Once Upon a Time Finale Recap: The Lost Boy

OnceUponaTime_Season2Finale_EmmaWarning: The following recap contains major spoilers from the Season 2 finale of ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

This week on Once Upon a Time, with Tamara and Greg set to “blow Storybrooke off the map,” a most unlikely hero stepped forward to declare that the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few (or the one). But as the season drew to a close, one additional twist found our heroes setting course for an altogether different fate.

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IN STORYBROOKE…. | Gold is at the playground, entertaining a dark daydream about pitching grandson Henry — aka his “undoing,” per the seer — off the swings and into a craggy rock. He is however interrupted by the Charmings, who report that Neal/Baelfire was shot by Tamara and then plummeted into a portal. Though devastated, Gold has no revenge on his mind. “They didn’t kill my son; I did,” he posits. “I brought magic to this world to find Bae, and now he’s dead. I’m prepared to pay the price.” But with inaction, Mary Margaret makes clear, “We’ll all die!” “I’ve made peace with that,” Gold whispers.

Down in the mineshaft, Tamara and Greg reveal to a skeptical Hook the next step of their plan — the destruction of Storybrooke and all who are not of this realm. After Hook attests that he’s willing to die for his vengeful cause, Greg uses one of the dwarfs’ pickaxes to activate the trigger, rattling the town with quakes and sending vines snaking through Storybrooke, as it begins to transform back into a forest.

As Mary Margaret, David and Emma pick Regina’s brain about the “trigger” that Tamara and Greg activated and will leave Henry orphaned in this world, Hook arrives to say he values his life more than revenge, and thus wants to help thwart the ne’er-do-wells. David and Hook track down Greg, but Tams intervenes and bullets fly/a melee ensues. T & G get away — again! — but not before Hook snags one of the two remaining beans.

With the destruction of Storybrooke underway, Gold arrives at his shop to find what he thought was the dwarves looting the place, when really they are just seeking an old stein of Sneezy’s, so that he could drink a potion cooked up by the Blue Fairy and get his memory back and die among family as a dwarf, and not as “Clark.” Will Gold use the second dose, supplied by Grumpy, on bad girl Lacey?

Down in the mineshaft, Emma gleans that to even slow down the destruction, Regina must give up her life: “When you said goodbye to Henry… you were saying goodbye.” Regina asks Emma to “tell Henry that in the end, it wasn’t too late for me to do the right thing. Everyone looks at me as the Evil Queen — including my son. Let me die as Regina.” And with that, madame mayor goes about working her magic, as we wipe away a tear.

Gold toasts “the end of the world,” then decides — after Lacey carelessly uses Bae’s scarf to mop up a mess — he doesn’t want to die alongside a stranger. So he resurrects her shattered teacup (Chip!), has her sip the potion, and they are reunited (for now). “I’ve failed,” Rumple cries to his long-lost love, now aware of his losses. “I’ve failed.”

At the diner, David arrives with the bean he and Hook pinched from Greg, while Emma informs Henry that Regina won’t survive her effort to slow the trigger. When the lad mentions the wraith, Mary Margaret gets the idea to send the trigger through a portal, saving Regina. Though Emma is skeptical, Archie argues, “Snow White and the Prince always led us before, and we always won.” Adding to that, Mary Margret tells her daughter, “We haven’t had a lot of chances to be parents but give us this one” — and Emma sees her point. “I just don’t want Henry to be alone and grow up the way I did.” Hook threatens to bail, but the “quite passionate” Miss Swan (seemingly) convinces him not to, and he (seemingly) turns over the bean. (He also then learns that Henry’s father was (is?) none other than Baelfire.) The Charmings return to Regina in the mine, only to realize that Hook’s pouch is empty! We then see the nefarious pirate steering his ship away from Storybrooke, portal-opening bean in hand.

As the forest consumes Storybrooke and Regina’s “battery” reaches a single bar, Emma pulls “Mom” (!) and “Dad” (!!) into a hug, while Henry embraces Regina. But Emma then is prompted to wonder if adding her own magic to the effort could dispatch with the device. (Um, coulda had that epiphany sooner!) And after great effort and with a boom, the trigger is shut off — but Henry is now missing! Tamara and Greg have grabbed the boy, with the latter explaining, “We came here to destroy magic, but then we found something more important, something that changed everything — you.” With the good guys in pursuit, Greg lobs the last bean into the ocean, and he and Tamara leap with Henry into the portal it opens.

Just as everyone — grandpa Rumplestiltskin included — is about to give up hope of finding Henry, Hook returns on the Jolly Roger and offers his services to track Henry with the last bean. Rumple leaves Belle in charge of keeping Storybrooke safe, using a cloaking spell he wrote down for her, “The boy is my undoing, but he is also my grandson,” he explains of his mission/defying of the prophecy. “I will see you again,” Belle insists, and they kiss, lots. And just as Belle says Baelfire would be proud of his father, we see that Neal has washed up in Fairytale Land, where Aurora, Phillip and Mulan tend to him.

