Fall TV Preview

NBC Fall Schedule Revealed: Parenthood and Revolution on the Move, Community Warms the Bench [UPDATED With Clips of New Series]

NBC Fall Schedule 2013NBC is the first broadcast network to unveil its official game plan for the 2013-14 TV season, and the biggest news regarding returning shows is the relocation of Parenthood to Thursdays at 10/9c, Revolution to Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Chicago Fire to Tuesdays at 10/9c.

Also of note: Parks and Recreation shifts to 8/7c on Thursday, where it will lead into three brand new series — Mike O’Malley’s Welcome to the Family, Sean Hayes’ Sean Saves the World and The Michael J. Fox Show.

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Elsewhere, James Spader’s FBI drama The Blacklist has landed the coveted post Voice slot on Mondays at 10/9c, and Dracula starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers will air Fridays at 10/9c after Grimm.

On tap for midseason, in addition to Community: J.J. Abrams’ Believe (Sundays @ 9/8c), conspiracy thriller Crisis (Sundays @ 10/9c), pirate drama Crossbones (Fridays @ 10/9c) Chicago Fire spin-off Chicago PD (TBD), medical drama The Night Shift (TBD), comedies About a Boy (Tuesdays @ 9/8c),  The Family Guide (Tuesdays @ 8:30/8:30c) and Undateable (TBD)and reality series Food FightersThe Million Second Quiz and the returning Sing-Off. 

The fate of Celebrity Apprentice, Betty White’s Off Their RockersFashion Star and Hannibal will be decided in the coming weeks, per NBC.

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All told, the NBC schedule looks like this; new shows are in CAPS, click for details.

8/7c The Voice

8 pm The Biggest Loser
9 pm The Voice
10 pm Chicago Fire

8 pm Revolution
9 pm Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

8 pm Parks and Recreation
10 pm Parenthood

8 pm Dateline NBC
9 pm Grimm

Encore programming

7 pm Football Night in America
8:15 pm NBC Sunday Night Football

SUNDAY (Post-football/Winter 2013)
7 pm Dateline NBC
8 pm Nate Berkus’ AMERICAN DREAM BUILDERS (Reality)
10 pm CRISIS

NOT RETURNING NEXT SEASON: 1600 Penn, 30 Rock, Animal Practice, Deception, Do No Harm, Go On, Guys With Kids, The New Normal, The Office, Smash, Up All Night and Whitney.

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  1. Gaby says:

    As much as I love Parenthood, I won’t be able to watch it if it’s up against Scandal and Elementary. Stupid NBC

  2. Joe says:

    The mid season on Sundays is the dumbest scheduling. It may change bc networks always change their mid season schedules but wow. High concept serials on Sundays are for cable. You put Belive against the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Ridiculous.

    • rflairfan says:

      They have to do that they have football for several Sundays.

      • Joe says:

        No they don’t. You put reaity shows or procedural shows for that night. Or a mini series. I know football is on earlier in the season. It’s not about when in the season the shows are on, it’s about putting those type of shows on at Sun at 9. Awful.

  3. Linda says:


  4. Sandra says:

    Parks and Rec is up against Big Bang Theory, but it’s not at the same time as Glee and Grey’s Anatomy, which takes all the viewers, I suppose.

  5. sladewilson says:

    Wow NBC threw Parks and Rec and Parenthood to the wolves. Esp Parenthood. Up against Elementary AND Scandal? Yikes….

  6. Amy says:

    Why is Phood up against Scandal now?

  7. Lois says:

    I believe everyone is forgetting about GRIMM, it’s a very good show, and has a lot of fans.

    • Jay says:

      I’m not forgetting about Grimm. Of course I am one of those fans you just mentioned, so this comment may not count very much.

  8. Paul says:

    I’m guessing Chicago PD is a backup for whatever fails, b/c it’s not on the schedule, yet it was greenlit. Also, I guess if they bring back Celebrity Apprentice and Hannibal they will also be back ups or go to the summer and then be canceled. Hannibal and Celebrity Apprentice haven’t been renewed yet, but I would guess they might renew them just in case. It is NBC.

  9. Midori says:

    Might as well announce now that Parenthood is ending.

  10. Mari says:

    I need Hannibal to be renewed. Please NBC.

