Exclusive Castle Finale First Look: Kate Says Those Dreaded Four Little Words to Rick

Mere weeks after springing on Rick those three magical little words, Castle‘s Kate in Monday’s Season 5 finale will hang a cloud over their coupling with an entirely different utterance — and TVLine has a first look at the foreboding moment.

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As previously established on the ABC drama, Beckett — after proving her mettle during the drone strike murder case — got an invite to interview for a plum gig with the Attorney General’s office… in Washington, D.C.

Rick actually stumbles upon the news of his lady love’s possible job change in a clip posted by our pals at Yahoo TV. And though Kate in that moment stresses the “just an interview” aspect, by the looks of things in our exclusive sneak peek below, there’s been a (gulp) development.

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After you check out this clip, someone run over to the park and boot Jimmy and his buddy D.J. off the swings, because I think we’re gonna need two vacancies, pronto.

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  1. Jay says:

    Andrew Marlowe better not break up Rick and Kate after putting the fans through everything we’ve gone through for the past 5 seasons. Also, I’m hearing rumors of a possible multiple season renewal. Any word on that?

    • James says:

      yeah i read the article on Deadline apparently it’s highly likely they’ll get a two season order but nothing is definite as far as i know, i would love clarification on this as well.

  2. NY says:

    They’re not going to break up, Stana said that there would be bumps on the road but in the end they would bring them closer

  3. K says:

    If Andrew Marlowe breaks up castle and Beckett that is the end of the show

  4. Mari says:

    OMG I’m crying in anticipation. Tension is in the air.

  5. Karen says:

    STANA SAID NO BREAK UP HOWEVER IF THE DO SAY GOOBYE 10 MILLION VIEWERS dont trust promos or sneak peaks all make it worse

    • Unfortunately, she said THAT at the very beginning of the season, long before this finale episode had been conceived!! L-rd only knows what evil thoughts might have passed through Marlowe’s mind in the meantime!!

  6. Guppy says:

    Help. What does Kate say when Rick picked up the phone and says “Castle”? And then, what does Rick say after kate says “we need to talk” ? Thank you sooo much!

    • Mari says:

      C: Castle.
      K: It’s me… We need to talk.
      C: Yeah, we do.

      • Guppy says:

        Thank you so much! (whew, was worried Rick said something less agreeable).

      • M3rc Nate says:

        I could care less about her being career driven to a fault and possibly ruining things with the man shes loved for years just for a job….what peaked my interest is why is he saying “yeah we do”? Whats HE got to say, maybe its on the same topic, maybe its something else entirely. Hmmm. :)

        • Ralph says:

          I hope he will tell her to “have a good life”. I’m sick and tired of the writers playing ping-pong with Castle.

          • Mari says:

            Me, too–and the more I watch, the more it seems like she doesn’t respect him, or much of the time even like him. Much of the time, she seems to find him entertaining and enjoys sex with him, but that’s not the same thing.
            It makes watching less enjoyable.

          • Squintern says:

            Beckett hater go home.

          • Why should Ralph go home, he’s right!! That was a low down thing for Beckett to do, to tell him that his thoughts and wishes were unimportant as to their future, that ONLY her desires counted! The man’s been through hell for her many many times! He deserves much more than her scorn!!

    • Vickie says:

      “Yeah, we do”

    • Mary says:

      I think Rick says “I know we do”, and I believe that´s when they go to the swings. And, after watching the other SP, I wish there´s a break up and that it commes from Castle; I can´t figure how can Kate make it right after lying to him and exclude him from decisions that affect him too!
      On another note, with just 2 SP there is already so much of the episode out! Could it be there is so much more from it than just that job thing?!

  7. jan says:

    Please don’t break up Beckett and Castle.
    Because if you do than you will lose a lot of viewers,including me.

    • Sandie says:

      Me too. Marlow has cheated us fans enough already! That would be the last straw! Maybe it is us who need to talk Mr. marlow….;(

  8. luli says:

    Those four little words….. I’m dead. These sneak peeks are actually torture!!!! Monday needs to come NOW!!!

  9. Greg Eckes says:

    Thought the 4 words were going to be “I got the job”. Oh well

    I do agree with others. This is the jumping the shark fork in the road. If they do break them up, the show’s ratings probably won’t recover next season.

    That’s why I honestly believe that they will stay together because Marlowe (or any show runner) can’t be that stupid to try it.