“Where did they take Henry?” Regina asks, as Rumple conjures his magical globe. “Neverland,” Hook notes, gravely. As everyone braces for the ride into the portal, Rumple announces that Tamara and Greg are but pawns who have no idea who they’re working for, someone whose power is greater than they can conceive. (And he also makes a mediocre peanut butter.)

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IN NEVERLAND-ADJACENT…. | Hook and Smee speculate about the boy they fished out of the ocean, whose clothes “are certainly not of this land.” When Smee suggests that the boy belongs to a mysterious “him,” Hook sees an opportunity to assure their survival in Neverland. Chatting up their catch, Hook learns that a pirate killed the boy’s mother and his father is a coward. “What’s your name, boy?” “Baelfire.” Hook lets that bombshell sink in, then welcomes his enemy’s son to the ship: “It’s a pirates life for you!”

Believing that “providence is at work,” Hook refuses to give up Bae to the Lost Boys, lest he lose the key to his revenge against The Dark One. Felix, the lead Lost Boy, says “he” has a particular interest in the boy who was seen floating in the sea, but their search of the Jolly Roger comes up empty. Felix warns Hook against cheating “him,” explaining, “He rips your shadow right from your body — r-r-r-r-rip!”

As day breaks, Hook gives Bae tips on steering a ship and they bond over difficult childhoods and lost parents. Bae ‘fesses up about his dad being The Dark One, revealing his weakness — the dagger. Later, Bae finds Hook’s drawing of Milah and lashes out at “the pirate that killed her.” Hook counters with the truth of Milah’s death and Rumple’s role in it, claiming that he and Milah planned to one day come back for him. But Bae wants to go back to his “real” family, the Darlings. Since Hook can’t help with that, Bae begs off the ship and later gets taken away by the Lost Boys. “You have the boy,” he says to Felix. “He will be pleased…?”

The Lost Boys deliver Bae to Neverland, only to learn that he is not the boy he wants, and thus shall live. The child he does want? Henry, as revealed in a drawing. “It may take time” to locate their leader’s prey, Felix allows, “but Peter Pan never fails.”

What did you think of Once Upon a Time‘s Season 2 finale? Any early casting suggestions for Peter Pan? (What’s Cathy Rigby up to…?)

Also, if you have questions about Once Upon a Time‘s finale or for Season 3?, email insideline@tvline.com and your question may be answered via Matt’s Inside Line.

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  1. A says:

    It just hit me that we haven’t seen the last of Greg and Tamara, the magic-hating hypocrites! :(

    • Megan says:

      The one thing I didn’t like about this episode is that it looks like we’ll still be seeing Greg and Tamara next season.

  2. tracy84 says:

    Maybe I’m the only one that thinks this but why is everyone assuming that Aurora, Philip, and Mulan are in the Enchanted Forest? They had to go to another realm to rescue Philip so what makes everyone assume they made it back to the enchanted forest? The only thing we saw was Neal washing up on a shore. Well, Neverland has a shore so why can’t it be that they are all in Neverland. Maybe Peter Pan controls the Wraiths too and they had to go there to rescue Philip or maybe after they rescued him they opened a portal and ended up in Neverland. I’m not saying that they are or aren’t in Neverland or Enchanted Forest. There was just no definite reveal there.

    • tracy84 says:

      I just rewatched the scenes where Bae is taking on shore by Lost Boys and told he gets to live and Neal washes up on shore and is found by Philip, Aurora, and Mulan. It is the same place. If you look at the background it is the same. The water, the rock behind them and the wood and stuff next to the rock. Either the writers used to same set and didn’t think anyone would notice, which I highly doubt because they always plant clues in scenes to lead us to the truth and I don’t think they would make such an obvious mistake or I was correct in thinking evreyone is in Neverland after all. This means more Neal next season too I would think and maybe they will put Regina with hook since they are both villians searching for redemption.

      • Zachary Flye says:

        It would be interesting to see Hook and Regina together though all the CaptainSwan shippers would hate it lol

        • Tamim says:

          A failed Hook/Swan encounter because Neal returns (providing an attempt at romance to at least give those shippers a lil something to chew on) might drive a broken-hearted Hook into Regina’s arms…

      • Tamim says:

        Having everyone in Neverland would also help limit the numbers of realm-jump scene changes, which can get annoying. I wonder if Phillip was in Neverland because he was lost? Also, people don’t age in Neverland, maybe they don’t die either? Or at least they heal very quickly. With Neal falling through the portal, maybe he was just pulled back to a place he connected with very strongly. I’m gonna have to go rewatch that scene. Clever that they did a night/day switch on us…

      • ej says:

        I really hope you’re right just to limit the multiple universes. I’ll have to rewatch. Peter’s Shadow did make me think of the wraith, and they could have traveled through the netherworld to get to Neverland which is maybe where souls go? That’s a creepy thought! If you’re right, that means more CaptainFire! Forget CaptainSwan and SwanQueen. Everyone needs to jump onboard with MRJ and Colin in supporting the insanity of their ship!

      • gdv says:

        I hope you’re right, because I think (grown-up) Neal in Neverland along with the rest of the cast would be really interesting and would make more sense if we saw Neal in present-time Neverland and flashbacks of him in Neverland as a boy (and I don’t want the cast split up like they were in the beginning of S2).