  11. The TV Critic says:

    If it wasn’t for those reality shows, you probably would have seen better scheduling.

    They now have The Esquire network, so they can make better use of that channel.

  12. The TV Critic says:

    Nate Berkus gets another chance on free TV. Someone should have gotten the memo he failed as a daytime talk show host.

  13. A says:

    NBC is an absolute joke. I mean do they even research what other shows they are competing with at the times they are trying to switch to. Parks and Rec stands no chance against Big Bang Theory and they are pretty much sending Parenthood to die. It doesn’t stand a chance against Scandal and Elementary. They had a good thing going with Parenthood on Tuesdays but they screwed it just like they did moving Smash to Tuesdays and not having it premiere at the same time as The Voice. Since 30 Rock ended and SMASH and The Office are ending there really is nothing for me to watch on NBC other than The Voice and Parks and Rec. I will never watch a show on NBC again unless it makes it past a first season!

  14. John says:

    Just Grimm and Revolution. Lots of room on my TiVo for the other networks!
    , thanks NBC!


  15. RobMF says:

    This lineup is terrible.

  16. Bren says:

    Why oh why are they moving parenthood bad bad move good luck with that

  17. Sarah says:

    For the first time since I started watching TV (34 years), I will not be watching anything on NBC. That is sort of sad.

  18. Mare says:

    -Nate burkas’s show will probably be canceled
    -dateline at 8, followed by Grimm and Dracula? Seriously! Are you trying to kill them off?!?
    I thought Dracula was gonna be saved till midseason?!?
    goodbye Parks and Rec -_-

    • Fran says:

      Grimm was on Friday nights all of Season 1 and most of Season 2. It did fine. Most fans were upset it moved to Tuesday for the rest of this season. It’s a good Friday show. Dracula seems like a good pairing for it.

      • Jay says:

        I was one of those fans! Pairing Grimm with Dracula on Friday night is something I would do if I was running this network. Both of these shows are horror, so it’s natural that they should be together, and Friday night is the night for watching horror. Always has been!

  19. leelee says:

    I do like Parenthood, and I loved it on Tuesdays. But not I won’t watch it live on Thursday :( that’s SCANDAL night all the way!! I guess I’ll just watch it the next day on Hulu+ :-/

  20. Eric says:

    As someone who watches comedies almost exclusively, I’m surprised by how compelling I found the sneak peeks for The Blacklist and Ironside. I’ll watch them both. I’ll give all of the comedies a chance too, but none of them really stuck out to me. I’m a big fan of MJF though, so I’m quite excited to see his series.

  21. KSM says:

    WHY are they putting Parenthood up against Scandal???? UGH stupid stupid stupid. Scandal is appt TV, you can’t miss it or you are screwed the next day.

  22. Southland Fan says:

    Here’s my take:
    Revolution has been bleeding its audience for its entire spring run (with the biggest lead in on network TV non-the-less). The 4 month break was actually NBC’s attempt to help it by keeping it behind The voice. If they would have aired it alone in January, I’m guessing that it might not have even been renewed, because its numbers would have been worse. I’m thinking Season 2 might be its last.

    Parenthood has an extremely loyal fan base and that is why NBC put it on Thursdays rather than try a new show there (see Do No Harm, Awake, The Firm, etc.). They would rather take a stable 1.8-2.0 demo rating, then have another show crash and burn there.

    As for MJF show, I do think that it should be a lead off or 9PM comedy anchor, so that’s a weird move.

    I’m surprised that they didn’t pair Chicago Fire and PD together and that the TBL is actually on the fall schedule and not being held until winter.

    Blacklist looks good so I’m going to check that out. I might check out Believe and Crisis as well, depending on reviews and what other networks schedule on Sundays.

    I know that the “comedies” only have 1 minute clips posted, but they aren’t looking like “must see TV” to me.

    Finally, while I’m not necessarily interested in either Dracula or Crossbones, it’s good to finally see network TV taking the limited episode approach that most cable shows take. I don’t know how this will work out for NBC financially since networks make their $$$ off selling their shows in syndication, but at least I applaud NBC for trying it.

