Revenge Finale Recap: A View to a Kill

Revenge Declan Dies Season 2 FinaleWarning: The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains mighty spoilers from this Sunday’s Revenge finale.

The Revenge season finale was so jam-packed, it included not one but two arrests, the death of a major character (maybe two!) and the kind of big reveal for which the term “game-changer” was coined. So let’s dive in, shall we?

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SUITABLE FOR FRAMING | After Aiden reveals to Emily that Takeda wanted revenge as much as they did – his fiancée had been on Flight 197 – they amicably break up and he leaves for parts unknown… only to be arrested for blowing up Grayson Global (more on that later!). As soon as he’s released from custody (more on that later, too!), the Brit heads right back to Emily’s, where he warns Daniel to set her free. (Since there’s a gun in the room during their scuffle, and since Daniel ends the episode with blood on his shirt, it seems safe to assume that their brawl doesn’t conclude with a handshake.)

COLLATORAL DAMAGE | Enamored of Charlotte, Regina accuses Declan of beating her up and robbing her. (Lies, of course… all lies!) But he’s no sooner set the record straight than he’s caught in the Initiative’s explosion at Grayson Global and – gulp! – dies! In a blind rage, Jack – Conrad’s desired victim – shows up at Grayson Manor packing heat. “Do it,” Victoria says when he points his pistol at her. “I deserve it.” Instead, he allows her punishment to be her own miserable existence… which seems likely to get even more miserable when castoff son Patrick comes knocking. (And on Mother’s Day, no less!)

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TRUE LIES | Victoria is so livid when Conrad admits to her that “there is no Initiative,” just a bunch of corporate blood-suckers – and he’s now one of them! – that she spits on him! But, ironically, it’s neither Conrad nor any of his Initiative cronies that are ultimately arrested for the cyber attack that blacked out New York and led to the blowup at Grayson Global – it’s Nolan. Adding insult to injury, he’s implicated from beyond the grave by a video Padma was forced to make!

AW, SHOOT! | Determined to make Conrad pay for taking away both Amanda and Declan, Jack plans to assassinate the new Governor just as he is giving his acceptance speech. Luckily – or not, depending on your feelings about Connie – Emily gets to Jack in time to stop him… by revealing that he hasn’t lost everything, because – dun-dun-DUN! – she’s Amanda!

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Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? The season? Highs? Lows? Hit the comments!

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  1. Gerald says:

    THE EPISODE WAS BEYONG AWESOME!!!! SO MUCH HAPPENED AND I’M SO EXCITEDDDDDD!!! Okay, seriously what an episode! Revenge is back!

    • Laura says:

      OMG!!! Emily told Jack!!!!!
      Forget Daniel and Aiden, Jemily is where it’s at!!

      • Jenny says:

        “Jemily”? That’s awful.

      • GuyAwks says:

        I know right I am so damn excited!!!!!!!!! Jack and Emily!!!!!

        • leonard says:

          Whatever ya’ll, as an Emily and Aiden shipper, this show has run its course for me. Idyllic love from one summer when you’re kids does not make for a “twue” love connection. Writers really did everything to tear down Aiden’s character in these last few episodes, SO FRUSTRATING. I havnt been this upset over a show since Andy became manager of The Office. I hope the new show-runner recognizes the utter stupidity of having Jack and Emily be the endgame. Also, the fact that he “suddenly” recognized her as Amanda is stupid and lazy. I guess no one has been looking too hard these past few years, eh?

          Ill read the recaps, but thats as far as im willing to go in season 3. GOODBYE REVENGE!

        • Abby says:

          Jack is the most annoying person on the whole show! He wanders around ruining everything that Emily has spent YEARS trying to accomplish. Am I the only one that wants the end of Emily’s terror to be her accomplishing her original goal of revenge? Who cares about all these guys that are around. Come on people, give it all up for love? Kind of a cliche if you ask me. Plus seeing as the show was based off of the famous story of the Count of Monte Cristo, I am pretty sure it’ll end up in Emily’s own demise. (Just a theory)

          • KathyB says:

            The Count of Monte Cristo doesn’t die in the story…

          • Louis E. says:

            The Count of Monte Cristo accomplishes his revenge and sails off with his new ladylove Haydee,which I am convinced is the reason Jack has had the goal of sailing off to Haiti since the first episode.

          • Hen says:

            Yep. Jack is also about the dumbest character on the show… he never gets it. Even his little brother was smarter than poor Jack. Aiden’s a better match for Emily.

          • tusitala says:

            Er, Mr Jack Pottter, certainly isn’t the smartest person around. Hah!

      • dude says:

        Out of the three of them, I feel like Jack is the one she has the least amount of chemistry with. She has smoldering chemistry with both Daniel and Aiden but Jack??? I don’t see it.

        • lilys87 says:

          i agree. Plus they were friends for a month when they were chid. Their romance never took on me, I can’t believe in it at all.