      • A.B. says:

        Anyone thought that the writers will use the over used plot theme of amnesia and Neal doesn’t remember who he is. Like u said he is at deaths door when he washes ashore.

    • literate says:

      It would certainly make sense if they could condense the story a little. Better to keep the “present” plots in two worlds rather than three.

  3. Anthea says:

    Matt I thing you have a mistake in your recap: it was Bae’s cloak not scarf.

  4. Aly says:

    I thought the episode was ok, but not interesting/good enough to be a finale (except for the finale set up). I had guessed pretty much all of it beforehand, except for the Henry pic (though guessed that during the ep).

    Lana was absolutely amazing tonight! The scene with Regina and Henry in the mine was wonderful, especially the moment when he left the Charmings to go to her, and she leaned towards him, desperate to give him a hug and yet unable to. The moment she had with Emma as they saved the day was awesome too :)

  5. CJS says:

    I’m not going to lie. OUAT was just o.k. on a night where it needed to be great.
    It’s not that it was a bad finale; it just felt… predictable.
    Don’t get me wrong, I thought the episode was alright for what it was, but compared to the Revenge finale, OUAT felt REALLY tame.

    • iMember says:

      I agree with this. The Once finale was good, but compared to the season finale of Revenge, there is just no comparison. Comparing it with the season 1 finale, Once wasn’t as exciting either.

    • literate says:

      I don’t know, I didn’t think either of them was particularly great. Revenge was definitely not predictable, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. It was just plot twist after plot twist after plot twist for two hours. There was no time for tension to build or anything to sink in, and many of the twists were half explained at best. To me, a good twist-based plot (and not all good plots need twists) is one in which the viewer should have seen the twist coming but didn’t. Where all the evidence was there all along, but nobody noticed it. The Padma tape qualifies here, but most of the rest was haphazard.

      As for Once, the same issue occurred, but every twist reversed the last one: The gem can’t be stopped, but everybody can leave. The gem can be stopped after all, instead of everybody leaving. The gem can’t be stopped, and nobody can leave because Hook stole the bean. The gem can be stopped, they just needed two people to do it. Back and forth and back and forth. Either this thing is an unstoppable force, or it isn’t, and if it could have been stopped all along with two magic users, you would think Regina would know that. Not to mention the memory issue resolving itself offscreen with a 10 second explanation.

    • MaryAnn says:

      I think part of this was that so much of what was coming in the finale had been spoiled. Also, Revenge had one of the best season finales I’ve ever seen, for any show, in any season. So that would be a lot to live up to. For me, it was satisfying although it ended exactly as had been predicted in all the spoilers. (Makes me wonder how we would have perceived the reveals and twists if we had all been totally spoiler free)

  6. Dustin says:

    I was a little worried going into this finale, as I wasn’t sure how they would wrap this somewhat complicated season. But I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised and thought they set up nicely for Season 3. Really excited to see Peter Pan! It was one of my favorite Disney animated movies growing up (and yes, I know it was a book first…).

  7. Babybop says:

    The finale was good and all… But all I keep thinking is, how long has Hook been wearing those clothes? Everyone else, even Cora, changed into street clothes when they got to Storybrooke, but Hook has been wearing that leather outfit since Bae was a kid! Ha ha. Anyone else thinking that?

    • literate says:

      Pirates aren’t exactly known for their hygiene.

      • lyn says:

        Not to mention, if you Google Colin interviews, you realize that without the guyliner, stubble and leathers he’s kind of a mutt.

        • Chris says:

          What an insulting comment to one of the most handsome and talented actors out there. We all have differences on opinion of who we find attractive but you should be ashamed of yourself for your lack of tact and lack of class.
          Glad the producers of the show appreciate his looks and talent. So happy that most of the season finale was devoted to Hook.

          • lyn says:

            To each etc. I stand by my statement. Why would tact enter into it on a blog where people express their opinions?

  8. Leigh says:

    I think that this episode was very good. I love how people comment on the predictability of the show. I mean, we are talking about story book characters who have been “franchised” and covered in so many ways that I am sure it is difficult for the writers to go in too many different directions that haven’t already been explored in some way before. Yes the season did seem to drag a bit at parts this season but since the writers i think were going for a more emotional angle I am hoping the action picks up a little more next season. I also hope that we see Tamara and Greg gone in the first scene in the first episode of season three. Or for them to be soul sucked by a wraith. They need to go. Quickly. But overall I am looking forward to season three!

    • literate says:

      We still need to see Tamara’s background. We know what drives Greg, his quest is essentially over, but Tamara seems to be some sort of Inquisition-esque religious fanatic. I’d like to see where her hatred of magic came from.

      • lyn says:

        She’s a phony. She hates magic, yet she used beans to eliminate Neal and kidnap Henry? Talk about adjustable ethics.

        • Mikael says:

          Also, she says magic is unholy and wants to destroy it, but is working for Peter Pan and takes a portal to Neverland? So far, it doesn’t add up. Hopefully they flesh her out next season and phase out Greg, who overacts bigtime. If they get her story straight, Tamara could be a good villain. Let’s just hope her backstory doesn’t involve hating magic because she wanted to open a restaurant in New Orleans and got turned into a frog.