    • Chris says:

      Totally agree with analysis of Rev. But NBC has announced full 22 ep renewal. Unless they are planning to default on that, they might be throwing good money after bad, and hoping it actually survives. With the number of outside investors in the show, it might actually be cheap for NBC.

  23. Lvar12 says:

    About time that The Biggest Loser trimmed down to 1 hr, way overdue. Parenthood, IMO should move to Fridays at 8/7c majority of people that watch that show would be home to watch. I watch Grimm but it would be nice if networks embrace Friday and Saturday and put strong programming on those nights, remember growing up and ABC had TGIF and it was great. Having Scandal on Friday night won’t happen but it doesn’t have to be “death night”

    • The TV Critic says:

      Majority of families are at high school football games, or another function, during the Fall.

      • jestsaying says:

        Maybe in your circle, but not where I’m from. I’m not from Texas so our lives didnt revolve around our local high school football team. The only time I went to games was when I was in high school and old enough to drive myself. ANd even then, it was because i was in pep band. Why would my grown mother want to come to a hs football game that noone she knew was playing in? And not everyone has children, so…. Just saying, I get that you’re talking about a certain segment of the population, but I don’t know that I would count it a majority. Oh. And I did play a sport, but my mom didn’t come to every one of those games either. Nor would I have wanted her to. It was my thing, not hers. The occasional home game was enough.

    • Jay says:

      The Fattest Loser should have been cancelled long ago!

  24. Reblogged this on favefilms and commented:
    Hannibals’s Fate will be decided in the next few weeks. Let’s hope NBC
    Does NOT pull this show!’

  25. Maria says:

    Dracula looks fairly interesting, and the lead was great on the Tudors, so I might watch the show. But, I’m really rooting for Hannibal’s Emmy potential to get it renewed for a second season. Also, if it does get renewed, it’s day needs to be changed. But, I really think another channel like FX/AMC/A&E/SHOWTIME/HBO should take it. It’s do much better on cable television.

  26. Who are the programming geniuses at NBC? Why bother even renewing Parenthood if they are going to throw it to the wolves on Thursday nights up against Scandal and Elementary. That’s why this network continues to fail.

  27. Lisa says:

    Who cares what NBC is airing? They cancel shows at the drop of a hat and the network is completely out of touch with audiences and dependent on Nielson which is no longer an accurate measurement. Plus, the majority of their shows are garbage – created by small minds for small minds! Why bother watching?

    • how can it be both? says:

      so nielson is no longer accurate measurement… but the shows are garbage… thus the low ratings and cancelations, if the net is totally dependent on the rating to make decisions…
      not sure I follow your logic.

    • Chris says:

      Shows that have dropped their ratings too low to be profitable are cancelled. It is when a weak show like Rev. gets picked back up for a full 22 (2 more than this first season), that is the confusing bit. They usually only get a limited order (10 – 12), so if ratings do not improve, the show can be amputated and stop the hemorrhaging of cash.

  28. Caro says:

    The Blacklist looks interesting but everything else looks terrible! They cancelled SMASH for this drivel? I won’t watch Blacklist – I’m done with NBC but what is wrong with their programmng department? They must be averse to quality!

    • jestsaying says:

      The BL looks intriguing and i’m usually not a fan of Spader’s scenery chewing. But for this Hannibal Lecter type of character, it could work.. What i’m not digging? The young female lead. So many times they pick these drab kind of pretty types that don’t really have much in the way of acting chops or natural personality to pull of the lead of a show. I find her very bland. But maybe she’ll get better. But it’s just sad that with all the talented actors out there, the casting ppl seem to cast the same blah ppl over and over and then the networks wonder why they don’t get any breakout stars….

  29. Alienate says:

    I’ll be watching exactly 2 NBC shows: Grimm and The Voice. The rest looks like, or already is, crap

  30. Darla says:

    These are the shows that justified Go On getting cancelled? Really!?!

  31. Justin says:

    There isn’t a single show on this schedule I would bother to watch

  32. Helen says:

    First Season of Smash was ….. Magic. The second season, was painful. I was going to write “I’ll miss the show” but I’ve missed it all year!!!