        • Chester says:

          She had chemistry with Jack back before he became an idiot.

        • Torquemata says:

          We’ve honestly not seen enough of them together to really speak on chemistry. I will say this. I smiled and sensed something nice when Ashley told him that Emily loved him and had dropped Daniel for him. This relationship feels most like right to me. Next season will be interesting.
          Aiden has good chemistry with Emily and they share a great deal.
          Jack may not be a martial arts master/master revenger and Aiden may not be the boy-next-door/childhood-sweetie, but at least each loves Emily and is his own man.

          Daniel on the other hand may be cute but is an absolute joke. He’s expressed contempt for Emily’s own father even knowing the truth and concealing it. He’s tried to ruin someone she loves (Aiden) to cover his and his parents’ crimes.

      • Elly says:

        I really wish I had made a bet, I swear to god for six monthes I’ve been saying exactly how the season finale would end with “I’m Amanda Clark” But totally excited for Jemily finally starting.

        WHY DECLAN?!? I know they did it because its going to keep fueling Jack’s need for Revenge once he figured out who Amanda (his wife) really was but it just seemed so cruel :,,( I was hoping they’d just take out Aidan, all those men and Emily Thorne is turning into Sookie Stackhouse.
        I bet once the Grayson’s are ‘avenged’ they start taking out other members of The Initiative and that will become another story arc.

      • WingsStef says:

        I have been called thing Jack and Emanda or Jack and Real Amanda, etc. Either way. Awesome! Last night was awesome. Jack and Emanda forever!

      • Oh my days, please, just stop, NO!

      • Joy says:

        Ugh – when will this name merge trend end! Are we that lazy as a society that we can’t take the time to spell out two names and put an “and” in the middle?

    • Isak says:

      In all seriousness, this was the best season finale I’ve seen in A LONG TIME. Also the last finale of the season I had seen before this was Glee’s, which was – to put it kindly – ABYSMAL. That said, great directing, amazing score…overall, a fantastic episode.

      • MC says:

        Funny, it’s like we shared the same TV screens the past week. Prior to this episode, the only season I’ve watched was Glee’s. My mind was blown away with all the twists, much like that 27th floor. Awesome episode!

      • dude says:

        Abysmal is an overstatement. It was disappointing. Not many surprises but it was a solid, enjoyable episode. I would have liked it a lot more had it not been the season finale.

        • Agreed. Had it been Glee’s mid-season finale it would have been great. As a season finale is was a cheap slap in the face as those miserly cowards try to draw out the day when the next round graduates. So irritating.

  2. This is the show I’ve been waiting for all season, and now i’m worried about Mike Kelley’s departure.

    • jake says:

      I think after the rocky start of the second season and how much it tremendously improved over the past few episodes — I think Mike Kelly’s departure might be a good thing.

      I honestly didn’t think that Emily would ever reveal her true identity to Jack.

      • Miss Kiki says:

        They pretty much showed it in the previews last week, so the reveal was hardly a surprise

        • jmlaney says:

          ABC’s promos are usually misleading, so I didn’t quite expect her to tell him the truth, or at least thought they would end it in a cliffhanger (which they actually sorta did) with us not knowing what she told him.

          • Insomniac says:

            I agree. Promos are misleading. She very well could have just said “it has everything to do with me, because I love you” instead of “because I’m Amanda”. There have been promos before that hinted at that big reveal, but it always turned out to be something else, so I was still kind of surprised that it wasn’t “boy who cried wolf” again!

      • mehere says:

        Those episodes were created while Mike Kelly was still a part of the show. They merely aired after his departure.

    • All says:

      “and now i’m worried about Mike Kelley’s departure.”²

      • leo says:

        if any1 should leave the show, it should b ashley and charlotte! such boring characters both are annoying pests! but i guess if charlotte is preganant that child will play a big role in the grayson legacy!

    • dude says:

      I think ti should be remembered that Mike Kelley is the one who felt strongest about The Initiative and wanted them to still be on the show. He said he couldn’t imagine Revenge without a big bad corporation looming over them so it’s not like Mike Kelley always knows what’s best for his show.

  3. K says:

    I need next season right now. This season has been a little down compared to the first but what a great finale.

  4. I literally had goosebumps when Emily admitted that she was Amanda…

  5. alim says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, thats the right reaction. live streamed it all the way from london.

  6. Nate says:

    THAT is how to do a season ending cliffhanger! Can you select the ENTIRE cast for Performer of the Week?

    • iMember says:


    • Isak says:

      So true. EVERYONE stepped up.
      I loved the gun moment between Victoria and Jack. You could really feel Victoria’s desperate attempt to give up. Also loved Jack anger, Nolan during the Padma reveal, Emily…even Ashley had a great moment, when Conrad talked about his opportunism. She had so much disgust in her look right before she told him to go on stage.
      Cast of Revenge: performer of the week.