    • canadian ninja says:

      I’d say Marlowe is a cut above other show runners in this regard. He didn’t yoink the relationship over and over again and he got them together as a couple relatively quickly compared to other shows that have any kind of slow burn.

    • luli says:

      Dittoo!! I didn’t expect the “we need to talk” words…

    • Mike says:

      I agree…but I think the fun of the first 4 years has been lacking…I agree with the comment earlier that Kate doesn’t seem to like Castle…she is getting annoying.

      • Squintern says:

        Beckett hater. Stop watching if you do not like what is going on. More show for us without the pissed off fans to ruin the experience.

        • Squintern, just how much is Marlowe paying you to counteract and post rebuttal to all our critical comments?!

        • Ralph says:

          My, my. A Beckett lover. When Beckett shows her love for Castle, as he has shown for her over this entire show but especially after “Still”, you can chime in with that. Until then, I have reasons to say what I do and you don’t have a leg on which to stand.

  10. Pickle8182 says:

    Why isn'[t the clip working for me?

  11. Kristine S. says:

    Guys, relax. It’s not Castle without Beckett and Castle working together. Marlowe has to throw some bumps in or we’d be bored. They’ll be fine.

  12. Nadia says:

    Anyone have images of Castle as Ross running through the airport to catch Kate??? I honestly think he is gonna lay it all out there about wanting marriage and she is gonna be too stubborn to say anything on the swings, but she will come around by the end of the episode… She has to or else the show is DEAD to me!

    • James says:

      haha i totally had the same thought Ross 2.0 :)

    • Krithika says:

      Yeah and remember Ross and Rachel and the constant game of hot potato that was labelled as a ‘relationship’? I hope Marlowe has atleast a modicum of respect for us fans….

  13. Maria says:

    Normally, I can’t wait for Mondays because I’m so looking forward to a new episode of Castle. Not this time. I am dreading Monday and am trying to tell myself I didn’t see what I just saw.

    • Christina says:

      Yea, I’m SUPER torn on the issue. As much as I want to know how this pans out, I’m fairly certain I’m not going to like it. I just can’t see them having happy cliffhangers two seasons in a row.

  14. nani says:

    they are still together will not pass anything :)

  15. LovinOnCaskett says:

    Like Kristine said, guys, relax! These teasers are there to make us jittery and get us talking. Guess what?? They’ve succeeded. I have no doubt they’re going to get through this. Is it going to be uncomfortable for the better part of the finale? Ab-so-lute-ly! But in the end, I think we’re going to be totally surprised by the outcome. If you notice in the clip, Kate really isn’t frowning. In fact, as she’s walking away, she almost smirks. I think the “we have to talk” spiel is pressing in her mind. That she wants to finally get everything out on the table. I will withdraw my original claim that an engagement will happen at the end. But I do think they’re going to finally take it to the next level with this somewhat manufactured storyline that reeks of regression on Kate’s part. Here’s to hoping!

  16. Geegee says:

    The Bones finale was hard enough , don’t do it to Castle and Kate too!!

    • Bre says:

      I watched the bones finale the other day, I don’t get why booth couldn’t write down that pelant was black mailing him and give it to bones? It made no sense to me!

      • Amy says:

        Because it’s Pelant. He has eyes everywhere and Booth knows that he’s watching super close right now. Also, Booth isn’t willing to risk the lives of anyone, especially innocents, Bones & Christine. But have no fear…Booth will figure out a way to get the message to Bones and even before that, after the inital hurt goes away, Bones will second guess what Booth said and start to wonder if there is something else going on. And trust me…Booth will finally get Pelant.

  17. James says:

    oh snap it just got real in Castleland. i still won’t let myself believe their breaking up it would make little sense, I think Castle is pissed at how she kept it from him which is understandable, but not serious enough to break up over IMO. cross your fingers ladies and gents it’s going to be a long summer either way, but a seperation would be unbareable.

    • James says:

      on second thought after watching the yahoo clip I wouldn’t blame Castle if he kicked her to the curb, which he will never do because he’s madly in love with her, but honestly Becks was being a bit of a d-bag there.

      • Squintern says:

        Yes because Castle could do no wrong right? He’s as much to blame for whats going on. When are you overly emotionally invested fans going to learn that. I feel for Beckett. She gets reamed by the fans for thinking about her future.

        • Ralph Benson says:

          He is as much to blame???? Did you deduce that from “Still”, where he was prepared to die with Kate, or on the Squab and Quail where Beckett was overly encouraging her billionaire fling, perhaps she can kiss him again.

