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  1. mike says:

    CBS drops Rules of Engagement and Mike and Molly but keep How i met your Mother!?? Really! How i met your Mother should have been cancelled 2 frikin years ago, its in TV Hell, its like the writers cannot figure out how to end the frikin show! its terrible, not worth watching anymore! GET RID of IT, and bring back the shows that are fresh and worth watching!!

    • Greg says:

      Mike and Molly wasn’t cancelled, it won’t start until mid-season though. Rules of Engagement didn’t do well in the ratings, most of which is CBS’ fault in the first place since they scheduled it all over the place. I agree that How I Met Your Mother has basically been stalling for 3 seasons now but now that we finally know who the mother is and it seems they have a pretty clear vision for the final season I’m still on board, not to mention there is still an episode once in awhile that is really good.

  2. Carol says:

    With all the dead space on the schedule why move Supernatural, to Tuesdays of all days? NCIS and NCIS:LA have a lock on 8pm to 10pm. Supernatural has been given the kiss of death.

    They should have paired Supernatural with The Vampire Diaries and put Reign on Tuesday instead. A proven show put in that kiss of death time slot and a show that wont last the month given a primo spot. who makes these changes? I could do a better job in my sleep.

    • Garfield says:

      Totally, agree. It seems that some studio people program shows to fail either to get rid of them or maybe lower the stars pay cheque at contract time.

  3. Bobbi says:

    I did not see “Walking Dead” on your fall list. I hope there is nother series. That is one of the most popular shows amonst me and most people I know. I am so waiting for the next season to go to dvd. I bought the first and second and when my little 3 yr old granddaughter spent a week with me as soon as it got dark outside she wanted to watch it.
    We watched “Walking Dead:” every single night sometimes twice a night. Only she called it “knocking Dead” lol Please please bring it back this fall, thank you

  4. Bobbi says:

    I didnt see “Army Wives listed on the grid also. I hope you are bringing that back as well, Thank you That is such a touching movie and more like real life, not like some of these stupid reality shows that are popping up all over the place. I dont see why people would even watch most of that garbage. I’m not saying it is all bad but some of it is si rediculous

  5. Sandy says:

    Shouldn’t Betrayal air before Revenge? ;)

  6. Thomas says:

    I see the Kiss of Death to Hawaii 5-0 getting moved to Friday

  7. Dona G says:

    Is The Following coming back? I loved that show….A lot my shows are against each other this year but at least not more than 2 at a time so I can DVR them. I tend to DVR all shows and watch them in my own time and without the commercials anyway…

    • Garfield says:

      Need to use time-shifting also with the DVR in order to catch some shows. Networks programmers need to realize going head to head with others shows is a way to lose audience rather than gain them. Especially, with the number of quality cable shows and series availbable.

      • says:

        That’s what I love about my Dish Network Hopper. It records all four major networks (ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX) plus 2 others of my choosing. If it records something on the major networks that I don’t like or don’t watch, I just delete it. Cable channels like USA, TV Land, TNT, usually re-broadcast their shows a couple different times a night, so I can set Hot in Cleaveland to record at the 11:00 pm time versus their prime time slot and not miss it. Then I can watch them virtually commercial-free, too! Gotta love it!

  8. Mac says:

    Back in the Game is AWFUL! (i went to a screening) It should be a TV movie on ABC Family or something, but certainly not a new comedy series. It won’t (and should not) last a full season. It’s a good thing Maggie Lawson is also sticking with Psych and still has that to fall back on when this crap crashes and burns… YIKES! James Caan should just retire already and the actor that plays the kid seriously needs to hire a new agent.

  9. Donna says:

    What’s the deal with CBS “Under the Dome”? Are they finshing it after the summer ends or trying to see the viewer numbers before bringing it back. It’s a great show.

    • Drew says:

      Well, I read somewhere that Under The Dome was originally only going to be a mini-series, but it has proved to be so popular that now they’re going to make it into a full ongoing series!!

  10. Kelsy says:

    Was Suburgatory cancelled? I thought it did well.

  11. says:

    Looking for CSI: NY & The Neighbors. How to LIve with Your Parents for the rest of your life was funny but didn’t think it would last. Might be a good mid-season replacement. It was cute. Oh and Family Tools! Sorry to see Go On get cancelled. I think that was one of Matthew Perry’s best post-Friends shows.

  12. JM Scott says:

    Undercover Boss? Renewed? After 4 or more years on TV and the employee doesn’t get it when a “new” employee comes with a camera???? I would hope my employees have more intelligence. In fact would demand it.

  13. Linda C says:

    I still want Monday Mornings to return. It was an awesome and realistic show.

  14. Rhonda says:

    I would have been sooooo upset if Mike and Molly had been canceled! By far the funniest sit com since orginal Two and half Men! Monday night is my favorite weeknight for t.v. Sunday fox, animation domination, is great weekend night!