      • Dee says:

        Ohh and how could you forget the moment when Aiden told Emily that he hoped she found what she was looking for cuz she deserved it the most!! That was just pure sweet chemistry! Still can’t totally understand Emily’s true feelings toward Aiden though :/

    • Lizzie says:

      Agree. They were all awesome. Declan’s lying to Charlotte was good & his confession to Nolan. Wow Emily, Jack & Nolan trio just sounds some awesome!

  7. jax says:

    Free Nolan Ross!!

  8. Mari says:

    WOW I was at the edge of my seat for the entire episode. Really great finale!

  9. Poppy says:

    That was an awesome finale! That is the show we all love. Can’t believe we have to wait all summer to see what happens. Free Nolan!!

  10. Drew says:

    Okay, absolutely LOVED the episode and still reeling from those great cliffhangers, but WHY was Declan even at Grayson Global in the first place….? It’s like they wanted to kill him to begin with but never explained the why. Loose-end…

    • K says:

      I want to know why he was there too.

    • Alichat says:

      To find Charlotte. When he called her, she said she was with Daniel at Grayson Global, when she was really with that idiot Regina chick. Queue the Charlotte guilt for season 3.

    • Tiki says:

      He was in the building because Charlotte said she was with Daniel. I guess he was looking for her.

    • Michelle says:

      Declan was at Grayson global because when he called Charlotte she didn’t want to say she was . That’s why he wanted to talk to her to straighten things out any went looking for her cuz she was with the girl and but she said she was with Daniel

  11. J’ai pas de mots. OMG ! C’était énorme ! L’attente de la saison 3 va être très longue après ces révélations ! Comment va réagir Jack, et Victoria pour Patrick ??

  12. maria says:

    OMG. What happened to Aiden? What does her son look like? I have so many questions and have to wait till fall!!!! What a great episode

    • Sal says:

      I wanna know about Aiden too! at the end i wondered if Daniel had been shot in the hand maybe and maybe Aiden got away! HE HAS TO LIVE!

      • Miss Kiki says:

        Daniel wasn’t shot, he had blood on his shirt

        • Lisa says:

          Daniel had a pool of blood on his shirt by his stomach and his hand was holding it. It looks like he was shot. I bet aiden shot him. Daniel changed his shirt and went on stage and and pretended all was well. I bet aiden is still alive.

          • kazz says:

            Daniel hasn’t got the intestinal fortitude to be able to hide that he’s been shot; he’s a big mouth wimp!
            I have no idea why (maybe watched too many of these shows) but I too wondered about Declan’s death with no corroborating body in sight. And Jack not asking to see his body one more time? Could just be that the scene would have ‘slowed down’ this episode too much but … hmmm….??

          • Insomniac says:

            Daniel’s hand was not covering a pool of blood on his stomach. His hand was covering his other hand, that had blood on the cuff of his shirt showing underneath the sleeve of his suit jacket, not his stomach.

          • HPatt says:

            I thought he had a gunshot wound to his stomach as well! It didn’t look like just a bloodstain to me. Maybe a stab wound? He was also still holding his arms/hands in the same spot during Conrad’s victory speech. I took it as he was still trying to cover up the wound.

        • I agree it was blood on his cuff which could mean he shot Aiden, or just beat him up. We will have to see next year

          • Ane says:

            Which doesn´t make sense, since Aiden killed Takeda. I think he is better at martial arts / shooting than weak Daniel, right?

      • Louis E. says:

        I desperately want Aiden to be dead and gone.I’ve never forgiven him for what he’s done to Nolan even if Nolan has!

    • Bellaz says:

      What no more Aiden !! Why couldn’t it have been that wimpy Daniel that died instead of Declan. While I like Jack I just can’t warm to him and Emily, and can’t stand Daniel.

      • VictoriaS says:

        Same here. Save Aiden!!! Free Nolan! Even if Emily and Aiden aren’t together (which I hope they are), I want his character to live. He’s one of the few ‘men’ on the show. Jack and Emily bore me to death. They had to completely change Jack’s character to make him even remotely interesting. What he and Emily (Amanda) had as kids was puppy love kids stuff. Aiden and Emily had a real adult relationship. He was the only one with whom she could really be herself. Love them together. #SaveAiden #FreeNolan

        • Gillian says:

          #FreeNolan #SaveAiden – love it! I totally agree. Loved the finale but hated what happened to Nolan and what was implied about Aiden. He can’t be dead. No body. They killed FauxAmanda, Takeda and Amanda’s dad – now Aiden too? The same with Jack, he lost his dad, dog, wife and brother. Now he and Emily have no one. The Hampton’s are turning into Pier 52 on General Hospital. I’m still hoping Aiden survived.

        • Love Revenge says:

          Agree. Love Aiden. Jack is wishy washy and Daniel is a wimp. Aidan and Emily are great together. I hope Declan is not really dead as I liked his character. Someone mentioned Lydia. She may reappear and cause some trouble. Fake Amanda may still reappear as well. After the explosion they showed someone in a hospital (it looked like a woman). She may turn up again.