          • Squintern says:

            Ralph, you no nothing of storytelling. And more importantly, you are failing to switch squab and still. I also fault you for being one of those people that thinks rick is perfect in every way.

      • no, you guys, she’s too wrapped up in her own demons ,that she won’t or can’t take the time to see his fears.he has always been there for her. she needs to stop and smell the coffee perking

        • Squintern says:

          No rick needs to wake up. And martha will tell him that in the finale

          • Ralph says:

            That I know nothing about story telling is an assertion for which you have no facts. I am not certain what you mean by switching S&Q and Still. If you mean they were out of sequence. you’re right and because of that, it did not make Marlowe look as badly as it could have. If you place the sequence where S&Q ran after Still, it makes Beckett look like an inconsiderate, selfish person.
            Think before you type.

  18. Kat says:

    This is all just forced unbelievable “angst” that’s being shoved upon Caskett out of nowhere. That’s what I dislike about this show so much, why do they always leave this crap for the finale; we barely get any kind of civil, mature- concrete discussions between the two. I don’t even know who these characters are anymore. I swear Caskett were so much more closer before they got together. This is all so forced it pisses me off. I wish episodes prior to this had Caskett actually talk to each other instead of being two kids who just go home and play with kids toys. This season has been a major disappointment, and I’m beginning to think this finale is gonna be a major stinker- pretty sure I’m gonna come out of this episode hating either Castle or Beckett or both. Ugh I hate that.

    • Teri says:

      Have faith..I am not too worried.

    • Ralph says:

      You have hit the nail on the head. I hope it fractures the viewing fans and the drop in viewing stats for E-1 is noticeable. You are also right about the number of clinkers in this year, especially the last four episodes. There is no way, emotionally, that these episodes are even related.

      • Squintern says:

        And here you are fracturing the fans ralph by your beckett hating rantings. Get out of the fandom if you do not like the direction of the series.

        • Squintern the Quisling!! We hold these rights to be self-evident, that all men are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these is the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of a Happy Caskett!!

          DOWN WITH ANGST!!!!!

  19. Geri says:

    What is the point of this entire season? It’s sad that I’m actually not looking forward to the finale… but I guess I can be glad that this horrible season will finally be over. I miss my old show so much :(

  20. april-ann says:

    I know it’s a tv show and all, but couples commute back and forth between NYC and DC all the time. It’s not that far. Besides, his daughter has gone off to college. Plus, he’s wealthy and could easily afford an apartment there without giving up any of his other homes, or to go there to see her whenever he or she wants. Furthermore, writers can write anywhere. I’m still very interested though to see how they work through this. The Castle I know and love would never stand in the way of a great opportunity for her. And the Kate who has grown on me so much this season and last would not just up and leave without considering his feelings. I don’t see how a last-minute or any kind of marriage proposal must preclude the acceptance of a desirable job offer in this day and age.

    • BB123 says:

      The issue is he didn’t know that there was an opportunity, she didn’t let him have a choice to how to behave or make plans or not to move with her or not. She still think as “I” instead of “US” (it was pretty clear in the Yahoo TV sneak peeks).
      That is the issue. Not the job offer itslef, but how Beckett handled it regarding her relationship.

      And even if Castle is free to go where he wants, it’s never easy to leave your hometown. It difficult at 18, imagine at 42 when you live all your life in one city.

      • april-ann says:

        You’re right, that’s not the issue. I just notice sometimes in the comments that some fans hope Castle storms the airport, throws an engagement ring at her and *poof* job opportunity disappears and so does her desire for a well earned promotion career-wise. And by the way, he’d never have to give up his NYC loft or any other homes he owns. It wouldn’t be like he’s “leaving his hometown”. He can grow up and live somewhere else for a while, most of us do, easy or not.

      • Squintern says:

        She’d knew he’d overreact. that’s why she didn’t tell him. that’s all.

        • It’s more than that, if she takes the job, their dead as partners! He will no longer be allowed to work with her in the AG’s office as he did in the 12th Precinct.

          The job is a complete gamechanger both personally and professionally!

        • Ralph says:

          Overact??? How would you react Squin, if you could have a relationship?

        • Ralph says:

          Your relationships evidently are not with adults. He didn’t overreact, he did what any honorable person would do when a lying, cheating skank lies to you.

    • april-ann says:

      Meant to add that I know this is not about whether they will choose to embark on a long distance relationship but rather is about his communicating his level of commitment and intentions to her. But we’ve had other articles about this and it looks like if she does not receive the answers she needs then he could lose her. I hope they figure out a way to stay together, but I have a feeling this season’s ending will not resemble the previous season’s last few minutes in the slightest way – hope I’m wrong!

