy might have recognized her but Sammy was a lot smarter than Jack.

  22. james says:

    One of the best episodes I’ve seen of anything in some time. Plain and simple.

  23. Bee says:

    Kind of a cop-out that they killed Declan, because they kinda killed off a main character without really killing off an important person, but I do get why they did it though.

    And count me in as people NOT on Team Jack & Emily because I’m actually really starting to dislike him now, not sure how I feel about Aidan so far and I don’t really like Daniel, so idk.
    Realistically though, Emily confessing to Jack in the real world would make him run far, far away from her. I mean what kind of person stands by and let’s you wed a fake you while knowing the truth all along? Psycho on so many levels.

  24. RC says:

    I agree that I don’t think Jack and Emily (Amanda) will be together anytime soon. I hope Nolan gets out of this mess sooner rather than later and that Conrad will be exposed before he takes the oath as Governor. And who are the producers lining up to play Patrick, the bastard son of Victoria? That could really prove to be an interesting storyline. Will Charlotte keep the baby? So much going on. I hope Aiden’s not dead – Emily should be with him rather than Daniel or even Jack. Can’t wait until September!!!

  25. Tipp says:

    So Declan is in a massive explosion, comes out of it with a scratch on his forehead and then dies. What was the point? Better to have killed him off in the explosion, than to go through this poorly-written storyline for Declan.

  26. Robin says:

    I really think Declan is alive and Nolan got him out of there for an escape, maybe because Declan thought someone is after to kill him with the bomb and everything around when it really was for jack.. and did anyone of you remember a shadow when Jack walked into the office.. and Jack was long gone before the explosion? why didnt Jack and Declan talked if he Jack walked in there when he noticed someone was in there???

  27. Robin says:

    And one other thing on Declan!
    If it was a artery that have blown out.. wouldnt they take him to operation in the bed he was in??.. i dont think they carried him to a operationroom or switched him to another bed.. most unlikely :-)
    So i think he “Escaped” with help from Nolan.. and we dont know how much time there was between Nolan coming there and Jack arriving and what Nolan and Declan talked about “planning” all that time.

  28. Dawn says:

    Anyone else think the whole hospital scene was ridiculous with Declan? It would have never happened that way. The other thing I thought was odd was the way the covers were pulled back like someone just got out of bed. Now you know that they either wheel your bed out to take you to surgery or bring in a stretcher to do so. So they blankets would have been off to one side

  29. carole says:

    The only chemistry between Jack and Emily was the dog. Childhood friends. Brother/sister maybe. But no more than that. Jack is no match for Emily and he’s so clueless (trying to be kind here) He’s like the antithesis of all the other characters. He stumbles around and screws up everything. He got Amanda and Declan killed. WTG Jack. Aiden, Daniel, and Nolan run circles around him. For my money, it’s Aiden and Emily who have the chemistry. Hot! Hot! Hot!

  30. Susi says:

    Well, the one thing we all agree on is the great news that the show is renewed! I had been checking for weeks because you never know. What a relief!

  31. Maija says:

    I really hope Jack and Emily don’t end up together. Jack is such an idiot, he never thinks and really is no match for Emily. I hope she is with Aiden or maybe even Daniel. They both love her. I actually feel bad for Daniel, he loves Emily and really is a nice person and is being used by everyone.

  32. blux says:

    OMG!!! I love w@ is happening with revenge,there’s never a dull moment. Can’t wait to see d rest of the story. I’m so loving it♥.

  33. Sally Jay Maree says:

    Who Dies¡¡¡¡

  34. Maja says:

    I have 3 questions- 1) when Jack was talking to Veronica in the bar he said good thing Carl is at his Grandparents. Who are his Grandparents? Everyone of they parents are dead. 2) When there was the black out they said even the cell phones didn’t work, then how could conrad leave himself a message and also other people were using their phones. 3) when Jack came into Decland”s room dressed like a doctor out of surgery why did he ask Jack why he was dressed like a nurse?

  35. Kathleen Bennett says:

    Who was taking care of Baby Carl while all this was happening?

    • Andrew says:

      Jack told Victoria that Carl was with his “grandmother,” but seeing as how they’ve explained that Jack and Declan’s mother abandoned the family, I assumed he was referring to Carl’s paternal great-grandmother (his father’s mother). I hope this helps.

  36. shelby says:

    Oh my gosh. That episode was so jam packed. It was both exciting and very upsetting, i loved all the action but Declan was my favorite character. I found it very strange and sad that as soon as he found out he was going to be a father he died. I did not like that part of the finale what so ever.

    • Paige says:

      I know I HATED the finale.. I hope that Declan didn’t really die somehow some way, because TECHNICALLY there was no proof.. Conrad probably just paid a doctor to tell Nolan that he was dead because the Porter brothers have evidence.