          Excellent season finale. So much happening. Save Nolan. He is my favourite character.

      • Lori says:

        Perhaps Aiden is really Patrick. Declan’s body was never shown.

        • Insomniac says:

          Ok come on people. AIDEN IS NOT PATRICK! Victoria clearly knows what Patrick looks like, and recognized him instantly when he showed up at her door. Had Aiden really been Patrick she would have recognized him long ago, the first time she saw him!

          • Janet Anderson says:

            Thank you for saying that. Jeez. Victoria knows what Aiden looks like, she’s seen him all season and she wouldn’t have been as surprised to see him again if he came to her door. Why would she suddenly call him Patrick this time. Ive been reading all the boards with people speculating that Aiden is Patrick and it was making me crazy. Come on people. Get a grip and use some logic.

    • dee123 says:

      Well now that Jack knows the truth. Does Emily need Aiden???

    • Bob says:

      Who is Patrick? Did anybody recognize that voice?

  13. Joe says:

    Loved it! They made good on their word can’t wait till fall

  14. Sarah says:

    Poor Nolan!! Betrayed by Padma! I don’t think Aidan’s dead, since they didn’t actually show Daniel shooting him. I hope Nolan is freed soon.

    • Mowse says:

      Remember, Trask forced her to make that confession on the premise it was the only way to be reunited with her father, not knowing it was a lie. She couldn’t have known (although she should have) that he was going to kill them both.

      • Mowse says:

        Not to say it wasn’t still a betrayal, but it wasn’t intentionally coldhearted.

      • Dianne says:

        I somehow missed Padma being forced to make that video. So, does that mean she wasn’t playing Nolan?

        • kazz says:

          You best use the hiatus to do some revision. She was forced to make that video & she wasn’t playing Nolan. Makes it all that sadder for poor Nolan.

    • Bob says:

      Aiden is not dead. The news clip shows him being arrested at the Canada border remember.

      • vck says:

        I think you have your timeline wrong. Yes, he was arrested at the Canadian border but he confronted Daniel after his release from jail. He was besting Daniel in their fight when Daniel saw the gun. We don’t know if he actually reached it.

        • Peg says:

          The Aiden that got into the fight with Daniel looked different (his hair/mustache) How could his looks change within 24 hours? and how do we know he got released? I am thinking they are twins…something does not add uo.

  15. Angie says:

    Still in shock by the plot against Nolan. I did not see that coming.

  16. Sarah81 says:

    I don’t think many are going to shred a year over Declan; the real thing people are going to be talking about is next season and what Jack knowing who Emily really is will change things.

    • Bellaz says:

      I did, I thought it was really quite sad that it was Declan was hoping if it had to be anyone it would be Daniel.

    • Pam says:

      I didn’t care much for Declan but I still cried when he died just because I thought it was really well done in the show. Seeing Nolan cry mad me cry and just the way Declan lied to spare people pain even when he must have been so afraid.. That’s just tragic!

  17. Emgee says:

    Declan’s death: figured it out when he was talking to Nolan…knew he wouldn’t make it.
    “There is no initiative” – kind of a big retread from so much that we were told so far and negated half of the season
    Patrick’s return: could be an interesting twist.
    Next season, it should be Jack out for revenge with Emily as his revenge mentor.

    • Emgee says:

      As a whole though, loved the episode.

    • KCC says:

      Good idea: that Emily becomes Jack’s Takeda aka his revenge mentor.

    • Andrew says:

      “There is no initiative” – kind of a big retread from so much that we were told so far and negated half of the season

      Agreed! So, we’re supposed to believe that “The Initiative” was just Conrad and his “business partners” “profiting” from creating chaos? But then, how does that explain Nolan’s arrest?

      • Ana says:

        “There is no initiative”? How to explain the agreement between Conrad and Helen when he was arrested(2×06 – Illusion)? Why a mock conversation between them? This does not fit for me!

        • dee123 says:

          Backtracking but who cares? It makes Conrad the true evil of Revenge and besides NOTHING will ever be as bad as Dan is Gossip Girl.

          • There may be on Initiative but there is a “group” of big money doing bad things which now Conrad as he said in the “inner” circle. The reveal is that Conrad is even more evil than we thought, not a victim of the “Initiative” at all.

        • Sarah says:

          I thought that’s when he said the Initiative let him into the “inner circle”, so it wasn’t a mock conversation so much as the origin of his involvement with the Initiative.

        • WingsStef says:

          Victoria asked Conrad about Helen. He told her it was all a muse so he can join their elite corrupted business club. Victoria even said something like “You made me think Helen was going to kill Daniel. You had me murder Helen for nothing?” Conrad is a creep.

      • Janet Anderson says:

        Because the FBI doesn’t know there is no Initiative. So technically Conrad did this to Nolan.

      • Janet Anderson says:

        The FBI still think there is and because of the text that went out before the bomb “Long Live David Clarke.” Even though there is no Initiative, there still is the group of businessmen doing bad things to profit from them. So Conrad did thid to Nolan.