    • Squintern says:

      Castle will propose but Beckett will refuse.

    • But they will no longer get to work together even if he should move to DC. They will no longer be a team!!

  21. Teri says:

    Castle should be upset, but he is partially to blame for not telling Kate the state of their relationship this whole season.he needs to open up and spill how much he loves her.

    • BB123 says:

      They are both to blame on that front. Beckett wasn’t that straighforward either about her feelings and the state of their relationship.
      And you may have missed it, but I can remember at least 3 times in the course of the show that he told her he loved her.
      Also, as in the latest episodes, the fact that he lets her have half of her clothes at his apartment, come back there late at night when he is asleep does not say “I am in it just for a fun little fling baby”.
      If you want to put part of the blame on Castle, try harder, please.

    • Ralph says:

      Why? Is he the one threatening to leave? I know this is all make believe, but I can’t understand any show going from the ending of “Still”, to the garbage we have witnessed in the last few episodes.

    • Squintern says:

      No. Castle needs to talk to Beckett. She’s been giving off signals that she’s unhappy. And he’s be ignorant of that fact.

    • Ralph says:

      And Katie just kept Rick so up-to-date with all of her commitment words and actions?

      • Squintern says:

        About as open as rickie wanting sex all the time. Are we even watching the same show? Why don’t you and your beckett hating friends stop watching the show if you do not like the direction it is going?

  22. betty says:

    meh i never believe anything that comes out of the creator’s mouths yrs of watching television & following this people have taught me that …. so bring it on Castle break them up & crush our hearts to only come back & mend it back up with a freaking bad ass reunion & after a while reconciliation to have a stronger relationship …. now if it turns out they don’t separate then even better but i rather just be ready for that since god knows this couple hasn’t been fully put through the ringer so yeah it was bound to happen at one point in the show

  23. Robert says:

    The film is in the can. Anything fans say or do now is too late. One, friend, married in the last few years, said he would say to her “Good bye”. I, on the other hand, would go with her. (Of course I have been married 25 years+) Seeing one another every day develops a closeness that commuting would never equal. I do think they will talk in the swings and that when she leaves he will still be sitting there with a ring in his pocket.

    • Ralph says:

      I would have been gone at the first incident of deceit. Since that occurred several shows ago it appears that I will suffer through whiner Beckett’s schtick again. Hopefully he can find a woman who really loves him and doesn’t need psycho-analysis.

  24. skrable2 says:

    I think Marlowe & Co. care more about constructing artificial twists and turns than they do making the series make sense.

    Breaking them up at this point would anger me more at the show-runners for a shallow attempt at manipulation, then it would for the storyline of the relationship.

    • Ralph says:

      Amen, brother, Amen! In my five years of watching Castle I have never seen as many nonsensical twists and turns this year, all of which detract from the mainline of the story. Absolutely awful writing. I saw a reference on a board which said all will be okay because Marlowe was writing this episode. I say, he is the one you really need to watch. Is there a known direct address for him?

    • Squintern says:

      it is just a TV show. Overly emotionally invested fans.

  25. kandee says:

    Remember, this show is called Castle not Castle and Beckett. So she could leave and it would be development for his character.

  26. boundbyourchoices says:

    All this drama is building up about the potential of Castle and Beckett breaking up, but we have to remember that Andrew Marlowe has NEVER let us down.

  27. ann says:

    Hey Marlowe has a good thing going with Castle, Beckett, the boys and Lannie and even captain Gates.. He better not break them up if he does expecially Castle and Beckett I will not be watching it for the next two years..I really do not think it will make it next season if he breakes Castle and Beckett up. We have waited too long for those two to get together

  28. ann says:


  29. Jac says:

    I’ve only ever watched 2 episodes of this show, the pilot and another one from the first season in which all I can remember was that Castle sent Beckett this red/maroon dress. First of all, W O W. Beckett looks completely different. I can tell it’s the same actress but her hair is long and fair, she’s tanned and her makeup is much more flattering.

    Is it worth getting into?

    I liked the chemistry between C&B, although the show itself was quite prosaic.
    I just couldn’t stand the daughter, though. Ugh. She really got on my nerves.

    Should I watch all the seasons over the summer?

    If it’s run for 5 seasons, and what I hear, just been renewed for a 6th, it must’ve gotten better, yeah?