  9. Jay says:

    The WORST episode… Once Upon a Time unfortunately dropped the ball and lost it’s magic here… I was not impressed what-so-ever.

  10. Tammy says:

    I thought that was Peter Pan who said the line and the big bad guy is someone else. I guess I heard it wrong.

  11. James says:

    first off cudoos on the Cathy Rigby line it made me chuckle. i loved hook in this episode i hope Colin becomes a season regular if he isn’t already he was terriffic tonight. I love what they did with Peter Pan it’s not something one would think off when thinking Peter Pan. my only concern for next season is what they do with regina now, IMO she can’t go back to the evil queen bit cuz it would be a little to tired for my taste, one too many shifts between good and bad, but if she isn’t the evil queen she might be squeezed out by RC who IMO has created one of the most interesting characters on TV. gonna a be a long summer I already can’t wait to see what happens next.

    • MaryAnn says:

      If Regina shifts back to evil now, it would be just totally jumping the shark. She went back and forth a couple of times. Any more would be just too much, and totally poor writing.

      • Mikael says:

        I’ve always said I’d like to see Regina be good for a while, and let a new villain take over. Bring Maleficent back, Ursula, Dr. Facelier, Jafar, whoever. It would be cool to see Regina using her powers for good.

        • Tamim says:

          Regina used to do horrible things for evil, revenge-ish reasons. Now that she’s motivated by a higher influence (rescuing someone she loves and who loves her back) I could see Regina making decisions that are still Chaotic, but no longer evil. Instead she would move from Chaotic neutral to Chaotic good. The chaos aspect would still allow her to do some horrible things as long as her final purpose was for the greater good. She becomes the member of the group who either supports Gold’s extreme methods or sometimes enacts her own violent paths to a good outcome (the quicker path that Snow warned Emma about). The conflict now wouldn’t be “Regina-Good, Regina-Evil” it would be about HOW she chose to work for the side of good (and how the “good” people wrestle with the conflict between doing things the right way and getting the right results the wrong way). Since Snow’s heart is a little tarnished, she might even support some of Regina’s extreme measures because she also desperately wants her family back together.

        • shannon says:

          Emma killed Maleficent (aka the dragon last season) that was great special effects. I liked the actress who played Maleficent (aka Pam true blood), but the writers made her droll and not very believable as a bad-ass villain she is meant to be or was . Which the story of Aurora w/o Malecificant is not as great and even worse I do not like that Aurora and Prince Phillip are teenagers on Once. I was hoping they would make them older at least in their 20s. If I have to say one bad thing about once this season it is that story as Sleepy Beauty is my favorite fairytale and thought the writers could do better with it.

  12. Mckenzey says:

    It’s going to be an uber long summer :(

  13. literate says:

    I have mixed feelings about the Peter Pan plot. On the one hand, this show has been a borderline rip-off of Fables (which ABC was considering adapting into a TV show before Once was picked up) from the start, and this plotline follows the original plan for the reveal of the primary villain in Fables almost exactly.

    On the other hand, they never got to actually do that story in Fables because of UK copyright issues with Peter Pan, so it would be nice to see it play out it.

  14. Allius says:

    They should have invited Red along for the ride…

    • Tamim says:

      Taking Red would be Good for Us, but Bad for Storybrook. She’s one of the leaders from the Enchanted Forest, so she is desperately needed without the Charmings to “rule.” it may also be interesting to see how the town changes (if they ever make it back). There are other Royals in town who were marginalized because David and Mary Margaret were there to take charge. Some of the non-royal town people may also notice how good things are once the Bestest Good People and the Mostest Evil Queen and the Dark One are gone. When they get back they may not be so welcome anymore. The town may be quite happy to have not had to deal with the Regina/Snow Smackdown everyday (because really, so many of the problems were rooted in their inability to keep their dirty family laundry private :). We may not see the town change for part or most of the season, but when/if we get back I think all group members will be very shocked.

      • sara says:

        She’s not one of the leaders from the enchanted forest. She’s just a Charming family lackey. There are tons of nobles and leaders who would likely fill the power vacuum. Probably Abigail, more like.

        • SL says:

          Hopefully Belle can keep the peace then. I am glad they re-cloaked the town.

        • Tamim says:

          My bad. I meant Leading Characters. That’s why I pointed out the whole “Other Royals” thing. We might love Red, but there are other potential power brokers who might not agree.

      • A.B. says:

        Or the “Home Office” gets through Rumple’s hidden spell and they kidnapp everyone and are running tests on them and when the five get back the town is ruined and they have to get everyone back.

  15. Loki says:

    I feel like I’m watching Farscape.