  18. Jared says:

    That was absolutely insane: Declan’s dead, Charlotte doesn’t know, Padma’s alive, Nolan’s in jail, Aiden possibly shot, Conrad behind everything, Patrick showed up and Emily told Jack her secret. Absolutely insane. It completely makes up for weak plot points and is a perfect example as to how to do a season finale. Best. Finale. Ever.

    • Rosie says:

      Padma’s not alive. Remember, they made her film something right after she was kidnapped, but we never saw what it was.

      • Andrew says:

        Yep, which could only mean that she didn’t know there was no Initiative when she filmed it. So, Conrad and his friends needed a piece of evidence pointing to someone else to take the fall for all their wrong doing — like a video pointing the finger at someone else.

        Nolan was their patsy as much as David Clarke was, originally.

    • Miss Kiki says:

      Padma is not alive, they killed her after forcing her to make that video…come on people, keep up!

  19. mark says:

    I cant breathe. Omg I seriously cant deal with this.

  20. Vicynyc says:

    Yee Gods! That was GOOD!!!!

  21. lorna says:

    I think the blood is just from the fight. Was hoping it wouldn’t be Declan for Jack’s sake and I didn’t mind him. I cannot wait for s3.

  22. Rebecca Baldwin says:


  23. CJS says:

    Oh my Lord!!! What an episode!!! So much awesomeness just happened!!!
    Let it be now known for all eternity that Revenge does AWESOME finales!!!

  24. A says:

    THIS IS THE REVENGE I FELL IN LOVE WITH!! What an epic and amazing finale.
    I always knew PADMA WAS A SNAKE!!
    Not too bummed out about Declan’s death but my God Jack can never catch a break.The actor is doing a great job. I really feel for the guy.
    Conrad literally makes me sick to my stomach. I don’t know if I have seen such a revolting character in my entire life. His lack of remorse for anything just sickens me. At least with Victoria I know there is a teeny tiny heart in her evil body and a small inkling of good in her. I mean look at how she reacted to finding out that Conrad was apart of the initiative and lead her to murder someone and blew up a building. Conrad is absolutely disgusting!!!
    Also, this show really knows how to end things on a cliffhanger. I had a feeling and was hoping Emily would admit to Jack who she was but that never took away from the surprise for me.
    I definitely wasn’t expecting the tables to be turned and the FBI arresting Nolan.
    I really hope Mike Kelley’s absence next season doesn’t ruin the show. This second half of the season has been AMAZING!!!!!

    • Pia says:

      Padma’s video was probably made under duress.

      • lll says:

        Exactly, Pia. The video was made before she died. Padma wanted to see her dad, but the inititave told her that she had to do something for them before she can see him. She sat down in front of a camera. That’s all they showed…until the reveal tonight.

        • A says:

          Hmm true I guess. I guess I’m just still pissed that Nolan’s arrested.because of what she was forced to say. Poor Nolan!

  25. Alichat says:

    So the moment Charlotte told Declan she was at Grayson Global (when she wasn’t,) and he was happy about the baby, I knew that it was going to be Declan that passed. Frankly, I was surprised he survived the explosion. Now….Conrad needs to be the casualty next season…..please…..seriously…..can we kill him now. Poison his scotch??
    Oh and NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Nolan!!!!! I did not see that coming at. all. AT. ALL. I assumed next season would be Em trying to free Aiden……perhaps buddying up with Victoria…..which would be a shock.

  26. DramaMomma says:

    Eliminating Declan was an easy choice if you are going to get rid of one of the original 9. Conrad being in the Initiative? Totally out of the blue. Daniel kills (maybe) Aiden? Daniel is on the dark side now. Emily and Jack together to free Nolan? Watch out Greyson’s!

    • Miss Kiki says:

      Aiden isn’t dead, I think Daniel landed on a picture frame and got cut from the broken glass

      • Jan says:

        Yes, agreed. They would never kill a major character and love interest off-screen. They would have had Emily there crying and saying good bye. Also, Daniel had just some blood on his shirt. If he had killed Aiden, what would he have done, just left the body there? Buried it himself? Remember, Aiden said he was giving Daniel a second chance–we don’t know exactly what Daniel has agreed to at this point.

      • Bellaz says:

        I hope you are right, I loved Aiden & Emily.

        • mrscmdavis says:

          Me too! #SaveAiden!!! I love Aiden. I think Season 3 will be way more interesting with him around.

      • I totally agree. they wouldn’t have Aiden’s death offscreen, unless it’s revealed in the next season opener. My money’s on he’s alive.

        • Louis E. says:

          I’m guessing he’s alive,but really really want him dead.He’s a pure complication to our heroine’s plans and has too much of his own agenda.