    • ScarlettH says:

      Yes, you should watch it. It took me 3 tries before sticking with it and I have no regrets.

    • Maria says:

      I started watching near the end of season 3 and it quickly became my favorite show on tv. The chemistry between Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic just leaps off the screen. I agree with you though about the daughter (her name is Alexis, btw)…she’s not my favorite character. Although i get the purpose of having her there, especially early on in the series…she shows us that Castle isn’t a completely irresponsible playboy because he’s really devoted to his daughter.

  30. Delena forever says:

    I don’t get why everyone’s arguing I mean don’t get me wrong i love castle and Beckett together but look on the bright side if they break up in season 6 one of them is going to have to do something spectacular or really romantic but even so I am going to die on the inside if they break up

  31. David says:

    Well lets see how good my memory is. The last episode (EP) season one she was done with him because he looked into her moms murder.

    The last Ep of season two he was a gentleman and went off to the Hamptons with his bloodsucking ex-wife Gina because he thought she was with Dimming. Everyone hated him for walking out on her. But she didn’t tell him they broke up and if I remember right she still hasn’t told t him they broke up he just assumed they did.

    The last EP of season three she got shot if he’d been a little faster he would have taken the bullet for her. And he told her he loved her and begged her not to leave him.

    First EP of season four she practically threw him under the bus. She went away for 3 (three) months and had no contact with him even though she told him she’d call him in a few days as he was walking out the recovery room. Then all the sudden there she was back at work and seemed more then a little annoyed that he had the files about her mothers case. What did he do when she came and found him at his book signing? He took her back! (I was telling myself at this point if it had been me I’d have told her to fly a kite!)

    But alas he loved her so much he waited for her walls to come down because he thought they might have a future together. At the end of season four he went to her and begged her to walk away because he was more than just a partner and again he told her because he loved her. She told him it was her life and he had no right to treat her like a child. He told her then he was done with the relationship.

    After she went out and fought her demon she went to his loft and begged him to take her back. Once again he took her back. Now here we are at the end of season five and we find ourselves looking at another Beckett issue and a possible breakup over the summer.

    I’m telling you all and AWM I’m getting tired of this BS. Either they are together or they’re not! Let them be together and let everyone else on the show have these little problems happen to them.

    I’d like to see some of the other characters on the show have some problems in their lives as well. This has got to stop between Caskett. I’m getting on in years and I would like to see them get married and have little castle babies before I kick the bucket!

  32. If they break up and the rumor I heard beckett has an old boy friend in D.C. that will be the end of my watching Castle, You don’t tell someone you love them as she did and then just throw it out the window for a new career, that is totally phony would expect more from Andrew. I suspect if they do break up, they will loose over half of their fan base, too bad till now was a great series.

    • vincentdante says:

      I seriously was unaware that the fan base had been tied up.

      • Ralph says:

        I gather from your post that you are not aware of a lot of things.

        • Ralph, to be fair, vincentdante was being facetious here, because Bruce Logan Nidever used the word ‘loose’ when he wrote: ” I suspect if they do break up, they will loose over half of their fan base,…”; whereas he should have used the word ‘lose’. It’s a silly understandable mistake, but still a funny one.

          On the other hand, I’ve been liking a lot of your comments as per Marlowe’s erratic story direction of Beckett. We must remember though, that the guilty one isn’t either Castle or Beckett, but Marlowe & Company!!!

  33. Arne says:

    Everyone is giving Beckett the credit for being such a great cop. What about the times she has said “I couldn’t have solved this one one my own”. Castle has been a great part of her success and she has leaned on that partnership a lot. Without Castle she isn’t as great as with him. She should think about that before she goes to DC. A show without Beckett is “No Show” and two shows is one, half in NY and half in DC, won’t work and won’t hold me. Any show without Castle and Beckett as a couple is a “NO SHOW”.

  34. Seon says:

    Never a good sign when a woman says to you “We need to talk”

    • Binkley says:

      But don’t overlook that Castle says “Yeah, we do” and the expression on his face. He didn’t say “OK”, which would be the sign of a man who was only waiting for her decision. I think he’s reached some conclusions on his own that don’t depend on whatever decision she’s made. Given structure of the show, I expect her to have turned down the job, but I don’t expect Castle to react to her decision by immediately and automatically forgiving or forgetting the decisions made and actions taken by Beckett that lead to this point. It strikes me that Marlowe and crew have written the last few episodes leading up to the finale (ignoring out-of-order airing) and another sneak preview to create legitimate trust issues for Castle, that put down a foundation for the conclusions and decisions he’s made.