  16. Zachary Flye says:

    First off, LOVED this Finale I watched it twice in a row, however it still wasn’t as good as last season’s though they played that up almost like a series finale, so it’s hard to compare. There are so many questions going through my mind, which the last season finale didn’t really give. I think one of the reason’s that people liked this season less was that it really wasn’t the same show anymore, with the curse broken it took away so many potential storylines and made it hard to predict where this story would go. With this season finale the show isn’t going to change much, sure the focus will probably shift heavily over to Neverland, at least for the first half of the season, with occasional check ups in Storybrooke and The Enchanted Forest whether through Flashbacks or in the present day, but the characters didn’t change so drastically like they did last season. However my three favorite anti-heros/pseudo-villains can’t really decide what they are, are now mostly heroes which I hope at least in Hook and Rumple’s cases changes and they stay on that more fine line between good and evil though I like Regina redeeming herself. I can see why some people called this finale predictable, especially if they kept up with the spoilers but I have to say Storybrooke not becoming destroyed was not something I foresaw. The whole Henry’s picture before Henry was born thing was something I’d like explained, and lastly I’m hoping to see Tiger Lily, Tinkerbell, Ariel, Ursula, Rapunzel, and Aladdin next season.

    • lyn says:

      If they do Aladdin, I hope they cast Sendhil Ramamurthy in the part.

    • A says:

      OMG I’d love to see how OUAT would tackle Ursula. Would the make her as a human or as an octopus? I’m hoping for the latter. And she has to be creepy and ugly looking!
      I remember hearing in the finale that the mermaids in Neverland-adjacent are pretty bad/evil. Could it be that one of the mermaids will be Ariel and that she will be bad? So excited for next season. There are so many fairy tales that I love that I wish they’d have shown over others. Here’s to hoping they do! And I hope they explore Robin Hood a bit more. That is one of my all time favorite stories and their one episode portrayal of him didn’t really leave me too satisfied.

      • A.B. says:

        Yes on Robin Hood. He has to be the one who taught Snow how to use a bow and arrow. He has to be the one she was referring to when she was talking to Regina, when she was in disguise.

  17. OUAT Fan says:

    I liked it. This ep worked because it was all about the main 5.
    Loved the family feelings.
    Regina the hero. :)
    Emma and Regina working together, Henry being there for his Mom. About time he hugged Regina and said I love you.
    Happy that we get a season 3 and maybe have more Emma and Regina working with each other.  Maybe with Regina teaching Emma magic. That would rock. I hope we get to keep a focus on the core 5 for next year. That really makes the eps pop.
    Also enjoyed Hook this ep.
    Love little Bae, can’t really say much about the older version Neal since I really don’t care about him, but I’m not surprised they didn’t kill him off. Oh well can’t have it all.
    Some of the talks and actions in this ep should have happened a while ago and what was the point of Kurt’s  story? Anyway..looking forward to season 3. 

    The entire family on a boat this should be interesting…

  18. Kara says:

    Hook was such a breath of fresh air when he first appeared…then it felt like the writers didn’t know what to do with him. It’s disappointing that it took them an entire season to add depth to one of their biggest (and most divisive) new additions. Still, I loved the episode and seeing the Bae/Hook relationship. This is easily one of my favorite episodes of the season. Everyone got their moment (and Emma said ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ cue: awwww).

    • HeatherC says:

      Remember that Colin broke his leg halfway through the season and wasn’t able to film anything which probably altered some of their plans for Hook this year. Hopefully everyone stays healthy next year and we don’t have to worry about anyone missing in action for a while! =)

  19. Henry says:

    I really wonder why Mr. Gold would have any interest in “cloacking” the town instead of bringing in Belle. So disappointed about that but the rest of the finale was great!

    • Catherine says:

      There are still people – magical beings – in the town that could be hurt by the Home Office. He (and Charming) asked her to stay and watch over the town since all the leaders and protectors are leaving on the Jolly Roger. Belle will have an important job, and she’s the only one Rumple would trust for that. She did give up her life to save her village, after all. After Rumple’s initial refusal to help save the town, this is a big turnabout for him; not only does he want to save Henry in honor of Bae, he’s showing that he cares about other people, too. It’s reminiscent of Rumple wanting to save all the children during the Ogre War. He finally wants to do the right thing again. That is his big gamechanger.

  20. SL says:

    I liked it although some parts were predictable. I was kind of hoping Rumple would go on badass on Tamara/Greg..

    I liked how Regina and Emma stopping the fail safe linking them in a way, but figured that’s how it would be saved good and evil coming together.

    Home base I still think are the Darlings and maybe that was why they were so welcoming so they could use him instead of the shadow taking away one of their sons..

    I knew they were going to make Peter Pan the bad guy after they made Hook the Antihero..

    What if Hook’s father is in Neverland and who the lost ones are working for?

  21. outsauced says:

    They fell over the line this season – just. Hoping they learned a lot from this year other than 101 How Not To Engage An Audience.

    We invested in the intimacy of season 1, whereas season 2 has given us front row seats to watch other people go on dull rides at a famous corporatized theme park. Yeah – that theme park. I can smell the cross-over from here.

    Please give everyone back their IQs, especially Emma and Mary Margaret. Please put the charm back into the Charmings. ie. deleting the 9mm would be a small but good start.

    Regina and Gold…..seriously – show them some respect. You’re wasting Lana Parrilla and Robert Carlyle. Agregious crime.

    You’ve got a great concept here, guys – stop f*cking up the landing.

    • SL says:

      excellent points.