  27. JE! says:

    THATS A FINALE! I had been bummed about some of the finales that started this past week but Revenge delivered! So many things to comment about… So many questions raised! What a twist with Aiden and Nolan! Loved the final scene between Victoria and Emily, now seeming like tradition that the season won’t end without a final face-off between them… I wouldn’t have a problem with Daniel killing off Aiden, I just always wanted him to be the best part of Victoria and Conrad, the only good that ever came of them, so I’ve been hating that they’ve only been trailing him down a dark, confused path, such a pawn. And I see how they’re going to take away Nolan from Emily but they’re handing a revengeful Jack over… GAH!

    • KCC says:

      Which finales disappointed you?

      • I thought Once Upon a Time’s finale was pretty lacklustre myself. They just basically used one episode to remove every shade of grey from previously murky characters and have everyone join ‘the good guys’ so they can set off on a super quest. Very forced.

        Also, The Following was pretty sub-par, but then I’m not convinced it’s anything more than an average show with a great cast.

        That Revenge one was spot on for me. The Nolan twist was insanely well-executed, right until the last minute I didn’t peg Declan as the casualty (the barely masked pain in his face when he told Charlotte he was going to be fine was when I knew) and Em’s reveal at the end was so intense. There was a perfect amount of closure to the themes of the season, yet a tonne of loose thread to get excited about in the autumn.

  28. Lisa Meier says:

    Wow an amazing season finale……….it was so nail biting the thru the whole thing, and when Emily told Jack she was Amanda Clarke I actually got goosebumps……and of course I started crying cuz it was the end, and I felt so bad for Jack!!!! Cant wait till next season!!!!

  29. JE! says:

    Maybe I missed it by the way but what was Declan doing at Greyson Global? Looking for Charlotte?

    • Gerald says:

      As far as I remember they didn’t give a reason, he just basically needed to be there to die.

      • A says:

        Charlotte told him she was with Daniel when she was with that girl so he was most likely going there to try and find her and talk to her.

        • JE! says:

          OMG THAT’S TRUE. So Charlotte’s gonna feel so guilty next season because she lied to him, which is probably the reason he was there… OUCH.

    • Mowse says:

      Charlotte lied and told him she was with Daniel at Greyson Global because she didn’t want him to know she was really with Regina.

  30. Wayne says:

    CRAZY Finale. Absolutely fantastic. @Jared,I don’t think Padma is alive though. Think that’s a tape she made before she died

  31. iMember says:

    The finale just ended fifteen minutes ago, and I’m still trying to process. THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!

  32. Robert says:

    So much happened tonight that I didn’t take my eyes of the show all night. Nolan’s arrest was a twist I didn’t see coming. Emily’s confession, I saw coming. Same with Patrick’s arrival. Don’t think Aiden’s dead and kinda wondering if Declan really is dead or did Nolan spirit him away from the hospital with a plan to send Jack too.

    • Jan says:

      Nolan would never do that to Jack, put him in so much pain for nothing and set him on a path for revenge for no reason.

  33. Gerald says:

    Words can’t describe how awesome the whole episode was and my excitement for S3. While S2 has been a mixed bag, the last batch of episodes managed to completely solidify Revenge’s comeback in quality. I mean, how could you not love this episode? It was the very definition of season finale: a death, shocking reveal, a return and a nice set up for S3. So many twist and turns every minute, that’s how you do a season finale.

  34. Amazing finale!!!!!!

  35. Leondre says:

    Best episode of any show this year. It had me on the edge of my seat and it also had me holding back tears. It’s going to be a REALLY long summer.

  36. rye says:

    Missed the last 10 minutes…. what happened? Is Nolan really a BAD guy?

    • JE! says:

      How would Nolan be a BAD guy?! Dude go watch the last 10mins, you missed it. But seriously you’re gonna be in shock.

    • Miss Kiki says:

      Of course Nolan isn’t a bad guy, he was obviously set up…I love it though, that’s the best plot twist yet! L-O-V-E Nolan!!!

  37. m says:

    The actor who plays Declan had his best turn in this episode, otherwise, the role was out of sync with everyone else. Jack is kind of dumb. If they’ve killed off Aiden, it is just one more hint that someone is manipulating the direction that the script SHOULD be taking. He is a much better match for emily’s character than dumb-dumb Jack. Nolan going from a gay orientation tolove with the female Padma was truly inane, and having Emily and Jack get together is infantile fantasy.

    • A says:

      Nolan is bisexual. He didn’t go from gay to female.or whatever way you put it. He can fall in love with a man or a woman. It’s about the person for him.

    • M2 says:

      Seriously, why do you watch at all then? Great job writers! It was a finale to talk about for he whole summer! Hurry Fall!!

    • Jan says:

      >and having Emily and Jack get together is infantile fantasy.

      I totally agree, His entire relationship with his wife and the mother of his son was based on his memories of his childhood love, memories that Emily fed to Amanda. Jack and Emily’s “connection” is mainly based on their childhood together, and Amanda already co-opted it. How can Emily reclaim those memories (such as the seaglass) for herself? At best Jack and Emily have to start over to have any kind of relationship. Her connection with Aiden is so much stronger.