  35. samiul says:

    An article about the finale from another blog , who was allowed to see the screeners in a rough cut version BUT minus 2-3 minutes that were excluded at the end.



    ABC released a screener on May 10 of the season finale of “Castle”, but it was an incomplete viewing experience. We’ve had screeners released to us in the past that were still a rough cut (temporary ADR for the actors, for example) but this one was basically the final version minus 2-3 minutes that were excluded at the end. That’s right—those of us who have screened the episode have no idea how “Watershed” is going to end until it airs on Monday.

    This fact alone makes previewing the finale an extremely difficult task since we can give no assurances as to what might happen in that final scene. We simply do not know. In discussing the episode with fellow “Castle” reviewer Luciana Mangas shortly after viewing the screener, I told her that about 90% of the questions I’ve received on Twitter about “Watershed” I’m simply not comfortable with answering right now, or cannot answer period, due to the unknown element. She felt the same way.

    I truly think that much of the episode is something you guys are going to need to see for yourselves, not read about from someone else’s perspective. So, that said, I’ll leave the big, detailed spoilers to whomever else to spoil for you should they feel inclined. Personally, I’d rather just share the following relatively vague teasers:

    1) “Move that ass, move that ass, get on the floor, get on the floor.” Sound familiar? It should, and this nice little throwback is in the opening scene.
    Contrary to what we’ve been told in interviews about it taking a backseat, the episode is a bit more case heavy than originally expected.

    2) Stana Katic has some fantastic, emotionally charged scenes with Penny Johnson Jerald, Tamala Jones, and Scott Paulin. There is also an interrogation scene towards the end that sits amongst my favorite moments for Beckett and Katic both. Phenomenal work from our leading lady, as always, and similar things can be said about Nathan Fillion and his scenes with Molly Quinn and Susan Sullivan, the latter actress, especially.

    3) There is a really great Ryan and Esposito scene that I think fans will love seeing. It felt like it was poking fun at a certain rumor floating around the fandom, too, and I loved the way that it was utilized and how the scene unfolded.

    4) Jim and Martha both have some interesting observations they share with their children that I suspect may see mixed reactions from the fans, but I don’t think they’re inherently wrong about them. Just my two cents.

    5)This episode is loaded with subtext and subtleties. Pay very close attention to body language and dialogue in particular, but the small details, too. Like every great “Castle” episode, there are hidden mysteries to be uncovered at every turn. It’s definitely going to take multiple watches to catch everything.

    6)Lastly, whatever comes “out of left field” at the end remains to be seen, but one can only assume that the supposed “gentle cliffhanger” must have a huge impact on the show since ABC isn’t even willing to give it to us in the screener. It’s no secret that I’ve been quite positive about the end of the season and I’d like to make it clear that my optimism remains bulletproof on the season closer. But I’ll certainly be waiting for the conclusion with bated breath the next couple of days and pondering over the possibilities ahead in the newly announced sixth season.

    As we say, “In Marlowe we trust.”

  36. CaseyL says:

    I know I’m swimming against the tide here, but I’d like to see Beckett take the job in DC.

    It’s an amazing professional opportunity for her; how sad that the only reason the show’s writers are offering it to her is because she is destined to turn it down, because LOVE.

    I don’t remember if the central premise of the show from the very start was that Castle and Beckett were going to be romantically involved, or if that was something that developed due to the iron Network TV Logic that any series with attractive male and female leads must at some point have the two of them fall into each other’s arms. If the latter, it’s a damn shame, because that actually does not happen in real life, and it would be awfully nice to see, for once, a man and a woman develop a close friendship that STAYS a close friendship – and does not mean one or the other of them (99% of the time, the woman) giving up their life’s work or their professional ambitions in order to hang onto the romance.

    • Just how is it such a great opportunity? She’ll be leaving a position and team where she has both seniority and respect, where she has built up over the years good working relations with those under her authority, only to take a rookie position with people she has never met, and has to start all over again from scratch with her work colleagues. Really, a great opportunity? Maybe if she were still in her 20’s, and just starting out in life, not when she’s mid 30’s, and has already carved a niche for herself for the last 12 years in the NYPD!