    • kirads09 says:

      I have to agree with that. Especially wasting Lana and Robert. Loved Season 1 – every moment. Season 2 has been a big disappointment and the finale seemed rushed and haphazard. It is like the show runners don’t have a single purpose or direction anymore. If they do, I can’t figure it. Not near enough of other characters in the town – Red, Archie, etc. Too many inconsistencies to swallow (even for a magical place). Gold – the Dark One – last night pretty much reduced to a broken man? Philip, Aurora and Mulan just HAPPEN to come upon Neal – whereever they are. Tamara, Greg and the “home office” storyline may be interesting if they play it right – but the kidnapping – just curious who may really be behind them. Apparently they don’t even know! If one can “never leave Neverland” as Hook stated, how do they propose to ever get back once they rescue Henry – or are they abandoning Storybrooke for good? The best thing was that we have our Belle (good riddance to Lacey – ugh) back. I will watch the first few episodes of S3. But if continues on this path, the show may have lost me.

  22. Azerty says:

    Is there a connection between Tamara/Greg/Home office and Peter Pan? because at first Greg and Tamara wanted to destroy magic but only then they dicovered Henry, on the other hand Peter Pan had wanted Henry for decades, if Greg/Tamara worked for Pan, then he would have asked them to look after every boy connected to magic, so they would have been interested in Henry sooner? Maybe next year will start with a battle between Home office/ Pan / Regina+Rumple+Emma to have Henry? But why Henry is so important? arh my brain hurts.

    • kirads09 says:

      I wondered the same thing about perhaps Pan being “the home office” or tied in somehow. Seems they achieved their objective (launching the trigger to destroy Storybrook and its magic) but then all of a sudden the kidnapping of Henry?

      • Azerty says:

        I can’t understand why Pan, if he is home office, would want to destroy magic. Clearly he enjoys magic in Neverland: he is capable of being separated from his shadow, he can fly, etc. And in my opinion home office is on Earth since Tamara “called” home office to know what the cristal was. I don’t think Greg/Tamara on Earth could reach Pan on Neverland (but Tamara had a taser who worked a wooden boy, so why not an iphone which can cross realms?) and Pan can’t be on earth otherwise why would they bring Henry in Neverland? but then again if they don’t work for Pan, the same question is legit. It made more sense for Home office to be Wendy looking for revenge because ‘magic’ took Bae but then again Tamara/Greg using the beans doesn’t make sense.

        • lyn says:

          Didn’t Greg say they found something better than destroying Storybrooke [referring to having captured Henry]?

    • Greg IS a lost boy…he could be in league with Pan. Analyze what he said happened to him after he lost his father.

      • Azerty says:

        mh that’s a possibility…but in that case I still don’t get why Peter would want to get rid of magic, no magic = no shadow to bring boys from other realms? I guess that’s something that will be answered next year.

  23. kirads09 says:

    If they are in Neverland one thing is sure. There better be a Tinkerbell that lives up that character. Just sayin.

    • Khorrie says:

      If I recall correctly, they’ve indicated Tinkerbell will be coming. I doubt anyone could live up to Ludivine Sagnier, though. She was pretty much a perfect Tink.

  24. Shannon says:

    Overall, I am extremely disappointed in this season. It felt disjointed and manic. Too many characters, too many storylines and too many worlds. Manhattan was my favorite episode all season by far and I was sad when they weren’t able to repeat the relative stability of the episode.

    Every episode after everyone was back in Storybrooke made me like Snow less and less to the point where I wouldn’t be sad to see her gone.
    I think they destroyed Regina and the evil edge she had in the first season was gone in the second.
    I really hope they ‘streamline’ next season, all the bouncing about left me a little dizzy and wanting for more substance.

    As for last night’s episode. For the most part I liked the Neverland flashbacks best. Though the whole heart to heart between Hook and Bae felt forced and extremely awkward.
    I’m not sure I like the whole Emma having innate magic, for some reason it just feels really gimmicy to me and it made the whole ‘the diamond is going to destroy Storybrooke’ seem like nothing, which I don’t think it should have been based on how Regina described it.

  25. JLC says:

    I think there are 2 possible outcomes to what the story is with Peter Pan. 1) Peter Pan’s shadow became evil once it was separated from him but the real Peter is not evil. or 2) Peter Pan is evil and sends out his shadow to do his dirty work while he stays safely hidden. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

    Also, as for Hook changing sides all the time . . . he’s a pirate. He’s only on the side that benefits himself in any given situation. I actually like that about the character. He is always the loose cannon. You can never be sure when to trust him and when not to. I think that makes him so much more interesting as a character.

  26. Mike Q. says:

    The annoying part of the finale is that sets up the three worlds thing that worked so terribly in the first half of S2: you have Bae/Mulan/Aurora/Philip in the enchanted forest, Belle/Ruby/Granny/Hopper/Dwarves/Frankenstein in Storybrooke, and the Neverland Team. It doesn’t suggest a particularly structured narrative.

  27. When Rumple asks Belle to stay in Storybrooke, all I hear was “Sorry, dear, only more important characters can board the ship. You’ve just had your Lacey plot”.