  33. Tara says:

    I’m really nervous about this Parenthood move. I’ve seen so many people since this announcement say that they won’t be watching it live because it’s up against Scandal and Elementary… I hope this is the right move.. :\

  34. Ash says:

    Moving Revolution to Wednesdays at 8pm is not a good idea. I do think it should be moved up to 9pm because it isn’t dark enough to warrant a 10pm time-slot but putting it on Wednesdays with SVU? That makes no sense. They’d do better to keep it off the air until football season is over and pair it with Believe on Sundays.

  35. Rusty says:

    WOW! What very dismal season it’s going to be. Seriously, the only show I watch is Grimm and they put it on Friday to kill it again. Really?? Another vampire series??? Revamping Ironsides ??? Starring Blair Underwood???? NBC execs should be jumping out their high rise windows….

  36. Julie says:

    Putting Grimm back on Fridays is a good thing. It did fine there. Tuesdays at 10 was way too crowded. I know it did okay with the few episodes shown lately, but I just can’t see it holding up throughout an entire season. It doesn’t have blockbuster ratings, but for a Friday it’s just fine.

  37. Patty says:

    i’mstill SO MAD @ nbc for canceling GO ON & THE NEW NORMAL! they both offered fresh perspectives on therapy & adoption, respectively. although i will admit that i’m looking fwd to sean hayes’ new comedy (that i think has a weak title) & especially mjf’s new comedy, surely there are slots in the lineup in which GO ON & THE NEW NORMAL would have fit, no?

  38. Laura says:

    The comedies look terrible. Is Blacklist based on Silence of the Lambs? The similarities annoyed me, but I’m a big James Spader fan, so I may give it a couple of episodes. Same for Ironside. I can’t believe The New Normal was canceled to be replaced by one of the shows above. I didn’t think The New Normal was a great show, but it was better than what I’ve just seen.

  39. sarah says:

    Well NBC is screwing over Chicago Fire, it was fine on Wednesday, I hope this is not a bad sign for the show, it is a fantastic show.
    I hope Parenthood does well on Thursdays.

  40. EVE GARMBACK says:

    your new shows suck already save go on and maybe just maybe i will watch your new shows other wise bye

  41. This absolutely sucks! Why do these networks get us invested in a show and before it can gain traction they pull the plug!!! I loved The New Normal & 1600 Penn. They were smart shows that made me laugh. I didn’t watch them when they aired but I caught up with Video On Demand. These shows never had a chance but lets throw new shows in only to turn around and cancel them as well! Very frustrating!!

    • Chris says:

      How soon after did you watch it VOD style? Neilsens only counts 3 days after it aired live, which is one of the reasons many discount their metrics as archaic. Any form (VOD/PVR) without commercials (or can skip them) is only partially counted toward renewal, while live is 100%. Since VOD is direct payment this should not be, but apparently they do not charge 100% of what it ‘should’ cost in lost advertising dollars as no one would pay. So if you really like it, you have to watch it live or make sure that 7M+ others are.

  42. ann says:

    Blackslist looks like it is really going to be good but no way am I missing Castle for this show..Good thing about the cable channels they show their shows more than once.. Sorry cannot record but one show at a time…

  43. Lisa says:

    I think they should leave parenthood on Tuesdays it’s going to get crushed by scandal that’s a dumb move on nbc’s part I liked it on Tuesdays.

  44. dragons3 says:

    All the hoopla about a Chicago Fire spin-off and it’s not even on the schedule? Sheesh! Doesn’t look like much of interest here. Guess I still won’t be watching anything but Chicago Fire on NBC.

  45. Cam says:

    Good schedule mix here cannot wait to see Dracula! Looks very promising

  46. Will says:

    My family loved the voice last season bt with Aguilera coming back a lot of familys will not let them watch her showing off her fat body and her boobs hanging out. So on to other networks

  47. Chris says:

    Since Dracula is only 10 episodes long, it is likely that is why you are not seeing the Chicago Fire spinoff. They want their new ‘premium’ short-run (Drac.) free of competition with Game of Thrones, but are not worried about the Chicago Fire spinoff as they have very different audiences.

  48. Katie says:

    I may be the only one, but I’m really going to miss Guys with Kids, my favorite show last year :(

  49. Will says:

    Once again NBC get’s it wrong! Hannibal is by far the best show on the network. To not renew it immediately is why they finished 5th in network ratings behind a Spanish language network.