      • deme says:

        My thoughts exactly! The fact that there was a wedding and Carl exists makes it impossible for me to ever buy Emily&Jack together. People are screaming he’ll join the revenge team because he’s now lost everything, like she has, but SHE IS WHY he’s lost everything. She admitted such during the reveal. Aiden and Emily are a match in every way, especially stature ;-) As for Daniel, the thrill is so gone for Emily.

        • Jack is not going to take it well. He’s just found out that his wife and his child are all based on a lie Emily perpetuated. Then her choices got Amanda killed, could probably argue got Declan killed and above all, she’s done nothing but lie to and manipulate him since day one of her return.

      • mrscmdavis says:

        Totally agree! I love Aiden and Emily together! They’re the adult couple when compared to her with Jack or Daniel. I hope Aiden’s okay–even if they do break my heart and end his relationship with Emily. #SaveAiden #FreeNolan

      • leonard says:

        Yes. ^THIS!

      • Louis E. says:

        I have absolutely HATED Aiden since his first appearance,and regard Jack as mandatory endgame.I wouldn’t be surprised if Jack takes some time to forgive the deception (it would have been interesting if he didn’t even BELIEVE she was the real Amanda),but Aiden has been getting in her way from the beginning,and I want him GONE.

    • Sgivler says:

      Totally agree!!! Aiden is best for Emily. He is not dead he can’t be

    • deme says:

      >Emily and Jack get together is infantile fantasy.
      lol! So darn predictable and hackneyed.

  38. bkp1761 says:

    But there is an announcement that the series is one of six programs that ABC has canceled… What gives?

  39. Tony says:

    Its not alot that you see a finale that, for lack of a better description, redeems alot of the up and downness of an entire season. Completely insane.

  40. dude says:

    Revenge does it again. Last year’s was the finale of the season and this was no different. I can’t imagine any show topping that this year. Revenge is back and better than ever. They truly outdid themselves.

  41. Liz Rubin says:

    Patrick must be someone Victoria already knew because the way she dropped her glass in shock was not usual Victoria!

    • Lisa says:

      Patrick is her son that she abandoned when he was a baby and then paid him 5 million to disappear years ago when he found her the first time .Hes back now!

    • MaryAnn says:

      She saw him when he was fifteen and she paid him five million to disappear, so she would recognize him. Now what I am wondering is who are they going to get to play him?

    • dizzy says:

      well, the only patrick (ben turner dixon) we got to know until now, was the one who’s sister was in an accident with daniel. so could it be him? or why would victoria know his name immediately?

      • Insomniac says:

        She knew his name because she named him and she recognized him because he found her when he was 15 and she paid him to go away.

  42. anil says:

    SOOO MUCH happened in the last ten minutes than the entire season.

    I just wanna applaud the writers, they turned the show around massively. Season 3 is gonna be AMAZING.

  43. anil says:

    Half hour later, I’m still panting around my house trying to breathe. Seriously. lol

    • JE! says:

      Is that MARVEL show gonna air on Sundays too? If so, I think ABC’s gonna have a solid season starter on Sundays this fall. Once didn’t have a killer finale like last year, but Revenge did, hoping this keeps audience, and then if that Marvel show airs afterwards, I think we got an audience locked. Except, the scheduling… I would keep Once where it is, but I’m not sure if I would air Revenge before that Marvel show… But no, yes I would. Keep Once and Revenge as they are and put the Marvel show afterwards. HMM, assuming they don’t switch Scandal to Sundays… wow… I can’t wait to see the ABC schedule for fall 2013.

      • CJS says:

        I agree with you. Revenge at 9:00 just feels right in the present moment. Although, an idea that I’ve been thinking about involves eventually (think fall of 2014) moving Revenge to Thursdays to air with Scandal once Grey’s Anatomy goes off the air… or maybe even sooner depending if GA ends after season 10 & ABC moves it to another night like Tuesday or Wednesday for the fall of 2013 (which I think is a realistic scenario.) Although the right thing to do would be to leave well enough alone, am I alone in thinking that Revenge would do well on Thursdays?

        • Janet Anderson says:

          I think it would do really well on Thursdays….Revenge, then Scandal. That would be insane. Then perhaps there wouldn’t be so many of the breaks in between episodes that happened on Sundays.

  44. larajean says:

    I loved this episode. So much to follow and all of it good. I will be watching it again to catch what I missed. I’m surprised that I am sad about Declan. He will be missed.

  45. Lovenr says:

    OMG YES!!! So many developments and twists!! Awesome awesome ep! Loved all the Nolan and not so sad about Declan!

  46. Holllllyyyyyyy crap. I can’t think clearly right now! Why did Aidan get set free? And Padma is definitely dead, but her video appearance was odd. SO MANY QUESTIONS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Awesome finale!