    • SL says:

      I saw it as he trusts her not only with keeping his secret and dagger safe, but also to help the town if need be. Belle could have been great in Neverland with all her book knowledge that has proven useful. Like in the episode where she saved Prince Phillip and found the cloaked Hook ship when Cora first arrived.

  28. Belle says:

    Season finale with no Ruby in sight. tsk

  29. ollie says:

    didnt see pan being the him or wanting henry coming at all but not happy we are stuck wit greg amd tamara really wanted them gone. same with mulan/ aurora/ phillpe but as least for now they saved us from seeing them rescue phillppe soul from the wrath.

  30. Ronnie says:

    Maybe it’s just me but did anyone else find it kind of odd that the lost ones and the shadow keep bringing back the wrong boys when they actually have a picture of the right boy. I mean do they need glasses?

    • Zachary Flye says:

      Hahaha I was thinking the same thing, they bring them to Neverland and instead of letting them go like they did Wendy they keep them, and then they kept Bae who if he had never left Neverland the boy they were looking for would never have been born. tsk tsk Lost Boys tsk tsk

      • SL says:

        I am wondering when the lost boys have Bae if they release him back to our world on purpose. We still do not know how August(adult) knew Neal was BAe and he was writing/adding to the book, but never explained how it got to SB and who wrote the book if not August?

    • SL says:

      That and if they had the picture why didn’t Greg/Tamara react after seeing him how many times?

      • Kacie says:

        Greg and Tamara are pons. They are following orders. They do what they are told. Spy’s you could say. They are willing to die based on what they are led to believe. They were told to stop magic. Why we don’t know. So that’s what they tried to do. Then they were told to grab Henry so that’s what they did. They have no idea who they are really working for. This is jj Abrams we are talking about here. If you ever watched lost you know nothing is what it seems and just when you think you have it figured out you don’t.

  31. Zachary Flye says:

    Okay, so about the multi-realm storytelling everyone’s worried about for season three, I think I can see it going like this. The first scene of the season in Belle getting the barrier put up, but then we don’t see Storybrooke until probably mid-season or right before our main characters return and the cloaking shield is wearing off. they could either have the FTL group be in Neverland, since Mulan and Aurora had to save Phillip by traveling to a different realm, or we could just not see them but maybe see them every now and then and maybe have an episode where we learn how Mulan and Aurora saved Phillip.

  32. A.B. says:

    It will probably be 3 view points present neverland, present EF(or wherever mulan, Auroa and Co. is) and flashbacks. Anyone notice how at the beginning of S2 it was mother and daughter going through the portal and beign separated from the others and now it is father and son beign separated from the others and themselves.

  33. I thought tonight’s episode was pretty good. I had a feeling that Bae/Neal was still alive and would show back up at some point in the finale. I was happy to see Regina’s “transformation.” I wonder if she will stay “good” next season? I love her character, she reminds me of the villainesses from Dynasty and Falcon Crest, sometimes good, but always an ulterior motive. I did like the development they did with Hook tonight, it showed more to him and cut right to his core (his love for Bae’s mother). Overall, a pretty good episode, not a huge cliffhanger, but enough to keep us guessing and hoping what will happen next season.

  34. Wait, I thought that guy was referring to himself as Peter Pan… oh well. Peter Pan must be a wraith or something.

  35. Alex Ceballos says:

    I think Peter Pan is the mysterious leader of home office. It couldn’t be a coincidence when Greg and Tamara went into the portal that went straight to never land. But I get this feeling that pan is using the anti-magic people in order to achieve his own agenda to gain power. That’s what I think. But will have to wait until season three comes out. And whatever plans that the boy who won’t grow up has for Henry, it is not good at all.

  36. SL says:

    I am curious the glob only showed one dot shouldn’t it have showed two? Or maybe because Neal was unconscious it did not pick it up?

    • A.B. says:

      Exactly. That got me thinking too. Wouldn’t it have made sense to use Emma’s blood since she is his mom. And maybe Rumple is picking up Bae and not Henry.

      • Zachary Flye says:

        My thought is that the the caster, Rumple, has control over who of his blood he is searching for, because otherwise it would have shown Henry AND Bae when he was just searching for Bae.

  37. leonard says:

    I am really pissed about Greg and Tamara, which im sure is the point of their characters – to make you root for magic. I hope we get a kick-ass scene the next season with Tamara and Emma. Or Tamara and Regina. That would be dope!

    Hook really impressed tonight (still don’t want him to get with Emma). His desire to create a family with Bae, the voice, and almost tears, was all SO good.

    And as a kid, if i was being dragged around a mall or a store and i was in a particularly foul mood, i would kick and scream all over the place, and that was with family. So Henry, just barely making a fuss, even jumping with them into the portal, really rubs me the wrong way. I dont know if that was how the director wanted it to happen or if it was the actors themselves, but thats completely unrealistic. (Yes i get the irony that this is a fantasy show and the point was to get them into the portal.) He could have at least made his captors work for it.

    looking forward to next season! arg 4 months…

    • SL says:

      Agreed if you look at season 1 and the first half of season 2 if people tried to take him away he would fight etc.. and the last few episodes he kind of went limp.