  37. Calla Lily says:

    WTH? People actually LIKE Aiden and Emily’s relationship? WHY?! He’s been nothing but a distraction for her this season, keeping her from being FOCUSED on her revengenda. Yes, he’s helped her through the entire thing, but if she wasn’t in love with him and wavering about that she could focus on committing to Daniel to take down the Graysons. And while we’re at it, I think the healthiest relationship for both of them, where they wouldn’t have to hide at all and they KNOW each other and function well together is Emily and Nolan. I didn’t used to get that, but I do now.

  38. noooooo not Declan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  39. my opinion says:

    The real question is why was there never a doctor present throughout the extent of the hospital scenes in the finale? If Declan needed to have heart surgery, wouldn’t the hospital have a cardiac surgeon on staff considering it was a hospital in NYC (one of the most populous cities in the world)? Additionally, if Declan needed heart surgery, why was he not intubated or have more than just an IV? To my knowledge, anyone who is needing heart surgery has more than just an IV, but would have a central line, catheter, swan, and dozens of monitors surrounding him. If he was actually as injured as the show portrayed, why was there never any medical staff swarmed around him or trolling his room because he was about to endure heart surgery?

    When Jack came into his room for the second time, why was his sheets still ruffled up even though he was clearly gone? It’s an NYC hospital and those rooms/ICU rooms fill up quickly, so my curiosity increased when the sheets were still there even though there is always a high demand of beds for patients. Yes, it would make sense to not mess with the room (i.e. stripping the bed to put clean sheets for the next patient) out of respect to Nolan, but he isn’t even related to him, so they should have escorted him to the waiting room to grieve.

    Notwithstanding, it could actually be a cover-up by Conrad Grayson who had paid off a doctor to say he needed heart surgery, and in turn told Nolan that he flat-lined on the operating table to get Declan out of the picture entirely since he was present at Grayson Global during the explosion. Also, I thought non-family members were not allowed to receive information since HIPAA only allows family members access to the patient’s records, visits, and conditions. Am I mistaken but wasn’t Charlotte and Victoria told they were not allowed to see him or know the condition of Declan, yet Nolan not only had the ability to stay in his room, but also knew about Declan’s death and was not a family member or guardian?

    As far as the reasoning behind such a cover-up is a good question, yet do I feel like Conrad had any involvement in such a thing? I wouldn’t discredit it after looking at his track record. It could be because he knows Declan and Jack have incriminating evidence on Conrad, and Conrad’s original intentions on sending Jack to Grayson Global during the explosion never happened because of Nolan’s quick action to warm Jack, yet Declan got caught in the crossfire instead. A reasonable explanation as to why Declan’s death is staged could be because Conrad wants to hold Declan hostage until Jack releases the incriminating evidence to Conrad, yet this was never explained fully in the finale to keep the audience guessing.

    Also, how did Conrad already know that Declan had passed away when Ashley told him over the phone? There were no signs that Victoria told him through any form of communication, so that leaves us wondering if Conrad had anything to do with the “death” of Declan. Victoria found out through Jack when he appeared at the Grayson home, yet there was no transparent communication between Victoria and Conrad explaining the passing of Declan Porter. Thus, how did Conrad find out? A better question is: Was Conrad involved in the staged death of Declan (via paying a doctor to tell Nolan that he had died on the operating table) or is it true that he is actually deceased?

    There’s something fishy about this, and without proof of a body, it’s sufficed to say Declan is alive and well. There were never any signs or indications that Declan had failing health, let alone surgery to fix his heart. Why would a 18 year old boy need heart surgery who has not shown any signs of deteriorating health? Remember at the end of the first season when we all thought Victoria died on that plane, but low and behold she was just fine. This could be foreshadowing because of the cliffhanger of a regular character’s death, yet time will only tell.

    Realistically speaking, if Declan is indeed dead, that would be an incredible blow to Jack in the long run considering all of the death he has encountered thus far in his life and the only real nuclear family member left would be his son, Karl. That leaves us feeling sorry for him and begging the question as to what was the essential purpose for his character. As for Charlotte, the news will more than likely push her over the edge and be another reason why she cannot trust her family members. Yes, she will probably have the baby to honor Declan, but there will always be something missing in this series if she decides to go ahead and have the baby because she was his rock, especially with everything those two had gone through during the extent of the show.

    With an “official” departure of Mike Kelley and Ashley Madekwe, you can’t help but wonder if Declan is actually leaving the show considering the show or network has not announced anything “official” about contract renewals and departures pertaining to Declan. The only proof we have is the finale, and just like Victoria’s staged death, we can only wait until the show returns in the fall.

    If my theory is indeed correct or thought to be used, it would be incredibly interesting to see how this would play out between the characters, more specifically, Jack, Charlotte, Daniel and Conrad. The drama depicted between all of the characters would bring on a new level of distrust, dishonesty, and could potentially hurt the newly elected governorship in jeopardy if brought to light.

  40. Paige says:

    WHY DID THEY KILL DECLAN!?!?! I think they didn’t use Connor to his ability. They didn’t have anything for him to do… but he is an AMAZING actor!!!! smh… so upset..

  41. Luavalu says:

    I loved the story of revenge great actor n actress very nice story i love emily and aiden great series