    • mrscmdavis says:

      I think Aidan was set free because the authorities had already been investigating Nolan. We have no idea how long they’d had the video of Padma, etc. They could’ve been sitting on it because they didn’t have enough evidence against Nolan. But, once Carrion went live, they could’ve been the nail in the coffin. I think the “Initiative” (or whoever we call them now) had already set things in motion to point towards Nolan. Aidan was released because they believed he’d been framed.

  47. bsmswb says:

    I don’t understand what the power outage was all about?? How would that benefit the Initiative folks?? (even if the outage had occurred on their time table and not by Aiden & Nolan??)

    • Meredith says:

      I believe that the Initiative has invested in companies that will somehow benefit from the blackout and get business from it and they as stockholders will reap those benefits. Like some kind of tech company who would be tasked w/ creating a computer program to prevent future blackouts. Or a company that builds fall-out shelters for the zombie apocalypse. Someone probably has more realistic examples than mine :)

      • Insomniac says:

        The power outage wasn’t caused by the initiative. It was triggered when Aiden entered his admin password to transfer the funds out of the foundation account. The Falcon had set it up as a fail safe. As soon as the transfer was complete the power went out. Then they figured out it was Aiden who triggered it.

        • Meredith says:

          Disagree. The Initiative set all those things in motion and will profit from the blackout. Just because they are not the ones who pushed the button to start it doesn’t mean they didn’t cause it.

          • Insomniac says:

            The person didn’t ask who set things in motion. I am well aware of the fact the the initiative set things in motion, but they asked why the power went out at that particular time, as in who DID push the button because they had nothing to gain at that moment. Aiden is the one who caused the power outage at that particular time.

        • Meredith says:

          You need to re-read this person’s questions. They didn’t ask why the power went out at that particular time, they asked what the outage was about and how it would benefit the Initiative. He or she clearly understood Aiden & Nolan were the ones who triggered it.

          • bsmswb says:

            Yes, thanks, I did get that Aiden and Nolan triggered it, so wasn’t asking who triggered it. I just didn’t understand why it could have been triggered in the first place. The general idea of business folks somehow benefiting from a power outage seemed vague to me– how would one benefit from a power outage??? I like your previous idea of a zombie apocalypse though! :)

  48. santino coreleone says:

    I don’t have words to describe the episode of REVENGE tonight but I can’t wait until it starts up again.

  49. Sw0927 says:

    Mark my words. Aiden is Patrick.

    • bsmswb says:

      A SUPER intriguing thought, but doubtful.. Victoria seemed to recognize her son by his face when he came to the door./. She said “Patrick??” before he even said anything. If Aiden were her son, she would have recognized Aiden’s face as Patrick earlier, then.

    • mrscmdavis says:

      I wondered about that too. But, then I thought…wouldn’t it have struck Victoria before now that it’s him? I don’t know. I’m still thinking on that one.

    • Janet Anderson says:

      Victoria clearly has recognized Aiden all season long and never called him Patrick. Why would she suddenly be surprised to see him and call him Patrick now. That doesn’t make any sense to me. She knows who Aiden is and she obviously knows who Patrick is. They are 2 different people.

      • Insomniac says:

        Thank you! Well said. This “Aiden is Patrick” idea is getting old. Come on people think! It isn’t even logical just for these reasons alone!

  50. bsmswb says:

    Next season should be REALLY good now that Jack knows Emily is Amanda, and he’ll want to join her against the Graysons in order to avenge Declan’s death! I don’t think Aiden is dead, but I kind of feel like Aiden has to be off the show soon… Now that Jack knows about Emily- you’d think they’d have to get together romantically.. Having to juggle three people (Daniel, Aiden, Jack) is too much for Emily, so I think Aiden has to get out of the picture somehow.

    • abc says:

      jack is stupid. He should be off the show

      • Jan says:

        Here’s the beauty of it–Jack is now a target because of Victoria and Conrad, so he basically has to lie low. After his confrontation/revelations with Daniel, Aiden most likely will lie low as well, especially if Emily continues her engagement. All three will be working together to help/free Nolan, so a classic love triangle is in the works (the finale even hinted at this by having Aiden jealous that Emily would walk away last year for Jack but not now with him). Can’t you just see it? Jack and Aiden both having to stay in a safe house waiting around for Emily, who is engaged maybe even married to Daniel? Plus, there’s always Nolan, waiting in the background. Great setup for season 3.

        • deme says:

          I think you’re on to something. No way they’re clearing the path for Emily&Jack this easy. It’s clear that she doesn’t love Daniel. We know she loves Jack and this entire season has shown her love and connection to Aiden. Hmmmm, interesting..

      • Ben says:

        You are stupid. Be gone.

    • Mikael says:

      I have a feeling Jack is going to be angry with Emily for lying about her identity this whole time and for bringing a fake Amanda into his life, who he fell in love and had a child with and then lost. I don’t think he’s just going to join her. It’ll probably take half of next season before he talks to her again.