  38. SL says:

    The Wraith and Phillip thing got me thinking. Cora stated the Wraith does not kill necessarily it just takes you to another plane/realm. So if the wraith took him to Neverland could he have sucked all the souls from the lost boys/pan?
    Then Rumple doesn’t fear the wraith and Rumple stated everyone should be afraid including him. So he is the almighty Dark One what could be more powerful to make him tremble?

  39. Kacie says:

    I loved how it finally revealed how bae new how to drive a pirate ship. Thought that was awesome. Plus when he got to knock out hook when they were in New York made it justifiable because now we know that he new hook was the one who broke up there family. Justifiable resentment.

    • Kacie says:

      I truly believe that Wendy is the home office. Or at least related to Wendy. Right before bae was taken she was told that magic is evil and ruins lives. It’s got to be her.

  40. Ginger says:

    I actually think Tamara and Greg work for Wendy Darling. She would be very anti-magic after what happened to Baelfire.

  41. JW says:

    Great finale! Just one question though. Where the hell was Ruby during this finale? Or the second half of season 2 for that matter? Just curious I really liked her character and I think they could have used her a lot during the finale! She would have brought a great dynamic to the group currently heading towards Neverland to find Henry!

    • lyn says:

      I agree, and nothing against all of the Captain Swan shippers, but I’d rather see Hook with Ruby.

      • Tamim says:

        I really hadn’t considered Ruby as a potential Hook-mate. I think that could be an interesting pairing. She does have a “wild” side that might understand his desire to be a pirate, even if he does start drinking the Charming Koolaid, just for the sake of being a pirate…

      • kath says:

        I agree, he’d be better matched with Ruby but Meghan Ory has a pilot that was picked up for next season.

  42. I’m thinking that “The Shadowy creature” aka Peter Pan is somehow Henry’s shadow or they are connected in some similar way!

  43. kath says:

    I loved OUaT last season but I’ve been disappointed in season 2 and this episode just reinforced everything I haven’t liked.

    I’m tired of Regina. Really tired of her self-centredness and her inability to be self-aware. Half the episodes this season have been about Regina and her backstory and her mother and it’s just not that interesting to me to build the show around it. If she had been a good mother to Henry, he wouldn’t have sought out Emma.

    Rumplestiltskin is moderately more interested because he is self-aware of his weaknesses but I still don’t really care about either his relationship with Belle or with Bae.

    Five new villains on the scene — Cora, Hook, Neal, Owen and Tamara. Of the four, only Owen was justified in what he did. I’m sure Kitsis and Horowitz think that Neal is a good guy, and maybe that Hook is too, but neither of them are. The idea that they are going to make Emma stoop to be Neal’s romantic partner is a complete turn-off of the show to me. He’s not nearly good enough for her, and her “I love you” to him made me like her less.

    Five bad guys …. and one good one (Anton) but only there in 3 episodes. That about says it all for this season.

    You know what I didn’t get? People I cared about, people I could like. Emma, who was a major player last season, was only allowed to prop Regina’s, Hook’s and Neal’s storylines. Charming might have stayed comatose for all the story he got, and Mary Margaret’s dark heart was gaslighting because if anyone should have been killed, it was Cora. Barely any Ruby, Granny, Archie, Anton or the dwarves.

    If I wanted to watch a show about evil, I’d be watching The Following or Criminal Minds.

  44. dumurin says:

    So disappointed that Ariel isn’t present in season 2. I want Ariel in season 3 or I stop to watch OUAT. I watch OUAT only for see Ariel! She is the best Disney Princess! I want see her in OUAT, and I hope she will be a regular character like Belle.

  45. Martina says:

    PETER PAN SPOILER: Peter Pan and the Lost Boys were looking for Henry because PP now is just a shadow, his “past self” died (while his soul cannot die, in other words: he’s like the wraith, he cannot be killed) and he needs a new body (sounds like a possession, I know :D). Probably before his last body died, he saw Henry (or a seer draw the pic for him)

  46. Kelsey says:

    So the shadow is Peter Pan? I’m kind of confused about the shadow….

  47. Liz says:

    I’m actually pretty upset that Peter Pan seems to be evil. I love the story of Peter Pan and hate the idea that he’s anything but pure. I’m interested to see where they take it next year, because I haven’t been disappointed in any of the other ways they’ve portrayed fairy tale characters, but really Peter Pan an evil shadow ripping villain? Creepy lost boys? I hope there’s more to the story.

  48. Jamesey says:

    Am I the only one noticing that prince Phillip is in the episode at the end when his soul was taken by the wraith??? Where was the explanation for him getting it back? Think they goofed on that one to be honest!

    • SPN Fan says:

      Cora told Aurora that the Wraith does not kill, but took Phillip’s soul and the wraith went to another realm. so next season it might be explained better.

  49. Kacie says:

    I miss adult August. I think they could have continued a story with him. Hope to see more flashbacks on him.

  50. Sorino says:

    So Emma didn’t CHECK for the bean in the pouch before they all dashed off to help Regina? That’s the KEY to their plan, might wanna make sure it’s THERE first….