  37. Ihatemakingupusernames says:

    Wow how quickly the supposed “fandom” turns on its “favorite” show. Relax all of you geez. Its funny to read how people thing Castle and Beckett are acting like kids when you have people saying that if AM breaks them up they will never watch again. Why not threaten to take your ball and go home next. This is a show about these two characters. AM has said countless times that it was always the point of this show to have these characters in a romance, that it was a romantic-comedy-drama, but it was just a matter of when. The show is written with these two in mind, so rest assure, they will likely end up together. Many of you seem to have never been in a real relationship where things can be going along great and out of nowhere something happens, and everything is different. If you want to talk about AM, at least credit him with writing real stories that have a real basis to them because this folks is how relationships work. If your a real fan of the show, then strap in, and enjoy the ride. This is a journey folks, either you are in or you are out.

    • Ralph says:

      I have been in several relationships where unexpextewd things happen. Usually the first time I felt a girl making noises that she was uncomfortable with our relationship, I left her! Once that crap starts, there is no end to it. I finally found a woman who knew what a true relationship was. That is why I get upset when this BS starts. The best shows in this entire series was S4, E-19-21. This was when Castle was giving Beckett fits after taking so much BS for so long. Here, he needs to keep walking after he says he shouldn’t stay there.

    • What part of “This is not about us, it’s about me and my life…” is it that we don’t understand? -and THIS coming from the woman with whom he was ready to die for just two weeks prior?! What kind of person says such hateful words to the man who’s repeatedly put his life on the line for her?!?!

      • Squintern says:

        Goddamn it. Switch squab and still around.

        • I will NOT switch them around, because we KNOW which order that they were originally intended in! Which of course makes Beckett’s behavior all that much more reprehensible!! Any way that you cut it, she comes off as a fur-bearing female quadruped of the Canidae family!!!

        • Ralph says:

          They were show out of sequence and it would have been WORSE if they were shown in sequence!! Can you and that brilliant mind see that????

          • Right on Ralph!! One week Castle is standing on top of a ticking time with her, just so that she doesn’t have to face all eternity alone and forlorn, and just how does she repay his loyalty the next? By sucking face with a deep pockets sleazeball scumbag, whose only interest in her is to spelunk her innermost caverns with his phallus!

            And really, after 5 years of facing life & death together, she STILL has no idea of Castle’s furthent commitment to their relationship!! REALLY!!!


    • Squintern says:

      This fandom is full of haters right now. They are starting to eat their own. It is sickening and disruptive.

  38. sorcha39 says:

    I’m not worried. I think the whole ‘we need to talk’ thing will be her telling him she’s not taking the job and apologising to him for lying and keeping the whole job offer/interview from him. Castle will forgive her because let’s face it he’s in love and people in love tend to wear blinkers even when they’re being treated unfairly. Love is blind and all that.

  39. L says:

    Maybe they should rename the show Beckett. With the exception of the kidnapping episodes, Castle has been reduced to the role of comic relief. Remember Nation Fillion has won the Peoples Choice award the last 2 years as best actor. Maybe the success of this show had something to do with him also? Do you seriously believe that people will want to watch this show without Castle, Lanie, Ryan, and Expo?

  40. Binkley says:

    I kinda hate to throw fuel on the fire, but those who think Kate going to interview for a job in DC without telling Castle was reasonable and OK, need to remember “When the Bough Breaks” from season 2.

    That’s the one where Castle was being considered by a publisher to write books about ‘a certain British spy’ and Beckett was upset that Castle didn’t think to talk to her about his willingness to even be considered for that job. This was episode 5 in the season, where Beckett still officially found him annoying and wanted him to go away. His reaction to Beckett being upset was understandable confusion, because, as he said, he thought she’d be relieved he’d no longer be shadowing her if an actual offer was eventually made (it hadn’t been when they spoke) and if he accepted it.

    Contrast that Beckett reaction in that 2nd season, ep. 5 context, to her actions in the finale and the explanation she gave to Rick in the context of their relationship in this 5th season, ep. 24.

    Reconcile Beckett please.

    I think it may be possible to reconcile the two for Beckett, but please don’t rely on what you believe is reasonable for 2 people who aren’t Beckett and Castle, and don’t have their history.

    If it’s possible, do you think it would have been reasonable and OK for Castle to have interviewed for a job in another city without discussing with Beckett first?

    • Ralph says:

      Beckett was upset because she thought Castle was writing another Niki Heat book, not the “secret agent’ books.

      • BB123 says:

        You’re wrong.
        She was upset because she though he will leave without telling her. Then she was upset because he’ll write another Nikki Heat book…without telling her.
        She was upset because he choose to do things that influence their relationship (only working relationship at the time) without telling her.

        • Ralph says:

          Geez, do you guys ever watch these shows? Captain Montgomery mentions to Beckett about Castle writing another Nikki Heat book. So does that sound as if she was worried he would leave?
          When she confronted Castle about writing another book Castle thought she had found out about the ‘secret agent deal’. At that time there was no ‘relationship’ as we now have.

          Go back to S2EP5 at 5:26 at see what happens.

  41. samiul says:

    Binkley : well said . The only explanation I get for your ( nicely revealed ) ” contrast” between season 2 episode 5 and season 5 episode 24 is AM forgets lots of things that happened in the past episodes . Forget “love” , if a person stands by another person ( standing on a bomb ) and save that person’s life by defusing the bomb ( twice) , that person should owe his/her life to that person . and in 1st sneak peek we see Kate telling Castle “it’s about Her” . WOW.
    I am sure AM forgets what he has done previously or may be that what He himself would have done in real life if such choices would have come before him .

  42. SG says:

    All this “will they”, “won’t they”, is not the point, I watch Castle after a hard day at work and I liked that it was fun, romantic, interesting, like to get to know characters, etc. I could watch the show and relax. Lately, it is full a total angst, has the characters acting totally differently than they have in the first 2-3 years and it is not fun to watch any more and does not relax me in the evening. If this continues, into next season, I will not be watching anymore. To bad, it could have been such a great show if they would have stuck with the fun, light romantic themes that they started with. The characters could have gotten together and they could still have had the old feel.

    It’s almost as if the people who are running this show, suddenly felt like they had to transform the show into some Shakespearean Romantic Tragedy. Well a tragedy it surely is.

  43. lame says:

    Everyone so far has commented on the premise, no one has thought of or vaguely touched on the event that will send this episode and series spinning into the summer hiatus. MilMar has promised something out of the blue, leaving the words holy s–t imprinted firmly on your brain, till September.

  44. Mike says:

    It’s been a hoot reading everyone’s comments…fan, beckett-haters, those with anxiety about the realism of a fantasy TV show, over emotionally connected fans…all of you. I’m more concernec about a summer without your comments than the season finale…whatever happens in the finale, there will be a september and a season of 22-24 episodes. And AM wants a season 7 and 8…so, the writers will be focused on making a great season 6…enjoying the ride. Will talk with you tomorrow. Enjoy the finale!

    • L says:

      Television is a bottom line business – if you don’t get the numbers, you don’t stick around. There are far too many cop shows on TV as it is. To survive you have to give the customer (fans) what they want. Of course it’s fantasy – all scripted TV is. These comments are merely the customers voicing their displeasure with the product being offered. There are far too many choices for the customer today to ignore them.

  45. sorcha39 says:

    Maybe it’s not a pregnancy. Perhaps when they meet at the swings Beckett has finally come to her senses and apologises to Castle for keeping the job interview from him and her recent behaviour. Possibly when they get around to discussing their relationship Beckett tells Castle thst SHE wants to marry HIM!! The cliff hanger is possibly Castles reluctance to answer.

  46. Viperchick says:

    I stopped watching this show as soon as they got Castle and Beckett together. I don’t want to watch a soap opera and I found the show to be better when they flirted before we had to endure some sort of relationship. I found over time I didn’t like the direction they took Beckett’s character and the way she treated Castle. So I stopped watching. Shame up until then it was a good show for me.

    Although I also stopped watching Bones as soon as they got that couple together. I don’t watch a show for some sort of relationship. I find when they get couples together on shows it changes the direction of the show and the dynamics. Oh well, that’s just my opinion.

    Good luck to the show I hope it has many years for its fans.

    • Ralph says:

      Darn, I think I wrote your post. I didn’t mind the match-up but the tilt toward Beckett over the last four episodes has turned me against the entire show. For the last few episodes Beckett has put Castle through the ringer and just when in the final episode you think it might tilt toward Castle, it goes further toward Beckett. Hopefully the ratings will be down next year and the show will be cancelled.

  47. Carl Nesbitt says:

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It was right on for 4 seasons and 21 episodes and then all hell broke loose. It’s all turned around and the writers have backed themselves into a corner which will be really tough to get out of. Apparently they are shooting for a couple of spin-offs, one for Washington and one for New York but that will never fly. It’s unfortunate how they managed to screw it up but I for one need to see Castle and Beckett keep the chemistry that has made this show so successful and has gathered so many Caskett fans. If they lose that, they lose the show.